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Salvadorans Warn Canadians about World Bank's Kangaroo Court

Call for threatened radio director to be given effective protection (Honduras)

3 young girls cover "Enter Sandman"

Monsanto and the Damage Done

Greece must choose between 2 catastrophes

The "summer of the falling bridge" the only thing I can say after watching

Marines: 12 taken to hospital after aircraft's hard landing

Lay your cards on the table...

What are you reading the week of Sunday, May 17, 2015?

Chris Hedges lays it out. A very powerful essay:

Tom Brady Checks Himself Into Rehab

Commas save lives.

Kotorba toon: Survey results

Why Is President Obama Having So Much Trouble Selling TPP?

The Atlantic: The Trauma of Jury Service

Follow the Republicans and pick your own re-branding label. Luckovich shows you how. ("toon)


This I do know.

For those who remember that Mrs. Aristus (R-WA) voted for Barack Obama in 2012:

Ex-HUD secretary: Hillary will likely pick Julian Castro as running mate

Barnaby Joyce/Johnny Depp Mash-Uo

Dogs saved from kennel fire

How Bernie Sanders won the talk radio primary

Why Bernie Sanders can win

Growing Up LGBT In East Africa

RW media may not believe climate change is real. But sure looks like Shell believes it. Smoking gun.

Preaching to the Choir

Just me? or Billboards = all-drugged-city. Specifically

Blub . . . Blub . . . Blub - Powell @ 45% Of Capacity, Snowmelt Helping, But Still Down 109 Feet

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 19: Robert Benton

Walker Still Leads Nationally, Clinton Over 60%

20,000 Macedonians demand resignation of Gruevski government

New details revealed on AG Ken Paxton’s securities referral deal

How “On the Ground” Are We in Syria?

Eleven Guyana Gold Miners Buried Alive; Presumed Dead

UK Set To Follow USA's Lead: Threatens To Ramp-up Paramilitary Violence

2016 US Senate Freshmen Class.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 20: Star of the Month: Sterling Hayden


American Hatred

Royal Navy investigates Trident whistle-blower William McNeilly who claims nuclear programme is a 'd

Here the Fuck We Go.....9 shot dead..

Thieves couldn't break bike lock, so they stole the rack

Ancient history: I love the Greeks, admire the Romans, am skeered of the Egyptians

Missile shield for Gulf to take years, and heavy U.S. commitment

Jeb Bush: "I was adopted"

Thieves couldn't break bike lock, so they stole the rack

A woman’s struggle living with a lemon-sized hole in her brain

Jay-Z and Beyonce bailed out Baltimore and Ferguson protesters: Report

NYT: Pakistani media mogul behind 'breathtaking scam' of fake online schools

Pull The Plug: Patriot Act on life support

11 years ago today, marriage equality was first victorious in the US

Radiation accident at Idaho nuclear lab subject of new lawsuit

Extreme athlete Dean Potter among two killed Base jumping in Yosemite

Where are the Lounge gourmets when u need-em?!1 Top off frozen pancakes w chips/salsa - or nah?!1

For the good of America I believe we should reinstate the draft...

Looting of overturned truck carrying flour in Venezuela, driver dead (graphic video)

Citing Soaring Student Debt, Sanders to Pitch Tuition-Free Higher Education

Looks like looting of cargo truck is becoming somewhat frequent (chavismo)

I was surprised by DU's reaction to pedophilia jokes against boys

Mad Men..okaaaaaay

Watch how corrupt these cops, prosecutor and judges are.

The fight between Airbnb and San Francisco just got nastier

Experiment: Hide DU names CSS script:

A forced marriage in Chechnya exposes Putin's out of control cronies

Toga, toga, toga,.........ANIMAL HOUSE!!!!!!

I've just witnessed the coming labor mass extinction.

Spoilers Mad Men Ending thoughts

The Empire Strikes Back

Is anybody following the Pike County DA election?

Saw this on dailykos. There's no difference between george and jeb so just

The majesty of nature.

In Delhi, woman alleges she was kidnapped and gang-raped

RW Evangelicals Attacking Divorce Laws Just Like Abortion. They Want To Put An End To Divorce.

