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Archives: May 13, 2015

Postal Workers, Customers to Hold Nationwide Protests on May 14

How to end the war in Ukraine

Pentagon mulls sending planes, ships near disputed South China Sea islands

Verizon to buy AOL

Your Team Cheats

I am against the TPP. But I do not favor Senate filibusters.

My PBS documentary (with AZPM) has been nominated for a regional Emmy!

German Firestorm Rises about Angela Merkel’s Lies

Honey why is the grocery bill going up when there is just the two of us? (photos)


Watching a Dog grow old is crazy.

Pentagon mulls sending planes, ships near disputed South China Sea islands

Prisons are a cash cow

Controversial San Antonio boxing legend Tony Ayala Jr. found dead at gym

Tomato List '15

I got some mail from the President

Voters should have lots of debates – including at least one big TV faceoff: Editorial

Yemen’s War Is Redrawing the Middle East’s Fault Lines

OKC Police Release Sketch Of Man Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old Girl

Texas lawmakers try to set up legal barriers to same-sex marriage

Your call to customer service can make or break my paycheck

Baby's body found in bag on side of Interstate 37 near downtown San Antonio

More Republicans should oppose the trade bill.

Ohio hit with federal lawsuit over GOP voting restrictions

Reserve deputy who fatally shot black man cancels Bahamas vacation

7 Charts Show the Socialist Hellscape America Would Be Under Bernie Sanders

Three men facing terrorism trial for alleged al-Shabaab training plead guilty

With National Surplus, Shell Oil Given Green Light To Destroy Last Of Alaskan Wilderness

Bad News For SeaWorld: 103-Year-Old Orca Recently Spotted Thriving In The Wild

'Racially biased' arrests in Louisiana school district prompt appeal to feds

US stocks edge lower amid bond market volatility

Tofu Hunter

Harriet Tubman may be on the new 20 dollar bill

Sen. Sanders on Bloomberg TV: With All Due Respect (video)

Frackman The Movie | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Shell to resume Arctic drilling off Alaska as green groups warn of disaster


xpost.GD: 7 Charts Show the Socialist Hellscape America Would Be Under Bernie Sanders

Loretta Sanchez Likely to Run for U.S. Senate in California

Texas hotspots: Mapping the state's economic health, county by county

Hollande promises to pay 'moral debt' to former colony Haiti

New Democratic Party Ends 43 Year Conservative Domination in Alberta

Hollande promises to pay 'moral debt' to former colony Haiti

5-12-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1968 in 2:00

Picasso painting breaks record for most expensive artwork sold at auction

5-12-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1968 in 2:00

5-12-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1968 in 2:00

Smuggled Syrian documents enough to indict Bashar al-Assad, say investigators

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Trade ‘ya! & a new Kitteh gif

CenturyLink tests fiber broadband television service, Prism TV, in Seattle

As Trans-Pacific Partnership Debate Rages, Broadcast Evening News Stays Silent

State Integrity Investigation

Just got an update from my homeslice, Obama...

Marjorie Cohn: Congress Should End Metadata Collection

The Atlantic: American Religion: Complicated, Not Dead

The 10 Worst Corporate Scandles of Our Time

Missouri Senate Democrats delay vote on right-to-work bill

I made my very first purchase

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Speaks Out Upon Sentencing to 3.5 Years in Prison

MI: state senator, naked, shoots up ex-wife's car

DUer DemoTex PBS documentary (with AZPM) nominated for a regional EMMY!!!

This Hoodie Is So Insanely Popular You Have To Wait Months To Get It

Chris Hedges: "Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt"

North Korean defence minister executed: S.Korea intelligence

Obama mailer on TPP...

Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Georgia Committed Suicide


Got a new (used) camera in the mail today

Today in Herstory: Congress Approves the Creation of a Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (12 may 1942)

Today in Herstory: Congress Approves the Creation of a Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (12 MAY 1942)

How Soaring Housing Costs Impoverish a Whole Generation and Maul the Real Economy

A hero to the Animals of Fukushima.

