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Weekend Economists “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.” May 1-3, 2015

I would be ashamed to call these people my children. Wouldn't you?

Bodega Bay

"Why Saudis Derailed Imminent Yemen Deal with Airstrikes"--WSJ Reporter on RNN

Marilyn Mosby -- Furture Chief Justice of the supreme court.

Baltimore Police Release Mugshots of 6 Officers Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death

Chris Hayes is not a good interviewer.

PR Watch: GOP Prosecutor Defends Scott Walker Criminal Probe, Says "Let's Get the Truth Out"

'Other Space' on Yahoo

Saw Bill O'Reilly's new book at Costco

Truck drivers end strike at Los Angeles-area seaports

RW - How Dare A Black Woman Prosecutor Charge White Police Officers.

Orange County family paid $72K to keep son in upgraded jail cell after he killed girl

Check out these gorgeous animal photos!

‘Baltimore Is Here': Ethiopian Israelis protest police brutality in Jerusalem

Cuba's medical magicians

When It's Okay To Riot (according to the media & many white people)

Thank You Marilyn Mosby!!!

Friday Talking Points (344) -- Run, Bernie, Run!

Who was that young woman Chris Hayes was interviewing about the death of her brother?

Black mothers wonder if their babies are still alive

My bittersweet family news

Are these two punks, or thugs?

Look at the cute Bernie (Sanders) Teddy bear from VT

FOP President Gene Ryan Warns Marilyn Mosby

My defaults for DU (in case I'm too lazy to post or depressed, etc)

Hillary Clinton continues to lead her Republican rivals by double digits

The Pentagon’s ‘Long War’

Judge reduces judgment against Austin police officer from $1 million to $60,000

Star Membership

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! May Day & a new Kitteh gif

Mexican Army, Operation Jalisco. Travel Warning Issued By US Department of State.

Someone on FB came up with a new logo for Bernie.

how do you feel about the state doing an end-around on tabor and keeping all the pot taxes?

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine on Kelly File.

Iowa governor declares state of emergency in response to bird flu; Nebraska stays vigilant

Jon Stewart buys farm for Animal Sanctuary

A disturbing Mark Twain quote:

This is white privilege

Jon Stewart buys farm for animal sanctuary

GOP Congressman: “We Know” There Are ISIS Camps Just Across The Border In Mexico

Child Finds A Loaded Second Amendment In John Boehner's Capitol Bathroom

Colorado cracking down on pot pesticides

WHOA!!!!!!! Just saw HUGE meteor fall to west/southwest!!!!!

How the Senate Armed Services Committee Is Undermining Minsk II

Mom and pups at the vet Squee warning

A few gratuitous Lucy Lu pics on a friday evening (dial-up warning)

Stocks end higher, bouncing back from a drop the day before

Images: Baltimore reacts after officers charged

TIME: More about Marilyn Mosby. Interesting woman.

Even with six charged, when it comes to cops, they get the kid's gloves.

Prosecutor Resigns over Tweet About Baltimore Protesters: ‘Shoot Em. Period.’

All cops charged in Freddie Gray killing made bail lower than teen who smashed police car with cone

Macro ring gives a new perspective on an old lens

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Fuck A-Roid!

Baltimore: Killer Police out on $250,000 Bond; Window breaker jailed on $500,000 Bond

Rachel Maddow just mentioned Baltimore police want the media to go to

Yeah! No Lockup Indiana on tonight.

Remembering the 1975 tornado that slammed Omaha (6 miles hospital & school direct hits 3 dead video)

Bill Cosby accused of sexual assault by 2 more women, including “Cosby Show” actress

Dean Skelos, New York Senate Leader, and His Son Are Said to Face Arrest Next Week

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested After Liking His Own "Most Wanted" Picture On Facebook

When will a Sanders' Operative show up on DU?

"Elizabeth Warren is Clickbait" (CNN Money)

Koterba toon: NE Gov. on poverty in NE

Time for a reprise of a great thread (pscot's What the '70s were really like)

By The Time The GOP Is Done SNAP Recipients Will Be Down To Bread & Water.

