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Archives: May 21, 2015

CA.Attorney General Harris rocks

Who Will Be Left Out?

The left is so wrong on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Joe Wilson is on Chris Hayes

Scott Walker Lets Billionaire Donors Know the Outrageous Sum It'll Take to Buy Him Off

LOL!! The republican 2016 clown car continues

The left is so wrong on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Found this on the internet...

Poverty Is Sexist

Airbus readies new Alabama plant for combat with Boeing on U.S. soil

Jerry From Ben & Jerry's Wants To Scoop Ice Cream For Bernie Sanders

Why You Never Saw The CIA’s Interrogation Tapes

Bernie is on Chris Hayes right now!

Federal judges rip into practices at Alabama middle school where 14-year-old raped when used as bait

Heard a man singing outside my library.

BERNIE has an extensive plan for every issue

Satire - 10 reasons Ireland should vote No for marriage equality

Oregon’s Gov. Bans Conversion Therapy

Things not to do on the MBTA...

2009 Guns and Hoses-OFD vs OPD boxing video Ofcr Orozco in blue

Baltimore officer made Taser threat to witness who filmed Freddie Gray stop

Thom Hartmann: (video) Hey Banksters - Don't Make Bernie Sanders Mad!

Stanford University fraternity loses housing indefinitely

My baby turns 11 today

Gov. DB is doing his masters' bidding

Bernie Sanders: If people work 40 hours a week, they deserve not to live in dire poverty.

Annual Red River, N.M., biker rally comes week after Waco shooting

How Republicans hope to turn Islamic State into a problem for Democrats

Poverty Is Sexist

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Take Me to Church!

We're Dying Too

Obama Calls Out Republican Climate Change Deniers For Endangering National Security

(Heard it all??) USTR labels PRIVACY REGULATIONS "trade barriers":

Ferguson Announces Permanent Memorial to Honor Michael Brown

Hillary Clinton Set to Attend Fundraiser in Queens-HRC Room

Ron Wyden and five other Democrats supporting the Freedom Act Filibuster

Women and Biodiversity Feed the World, Not Corporations and GMOs

I posted Peter Greene's post about the stupidity of scripted test directions...

The Onion Reviews 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

'We Are Many': Documentary Depicts Legacy of Global Anti-War Movement

Pretty nice evening here!

Hey world, what you say?

Rachel is bubbling

Wages paid to illegal immigrants will be confiscated by the police, says David Cameron

Teachers using pens and paper in the classroom “not fair” to students, Microsoft official says

Watching Rachel Maddow about the oil spill... Damn California I feel for you.

Congressman Laughs at Conservative #Milwaukee Sheriff for Saying Pot Causes Violent Behavior

Hundreds of Tech Companies to Congress: TPP and Fast Track Harms Digital Innovation and Users’ Right

Rachel Maddow is reporting the oil leak is now estimated over 100,000 gallons in California

Fox Host: Boy Scouts Ban On Water Guns Is ‘Emasculating’ Future CIA Agents

'We Are Many': Documentary Depicts Legacy of Global Anti-War Movement

The Clintons Made Wall Street Richer, and It Returned the Favor

DEA announces four-state crackdown on illegal pill distribution

Florida College Students Forced to Undergo Transvaginal Ultrasounds While Being Called "Sexy"

Letterman and Robin Williams, 6 amazing clips

Turn it up ...

Bernie Sanders Calls 100,000th Campaign Contributor

Indonesia sinks 41 illegal fishing boats, including one from China

Malaysia, Indonesia to let 'boat people' come ashore temporarily

A Migrant's Journey Begins

And it's racist too..

I met Martin O'Malley last summer..he is the Real Deal

California Governor Declares State Of Emergency After Oil Spill

The Waco "Kerfuffle"

In case anyone thinks the Bandidos are a social club.

