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Robin Williams- Jihad

jQuery-based mortgage/home affordability calculators?

Pro-Lifer Suggests Abortion To Blame For Robin Williams' Depression

Thom Hartmann: The Curse of Centrists...

ok cheeseheads, who wants some pizza?- and results watching thread

Just noting that the Council of Conservative Citizens are headquartered in St. Louis.

Lauren Bacall - Summary of Her Bio & Silver Screen Career

Apartheid's legacy lives on: South Africans polarized over Israel

Lauren Bacall is dead at the age of 89.

In honor of Lauren Bacall, A Mr. Fish Toon

Lauren Bacall has passed at age 89.

Michelle Nunn goes on the attack


Lauren Bacall: "I'm a liberal. The L word!"

I've been thinking about capital punishment lately...

So many of Robin Williams’s best parts were about battling darkness

Hillary Clinton’s Atlantic interview shows she’s not inevitable

Derbas: Lebanon could close border with Syria

Colorado's first mental health crisis hotline opens

I'm ready for this bastard to disappear

Remember the good times...

Politics Done Right - Minimum wage, Another Iraq War?

Kerry’s stay at U.S.-blacklisted hotel ‘legal’

Just a little note about that Atheist channel on Roku....

Bugs Bunny meets Bogie and Bacall

House GOP Campaign Arm Created Misleading Fake News Sites

OH NO!! not again.LA Police shot dead 24 year old UNARMED black male


18 types of Asian Girls (comedy)

Nixon on Nixon, HBO

Egypt Presents Proposal to End War in Gaza

THIS is the police attitude that shows up over and over again:

The Enormous, Unbelievable Stakes For The Supreme Court In 2014 / 2016

I'm back...

I'm done canning for the day. Ask me anything..........

Neither selfish nor cowardly

Rest in power, T'Pring.

Schatz Shaming

The art of turning lemons into lemonade

Robin Williams had four C-SPAN appearances

This week can bite me.

Man, 19, critically injured in possible industrial accident in Valley

Gun control advocates should be censored.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Right to Remain Silent & a new kitteh gif

Man, 19, critically injured in possible industrial accident in Valley, NE

The "Right to Farm" is REALLY not what you think it is. MOC #311

What should happen to women who have illegal abortions?

Rachel has started with racial profiling in Missouri/St. Louis

Remember Pine County Sheriff Cole? He's the guy that said he wouldn't follow any federal gun laws:

Washington state slashes uninsured number

Sad songs

Thought I'd post this about the donations for the 94 year old Market Basket worker


Mike Malloy - Joan Rivers: "Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead"

Watch the primary election results come in here:

News and views from the digital frontier: YC to investors: Don’t hit on female founders

Mike Malloy - Mike Explodes With Caller Defending Israel

Why did all he colors on my MacBook change?


Carlos Acosta Announces His Swan Song to Classical Ballet


Favorite show on TV

Racist dog abuser arrested after abusing his own dog because he didn't listen to him

I met the "Ragin' Cajun" today

Wonderful down pour

Now, where were we?

Syrian Kurdish fighters rescue stranded Yazidis

I'm thinking death comes in threes. Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, & ?. Then I thought

Robin Williams to Be Memorialized in WoW

Overuse of Round-up for GMO crops has created mutant superweeds

"Who rules America?" By Allan J. Lichtman, contributor at the Hill

Anyone know how Al Franken is doing?

TISA’s secret trade negotiations quietly restructure our global economy

Hillary Clinton called Obama today to let him know she wasn’t trying to ‘attack him’

U.S. Weighs Mission to Save Yazidi Refugees

An incredible article on cave exploration

BRICS countries are drifting away from US and European monetary structures

Gun Stores Say People Are Stocking Up In Wake Of Ferguson Clashes

Panama relaunches national literacy program

As Iraq Unravels, US Repeats Mistakes

California drought: San Francisco puts caps on watering

This is what the sky would look like if Saturn was the same distance away as the moon

mary burke declared winner.

Police Cite Threats in Deciding Not to Name Officer Who Shot Missouri Teenager

Do celebrity deaths come in threes like airline crashes?

Man, I can't wait to hear that Rush Limbaugh died of a heart attack while jacking off to donkey porn

Gun violence in schools among parents’ main concerns

NYT: The South’s Lesson for the Tea Party

"Photos: Ferguson, Missouri, Looks Like a War Zone"

Texas abortion law could send women across borders

"No, America Is Not Turning Libertarian"

Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and it's only fucking TUESDAY

How to weigh birds.

The whole scene: Bacall takes charge

If you are being called a socialist by the same people who want government hands off medicare...

