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Galveston stabbing suspect spits poop at officers during arrest

Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me

“I Can’t Wait To See How High You Soar”

"The Dismal Failure of "Operation Decisive Storm" in Yemen"--TRNN VIDEO +TRANSCRIPT

Gove to become Justice Secretary

Listen to Prince's moving tribute song, Baltimore

should cops lose Glocks

ppd #4 and snow for tomorrow

the beauty here never ceases to amaze me (pics)

Johnny Gimble Johnny's World of Texas Swing

Learned something! I was using google earth to see the area where a

Hillary Clinton the Populist Begins Courting the Plutocrats

Storm chasers all over the place

Mother's Day wishes

California water cuts ignore past changes by some cities

Why Obama is Happy to Fight Elizabeth Warren on The TPP Trade Deal

Perry, Cruz Make Their Mark at South Carolina Forum

NATO military exercises aim to send message of resolve to Russia

A few new sunset pics gathered from the web (dialup warning)

In Green Bay, a "War On Drugs" profiteer has been caught.

Heart Mended

Prince releases Freddie Gray protest song ‘Baltimore’

Obama fires back at Warren over trade-deal criticism--Here We Go!

Shula: Miami Dolphins were about class, didn’t deflate any balls

Neighbors complain of drones flying over Winter Park back yards

Scottish nationalists tell Cameron: Ignore Scottish landslide at your peril

Porn and video game addiction are leading to 'masculinity crisis'.

My fave invest Journalist

Carter was no liberal

Aloerts - Rapid City, SD Blizzard Warning Blizzard Warning in effect until Sunday, 6:00 P


Nina Simone Feeling Good

You must remember this. Never forget where we were.

Home of Bob Marley Rolls Out Red Carpet for Pot Tourists

Pope Francis To Send Out Priests To Forgive The 'Sin' Of Women Who Have Had Abortions

How God Helped Ben Carson Cheat on a Chemistry Exam

Go Ahead And Kiss Your Dog. Science Says It’s Good For Your Health.

After Ebola Outbreak, Liberian Churches Confront Crisis of Faith

For all the mamas, grandmamas, great grandmamas, step mamas, single mamas...

Airbus A400M military transporter crashes on test flight, killing four

What’s the Point of a Professor?

Dig finished this week. I was

Greek leader faces revolt by party hardliners as debt showdown looms

What's causing Texas earthquakes? Fracking 'most likely,' report says

Cuban same-sex couples 'wed' in march for LGBT rights led by Castro's daughter

Found this on tumbler. Thought it was so good.

Bravo to all the women who marched in Washington today

Transformer fire causes shut-down of nuclear reactor north of New York City

San Antonio mayors race will have runoff between Leticia Van de Putte and Ivy Taylor (incumbent)

As Obama Seeks More Money for Charter Schools, Questions Raised over Billions Already Spent

Gunfire, explosions in Macedonia as police battle 'armed group'

MITEI (MIT Energy Initiative) releases report on the future of solar energy

Battle Tested, Ukraine Troops Now Get U.S. Basic Training

Heat harvested from the sea could supply energy to Shetland in Scottish first

'BMW i8' Plug-In Hybrid Test Drive

Did Guns N’ Roses Steal "Sweet Child O’ Mine" From An Obscure Australian Band?

Yemen Conflict: UN Criticises Saudi Civilian Bombings

Hope you came...

3-year-old boy critical after apparent accidental shooting (San Antonio)

FIFA president Blatter reiterates support for Israel

In 2014, Iowa generated 28.5% of its electricity from wind energy

Georgia graduation ceremony breaks down after principal rants about ‘all the black people’

REALLY bad winds and hail here

Just remember this little gem from Mit Romney

Turn a negative around

Texas Students Attack Statue Of Jefferson Davis, President Of The Confederacy

(Bernie Supporters) For your weekend entertainment...

Wow, Hillary is killing it in Iowa Polling

Any Bob's Burgers fans?

2 Mississippi officers fatally shot; suspect being sought

Tornadoes and huge hail in the Mid west, blizzard in Colorado and trop. storm on the E. coast.