Canada can't curb oil sands emissions fast enough: document

S***: The Play Performance in DC Was a Call to Action for Consent Education

S***: The Play Performance in DC Was a Call to Action for Consent Education

New York Attorney General Moves to Expand Access to Contraceptives

New York Attorney General Moves to Expand Access to Contraceptives

New York Attorney General Moves to Expand Access to Contraceptives

Texas Senator Who Blamed Baltimore Riot On ‘Absent Fathers,’ Has Nothing To Say About Waco Massacre

Gov. Christie loses his marbles on national TV

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need the media, and it’s driving the media crazy

1,000 weapons found in Waco restaurant – including one in a bag of tortilla chips

Sprite: portable and rugged. A totally different drone.

Consent and a cup of tea.

California Farmers Ordered To Stop Pumping From San Joaquin River Watershed

Why don't you make the "pic of the moment"

JEB: "Alls I'm saying is the Dixie Chicks had better information than my brother"

Arrest Warrant Issued For Suspect In Killing Of D.C. Family

"Freedom Flotilla III" Sails to Break a Shifting Siege of Gaza

Megastructures Kansai International Airport

You want to see beautiful horses?

The Resegregation of San Francisco’s Public Schools

What happened to Donald Trump's eyes?

Ever wondered how the FBI's COINTELPRO and other activities since 1956 where un-earthed

Dan Rather and Hurricane Carla (there are no cats in this video =P )

This just in: Bernie voted against Iraq Invasion!

"The Left" Is Actually Obsessed With Cake.

Wal-Mart Anti Union Internal Video Leaked

Oklahoma City teacher: Abuse from students driving teachers out of district

California farmers volunteer to give up some water rights

Transocean reaches $212 million settlement over oil spill claims

Man will face death penalty in 2009 'Cathouse' killings trial in Oklahoma

Wal-Mart Anti Union Internal Video Leaked

Scalise says GOP bill targets wasteful studies, but Dems say real target is climate change work

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 21, 2015 -- TCM Special Theme - Disaster Movies!

Beware the St. Johnsbury police.

NY lawmakers want to enact non-essential travel ban to Louisiana following Gov. Bobby Jindal’s E. O.

NY lawmakers want to enact non-essential travel ban to Louisiana following Gov. Bobby Jindal’s E. O.

Oklahoma City teacher: Abuse from students driving teachers out of district

Bush CIA Deputy Director Admits We Were Lied Into Iraq War

Stone Tools From Kenya Are Oldest Yet Discovered

David Letterman's Last Show: End Of An Era (SPOILERS)

Clinton plans June campaign fundraising stop in Albuquerque

Police: 2 middle school students poisoned by other students

How the NSA is tracking people right now

Win or lose, Bernie Sanders is doing a great service for the Democratic Party.

Cop Didn't Ask If Mercedes 'Was Stolen': Mom's Facebook Post About Helpful Trooper Goes Viral

This weekend begins the quest for the kitties.

I am a Democrat.

Shopping with pinboy.

5 big banks fined $5B for manipulating interest, currency rates

That Was a Fantastic Final Montage on Letterman's Last Show Last Night (VIDEO)

Letterman runs 20 mins over (no spoilers)

Just finished watching Letterman's last show

Officials identify suspect in slaying of D.C. family

BOG~ I say love, it is a flower

David Letterman's Final Late Show Entrance

Free Don Siegelman

Damn Politicians Reducing Our Benefits While Increasing Their Own.

Homes evacuated, crews working to shut down gas well in Karnes County

South-east Asia migrant crisis: Gambia offers to resettle all Rohingya refugees

we got ourselves a damned fine (part) meezer boy

(MILD SPOILER ALERT) Everything was great about David Letterman's last show... but I think...

John Glenn: Evolution should be taught in schools

Russia threatens to ban Google, Twitter and Facebook over extremist content

Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel gave the President Obama a rude welcome on twitter.

Release Of The Bin Laden Raid Documents - The Right Move Or Stupid Move?....

Brazil blogger known for reporting on corruption found decapitated

Anyone else watching Daredevil on Netflix?

I hope anyone considering boycotting Louisiana will keep in mind this is all Jindal's baby

US To Restock IDF Stores With Bunker Busters, Guided Bombs

Ted Cruz: Gays Should Stop Advocating For Equal Rights Because, ISIS

Map Reveals The Distinctive Cause Of Death In Each State

Sy Hersh: Old, Cranky and Spot On

So, why are we not talking about the possibility of our first Jewish President?

