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What we are up against is the way many people define socialism.

I'd Love to change the world

Ex-Reagan adviser: Fox News is ‘self-brainwashing’ Republicans into a radical fringe party

DA Ismael Ozanne will review a recent Scott Walker #WEDC audit to determine ...

Ohio governor Kasich all but declares 2016 presidential run

Remember when the Giants scored 10 runs to 0 against the Dodgers in 3 games?

We can Only Hope Josh Duggar has a Similar Fate.

Is there ever going to be a movie of "The Catcher in the Rye"?

ISDS up close and personal: Philip Morris, FUD vs TPP

had an interesting conversation with neighbor teen.

Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

Rowdy Teenagers in a Hotel Swimming Pool

Progressives Expose Truth About TPP — Obama Is Terrified

May 24

What will happen to Josh Duggar?

They’re all still lying about Iraq: The real story about the biggest blunder in American history —

Jeb's got a monkey on his back....

The New Yorker: Why are there so many shuttered storefronts in the West Village?

Texas and Oklahoma: 3 dead after record rains unleash dangerous flooding

7 ways Bernie Sanders could transform America

Is there hope

The Tea Calendar

Sanders to Launch Campaign at Burlington's Waterfront Park

Ruling Party Loses Hold as Leftists Surge in Spain

Just to be clear, business owners don't have to bake child molesters a cake, right?

Sanders Endorsees Decline to Return the Favor

Shapiro will NOT run for Senate in 2016 (vs. Toomey)

New Orleans housing authority cop shot, killed

Fox News Takes Control of the GOP Primary

KGO-TV freelance producer fired after suggesting police shoot Oakland protesters

Turning GIFs Into Fine Art

Anyone here close enough to Fayetteville, AR, to attend city council meetings?

This Veteran’s Job Was Discharging Gay Sailors In The Navy — But He Had A Secret

ISIS Kills 400 in Palmyra

“Mad Max” Is A Feminist Playbook For Surviving Dystopia

L.A. advertising newsletter PennySaver shuts down; hundreds lose their jobs

Gouging the Sick: Hightower on TPP

Figured since we've got some fight vids up starring women...

MASH on TCM now.

Insidious Super PAC Money May Prove Perilous On the Road to the White House

What are you reading the week of Sunday, May 24, 2015?

Russian woman accidentally shoots herself while taking selfie

Santa Fe police: Hikers discover inert bomb on Rowe Mesa

World's biggest American alligator caught by Alabama family goes on display

King Of The Apple Haters

ObamaCare is going to be the fatal blow to the GOP that will take a beating for 10 or 15 years.

Retail store cleaners file class action lawsuit, set strike date

Retail store cleaners file class action lawsuit, set strike date

Retail store cleaners file class action lawsuit, set strike date

Watch the World’s Smallest Penguins Take New York

Benevolent God Smites Missouri Golf Course With Giant Sinkhole

A fact that will freak you out. In less than three years...

U.N. disarmament talks collapse

TLC Confirms They Have Officially Axed the Duggars From Their Programming Lineup

Josh Duggar jokes about brother dating sister in 2008.

This is the best essay yet on the whole sleazy Duggar mess:

Corporations and legislators vote on bills together behind closed doors at ALEC. Unbelievable.

GOP Lawmakers Rip Obama for not Being Faithful Enough to Saudi Arabia

Oh no~

The Latest on weather: Tornado warnings for Kansas, Missouri

"unobtrusive, pervasive, lethal"

Military commanders investigated over FARC attack that killed 11 soldiers

R.I.P. Anne Meara

Military commanders investigated over FARC attack that killed 11 soldiers

Very good series of articles in The Toronto Star

Meezer Update! (Part Two)

Colombian paramilitary warlord wanted in US freed from jail

Josh Duggar Appears to Make a Joke About Dating Siblings in Video

Center that "treated" Duggar was investigated by Indiana Child Protective Services.

Nuland in Moscow: Cold Shower After Sunny Sochi

Dog solves a problem.

A Hyla cinerea, but I like to call him Buttons.

Police destroy pressure cooker near Capitol and arrest suspect

Official: Syrian army preparing for counterattack on Islamic State

Venezuela to Launch Subsidized Food Program for Teachers

Commentary: China-LatAm win-win cooperation gives lie to neocolonialism accusations

Elizabeth Warren is calling for public hearings on banks

Mexico Shootout Update: Photos Raise Questions About Whether Police Planted Guns

Nevada’s most distinctive cause of death linked to run-ins with the law

Julian Castro defends Hillary Clinton as veep chatter grows: Benghazi probe like a ‘witch hunt’

Businesses quietly switch to dollar in socialist Venezuela

Tourists capture rescue of giant anaconda

Watched the Memorial Day concert from D.C.