Can you imagine Jimmy Carter going back into Vietnam after we lost that debacle??? Just sayin'... NT

Looks like Otto has cleaned Entenza's clock.

Lieutenant governor, top Democrats promote Women’s Equality Party (NY)

Let's say you're in a car which that's in a moving semi-trailer. Let's assume that it's an automatic

Problems seen in Venezuela-Colombia border closure

Chavez Friends Get Rich After His Death as Venezuela Slides Into Chaos

Russell Brand: Robin Williams’ divine madness will no longer disrupt the sadness of the world

Welp...Boots are now on the ground

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 14, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Charlie Chaplin

3 Kilometer truck convoy headed to Ukraine from Russia. Trucks are painted

Anyone following Antonio French tweets from Ferguson Mo

IFC Warned of Systemic Safeguards Failures in Honduras

Good evening

TYT "Fox News Host Tells Michelle Obama To Lose Weight" Obama derangement syndrome at its finest.

When did the U.S. Military Leave Iraq?

Chinatown, from the hip.

What's Wrong, Mom?

Robin Williams (old shows) on Charlie Rose tonight

I'm Surprised That Jimmy Fallon Didn't Start The Tonight Show With A Tribute To Robin Williams.....

What's the difference (Army vs Cops)?

Banks Push U.S. Fed to Delay Volcker Rule : WSJ

Lawsuit alleges excessive force by BR police

Profile in Cowardice, part VI: Pres. Obama loosens restrictions on lobbyists

"We should be feasting on the enemy's finest meats and cheeses."

What would the Middle East be like if the US didn't invade Iraq (either time)?

All 16 of the Icons Name-Dropped in Madonna’s “Vogue” Are Now Gone

Chile’s Patagonia Seeks Small-Scale Energy Autonomy

Short Film Portrays World Where Being Gay Is the Norm, Being ‘Straight’ Leads to Bullying

Chile’s Patagonia Seeks Small-Scale Energy Autonomy

On the Issues - Hillary Clinton

Supper's Ready, The Musical Box or The

So I was wondering

When Vultures attack a country.

My little black egg with the little white specks

Lauren Bacall: Am I Blue?

Florida Democratic Party statement on the new congressional maps


Koko The Gorilla Mourning The Loss Of Robin Williams

Lauren Bacall campaigns w/Ted Kennedy in 1980

I thought I couldn't love Rachel Maddow any more than I already did

Ban Ki-moon colluded with US, Israel to undermine UN Gaza report: WikiLeaks

Senators Want UNRWA Investigated Over 'Troubling' Gaza Role

What usually makes Republicans stay at home and not vote?

New York Governor Cuomo Leads Solidarity Mission To Israel

Invest 94L moves west, not likely to become a tropical storm or hurricane

Israeli Tactic To Stop Soldiers' Capture Criticized After Its Use Kills Some 100 Palestinians

Public Support For Palestine Is Growing, But Mainstream Media Fail To Reflect This

Shooting of Unarmed Black Teen Sparks Call For Peaceful Gatherings Nationwide

Australia Won't Rule Out Sending Troops To Iraq

Calling all antiquarians!

A little spark of madness | By Mark Morford

REUTERS: White House loosens restrictions on lobbyists

What does it mean

Bogie and Bacall Risked their Careers in 1947 going to DC and Opposing HUAC with.

Iain Duncan Smith’s delusional world of welfare reform

Times Square warnings cut into characters' tips

Esquipulas II: Looking Back at the Successes of Central America's 1987 Peace Accords

Texas anti-gay leader Jonathan Saenz’s ex-wife left him for another woman

Creationist Cat: Is Sarah Palin a Fartknocker?

This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police {images}

Robin Williams' last interview on Carson.

A Rare 'Payday Lending' Case Sheds Light On A Mysterious Multibillion-Dollar Industry

In The Wild With Robin Williams - Dolphins

This song has rescued me many times.

Robin Williams Will Be Memorialized In ‘World Of Warcraft,’ One Of His Favorite Games

Andrew Cuomo turns down invitation to Palestinian Territories during Israel Visit

Why 2014 Won't Be Anything Like a Blowout Election for Republicans in State Elections

'Family Values' Means Very Different Things for Men and Women in the Christian Right Hierarchy

New Arrest Data Under de Blasio's First 6 Months Reveal a Racial Police Bias Similar to Bloomberg

Models of Diversity: Disability

"Gremlin alert! Bits of our website are down..."

I miss RainDog.

Sharonville abortion clinic fights back (Cincinnati)

Obama Donors Embrace Corporate Inversions He Criticizes

Ballmer Joins Billionaires Pushing Washington Gun Control

Risk of Diabetes Doubles as Disease Rises Sharply in U.S.