Pregnant Women Left Vulnerable After Devastating Nepal Earthquake

Rachel's report on the potential danger of our missile silos

Pregnant Women Left Vulnerable After Devastating Nepal Earthquake

Oil trains and nukes

Pentagon Mulls Sending Planes, Ships Near Disputed South China Sea Islands

Panetta denies Seymour Hersh's story on bin Laden raid

Breaking news on Rachel - an Amtrak train derailed and crashed in Philly

Amtrak train crashes in Philadelphia, wreckage 'pretty bad'

Turkey Says 'Nothing Justifies' Russia Policy Ahead of NATO Talks

Adoring a politician renders the adorer blind

Some more Macro

Now,10 PM ET, Wash.DC (WETA) PBS Frontline: 'The Trouble with CHICKEN' salmonella, antibiotics.

Bill O'Reilly blames "Them Godless commies...I mean, the n*****" for the decline of religion...

Marc Elias, chief counsel for Hillary's campaign helping in Ohio suit for voting rights....

If you pray please pray for the victims of this train derailement tonight.


Texas Now Indicating Will Defy SCOTUS If Approve Gay Marriage. How Many Other Red State Will Follow

Wikileaks releases BND-NSA inquiry transcripts of 'unclassified sessions'

Why Are We Still Asking if a Dying Woman Should Be Able to Get an Abortion to Save Her Life?

Why Are We Still Asking if a Dying Woman Should Be Able to Get an Abortion to Save Her Life?

Why Are We Still Asking if a Dying Woman Should Be Able to Get an Abortion to Save Her Life?

Agents of Shield takes funny shot at Fox...

How the rich view the poor:

Warren vs Obama . . . . . discuss

Fresh earthquake kills scores in Nepal and India

North Korea executes defence chief for 'dozing off' at a military event

Bernie Sanders On Minimum Wage

Why the Deflate-Gate buisness IS a leftist issue.

2016 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

Why the corporate sector is desperate for the TPP

Century Aluminum Locks Out 560 Steelworkers at Kentucky Smelter

Jeb Bush Backpedals Again

OK, here is why I love being a Democrat.

Propaganda 2.0 and the rise of 'narrative networks'

WND goes to bat for the Nauglers...

Disrespect of Obama hits new low

TCM,11:20 PM ET, 'MODERN TIMES', 1936 Charlie Chaplin's classic comedy of the Machine Age.

Mayor Nutter confirms 5 dead on Amtrak derailment

Obama Swipes at Fox: Pushing Narrative That Poor People Are ‘Leeches’

Nutter: At least 5 dead as Amtrak train derails in Port Richmond

Toronto man fired after he tries to justify vulgar TV remark

Palestinians say they number 12.1 million worldwide

Doctors to withhold treatments in campaign against 'too much medicine'

Bill Clinton, in good-bye visit to Dave, talks possible White House return

Wales: steep decline in water vole sightings

NBC: Amtrak able to download black box; train operating very fast

Dean Baker on the TPP and our trade deficit.

What The Government Could Do With That Location Data (FROM ACLU)

Sigma Chi Fraternity closes chapter at UH

Silent thread in memory of the Philadelphia derailment victims

Raymond Bell: 'cure' gays by making them ride horses

LOL! Everyone does it! See the hilarious video!

CIA Whistleblower Sentenced to 42 Months Based on Metadata

Laura Ingraham, author of "Shut up and sing," now says Iraq war was a mistake

Oh THAT Bernie Sanders:

TCM, 12AM ET, "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES" 1946 Best Picture, 3 soldiers return from WWII.

Border Patrol supervisor from Laredo arrested for larceny--collected $108K in SS benefits illegally

Deep-Water Macondo Field, Scene Of BP's Catastrophic Blowout, Set To Be Drilled Into Again

Record Revenue Boosts U.S. April Budget Surplus to 7-Year High

The BBC flys a drone over Auschwitz. The images are haunting.

Activist Admits Her Testimony To Senators On Texas Anti-Gay Bill Was False

Feds warn states about highway funding cut off

A Nation of Snitches By Chris Hedges

Fatal Amtrak crash in Philadelphia comes on eve of budget-cutting markup

Quixotic Plan to Amend U.S. Constitution Passes Texas House

Texas House passes bill to stigmatize patients getting insurance through Obamacare

Some of the attacks I've seen toward the President from his own party are right-wing level.

Christi Fires Back At Jeb Bush

My mother has decided that she is dying.