I'm haunted by a lullaby in the movie I saw yesterday, "The Night of the Hunter" (1955)

gratuitous kitteh pic - meet our new guy edition

Boss Models Firm After Wolf Of Wall Street, Quickly Gets Sued By Female Employee

Texas judge rapped for disparaging comments about ‘New York Jews’ and ‘Muslim-looking’ beards

Arkansas Police Fatally Shoot Man Cuffed In Patrol Car

Reich: Ten Ideas to Save the Economy #4: Bust Up Wall Street

Liquid Plutonium Destined for Your Kid’s Cereal—Courtesy of NAFTA/TPP-TTIP/ISDS?

And the Iraqi army runs away from another fight Thursday. This is on

Is Christianity a victim of its own ubiquitous nature in the "Western World"?

Europe's Altice enters US cable frenzy with Suddenlink deal

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp confirms it is top tax risk, ducks Senate questions

Fast Track = "Too Big to Fail"?

Foo Fighters: "Everlong" - David Letterman

World-Herald editorial: Officer's death a ‘somber day for the city’

Daily Holidays - May 21

It's not Hillary's vote for the IWR so much, it's that she's a nationalist hawk.

Jeb Bush is proud of his family

U.S. and Cuba Nearing Deal to Fully Restore Diplomatic Ties

What exactly would you consider an unfair attack against Hillary Clinton?

Gaddafi's home town falls to Islamic State in anarchic Libya

Something stung my thumb last night.

EU Riga summit 'not against Russia', Merkel says

The White House Plan to Save the Monarch Butterfly: Build a Butterfly Highway

Washington asks, “Who lost Ramadi?” But Washington never had Ramadi

Senate seeks to require special law for spending on Olympics

The term "Billary" is still being thrown around here on DU. (HRC Room Post)

Ukraine suspends military cooperation with Russia

Ok I've missed the point before - so please someone

VVAW - From the National Office

Oxy, The Wise Bomb (cartoon)

New Hampshire Focus Groups Reveal Possible Problems for Bush, Clinton

Can ISIS defeat Assad in Syria? And what next in Iraq after Ramadi?

Hip-Hop, and Other Things the Right Blames for Declining Christianity

Josh Duggar named by police in underage sex probe

Appeals Court Eviscerates Notre Dame’s Objections to Contraception Accommodation

President Obama in Intro to Letterman's Final Show

David Letterman's first late night episode

Notre Dame Once Again Loses Legal Battle Against Birth Control Benefit

Life was much simpler when...... Lololololololololol....

Hey, Hillary put a bit of stuff on 'LinkedIn' for folks here to look over and critique

Lung And Adrenal Lesions In GOM Dolphins Consistent With Petroleum Poisoning From BP Spill

Latvian region has distinct identity and allure for Russia

"Human, civilized society has lost the battle against barbarism. I have lost all hope."

HRC at SEIU: 'Stand Firmly' With Unions

Locked because....?

If we want to win in 2016...

EU Science Team Finds Atlantic Dead Zones 100-150km Wide Off W. African Coast - Biogeosciences

Study: Lawmakers Assume Voters Are Way More Conservative Than They Are

ECB under fire over market-sensitive closed-door speech

New Peer-to-Peer Service Aims to Provide Counseling Support

"GOP candidates want you to be terrified" (Chicago Tribune)

Neb)-Unicam Gives Final OK To Death Penalty Repeal

Michigan: Anti-gay pastor outed on Grindr

I have a proposal: How about we save Earth from God's wrath?

Bad Hair Day? Or Pony Gone Punk? You decide...

Hispanic vote to jump from 12 million to 16 million, will decide presidency

Sweet Dreams – The satirical and miniature models of Frank Kunert

John Stewart's film Rosewater, was outstanding.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Bikers and Crooks

Late Show with David Letterman - Final broadcast (5/20/15)

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Bush league Party

Iraq Poll - should we start promoting a Bosnia-like solution of ethnic federations ?