White House will allow lobbyists to serve on federal advisory boards

Brokers Lure Soldiers Out of Low-Fee Federal Retirement Plan

CO Republican: Fracking is okay, it’s natural for water to burn. ‘Indians’ used it for warmth.

‘Very sheltered’ homeschooled Texas teen guns down both of his parents: police

Teen convicted in Steubenville rape case returns to high school football team

Epic Fail

Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry examines Australian migration

Lawsuit details how OK trooper turned traffic stop into abduction and brutal rape

Gold could help kill off tumour cells

Robin Williams Will Be Memorialized In ‘World Of Warcraft,’ One Of His Favorite Games

What Climate Change in the Rockies Means for its Water

Ferguson Police Won’t Release Name of Officer that Killed Michael Brown

Ferguson Police Slam 6 Month Pregnant Woman Onto Ground At Mike Brown Protest

Steady Increase in Flights Will Outweigh Carbon Cuts

Some looted businesses reopen Tuesday

Uganda lawmakers to vote on reinstating anti-gay law after legal defeat

Nine charged with looting-related felonies in Ferguson

US budget deficit falls to $95 billion in July

Another police shooting in Ferguson

Canadian man’s appeal to stop extradition to US over Iraq deaths denied

John Oliver on Payday Loans

Fields Medal mathematics prize won by a woman (Iranian) for first time in its history

The Rear-Guard Defense of Torture

Why the history of anti-abortion violence cannot be ignored

Koterba toon: Robin Williams

Action alert! Tell the Senate: Improve Birth Control Access for Women in the Military

Ukraine-News Flash: Bloodiest Days of Ukraine's Ethnic Cleansing Expected to Come Now

Americans Need to Break the Cycle of War: A Meditation on Peacemaking

BYO Silverware

The Entitlement of the Very Rich

Don't bring a fork to a knife fight

US army releases footage of Robin Williams entertaining troops - video

The paths diverged

Obama hasn't failed the black community, he's revived it.

In Midst of War, Israel Clamps Down on Internal Dissent

On the militarization of law enforcement...

Critic: Censored Report Shows UK Government has 'Something to Hide' About Fracking

Some post-primary winners and losers

Sad but true.

The Nation: Clinton Slams Obama on Foreign Policy, Echoing the Neocons and the Far Right

There’s Another Mammoth Global Trade Agreement You’ve Never Heard Of

How the War in Gaza Could Have Been Avoided

#DamLine9: Arrests and Solidarity Blockades Aim to Halt Tar Sands Pipeline

Robert Reich: How We Ended Up With Corporations That Serve Shareholders, Not Customers

Water Restrictions Imposed After Mining Spill Turns Mexico River Orange

‘Very sheltered’ homeschooled Texas teen guns down both of his parents: police

Guess Where the Gangs Get Their Guns?

Vaccination could halt ‘troubling’ spike in whooping cough cases: Idaho health officials

Steve King Says God Will Use The Next GOP President 'To Restore The Soul Of AmeriCA

Mother Jones: When Did Republicans Start Hating the Environment?

Hemp fibres 'better than graphene'

A Texas judge ordered the removal of video exposing abuse in the foster care system

Slot Machine Payback Statistics By State:

Nixon's Vietnam Treason (George Will Confirms)

Hannity gets mad at his Yazidi guest for thanking Obama

Big News! UK govt. to block arms exports to Israel if military action resumes

Why is the Cuomo Administration Automatically Deleting State Employees’ Emails?

Head of UN inquiry on Gaza says mission will continue despite Israel's refusal to cooperate

Another (third) Ebola death in Nigeria (Sawyer contact)

120 American Charter Schools and One Secretive Turkish Cleric

The Pentagon is adding to its arsenal of weapons in Norway’s caves

National Left-Handed Day!

Hil trashes sitting Prez's policies, no, not Bush's, Obama's

Americans Are Getting Worse at Taking Sleeping Pills

WorldView-3: Super Satellite’s Most Crucial Tech Stays On The Ground

Florida man accused of killing his roommate asked Siri where to hide the body, court hears

Police tactics subject of broad review

The Progressive: 10 Questions about Obama’s Iraq Bombing

Doing The Math: Saving A-10s By Cutting F-35s

ISIS Adapts To US Airstrikes – Much Like Vietnamese

I have the most adorable earworm. Been with me for a few days now...

