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Denver company won't service one neighborhood, for racial reasons.

Lawmaker Considers Blocking Baltimore Protesters' Food Stamp Benefits

Chief Justice Roberts Accidentally Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With Citizens United...

Scientists Discover the Secret to Keeping Cells Young

So the 'prisoner' says they're lying

Google Searches for N-Word Show Racism in Different Areas of the Country

Sanders Speaks out on Baltimore Protests

No to ‘Fast Track,’ No to Trade Treachery

It's official...Tampa is full of idiots

PPPSSSTT From my brothers and sisters in the CWA TPP is being fought across the US with no MSM!

Lawmakers Call for End to Controversial Driver Responsibility Program

The letter I wrote to the neighbor with the barking dog

If you call yourself a socialist today, almost nobody in the US will vote for you

We're only in the 4th month of the year and we've lost over 300 black lives. Let that sink in.

the cops created the "Riot" to draw attention away from killing Freddy and blame the poor for their

Baltimore Councilman Goes Off On News Reporter "Just Call Them Ni**ers" !

Candidate Profile: Who is Bernie Sanders?

"Just Call Them N word," Exasperated CNN Guest Tells Erin Burnett

I watched CBS and ABC News tonight, and both reported on Bernie's announcement

Progressive radio in TwinCities MN talking about Scott Walker and dead deer

Any ideas on how to "shred"/destroy ruined VHS tapes? 9 of them.

‘F*ck the Media’: Morgan Freeman Goes Off on Cable News over Baltimore

Anti-LGBT Groups To Appeal Judge's Ruling Upholding Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

Airbnb Removes User Who Evicted Gay Couple From Home in Galveston, Texas

As Election Approaches, San Antonio Mayor Finally Unveils Plan To Implement LGBT Protections

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Thursday! Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh gif

Mike Luckovich Toon- All In Favor….

9:01 PM EDT Mike Malloy is LIVE

Colorado GOPers claim IUDs cause abortions, scrap program that reduced teen birthrate by 40 percent

Where is Bernie's official campaign web site?

Jon Stewart and his wife bought a farm, plan to create an animal sanctuary

Obama And Democrats Raise Their Minimum Wage Proposal To $12

Barrasso opened hearing today on Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act of 2015

The cover of Time Magazine...

Prominent Martin O'Malley Critic Had Been Fired After Corruption Investigation, Scandal

Tesla to expand battery technology to homes, businesses

When it's ok to riot according to main stream media:

Woman bitten to death by shark off Maui swam every day, brother says

I'm now getting excited about the 2016 campaign!

Give 'Em Hell, Bernie

Interrogations advisor urges Bush-era torture probe

Colombia government and ELN to meet in Ecuador over formalizing peace talks: Report

Baltimore rally tomorrow.

California ACLU group launches app to record possible police misconduct

When Hillary Is Interviewed And Asked Political Position Questions - The Question Should Be Posed...

Chicago to Be Chosen as Site for Obama’s Library

Maryland lawmaker proposes law to take food stamps from families of kids who protest

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Take Aim at Senator O’Gorman (30 april 1915)

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Take Aim at Senator O’Gorman (30april 1915)

400 Women and Children Have Been Rescued From Boko Haram in Nigeria

400 Women and Children Have Been Rescued From Boko Haram in Nigeria

The Avengers’ Black Widow Problem: How Marvel Slut-Shamed Their Most Badass Superheroine

Purvi Patel, Imprisoned for a Miscarriage in Indiana, Has Filed an Appeal

My Baltimore friend just sent this:

Is It Me Or Have The Repugs Been Missing In Action With What's Going On In Baltimore?.....

Oklahoma allows for use of marijuana derivative in medical trial

Purvi Patel, Imprisoned for a Miscarriage in Indiana, Has Filed an Appeal

Poll...Who do you EXPECT to be the Republican/teabagger 2016 nominee?

A Horrifying Day at Court

The Other Day I Posted This As A Possible Solution For Inner City Problems Like We See In Baltimore.

Book Review: Baboon Metaphysics

49ers’ new alternate uniforms turn to the dark side

Poll...Who do you HOPE is the Republican/teabagger 2016 nominee?

Puerto Rico in economic limbo as legislators reject tax plan


Mike Huckabee Tells Hispanic Evangelicals U.S. Is Losing Its Way

Texas Religious Objection Bill Follows Supreme Court Hearing

House Republicans Want To Block Predatory Lending Protections For American Troops

Women Who Ran for President

Women Who Ran for President

The Von Van Venn

Rep. Trey Gowdy: He Might Take Hillary Clinton's Word On Disputed E-Mails

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Jon Stewart and his wife bought a farm, plan to create an animal sanctuary

I'd like to have two pinned threads for this Group... and I need everyone's input!