North America's Only Socialist Government Delivers Anti-Austerity, Infrastructure, Education and Poverty Reduction Budget

I'm at dinner with Mrs. 1SBM ...

U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings...

Even Fox was having trouble pushing the "it's 'family breakdown'" line this afternoon

puppy confused by hiccups.

DU raising $ for Bernie at Act Blue!!! (UPDATED INFO)

The 5 biggest policy differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Watching a great documentary on youtube:

LGBT Advocates, Anti-Gay Groups Find Common Ground on Marriage Bill

New Haven restaurant hit with federal suit claiming unfair labor practices

American Dream? Or Mirage?

We are one Woman~

Freddie Gray 'did not hurt himself' insists fellow passenger in police van

Ted Cruz uses George W. Bush to accuse Barack Obama of being Jimmy Carter

Houston Community College Sues Texas Attorney General Over Public Records

Colorado woman who stole fetus stabbed victim with lava lamp: prosecutors

Bernie Sanders: What happened to the American Dream

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 3 - Alan Ladd Double Feature

Why do puppies tip over when they eat?

Jon Stewart Reportedly Bought A Farm In New Jersey For Homeless Animals

Grand Canyon visitor plunges 400 feet off South Rim to death

Why the Planet Is Happy That Bernie Sanders Is Running for President

Some dude with a rifle strapped to his backpack is self policing a Seattle rally

Texas Republican County Commissioner Posts Facebook White Pride Rant

TCM schedule for Monday May 4 - Death Row

DU $ for Bernie on Act Blue is live UPDATE

Iran: We'll Give Up Nuclear Energy if Tom Cotton is Expelled from the Senate

Want to know how low anti-vaxxers will go? (Trigger warning)

A great man in Philadelphia Eagles history has passed away....

Having an average weekend

So Much For the GOP's Love of America's Military Men and Women

OWS was disproportionately affluent young white males

Pentagon grapples with retaliation in sex assault cases

Fox News Talks To "Ghost Cop" To Lie About Freddie Gray.

Palestine wants Israel out of FIFA, eyes a three-quarters majority to pass proposal

A while back, a disabled vet stopped in a convenience store

DL Hughley to Dan Senor on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Libby The Pit Bull Survived Death Row And Is Becoming A Police Dog

Rocks, pepper spray, flash bangs: 3 officers hurt in clash with crowd (Seattle)

DU $ for Bernie is now live on Act Blue with 3 donations at this time

US businesses fear Colombia’s taxation proposals will increase tax burden

US businesses fear Colombia’s taxation proposals will increase tax burden

ICC prosecutor: Low-ranking Israeli soldiers, as well as Palestinians, could be prosecuted for war c

Malcolm X - The Police and the Press

American Taliban to allow employers to discriminate against women having sex, seeking birth control

3 Seattle officers injured in May Day melee, 15 protesters arrested

Academic Journal Tells Female Scientists: Work With a Man If You Want to Get Published

Oakland: Peaceful May Day protests give way to evening mayhem

DU for Bernie is now live on Act Blue!

SoP for the Martin O'Malley Group

Young white males advocating for the 99% are now suspect.

The Dirty Fucking Hippies were Right (time for this again!)

I'm breaking up with Martin O'Malley.

When the right-wing says "family breakdown" causes poverty and crime...

The History Channel has gotten really bad

Is the Texas Economy Headed Towards a Recession?

Martin O'Malley expected to announce presidential bid in late-May

Occupy For Bernie

Boston Globe Reporter Identifies Gun Waving Cop (UPDATE)

New Rules and Then Some -- Real Time with Bill Maher

Some resources tracking police brutality.

Is it time for the USA to transition from governing as a democratic republic to a social democracy?

Rev. Jesse Jackson& Coaliton of Black Trade Unionist leaders yelling "We are the 99%"

Maldives Police arrests opposition leader, 192 others after clashes

Am I the only oddball who loves goa psy trance ?