Billionaire Gets 4 Months For Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Because He’s ‘Productive

I’m Not Making This Up: Corporations Use Trade Deals To Attack U.S. Law

Borowitz: Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

Shocking Video: Texas Soldier Dies After Telling Jail Guards He Couldn't Breathe 20 Times

This Billionaire Tried to Get University Scientists Fired for Doing Their Job

Clashes erupt amid 'Jerusalem Day' march through Old City

Intense Saudi Arabia Airstrikes Compilation

Author Criticizes the Internet Economy, Silicon Valley

Labour law experts weigh in on firing of heckler

Why You Are Doing 'Shadow Work' for Free and Don't Even Know It

Who's right on TPA and the future of financial regulation, Warren or Obama?

Queen pays first visit to Nazi death camp

Daily Holidays - May 18

Report: Blasts at Kurdish Party Offices in Turkey Injure 2

The Democratic Party is in a deeper ditch than the Republican Party

Protester says Y-12 break-in worth the prison time; Boertje-Obed arrives in Knoxville after release

Jindal's lack of leadership a major disappointment

How the Media Misrepresent Obama’s “Fast Track” “Secret” International Trade Deals

Man in loud shirt, three others in custody for murder of ex-wife

Who knew that Paul Ryan was so concerned about labor standards?

BREAKING: Obama Bans Some Military-Style Equipment Provided to Police Through Federal Program

Quite a formula the oligarchs have developed :

Amtrak trains rolling on busy Northeast Corridor

Marco Rubio: "20th century was great"

Mitch McConnell Says Obama 'Has Done An Excellent Job' Pushing Trade Deal

Any one use the spiral vegetable slicer yet?

Who has the Texas stats on concealed carry?

World stock markets uneven as weak data clouds outlook

Mike Malloy - Republicans Cut Amtrak Funding After Crash

Paul Krugman- Errors and Lies

Mike Malloy - 32% Of GOP Primary Voters Believe In Jade Helm Conspiracy

Religious leaders conflicted on Tsarnaev death penalty

Shi'ite forces ordered to deploy after fall of Iraqi city

Unite union 'to debate Labour link'

Military woman designs artificial limbs for fellow soldiers

Sky pilots and earth pilots

The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally.

It was not "faulty intelligence" goddamn it!

In a time of war, my 15-year-old daughter became a hero - Quartz

Mitt Romney set to give tips on 2024 bid

How The First Church Of Cannabis Plans To Test Indiana’s New Religious Freedom Law

John McGramps is such a LIAR

Angelo Codevilla replies: “The American ruling class’s solipsistic stupidity”

Oil CEO Wanted University Quake Scientists Dismissed: Dean's E-Mail

Fulton prosecutor reviewing 2011 Union City police shooting

Freed from coalition, UK's Cameron swings to the right

Shasta Power Output Down 1/3 w. Reservoir Down 1/2; Expect 20% Power @ Other Dams

Scott Walker: Visiting six countries makes me ‘the most’ qualified to be president on foreign policy

BuRec Preparing To Cut Irrigation Water Flows By Half To 1,200 Klamath Basin Farmers

Arrested for reporting on Qatar's World Cup labourers

POLL: Meme of the Week – May 18th

Chris Hedges: The Pathology of the Rich White Family

Mote than phones on the line as Christie plots w/ Verizon

109F In Xativa, Spain On May 14th; Forest Fires Already Roaring In Alicante Province

White House Launch of the 'Police Data Initiative'

Obama limiting military hardware to police departments

Grieving goat languishes until reunited w/ best friend

Why Colombians don’t like their president

Venezuela opposition holds primaries for legislative contest

So the police in Texas have said that they are facing serious threats from the

"I hate it when that stuff sticks to my fur…"


Christie to call for larger military, more US intervention

Unsafe food, a WTO case that is undermining law enacted by Congress and the TPP

Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions

So calm and serene...

Looking for Morality and Ethics? Look to the Gay Leather Community.

How Bernie Sanders Shaped the Northeast Punk Scene (a bit of Bernie history)

Perils in Trade Deals When Factories Close and Towns Struggle (TPP)

New Documentary Exposes the Politics Behind Puppy Mills

Gauntlet thrown...