Airbnb renters throw three-day party, trash couple’s home: $50,000+ in damage

From the Dutch News site,

The US needs police like this! (video)

Medicine shortages so bad Venezuela is using fingerprinting

A happy and blessed Beltane

Gray suffered head injury in prisoner van, sources familiar with investigation say

A blessed Beltane and May Day

Cops call it a "Cowboy Ride" what they did to Gray in the back of that van...

Plan to ban automatic deduction of public employee union dues clears House panel (LA)

Learning About The Quran ... From A Catholic Archbishop

Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Had Guns Confiscated Over Mental Health

April 30, 1975 | Saigon Falls

"STFU & Be NonViolent"

Cruz tries to blame Obama for 2008 crash

It's called civil disobedience

Pope Francis and climate change: why Catholic skeptics are so alarmed (+video)

Obama to Announce Free E-Books for Low-Income Kids

Red Flame Kazoo Travelers

Vonnegut on Geraldo Rivera: "He's a scumbag."

VIDEO OF: BERNIE SANDERS Discusses 2016 Presidential Candidacy The Ed Show MSNBC 4/30/15

Officer was shot and killed after filing whistleblower complaint alleging police corruption

So I was at a wake tonight for a long time DFLer

I was at a wake this evening for a long time DFLer

Nebraska woman declared brain dead, 54 days later her son was born

Bernie Sanders Group - Welcome & SOP


Can anyone help with my note to the bad parking neighbor?

Martin O'Malley made an impressive stand this week in the face of potentially withering criticism

Here are a few pics of my feral babies. (Picture heavy)

Anonymous activist has a 'unique' way to get potholes fixed (potentially NSFW)

Stay in touch with Bernie 2016!

Unarmed Teen Shot By Police, Cried For His Mother As He Died: ‘Mommy, Mommy, Please Come’

California judge orders Google to turn over data on Gov. Rick Scott's Gmail account

Koterba toon: Asian trade

How a then-24-year-old filmmaker exposed the Taser industry in a bombshell new documentary

Rubio, Cotton throw Iran bill passage into question

Rival Gang Members Unite

This is a great space to make local connections for those who are willing to connect...

Interest in a Recycling Group

I keep seeing the following talking point. Bernie knows he can't win and he is in this only

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 30, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid

Tesla Motors Live Stream

Jon Stewart had some fun with Bernie's

Police & Massive Incarceration Used To Suppress Minorities.

America's Oldest Shopping Mall Converted into Microapartments

Thank you

"Where is celebration of moms whose children have been at the forefront of peaceful protests?"

Russian politician denounces Apple’s U2 album gift as ‘gay propaganda’

Former GOP lawmaker blisters Abbott for ‘pandering to idiots’ over military exercises

Raising money from individuals

Hockey playoffs.



TCM Schedule for Friday, May 1, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Orson Welles

Gayle Smith Nominated to Lead USAID

President Barack Obama is the best president of my lifetime, bar none....

Let me understand... No one really knows why Mr. Gary was being arrested?

2nd Man In Van With Freddie Gray: "They Tried To Use Me"

Why I believe in Sanders: We are all human and even the very worst can be persuaded.

Cop Who Arrested Freddie Gray Had Guns Confiscated Over Mental Health

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 2, 2015 -- The Essentials: Greta Garbo

man who filmed Freddie Grey's arrest arrested tonight

hmmm, could this be connected together?

Bipolar Disorder (aka in the old days "manic depression")

Plano brothers both get a perfect 2400 score on SAT

In the Poetry Forum, I wrote a Trilogy about Abortion Rights

Dan Patrick: Churches, clergy need protection if court upholds gay marriage

Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk changed history today. nt

Here's something I didn't know about Ricky Gervais

Can the "Media" handle Bernie?

Dumb Criminals: Florida (Obviously) Couple Caught With $300 Of Meat In Their Pants

i was able to squeeze in a quick walk this evening

Hey freepers/lurkers, this is a democratic socialist.....

Nasa's Messenger Probe Crashes on Mercury After 11-Year Mission

I'm afraid Hillary's candidacy will result in defeat for us due to "death by a thousand cuts."

Straight up hit piece on Daniel Dennett

Cops do it again. Now it's "Charging Your Electric Vehicle While Black".

5 Faith Facts About Unabashedly Irreligious Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton Campaign Blasts GOP Abortion Bill

Boiled Linseed Oil airing out time for rags...

Obama should do nothing...

Time Has Come Today


May Day!

Hallo there, Bernie supporters

Patriot Act Faces Revisions Backed by Both Parties

Are you having a good day today ?

Bobby Jindal has concerns about Orleans Parish sex education proposal

Texas Senate OK’s sales tax holiday for guns and ammo

Colombia: Spy Chief Jailed For Spying

Symbolic Court Examines Labor Abuses in Latin America

Daily Holidays - May 1

Go check out Reddit

going to heaven via last minute confession of sincere faith

Weed 3 - Full Version

Dear Tom Wheeler: I'm Sorry I Thought You Were A Mindless Cable Shill

The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains

Mission worker from Norton accused of molesting children while teaching in Honduras

Government worker from San Antonio had sex with a minor in Honduras

I love this DU poll on Bernie's chances in the general.