Ecuador seizes cocaine bound for China

Legislators Allegedly Meet With Lobbyists In Closed Door Savannah Gathering

Lake Mead says reading showing 8 foot drop was an error

Paraguay Official Sentenced for Illegal Sale of Indigenous Lands, Faces Other Charges

Carmakers’ automated dilemma: How to keep drivers from feeling robotic

Please, could everyone just stfu about the Duggars.

US Army to Train Paraguay Soldiers Amid Militarization Concerns

Monk dubbed 'Buddhist Bin Laden' targets Myanmar's persecuted Muslims

Iraq War Veteran Confronts Karl Rove

The Caveman’s Home Was Not a Cave

Kenyan rockhound finds oldest known stone tool

Pentagon report predicted West’s support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS by Nafeez Ahmed

Bacteria eat electricity and convert it into biofuel

News Analysis: IS Tool For Remapping Arab Region: Experts

Presque Isle Sunset - Lake Superior Shoreline - Marquette, Michigan 5-23-15

Jessa Duggar’s Father-In-Law Says Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Should Be Commended

Hobby Lobby billionaire behind the Christian counseling center that treated Josh Duggar

Is Fox "news" actually helping the GOP Lose Elections?

Bernie Sanders for President group on Facebook.

Arkansas school board caught cyber-bullying student advocate for LGBT rights

What's 6 feet 6 inches, has giant pecs, and is stalking an Australian suburb?

The TPP is part of The Big Club, and you ain't in it.

Bernie Sanders Tweet Brigade TODAY at 6:30 pm est

Why aren’t the banksters in prison? A criminal conspiracy "on a massive scale,"

It is so good that President Obama was elected twice and

Your Guide to the Bernie Sanders kickoff from the Burlington VT Free Press

Daily Holidays - May 25

Strong Quake Rattles Tokyo Area, No Damage or Injury Reports

After 50 years of hostility, neglected U.S. mission in Havana shows its age

The science of rat empathy and what it tells us about human kindness

Abortion bill battle comes to near blows for two Republicans on House floor

Dozens arrested, cited after Northern California protest

Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly Reportedly Abused His Wife in Front of His Daughter

Perils of Globalization When Factories Close and Towns Struggle


TPP Partner Nation: Dozens of graves, trafficking camps found in Malaysia

Hundreds Are Dying in a Blistering Heat Wave Sweeping Across India

A first aid kit for ransomware infections

Bernie Sanders: Hands Off Social Security

May unity in Omaha be the legacy of Officer Kerrie Orozco

Redford to college graduates: World needs you; be fearless

Online Commenter Warned About Josh Duggar 8 Years Ago: "Precious Josh" Could Do No Wrong

Jesus is a political prisoner: An American history of Christianity’s corruption

Catholic Church Ponders Future After Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Ireland

Anybody know of any country that gives its citizens an income because

Underground Boston Theater May Come Alive Again

Breastfeeding protects against environmental pollution

Family Who Lost Dog In Superstorm Sandy Gets Huge Surprise At Adoption Shelter

Ex-Pedophile Shares Tips On How To Make Your Kids Less Attractive

Did the US DIA see ISIL as a strategic Ally against al-Assad in 2012?

Humans Cross Another Danger Line for the Planet

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant: IAEA Report Slams Japan For Not Acting On Tsunami Danger Knowledge

A surprising ‘yes’ vote from DiFi on medical marijuana use

I have an old doll I'd like to get repaired. I've googled and I can't

AP: Skimpy insurance seen by Democrats as next health care issue (2016)

Greece warns it has 'no money' to make IMF debt repayments

Um, how many Republicans have announced they're running for President?

Paul Krugman on economics and technology

What I don't understand is why anyone in the West is surprised

Camp cold lunch ideas needed.

Are there Fox Democrats?

Malaysia: Human traffickers' camps had 139 suspected graves

Obama to mark Memorial Day but questions linger over Afghanistan troops

Wyden and TPP

Obama downplays U.S.-Israeli rift

BP would need to bring equipment from Texas to contain South Australia oil spill

A Brief Reminder of Why Julian Castro is THE VP of Choice for Any Nominee

Solar aircraft to be flown across the Pacific in world record bid - 5 continuous days and nights

Monday Toon Roundup 1:Memorial Day

Solar aircraft to be flown across the Pacific in world record bid

Why So Many Jobs Are Crappy

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Airbag Party

Solar aircraft to be flown across the Pacific in world record bid

Monday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

Monday Toon Roundup 3: Rights

Senate fails to resolve standoff over Patriot Act

Be safe; protect your family.