Michael Schiavo on Jeb Bush: He made my life miserable

An interview with Jeb Bush's foreign policy Advisor:



Jewish, Israeli Leaders to Attend Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism

Baltimore's Jewish community concerned over rise in anti-Semitism

Budget add-on could derail bullet train linking Dallas, Houston

Gunmen kill 45 Shiite Muslims riding on a bus in Pakistan

USDA confirms bird flu in northeast Nebraska; flock of 1.7 million chickens to be killed

Pew Study: American Jews Are Biggest, and Mostly Retentive, Religious Minority

Iowa landowner claims he was offered prostitute by oil pipeline company rep

Bush 2016: JEB's Campaign Poster

Jimmy Carter Back At Work After Health Concern Cut Guyana Trip Short

Laptops Are Not Searchable Like Handbags, Judge Tells Feds

Vermont House Votes To Remove Philosophical Vaccine Exemption

Impending blindness makes man who rejected Obamacare demand it

Caddo Parish Commissioner Williams pleads not guilty to wire fraud

No food, water or treatment in Yarmouk

Judge throws out part of suit against Louisiana abortion law

Hollande promises to pay 'moral debt' to former colony Haiti

Baton Rouge filmmaker admits to defrauding the state’s film tax credit program in 2010 and 2011

U.S. Ranks Worst in Sports Homophobia Study

State Health Department faces $6 million deficit

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia approaches (Sunday, May 17th)

ICC urges Israel to cooperate with preliminary Gaza probe

Israel to Force Bedouin Village to Pay for Its Own Demolition

Prince Charles's black spider memos to be published on Wednesday

Oakland puts off acting on controversial surveillance system

“Fire at Every Person You See”–an order to Israeli soldiers in Gaza last summer

FDA Releases Plan to Ease Restrictions on Gay Blood Donation

Gambia’s president threatens to slit the throats of gay men

Anyone had experience with bladder cancer in dogs?

Here’s a clock that counts the minutes since Hillary Clinton answered a press question

CBD oil tastes GAWDAWFUL!!

Indian Point Nuclear plant : Questions About Exemptions From Fire Safety Standards

Russian Lawmakers Propose Banning Marriages For Trans People

Tex. bill would bar local officials from issuing same-sex-marriage licenses

Forget Labour’s leadership contest, it’s supporters who can save the party

Daily Holidays - May 13

House approves fireworks for Texas independence

North Korea 'executes defence chief' on treason charges

Safeway sets nine closures in Denver

Union barber struggling in aftermath of Ferguson riots

Colombia rebel leaders met secretly to pursue peace talks -government

Labor-management cooperation works – very well

Has President Obama actually lied

Ceres' Gif of the 4 kilometer high ' shiny thing'

nasa Gif.......... The five moons of Pluto

President Obama plays the 'China Card'. Is he correct in asserting the U.S.

That Amtrak train crash - So Obama is correct re upgrading infrastructure

Mo. Senate shuts down debate to pass "right-to-work"

The New York Times claims BDS is the reason for “a wedge between Jews and minorities” on campus

The Emerging Populist Agenda

The Emerging Populist Agenda

Senator Boxer on the secrecy of the trade deal“The guard says, ‘you can’t take notes.’

Blogger, 16, exposes limits to free speech in Singapore

The smokestacks of abandoned factories will mark the skyline like tombstones of a dying middle class

Hospital workers seeking union

Democrats breaking ranks to support Socialist Kshama Sawant

Iowa House GOP seeks health funding change to cut abortion providers from family planning program

Revealed: FBI violated its own rules while spying on Keystone XL opponents

Chinese workers at machinery plant protest poor management

"Did Barack Obama Just Lose to Elizabeth Warren?" (Not really...)

Media Silent On This Unarmed Black Woman Shot By the Police

"Did Barack Obama Just Lose to Elizabeth Warren?" (Not really...)

Dozens feared dead in slipper factory fire in Philippines

The Soviet Union Versus Socialism..... Noam Chomsky 1986

Big Mac with kale in a doomsday reduction - By Mark Morford

Wyoming just criminalized citizen science

10...9...8..7..6...the derailment is OBAMA's fault because the

Steve Doocey ("Fox & Friends") "Our infrastructure is crumbling".....