Cleared once before, ex-Goldman Sachs programmer convicted anew of stealing valuable code

Has the Christie camp responded yet

Angela Merkel’s NSA Nightmare Just Got A Lot Worse

Marilyn Mosby Charges 6 Baltimore Police Officers in Death of Freddie Gray

Officials Say Prince William's Wife, Kate, in Early Stages of Labor

WTF Japan #2 - Asian Giant Hornet Suzumebachi (Giant Sparrow Bee)

Some of my rescue babies.

Taskbar bug in latest build of Win10 drives me batty

Slap here is your search warrant.,

Bag carrying $63K in moldy bills found at Pennsylvania park

Eddie Was The Sane One

Rioting charge carries a maximum of life in prison in the state of Maryland

Wisconsin Basketball Players Sing Motown And Continue To Warm Our Hearts

Earl Gray's "Laws of Poetry III"

Ted Cruz’s claim after skipping Lynch vote has aides pedaling fast

Ted Cruz’s claim after skipping Lynch vote has aides pedaling fast

Talk about a jam: Shirtless man stuck in Capitol Hill basketball hoop

Pixel Poetry: A Meritocracy --- by Colin Ward

Daily Holidays - May 2

Speech by Bernie How social change REALLY happens (about 46 min)

Asshat interviewing Bernie Sanders. Guess who rules the interview.

Bernie Sanders, the anti-Bible thumper

It ain't just DU

the cops should be charged with torture

ACLU unveils 'Mobile Justice' app that films police encounters, secures video if phone is taken

One day, two congressional subpoenas for VA

Those trying to paint Bernie Sanders as a untrustworthy on "social issues" should remember THIS;

Sunday night is the eve of the 45th anniversary of the tragedy at Kent State University.

It's a girl...

Tom Cotton’s ‘Chickenhawk’ Taunt at Iran FM Demeans Jeb Bush, GOP Field

Nepal aid donors 'may halt fundraising' amid fears government will seize donations

A lot of people are going batshit crazy over these indictments.

Jon Stewart interviews Judith Miller about her Iraq invasion coverage (fantastic interview)

Jon Stewart interviews Judith Miller about her Iraq invasion coverage

How to Talk to Your Kids about Bernie Sanders

Boko Haram: Nigerian army 'frees another 234 women and children'

Jon Stewart on Bernie Sanders

Royal baby: Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to daughter

Prince William and Dutchess Kate had a baby girl.

Nepal Earthquake Shrank Mount Everest, Lifted Areas Near Kathmandu 3 Feet

Blues legend BB King in hospice care

Weekly Address: Ensuring Every Child Gets a Great Education

My dears, you are just being paranoid about corporations and the TPP

Taking my new avatar for a spin!

Anonymous Baltimore cop on Fox News:

Sen. Sanders on ABC This Week, Sunday

Pee and poop in the house like it's just okay

The Good Old Days

the editorial push for the tpp is on: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Do it for Vietnam

The redditt forums for president by the numbers...UPDATED PLUS FACEBOOK

What ever happened to Ann Coulter?

Ruth Rendell, crime writer, dies aged 85

Look at what's in front of the Baltimore City Hall:

Here's how ya'll did in my thread about the royal baby (sex, d.o.b., birthweight)...

Avatar not working

I didn't do it

David Sirota: In Defense of Hillary Clinton, Democrats Embrace Citizens United Decision

A "rough ride" is not an accident, it is a weapon

Nigerian military: 234 more females rescued from extremists

The Violence That Created Baltimore | Mickey Z.

Name for the royal princess?

WATCH: The Violence That Created Baltimore | Mickey Z.

Berlin’s Alexanderplatz............... this Friday

Fox News to Cops - "We're in your corner"

Avatar not working

How Government Policies Cemented the Racism that Reigns in Baltimore

Fortune: The TPA (fast track) "is on life support and its vitals are fading"

And now for a less startling police report

Whether you're for or against TPP, the strong opposition from progressives is a good thing.