Who Are You? Do You Know?

Duggargate -- an observation

Here is my email to the TLC Channel:

GOP dishonesty on ISIS and Iraq

Tunisian soldier shoots seven dead at military base

Australian politics Bill Heffernan vows to block any US beef imports under Trans-Pacific Partnershi

Republicans navigate the new politics of energy abundance

Iranian Revolutionary Guard leader says US has ‘no will’ to fight Islamic State group

Jeb Bush has released his official campaign slogan.

Memorial Day

Coast Guard responding to boat's fuel spill in heavy seas of southern Cook Inlet

POLL: Meme of the Week – May 25th

AK Gov. Walker strengthens ties with oil industry in Slope tour

Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful.

Gaza honey production stung by Israeli policies

We're pals.

I didn't serve in Vietnam for freedom...

South African rhino survives horrific attack by poachers (UPDATED & photo)

Some professionals' writing on sexual activity among siblings and cousins.

Eric Holder: No such thing as "too big to jail"

what ever happened to the GOP's "replace" for Obamacare?

Launching campaign, Sanders appeals to party's Warren wing

AP: Launching campaign, Sanders appeals to party's Warren wing

Normal families don’t do reality shows

George Bush Ranks Above Stalin And Genghis Khan In World’s Most Hated People

Public Health Complaint Registry Still Needed in Marcellus Shale Region:

Arlington Cemetery Gravestones Honor America's Fallen Soldiers Of Every (And No) Faith

Sanders worries of ‘political gossip’ dominating campaign coverage

Life in the slow lane

Found this interesting set of statistics:

Fayette County  Injection Wells at Lochgelly (WV) Stir Controversy

Fayette County  Injection Wells at Lochgelly (WV) Stir Controversy

Did President Obama Just Have a Very Good Week?

Ack! I just cut into a field mouse nest while shoveling up an abandoned raised bed that had gotten

Businesses quietly switch to dollar in socialist Venezuela

Petition urging the Fayette County Commission to ban industrial waste dumping,

Bernie Sanders warns Democratic rivals for presidency: don't underestimate me.

Stupidest music video you can think of...

The U.S. military is a national security threat

This guy is selling other people's Instagram pics for $100,000 a pop

The U.S. Navy Spent $744 Million to Build a Robotic Fighter Jet -- and Now Wants to Throw It Away

The likely cause of addiction has been found and it's not what you think

EU plans to combat trafficking 'moronic and delusional' say government advisers

Republicans, Family Research Council and Josh Duggar Are A Match Made In Heaven

MaddowBlog: this week in God 5/23/15: hypocracy

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina slams starving migrants as 'mentally sick'

Kurt Vonnegut's advice.....

Federal ruling calls future of Diablo Canyon reactors into question

MaddowBlog: What hypocrisy is (and what it isn’t)


Michael J. Keegan receives ANA & Beyond Nuclear "Judith Johnsrud Unsung Hero Award" at DC Days

TYT: Sam Harris & Noam Chomsky Trade Nasty Emails Until A Winner Emerges...

Yemen clashes rage in south as peace talks postponed

Post an iconic sports photo

Duda victory sends shockwaves through Polish politics


The bad intelligence (This Modern World Toon)

Paul Krugman- The Big Meh

Pick some flowers today.

Public Citizen blogs: FEC, Warren right on fast track, gut WS reform, 'pay-to-delay' suit, EPA bat

Why Young People Don’t Want to Run For Office

Creepy 'Game' Gets Sex Offender Busted

"Texas Rising" History channel's shift from Nazis to TeaBaggers. LIOTTA goes "nuts on the Mexicans"

NY Times: Carly Fiorina Talks, Iowa Swoons, as Polls Shrug

China Getting Panicky Over U.S.-led Pacific Trade Deal

Godless in Dixie/Openly Secular

Memorial Day and US Marine General Smedley Butler

Senator Sanders: It's True. He's Not an Obama.

''There are only two things we should fight for.'' -- Maj. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler

Every Year, A Lone Marine Holds Salute For Fallen Soldier

The Letter to Mrs. Bixby

Nature faces off against politics in North Carolina

Ripe for Change: Garden-Based Learning in Schools

Bob Woodward providing cover for Bush crimes and blame for Obama

a memorial day salute to the Dixie Chicks.