Class of 2015 (cartoon)

And now for something completely different: An article attacking Republicans

Hatred in the USA

Unaffiliated and Underrepresented; Congress more Christian than constituents

Frustration with Latin America's left on the rise

US Marine Osprey crashes in Hawaii; 1 dead, 21 injured

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to announce 2016 presidential decision June 1

Cordova fishermen protest Navy training exercises in Gulf of Alaska

96 million pounds of pure annoyance: Weighing Alaska's mosquitos

This is just a reminder-Scott Walker Lied, GOP Prosecutor Says

House GOPers say unions outgunning corporate lobbyists on fast track & TPP

Senate Dems Work with Repubs to Throw Medicare Under the Bus as Part of TPP FastTrack Sausage-Making

Mad Men Finale - Brought to You by Your Sponsor

Colbert about to speak at Wake Forest Graduation

Look at Your Phone!

Senate tries to pass short-term Highway Trust Fund extension this week; some Dems consider voting no

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 18, 2015

WACO UPDATE: Waco Twin Peaks’ managers dispute police claim they wouldn’t help with security

The TPP summed up in one image

Will the TransPacific Partnership Agreement Go into the Deep Freeze?


I am having trouble with audio and video files.

I Will Caucus for Senator Sanders in Minnesota.

TOM TOMORROW: Critical Reactions

ANOTHER international agreement that has stirred the ire of the right.

Greece says can pay wages and pensions, needs deal by end of May

Celebrations in Jordan Over Resignation of Interior Minister

Child porn charges effectively end political consultant’s career

Why Republicans are Repugnant

German ministry softens CO2 emission demands for power plants

The Main Stream Press Betrays Their True Motives Once Again

USAF to announce winner of long-range strike bomber contract within two months

They don't support Hillary. Some say they

Why Saudi Arabia has lost faith in the US

moor eeffocish

The DLC didn't just vanish. It was reformatted and repurposed

Attack on Medicare added to TPP Fast Track bill

Mental Health Awareness Week

Elizabeth Warren basically calls President Obama a liar about TPP.

Republicans Forced To Admit That Obama Approved Raid On ISIS Was Successful

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Chickens (HBO)

Sources: D.E.C. says options limited for opposing crude facility

Tim Cook GWU Commencement

On ‘garbage’ trains and other ‘Subway Horror Stories’

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton pitches amnesty idea to clear 1.2M warrants

Last of my Rose images.

California’s economy is world’s second greenest

The Democratic Party IS the Left in this country.

Senator Warren has released a report detailing unkept promises in trade agreements

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a more effective carbon capture method

Justices make it easier to sue over 401(k) retirement plans

Got it. Unions are just like corporations.

Northeast Corridor: America's Premier Rail Superhighway is Slowly Falling Apart

Elizabeth Warren Details Obama's Broken Trade Promises

Today in History, May 18th

Illinois rejects right to work

NYC cop beating a black man while partner stands by smiling

Airport workers to pack MAC meeting, demand higher wage today 5-18-15

Send in the Clowns

Airport workers to pack MAC meeting, demand higher wage today 5-18-15

Supreme Court strikes down Maryland tax law

Airport workers to pack MAC meeting, demand higher wage today 5-18-15

Cat dating gone wrong

Airport workers to pack MAC meeting, demand higher wage today 5-18-15

Irish PM says country must seize opportunity to approve gay marriage

NYT: The Right Baits Democrats to Help Take Down Hillary

Infant antibiotic use linked to adult diseases

New York s Garbage System Faces Mounting Challenges of Cost, Carbon and Equity

Justices Pass on Wis. Investigation of Walker

Why This Lawmaker Opposes Abortion For Everyone Except His Own Wife And Mistress

Candidate Announcement Dates

hehehe bird

Police: Site of biker gunfight refused to help prevent it

De Blasio Administration Skirts Reporting Provisions in Living Wage Law

Al Jazeera documentary series, "Hard Earned" - riveting.

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 18 May 2015

A look back 35 years after Mount St. Helens' deadly eruption

Beatles or Zevon?

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Bushco

"The poor hate money!" . . . Please come CAPTION Brit Hume!!

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Trains

Wonkette Wingnut BFF Bradlee Dean Makes Poem, Proves Gay Marriage Will Cause Holocaust

Northeast Corridor: America's Premier Rail Superhighway is Slowly Falling Apart

AFSCME Council 5 organizes second group home

AFSCME Council 5 organizes second group home

Monday Toon Roundup 3: Farewell, Mr. B. B. King

AFSCME Council 5 organizes second group home

Maryland has been illegally double-taxing residents who pay income tax to other states

Monday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

GMO Yeast + sugar = Morphine

The Fartknocker Report: Sarah Palin Knows Democrats Are Causing California’s Drought

Saudi advertises for 8 executioners

Krugman: The Iraq invasion was worse than a mistake. It was a crime.