What do you get when you cross a bad joke with a rhetorical question?

You Can See South Korea’s Seaweed Farms From Space

Fans ejected!

Fans ejected!

Amnesty International’s Palestine Sell-out

Pups 11 days old

About respect

CA: Extreme Fire Hazard as 12.5 Million Trees Stand Dead

I have a love/hate relationship with this forum on DU

*AUDIO Live Stream of *PRINCE Balto. Concert, Sun. May 10, 8 PM ET on Music Service Tidal Service.

Google's Mother's Day doodle...

Is there an ideal age for presidential candidates?

*AUDIO Streamed Live of PRINCE Balto. Concert, Sun. May 10, 8 PM ET, on Music Service, Tidal Serice.

If Sanders and Warren were telling the truth, they'd argue FOR, not against, the TPA.

Iran drought: The empty river of life – ‘We live in the dust’

Daily Holidays - May 10

Good News .....Bernie's and Hillary's FACEBOOK statistics.

Bernie's social media engagement

Matt Taibbi Article on Bernie's Filibuster, December 15, 2010

Digby: Senator Sherrod Brown tells President Obama "Just (Don't) Do It"

You know why many people don't trust Obama?

*AUDIO Live Stream of PRINCE Balto. Concert, Sun. May 10, 8PM ET on Music Service, Tidal Service.

'Several dead' in Switzerland shooting: police

It's true! There IS a link between Bernie Sanders and "Trickle Down economics"!

TPP opponents, see the parallel 22 years ago with the push for NAFTA

Did the Stigma of Poverty Drive This Couple to Suicide

Al Gore vs Ross Perot on NAFTA in 1993

National Single Payer conference in Chicago October 2015

An odyssey from Birthright to the BDS movement

National Single Payer conference in Chicago October 2015

No Easy Outs: The Revolutionary Reformism of Ralph Miliband

Hillary shifting positions on NAFTA

TPP Proponent: How Lower Tariffs Under TPP Could Send More Nike Jobs To Vietnam

The TPP is likely to empower China in the long-run

Five Leading Legal Scholars on TPP: We Write Out of Grave Concern

Wall Street Titans Who Crashed Global Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP

Bernie Sanders Could Be the Greenest Presidential Candidate Ever

Chris Christie Is Facing Yet Another Investigation

Vermont Republican State Senator Charged in sex-for-rent Scheme

TS Ana making landfall

snow on May 10th, always blows my mind

Letter From Hawaii: Inside Kauai's Past

The Bad News: Why the tpa will likely pass this week:

Just by choosing Nike to visit, Obama was saying a lot.

Damn HAARP...

Newsman Thomas Roberts, TV host Kelly Ripa honored by gay media group

Happy Mother's Day

Who forgot to turn the HAARP off?

About time...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Top Of The Flops Edition

Cameron urges UK to unite against the poor

Tony Blair keeps flapping his lips and proving how completely removed from reality he is...........

Skyscraper Parkour

"Stop resisting! Don't go for my gun!"

Lebanon’s sexist citizenship law hurts mothers and babies

Coal-shunning China explores solar power, alternative energy solutions to beat pollution

Approximately 168 true Dems in the House ag TPA- one of them posted here yesterday!

Is free trade more important than ending forced labor?

Hot-weather eating

Editorial: The Trans-Pacific Partnership will lead to a global race to the bottom

Detroit: RTA to unveil regional mass transit planning effort on Tuesday

RTA to unveil regional mass transit planning effort on Tuesday

Without endorsing TPP, some things to consider about it.

Did Jeb Bush, Kathleen Harris and the Supreme Court just steal the 2000 sElection "a little"?