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

6 awesome things about Bernie Sanders

Blerf blerf farble warble glub wub noop noop noop pzzzzcheeeezzz...

The grin is real.....

China may have edge in race to build California's bullet train

Turkey Plans To Double Coal-Fired Capacity w/i Four Years

Group demands UC action against anti-Semitism on campuses

So I've started Season One of House of Cards now on Netflix.

Ken Burns: "BLACK LIVES MATTER-ALL LIVES MATTER" - "Our Cities & Towns Cannot Become Plantations"

High-level ex-staffer: 'I’d rather go to Iraq than work for' Carly Fiorina again

Jeb Bush's new Iraq strategy: Blame Obama

As another Bush prepares to run - never forget these crucial Iraq War quotes:

Israel rejects Swiss court ruling to pay Iran $1bn in oil debts from Shah's era

Obama’s favorability rating ticks higher

Satanists include GW Bush, Helen Keller...

Deputy FM asserts historic right to West Bank

Do nano-sunscreens harm sea life? Answer seems, yes

Dems downplay whispers of coup against Steny Hoyer

UPDATE: 300 weapons ( not 1000) recovered in Waco biker turf war.

Charles Blow: "We MUST love the brown bodies that the world would discard-even the "thugs""

Anyone here want to summarize Mr. O'Malley's position on Obama-era public school "reform"?

Palestinian bus separation saga: Israel cannot bury the damage done

The quest for status

The Little Black Dog In The Corner dog rescue by Anonymous Orlando, FL

NSA gets ready to turn out the lights. Or not...

DEA Agents Ran New Jersey’s Sleaziest Strip Club

Gyrocopter pilot who landed at White House indicted on six charges

Quote: O'Malley's Baltimore history will make him toxic to African Americans

The octopus can see with its skin

Pentagon’s $90 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ Comes Under Attack

House Republicans push to roll back environmental regulations.

Rachel Maddow - Nun imprisoned for nuclear weapons protest freed

President Obama @ Coast Guard Academy; The Cognitive Dissonance Elephant In The Crowd

Jeb Bush waffles on climate change

The Best States for Women In America

The Best States for Women In America

TPP may not address steel dumping / Will it keep China in check?

Japan takes South Korea to WTO over Fukushima-related food import restrictions

HOUSE-SENATE SPLIT ON REPATRIATION / GOP cool on gas-tax relief f/ mid-, lower-income

Bronte sisters power dolls

Does science have a liberal bias?

‘No immediate plans’ to bring case against U.S. over Volcker rule: Oliver

Existing Home Sales Decline 3.3% in April

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall Over Past Month to 15-Year Low

Jeb Bush: It's 'Just Really Arrogant' To Say The Science Is Decided On Climate Change


The Bush Brain, Chapter III

Rachel Maddow - Rand Paul protests NSA spying with marathon speech

The only difference between these guys and the Teabaggers?

FCC prepares for privacy rules

Domestic Violence Charges Against Ray Rice Dropped.

IRAQ:Iraq PM urges more Russia cooperation in anti-ISIL fight in Meeting with Mevedev/Lavrov

I am just an average Indian mom—and I want to find a husband for my son

A crane vs. Not 1, but 3 tigers

McDonald's: 'Union attack' on the brand

Audubon photo winners

Texas biker shootout expected to shed light on Ontario slaughter

Woman held captive in box found slain along with her son in Clinton, Mo.

Do you agree with FOX NEWS' attempt to subvert the democratic process...

U.S. leading indicators climb 0.7% in April

13 teraelectronvolts: World’s largest particle collider smashes energy level record

I am about to become a low-income organizer, on my own...

“We should not be ashamed of the war we conducted in Iraq.” — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR),

People with similar views closely mirror each others speech patterns / compromise promotes unity

25 Geniuses That Changed The World And Why They Were Crazy

Fact: You cannot own a pumpkin patch and also be a racist!

Seeing without eyes: Octopus's skin possesses the same cellular mechanism for detecting light as eye

Planet EARTH - Long story short.....

Self-driving trucks will be job-killers.