This Guy Is In Baltimore...

How Fashion Co-Opted Coachella

One Million Cubans to March on May Day in Havana

Please register Democratic so you can vote for Bernie in the primary.

Donta Allen - man in police van with Mr Gray refutes WaPo story

Currently, only 13 House Democrats support the TPA (fast track)

Colorado may be doing away with caucuses:

Koterba toon: Asian trade

Koterba toon: Asian trade

Bernie's Op-Ed, The Guardian:So-called 'free trade' policies hurt US workers every time we pass them

Bernie's Op-Ed, The Guardian:So-called 'free trade' policies hurt US workers every time we pass them

May Day rallies broaden to address police brutality, race

Jesus is a Hobo

Braintree cops praised for making chase and arrest – without firing a shot

As trooper searched car after I-80 traffic stop, handcuffed suspect sped away in cruiser

Obama Is Selling the TPP Trade Deal Just Like Al Gore Sold NAFTA

Beltane blessings, loungers!

May Day, 2015: If you do NOT oppose the TPP, you do NOT stand with workers and unions

Earl Gray's "Laws of Poetry II"

Rand: I'll Look Into Whether The Military Is Planning To Takeover The Southwest

Warren gives Keynote for new Populist campaign coalition - "Putting Families First"

Death Penalty Abolished In Latin America, But Citizens Face Execution In US, Elsewhere

The Whale Oil Blues

Records show worries over Baltimore officer's mental health

March for workers rights on May Day

March for workers rights on May Day

March for workers rights on May Day

Former GOP lawmaker blisters Abbott for ‘pandering to idiots’ over military exercises

"Can Sanders fill the Warren void?"

May 1, 1886

May 1, 1886

May 1, 1886

4-30-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1894 in 2:00

4-30-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1894 in 2:00

4-30-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1894 in 2:00

Former Homeless Teen Cyndi Lauper Testifies Before Congress On Ending LGBT Youth Homelessness

Obama bent on getting fast-track trade pact authority, Rep. Ashford says

Atlanta officers shoot black woman in patrol car in gunfight: police

Tesla unveils batteries to power homes

Colombia spymaster sentenced to 14 years in prison

Colombia spymaster sentenced to 14 years in prison

1967 Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback Barn Find

Peru Turns to Ancient Aqueducts to Prevent Droughts

Peru Turns to Ancient Aqueducts to Prevent Droughts

Navy ships escorting U.S.-flagged merchants in strait

Make it so!: NASA engineers say they successfully tested a real ‘warp drive

A New Model in the Fight for Abortion Rights

50 Port Truck Drivers Walk Picket Lines At Otay Mesa Toyota

Morgan Freeman: Unrest in Baltimore exposed ‘the terrorism we suffer from the police’

A New Model in the Fight for Abortion Rights

Webb on CNN right now

Detroit prosecutor calls for deaths of Baltimore protesters: ‘Shoot em. Period. End of discussion’

Rubbing hands together in anticipation...Chris Christie

The End Of Free Trade? Alan Grayson Says Warren Buffett's Plan Will Save America

Those conservative/liberal rankings are a heap of shit.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Blasts GOP Abortion Bill

Ron Magill Visits Havana Zoo, Gets In Touch With His Roots

Paul Krugman: The Rise of the Machines: It's Happening

Democratic Politicians need to say "no" to free trade plans

Bridgegate: Charges in George Washington Bridge scandal to be announced today

Half Dome Trail Open To Hikers 3 Weeks Early Thanks To Drought - LA Times

Cuba has had a lung cancer vaccine for years

Happy Labor Day DUers

Missouri Satanist: 72-hour waiting period for abortions violates my ‘sincerely held religious belief

Missouri Satanist: 72-hour waiting period for abortions violates my ‘sincerely held religious belief

Cuba has had a lung cancer vaccine for years

Conservative Newsmax CEO Calls Out Murdoch And Defends Clinton Foundation

Because Guns Freedom Baby Jesus: House Cmte Votes To Slash NASA Earth Science Funding

Student heads to quake-hit home (Nepal) on dogs mission

Palestinians in solidarity with Baltimore protesters

Science Study: 1 In 6 Plant And Animal Species Now Face Extinction; Rate Will Accelerate

Of you could pick any singer(s) to do a cover of the Social Security Song

Baltimore police arrested man who filmed Freddy Gray arrest

More Americans spending at least half their pay on housing

How Shale Is Becoming The Dot-Com Bubble Of The 21st Century

NC Legislature Allows 1 Minute Public Comment Before Gutting Environmental Law; Senate Vote Next

Drone Strikes (cartoon)

Transcanada Pipeline Corroded 95% Through Pipe Wall In 2 Years (> Dime's Thickness Left)

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Nasty Wingnut Spoils Kindergarten Concert With Racist Ranting

Lauryn Hill - Black Rage

Someone isn't telling the truth about Freddie Gray's death

The Nation Reacts

California Forests Now Net Source Of GHGs, Thanks To Fires And Drought

Iceberg B-34 frees itself from Antarctica's Getz ice sheet and proceeds to scour the sea floor.

