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This is what happens when the Cheatriots don't cheat...

This is what the Sports Group looks like to joeybee12 these days...

It's official: I like NO ONE for president this time.

Anyone here have a child with Tourette Syndrome?

Have you head this? I bet the first lady has.

Senate Passes Resolution for Release of Americans in Iran

Warren Critique Deepens Trade Spat Between Obama, Democrats

Tornadoes kill at least 5 in Texas and Arkansas

Picasso sells for $179.3 mln world auction record

7 Weird Realities Of Growing Up Without A Religion

Officer Friendly Encounters That Old Black Magic (police brutality and racism)

A funny thing happened on the way to Mau-mauing Barack Obama

Today in History, May 11th (The Pullman strike was a pivotal moment in U.S. labor history)

Today in History, May 11th (The Pullman strike was a pivotal moment in U.S. labor history)

Blogger Accuses Seymour Hersh of ‘Plagiarism’ for bin Laden Raid Story--Bizarre Twist

Why must I stay married to this man?

'ATTACK THE MESSENGER' — Seymour Hersh defends his blockbuster bin Laden story


Does Richard Carrier Exist? (April 2012)

George Zimmerman injured in shooting during confrontation with man who accused him of threats and st

After 2020, Boeing on course to build more 787 Dreamliners in South Carolina than Washington

Inkjet printing process for Kesterite solar cells

Credit where it is due...

Prosecutors will seek death penalty in slayings of 5-year-old, mother

I don't know who/what to believe in latest Seymour Hersh story.

UMCES scientists show harmful algae blooms in the Chesapeake Bay are more frequent

Prominent Jewish lawyer threatened by ISIL after falling prey to systemic neo-Nazi plot

The influence of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations on trees

Dumb Criminals: Two Men Rob Fast Food Joint, Trail Of Macaroni Salad Leads Cops Right To Them

Wasted Talent...

So has the war criminal of a Dick Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeney

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tick Tick Tick . . .! & a new Kitteh gif

Massive southern invasions by northern birds linked to climate shifts

...In which we learn you can't spell hopeless without "HP".

So who will be our preferred candidate?

George Galloway Loses Bradford West Seat For Respect Party Then Makes Bizarre Speech

One third of millennials view socialism favorably

Missing cat discovered 49 days later trapped alive in shipping container on other side of Australia

Google acknowledges 11 accidents with its self-driving cars

Are corporations at war with common citizens??

Jeb, Would You Have Also Authorized Torture?

Five reasons why the NFL got the deflate-gate punishment dead wrong

Paul McCartney jams with local band at Winter Park gig

Sen. Sherrod Brown: Trade pacts cost millions of jobs

The Sy Hersh expose and faking the moon landings

Chris Christie Makes Big Admission On Climate Change

Texas Bill Would Identify Those With Obamacare Subsidies

Naked Lawmaker Confronted Ex Before Shooting

There's a general lack of Cajun/ romance-language thing going on around here

Danball Senki Boost [ENGLISH PATCHED V1.0]

Thought for the day ~

Bill to allow public companies to sell hard alcohol dies -- no liquor at Walmart

Abbott signs bill easing testing ultimatum for high school seniors

Christie racked up $82,594 food bill at sports stadium


'Scuse me, but...

Robot Revolution - New machine could one day replace anesthesiologists

Afghan Girls Win Gold at International Science Competition

Afghan Girls Win Gold at International Science Competition

What, if any, consequence should be born by Pamela Gellar if she holds another such event?

I want to talk to Tommy MOTOLA/Thalia/Sony how do you press "Play" on this danged machine?!

30 minutes of Bernie telling the truth about so called free trade.

Morning Glory

If California made this illegal, how would they fare in a TPP - ISDR tribunal loss-of-profits suit?

Avoid South Carolina at all costs... at least until it has a shower.

Washington state schools seek waiver from U.S. test-result penalties

In Israel, racism is standard procedure

Sen. Bob Menendez Files to Move Corruption Trial from NJ to DC

It's as easy as riding a bicycle, once you learn how you never forget

Sheldon Adelson faces new scrutiny as documents challenge his testimony

The Latest on severe weather: Couple died shielding daughter

Judge to file contempt charge against Williamson County DA

Middle East nuclear weapons ban proposal stumbles at U.N.

As Middle Class Fades, So Does Use of Term on Campaign Trail

Report: Driver was inattentive in Salado bridge crash on I-35

Is Your OB-GYN a Member of this Anti-Choice Group?