Perpetuating Schizophrenia’s Stigma

US Naval War College Professor Pulls A Wiener

Man Violently Attacked for Standing Up for Women Being Catcalled

Iranian the first woman to snare maths prize

Decision could boost use of popular weed killer

Just A Reminder:

Professor Richard Wolff: Global Capitalism: August 2014 Monthly Update

Why We Should ALL Be Pissed Over The Misogynistic Tampon Tweet Shit Storm (NSFW)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Goodbye Robin

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Iraq and War

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

As Libya deteriorates, Egyptians are desperate to get out

Deere takes a hit as farm economy weakens

Huntington Ingalls' 2nd-quarter profit up 75 percent

Knife falls from sky into Chinese man's head

Colonna's Shipyard files lawsuit against Navy

SOCOM tries again with propaganda research

Swiss train derailed in landslide

Groucho Marx on comics and depression

10 States Struggling with Delinquent Debt

Mork on Fame and pressure

Busy Working, Robin Williams Fought Demons

Wipeout looks more likely at 3 companies

Oklahoma Man Charged In Death Threats Against Harry Reid

Snowden critic resigns Naval War College after online penis photo flap

AP video journalist, translator killed in Gaza

20 big profitable U.S. companies paid no taxes

Office cleaners face underpayment, mistreatment and abuse, report says

What is your favorite Robin Williams acting role?

Ignition lawsuit that spurred GM recalls to continue

One more reason why I won't be voting for Hillary in the Primary

Great Barrier Reef outlook ‘getting worse’

The So-Called 'Libertarian Moment' Is Engineered By The Christian Right

Sessoms: McDonnell didn't reveal Williams loans

Japan's economy shrinks as tax hike hits spending

GOP’s one sacred principle: A spending philosophy of lies and troop worship

It must be stated: not all police are threats to us

NYT Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War

Iran’s supreme leader dismisses direct US talks

Robin Williams' children react to suicide :(

Oh, just great, Grothman is the GOP candidate for our congressman.

4.6 Inches Of Rain In 3 Hours Swamp Detroit, Neighboring Northern Communities

Investigators Have A Second Video Of Tony Stewart Hitting Kevin Ward Jr.

Report: ICE faulted for freeing detainees in 2013

Pro-Confederate group protests ‘Ole Miss’ rebranding efforts, urge secession

Mark Dayton is running for office for the last time.

+/- 9 Inches Of Rainfall Overnight In Cumberland County, NJ (Millville)

Porn star in unauthorised church sex scene caught out after viewer recognises her breasts

Undercover audio exposes stalker tactics used by Texas anti-abortion groups

See a rare 'haboob' blow dust through eastern Washington

Play My Song on Zip-FM or I Will Commit Suicide

Islip, NY Breaks Prior Record With 13" Of Rainfall In Six Hours; Flooding Across Long Island

Nigerian Cardinal: It’s impossible for Catholic Church to support gay marriage

(Panamanian) Shipping firm sues over 2012 Navy collision

America Is Not For Black People

Good Read: "Amazon reviewers unload on open carry children's book"

Poll: House GOP's Obama Lawsuit Could Backfire By Turning Out Dems

Russia's Soul: What Crimea Says about Putin's Future

A Story to renew your faith in the wealthy folks in US.

New Front In Fight Against Same Sex Marriage? U.S. Evangelical Leaders Turn To Latin America

Suras and Tolerance: Meet Europe's Gay Imam

The Song Remains the Same

Liz Warren on MA proposed gas pipeline

New Zealand: Gay marriage forum year on

The Dream of Courageous Insiders

Peter Foster: Inside one of the U.S. Bible Belt’s growing number of atheist ‘churches’

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 13, 2014

Oil companies fracking into drinking water sources, new research shows

Wisconsin -- Groups say state’s gay-marriage ban establishes religion

Decision could boost use of popular weed killer

Missoula buses will be 'zero fare' for three years

Hillary Clinton Twists Herself In Knots To Avoid Blaming Israel For UN Bombing

video of riots in Ferguson, yeah, this is real productive

A plaster that can create electricity from sweat.

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Pinocchio, inc.

Bomb Disposal Experts, AP Journalist Killed by Gaza Blast

I just got my sample ballot for the Democratic primary and I'm voting for....

So How Hawkish Is Hillary Clinton?

Dumbest Columnist on the Planet Tries to Build Bridges, Ends up Burning Them (College Costs):

'Deployed, Destroyed and Enjoyed Gaza 2014'

Don't Shoot!