Bang the Drums for Bernie

Meme Sums Up Embarrassing Riot Coverage On Mainstream Media

Thom Hartmann: A Real Progressive is Running for President!

Energy Department to Provide $75 Million for ‘Fuels from Sunlight’ Hub

Email from the Progressive Democrats of America...

Microsoft’s Unionized Contract Workers Get Aggressive

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Injustice, Poverty and Despair cannot be ignored

Christie Crime Digest Volume III Sneak Preview.....

England set for “substantial increase” in record-breaking warm years (13 times more likely)

USA Today: Iowa activists welcome Bernie Sanders to race

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - We have a primary

Over in GD

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Shell Lobbied to Thwart EU Renewable Energy Targets: Guardian

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 1985....

Happy May Day!

Bernie Sanders is a modern day George Washington

GWB lane closures: Former Christie ally David Wildstein to plead guilty today in federal court

Would Zimmerman still get 48% DU support for murder if his name were in the title?

The Unlikely Origins Of The Word "Thug"

Texas Lady So Mad Airbnb Gave Her Bed, Breakfast And Bigotry The Boot

Republicans pass deep spending cuts to Obamacare....

Picking Up the Tab for Low Wages

Billionaire David Rubenstein gives $5M to refurbish Iwo Jima sculpture

A second state law clouds question of Florida research in Cuba

40 years after Vietnam: Celebrating the End of One War, and Witnessing the Start of a New One Here a

Billionaire David Rubenstein gives $5M to refurbish Iwo Jima sculpture

Listen to this rational discussion:Walker's budget fails drug test

Warwick woman finds wild turkey in bathroom $1,000s in damage

Freddie Gray"a fourth, previously undisclosed stop by the police"

England: monks ordered to leave presbytery after one distributes homophobic leaflets

Survivor Worlds Apart: I take it we all hate everyone who's left?

Fiat Chrysler US sales rise 6 percent in April

Dr. Phil Corrects Fox News On Baltimore's Equality Of Opportunity

BuRec Now Pegs Odds Of CAP Water Delivery Shortfalls To AZ At 1 In 3 - Mead At New Record Low

take the time to read this

Newark Airtrain, Only 19 Years Old, Is Too Shoddy To Fix

NASCAR Open Test Interrupted For Cutest Reason Ever

ID Please?!

Paul Krugman announces his retirement.

Farmworkers Call on Ben & Jerry's to Stand Up for Dairy Workers' Rights in Supply Chain! (May Day)

Farmworkers Call on Ben & Jerry's to Stand Up for Dairy Workers' Rights in Supply Chain! (May Day)

Farmworkers Call on Ben & Jerry's to Stand Up for Dairy Workers' Rights in Supply Chain! (May Day)

Israeli settlement expansion goes unchecked

We have a group! Come check in.

Clinton Well Ahead, Warren And Biden Round Out Top Three, Lora College Poll Finds

Nominations for Host? I nominate Raine1967 and Elleng.

Report: Soldiers made kids have sex for food

Why O'Malley?

O'Malley's resume

O'Malley's Official Website

Detroit-area transit agencies consider single fare card

Awaiting Cuba's thriving tech industry to boom | Opinion

Awaiting Cuba's thriving tech industry to boom | Opinion

Every Cat Lover Can Relate To This! Life Before Vs. After Getting A Cat

Every Cat Lover Can Relate To This! Life Before Vs. After Getting A Cat

Isis leader incapacitated with suspected spinal injuries after air strike

Police Body Cams: DOJ Unveils $20M Program to Expand Use

Kentucky Derby tomorrow, May 2nd

Ford expands door latch recall to cover nearly 546,000 cars

When you lie down with dogs........

'Holy monkeys' not meant to rile Orthodox church, says Latvian artist

DU's O'Malley group is open...

Cal/OSHA cites SeaWorld San Diego for safety violations; park vows to appeal

Ed Show: Bernie Sanders' First Interview as a Presidential Candidate

"One Newark" Exemplifies the Shock Doctrine

Ben E King: R&B legend dies at 76

I can think of nobody better to succeed Barack Obama as POTUS than Bernie Sanders.