Special Report: Russian soldiers quit over Ukraine

"I sought to kill Jews,' said terrorist who rammed car into Israelis at Jerusalem bus stop

Court Rules NSA Bulk Spying Illegal: New Vindication for Snowden, and Uncertainty for PATRIOT Act

Prince Unleashes Freddie Gray Protest Song ‘Baltimore'

LED Bulbs

Game of Thrones 5.5 "Kill the Boy" (spoiler alert)

Scandinavian Jews move into Israeli real estate market

James Dobson on Domestic Violence: Women “Deliberately Bait” Their Husbands

Mother's Day Reflections:

Newsweek Op-Ed: Why the MTA Can't Be the Offensiveness Police

Newsweek Op-Ed: Why the MTA can't be the offensiveness police

Don't tell me your opinions are just as valid as mine.

Peter Mandelson

Will John Ellis Bush's presidential campaign die in the crib?

U.S. Muslims ask why their religion's condemnation of violence often goes unheard

@GovWalker Lied about @WisIdea, New Memos Show

England May Soon Have Its First Women-Only Mosque

Ben Carson Is In Danger Of Losing All Respect - The National Memo

The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People How to succeed at self-sabotage.

Cue Sad Trombone . . . W. Australian University Dumps Lomborg "Think" Tank Plan

Sunday's Non Sequitur- The Universal Sense of Humor

Abbott's Top Business Advisor Loses It: Climate Change A UN Plot For Global Control Bwa-Hahhah!!!!

6 Lessons Drawn From Cameron's Big Victory - The National Memo

Clinton Cash's Peter Schweizer Pushes Stat That Even Fox News Calls "Incredibly Misleading"

To all that wished me a Happy Birthday ...

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Highest Since 2.9 Million Years Before Modern Humans Emerged

March 2015 Hottest March On Record; 10 Hottest Years On Record All In Past 17 Years

Texas shooting showed radical Islam's 'ugly face,' Ted Cruz says

"Scottish Labour: Inside the campaign from hell"

The irony of Jeb Bush's intervention in the Terri Shiavo case.

Lake Mead @ Record Low 1079; Restrictions Kick In @ 1075, Though Runoff Will Delay Drop

Dems, GOP ready to act if Supreme Court axes House districts

Our Aging Mothers - Call Them Today!

Tony Blair, English neolibs say Labour lost because it went "too left"

Cooperative video game play elicits pro-social behavior, research finds

Mother's Day Turns 100: Its Surprisingly Dark History

Obama Administration To Trans-Hudson Tunnel Stakeholders: Get it Together

Traces of flowers placed on a Palaeolithic tomb

Mother's Day Google Doodle: Cute!

Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm New Hampshire poll-HRC 62% - Sanders -18% Biden 5% O'Malley 3%

TOON: GOP Clown Car

Happy Mother's Day!

Remember when candidate Obama Promised to Renegotiate NAFTA?

I have no strong position on deflategate, but I'm loving the cartoons....

Happy Mother's Day from me to you, with all the love in my heart.

Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Michael Moore and Others in ‘The Legacy of I.F. Stone’

"Look who's leaving, all the black people"

The wretched of the sea: An Algerian perspective

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

"Eva" Excellent sci-fi movie

The more Obama says Warren is wrong the more I believe Warren is right! NT

US Lawmaker Slams Monsanto Provision in Fast Track Bill for TPP

Now for something amazing

Bill Clinton on NAFTA in 1993

What are you reading the week of Sunday, May 10, 2015?

Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original

Happy Mothers Day.

How much water does it take to----

Hillary's beautiful Mother's Day video:

Bloodline, a Netflix original

I've made a booking to go to the Iowa GOP Straw Poll in August...

Problem with enforcement of Obamacare? Just recieved call about annual maximum limits...

Left Forum Registration (NYC - May 29)

Please pray for mothers living and those who have gone before us.

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

Bon Jovi Concert in Israel. September 2015

Any Other Kombucha Makers Out There

TPP Will Have Labor/Environmental Standards. They Will Be The Same As Lowest Paid Countries.

"Radioactive and Short on Cash to Pay for Closures"

So, how about Castro returning to the faith?

The Code

Miss Mom today, first woman to win the WWII War Production Board Award (with Eleanor Roosevelt pic)

I Think The GOP Wants To Destroy Everything. They Will Never Given In On Climate Warming.

A Family Friend Of A Luekemia Patient Asks The World To Share Their Dog Photos And The Response Is..