Bloomberg loses another one in Milwaukee County to a pro 2nd Sheriff

Report: White House didn't OK immigrant releases

Ukraine Crisis: The Neo-Nazi Brigade Fighting Pro-Russian Separatists

Poll: House GOP's Obama Lawsuit Could Backfire By Turning Out Dems

Israel furious as UN Human Rights Council unveils Gaza probe team

The Blue Devil in Miss Belle Knox: Meet Duke Porn Star Miriam Weeks

Missouri police 'shoot second man' in city where teenager was killed

Time: Putin Calls Western Bluff With Humanitarian Convoy Stunt

Ugandan pop star Bobi Wine 'denied UK visa over homophobic stance'

Cool Robin Williams Story, Maureen Dowd

Once the cry,"Help! Police!"

Israel Started This War and Killed 1,000+ Based on A Very Big Lie

Private Prisons: The Injustice League

Atlantic City Faces Downward Spiral With Revel’s Demise

This is what a police state looks like folks

Giants rally to tie but lose to White Sox in 10th

I really do not like even clicking on Limbaugh stories...

Population of Ferguson is 67% African American and has a police force of 57

Worst Retail Sales Showing in Six Months in Slow Start to Third Quarter

Another Robin Williams photo

A young African-American male can be shot dead on the street

In for a penny, in for a sweaty ton! . . . Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!

Obama’s vacations and golf outings, by the numbers

Gov. Fallin asks lawmakers to support legalization of medicinal CBD on limited, trial basis

Starbucks New ANTI-Homeless Person Policy

Wet Wednesday: Flooding Rain Swamps Northeast

Anti-Israel UN Investigator Prof. William Schabas ‘Can’t Say’ If Hamas is Terrorist Entity

Duty to Protect? Think again.

California Has Hottest Start To Year While Midwest Chills

Ignoring Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers

US Military Fail: Long Asian Land Wars a Route to Disaster since 1963

Here comes America's Nanny! . . . And the brush is out! . . . (Please CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!)

NC State Ethics Commission

Pat Bowlen's Broncos were on the Limbaugh station.

Today is Left Handers Day!

Study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy

Rhino Evacuation Planned for Hundreds in S. Africa

NYT OpEd: How the Tea Party is starting to resemble Southern segregationists

AP video journalist, translator killed in Gaza

Brazil presidential candidate Campos killed in plane crash

Welcome to the World of 'Pension Smoothing'

Chris McDaniel Wants His Own Lawyer's Vote Thrown Out

What to do when experiencing a nervous breakdown?

So how did we get here? How can the Police shoot someone who is unarmed?

BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Court DENIES Stay On Virginia Same-Sex Marriages

Good Job, President Obama

Republican Group Rolls Out Fake News Websites

What a Character!

Tell me what I want to hear

Robin Williams Is In Hell

Some Say Jesus Wasn't Jewish - AWESOME Robin Williams

(202) 241-2642. I just received a call from this number

Best Muni routes for seeing San Francisco

White Students Now a Minority in Public Schools

Snowden: Government Worried About A Career-Destroying 'Smoking Gun' In NSA Documents

Why is it in this country

Fox's Shep Smith Calls Robin Williams Coward for Suicide

"Liberal media" my ass!

MoveOn is NOT moving on from supporting Clinton, no matter what a dubious post here claims

Wife of top Texas anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with lesbian partner

Parents complain about high school sex ed teaching...BONDAGE!

Glitch?: Missing replies or inaccurate reply count? Or (not unlikely) MH1 just missing something?

29 Black people killed by police since January

Pic Of The Moment: Militarized Cops: The Wingnut's Dilemma

You'll never guess who was voted Least Likely To Succeed by his high school classmates

Steel worker union votes to protect LGBT mill employees!!!

Telegraph (UK) - Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists

Steel worker union votes to protect LGBT mill employees

Steel worker union votes to protect LGBT mill employees

Local officials say Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos has died in a plane crash

Today's Worst. Person. In The World!

Sally Quinn wins for the stupidest tweet about Lauren Bacall's death:

Iraq Is Also Clinton's War

Revealed: how King George V demanded Britain enter the First World War

Broadway to dim lights for Robin Williams

TYT Detroit Meetup and Michigan Progressive Candidate Mixer: this Saturday in Ann Arbor!

Time's "Cold War II" Cover Suggests a New 1960s-style "Critical State"

TOON: Don't Shoot!

Steel worker union votes to protect LGBT mill employees

5 Marion County deputies suspended for excessive use of force

Radio host arrested after police say he shot wife in head, leg, stomach & neck outside SW Ohio home

Ohio's managed care program for people with disabilities is an EPIC FAIL

Fresh evidence of how the West lured Ukraine into its orbit ($663 Million)

U.S. planes based at airfields in Iraq for first time since withdraw

Volvo Trucks, back rolling with economy, sets decade-high sales goal

Baltimore Jimmy John's workers announce IWW membership, present demands to management

Michael Vick is giving advice to Ray Rice

Apartheid Wall in Arizona? Israeli Company Contracted to Build U.S.-Mexico Border Fence

Gov. Patrick signs bill updating state gun laws

Dog Trying To Save Dying Fish Will Remind You Dogs Are Better Than Humans (Video)

An Entrepreneur and God Walk Into a Café ...