KRUGMAN!!!: Ideology and Integrity

Bernie Has My Back

Robert Reich: The wealthy have broken society by siphoning all its money to themselves

Obama library coming to Chicago

Thug is the New N$&%er - A discussion

Bernie Sanders' Views On Climate Change Force Other Politicians To Acknowledge Its Reality

23 Bernie Sanders Reactions For Everyday Situations

The History of May Day

David Sirota: The left’s Citizens United hypocrisy: Why Hillary is getting a free pass

With a Name like Allen B. West, It Has to be Bullshit. (c)

My sense of things after talking to non political folks I know: Bernie might just get traction

I'm in and just contributed to Bernie's campaign. His website is overwhelmed and am

Did everyone say "rabbit" when they got up this morning...?

Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall

So the second stop was to "deal with Mr. Gray."

Inglorious Goobers: Progressives Line Up to Defend Corrupt Clintons

Why McDonald's Burgers Don't Decompose

Is there any way Bernie CANNOT

Sea Lion Pup Wanders the Streets of San Francisco

McConway & Torley steel foundry under fire in trendy Lawrenceville

McConway & Torley steel foundry under fire in trendy Lawrenceville

State's Attorney Mosby: Gray's death a homicide.

Give 'Em Hell, Bernie

Charges will be filed against the killers of Freddy Gray

Breaking - State Attoney MOSBY - Freddie Gray's death was a homicide

Rachel Maddow - Americans form new attitudes toward criminal justice, politics follows suit

House Advances Bill to Speed Permits, Limit Protests

Bernie's net worth less than Bill Clinton gets for a single speech-- John Dickerson on Diane Rehm

Parking garage collapses at Watergate

One is judged by the company they keep

So Gray's death was a homicide.

Pic Of The Moment: Congressman Blames Baltimore Riots On... Gay Marriage?

Interesting poll from New York State.

Baltimore Cops being charged with Manslaughter---WOW!

Freddie Gray's death ruled a homicide

Please explain it to me because I just don't get it.

Man detained with Freddie Gray: "No space in (van) where man can hurt himself intentionally"

Richard Pryor-Niggas Vs. Police

America! You are about to experience the power of Black Women.

All 6 cops involved in Freddie Gray killing charged: murder, manslaughter, failure to render aid...

Saudi/US Slaughter in Yemen

I'm so incredibly proud of Baltimore right now.

SIX Cops Being Charged in Freddie Gray's Death!

How Dare A Black Prosecutor Prosecute White Police Officers. It Is An OUTRAGE I Tell You.

Power & Ms. Mosby

Urban Agriculture Contributes Half of Cuba's Vegetable Production

If Bernie can win the nomination, he can win the general election.

Just heard the news in Baltimore

GOPer Slams Texas Guv For 'Pandering To Idiots' On Possible Military Takeover

CNN Breaking News: Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray

"I demand a special investigation by the DOJ!" . . . Please come CAPTION Peter Schweizer!!

Google syndication script is hosing my browser

History-different elements, yet rings a bell

Fox News Station Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo From Venezuela (IMAGES)

Brain-Dead Nebraska Mom Karla Perez Kept Alive to Deliver Baby

MSNBC had a banner up stating that Gray's arrest was an illegal one.

Wow Ben E King is dead

Bernie is an "underdog"...

Illegal arrest, murder and abuse.

Jesus: Here We Go Again! Atlanta Police..

List of charges: 6 Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray case

I haven't seen this much panic over an issue since the 60's. (Gay Marriage)

OK, Lefties: You are out of Excuses. Bernie is in the race.

Perp Walk the Murdering Creeps

Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

Question posted by Malthaussen in re LBN

Christie ally David Wildstein pleads guilty, says Bridgegate closures were retribution

Hillary Clinton Post Room. Justin and his ilk think that Hillary is the best choice.

For Bernie Voters: Ideal Veep?

"Cry Freedom" end credits.

FOP calls on prosecutor to recuse herself, defends officers

Dear white Facebook friends: I need you to respect what Black America is feeling right now

To Be Clear: Kirstie Alley NOT Linked in Bridge Scandal

THANK YOU to ALL the Baltimore Protesters!

Stephen Hawking Gives Existential Advice To One Direction Fans

Why I know it is possible that Freddie Gray's injury started with his arrest

Ben E King has passed

People Missing After "Pancake Collapse" at Watergate Complex Parking Garage

I am so thankful that the Baltimore officers have been charged

A Song for Baltimore

News Talks About Black People By Talking About White People

Christie ally David Wildstein pleads guilty, says Bridgegate closures were retribution

Anyone brave enough to put FAUX News on to see heads exploding?

Beware Of Outside Agitators Tonight And Over This Weekend In Baltimore.....

Friday Priest/politican joke

the walk of shame.

Rep.Elijah Cummings has been a beacon of light

Mythbusting for Bernie: He's unelectable in the general

My Gomer Pyle "Golleeeee" moment today....

6 Baltimore police officers to be charged with homicide.

What you really need to know about Baltimore, from a reporter who’s lived there for over 30 years

Cop Didn’t Have to Shoot Our Dog..

House Votes To Block D.C. Law Banning Discrimination Over Reproductive Health Choices

Grow Guide

What Does Secular Mean?

