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Photo portraits of the South African LGBT community

BMW recalling 91,800 Mini Coopers to fix air bag problem

How do non-official holidays work?

Ayn Rand - How Is This Still A Thing?

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From Iraq to Libya and Syria: The wars that come back to haunt us

The Hidden Ocean Patch That Broke Climate Records

Nebraska risks losing $17M a year in federal funds if processing of food stamp applications continue

Lost my friend yesterday, Quite a guy,

Alaska's governor issues pardon for family of bears slated for euthanasia.

'Just Got Paid' singer Johnny Kemp dies...

Today's word of the day is now officially "iatrogenic".

Rural Women in Latin America Define Their Own Kind of Feminism

Could someone please post the photo of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry

Pat Robertson tells TV viewers gays seek to impose 'totalitarian' socialism on America

Hillary Supporters: How many Democrats do you hate as much as some at DU hate Hillary?

BP refinery strike still going strong

UPDATE 1-Marathon refinery workers at Galveston Bay reject final offer -union

An eighth-grader can't wear an incendiary T-shirt like this in a class photo, can she?

Gwyneth Paltrow admits failing $29 food stamp challenge after four days

Ship & Iceberg Metaphor # 2:

"Think of the children"

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000


gone to pot.....

How the bitter men of the MRA movement ruin things for other guys

No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity.

WH Correspondents Dinner

VIDEO: Rescued "Flying Fox" Bat LOVES TO EAT GRAPES.

Went to the National Civil Liberty Museum in Memphis today. Really impressed.

Games of Thrones - Season 5 premiere - if it took place on Facebook

"Why did you bring this piece of s--t to the Senate?"

SLO County, CA 2014 ag report comes in, ranked by market value -

I heard on the McLaughlin group

Investigation Launched Into Vet Who Bragged She Killed Cat With Bow and Arrow

BEGIN Japanology Makeup

Bulk water exports from Sitka, Alaska to California to start this summer

Martin O'Malley: Rubio's view of government financial regulation "kind of patently bullshit.”

We the people still support the death penalty.

caption photo of what jeb would like to do with the sword he presented to rubio now?

James Carville planting seeds of doubt among Republicans


Christie doesn't consider himself wealthy

"Neil deGrasse Tyson: Politicians Denying Science Is Beginning Of The End Of An Informed Democracy"

BEGIN Japanology - Ukiyo e

4-18-15 You have more than likely heard of Rosa Parks in 2:00

4-18-15 You have more than likely heard of Rosa Parks in 2:00

4-18-15 You have more than likely heard of Rosa Parks in 2:00

Report: Tampa Cops Targeting Black Cyclists

How the Federal Reserve Is Destroying Your Economic Future

Gay Indiana Couple Hopes To Take Zach Braff And Donald Faison Up On Their Pizza Offer

Japan’s Maglev Train Hits World Record 590 Km

Yin and yang

When her time comes, my lovely mother wants me to write a 'funny' obit for her

This is a beautiful song by Alvin Lee.

2016 US Senate Election- Republican favorable map

Joan Jett Delivers Blistering Rock Hall Set With Dave Grohl, Miley Cyrus, Tommy James

"Tax The 1%": Political Statements by Suicide in DC Shall Not Go Down the Memory Hole

Update: Sheriff - Brenham vet can't be charged with killing cat unless Facebook photo is authentic

All in Fun

The smartest, most potically astute people on DU

Went to Citi Field for the first time tonight.

Dumb Criminals: Brooklyn Theif "Diaper Don" Caught After Scamming Stores For Thousands

Need the ability to hide a thread at the forum/group level

Cognitive Dissonance of Bringing Communities Together Over Affordable Housing

At least 155,000 NY students opted out of tests on Thursday. Big protest. Picture.

Finally got a picture

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Sees Sharp Drop In Approval Rating After Religious Freedom Law

Big testing opt out in NY this week.

Alzheimer's trial stirs talk of senior sexuality

Shout to xchrom

Why the atrocities of Henry Kissinger should be mandatory reading

The Worst Place on Earth

Reporters Shut Out of “Secret” Washington Trade Court,

Daily Holidays -April 19

Sale of U.S. Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States

US House passes tax cuts for 5400 of US's richest families. Would add $269 billion to deficit.

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000

"We must get money out of politics, even if it takes a Constitutional Amendment." Reality time.