Yemen rebels attack Saudi border post as conflict heats up

With one false tweet, computer-based hack crash led to real panic

Hillary Clinton has fewer problems with the Democratic base than you might think

Woman Gets 24 Years in Jail for Fatally Pushing Man Onto Subway Tracks

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 21, 2015

How video gamers will be able to play in the cloud without guzzling gigabytes

Toward 'green' paper-thin, flexible electronics

What would it take to limit climate change to 1.5°C?

Hot Dog guide

Clever fish around the coast of Mallorca Island avoid fishing lines

Why my Guv endorsing HRC AT THIS TIME, pisses me off.

funny OLY ad

Woman behind sex abuse prevention bill blasts Alaska lawmakers for changing it

WE, the people.....

Republicans Compete Over Who Wants Most U.S. Troops in Iraq

Martin O'Malley is a Democrat.. this is so important to me

Senate takes key step toward passing fast-track for Obama

Our Long National Nightmare is Over - David Letterman

Melissa McCarthy's Response to a Sexist Reporter Deserves a Standing Ovation

Ecuador Just Set The World Record For Reforestation

Melissa McCarthy's Response to a Sexist Reporter Deserves a Standing Ovation

Ecuador Just Set The World Record For Reforestation

Just watch this ... so touching

Colombia Bans Monsanto’s RoundUp From Being Sprayed On Coca Plants

Dems in disarray in must-win Pennsylvania Senate race

When will we examine our heavily armed culture?

"Dangerous Persuasions" on the ID Channel

Walmart Training Video Will Scare You Away From Evil Mean Unions Forever

Trade bill clears Senate hurdle

Walmart Training Video Will Scare You Away From Evil Mean Unions Forever

I Think Mark Burnett Should Produce The Repug Clown Car Debates.....

If efficiency is a key to capitalism, the robots and automation are inevitable.

Pic Of The Moment: Well There's Your Problem

Greg Palast - on finding out that his book was in Osama Bin Laden's house

The NRA Rides To The Rescue Of Men Who Beat Up Their Dates In Louisiana

National Park Service Shouldn't Be Selling Branding Rights to a Beer Company

Jeb Bush says there's 'not a shred of evidence' NSA surveillance violated civil liberties

New Jersey’s Largest Teachers Union Takes Fight Over Pensions To Airwaves

Circumcision battle: Mom seeks release from jail after federal lawsuit is dismissed

Letter from a teacher - 10 REASONS I’M WALKING OUT

An old friend was recently diagnosed...

Conspiracy Theories that turned out not to be "Theories".

46-Bedroom Texas Mansion Hits the Market

Ted Cruz Wishes America Would Focus A Little Less On *******, A Little More On ISIS

Twisting the ‘lessons of history’ to authorise unjustifiable violence: the Mediterranean crisis

TPP/TPA question

Pit bull stolen, abused, abandoned — now has to be euthanized

Walmart anti-union training film (niyad posted in GD)

Defense strategy for the bikers in Texas - Sack Cartoon

U.S. Supreme Court orders 401(k) sponsors to do the right thing

HRC Room-Reminder to Hillary Clinton supporters that this safe haven is for you.

Obama: 'I don't think we're losing' fight with Islamic State: Atlantic

National Mediation Board certifies TWU-IAM two-union partnership at American Airlines ground workers

Please keep all of those looking for work or full time work in your prayers.


Obama Responds To GOPers Who Blame Him For Instability In Iraq

The Tea Party's Most Hated Presidential Hopeful?

Letterman: The final Top Ten list

Kelly Clarkson on Legal Weed, Supporting Hillary and Backgammon With Reba


Beer-drinking man wearing scuba gear causes disturbance at McDonald's restaurant (NOT Florida)

Russia can now legally destroy any organization in Russia on a whim.

No. 4 House Democrat Says Obama Doesn’t Have Trade Votes

The Bin Laden outrage nobody is talking about: What the government’s OBL “treasure trove” really rev

UN resolution to impose 18-month deadline on Palestinian state talks

HRC ROOM-Governor Shumlin of Vermont snubs Sanders and endorses Hillary!