Gov. Patrick signs bill updating state gun laws

Cosmic rays to pinpoint Fukushima cores

Norm MacDonald tweets about when he met Robin Williams...

How Art Changes Your Brain: neural effects of art on psychological resilience in adulthood.

Tea Party official opens Miss. meeting with prayer asking for violence against Republicans

Literal interpretations of SF street names

Missoula buses will be 'zero fare' beginning Jan. 5

Robin Williams quotes.. (Sadly he was right....)

Gun stores in St. Louis area see a spike in sales

Great lakes around the world

It Is Time We Treat Police Brutality as a National Crisis

Medical Cannabis Gets 87-Year-Old Woman Kicked out of Housing

How Many Robin Williams Movie References Did This Sports Anchor Fit into One Segment?

Rand Paul on Chris Christie in one word: 'Bridges'

The Rude Pundit - It's a Family Tradition: The Looting, Rioting Founding Fathers

More than 1,000 American Military Personnel On the Ground in Iraq Now

21 Things You Can't Do While Black

Spot the photo fail

Tom the Dancing Bug on Corporations: Pinocchio Inc.

Anyone have experience with radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

Hillary Clinton Twists Herself In Knots To Avoid Blaming Israel For UN Bombing

Texas Anti-Abortion Activists Reveal They Track Patients, Doctors

WTF ...87

Feds: Texas Responsible for Misspent Medicaid Dollars

My Money's on Putin - by Mike Whitney

Come CAPTION Dog T*rd, Ruler of Misapprensions, Master of the Unwise, Donald Trump!!!

Jim Hightower: The kabuki dancing of John Boehner

I live in an area that is so rural that the only time we lock our cars

Zelda Williams forced to delete Twitter after 'trolling' relating to father Robin Williams' death

This commercial is presently running on UK television.

Abbott on the Attack

Sportscaster slips 22 Robin Williams references into news segment

Dallas Cowboy Orlando Scandrick Suspended Four Games for Taking Crappy Ecstasy

Teenager Made Corsicana, Texas Walmart His Home

Behind the Scenes at a Texas Pro-Life Meeting

Catastrophically Wrong Forecaster Dick Morris Is Reinventing Himself As A Financial Expert

Tony Perkins blasts the Republican Party for supporting three gay candidates in November

Before the fear of war, fear of fracking in Ukraine | Al Jazeera America

A beautiful letter written by Zelda Williams

Iraq mission creep: What are the risks?

U.S. Could Use Ground Troops to Save Iraqi Refugees

** Just a few more days to submit your photo for the August contest**

Robin Williams I'm an Episcopal

Fearing genocide against Christians, Vatican approves Iraq air strikes despite peace policy

6 Robin Williams Movies That Teach Us Progressive Values

Cyber war program ‘MonsterMind’ could ignite accidental conflicts, warns Edward Snowden

Hillary Clinton's Atlantic interview may be fatal to her chances for the presidency

Bill O’Reilly’s Ferguson disgrace: Host spews sick lecture to Michael Brown’s family

Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete.

I was totally shocked that Neil Abercrombie

Report: Stagnant Economy Forcing More Americans To Take Jobs As Infrastructure

The 15 US Cities Where Poverty Is Soaring Fastest

Ring of Fire: Ted Nugent - The Draft Dodging Dixieland Dumbass

Anyone here know about "Career Academy" or "IT University" ??

Need Canadian DU'er help! A friend there needs mental health help

36 Hours in Madrid Video

Brazilian presidential candidate dies in plane crash

A short rant about the need for victims to be perfect & react perfectly to violence and oppression

BREAKING: Gay Marriages Could Begin in Virginia on August 20

In lawsuit against Texas law, judge explores how far is too far to travel for an abortion

EXCLUSIVE: Texas anti-gay leader Jonathan Saenz’s ex-wife left him for another woman

Where would we be today if McCain and Palin has won?

Friedrich Schiller must have known the forerunners of the Tea Party.

Patrick Cockburn ('Jihadis Return' author) on Iraq Debacle:

Land Line Telephone?

I figured it out: current spate of police violence directed at Black men

GOP lawsuit, impeachment talk pushing moderates towards Democratic party

The EVILNESS of Fox News

President Johnson's wiretap of ally S. Vietnam shows candidate Nixon broke the law

Increase in call center jobs seen as more come back from overseas

Memories of Robin Williams (from, his local paper)

BOG POST--please do not rec. This is in lieu of a PM to my friends

Wanna feel good?