Rolf Smedvig appreciation thread

New Yorker - Long, Fascinating Article On The Death Of The Salton Sea

Bernie Economics: Deficit Owls and MMT

Princeton Study: West Antarctic Ice Sheet Losing 92 Billion Tons/Year 2003 - 2014

Democrats Denounce Gov. Walker’s Subsidies To Wealthy Corporations That Send State Jobs To Foreign

Ricketts unmoved on immigrant licenses, despite rising support for bill that would change Nebraska's

place your Bernie avatar here

Oklahoma Among 17 New USGS-Designated Earthquake Zones For Induced Seismicity - Reuters

Fmr. Climate Commision Head To Abbot: Explain How You Can Fund Lomborg, But Couldn't Fund Us

Fast Track/TPP: Death of National Sovereignty, State Sovereignty, Separation of Powers and Democracy

Male Sage Grouse Numbers Collapsing - 56% Drop 2007 - 2013

How did I never see this movie?

Too all the people saying DU 'isn't the real world' and that Bernie doesn't have a chance to win...


Chris Christie.

Woman who threatened to kill white cops out on bond

Real story behind Abe’s visit: China, TPP and what the media won’t tell you about this state visit

Sincerely Held Beliefs - Angel/Psychic/Seer Daniel Perez

Terrified citizens caught between Saudi Arabia and Iran as air strikes and blockade...

Saw this on shark tank and wonder if the NFL is testing it

TreasonousBastard has been blocked from the A&A group

How Western media would cover Baltimore if it happened elsewhere

Toon: Infallible

David Sirota: In Defense of Hillary Clinton, Democrats Embrace Citizens United Decision

Media Contacts Only Please

The GOP’s destructive Vietnam mythology(from

April 2007: Obama Shows His Strength in a Fund-Raising Feat on Par With Clinton

Barack Obama’s Mentor Believes Bernie Sanders ‘Will Be a Force’ Against Hillary

Gaza hospital chosen for solar power project

Thousands of police deployed in Odessa for fire killings anniversary

Talking Points Memo and Bernie Sanders

Rebuilt slave sites being unveiled at Jefferson's Monticello

Bernard Sanders on The Issues

Just for fun: how good is your hearing (especially treble/high frequencies) ?

How Senator Bernie Sanders Stands on Important Policies

All the congressional bills Bernie Sanders has sponsored, it gives a pretty clear picture on what is

Amazonian tribes unite against Brazil’s controversial plans for hydroelectric dams

Please pray for the new Royal Princess of the United Kingdom.

My first memory of a vaccination

Brazil ruling party fined $1.6 mn

Hillary Clinton WELCOMES Bernie To The Race

He's not just going to win,, he's going to crush them!

Not quite fair when Jesus keeps getting employee of the month

Fuck it. Call it what it is.

smartphones: mind vs. reality

List of bills introduced in the Senate by Hillary Clinton.

I told a friend of mine that I was for Bernie - He said but he is a Socialist -

Golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez tells Keegan Bradley's caddie to shut up

Civilian death toll from today's U.S. strike on Syria rises to 52, including 7 children

On Bad Apples

Glen Davis questionable for Game 7 against Spurs with ankle sprain

Raped 10-Year-Old Denied Abortion

Mychal Thompson says Warriors will make a 'serious run' at Kevin Durant

Why don't you trust the police?

Guatemalan Campesinos Embrace Ancestral Farming Practices to Prevent Migration

Please Pray for a child born into absurd privilege wealth and luxury?

sTalking TV Host Mike Hucksterbee speaks Jesus.

Mystery novelist Ruth Rendell has died

There's a disturbing truth behind 'swim with dolphins' tourist attractions

Russian police chase away anti-gay crusader from Labor Day pride march

Some advice for Sanders supporters

About That “Pledge in Solidarity to Defend Marriage”

Russian police chase away anti-gay crusader from Labor Day pride march

Feds say they will intervene to protect Kuskokwim king salmon

Longmire season 3 is here!

How to take Christ out of Christianity

Citing Religious Beliefs, Muslim Gitmo Inmates Object To Female Guards

This chart shows why the prosecution over Freddie Gray's death is so remarkable

Aroid hits 660th HR - 300 or so on steroids?