Charter School "Flexibility" Linked to Major Failures; More Than $3.3 Billion in Taxes Spent

Steering a shipyard: Bath Iron Works president, union at odds

Some GOPers want SAFE Act changes tied to rent control extension

Today is the end of the 90 day period Holder gave to indict Banksters for the Financial Crisis

Why Obama Is Wrong and Warren Is Right on Trade Bill Quarrel

Gandhi as an Economist

"Felix and Meira" review: An atheist and a Hasidic woman find romance

U.S. Home Builders' Confidence Falls for Fourth Time in Five Months

Hillary Clinton Room-Doing a google search today just showed me that the media is out to get her.

Supreme Court Won’t Block Probe of Scott Walker’s Recall Campaign

Can a republican candidate run on the Iraq invasion being the right thing to do?

Church needs women's voices, input, experiences, pope tells religious

He's Already Facebook Royalty

The GOP Is Campaigning for George W. Bush’s Third Term

“Win-Lose” is “Lose-Lose” in the 21st Century

Greek Endgame Nears for Tsipras as Collateral Evaporates

HRC ROOM-Media Ignore How Hillary Clinton's Policies Have Helped Address Income Inequality

Pakistan Ulemas: Suicide Bombings Un-Islamic .

Poverty in San Diego (xpost from California group)

Clinton Criticism of Wealth Leaves Us 1% Convinced

More Californians painting their brown lawns green

What’s wrong with VE Day?

Is this the root of our policing problems???

How the Bandidos became one of the world’s most feared biker gangs

Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland Law That Double-Taxes Income Earned In Other States

There's something utterly grating about Luke Russert

Raiders stadium deal in Oakland is ‘gurgling blood’

Blooming peonies!

The Kids Aren’t All Right

Provide a Year’s Worth of Nutritional Supplements for Five Deserving Elephants (FREE with clicks)

This thing was sooooo wobbly

Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions

Question for Wayne LaPierre, NRA head honcho

Bobby Jindal Forming Presidential Exploratory Committee

Is the world falling apart as Lindsey Graham says?

Boeing Airplanes CEO: No more engineering jobs leaving Washington state

2016 US Senate Election-Republican firewall

The DLC didn't just vanish. It was reformatted and repurposed

Every once in a while we need to hear this....

She changed the lyrics to reflect what it’s like living with an autism diagnosis

Pic Of The Moment: Grave News For Republicans

Twin Peaks revokes Waco restaurant's franchise following deadly shootout

News from Brownbackistan: Brownback approves changes to unemployment insurance, benefits

WHO Vows Reform After Ebola Outbreak Mistakes

The Conservative Media Figures Who Donated To The Clinton Foundation-HRC Room


Michigan Moves to Ban Local Nondiscrimination Laws

L.A. Charter School Union Organizers Describe Anti-Union Campaign

Midtown community board defends ‘access to sunshine’

Former congressional candidate arrested, charged in attempt to commit mass murder

Hello, Twitter! It's Barack.

L.A. Charter School Union Organizers Describe Anti-Union Campaign

L.A. Charter School Union Organizers Describe Anti-Union Campaign

The Same-Sex Couple Who Got a Marriage License in 1971

The clown car continues on the other side with 2016

Kansas could lose millions for limiting welfare recipients to $25 at ATMs

My new favorite toy-- Hot Air fryer edited with review added

Bobby Jindal Says Obama Isn’t Killing ISIS Leaders – The Same Day US Kills ISIS Leader

This is the most painful 180 seconds of Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign so far

Coverage of Waco biker gang killings reveals disparities in news coverage

Reuters: Like nails on a chalkboard: How hard-fought labor reforms have been lost

Reuters: Like nails on a chalkboard: How hard-fought labor reforms have been lost

M. Cherif Bassiouni - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee - commencement speech DePaul School of Law 5/17/15

Reuters: Like nails on a chalkboard: How hard-fought labor reforms have been lost

APNewsBreak: Tiger mascot at issue in Ohio exotics crackdown

West Wing Week: 05/15/2015 or, “The 50th State!”