Is Your OB-GYN a Member of this Anti-Choice Group?

Up to 6,000 Rohingya, Bangladeshi Migrants Stranded at Sea

Coming to the experts, so to speak: why did Labour do so badly ?

U.S. and Georgia Start Military Exercise Criticized by Russia

Starbucks Will Not Have to Pay Cop for Hot Coffee Spill

Did the Jesus in the New Testament exist?

Another record month for Colorado rec pot sales

Exchanging glances.

The right-wingers aren't even hiding their showing their true colors. Lily-white.

"Fire all state employees" says VP of communications, Ill Policy Institute

Ireland: SPCA shuts down massive puppy mill

More Celia - Celia Cruz Tito Puente Johnny Pacheco video por jose rivera 1983

Republicans More Dangerous Than ISIS, According to NSA Super-Computer

The Cannabis Landrace Strain thread.

Obama vs Hersh

Syria crisis: Turkey and Saudi Arabia shock Western countries by supporting Anti-Assad jihadists

Tribute to Omaha Steve on The Rick Smith Show today

If we DID have the National Guard take over Texas...what should they impose on it?

Tribute to Omaha Steve on The Rick Smith Show today

Tribute to Omaha Steve on The Rick Smith Show today

Prince Performs New Song “Baltimore” At “Rally 4 Peace;” Tells Crowd The “System Is Broken” (VIDEO)

In Houston, Mike Huckabee Details Energy Plan

In Houston, Mike Huckabee Details Energy Plan

A Bush can not become president again.

NC county official says prayers from ‘minority’ religions not welcome: ‘US was founded on Christiani

C-Span2, TPA/TPP Today - Vote

Halo Podcast

5-11-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1894 in 2:00 (Rick Smith Show)

5-11-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1894 in 2:00 (Rick Smith Show)

5-11-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1894 in 2:00 (Rick Smith Show)

Rebecca Kleefisch should be doing more as acting Governor of Wisconsin!

Suit: City owes Amtrak, Union Station more than $500,000 for viaduct repairs

The best Terminator ever - Shirley Manson of Garbage

Andserson Coooper showing Sy Hersh up for the Conspiracy Theorist nutball he has become

Chris Burden dies at 69: artist's light sculpture at LACMA is symbol of L.A.

Question for Hillary supporters:

TPP has strong regulations and enforcement provisions? Bullshit. Here's why...

So sad to see what's happened to the once great Sy Hersh

Anti-Gun Michigan state senator, after argument opens fire on ex's car....

What would a President Sanders accomplish

Vladimir Putin defends notorious Nazi-Soviet pact

Cat blog: Alert from FDA

Valet union protests SLS Las Vegas casino-hotel on Strip


PRINCE May 10 Baltimore "Rally 4 Peace" Concert Clip, Photos & USA TODAY Report, May 11, 2015.

Reid renews push to ban online gaming, maybe even poker

Amid TPP Fight, El Salvador Mining Case Shows Danger of Corporate Tribunals

Ex-Nevada GOP chairman gets year in prison for HOA fraud

Texas lawmakers look into creation of statewide water grid, trading market

Man punished with solitary confinement for his sister's social media page

Does It Feel Like The US Is Fragmenting & Eroding Socially & Economically.

MIT created a solar-powered machine that turns saltwater into drinking water

In general, do you agree or disagree with this assertion:

This interview did not go too well for the Food Babe

Hell freezes over, Penn Jillette likes Bernie's campaign video more than anyone else.

NE Patriots Rumored to Tap Chris Christie as Next Cheating Coordinator


There are some issues for which no middle ground exists, no triangulation is possible.

Remember the cop that tazed the 76 year old man? He rescued a double amputee from a fire.

Tennessee state senator: Obamacare for my son, not for other Tennesseans!

MTSU offers high schoolers tuition-free college classes

gratuitous kitteh pic - a gift from my old girl edition

PRINCE, May 10 BALTIMORE "Rally 4 Peace" Concert Clip, Photos & USA TODAY Report, May 11, 2015

my old girl came to me today

*WATCH VIDEO From PRINCE'S Star Studded "RALLY 4 PEACE", Baltimore, Sunday, May 10, 2015

Allen West and his Christian persecution complex.

My Dad died

I want to believe!