Pres. Obama: "absolutely vital that the truth comes out...justice needs to be served"

Female scientists told to get a man to help with paper.

Fox News Host Sides With Killer Cops After Officers Charged In Death Of Freddie Gray

Baltimore Uprising Post-Indictments (Live feeds)

Girl drone alert!!!

if you hate bacon, the terrorists win...

"weapons charges" (whatever that means)

Purity Through Food: How Religious Ideas Sell Diets

The best reporter through all of this has been Jody Reed

Lacey's kittens: two weeks old

Colombia’s Supreme Court urges investigation of Uribe for spying on opponents

Nova: Physicists Say Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter

Washington (Com)Post's New Motto: "We Often F*** Up But We Never OWN Up!"

Nearly half of [state] Obamacare exchanges are struggling over their future

Write Novels! - Victorian pen names

POLITICAL WIRE reporting that Wildstein's Plea Deal was signed in January...

Burger me! Microsoft's chainsaw rampage through sacred cow herd

Omaha students rally for gay teacher fired from Catholic school

Periscope's livestreaming revolution is nowhere to be found in Baltimore

No, Climate Change Deniers Aren’t Modern Day Galileos

Discrimination on the Taxpayer's Dime? The Fight to Curtail the Overreach of RFRA

Who remembers doing this as a kid?

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rises to Second-Highest Since 2007

The Baltimore Rebellion

GM U.S. Sales Top Estimates Amid Strong U.S. Light-Truck Demand

The Republican Party Is Not A Political Party – It’s A Mental Condition: 10 Examples

It would be really interesting for someone to get hold of the police reports

Hillary Clinton a Free Trader, or Not, Depending on the Moment

LIVESTREAM: Bridgegate Press Conference

No amount of federal money can cure poverty in big cities

No one called these rioters "Thugs" - I wonder what was different...Hmm...

Possible pay raise for lawmakers irritates teachers

Ukrainian Oligarch Dodges U.S. Justice

Bridgegate: Bill Baroni, Bridget Kelly indicted on 9 counts

Some reforms I propose to rein in police unions. I oppose special rights for police.

Just found on reddit:

International Workers Day 2015: Why Doesn’t The US Celebrate May Day?

Alabama City cover up of a 18 yo black woman in police custody

well, well. Just back from doc's office. Now my blood pressure is too LOW!

"(Marilyn Mosby) has done this nation an invaluable service" - Rep. Bobby Rush on House floor

Time for some indictments in Fort Lee: Baroni and Kelly each indicted on 9 federal counts

Papantonio: Gray Autopsy Confirms the Worst - Time to Prosecute Murderous Cops

Question: Tesla Power Wall

GOP Lawmakers Divided On Highway Funding As Trust Fund Expiration Looms

Yemeni conflict spills into Saudi Arabia

SHOWTIME! Bridgegate Press Conference starting in 2 minutes

Eric Garner

Smaller government in the Loon Star State

NRA Already Lying About What's Happening in Baltimore

"The Day After Damascus Falls"

Happy May Day!

Family Guy - Undecided Voters

Digital Whistleblowers: Shoot the Messenger Rather Than Fix the Problem

May 4th is Star Wars Day

Amtrak to open IT center in Atlanta this summer

Family Guy - Visiting Ground Zero

Patrick Murphy announces endorsements by almost half of Democratic state lawmakers

Katie Lee - The Desert Goddess of Glen Canyon

U.S., Canada toughen oil train safety standards

Thom Hartmann : "Occupy Movement has endorsed Bernie."

My latest poem!

Some interesting paragraphs about Bernie Sanders' lifestyle.

We were wrong!!!

Federal prosecutor in Bridgegate: no one else (besides Wildstein, Kelly, and Baroni) is likely to be charged.

Time to jack your johnson

Nominees for Presiding Bishop Announced-Episcopal Church.

GW Bridge Indictments are in

HRC was critical of TPP before it was cool

Is Baltimore's Police State Over-Reach Finally Tipping the Scales Towards Real Justice?

Freddie Gray: Don't let the 1% determine police reform for the 99%

What It's Like To Smoke Pot Every Day For 50 Years

Five of the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray are now in police custody

Can Railroads Help Alleviate California's 4-Year Drought?

Afraid of justice...

Are the mug shots

Television's MDA Telethon -- Long Jerry Lewis' Labor Day Show -- Is Ending

Kane's chief of staff accused of sexual harassment

AP Poll: Americans approve of drone strikes on terrorists

Lawmakers who led GWB scandal probe call criminal findings 'sickening'

Wrote A Song For Everyone-CCR

Papantonio: Sanders’ Candidacy Will Force Conversation on REAL Issues

Bernie Sanders eats more French Fries than Hillary Clinton.

On a brighter note. USPTO Announces 'Patents For Humanity' Winners

A very interesting take on Mosby's strategy.