"Mom Of The Year"

Why some Guatemalans in this Florida city fear white guys driving big pickup trucks

Amid Nepal’s shattered shrines and temples, a religious fatalism sets in

"Looters & thugs"

Freddie Gray’s Second Amendment rights were violated — where is the NRA?

‘I felt a hypocrite': Author Michael Coren on why he left the Catholic Church for Anglicanism

Fox News and Bernie Sanders

Freddie Gray’s Second Amendment rights were violated — where is the NRA?

Susan Milligan, US News: Bernie Sanders' 2016 bid is "great for Hillary Clinton"

Sanders is the primary challenger Democrats need

USA Today: Sanders' announcement well behind Clinton's on Facebook

Chris Christie? I’m reading this a.m...

Early Urban Planning: Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid

Early Urban Planning: Ancient Mayan City Built on Grid

Jazz as a Force for Peace and Freedom

Chicago CTA: A Farewell to the 2400 Series Railcar

Think any horse will break Secretariat's record today? No way.

25% of Americans save no money for emergencies

Biologists report first wild bison births in Alaska in at least a century

Washington State pisses on some of its most vulnerable to make bullies feel bigger.

GoFundMe For Freddie Gray Officers Removed After 41 Minutes

Guatemala prosecutes a president, but progress falters

Grayson explaining trade so simply even a winger could understand

There is now a mural of Freddie Grey at the Gilmor Homes in Baltimore

ISIS militants execute 600 Yezidis northern Iraq

CIA's torture experts now use their skills in secret drones program

Bernie Sanders Plans To Dramatically Alter Social Security (for the BETTER)

Paralytic shellfish poisoning warning issued after case confirmed near Ketchikan

I just sat through 2 ½ days of training to help police understand and mitigate their biases

The sole purpose of charter schools is to kill the teachers union, public schools and the Democratic

BB King: Daughter claims elder abuse, police called

Caelus hopes to extract millions of barrels of oil through North Slope fracking

Scientists warn of chemicals in pizza boxes, carpet care

GOP Seeks to Cut Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Meats, and Dairy from SNAP Benefits

Freddie Gray: GoFundMe page for police officers charged with death deleted after 40 minutes

Federal court keeps Barry Bonds’ case alive till July 22

Two Arctic ice researchers presumed drowned after unseasonably high temperatures

How to see the legendary green flash

State lawmaker blasts Boeing for sending jobs to other states

Who gets to decide who isn't and is a Democrat?

LIVE RADIO NOW: We are in trouble when comedians explain Baltimore better than the media

Alex Rodriguez* ties Wille Mayes @ 660 HRs

GOP campaign slogan: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

'Reflections From Uyuni' Captures One Of The World's Strangest Landscapes

Why the Future of Religion Is Bleak

After State Takes Child, Kansas Woman Is At Center Of National Marijuana Debate

Wildstein, Baroni, Kelly…

I live in Toledo, Ohio. We just had a 4.0 earthquake. W.T.F.

The Rich History Of Nepalese Culture, Some Of Which Is Lost Forever

We just had a 4.0 earthquake in Michigan.

Islamic State crisis: US-led Syria strikes 'kill dozens of civilians'

We just had a 4.0 earthquake in Michigan.

Chief of L.A. port police indicted on 16 criminal counts of corruption, fraud

Seder: Bernie Sanders Will Slap Some Honesty Into 2016 Contenders

House repeals DC law protecting workers' reproductive health choices

Police union pushes back on Freddie Gray findings

Democrats Baffled by Presence of Candidate They Like

Former Christie ally pleads guilty to 'Bridgegate' charges - TheHill

Opinion of Plutocrat SCOTUS Chief Roberts

This campaign isn't about Bernie Sanders: Enough is enough....

Interesting trivia linking the cases of Freddie Gray and ex-Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook.

WSJ: Chris Christie camp looks beyond bridge scandal

Ever get a laughing jag playing a videogame? I just did.


Bernie tweet

One of the big strengh Bernie has over Hillary. ..