Franklin Graham demands Jewish Justice Ginsburg follow Christian beliefs on gay marriage

Why Not Martin O'MAlley?

Kochs, Libertarians and Civil Asset Forfeiture

India: Aruna Shanbaug, victim of 1973 rape, dies after years in vegetative state

Weekly Address: Creating Opportunity for All

Weekly Address Up in GD

Eyman initiative sets up choice: tax cut or constitutional change

Some have referred to the legend of the Trojan Horse. I offer the fable of the apricot tree.

28 Kids That Take Test Questions And Give The Answer A Teacher Never Saw Coming

M. Cherif Bassiouni - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee - commencement speech DePaul School of Law 5/17/15

M. Cherif Bassiouni - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee - commencement speech DePaul School of Law 5/17/15

Where did this, "blame yourself" concept come from?

Obama will restrict grenade launchers, military equipment from local police

"get high"

Governor says using private email, cell is simpler

In which Greenwald turns his agenda all the way up to eleven

Flood, mudslide sweep away homes in Colombia, killing 47

35 years ago today: the eruption of Mount St. Helens

Governor Bobby Jindal Forms 2016 Exploratory Committee

US agency to hold hearing on Fiat Chrysler recall compliance

E.U. Agrees to Naval Intervention on Human Traffickers

Just felt an earthquake in Dallas/Fort Worth

Why Not Martin O'Malley?

WTF Obama Siding W/ The Enemy To Fuck Workers.

Funniest Tina Fey Quotes Ever (in honor of her birthday)

How D.C. pot legalization has become ‘the dealer-protection act of 2015’

Just re-read Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man

Candidate Obama on the Columbia Free Trade Agreement in 2008

YouTube Should Not Have Been Forced To Take Down Anti-Muslim Film, Appeals Court Rules

Islamic State Killed Hundreds As It Took Iraq's Ramadi

Second Amendment in full glory in Waco.

White House: Ramadi Capture By Islamic State A 'Setback'

Common Dreams: Governments Giving Fossil Fuel Companies $10 Million a Minute: IMF

My review of Men's groups on the internets.

Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg offer a clue on marriage equality?

Latino Discrimination: Prosecutor Won't Sign Document For Domestic Violence Victim Visa


Jeb Bush Says Gay Marriage Isn't a Constitutional Right

Bernie Sanders: President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Now this is awesome.

Frank Guinta (R-NH) admits he took illegal gift

Backstairs at the White House #1

Backstairs at the White House #2

Conditions in Canadian-owned factories the worst in Honduras

Backstairs at the White House #3

How do you do? My name is Dr. Cornilous Baxter Throcmorton. I need to send you 34 million..

Backstairs at the White House #4

Now at Port of Seattle, hundreds of activists blocking entrance to Terminal Five

Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

Cop Shoots Small Cat With a Shotgun Because it “Might be Rabid,” Department Won’t Release Cop’s Name

Richard Clarke appreciation thread: He schooled us on Iraq truth in 2004.

Seymour Hersh "Off the Rails'?

"This Isn't a Mirage" op-ed in the Salina Journal re: last Kansas election

Former Panamanian economy minister arrested in corruption probe

American evangelical Christians have created a terror state for gays in Uganda

Former Congressional Candidate Pleads in Plot to Murder Muslims

Something we all wish to say to all Conservative/republicans this upcoming election seasion...

The In-State Tuition Break, Slowly Disappearing

Texas Activist: People Moving To Texas Because It Banned Gay Marriage

I have posted "Backstairs at the White House" in Video Forum (1979)

Atheist Seeks to Use Religious Freedom Law to Remove ‘In God We Trust’ From U.S. Currency

New WTO Ruling on "Country of Origin Meat Labels" Proves Danger of NAFTA & Now the TPA/TPP

Sherbrooke to host Bacon Festival

Panama top court judge to be probed on corruption, abuse accusations

O’Reilly accused of physically assaulting ex-wife in front of daughter

Preying on the Promise of Higher Education by Randi Weingarten

Preying on the Promise of Higher Education by Randi Weingarten

Preying on the Promise of Higher Education by Randi Weingarten

What is "the grind"?