The Nakba: Israel’s Catastrophe

Opinion: Call him a ‘socialist,’ but many Americans agree with Bernie Sanders

HVLA union staffers continue picket; union, association set to go to court in June

Guard tells Senator Boxer that she can't take notes on TPP

None in the USA: The world’s most beautiful buildings

Man-Child vs Woman-Child

The Arab Boat | Ramzy Baroud

Eurozone growth outstrips US despite fresh Greek recession

Swedish supreme court decision on the Assange case

More vehicles recalled for problem Takata air bag inflators

What worries me most about the TPA, TPP and all the trade agreements in the pipeline

#Republican lawmakers blunt Scott Walker's proposed cut for public radio, TV

The Detail in Seymour Hersh’s Bin Laden Story That Rings True--NYT

Click this once a day free to help rescued animals

Click this once a day free to help rescued animals

Click this once a day free to help rescued animals

What would bend a full-size Amtrak passenger car into, basically, an L-shape?

A billboard in New Zealand

Democrats, in fact, are as likely to have a favorable view of capitalism (43%) as socialism.

If we elect Bernie, our work will just have begun.

Hillary Clinton’s first South Carolina campaign visit is May 27

Apple could bail out Greece and do good for itself at the same time.

Nepal officials tell people to leave quake-damaged buildings

Bill Clinton on Letterman - funny

Burundi general declares coup against President Nkurunziza

Heartbreaking our first black First Lady encountered such hostility - uplifting how she overcame it

American Religion: Complicated, Not Dead

Rush Limbaugh panics over decline of Christianity in America

old Boondocks comics reminds me of the ben carson candidacy

7 Absurd Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theories That Might Make Her Press Silence Less Surprising

Heat's Chris Bosh on return: 'I will be ready on opening night'

Bulls, Cavaliers scuffle after Matthew Dellavedova, Taj Gibson tangle

Fighting Fire with Ire: 3 Lessons from Noam Chomsky's Takedown of Sam Harris

Pelicans fire head coach Monty Williams

Report: Nets have no interest in buying out Deron Williams

Sherrod Brown Says Obama Was 'Disrespectful' To Elizabeth Warren In Trade Spat because of her gender

It is really weird to me that any Democrat thinks Sanders isn't a Democrat

‘Singing gay sailor’ to scare away Russian submarines from Swedish waters

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Bush and the GOP

Rachel Maddow - Jeb Bush insults Iowa Republicans unprompted

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Trade and other dissapointments

DEA Steals $16,000 In Cash From Young Black Man

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Retail sales unchanged in April on weak autos, furniture

New study shows Antarctic (Larsen C) ice shelf is thinning from above and below

Tis the season when the mosquitoes will carry you away. Any natural remedies yall can recommend?

Voting rights groups accuse N.C. of breaking federal voter registration law

Universities at risk under free trade agreement

McConnell: Trade deal about next president, not this one

Directive opens 4,100 special ops positions to women

Rachel Maddow - US military concerned about oil train proximity to missile sites

How a super PAC plans to coordinate directly with Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Disagreement is not equal to Disrespect...

"Texas lawmakers to consider unprecedented anti-gay marriage bill."

So NOW infrastructure improvement is GOOD?

The second car was completely incinerated

Education Week: Teachers' Unions Sued for Politicking (excellent opinion piece)

Citizen, you must start shopping, per your corporate overlords

Education Week: Teachers' Unions Sued for Politicking (excellent opinion piece)

Education Week: Teachers' Unions Sued for Politicking (excellent opinion piece)

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 13, 2015

Vatican Recognizes 'State Of Palestine' In New Treaty

Green City Vancouver Offers Clean Alternative to Tar Sands Boom

Astronomers find dark globular clusters

It is really weird to me that any Democrat thinks Sanders isn't a Democrat

In the Belly of the Chemical Beast: Hawaiian Activists Confront Syngenta on Its Home Turf

Small personal good news....

Big Business created a Religion Monster. Now they Don’t Like their Creation. Waaaah.

Bill O'Reilly knows why Christian numbers are on the decline: Rap music

Adam Sandler's Musical Ode to David Letterman

The sticking points between Japan and the U.S. regarding the TPP

America’s Abusive Relationship with Free Trade-Obsessed Politicians

Norway kids' show teaches sex in style

Beer me bro......whew it's horrible out in GD....

Robert Scheer and Chris Hedges: They Know Everything About You (pt. I)

1,826 billionaires in the world...