Israel releases frozen PA tax funds for March and April

Missouri National Guard's term for Ferguson protesters: 'Enemy forces'

Marijuana aficionados decend on Denver for Cannabis Cup, the 'Super Bowl' of the marijuana industry

Pot startup donates $2 million in bid to legalize marijuana in CA

Recap: Plenty of free pot samples, and even sales, at Cannabis Cup’s first day

These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes

The Free-Market Fantasy

The Miami Herald, the CIA, and the Bay of Pigs scoop that didn’t run

Ben Affleck asked PBS to edit slave-owner relatives out of show on his family history

The Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About May Be the Largest Ever

Public display of affection

Jon Stewart on Watching Fox News

Here's the letter gyrocopter pilot Doug Hughes was delivering to congress.

Up to 700 feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Libya - UNHCR

What O'Malley Believes He Can Do that Clinton Can't

Remember the U.S. France Roquefort/hormone fed beef wars of the 90's?

Burnt alive: violence against migrants in South Africa

Shit.. It's "that" time of year here already

White House Considering Proposal to Extend Tax Exempt Status to Atheists

The GOP is losing its collective shit over Hillary because they have a MAJOR "problem":

Boston Globe: With Clinton Emails Kerry Faces Balancing Act.

The Ascent of Hillary, the $.2.5 Billion “People’s” Candidate

Ancient skeletons found in India provide new insight into mindset of Indus Valley Civilisation

BBC Documentary 2015 Treasures of Ancient Greece

Blues At Sunrise

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sez Ur Prayerz Edition

Hantz Woodlands to plant 5,000 more trees on once-blighted lots in Detroit

The Bullfighter and The Bull...

HRC did pivotal work in my hometown, decades ago.

Wis. introduces new bill to allow marijuana use medically and recreationally.

On the list...

"NAFTA has been good for the U.S." The Fuck it has.

Breakfast Overboard...

Mailman who landed gyrocopter at Capitol sent back to Florida, barred from D.C.

Rep. Ron Kind: I Stand With Scott Walker

Free Range Chickens on vacation…

The Wreck of the Titan

Sometimes ya gotta take a moment...

Ceramic objects yield ancient narratives of Central America's first peoples

Ceramic objects yield ancient narratives of Central America's first peoples

Question about mowing the grass

Progressive Caucus Releases Trade Principles that Put Workers First in Trade Agreements

Dems are supposed to show from now Party Loyalty..

Bloomberg: Shell's income drops, lays off workers, triples CEO pay to $32 million

Did 9/11 terrorists get outside help? (by Bob Graham)

'Stop TTIP': Global Day of Action Draws Tens of Thousands (in Europe)

Sanjay Gupta is doing a weed special tonight on CNN, Weed 3

Poland in denile of its role in the holocaust

Greg Palast: Chelsea Manning and the Deepwater Horizon Deaths

Change The Tune-Green Party UK 2015 Election Broadcast

Soldiers arresting Beit Rima resident violently attack him and his family

An Oligarchy Delivered by Lobbyists

This Map Of US And Russian Arms Sales Says It All

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton's Fake Populism Is a Hit

Game of Thrones 5.2 "The House of Black and White" (spoiler alert)

Windows Media Player AND GOM player stopped working...

Bill Black: The Media Fall for Hillary Clinton’s Gensler Gambit

Man Kills Himself Holding 'Tax The 1%' in Front of Capitol—and Nobody Hears About It

Legacies of war Forty years after the fall of Saigon, soldiers’ children are still left behind


The heart of the Arab world is in need of a transplant

Bankruptcies Suddenly Soar Across Corporate America, Worst First Quarter Since 2009

Jump-start a Sunday! . . . Please come CAPTION Rand Paul!!!

Flood of Mediterranean migrants not likely to slow - Italy overwhelmed

90% of Steve Kornacki's show this morning was all republican

Mission Accomplished: "We Must Make America Somewhere No One Wants to Live"--Mitch McConnell

Detroit: M-1 Rail Construction Shifts to Campus Martius Earth Day DC 2015 Goes Corporate

Why am I so upset that a favorite character may be leaving a show? *SPOILERS WARNING*

Lost a good friend and a BIL to Rx drugs taken as prescribed

Stop TPP with Joseph Stiglitz

Woman Cites Religious Freedom Law To Defend Her Right To Feed The Homeless

Venezuela's shortages could lead to a humanitarian crisis

Can someone tell me how to create a link in a post

Netanyahu to request extra time for forming government

"We are all serfs now"

Turkey hopes to deter Obama from using 'G-word'

DU POLL: Inverted totalitarianism? Are we there?