Panama congress takes key step toward cleaning up nation’s reputation as money laundering hub

Ten Prosecuted Whistleblowers

Common Dreams: Amid Protest Plans, McDonald's to Ban Media from Shareholder Meeting

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

Why is Tidy Cat so much more expensive in a plastic container than in a bag? And

Unseen Cuba: First aerial photographs reveal island's spectacular beauty

Unseen Cuba: First aerial photographs reveal island's spectacular beauty

19 Pictures That Prove You Definitely Have Thalassophobia (Fear Of The Sea)

Limbaugh claiming the Clinton Foundation spent 85% of donations on overhead, here's the facts.

John McCain wants to invade Iraq....again?

America Rising and America Crossroads using social media so Dems will spread their message.

Alabama minister arrested over gay wedding pleads guilty

Stop Congress from gutting the Endangered Species Act

Scientist Missing for over 30 years Found Living Inside Secret LSD Drug Lab Hidden in Basement

Note to self... focus on policies of candidates running

They Know Who you are

The GOP's worst nightmare and a pundit's dream: A brokered convention in 2016

The First Lady Honors the 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Sciences

The Cash Crop: Canadian Cannabis

Chuck Norris has really lost his marbles...

Jeb Bush says 'a tolerant country' should support the right to discriminate


Drought could spell trouble for California Democrats

Elizabeth Warren Details Obama's Broken Trade Promises

The secret coalition pushing the secretive TPP scam

Shell Oil Caught Planning for Deadly 4 to 6 Degree Rise in Global Temperature

12 Ridiculous Anti-Woman Myths From The Dark Ages That Conservatives STILL Believe

Tired of Malignant Amnesia Anti-Obama Syndrome


Senator Feinstein Says TPP Is Not For Corporate America

Standing On Sacred Ground - trailer

Standing On Sacred Ground - a film

4 Pinochet-Era Military Officers Sentenced to Prison in Chile

Hillary Clinton to visit one of first gay couples to marry in Iowa

S&P 500, Dow indexes edge up to record highs

This person nails it....

Mayor Bernard Sanders - Burlinton, talks about CIA involvement in Central America

Super Typhoon Dolphin Becomes Earth's 5th Category 5 Storm of 2015

You Won’t Believe How 3D Printing Helped This Turtle

Letterman and the RW

The importance of education, Bernie gets it!


Graduating Class of 2015 Most Debt Burdened in History

Driest Place on Earth Hosts Life

Gawker Publishes Explosive Assault Allegations Against Bill O'Reilly

Will Rogers on “trickle up” economics

Live and Let Live

Why do dads sneeze so loud?

The Family With Values - Bristol Palin Calls Off Wedding

Ha! "Religious Hate Group Forgets To Renew Domain Name – Now It Redirects To Hardcore Gay Site"

Another one for the gals..............

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

Sanders takes aim at high drug prices

Is sexuality biological?

Just saw Jim Webb

Once Philip Morris Workers, Now They Clamp Down On Uruguay's Smokers

Graduating Class of 2015 Most Debt Burdened in History

Counterfeit goods are big business in Paraguay

St. Petersburg teen killed by police shouted at officers: 'Go ahead and kill me'

Obama gets his own Twitter account~

Man in court on abuse charges, accused of waterboarding boy

French police cleared in teen deaths that sparked riots

Facing $1 billion deficit, Arizona sharply limits welfare

Sen. Bernie Sanders Introduces Bills for Free Education to Rebuild and Heal America with a Robin Hoo

National cop union says they need bayonets and grenade launchers to keep cops safe.

I hate it when working people screw each other over.

A word about Barbaro, Eight Belles and Scott Blasi

Waco coverage shows double standard on race

"After all, maybe she had it coming.". . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Latin America and Caribbean to help Asia's stranded refugees, Correa says

U.S Continues Leading From Behind

Oil Billionaire Attempts to Silence University Quake Researchers

2 varieties, 2 stages:

Mitch McConnell Intends To Extend Surveillance Plan

UK government counter-terrorism bill would criminalize speech, political activity

Breaking on Twitter. (I swear to god I didn't edit this)

William & Mary Honors War Criminal

Texas Lawmakers Talk About Expanding Gun Rights Day After Mass Shooting

Discovery opens the door for do-it-yourself morphine, painkillers

Man Sneezes Out Toy Dart That Left Him Sniffling for 4 Decades

a vent

Margaret Dunning. 1910-2015 An exceptional person.