Pics of the pups on their way to the rescue

Limiting global warming to 2 degrees 'inadequate', scientists say

Church of England ends investments in heavily polluting fossil fuels

Was listening to this song and thought that with only one word being changed it sounds pretty cool.

Gay marriage flowchart, "The Bible says so..."

Joe Namath Wouldn't Play Football If He Could Do It All Over AgainJoe Namath


I set up a monthly donation

A Silent Bernie Sanders DU supporters thread-who are we so far?

'Muslim-free' Arkansas gun range draws wary eye of Justice Department

A Friendly Reminder...

Ohio man accidentally shot himself in Chick-fil-A while pulling up his pants: cops

In case open carry was not enough to spur gun sales

Loony Tune congresscritter moves "ISIS camp" across the border...

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 1985....

My "WTF?" of the day, woo division...

Bernie Sanders: It is better to show up than to give up....

"Food Babe" hilariously "interviewed" by the parody "I Don't Fucking Understand Science" page

I hope that Bernie is capable of being shallow.

The origins of the political terms, "Right and Left"

Anyone seen "It's Such a Beautiful Day"?

Gunmen hit army chopper in Mexico, three troops dead

Enzo Ferrari

Maryland lawmaker proposes law to take food stamps from families of kids who protest

Have the 6 officers been arrested yet? Have their pictures been shown yet?

A Simple Chart to Illustrate How the TPP Improves on NAFTA

I predict a huge political future

Why Bernie Sanders just picked up a historical endorsement from Occupy Wall St

Chrispy thinks "I had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act."

Donald Rumsfeld: one can understand the pent-up feelings that may result from decades of repression

Number of Texans without coverage down a third since ACA market began

Wells Fargo Is Baltimore’s Real Looter

Blue Wall Cover Ups: Gray Killed Himself

Gov. Kasich: SCOTUS Legalizing Gay Marriage Would Have To Be Respected

Bernie said

What Will the First Democratic Primary Polls Show

Chicago Bernie

Elizabeth Warren is featured speaker at CT Democrats Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (June 29)

Rep. Dave Brat - Virginia's finest smoked ham

Wisconsin Republicans Look To Keep Shellfish, Spices, Pasta Sauce Away From Families On Food Stamps

Christie knew of GWB lane closures as they occurred, Wildstein lawyer alleges

Bernie Sanders raises $1.5 million in 24 hours

Wasn't that an emotional moment, Marilyn Mosby announcing charges in Freddie Gray's killing?

England: local party wants to take kids away from gays, but says 'not homephonic'

Repubs "just say no" to Vets...again

Poroshenko: "The war will be over only when Ukraine regains control of Donbass and Crimea."

The American super rich think $26 million is too little for one heir

HRC ROOM--Rep. Trey Gowdy: He might take Hillary Clinton's word on disputed e-mails

The Yooper Creation Story!

we ALL know what the BIG story of the day is, right? well, don't tell faux

Bridget Kelly about to hold a press conference

May Day is almost over, have you donated to Bernie?

After Forming Clinton Cash "Exclusives," NY Times, Washington Post Fail To Report On Book's Errors

Samantha Bee's Goodbye - from last night's 'Daily Show'

Meet Marilyn Mosby, the Badass Female State's Attorney Bringing Justice for Freddie Gray

Hungry Sea Lion Pups Are Showing Up on San Francisco Streets

Police Union says the cops did nothing wrong

How can Rice's attorney say what he did....

Signs Point to Dunford as Next JCS Chairman

Bernie Sanders signals aggressive challenge to Hillary Clinton

I am trying to explain one of my winger relatives that this culture of someone running

Want millennials back in the pews? Stop trying to make church ‘cool.’

Windfall at Bernie's: Sanders raises $1.5 million in 24 hours/CNN

DU is a pretty good place to spread the word about local issues and candidates

My prediction, some days ago, was that two of the cops wold have been charged.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Bernie Sanders

Do you think Bernie will run against Obama in the primary?

Sartorial robot can fasten and unfasten a zipper by itself

EDIT: Federal Fisheries Regulators Halt West Coast Sardine Season

Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

My friends: Bridget Kelly needs YOUR help!

My test results!

Stop By and Say Hi! Maryland NOW Senate Candidates Forum on Sunday

The REAL Bottom Line on Michigan's Proposal 1 of 2015: Just Say NO!

How Bernie Sanders running for president helps Hillary Clinton

Bridget Kelly on Bridgegate: 'I Am Not Guilty'

Link to donate to Hillary Clinton

Baltimore State's Attorney Press Conference

NATO's top commander says alliance limited in understanding Russian moves

Somebody talked!!!!!!!!!!!! RE:Baltimore cops

WTF? Child Happens Upon A Loaded Glock In Boehner's Capitol Bathroom

Winston did what??

Afghan delegation to meet with Taliban in Qatar - officials

Why is the West Spoiling for a Fight with Russia?