"More than a fifth of the world's electrical power production now comes from renewable sources"

Ukraine-bound Russian convoy stuck amid bickering

Rockets fired at southern Israel hours before temporary cease-fire deadline

Tennessee’s Corker won’t rule out presidential bid

US ground troops land on Iraq's Mt Sinjar to evacuate trapped Yazidis

Perry: Guard protecting US, not playing politics

(President Jimmy) Carter: 'Nutcases' are stopping climate action


The Case for Public Transportation, in Infographic Form

Tire owner picking up pieces after Ferguson riot

Papantonio: The Corporate Death Grip on America

5 Tips for Rick Perry if He Insists on a 2016 Run

"Cool Youth Pastor" on Twitter

Lauren Bacall - Gay Bar Scene From Broadway Musical Applause

GOP governor begs wrong group of Satanists to cancel Oklahoma City ‘black mass’

2008 video of Robin Williams, on W. (and McCain and Obama and Palin)

U.S. appeals court declines to block Virginia gay marriage ruling

Colombia approves cooperation treaty with NATO amid regional opposition

Limbaugh: Comments On Robin Williams Taken 'Out Of Context'

On the Issue of Sexual Assault, Wendy Davis Draws Clear Distinction with Her Opponent

Ferguson police chief holding 3PM CST news conference

Kitten dyed blue saved by resident, area cat rescue

Kitten Rescued from Drainage Ditch After Being Stuck for a Week

Pictures and video: Rescue dog becomes surrogate mother to kitten litter she found hiding in ceiling

"Yup, We Tortured some folks."

Faith in Scientific Progress Decreases Eco-Friendly Behavior

Historic Fracking Jury Award In Danger - Emily Atkin Discusses

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Eduardo Campos Dies in Plane Crash

Still no peace for comedian slain exactly 15 years ago in Colombia

maybe nobody cares about this, but what's happened to all the birds? Over the last few years I have

This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police

When depression and suicide become the lead story

535 Commanders-in Chief...

Using a Tactic Unseen in a Century, Countries Cordon Off Ebola-Racked Areas

Mission Creep (picture).......

Tanker Explodes, Leaks Fuel Into Sewage System

NIST: "We did not test for explosive residue."

Iraq crisis: My night on the mountain of hell with dying Yazidi refugees

Jon Lester open to return to Boston

Patrick Cockburn on "The Islamic State"

Surprise postponement in ‘parapolitics’ case against former Colombia senator

Workplace diversity: Apple employs far more blacks, Hispanics than its tech rivals

Transgender Parents Speak Out About What Makes a Family

Do we know for a fact...?

Belladonna has gone on a catabout

The simple solution to police brutality staring us in the face.

The Middle East Is Deep In Denial Over Where ISIS Came From

It changes the way your head works.

How do I get DuckDuckGo as my safari home page instead of google??

Colombia journalist gunned down after years of death threats

Why there will never be a right wing Robin Williams

US air strikes in Iraq will have minimal impact on Isis – Pentagon

MI Gov. Rick Snyder says he's dealt with flooding too

We heard about private prisons...but do you know of the private probabion industry?

For me, a rare brain flash regarding a McGyver solution

Private probation companies are a blight on U.S. justice

Blood upon the Soil

Printer rec?

Ann Coulter Urges: Just Vote For Any 'Crap-Ass' GOPer

U.S. Could Use Ground Troops to Aid Rescue of Iraq Refugees

Surround and Surrender

Fox News Doc: Not Only Is First Lady Overweight, She Also Dislikes America!

A mildly interesting point about the "non-GMO" shakedowns going on these days.

Why It's Hard to Believe Israel's Claim That It Did Its Best to Minimize Civilian Deaths

Saudi king grants Sisi medal of honour

US airstrikes helped, but Kurds from Syria turned tide against Islamic State

question about UK nobility

Gov. Patrick Calls on Market Basket Workers to Return. Audio included

GOP Candidate: I Had An Affair Two Weeks Ago, Am Quitting My Campaign

US Military Team Lands on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq to Assess Yazidi Crisis

"The biggest problem we have right now..."

I love my hardware store, but my hardware store does not love me.