Putting the "Bernie only focuses on class' meme to rest

The official DU guide to the far-left in Britain (2015 edition)

Dog owner: Police shot pet during her rough sex with husband

All you fools supporting Sanders were probably supporting Nader in 2000

Meanwhile in Michigan...

Why is it so important to vote for Bernie in the primary

The Lab Coat Limit

U.S. House Rejects Medical Marijuana for Veterans

OK, the pragmatists have convinced me Bernie can't win. (With apologies to ol' Random Thoughts.)

The last time a REAL Liberal ran for Prez.

Partially logged rainforests could be emitting more carbon than assumed

House moves to curb government surveillance of phone, Internet records

Death of the interest rate.

LOL! Apparently Sanders Supporters Are No Less Than Traitors! !!

5/2/15 PFAW: top 5 posts on this week:

Funding Afghanistan’s Army Is a Long Con That’s Cost America $60 Billion

Coal-Tar-Sealant Runoff Causes Toxicity and DNA Damage

"Bernie-nomics: How Sanders Wants to Handle the Economy"--Bernie's 16 Points

Salon: Christie's real problems have just started. Why the indictments don't clear his name.

Compelling and well worth a read --> O’Malley returns to a Baltimore he barely recognizes

German Documentary - The atrocities of Odessa on May 2, 2014

For a long time I have posted on DU without much political input.

Bernie Sanders "16 Points" Straight Talk Economic Platform for the U.S. Economy

Bernie = Socialist = Communist = Democrat = Evil

5/2/15 - This week in crazy: Texas is nuttier than we thought

Documentary On Kent State Shootings Resonates Today

Clinton Foundation In Campaign Tailspin

Techno-Financial Capital and Genocide of the Poorest of the Poor

A place to share your Bernie 2016 Avatar

Astronomy roots of May Day

Live Video Streams From Baltimore Uprising Saturday Protesting Police Brutality at City Hall

Britain, Libya and the Mediterranean - The Creation of a Humanitarian Emergency

QUIZ: Can You Guess The Mixed Breeds Of These Adorable Dogs?

At this point I am supporting Hillary, but I welcome Bernie to the contest..

Greatest Rolling Stones Song of All Time?

Top female Episcopal bishop defrocked four months after her DUI arrest in bicyclist’s death

THIS is the shit our governments focus on while people are hungry, homelesss, and unemployed.

General Motors Investing $5.4 Billion In U.S. Plant Improvements, 3 Michigan Facilities To Benefit

Hillary, Labor leaders and the democratic left:

BRICS from below: counterpower movements in Brazil, India and South Africa

Question: Do we have new

Sen. Bernie Sander's "16 Points" Straight Talk Economic Platform for the U.S. Economy

I'm going to make a bold prediction

How to Grossly Misrepresent Venezuelan Reality: A Reply to Alejandro Toledo

So when Sanders wins the primary will Clinton run as an Independent?

Former President Jimmy Carter: Gaza Situation 'Intolerable'

Carter says Hamas leader committed to peace, Netanyahu not

HSBC Advises Clients Against Fossil Fuel Investment

A truly beautiful speech on Human Rights by Secretary Clinton:

Played With That Viral Age-Guesser This Week? You Just Gave Microsoft A Bunch Of Free Photos To Use

This Land Is Your Land - Bernie Sanders and 30 Vermont Artists--Very Cool

Buffett Affirms Junk Food, Citing Lack of Smiles at Whole Foods

Check out this cool Bernie graphic

Websites to explain current politics to the uninformed?

The rhetoric around "only Hillary can win!" is bad enough.

5 Points On Most Significant New Developments In The BridgeGate Scandal: TPM

A 4.2 earthquake in Michigan, outside Kalamazoo

Salon: “I just don’t believe this anymore”: Why I abandoned my faith

Bernie Sanders doesn't have a PNAC bone in his body or PNAC skeleton in his closet.

Bernie Sanders doesn't have a PNAC bone in his body or PNAC skeleton in his closet.