Thom Hartmann: NSA Phone Surveillance Ruled Illegal By Courts

Thom Hartmann: The Manhattan Doomsday Project

Thom Hartmann: Why TN Republicans are 'aggravated' by the Koch Brothers

The Radio Revellers

THE CONSPIRATOR (The plot to kill Abraham Lincoln) produced and directed by Robert Redford

From Brady's own mouth....

JHK on Tesla's "Power Wall"

7.1 aftershock in Nepal

How to control someone else's arm with your brain

CNN-I just reported another Nepal (Namche) quake...7.4

That’s what you get for catering to pseudoscience – more pseudoscience.

The Taxi Industry Is in Total Collapse

Suggestion for fund/friendraising event: BAGELS WITH BERNIE

Daily Holidays - May 12

David Vitter marches toward pinata status

Third blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh: police

Saudis Drop US-Made Cluster Bombs in Criminal War on Yemen

In the year 2000 the CIA gave nuclear weapons plans to Iran

Scott Walker: Doctors Should Lie to Pregnant Women to Prevent Abortions

Hillary Clinton Wants to Help Families at the Bottom-Will She Change Her Mind About Welfare Reform?

Radio Liberty used to broadcast antisemitic commentaries from Ukraine into the Soviet Union

James Bamford: Not Outraged by NSA Surveillance? You Probably Just Don't Know How Bad It Is.

Putin May Have 10,000 Troops in Ukraine, Russian Opposition Says

On trade deal, Hillary Clinton keeps her distance from Obama and her past

Bay Bridge revelations are 'game changers,’ panel chief says

Confession of a liberal: we do taxis entirely wrong

Pakistanis Knew Where Osama Bin Laden Was, U.S. Sources Say

Bottled water flies off shelves as fizzy drinks go flat

Gaza-bound ship departs Sweden, in effort to end blockade

2 babies die, 29 sickened from bad vaccines in south Mexico

Netherlands to publish new policy on pension payments to citizens living in settlements

Insider view on the "secret" TPP

UPDATE: Gov. Chris Christie Spent $300K On Food, Alcohol, NFL Concessions Using N.J. Taxpayer Money

A liar, a murderer, and a cheater walk in to a bar....

World's first solar road exceeds expectations.

The Vindication of Edward Snowden | The Atlantic

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Curbing Access to Medicines Now and in the Future

U.S. officials: Assad losses in Syria could become ISIS gains

Judge’s Ruling Against 2 Banks Finds Misconduct in ’08 Crash

Tom Brady, like A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, is just another sports cheater

Even if catastrophe comes, Israelis won’t necessarily blame Netanyahu

Good Effin' Grief - Nepal hit with a 7.3 earthquake

In a nutshell: Seymour Hersh is full of shit.

Why White Americans Don’t Believe in ‘Personal Accountability’ For Police


Slowpoke Toon: Science for $ale

Rude Pundit - Random Thoughts While Reading the Seymour Hersh Article on Bin Laden's Death (Part 1)

David Cameron appoints anti-gay marriage MP to be minister for equalities

Mike Malloy - American Sniper Fans Threat To Rape And Kill Abby Martin

The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

Who is "freaking out" over the TPP? Hint, it ain't just DUers

This is unromantic, but what the charities need is money

Pentagon report: Chinese ballistic missiles can target nearly the entirety of the US

Injured Syrians find treatment in Israel

"Who is writing the TPP?" by E Warren & R DeLauro

Mexico halts vaccines after 2 babies die, 29 sickened from bad vaccines in south Mexico

The President doesn't need Congress to release the TPP text. He never has.

Huckabee Wants To Cut US Dependence On Foreign Oil By . . . . Increasing US Oil Exports

Charlie Cook: Handicapping a Democratic Takeover

Verizon to Buy AOL for $4.4 Billion

Wait, What? House Republican (Curbelo - FL) Says Legislation To Deal With Climate "Vital"

*WATCH VIDEOS, Photos, News & Guests PRINCE'S "RALLY 4 PEACE" Balto. Concert held May 10 '15

John Kerry to meet with Putin (and Lavrov) in Sochi

Republicans More Dangerous Than ISIS, According to NSA Super-Computer

Scott Walker's Wisconsin is no model to follow

Rename the T.P.P. "Obamatrade"


Amazing how many people who don’t trust the government when it comes to guns or money….

Why Chicago Needs More Transit-Oriented Developments

McGruff, the NSA dog (cartoon)

Dark Money ATM Donor's Trust, Major Denier Front, Handled $479 Million In Untraceable Donations

Stonekettle Station: Jade Helm: The Insanity that Ate Texas

Ways you can help Nepal

Cool time-lapse video of the rebuild of a Toronto intersection and streetcar tracks.....