Okay friends I am very ashamed that I have to do this - but I need help. I have been a fool

Rep. BERNIE SANDERS Educates FED CHAIR ALAN GREENSPAN, House Financial Services Committee 2003

Not having been found guilty of anything this is the sick way police treat citizens who comply:

The danger of documenting the atrocity: Freddie Gray videographer has been arrested at gunpoint

Rick Wiles Warns Of 'Fireball From Space' If Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Bans

Jason Huggins: Fixing, One Test at a Time

My 55,555th post.

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 1, 2015

President Bernie Sanders Would Dismantle NSA Spying

Barbara Ehrenreich on slapping one's child

What would happen if States Atty's & DA's started charging those REALLY responsible?

The sewer called Fox “news”

GOP conservatives support Rubio's 'recognize Israel' amendment to Iran oversight bill

Alan Keyes: Gay Marriage Ruling A 'Just Cause For War'

Baltimore Police Sergeant warns superiors...

Legend- Freddy Mercury- Fat Bottomed Girls

HRC was Supportive of TPP before it was cool

You're My Best Friend

GOP House Leaders Create ‘Action Group’ To Seize And Sell America’s Public Lands

Is this the future?

Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray's Arrest Is Arrested Under Suspicious Circumstances

A Miscarrying Woman Was Denied Medication Because of “Conscience”

Two more women accuse Cosby of drugging them and rape, including a Cosby show actress

Marilyn Mosby to be on All In With Chris Hayes - just seen on

Wisconsin Republicans Don’t Want Food Stamp Recipients Buying Beans, Potatoes, Pasta Sauce

Queen - A Kind of Magic

Good article on Bernie's positions on the issues in the NYT!

An Anti-Theist’s Interpretation Of The Bible’s Opinion On Same-Sex Marriage

2015 Kentucky Derby - Brisnet Past Performances

HAPPENING NOW: Thousands of protesters in Baltimore are taking the streets

Advances in technology are always progressive

A Response to Charles Pierce

He may be a blip in the polls so far, but Bernie collecting $1.5 million in 24 hours

House Reverses DC Law Banning Reproductive Health Discrimination by Employers

House Reverses DC Law Banning Reproductive Health Discrimination by Employers

Blues guitarist B.B. King is in home hospice care in Las Vegas,

"If the Lib Dems were planning on dumping the Tories, this is how they'd do it ..."

Panel to Investigate After Rep. Stickland (R) Ejected From Hearing

Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police 'GoFundMe account has been suspended with no explanation.

An interesting conversation between Bill Moyers and Bernie Sanders.

Ron Reagan On Why He's Not A Republican

Happy May Day!!!

Somebody is talking, RE Baltimore.

Very early, but the electoral

Jade Helm 15 Hysteria Exposes Alex Jones-Greg Abbott Billionaire Connection

Where's the Second Amendment advocates in the Freddie Grey case?

America’s shtetls

I haven't made up my mind about who I will caucus for but

a nice sweet little lilting tune i wouldn't mind hearing at Bernie events...

Arrrgh! Embedded ads with sound!

Who supports Bernie Sanders? Nobody but the people.

Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police Call on Marilyn Mosby to Recuse Herself From Freddie Gray Case

Affluenza Pay to Play Jail Cells

Aidan Fenton, 7, was made to fast before ‘slapping therapy’, then he vomited and died

Marilyn Mosby's husband Nick owns asshole Fox reporter.

Lakota's Last Run

Brunch With Bernie

From the Seattle protests... (Updated)

The Fight

When OS screws up he does a damn fine job of it!!!

When OS screws up he does a damn fine job of it!!!

Wayne Co. (MI) prosecutor resigns after Facebook post re: Baltimore

When OS screws up he does a damn fine job of it!!!

Re: Outdoor cats

Question on our phones V-Tech

Scenes from the class war

"shoot em"

WOOT! We got our first product placement for the movie I am directing!

Happy Beltane.

A distinctive song helped researchers find a new, elusive bird species

A distinctive song helped researchers find a new, elusive bird species

1.5 Million Missing Black Men

Dear @CNN

What does looting & destruction have to do with social justice?

Thought extinct for decades, a rare monkey is captured on film for the first time

Child Finds A Loaded Gun In John Boehner's Capitol Bathroom

B.B. King tells fans he's in hospice care

The nickel ride

MOSBY: "The People Voted For Me To Do My Job & Carry Out Justice & That's What I'm Going to Do"

Former Marine to CNN: When I Fought for USA-I Was ‘Patriot’-When I Fight for My People I’m a ‘Thug'

Corrupt Jersey Dems allowed Don Christie to win a second term.

President Obama to be one of David Letterman's final guests

Bernie Sanders Raise $1.5 Million In First Day


Wanted Missouri sex offender held girlfriend captive in wooden box for 4 months: cops

For all you conservative dumbasses: Depraved heart murder

Mugshots on CNN!!