Jeb Bush: 'Not A Shred Of Evidence' That Patriot Act Violated Anyone's Civil Liberties

‘Tillamook for Love’ forms on the spur of the moment during impromptu demonstration

Jeb Bush Blasts 'Intellectual Arrogance' in Climate Change Debate

87% of African Americans view Hillary Clinton favorably

Amash, Lewis, and House colleagues send letter to Senate - Urge stronger surveillance reforms

The Catholic Church’s American downfall: Why its demographic crisis is great news for the country

Sanders Statement on Senate Vote on Job-Killing Trade Bill

Legal Marijuana Cultivation Is Driving A Technology 'Revolution' In Industrial Agriculture

Hillary Clinton's Grassroots Campaign?

Minie Me haz hat.

1776: The Revolt Against Austerity

Sanders Says Senate Advance of TPA 'Put Interests of Corporations Ahead of Needs of Workers'

Fighters captured in Ukraine admit to serving in Russia's army: OSCE

Python. The Grail. Not just about shrubbery anymore.

Official: HFSF is totally out of the Greek Public control!

Is Islam a religion of war or peace? Both – and Muslims must decide, priest says

Illinois, Latest State to Oppose BDS, Takes Concrete Action against Boycotters

U.S. Focuses on Top Venezuelan Officials in a Broad Cocaine Inquiry

If you thought income inequality was bad, get a load of wealth inequality

A must read for Harry Potter fans. LOL!

Cornwall, England: lovestruck seal sent to females-only facility

How to copy a Post within an OP, to re-post elsewhere? Has to be a way, thanks.

Africa Needs NO Religion, for Peace and Development

My predictions about TPP.

"What has science ever done for you?" . . . Please come CAPTION Jeb Bush!!!

Daily Mirror owners must pay £1.2m to celebrity phone-hacking victims

Bernie Sanders: They have got to benefit the working families of our country..

Bernie Sanders: We must make this stop...

Obama to designate Tunisia as major non-NATO ally

The Intelligence Professionals of the CIA and other Top Secret American Security Institutions

It's Official-Fox News Viewers Are Really That Dumb

O'Malley , Maryland & campaign finance reform.

What Was the Worst State for Women This Week?

U.S. to deliver 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Iraq, Pentagon says

Republicans hope ISIS will help them fearmonger their way to the White House

If the fossil fuel industry actually had to pay for their health and environmental damage...

Letterman makes fun of Limbaugh's CPAC speech

Fun With Powdered Alcohol: You Can Stop Being Scared Now

Regarding TPP, if it passes: Do We The People have ANY recourse to prevent its implementation?

Why A Forceful U.S. Response To China’s Artificial Island-Building Won’t Float

PBS NewsHour-Will your job get outsourced to a robot?

Russia Deployed Nuclear-Capable Gear, NATO Commander Says

Consumers’ Expectations for U.S. Economy Drop Most Since 2013

Bernie Sanders: We must make this stop...

These are the 13 “Democratic” Senators who voted to rush through TPA

We Just Got a Bunch of Disappointing U.S. Economic Data

Activist Groups Statements Blasting Senate Advance of TPA

Bad News Keeps Flowing From Antarctica

Iowa Democrats flee Hillary Clinton over GMO support, Monsanto ties

Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal could be out as GOP limits first debate to top 10 hopefuls

A top GOP 2016 contender is 'living above his means' and...

Pups 23 days

Let's Party!!!!!

Obamacare: An Interview with Luis Lang, Ex-Republican, by Sam Seder of The Majority Report

Bill O’Reilly - Violent Pig or Just an Asshole? Or Both?

GOP want ad?

Lost Dog alert for Tucson AZ!

Nickelback "wanted for crimes against music" in Australia

If Trade Is War, It’s Time We Fought Back

Let's give a big, warm DU welcome to the clown car for Mark Everson!

Minnesota attorney general sues Savers thrift store chain

George W. Bush left **** all messed up for Obama to clean

Bernie Sanders can’t win: Why the press loves to hate underdogs

Jim Hightower tells us how he really feels about Obama's pushing the TPP.