Sao Paulo Reservoirs Now At 27% Of Capacity; Some Too Polluted To Use

Man shot by police after he calls them because his house was broken into

JEB! Burps Environmental Platitudes At Thumper U Speech - Waiting For His Response To Pope

Picasso and Giacometti Artworks Top $120 Million Each at Christie’s Sale

TPP: How Obama is like Bush. It's payback time!

The Panic Over Churches' Tax-Exempt Status in a Gay-Married World

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Shelling out the Environment

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Primaries

OK, loading on the earlier flight to Kathmandu. Will be out for a while. PLEASE consider giving

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Third atheist blogger killed in Bangladesh knife attack

Chicago Police Department: New tricks for undercounting the city’s murders

I had an epiphany this morning.

Most Of West's Snowpack Has Already Melted - Powell Inflows Projected At 34% Of Average

The federal government is taxing marijuana businesses to death

Banks Preparing for "Unavoidable Crash" in 2016, "Feel Pretty Good"

Can you use WD40 on old wooden desks to make them look better? Where I work

O'Malley met privately with Democratic party fundraisers in Florida over the weekend and heads to NH

DOJ knows and is OK with innocent people jailed and has no

Kane ignores recommendation to fire Jonathan Duecker due to sexual harassment accusations

The Obama Foundation and Library are coming to the South Side of Chicago promo video:

Sanders Slows Down Fast Track - (Excellent speech that covers a large amount of information)

Why It's Almost Impossible to Reform America's Police

El Niño on its way to Australia, says Bureau of Meteorology

Black Miss Japan fights for race revolution

President Obama Is the One Who Is Wrong About Fast Track and the TPP | The Nation

RW Religious & GOP Agenda Really About Regulating Sex And Sexuality Itself. Where Is The Open Outrag

I just unsubscribed from all OFA emails

US taxpayers subsidising world's biggest fossil fuel companies

Allen West Got Sharia Law’d at a Wal-Mart (not The Onion)

There is only one reason why anyone opposes the TPA: To kill the TPP

Anyone here who was active in the anti-Iraq war movement?

NC Republicans Now Going After Renewable Energy Mandates, EIS Rules For Developers

Nemtsov report claims hundreds of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine

WI State Senator Confirms He Requested DNR Cuts From Walker: "Too Much" Climate Work

The Only Article You Need to Read about the 2016 Election

Colombia ELN rebels 'displayed solider's leg as trophy'

Tom "the deflater" and his Bradey balls, not gonna appeal!

OZ Renewable Sector Pissed Off; Abbott Wants Reviews Every 2 Years, Cuts Target 25%

Small-Business Owners Were More Upbeat and Ready to Hire in April

Alana Massey: Taking Christ out of Christianity

Israel buying German corvettes

Economists Back Dollarization as Cure for Venezuela’s Woes

Epic Quesarito

Nepal Disaster: For those who dislike the Red Cross

The More They Attempt to Paint Bernie Sanders as a Marginal Candidate...

Job openings little changed at 5.0 million in March; hires and separations hold steady

Josh Marshall: Just Shake Your Head

US taxpayers subsidising world's biggest fossil fuel companies

Is there any particular reason George Zimmerman is sticking around Sanford?

WHY do people HATE fat people?

Hope for chronic pain sufferers in the near future

Failed Furniture Outlet Plasters Truck With Very Reasonable Signs

Oil Jobs Fall To the Lowest Level in More Than a Year

Suggestion to make change the name of the labor group

Crystal Geyser to tap Siskiyou County (Calif.) groundwater

I want to welcome N.E. Patriots fans to the NY Yankees fans world.

25 Of The Most Corrupt Countries In The World

Swedes Use 'Gay Propaganda' to Deter Russian Submarines (Video)

RubenNAVARRETTEproves again he doesn't represent Latino/Hispanic views,including Ted Carnival CRUZ's

Tales of the Grim Sleeper

Last week Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly made a racist rant on a Texas radio station

Texas lawmakers to consider unprecedented anti-gay marriage bill

URGENT – Senate Vote on Fast Track Today

Tex. bill would bar local officials from issuing same-sex-marriage licenses

Florida Gov. Scott No Help In Time Of Crisis - Natl Memo

Ginger 'fanatic plotted Prince Charles murder to make Harry king'

Revealed: FBI violated its own rules while spying on Keystone XL opponents

2015 Act Blue Contribution Summary

Ben Carson’s Looming Scandal: Porkgate

A question on deflated footballs.

generalized anxiety disorder

"Lie well and lie often, my daddy told me." . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!