Will the "biker melee" be described as "white on white crime"?

Shit happens

Not sure which side he's on

Wisconsin Democrats seek probe of Gov. Walker over loan

2nd Amendment

Jeb Bush couldn't even make it though a 9th grade speech class, his logic is so flawed and

Why did the press hate Al Gore in 2000?

President Obama finally gets his own personal twitter account - Bill Clinton (playfully) trolls him

Democracy Now: Seymour Hersh Details Explosive Story on Bin Laden Killing

Wow, being around here can be dangerous to your mental health.

Labor Gives Clinton Room to Maneuver on Trade Talks

Bill's books

Bikers Put Out 'Green Light' Against Officers Following Waco Shooting

Crews rescue dog that fell down bluffs near Washington city

More than 1,000 plaintiffs file lawsuit to keep Japan out of TPP.

Congress plots to pay for a trade deal by raiding Medicare

Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly reportedly beat his wife in front of his daughter

U.S. loses meat labeling case; trade war looms

Nearly 25,000 Flee Ramadi Following Islamic State Attack

Climate change altering frequency, intensity of hurricanes

Why female lemurs are big bullies

Jerusalem then and now: A journey in photos

The Big Picture: Tame Wall Street

Fox Pups Playing with Dog's Ball

A New Front in Union's Franchise Campaign

Abbott signs bill preventing cities from passing fracking bans, oil and gas regs

Bernie Sanders Wants to Tax Stock Trades to Pay for Free College

The pro-Palestinian activists are not pro-Palestinian

Stem cells may help repair heart, say scientists

New species of marine roly poly pillbug discovered near Port of Los Angeles

Police union demands they keep their bayonets, grenade launchers

Scientists discover tiny microbes with potential to cleanse waterways

Ancient Egyptian Temple Found in Sandstone Quarry

Vikings Traded First (Then Plundered)Vikings Traded First (Then Plundered)

Cuba's Elian Gonzalez, former castaway, wants to visit US

White-On-White Crime Strikes Again In Waco

How Alaska Natives Spurred Archaeologists To Research Their Origins

Texas governor signs law to prohibit local fracking bans

U.S. West's power grid must be prepared for effects of climate change

Hampered Brilliance: A review of Barney Frank's new book

"Barney Google"

Exposure of U.S. population to extreme heat could quadruple by mid-century


5-18-15 How Much is Turning a Profit Really Worth? (Karen Silkwood) in 2:00

5-18-15 How Much is Turning a Profit Really Worth? (Karen Silkwood) in 2:00

5-18-15 How Much is Turning a Profit Really Worth? (Karen Silkwood) in 2:00


Many in Japan fighting TPP as well.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Senate rejects more aid for workers who lose jobs to trade

For those of you attending the Palin-Meyers wedding on May 23rd, I hope you saved your receipts....

Maybe I am supposed to ask again after asking the group?

Here’s how much of your life the United States has been at war

Which of our wars were justified?

The Clinton Foundation Witch Hunt-HRC Room

Leo Laporte back with online Screen Savers. Miss the old Tech TV show.

from Elijah Cummings, Baltimore SBA Disaster Loans

Green Country Officer 'Shocked' Candid Video Of Him Helping Elderly Hits Internet

Clinton Friend’s Libya Role Blurs Lines of Politics and Business

Probably A Dumb Question-But What's The Distinction Between A Democrat And A Democratic Socialist?..

Hillary Clinton Backs Obama Plan To Reverse Police Militarization

*Senator Sanders interviewed tonight on PBS NewsHour, 35 minutes into the show.

New World Disorder

Vibes to all the police in Northern Texas.

NJ pols approve measure outlawing sex with animals

Why the Fed is starting to get nervous

I can't wait for Rachel tonight and her report on the white on white slaughter in

Kansas could lose millions for limiting welfare recipients to $25 at ATMs

Alabama jail forced to release prisoners after it ran out of food

President Obama uses iPhone to make first post on personal Twitter account

President Obama Lowers The Boom On Republicans By Threatening To Veto Anti-Science Bill

in honor of our Canadian DUers

Trident whistleblower says nuclear subs are insecure, unsafe and 'a disaster waiting to happen'

Jeb Bush Thinks We Miss the Neocons...TRNN Interview Col. Wilkerson