Cavs' youthful roster excites LeBron James but has him wary for playoffs

Warriors hold off Pelicans after blowing most of big lead

Bill Maher: GOPers ‘Prostitutes’ to Donors by Denying Climate Change

League to teams: Significant salary-cap jumps loom

White privilege and boundary issues on display over free speech/US flag.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar undergoes coronary bypass surgery

Breaking- Mediterranean shipwreck - 700 feared dead

Larry Summers  and the Secret "End-Game" Memo (collapse of the world economy)

700 feared dead and only 28 survivors as fishing boat packed with migrants trying to reach Europe

Dodd and Dulles vs. Kennedy in Africa

The Marco Rubio Budget Plan

BEGIN Japanology - Expressways

The F-35 Is Still FUBAR

Get Vaccinated with the Surgeon General & Elmo!

LA Times Editorial: Courts should strike down bans on abortion method in Kansas, Oklahoma

In photos: Gaza between the wars

You can't fire me 'cause I already quit ya!!!!

James Carville: “If Jeb Bush loses New Hampshire, they’ll get Mitt Romney back in the race.”

William Shatner’s $30 Billion Kickstarter Campaign to Save California

If you don't like HRC don't vote for her. seriously, nobody is going to beg you

You thought the Star Wars Holiday Special was bad?

Michelle Obama Speaks Out On Native American Struggles: "We Literally Made Their Culture Illegal"

From the perspective of my 88 year old mother on the TPP, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton

BEGIN Japanology - Expressways

France provides first weapons to Lebanon paid for by Saudi Arabia

abortion SHOULD be rare

Why I chip in for dinner with my friends

BEGIN Japanology~ Dams

Lindsey Graham says he’s ’91 percent’ sure he’ll run for president

Faith vs. Facts

Video: Islamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Will Pope Francis Break the Church?

Bernie Sanders did well In enemy territory

Can't get past my visceral reaction to Jeb

Evacuation orders lifted near Southern California wildfire

What do you think the odds this story would have played out this way if the suspect were black?

Ohio woman's search for birth mother leads to co-worker

EU plans meeting after latest Mediterranean migrant tragedy

CBS Sunday Morning,"The challenges facing atheists in the U.S."

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 19, 2015

Voting Rights, by the Numbers

The Kumato

Public Citizen’s blogs: fast track, Citizen's United, SEC, consumer protection ...

Power shift in America as Wall Street bows to Silicon Valley Will Hutton Will Hutton

Larry Summers  and the Secret "End-Game" Memo (collapse of the world economy)

Scott Walker’s new budget is so brutal even Republicans are afraid of it

What Is A “Fair Share Agreement” And Why Should I Pay It?

I thought it was curious

Williams Energy Plans More Pipelines While Two Rupture

Ewww, Anthony Weiner's media advice for covering Hillary Clinton, on CNN.

Family wins back seized gold coins that could be worth $80M

Just arm everybody and everything will be ok!

Austin-area residents: did you get hailed on, yesterday?

California prepares for historic mandatory cutbacks on water

Hundreds gather to mark 20 years since Oklahoma City bombing

The Meaning of the Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

Sen. Sanders on Fox News Sunday

Newz from Brownbackistan: Kansas' Medicaid shift hasn't gone well, official says

Tulsa reserve deputy's attorneys release training records

GOP too extreme, Germany's conservative party supports Hillary

Chris Matthews One on One with President Obama, Tuesday

The American Council on Science and Health is a sleazy front group.

Zombie: "Do Not For Hillary Clinton"

Abortion actually is becoming RARE. Jailing women for "suspicious miscarriages" is trending. Coincidence?

gop candidates

If you don't like my candidate, fuck you


OK, it can stop raining any time now

Threat of far-right domestic terrorism remains as nation marks 20 years since Oklahoma City bombing

Los Angeles spends more money policing the homeless than helping them: report

Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State

Openly Secular Day

Gay mentor, belief in dignity at the core of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s views

Derogatory words for "atheist"

Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes

So Lindsey Graham

Marco Rubio, Gen-X Fraud

Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers hold secret meeting in London

The New Democrat Coalition - I haven't seen much discussion here

WATCH: Russian Army Sings 'Barbie Girl'

Who is running for the Democratic Presidential nomination -- and who is not?

Recession in Oil Patch Red States This Year?

Why do HRC supporters think that baiting anti-HRC Dems will HELP their candidate?

"I Wish My Teacher Knew" Lesson Plan Reveals Children's Heartbreaking Confessions

"Either You Are With Us, Or You Are With Terrorists "

Manchin Rules Out Governor’s Bid

Is Larry Summers on Hillary Clinton's team?