4 reasons why environmental orgs oppose the TPP:

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 2, 2015

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Kentucky Oaks

To Those Who Keep Saying Not Rallying Around Hillary Right Now Is Desdain For Unity:

I have donated to Hilary before, but

Jeb Bush Openly Admits He’s A Fan Of White Supremacy

Here is a new study that I submit for your consideration.

Question re: Freddie Gray

Police arrest suspect who cut firehose last week

Is Bernie Sanders the new Shirley Chisolm? Both Unbought and Unbossed and from Brooklyn

It seems that something’s happening with Bernie that feels different than presidential campaigns

NBC: What You Need To Know About Clinton Foundation.

Default without Grexit: Are they all pre-planned eventually?

Flashback: Christie mocks reporters for looking into bridge closure

I keep hearing that Hillary was the 8th or 9th most-liberal Senator

A Joke From India

"Some of us are doing really great things..." Baltimore rally has me in tears

Will candidate Bernie Sanders recognize the dangers of medicinal cannabis?

Federal judge bars Allegiant Air pilots from going on strike

Gail Collins Column: Bernie Sanders Yells His Mind

Gail Collins Column: Bernie Sanders Yells His Mind

On my business website, we have a special button that people click

Per capita income in the US is $53,750. That's $215,000 a year for every family of 4.

A man and his dog join a die-in on South Grand in St. Louis during march against police violence.

Alan Dershowitz Rips Charges Against Baltimore Cops: ‘Sad Day for Justice’

DEA warns Utah lawmakers that legal pot could lead to stoned rabbit attacks

A mind expanding post for the lounge.

Century Aluminum Co. sends lockout notice to union local

While Christie's minions sniggered & congratulated themselves on how clever they were--A Woman Died.

May Day Mayhem: 3 SPD officers hurt as rioters march through Seattle

Dead Zones Without Marine Life Found in the Atlantic Ocean for the First Time

Dozens arrested in anti-capitalism May Day protest in Montreal

Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg, dies suddenly

That's a massive rally in Baltimore

Bernie Sanders in 2007

Charlie Pierce on Bernie Sanders: The Last Bull Moose Campaign

Northern Ireland candidate for Parliament: gays '40 times more likely' to abuse kids

The Next President of the United States!

Baltimore Activists Recount How Police Unions Crushed Accountability Reforms

Kentucky Derby regulars

Can this stuff be called "organic?" I wonder...

Venezuela to nationalize food distribution

Hillary vs. Bernie >--- Top Donors

What does Bernie Vote For & Against in the Senate? Here's "Total Voting Record in the U.S. Senate"

As soon as I get my "Paid Hillary Operative Check" in the mail

got a good haul at the farmer's market today

F.E.C. Can’t Curb 2016 Election Abuse, Commission Chief Says

The New Atheists are back — and dumber than ever

Why Bernie Sanders just picked up a historical endorsement from Occupy Wall St

Any advice on how to humanely get rid of groundhogs?

It just occured to me ...Hillary and Bernie are geniuses!

So are today's Fools going to be

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Anyone watching the Big Fight tonight?

Body found in suitcase in Utah linked to missing Vegas woman

Vermont's Sanders starts presidential bid in New Hampshire

Vermont's Sanders starts presidential bid in New Hampshire

Ex-US president Carter urges Palestinian elections

To those who keep insisting that chicken gizzards should be worn on your feet...

Vermont's Sanders starts presidential bid in NH.

Okay, that does it! I am investing in horse sperm!

Religion In The Comics - 024

Here, Socialism meant honest, frugal government

American Pharoah wins thrilling Kentucky Derby

I personally feel both of our declared candidates are great candidates.

omfg, it is spring and i feel so good - bonus photo shoot with mama squirrel

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Kentucky Derby

Police: Officer shot, rushed to hospital in NYC

Frederick Douglass delivered this speech in Rochester NY

Bernie Sanders hair is a problem

All five visible planets can be seen after sunset in late April/early May.

Song Crosses Boundaries of Religion and Memory

See What the Populist Candidate Has To Say

'No justice, no peace, no racist police' chants in Baltimore

When the dog stays at home alone

Bernie isn't McGovern or Mondale, and it isn't 1972 or 1984