CityNews' Shauna Hunt confronts men hurling vulgarities at her while reporting

Pic Of The Moment: Report: Chris Christie Spent $300,000 On Food And Drinks

Divide and Conquer

Iranian warships will escort Yemen-bound cargo ship: IRNA

Here's the real lesson for Americans to learn from Deflate-gate

Chronic Pain Sufferers Skeptical of Their Government

High School Principal Recants Apology for Racially Charged Public Meltdown

It pisses me off to no end when Repukes say low-paid workers don't deserve a living wage.

The criticism of Sy Hersh is because of his shoddy reporting

BARACK OBAMA GROUP: Excellent discussion time, BOG-style: "The 10 BIGGEST LIES You’ve Been Told...

There are places to hide guns, and then...

Closest look yet at Ceres' bright spots

Building the Machine-Common Core documentary

Proposal to find and zap space debris

The 10 biggest lies you’ve been told about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Medical Researchers Still Skip Gender-based Data (women still don't count)

Beautiful animal photos

Medical Researchers Still Skip Gender-based Data (women still don't count)

Pre-Paid Patriotism In Sports

Medical Researchers Still Skip Gender-based Data (women still don't count)

N.F.L. Sentences Tom Brady to Year with Jets for Deflategate

Please help a good long-time DU'er, NOT A DONATION MONEY REQUEST......

Zimbabwe sunset from Chile volcanic eruption - time-lapse vid

India Faces Reminders of Failing Maternal Safety

India Faces Reminders of Failing Maternal Safety

The NFL is more than happy to distract us with deflate-gate, wife abuse and child abuse.

Christians Decline Sharply as Share of Population; Unaffiliated and Other Faiths Continue to Grow

The real problem with the trade deal is that it has nothing to do with

Seymour Hersh Details Explosive Story on Bin Laden Killing & Responds to White House, Media Backlash

The delicate flowers of Wall Street warn Hillary to be mindful of their feelings

Ukraine crisis: John Kerry meets Putin in Russia

Facts vs. Fiction: Assange Never Raped Anyone

7.3 quake today in Nepal; science of quake; how to donate

Non-believers outnumber Catholics in the US for the first time, survey shows

Baby Talc a killer?

Somebody Shot George Zimmerman, Let’s Speculate Why

Banks brace for Bernie Sanders

Furious about Furiosa: Misogynists are losing it over Charlize Theron’s starring role in Mad Max

Boston's Corporate Charter School Operators - Chris Faraone Discusses

Pres Obama & "Luther the Anger Translator": rehersal clip

Pandemonium on the Orange Line

Time-lapse of Mars sunset

A shocking site

Ring of Fire: Harry Reid Effectively Says NO To Fast Track Authority

Warrantless airport seizure of laptop “cannot be justified,” judge rules

Warm oceans triggered US Dust Bowl

"Grace and Frankie" dont read link in post if you dont know plot, get NETFLIX now!

Funny how conservatives believe in the Constitution...

Funny how conservatives believe in the Constitution...

Found another feral kitten this morning...a tortie...

Even Republicans ridicule Jade Helm conspiracy theories

Funny how conservatives believe in the Constitution...

Pray for Nepal.

When Gender Stereotypes Become A Serious Hazard To Women's Health

Even Republicans ridicule Jade Helm conspiracy theories

Ex-Bush Adviser: Jeb Told Me He Misheard The Iraq Question

Students must get naked in order to pass art class final at UC-San Diego

Do you know how your Senators are voting on the TPA? Call them

10 crazy ways to make and eat ice cream

"Tuva Semmingsen & Inger Dam-Jensen - The Flower Duet ('Sous le dôme épais') from Lakmé"

New telescope shoots powerful laser at Saturn - DiscoverNews

Google, Home of the Coolest Offices in the World

State Churches? Justice Clarence Thomas Hears the Call (from 2014)

Saturn and Jupiter Could Be Chock-Full of Diamonds

Vienna is replacing the little figures in traffic lights with same-sex couples

I want to wear Bernie on my sleeve...

"I propose a memorial to rich and powerful white men!" . . . Come CAPTION Fox's Andrea Tantaros!!!

Something strange going on with DU

A question about recent alerts where I've been on the jury.