LBJ tapes on Nixon treason on Vietnam

Congressman Who Voted Against Minimum Wage Hike Complains He Hasn't Gotten A Raise

How To Get Rid Of Anti-Semitism

Let this be a lesson to Republicans:

Anti-Gay Crusader Jonathan Saenz's Ex-Wife Left Him For A Woman

Harry Truman and Lauren Bacall

Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos killed in plane crash

Elisabeth Hasselbeck links atheists forcing prayer out of school to Christian deaths in Iraq

Alan Gura, Virginia attorney, wants D.C. to pay him $54,000 in fees in gun law dispute

Mexican reporter shot dead in Oaxaca state

Vatican still unsure what to do about liberal American nuns: As I See It

Billionaire’s Plan To Split Up California Would Divide The Rich From The Poor

Vatican still unsure what to do about liberal American nuns: As I See It

Two of those Mormon clean-cut guys just showed up at my door.

Another hidden gem: Troubling new law on drones slipped into the state budget bill

Congressman Mick Mulvaney: President Obama Is ‘Begging to Be Impeached’

Why Latin America took a stand

Sam Houston flexing his campaign muscles

Live press conference on #Ferguson with St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch

Remember Flubber? Weird tale to tell.

Patrick urges Market Basket workers to return to work

Toon: Ferguson Police Training

AP: Robin Williams: Bay Area made him feel normal

David Koch's 1980 VP platform is psychotic to the point of almost parody

What Would The Average Republican Say Was The Solution For The 'Obama Problem?'

Comcast Keeps Customer on Hold Until It Closes to Avoid Canceling His Service

Comcast Helps Pay For Fancy Dinner Honoring FCC Commissioner

Panamax military exercise brings together experts from 17 countries

Anonymous posts tapes of Ferguson police calls....Youtube

Let’s Have An Open Dialogue About Sexuality That Completely Validates My Point Of View

Runaway Boy, 14, Lived in Walmart For Two Days

Record Corn, Soybean harvest expected this year. Corn price $5.15/bu has fallen 39% since July 2012

Man shot in head during traffic stop Monday; NOPD never publicly disclosed shooting

The secret report that helps Israel hide facts

‘Shut up, n****r!’: CA man goes on racist tirade when he’s caught throwing dog into the street

Sad to see Milw County Dem Sheriff's primary go to "Dirty Harry"

No Press Access For Obama-Clinton Reunion

Michael Brown had no criminal background

Why can't that Ferguson, MO, cop be identified from his

Strange new flying reptile fossils discovered

When did this become OK? When did "protect and serve" turn into "us versus them"?

Strange new flying reptile fossils discovered

Jack Trammell for Congress

War is Jim Hightower

****WCGreen Update --Wednesday August 13, 2014****

Burger King nixes lower-calorie 'Satisfries'

Michael Brown had no criminal background

Zelda Williams quits social media

Tom DeLay puts on the sackcloth and ashes...

Hamas stopping human shields from getting medical treatment in Israeli Field hospitals: USA Today

Nebraska surgeon performs 'urban legend' 5-finger reattachment surgery

We won the primary! Now we face Sean Duffy in November.

Robin Williams' Advice For People Who Are Depressed Is Really Touching And Important

Discuss: Robin Williams was his generation's Mort Sahl.

Warren - Carter 2016

Oil companies fracking into drinking water sources, new research shows (Stanford U)

Lewis Black GIVES THE PADDLIN' to Rush Limbaugh re Robin Williams/liberalism/suicide

Stinky gases emanating from landfills could transform into clean energy

Wife Of Texas Anti-Gay Leader Divorced Him For A Woman

I have a dumb question about Ferguson Mo.

Gun group snubbed at signing of law it helped to pass

Navy force to remove bibles from Navy run hotels. Faux Noose is upset.

Feminist Columnist Suggests Free Tampons for All; Internet Furor Ensues


Man Diagnosed With "Chronic" Homosexuality Sues Doctor

Cautiously optimistic - I may not be losing the homeless clinic after all!

Snowden makes comment that resonates

James Fallows on Hillary's Atlantic interview

Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Deception

Which ideas, books, and/or practices do you find most refreshing?

(Indonesia) Supreme Court Says Indonesian Atheist Lawfully Jailed

When 'not in my name' is all you have in the face of a massacre

If you were given $1 million for pressing a button and a random adult would poop themselves

Vigil planned for San Francisco beating victim

Look, dammit. I consider myself anti-war. Not in absolutist terms but pretty anti-war.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 August 2014

Iraqi Religious Persecution Hits Home in Nebraska

LIVES - RUINED IN AN INSTANT: Iraqi Catholics in Lebanon recount their harrowing ordeal

Rachel Corrie: American Peace Activist Killed by Israeli Bulldozer

Anyone watching Gang Related?

Chile: Possible Reform Sheds Light on Illegal Abortions

Robin Williams Loved Us Too