What a Conservative Victory in the UK Means for Everyday People

Suddenly, voice conversations, historically considered ephemeral and unsearchable, can be scanned,

Earnest Suggests Sherrod Brown Apologize for Implying Obama’s Sexist

How My Husband’s Nickname For My Fake Boobs Helps Me Heal by Angela Banker...survivor


Richard Wolff: Taboo Broken: New Critical Writing About Capitalism

Sanders Asks VA to Break Patents on Gilead and AbbVie Hep C Drugs

Students using dead cats for "funny" video

US stocks moves slightly higher in early trading

NY Times live feed for Amtrak crash has lots of good info

Where are the fugging Dems this morning re ReTHUG blockage of

What would it take to put rock stars on our $1, $5, $10, etc., instead of the dead white

Many of the NSA's loudest defenders have big financial ties to NSA contractors

priceless bit of Karma

IMAGINE: All Three Branches of Government in Republican Hands...

Sperm Grown in a Lab for the First Time


Black BU professor regrets comments critical of white students

How to Make Vegetarian Curry Rice (Recipe)

Just when you thought the "Pray away the gay" people were screwy...

Sen. Deb Fischer lays out sweeping plan to revamp nation's road funding

The Boston Pops perform "All About That Bass"

Letting Shell drill in Arctic could lead to catastrophic oil spill, experts warn

Former Baltimore Cop: You Can't Enforce the Law by Breaking It

Tomorrow I attend a meeting

Brady in Paris

How to Make Vegetarian Curry Rice (Recipe)

Reid has plan to break TPA impasse

Reading - How important is it?

Theresa May's plans are a threat to British values

North Korea executes defense chief with an anti-aircraft gun: South Korea agency

Fact or Fiction? The Secrecy Shrouding The TPP Is Unprecedented.

10 members of Congress took trip secretly funded by foreign government

Probably the most interesting site of today


I've been having a SCARY thought lately about Jebby Bush!


The Atlantic's article on the O'Malley campaign (From Dec 2014)

What do you think of this?

Kachemak Bay sea stars found stricken with wasting disease

Despite Obama's demand, Netanyahu's coalition guidelines make no commitment to Palestinian state

The Senators can read the TPP but most are unable to understand it and they

Released Wood bison adjusting to life in the Alaska wild

Liberals help Obamacare-hating conservative who’s losing his eyesight

Detroit: New Regional Transit Plan to Connect Major Cities Across 4 Counties

Am I the only one who thinks the BBC's new Web pages really suck ?

White House expects apology from Dem who suggested Obama was sexist

Patriot Coal files Chapter 11 — again

Patriot Coal files Chapter 11 — again

Senate Dems float trade compromise

Patriot Coal files Chapter 11 — again

Marea Socialista to Launch Independent Parliamentary Candidates, Proposes Citizens' Audit

Surprise Mother's Day baby debuts on Air Canada flight to Japan

Seems like Jets fans are rather enjoying Deflategate

Study warns of MCHM toxicity

What do you think of this?

Heitkamp co-sponsors bill to lift ban on crude oil exports

Study warns of MCHM toxicity

Young critics of Venezuela government put hope in elections

Study warns of MCHM toxicity

25 Ways The World Is Ridiculously Hilarious

The House is Voting on a 20-Week Abortion Ban with Burdensome Rape Requirements Today

Here's what a REAL punishment for sports cheating looks like: $100 million fine

The House is Voting on a 20-Week Abortion Ban with Burdensome Rape Requirements Today

DUers that want to help with my FTD this doesn't take long once a day free (Robin Williams too)

Police veterans urge new approach to war on drugs

The House is Voting on a 20-Week Abortion Ban with Burdensome Rape Requirements Today

Same Raison d'être for Vietnam War and TPP

Has NC's Governor Suppressed Thousands of Votes? | NC NAACP

I've had a Spaketh: Sherrod Brown will be our next president

The right speculates on terrorism

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honouring inge lehmann, discoverer of earth core

a biography of the day--inge lehman, seismologist, geophysicist, discovered earth's core

'Nuff said:

Sen. Sanders:Affordable Care for Veterans (video)

What is wrong with this world?!

Afghanistan’s Women: Safe Enough to Thrive

Afghanistan’s Women: Safe Enough to Thrive

This is just embarrassing.

Something glitchy going on in LBN?

Photos of UI women's self-defense weapons hit a nerve

Dumb Duggar Girl And Dumb Husband Explain Atheists Don’t Exist (Kind Of Like God)

If you give an octopus a camera...

Firms Tell Gay Couples: Wed or Lose Your Benefits

Defend this: Arctic drilling for 'extreme oil' is risky - and letting Shell do the work is reckless

Honeybees’ Mysterious Die-Off Appears to Worsen

'Momentum on our side' in trade fight, declares Sherrod Brown

Third Way's Jim Kessler tweets Trade Deal back on floor in 7 to 10 days.