Rand Paul pulls 10 1/2-hour talk-a-thon on Senate floor over NSA spy program

Smile; You're on Candid Camera

Witnesses: School nurse yells profanity, racial slur at 6th grader

I don't understand why I can't get a date. I..I'm a strong male but no matter what I do I can't.....

Wyoming Criminalizes taking Soil Samples and “Ecological” Photos on Public Lands

Here's a look into the way that campaign dirt is collected and defended; and the $'s it takes...


Boy Scouts’ President Calls for End to Ban on Gay Leaders

Duggar molestation charges-it was the sisters

Islamic State fighters overrun Iraqi govt lines east of Ramadi

Can Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton?

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Louisiana's Rape Problem Is Also a Cop Problem

OMFG ¯\_( ' - ' )_/¯ ON THE SENATE FLOOR

Sanders in CR for Hawkeye Labor Council June 13th

"conservative hostility to Keynes ... has been absolutely consistent for generations"

The double-decker clown car came rolling into town...

Palestinians facing death sentence in Egypt argue innocence

How many clowns can fit into a clown car?

America's "Moochers & Takers"

For some light-hearted reading: Hillary Clinton racks up rapper endorsements - HRC GROUP POST

New York City Republican Leaders Want George Pataki to Run for President

Colombia suspends over 500 mining projects over rights violations

NYSEG seeks a 10 percent hike in electricity rates

New Poll: Washington State Poll - Clinton way ahead of Republicans

There have been studies done about how different languages affect the development

Who needs "theories" when we have real life WAR CRIMES and incontrovertible evidence?

McCormick and Schmicks complimentary meals to U.S. military on Memorial Day.

I just might be the craziest sonofabitch in here today.

Hogan: No to education, Yes to prison.

Scott Walker misses jobs promise by about 121,000 jobs

Update in Kitty: Boy, you never know!

"Labor Minute" - short recordings about labor on WFSU-FM

Do you trust the "intelligence" from the CIA?

FBI gave Garland ample warning ahead of jihadi attack on cartoon contest, McCaul says

Cancer Can Kill Your Pocketbook

House advances bill shielding pastors, churches from suits for refusal to assist gay weddings

The Public Hates SCOTUS, the tool of the wealthy...

Lawmakers pass bill allowing driver's licenses for young immigrants


DuPont Gets Away With Murder

Press Conference on Freddie Gray Case

Louisiana House wants Bobby Jindal's office to pay for his travel expenses

Rape suit highlights Rikers protection push

Press Conference on Freddie Gray

New Attica documents detail more brutality during '71 riot

Breaking in Baltimore- Grand Jury indicts cops

CNN, AP reports: six officers indicted in death of Freddie Gray

PPP Poll - Sanders 24%

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu signs his own executive order, responds to Gov. Bobby Jindal

Does anyone here think it's a good idea to place more power

OK Senator...You can go down into the secret cavern and read the trade treaty.

Boris Johnson: Move Welsh and Scottish water to England

The Latest on Waco shooting: Neighbor eatery sues Twin Peaks

A little friendly competition between the Bernie and Hillary camps perhaps?

A little friendly competition between the Bernie and Hillary camps perhaps?

A little friendly competition between the Bernie and Hillary camps perhaps?

David Letterman's Funniest Political Jokes

Kitty hurt in fire, recovers, becomes therapy critter

New Mexico ranchers, farmers sue over jaguar border habitat

Did Authorities in New York City Lose More than 1,300 Confiscated Knives?

Poet Aja Monet Confronts Police Brutality Against Black Women With #SayHerName

Baltimore Grand Jury Indicts Six Officers in Freddie Gray's Death

Nursing home chain asks judge to dismiss NM lawsuit

Melungeons explore mysterious origins at local gathering (Asheville Citizen-Times)

Eastern Washington

Christian Terrorism Plot Not Newsworthy, Targets Were Muslim

A little bit of duct tape...

a different rose, David Austin's Alnwick,

Stand Your Ground Laws Make No Sense

The ‘Splainer: ‘Gifts’ of Pentecost and Shavuot

No more impunity for Romero's murder, says El Salvador prosecutor

Does Anyone Here Know If There Is A Way To Track A Sen or Rep's Net Worth When They Ran Their First.