Happy Mothers Day from Bernie 2016

Georgia school founder shocks students with racist remarks during graduation ceremony

Abandoned Uranium Mines Plague Navajo Nation

Why is the party scared of Alan Grayson?

Apologetic Georgia principal blames ‘the devil’ for racist remark at graduation ceremony

Thank YOU!!!!

EU bloc demands abolition of partnership agreements with Israel

Ben Carson: US should rethink Supreme Court review of laws

Gaza farmers face Israeli bullets to harvest crops

A tornado and a rainbow in Colorado yesterday:

Turning Democrats from Hillary to Bernie.

Bushes/China: 4 decades of dealings, flying under the media radar.

Where do we stand with the May contest?

social anxiety disorder

"Health Disaster in the Making: Hundreds of Schools Are Next to Fields Doused by Monsanto's Toxic

Dear DU Brothers and Sisters, calimary needs a little help. UPDATE AND MORE THANK YOUs!!!

Ben Carson Unable to to Answer Simple Questions about his Tax Plan

Happy Mother's Day ~

GOP Coddles/Grovels Before Its Base. Dems Treats Base Like Lepers.

Campus Debates on Israel Drive a Wedge Between Jews and Minorities

Raul Castro Meets Pope Francis, & Says He's So Impressed, He Might Go Back To The Catholic Church

Fox News, Hannity and others should post cartoons in support of Pam Geller.

“Gay Pride” Celebrated in Cuba with Symbolic “Wedding”

Meet Marco Rubio's sugar daddy

GOP Policy. Your Boss Owns You. If A Woman He Owns Your Body Too. Can Be Fired For Using BC.

Meet Marco Rubio's sugar daddy

Saudi airline cancels contract after plane taken to Israel

Am I waiting with *bated* breath or with *baited* breath?

Sea rise threatens Florida coast, but no statewide plan

When the framers wrote the 10th Amendment, did they have the Monsanto Provision in mind?

Sea rise threatens Florida coast, but no statewide plan

the april showers that *should* have brought in my pasture

America’s Dangerous “Exodus” Fantasy: What’s Lost In The Israel-Palestine Debate

'Sincere Gratitude' Nepal thanks Israel for earthquake aid

A woman under the influence of drugs CANNOT GRANT CONSENT

Bernie Sanders Takes Dead Aim On Citizens United Ruling

About That Life...

DHS Secretary: Lone-Wolf Attackers Could ‘Strike At Any Moment’

Way the go, Cotton...

How do you participate on this site?

NATO Military Exercises Aim To Send Message Of Resolve To Russia

Outsider's plan one of the most effective at solving chronic homelessness

Neil Young Announces New Album ’The Monsanto Years’ Criticizing The Food Industry Giant

NO SHIT ...73

IDF maps village of Susya as forced displacement looms

Former President Jimmy Carter cuts trip short because of illness

Shenzhen Centre (660 meters)

MIT Study suggests current solar power tech is good enough

WTF ...202

Rafiki Presents Simba

"President Obama has got to learn how to LEAD!"

A government with no horizon and no future

"I have known Hillary Clinton for twenty five years. I respect and admire her."

Stop the TPP: here's why

Iran arrests several suspects after protest in Kurdish city

Garden centre owner's '10% tax for Tory voters' sign goes viral


Macedonian Women Form Human Shield Around Police to Keep Protests Peaceful

Pope inspires Castro to church

Bulk Phone Record Collection Keeps America Safe, Senator Says

Bernie Sanders: I CAN BEAT Hillary Clinton

Conservative Christian Comedian Doesn’t Realize His Critique of Islam Also Applies to His Own Faith

Hebdo-Gellergate: Can we Square a Free Speech Circle?

To understand American politics, you need to understand the fundamental left-right asymmetry.

Poland feels sting of betrayal over CIA 'black site'

Nebraska Appleseed

Wife able to get second job interview rescheduled. She goes Monday.

Ai Kotoba

Brutal Bear Attack!!!

Robert Reich Takes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

They've cleared the snow at Coors Field. Play ball!