Americans becoming less Christian, more secular

Undecided Senators on today's TPA vote: If they're yours, give them a call

Vienna Introduces New, Same-Sex Themed Crosswalk Signals

Do you really care about Tom Brady's deflated balls?

Fan starts GoFundMe page to raise money for Patriots' Deflategate fine

Prince turns from recluse to healer in Baltimore rally...REALLY?

Patriots fan starts GoFundMe page to help billionaire owner, Robert Kraft, pay $1 million fine

From the "Of course she did" files - Pam Gellar endorses Ted Cruz for President: Graphic warning

Why does Obama want to screw us on this Pacific trade deal?

Ex-Bush Aide: Jeb Told Me He Misheard Question About Invading Iraq (VIDEO)

Breaking: Dems think they have the votes to block the TPA from moving forward:

I dreamed of kittens.

At Least 68 Dead After Another Major Quake Centered In Nepal

From scared stiff to slobbering kisses...

Union workers vote to end strike at BP refinery in NW Indiana

2005 Preakness - Maybe the greatest performance by a horse in a Triple Crown race, ever....

I wish I could pay my bills the way Greece just did.

Well this will send the Uber Right Wing Christian nuts over the Edge

Report: Barry Bonds to file case accusing MLB teams of collusion

Police Recover Gun From Zimmerman, 2 Guns From Other Man

There is getting plowed, and then there's this guy...

Us Marine Helicopter Missing In Nepal Earthquake Aid Mission

Liberals have a new manifesto for fighting inequality, and it’s very liberal

ITT Educational Faces SEC Charges Of Student Loan Cover-up

Has Jeb been using Boehner's Tanning bed?

The Pentagon Paid 14 NFL Teams $5.4 Million To 'Salute Troops'

More tabloid front pages:

Olive Garden Will Serve Subs on Its Breadsticks Starting This Summer

Giving the Poor Easy Access to Healthy Food Doesn’t Mean They’ll Buy It

Mentally Ill Inmates Are Routinely Physically Abused, Study Says

The Rude Pundit - Random Thoughts While Reading the Seymour Hersh Article ...

Knocking your fiancee unconscious on tape - 2 game initial suspension.

Visual Studio released for Linux users:

Jim Webb Visits New Hampshire on Friday, May 15, 2015 and Saturday, May 16, 2015

@_FloridaMan Beguiles With the Hapless and Harebrained

Christians Decline Sharply as Share of Population; Unaffiliated and Other Faiths Continue to Grow

Hillary Clinton Remains Silent as Trade Deal Nears Senate Vote

Get your "True Detective" on!

U-Va. dean sues Rolling Stone for 'false' portrayal in retracted rape story

802.11ac suggestions?

Harry Reid: NFL Should Care As Much About Redskins 'Racist' Name As Deflategate

Please continue to offer your prayers for the people of Nepal.

I refuse to be bitter with my cynicism


Greece taps IMF reserves to pay IMF debt - sources

The Man Who Stole Puerto Rico

Martin O'Malley visits New Hampshire on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 *Updated

When GoFundMe is Used to Make a Political or Social Statement...

Who wins if Jeb Bush flames out early?

Reality isn't bitterness.

Watch These Dudes Soar Over Dubai with Jetpacks...

Funny ACLU Letter about Section 215, Patriot Act and mass government surveillance

Martin O'Malley weighs in further on opposition to the TPP

Socialist Bernie Sanders in 2016?

Experts combining wildlife with biological pest control for vineyards (WSU)

The following is a question I posed to a DUer in the Bernie Group ...

Here are the stores and products which do not have GMO foods:

Would you rather face a duck the size of a horse? Or 10 horses the size of ducks?

U-Va. dean sues Rolling Stone for ‘false’ portrayal in retracted rape story

‘Seriously?’: Reporter Refuses to Let Soccer Fans Get Away with FHITP prank.

Yep, JEB is FKD

With Tom Brady suspended, Dolphins have no excuse to miss playoffs

South Carolina man is facing blindness because his state failed to expand Medicaid...he blames Obama


The NRA almost had it right.

Senate TPA Bill is Blocked!!!

Votes against win

Watching C-Span, they say Fast Track was blocked.