TBA Hormone Used In Beef Cattle Persists In The Environment, Says Model

Scott Stapp says alcohol and drugs abuse, bipolar disorder led to ‘psychotic break’

I had that dream again ....

Reluctant To Splurge: U.S. Retail Sales Disappoint Again

No Money, No Vote: Ohio Republicans’ Diabolical Plan For A Poll Tax

The Secret Air Force Space Drone Heads Back Into Orbit

Maggie's ghost returns to Britain

Bernie Sanders - The President we Need.


Overseas action fuels US tax fears

Stuck In The Middle: The Middle Class Has a Debt Problem

Foss moves ahead with Shell Oil plans despite city, port call for delay

Proposed banking overhaul sets up high-stakes battle

Let's make it easy on the Koch's ad writers.

Oil's Not Coming Back. Here's Why

McConnell: Trade deal (TPA) about next president, not this one

A moment of silence for the Amtrak Derailment victims

Chicago Faces $2.2 Billion Bank Payout After Rating Cut to Junk

Why David Byrne is hijacking a high school tradition

White House threatens to veto House defense measure

Sanders might do to Hillary what Nader did to Gore in 2000

Israel 'disappointed' after Vatican officially recognizes Palestinian state

4 charged in theft of more than $870,000 from Chicago Public Schools

Forced C-Section “More Healthy” f/ Pregnant 10-Yr Old Rape Victim Than Abortion?

Vatican recognizes Palestine as a state

Obama Has Called Both Warren And Brown By Their First Names Before

Forced C-Section “More Healthy” f/ Pregnant 10-Yr Old Rape Victim Than Abortion?

NATO Conducts ALLIED SHIELD Series of Exercises in June involving 11,000 troops from 22 Nations

Just installed updates and restarted. Restart stalled at configuring updates 30%

Anglican bishop and priest arrested for laundering money for Colombia’s top drug gang

Anglican bishop and priest arrested for laundering money for Colombia’s top drug gang

Inflategate (cartoon)

SF demands McDonald’s clean up drug activity at Haight location

Philadelphia Inquirer reporting investigators think train may have been going twice allowed speed...

North Korea publicly executed defense chief after he was seen falling asleep during military event.

Pups 15 days old

Failed Kansas Business Owner Mocks Democrats While Displaying 61 Star Flag


"I wish I could talk in technicolor."

Amtrak Train Speeding Over 100 Mph Into Curve Before Derailment: Report

Leading lawmaker says Dan Patrick 'holds all the cards' in tax-cut debate

Republicans Running Scared As Democrats Introduce Bill To End Gerrymandering

Philippines: dozens feared killed after fire at footwear factory

CBS to End ‘CSI’ After 15-Year Run on Most-Watched Network

US Christians numbers 'decline sharply', poll finds

Bobby Bowden says FSU didn’t join the SEC because it’s too difficult of a conference

Hillary Can't Waffle on Trade Forever

The House is poised to slash $100 million from Amtrak’s funding today

Why is North Korea executing high-level officials with anti-aircraft guns?


Facebook mandates that its vendors pay workers minimum of $15/hr and certain benefits at a minimum

latest Pew poll shows big drops in religious affiliation in USA

Hypocrit Repubs again show how little they care for veterans

How does a 'Climate Hero' allow

No right for father to be present at birth over mother's objection: NJ Court gets it right

Gunmen kill 43 in bus attack in Pakistan's Karachi

House GOP blocks hike in Amtrak budget hours after crash

Vice on HBO Follows the Money in Haiti

Happy 80th birthday, Eddie Linden, poet, pacifist and Catholic atheist

SF demands McDonald’s clean up drug activity at Haight location (xpost from GD)

Bermuda Suspends Glyphosate-Ridden Roundup Indefinitely


Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

Major police action in Maracay, Venezuela, 3 dead and 200 arrested (Spanish)

Why did the atheist cross the road? To give out 'Get out of religion' coupons to students

Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine—And America Wants It

Martin O'Malley in New Hampshire!


Singapore Convicts Teenager of Obscenity and Insulting Religious Feelings

Luckovich: Free Wifi

Teaparty and republican party WANT death from crumbling infrastructure.

Progressives just changed the 2016 election narrative by blocking TPP fast-track

DNA spray security system makes U.S. debut in Knoxville--in a Subway Sandwich shop.