Maduro marks two years in power in tough times

Atheists: In godlessness we trust

"If Ur Faith Is Big Enough Facts Dnt Count"

Vaccination crackdown: Australia announces end to religious exemptions

Greeley firefighters return to wastewater and injection well site, cleanup follows

Israeli racism takes center stage at Manhattan JC

Greeley firefighters return to wastewater and injection well site, cleanup follows

What are you reading the week of Sunday, April 19, 2015?

The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge: direct cause of California's drought

Dean, CSU Vet School denounces former grad (Vet Fired After Bragging About Killing Cat with arrow)

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 21: Sophia Loren

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gives Pittsburgh, Erie dioceses birth control opt-out win

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 22: Star of the Month: Anthony Quinn

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000

Who's Ready for Hillary?

Hillary Clinton Runs First, Thinks Last

Hillary Clinton Room Post. Thank you to all Hillary supporters for defending and praising her on DU.

Pennsylvania officer charged with homicide after shooting caught on video

The news headlines in Sept/Oct 2016 are what will determine who is the next president.

Seattle Hospital: Baby Shot in Drive-by Shooting Has Died

WELL...I guess it's OVER. We're TOAST. DONE. Obese woman crooned, Elvis leaves building, it's OVER.

About that "Christian Persecution" thing.

Today we remember how much damage government hating right-wing zealots are capable of.

Poland summons U.S. ambassador over FBI head's Holocaust remarks

HRC's sorta advisors are here:

What the GOP Doesn’t Get About Latino Voters

Poland summons US envoy over FBI head's Holocaust comments

HRC has been speaking of "inclusive prosperity" What is it?

Funny - talking dog on Britian's got talent

Bonnie hates to eat alone

Chafee and Webb announced.

So, yesterday I was at a day-long training

With a rightwing House of Representatives for the next decade, we need an opposition President.

Bicycle Day, April 19, 1943. The world’s first acid trip.

damn scantron.....

Walker pic from NH... he's aging fast and he's not even in the WH yet

Message to the Left-Wing

KILLING US SOFTLY On abortion we’re one compromise away from third world status

Biggest Right-Wing Fear Regarding Equality? Losing Their Supremacy

2016 US Senate Election- which top tier candidate will run?

Toon: Candidates Hit the Road

Bernie Sanders: Hillary, GOP Won't Take on Corporate Power

A contribution from a happy Coloradoite

Anne of Green Gables fans...Jonathan Crombie has passed

10 tech advances that changed how we watch sports

Who Said It: Hillary Clinton or John McCain? | Mother Jones

So I Want to Get a Vape

Christie's spending of NJ GOP party money - this guy is dead in the water!

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000

The Adventures of Bsiness Cat

Floating nuclear power plants promise major savings for Arctic mines

Nuclear Waste: Drone buzzes Fukushima temporary storage facility

The surprisingly simple way Utah solved chronic homelessness and saved millions

Dolphin mass stranding near Fukushima

Ask _your doctor if you suffer from CCDD

Yesterday I got a call from our state"s

Fukushima Robot Sees Water in R1, Increase Workers Rad Exposure, Population Drop Update 4/17/15

Has Keiser University brought themselves a State Senator?

This statement makes me lose respect for a country I love.

+++++April Photography Contest+++++"Color Riot” —Poll Number 1

+++++April Photography Contest+++++"Color Riot” —Poll Number 2

A question for HRC supporters ...

Obama forgot to mention: His S. Korean trade deal cost the USA jobs

+++++April Photography Contest+++++"Color Riot” —Poll Number 3

Let's reframe it: Keep Abortion Safe. Make it Accessible again.

Sometimes the Voiceless Have to Resort to Shock Talk to Make Themselves Heard

Wisconsin Republicans introduce bill to require photo ID card for food stamp recipients

One more time. So you'll realize what the real fight in America is all about.

+++++April Contest Preliminaries are up+++++

I'm in Illinois where med use is legal. HOW do you find a doc that is willing to prescribe?

Happy BICYLCE DAY everyone!

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro 'used body double' at Summit of the Americas

Ohio Woman Discovers Work Colleague Is Her Birth Mom

Something for the Anti-Clinton Camp to Keep In Mind When You Feel Belittled

Heads Up Duers in Gulf of Mexico Russian Bombers in the sky Don't be surprised

One week tobacco free today

Stop shaming people on the internet for grammar mistakes.