Verizon, Sprint to pay $158M over "cramming" cases

Fast Track Senate vote. Looks like it's blocked

Rachel Maddow - Reproductive rights remain brightest partisan dividing line

Rachel Maddow - Discrimination bans see backlash in the South

Blocking Debate On Fast Track Could Be Beginning Of Seemingly Insurmountable Hurdles For TPA

Duggar family member: ‘All science’ points to creationism being true

to all the Gals out there. Do we still "love a man in uniform?"nt

Colombia shuts down 63 illegal mines, arrests 59 in anti-FARC raids

Colombia shuts down 63 illegal mines, arrests 59 in anti-FARC raids

Limpballs knows what caused's Liberalism

Senate Democrats Block Progress on Obama’s Trade Authority

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 12, 2015

VA Psychiatrist Wins Settlement After Complaints about Openness as Lesbian

Somewhere over the rainbow

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 12 May 2015

TX House Passes Bill That Would Label Cards Of Those With O-care Subsidies

This is Yoshi, my bear-dog/dog-bear, being his usual kooky self

Is Jeb Bush Hard of Hearing? (Iraq Invasion Question)

U.S., Russia Pledge Efforts to Shore Up Ukraine Peace Agreement

Researchers discover how the brain balances hearing between our ears

Check in if you sincerely believe that Bernie can win.

Patriots Fans ‘Protest’ At NFL Offices, Arrested During ‘Sit-In’

Audio forensics experts authenticate Sisi's voice on leaked tapes

Anyone else have robins guarding a oriole feeder?

Martin O'Malley: TPP Stalled Today, "Thanks to Your Voice"

Liberty Council's Staver: Gay Marriage Will Lead To Another Holocaust & 'Ghettoization Of Christ'

If you think a post is about you,

Watching the Tony Robinson Jr shooting press conference.

‘Forward’ reports what ‘NYT’ covers up: Jews for BDS

Ron Wyden Voted Against The TPA- He Co-authored It. Thank you Senate Dems

El Nino has arrived in the Pacific Ocean & its effects could be 'substantial' but what does it mean

TPP Trade Authority Battle Rd. 1: Warren/Democrats 1, Obama/Republicans 0

SALON: Education “reform’s” big lie: The real reason right has declared war on our public schools

The Only Thing We Have To Export Is Jobs & Our Natural Resources. Damn It!

Shit...the DA for Dane County (Madison WI) is on CNN

So it looks as though Pam Geller really did want to provoke a violent response to her little event

FUCK NO CHARGES (Madison Wi-Tony Robinson)

Comparison of UK Labour wins and former coalfields...

O'Donnell Rewriting Fox News and Greta Van Sustern

White House Experts: Chelsea Clinton Could Take On Role Of First Lady if Hillary Wins

Vinyl making a comeback at Barnes and Noble!

Quinnipiac: New Yorkers Are Mixed On Mayor's National Trips, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds


Union calls on New Jersey Attorney General to probe Herbalife

Prosecutor: No charges for officer in Tony Robinson case

Who are the unaffiliated?


Victory for Grassroots as Fast Track Goes Down in Crucial Senate Vote

This TPA stuff has me all nervous

Obama missed a great opportunity to kill the War on Terror if Hersh story true

A picture of loneliness: you are looking at the last male northern white rhino

Don't know what consent is? Let this animation of a cup of tea clear it up for you.

Atheist Missouri Prisoner Loses Bid To Represent Inmates Who Don't Believe In God

This US-backed Pacific trade deal could stop the poor from getting life-saving meds

This US-backed Pacific trade deal could stop the poor from getting life-saving meds

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans - now he tells us (Borowitz)

Artificial photosynthesis: New, stable photocathode with great potential

Election results coming out of Guyana are very interesting

Great Lakes naval center dismisses religious volunteers for minority faiths

South American 'nannies' looking after Welsh sheep

Should the feds have control of federal agencies?

Mike Huckabee's Ridiculously Explains Shilling for Quack Cancer & Diabetes Cures

Bernie Sanders: Ripping off U.S. customers on their phone bills must not be an acceptable business..

Swiss court upholds life sentence for Guatemalan ex-police chief

Richest Congressman Says World Envies America's Poor People

Israeli general says Hamas needed for Gaza stability

Obama tackles poverty on a panel in front of Catholic and evangelical leaders

No obvious alternative to Hamas in Gaza, says top Israeli general

Christians lose ground, ‘nones’ soar in new portrait of US religion

What PLANET are these people on??!!?? ("WTF?" of the day)

PA Senate passes MMJ bill

If you live in California and drink water,

Noam Chomsky: The Middle East Is on Fire, Thanks to U.S.