Hello and Thanks

Hawaii votes to go 100% renewable on its electrical grid.

Where does HRC stand on employees being fired and then training their H-1B replacements?

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Clarifies Iraq Comments, Digs Himself In Deeper

US Navy plans to offer women combat roles and extended maternity leave

Search for Flight 370 turns up an uncharted shipwreck in the Indian Ocean

Senate Reaches Deal on Trade

The Real News: Senate Democrats Block Obama's Fast-track Authority for Trade Pacts

AMTRAK CRASH: Presidential Hopeful *TRUMP Says He's the Only One to Fix Infrastrucuture in Country

If we all felt a "gut punch" by the full court pressure Obama put on the TPP deal,

Marym625 your DU post just echoed on a huge labor site

Misogynists are losing it over Charlize Theron’s starring role in Mad Max: Fury Road

Watch: This Video Proves That A Jeb Bush Presidency Is A Danger To America and the World


Does Harry Potter exist?

Scott Walker camp has a Twitter math fail on Jamestown

Senate Reaches Deal on Trade

Orioles Will Pay Hourly Workers For Time Missed During Baltimore Protests

Obama 1995: POTUS To Be - Activist Eternally

Funniest Stephen Colbert Quotes (in honor of his birthday)

Navy will not punish nurse for refusing to force-feed Guantánamo prisoners

Pope Francis Explains To Children How War Profiteers Never Want Peace

Downward dog!: Border collies Ace and Holly do yoga with their owner

Millennial Interfaith Couple Shares Pro Tip: 'Have The Kid Conversation Early'

Hammer weilding maniac shot by cops in Midtown

Martin O'Malley Speaks Against TPP in New Hampshire

Krugman- Fighting for History

In Nevada Town Hall, Jeb gets nailed on Iraq and ISIS by a Dem College Student

Grace and Frankie - another HUGE win for Netflix original series

Text images between Missouri House Speaker John Diehl and intern reveal sexually charged exchanges

DoD Admits Invasion of Texas Associated with "Jade Helm 15"

Third Way sets out to annoy us progressives, liberals again.

NBC News Walks Back Report That Pakistani Officer Gave Bin Laden's Location To CIA

JohnFugelsang: If men could get pregnant...

Israel Says Egypt Buying Advanced Russian Air Defense System

Watch Earth's invisible waves: Hypnotic video reveals gravity rippling through the atmosphere

With Plane Delivery, Iran Sanctions Collapsing Already

O'Malley met with Progressives on Monday, including Zephyr Teachout

Judge Rules Against Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Program

N. Korea said to execute top official by antiaircraft gun

Alan Grayson just called a reporter a "shitting robot"

Patriots announce Tom Brady replacement for suspended games

KMOD: My doggies and the coon

On Centralized Planning and Centralized Wealth (Original Content)

Canadian mining company spied on opponents and activists in Brazil

While Amtrak Subsidies Draw Fire From Congress, Aviation Gets a Free Pass 5/12/15

Freedom Flotilla III sets sail from Sweden to break Gaza siege

On Centralized Planning and Centralized Wealth (Original Content)

O'Malley on campaign finance

Martin O’Malley holds firm against trade deals

That was quick: Senate reaches deal on trade vote after Democratic revolt against Obama

Two reasons (of many) for why the human race needs to quit being so fucking ignorant and hateful

Scientists Identify Mysterious, Sword-Filled Caribbean Shipwreck

Richardson Mayor's Developer Friend Scores $47 Million in Incentives from City

Clinton’s Minnesota campaign kicks off with Dayton appearance, sign-up sheets

Watching This Simulated Star Die Is Mesmerizing…and Good Science Too

Incoming University of Texas president declines $1M salary

I think it's cruel for colleges to accept students with letters

FBI’s warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten

I had that dream again---Bernie Sanders became president,

Google translation: Councilors of São Paulo prohibiting foie gras in the city's restaurants

Jeb Bush accidentally said he was running for president on Wednesday

Right wing site beats up LGBT & unions in the same post

Right wing site beats up LGBT & unions in the same post

Right wing site beats up LGBT & unions in the same post

US stripped of London 2012 Olympic relay medals

Right wing site beats up LGBT & unions in the same post

U.S. Army Withdraws Flawed And Plagiarized Manual About “Cultural Understanding”



poll for name of group

Genetic Analysis Detects Neanderthal Ancestor

TPP goes forward.