Duggar sibling sexually assaulted sisters, another female, according to police report

No more impunity for Romero's murder, says El Salvador prosecutor

mildly mocking cartoon was nearly voted to be Hidden on Discussionist. IF you think Conservatives

Akai Gurley’s partner slams rookie cops, NYCHA in wrongful death lawsuit

The GOP Voter Base Is Dying Off

Fewer and Fewer Americans Own Guns

NYC food cart vendor facing $600 in fines for hiking up hot dog prices for tourists: officials

Thom Hartmann: It's Illegal to Disclose the Details of "Obamatrade"

The 14-year-old music prodigy who left his home in Guatemala for Los Angeles

Thom Hartmann: Debt Slavery...the New Normal for Students?

The 14-year-old music prodigy who left his home in Guatemala for Los Angeles

Thom Hartmann: End the Bankster’s Get Out of Jail Free Card

Final tax-cut snag cleared by House committee vote

Election 2016: Chris Christie Delivered Profanity-Laced Tirade At NJ Press Dinner

Two Unarmed Black Men Shot by Olympia, Washington, Cop

What Is Behind the Controversy in El Salvador's Recent Elections?

Glenn Beck Calls for the Repeal of Federal Drug Prohibition

It's people like these why we can't afford to lose the White House in 016

GOP blocks Warren trade bill demanding transparency

Officer Orozco was killed with a 9MM semi-auto handgun with a 50 round magazine content warning

Argentina's Fernandez Signs Railway Nationalization Bill

Abbott Says Texas Will Work to Follow Prison Rape Law

Senate Moves to Reform Driver Responsibility Program

The Dodgers came to San Francisco and laid three goose eggs

Flavor Flav arrested in Vegas, suspected of impaired driving

Krauthammer just compared the President to Baghdad Bob

Josh Duggar Admits Molestation, Resigns from Family Research Council

Dad will be so proud when I visit him for Memorial Day

If there are no borders for multi-nationals, there should be no borders for people.

Justice Department eyes voting reforms for American Indians

Honolulu mayor vetoes expanded sit-lie ban

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 May 2015

“He told me, ‘Just as I killed your son, I can kill you, too’

Day three of Tweety - this is delish

Union bulletin: Gov. Rauner wants wage freeze, vacation and holiday time reductions

Washington officer shoots men accused of earlier beer theft

Jim Bob Duggar Didn't Report Son Josh's Alleged Sex Offenses For More Than A Year

OBAMA Fires Back At GOP Blaming HIM Rather Than Themselves For Instability In Iraq

5-20-15 On this day Labor History the year was 1926 in 2:00

The original flying red horse:

5-20-15 On this day Labor History the year was 1926 in 2:00

5-20-15 On this day Labor History the year was 1926 in 2:00

U.S. Military Confirms First Civilian Casualties In War Against Islamic State

HRC ROOM-Hillary Clinton sets a date for her first big 2016 campaign rally

Oh My~

Son of former Honduras president arrested in Haiti

U.S. vows to continue patrols after China warns spy plane

Black Hole found, 12 Billion x Solar Mass. Thats a "B". Black hole at center of MW is ~4 Million SM.

Student loses again on bid to wear eagle feather in cap during graduation ceremony

Local police tied to killing of mayoral candidate in Mexico

Ancient Wolf DNA Could Solve Dog Origin Mystery

Sheriff’s Office Claims Infant at Fault for SWAT Team Blowing His Face Apart with Grenade

In 1993, Sen. Sanders debated Speaker Boehner over single-payer health care

Did I have a TREAT today!

How is she doing?

Roger Waters to Dionne Warwick: “when an artist says no she really means yes”

Morsi to leave to Turkey with Saudi mediation

Why is age discrimination ok?

Illinois lawmakers pass marijuana decriminalization bill

Jeb Bush: It's 'Intellectual Arrogance' To Agree With Scientists About Humans Driving Climate Change

Bill Mc Kibben along with Ben & Jerry, to speak at Bernie's Kickoff event Tuesday

Hillary Clinton Super PAC Struggles to Raise Money