Appreciation thread: Mira and Mz Pip-April Contest

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Reports Flu Vaccine Recall

NY Mets win 8th in a row.

Knock it off back there!

The settlers' military informant

Young child has reasons for not eating his supper

Ready to work my ass off for Bernie

Iraqi Officer Under Saddam Masterminded The Rise Of ISIS, Reports Spiegel

Slate 4/19/15: Obama Voices Support for Medical Marijuana in Cable News Interview

Marco Rubio Says Being Gay is Not a Choice

Hello, Darkness

What if we released all minor drug offenders?

Obamacare repeal falls off Republicans' to-do list as law takes hold

John Scalzi: On Being Poor

What does your dog do when you leave the house

It's hard to believe, but Colombia might be lying about FARC again

William Shatner’s $30 Billion Campaign to Save California WWII Vets

Baltimore man dies, was healthy at arrest, spine 80% severed at neck in custody

POTUS Expected to Publicly Support Medical Marijuana on CNN Tonight

O’Malley , Obama aides spar over unaccompanied immigrant children.

Is it 4/20 yet?

The difference between yesterday and today? Corporate run government.

US threatens to cut El Salvador aid for backing Venezuela

Some links to resources on voting and mental illness

Obama to offer qualified support for medical marijuana on Sanjay Gupta’s latest ‘weed’ special

IMF medicine for Latin America killed the patient

Eminent Domain and Building a Stock for Affordable Housing Programs

Must I love HRC or hate her AS A CANDIDATE?

From death threats to limbo: A Colombian refugee's 12 years of waiting in Canada

Ex-Colombia ministers convicted of bribes on behalf of Uribe

Watch 1993 NBC News Special Report on Waco Siege

Iraqi Forces Retake Baiji Oil Refinery From Islamic State: U.S.

Office manager posing as dentist performed root canals for cash, police say

Sorry posted in the wrong group.

2016/2018/2020 US Senate Election.

Texas on the verge of passing open carry law for handguns

Social contract. Political Theory Thread

Comcast Deal Collapse Would Kill Other Mergers in Domino Effect

'Portrait of a nation in crisis' - This was the scroll under a great interview with George Packer

TCM: 6:15 PM Tonight, 'The Third Man' 1949 classic British film noir with Orson Welles, Joseph

Whoa, If True: Jeb Bush, the Electromagnetic Pulse, and What You Can Do to Stay Safe on the Campaign

Parrot's Cries of 'Help, Fire' Bring Firefighters to Burning House in Idaho

Well, that's one way to get the racists out of your small-town government: elect a black mayor!

Democratic Party Chair Says Clinton Will Get Primary Challenger

Police: 9-year-old shot by child who picked up loaded shotgun

Video: Islamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Mother lured by 'social worker' found dead, newborn returned to family

Sen. Sanders: What do Republican governors like Brownback do?

Video of Bill Clinton's speech in OKC

Look for the new Union Label

The letter of Julian to Arsacius, the High-priest of Galatia

Report: DOJ, FBI Admit Years of Flawed Testimony From Forensic Unit

Bill Clinton’s touching tribute to Oklahoma City bombing victims

Humpback whale.

WEED 2 - Cannabis Madness - Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports (2014 CNN Documentary)

What Maureen Dowd Doesn't Know About Feminism Could Fill a Book

Analysis: Israel Gets A Resounding Slap In The Face From Putin


Rumor has it that Jesus is about to be resurrected.

China’s Xi in Pakistan to cement $46 billion in deals

Wow. Nick Drake's "At the Chime Of the City Clock"

the senate is set to destroy Obama's iran policy

You have been warned

You Bernie---Love you dude---but....

A new field of mental illness has its first candidate ailment

Imagine the outrage

Greg Palast is allowing free download of Vultures and Vote Rustlers

Comcast Deal Collapse Would Kill Other Mergers in Domino Effect

No boat, no creek, no paddle, no $#*@

Marco Rubio Melts Down Into A Puddle Of Science Denying Bigotry On Face The Nation

Woman Catches Baseball In Beer At Cubs Game, Proceeds To Chug Beer

Exonerated Death Row Inmate Meets the Former Prosecutor Who Put Him There

Police officer charged with homicide in shooting death in Dauphin County

At 50, 'Sound of Music' has stood test of time (Marta & OS just got home from the BIG screen showing

Long term study: No link found between video games and real-world sexism


Syrian artist hopes to show human cost of conflict in new London exhibition

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 20 April 2015

Bernie Sanders Fox News Sunday 4/19/2015