In case no one published this image from last week...

Oklahoma health care providers speak out on proposed SoonerCare cuts

Cold weather kills 20 times more people than hot

Niko the French Bulldog doesn't really want to talk about it;

Louisiana Breaks Off Trade Relations with Ireland / revealed by Andy Borowitz

May all those who have fallen in battle defending this nation rest in peace.

EU dropped plans for safer pesticides because of TTIP and pressure from US

Luang Prabang-Dave Van Ronk(for Memorial Day)

Utah is winning the war on chronic homelessness with 'Housing First' program

Turkey and US "Agree in Principle" to Provide Air Support to Syrian Rebels

Borderline interesting

Palestinians in Israel protest against home destruction

Clearest Photo Ever Of Ceres' Bright Spots Still Doesn't Answer Mystery

Noam Chomsky Vietnam War Remembered

Noam Chomsky Vietnam War Remembered

4th biggest Cable Company to Buy 2nd biggest cable company

Bernie Sanders Aims To Catch On With Elizabeth Warren-Backing Democrats

Just when you think you've seen everything

Hidden gems in your cable package?

OMG. Some tea party types oppose the TPP. What to do?

Russia Plans to Use Prison Labor for 2018 World Cup


Shiloh a dog rescue by Britiany Koopman Phoenix, AZ

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 22 May 2015

Toddlers and trash: TLC’s freak shows were bound to explode

does anyone know of a cancer support group in

Creationist: If evolution is true, then it wasn’t wrong for Josh Duggar to molest his sisters

Made my first batch of Canna Coconut Oil

Northern Ireland: even vacuum cleaners can get married

Mayor de Blasio heading to Albany Wednesday to push his agenda

Arkansas Republican calls for firing of police chief who released Duggar arrest report.


Hillary, TPP, the World of Money, and the Center for American Progress

Bernie's agenda for a new progressive America..

No GD, Obama is no Bernie Sanders. Obama is a one of a kind and you will miss

“There Is No Alternative!” Sound familiar? and The “iron lady”

Hillary Clinton: I learned the meaning of Memorial Day from my father, Hugh

Could these Conservative Religous right-wing zealots causing these dereange actions?

Tweaking your brain with magnets makes you LESS religious

Anyone here have a I-502 License or Application ?

Committee plans memorial for 1934 Minneapolis strikes

gracious, he's a good-looking boy

Committee plans memorial for 1934 Minneapolis strikes

Pope's pronouncements making trouble for GOP Catholics

Committee plans memorial for 1934 Minneapolis strikes

on a day when we honor the war dead, let us not forget Jeff Sessions

Cornel West: The question becomes, what is the relationship between that president and Wall Street?

The Latest on weather: 12 people missing in Texas floods

Elderly Catholic nuns get care at Jewish nursing home

U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 25, Memorial Day

Give 'em hell Bernie sign...

BERNIE goes to College...

AP: In Rhode Island, residents gush about paid family leave (think 2016)

Obama pays tribute to fallen service members at Arlington

Something I whipped up for dinner last night - yes, includes a pic! Gotta try it

We're ReadyToBern up Twitter: Join the Twitter Storm: Wake Up the Media

Homemade mayonnaise?

Why Are There So Many Shuttered Storefronts in the West Village?

American Pharoah loves the mud....

The Koch brothers try to rein in the GOP presidential clown show

AZ Woman Gets Prison For Running Over Husband Because Obama Won In 2012

Cat Can't Stop Hugging Dog After 10 Days Apart

Happy loser day, Donald!

Regarding the Judge who ordered Josh Duggar's

Which Country Will Be First to Go Completely Underwater Due to Climate Change?

Puddles Pity Party - Hallelujah

Charter Said to Be Near Deal to Buy Time Warner Cable

*If Any Charter School Needs a Union, It’s Urban Prep*

Pit bull stolen, abused, abandoned — now has to be euthanized

Obama VS. Warren – The Battle Over TPP

There may not be an official military draft, but there seems to be a virtual one

How TLC Went From The Learning Channel To Home Of Honey Boo Boo

Marking Memorial Day

When can we celebrate 9/12 ?

More than 500 people killed as heat wave bakes parts of India

In honor of all veterans and those in my family...

From today's LA Times: Toilet to Tap.

NRA Gifts 25K Loaded Guns to Random Nonmembers on Memorial Day

China warned over 'insane' plans for new nuclear power plants

Whenever I hear "TPP" I think of toilet paper urine.

What is the History of Memorial Day?