Bernie: This is what oligarchy looks like (another example)

PEW says Christians are declining in America

Sarah Palin Unable to Identify Russia, U.S., Alaska on Map

Another wonderful charity working NOW in Nepal:

Male orangutan lays Mom to 3 tigers

Creating Art Is Not a Crime ... Except in

State Senator Virgil Smith Should Not Resign: Michigan Politics is a Messy Business

Stand With Postal Workers This Thursday in a National Day of Action -- by Jim Hightower

what happened to the pages with all of my posts?

Jason Rae’s employer, Thad Nation, has indirectly funded organizations that have run smear campaigns

Obama's plans for trade deals with Asia and Europe in tatters after Senate vote

WTF... I’m late on this story....McCain Should Hang For Treason.?.

Michelle Obama: The full speech at Tuskegee Institute.

Dumb Duggar Girl And Dumb Husband Explain Atheists Don’t Exist (Kind Of Like God)

Another example of the Weasel that is Rand Paul

TPA Minutia: Corporations want to preserve a loophole that allows them to use child labor

The Turtle is angry

Senator suggests gender played into Obama-Warren spat

Bernie Sanders' 'socialism' may have mainstream appeal

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Multimillionaire Carly Fiorina Took 4 Years to Pay Staffers From Her Last Campaign

Oklahoma man who killed stepfather with 'atomic wedgie' pleads guilty to manslaughter

America's oldest World War II veteran has turned 109, and he still smokes 12 cigars a day

Media quote HRC's "trust" % but Where's the poll on Benghazi Invest. Trust %? Well Fox found 63% saw

Camberley man, 51, sneezes out childhood toy...

Synopsizing Sibel Edmonds - The Gladio Plan B Interviews

M6.8 – Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan

An Adjunct’s Farewell

We need to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Thom Hartmann: I Don't Believe This Anymore!

Trade Show: The Senator Professor Takes Round One

Thom Hartmann: Unexplained Explosion at the Nuclear Power Plant Near NYC

Woman seeks protective order against Sen. Charles Perry

Thom Hartmann: Jeb Bush Isn't A Moderate, He's An Extremist Neocon

Looking for a vegetarian slow cooker chili recipe

KO: An Open Letter To Tom Brady

"Make the liberal media stop censoring the news!"

Even Conservatives Find Bernie Sanders Honest...

Lunch with Bokara: Heart of Islam

Asteroid to approach Earth on Thursday

You are not going to believe the deal the Justice Dept, made with this bank..

Citizens United head’s mother-in-law calls immigrants ‘rats and roaches’ during GOP event

The CIA would have preferred to have tortured one guy to death.

Is Netflix down?

Asteroid defense: any feasible ideas or we are just doomed theoretically ?

Israeli forces demolish mosque in Bedouin Negev village

Three times Obama has referred to Senator Brown as "Sherrod" in public.

joeybee12 caught on the internets...

The Republican jobs bill...

While we argue about deflated balls, we are less than 1 week from Bankster freedom!

Medical marijuana bill gets 1st-round OK; 'This is not about stoners getting high,' senator says

Jeb Bush skipping Iowa straw poll

The Cannabusiness Gazette

Chris Matthews and Ed Rendell lying their asses off about TPP.

Hardball just showed the problem with MSM

Southwest Airlines pilot union activates its strike preparedness committee

Exclusive: CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Speaks Out Upon Sentencing to 3.5 Years in Prison

Harry Reid offers plan to break the "FTA" Trade Impasse--Willing to Cut a Deal

Amazing storm image

Obama Foundation Library Announcement Video

The loss on TPP could be really bad long term

Japan slams Israeli approval of 900 East Jerusalem settler homes

Families in Khuza’a forced to live in shipping containers as politics prevent Gaza reconstruction -

Could the GOP actually HELP us in the TPP fight?

Keystone protesters deemed environmental extremists by FBI

This guy's "man cave" is full of Legos!

Jeb Bush's Entourage Filled with Neocons

The Human Right To Water

The summer's best film, "Mad Max: Fury Road," turns out to be a sly apocalyptic parable on feminist

Ahead of Proposed Ceasefire, Saudi Arabia Pummels Yemen with Heavy Bombing

Boeing’s secret space plane set to fly again

Rainy Day Fund Could Be Invested More Aggressively

Paxton: UT Can't Block Regents' Requests for Information

Postal Workers, Customers to Hold Nationwide Protests on May 14

Postal Workers, Customers to Hold Nationwide Protests on May 14