I just can't leave that hair thing alone.

Scandinavian settlers 'brought leprosy to Britain' suggests study of 1,500-year-old skeleton

- Delta Air Lines Inc announced a new $5 billion share buyback program and raised its quar

The Congress does not need to give away any more of its granted powers...

A Scientist Accidentally Developed Sunglasses That Could Correct Color Blindness

BREAKING: Senate Reaches Agreement To Move Fast-Track Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Authority

Verizon Buys AOL, Which Already Bought Huffington Post

Republican Warns of Christian Persecution, Can't Name Even One Example

Honduras Sees Freedom of Expression Plummet

Study Reveals How Rivers Regulate Global Carbon Cycle

Alan Grayson's offshore investment scheme

A question for my "representative":

The Great Democratic Crack-Up of 2016

So that Amtrak was going over 100mph in a 50mph zone.

The Rise of Young Americans Who Don’t Believe in God

What happens when democrat's blind trust in democrats pit them against... democrats?

Media quote HRC's "trust" % but Where's th poll on Benghazi Invest. Trust %? Well, Fox found 63% saw

Alondra Diaz: Girl missing for eight years makes surprise appearance in Mexican court

Ecuador latest to impose nationwide ban on US poultry

US willing to 'compensate' Israel on Iran deal

For what it's worth.

Keeping score

5th-grade student takes school guard's gun from holster

The Latest: Police arrest protesters in Wisconsin capital

Mayor Nutter is wearing a Clinton Global Initiative shirt while being interviewed by the media

Bernie: Three Times More Americans Are Spending $100,000-Plus on Prescription Drugs

Man convicted of killing daughter by throwing her from cliff

Israel's anti-boycott law to 'muzzle' Palestinians

Cross post from Labor

President and Mrs Obama at Tribute to Led Zeppelin at Kennedy Center - 2 December 2012

Ukraine and creditors trade barbs over debt

House Approves Bill That Would End NSA Bulk Data Collection

Thank you Congressman Grayson for the phrase "Shitting Robot".

This sounds like satire. It's not.

Neal Horsley has died...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 May 2015

Watch: This Video Proves That A Jeb Bush Presidency Is A Danger To America and the World

Once again, remind me of why Congress cannot discuss and debate the TPP?

Prosper woman who embezzled millions from Plano ISD is sentenced to prison for fed program fraud

So yesterday the Democrats blocked the fast tracking of the trade

There may be more to this derailment than meets the eye...

Fort Worth officers suspended after accusing supervisor in prostitution case

In the NE Corridor, 750K a DAY use AMTRAK. If we let it starve, all those people . . . . .

Arkansas town's vote opens fight over law cast as anti-gay

Gary Wills: Don't Run, Elizabeth!

House Republicans vote to cut Amtrak funding one day after crash

House votes to end spy agencies' bulk collection of phone data/Reuters

Pesticides and diabetes/obesity

Peterborough City Councillors to stop praying at municipal meetings until legal staff review Supreme

Former Dolphins quarterback says Brady was using doctored footballs in 2004

My latest from the AFL/CIO team.

Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning - machine learning

PPP Poll-Walker Leads Tightly Clustered GOP Field, Clinton Up Big Nationally

Nat'l Geo - Researchers conclude 99% certain hormone-altering chems linked to ADD, Diabetes, etc.

Breaking: Jeb Bush, in apparent slip, says 'I'm running for president'

marco Rubio explains the difference between himself and the Pope

New Labour Leaders Want to Go Back to Blair’s Policies that Blew Up the UK

The Assault on Clean Election Laws: The Well-Funded Campaign to Legalize Coordination in Wisconsin

Senate Democrats Relent on Trade Bill

Hillary Clinton schedules June stop in Virginia

I had a very embarrassing typo in private DU mail last week I was asked to share

US stock indexes end mostly lower after a listless day

Missouri House passes, but may have killed, 'right to work,' as Diehl apologizes in sexting scandal

Senate Dems to OK fast track for TPP based on bills that won't be passed by the House

Researchers - 99% certain of link between chemicals/pesticides and ADD, diabetes, etc.

Do you like the TPP, the TPA, the whole process?

The Latest on Amtrak crash: Third victim identified

House votes to end NSA's mass collection of phone records

Hillary tweet about the House abortion vote today

MTA Music Under New York program auditions are May 19!