IN a very few words, Australian media explains why the rush to get the TPP

When President Sanders negotiates a trade deal, should he be given the authority Pres. Obama is

Sarah Palin Wins "Worst Mother in America" Award

Where the US might benefit from the TPP?

Greece: Suspicions that the central bank undermines government!

Jimmy Carter cuts Guyana trip short after falling ill

Have you read Seymour Hersh's article contradicting the Obama WH version of bin Laden's killing?

Liam Byrne: I’m afraid there is no money.’ The letter I will regret for ever

Belize plan to allow offshore drilling threatens Great Blue Hole, say critics

Defense Dept. paid NFL millions of taxpayer dollars to salute troops

Diet help requested. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place to post but

A thread remembering William M Gaines

First stone circle for over a century is discovered on Dartmoor

12,000 Colombian Business People Probed for Death Squad Funding

The Bush alliance with the Religious Reich is alive and well

There’s a Reason Gay Marriage Is Winning, While Abortion Rights Are Losing(from The Nation)

GOP 2016 contender John Bolton touts foreign policy expertise on Isis and Iran

Ever wonder what the argument against protecting domestic abuse victims

USPS delivered an order today! Sunday! Wow......

Mike Huckabee defends diabetes cure infomercial and social security views

Does the NRA really have excess power over legislation? Maybe this will answer that

When name recognition, a. helps you, b. hurts you.

Don't Overlook Fast Track Will Give Any President Authority Over the Next 6 Years...Elizabeth Warren

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

For those of us whose mother's are no longer with us, with love

Two Pressure Gauges were used, and here's some science to make haters cry...

Poll: Poland's 1st round presidential vote won by opposition

A simple way to save water.

What's for dinner, May 10th 2015 (and mother's day!)

Learning about life - in a garden, and meeting other gardeners. just a little Sunday story

hello, again!

Castro: I'm So Impressed By Pope I Might Return to Church

President Obama's perspective

Jumping Jehosephat! RE: Carly Freeking Fiorina!

SNL "Picture Perfect" Sketch

Special thanks and gratitude to all of those brave souls vigorously supporting

The irony of dancing with Wall Street and the Corporations

views of a bridge

ScottWalker's Wisconsin #1 in Destroying the Middle Class

Does my wife have to answer the door?

I caught some of CNN today.

Bombing Houthi’s shrine creates fears of sparking sectarian war

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 11 May 2015

Crippled squirrels find their way to my feeders. Please Keep Your Cat Inside!

Modern states are fragile in the face of local nationalism

Fox's Bolling: "Questioning Cops And Their Tactics Is Emboldening Bad Guys"

Sick phucker of the week (year?) Baby Kangaroo Stolen From Mother's Pouch at Wisconsin Zoo

NY Times: Cuomo’s Push to Raise Wages Lifts Spirits of New York’s Fast-Food Workers

"American Exceptionalism"

Happy Mother's Day, (kind of) for me.


Anyone watching the Players Championship in golf? Pretty exciting.....

Family Kicked Off Flight After Daughter With Autism Deemed 'Disruptive'

Jeb Bush: ‘I would have invaded Iraq’ like my brother did

This Dem Populist issue is important to me, and many others, who feel it's been ignored....

Here's the source for some of the pro-TPP bull$hit being disseminated on DU:

Dogs and bath time

It's Deja Vu all over again or, How quickly we forget

Dick Cheney Announces Run for President, Promises Minimum of Two Wars

Texas Caviar

gratuitous kitteh pic - never leave me again edition

Be a Mom or a Dad. Even if you aren't one.

A Clown for our times !!

IT will take a national grassroots movement to change Congress

Newly released video shows man getting shot at Waffle House in Fort Myers

5-10-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1869 in 2:00

5-10-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1869 in 2:00

5-10-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1869 in 2:00

If you have a large majority of a group on ignore. ...

Will the 2016 GOP Primary Be As Crazy As 2012? (Rick Smith gets more clicks from DU than all others)

Pray for my church, as we call a new pastor.

I'd recommend "Ready Player One"