Buffett: Better Than Raising the Minimum Wage

Media Executives Are Salivating Over Big Money Flooding the 2016 Election Cycle

Hashtag ideas?

Chris Hedges: Our Mania for Hope Is a Curse

Hillary marches in home town Memorial Day Parade-HRC ROOM

18 shot this weekend in Baltimore

We Are Fracking Away Our Democracy

Catholic Church under scrutiny

A Fatal Month for Selfie Photographers; Why is it So Dangerous? - DIY Photography

The latest "defender" of Josh Duggar weighs in...

About the TPP, don't be like Charlie Brown

Remembering my Grandfather on this day....

Another Prominent Republican Presidential Heavyweight with Josh Duggar.

Fighter Jets Scramble Following Reports of Multiple Threats to Passenger Planes, Officials Say

Syrian Warplanes Batter Jihadists In Ancient Palmyra

Allies Bicker As Islamic State Threatens To Kill Hundreds

Warning Over Religious Believers in Chinese Communist Party Ranks

Senator Sanders seems to be a fan of the Pope.

Cluster Bombs Are Not Good For Children, Hillary

AT&T: Net Neutrality Rules Violate Our First Amendment Rights

Cleveland Reaches Settlement With Justice Department Over Police Conduct

ISIS v.s. 3D Printing

They’re all still lying about Iraq: The real story about the biggest blunder in American history

Howard Zinn on Memorial Day

New Memorial Day for Veterans Dying From Lack of Health Care

Why the last of the JFK files could embarrass the CIA

Wall Street Insiders Admit To Witnessing Crimes

Today's adventure

Schoolgirl’s tearful speech exposes how Jehovah’s Witnesses silence women to protect rapists

Japan Inc not as keen as Abe government on nuclear power -Reuters poll

HRC Room Have you now or ever been a member of third way?

Taking the pulse of DU.

Here is one more reason to oppose TTP

Magical butter machine discouont

MO Officer Resigns Prior to Shooting: Police shoot and kill unarmed man after foot chase

Ebola: 35 new cases in the past week in Guinea and Sierra Leone, 14 deaths

Hillary Group: Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win

100.4 F in Sylvester, GA, summer is here

FDA ticks off first drug to treat radiation sickness after nuclear disasters

It's Not Rude: These Portraits Of Wounded Vets Are Meant To Be Stared At (GRAPHIC WARNING)

BB King may have been poisoned, daughters allege

Jon Gomm - Passionflower

Fox News Makes You Dumb – And The GOP Is Worried

President Obama Moved the Overton Window to the Left

Today in America. Nailed.

I feared for my life

'Ugly' potential fallout from Supreme Court health care case

New documents show cost of Russian floating nuclear power plant skyrockets

Another dead whale washes ashore on Bay Area beach

Birmingham doc admits to $11M fraud for unneeded surgeries

I posted this at Discussionist for the conservatives who blame Obama for Iraq and forget history...

Hillary Rodham-Clinton comments on Wal-Mart in 1990

Pulling the Cosmic Trigger: The Contact Experiences of Philip K Dick & Robert Anton Wilson

T.K. Jones, 82, Dies; Arms Official Saw Nuclear War as Survivable

Abortion bill battle comes to near blows on House floor

My annual repost. Returning the Rising Sun flag to Japan

All gave some...Some gave all...And this evil SOB...

Colombia resumes talks with FARC rebels

Is there anyone more miserable than Charles Krauthammer?

Poem for Memorial Day: Dulce Et Decorum Est (as read by Mike Malloy)

Gov. Abbott: ‘This is the highest flood recorded in state of Texas’

Old Story: The story of the Lone Marine

Dolphin dies at Vancouver aquarium, despite surgery

Mexican tornado near Texas border kills 13

My wife's family learned her uncle was dead days after the celebrations of Victory Europe.

Mexican tornado near Texas border kills 13

General Wes Clark reminded us of PNAC plan to destabilize the Middle East. Video.

Bears release Ray McDonald after new domestic violence arrest

Hillary's words about giving Iraq the gift of freedom...will be hard to forget.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Over 180,000 Marine Mammals May Die in Navy's Arctic War Games

Pups 27 days old

I just watched "Inequality for All" with Robert Reich.

Nine More States Comply With Federal Prison Rape Law, But DOJ Rejects Texas Governor's Letter

It will be interesting to see how congress handles flood relief for Texas

My husband said, "It felt like a present day." What a guy. :D

First Lady Michelle Obama Remarks at 2015 Oberlin College Commencement

Agent: 'Lawrence of Arabia' star Omar Sharif has Alzheimer's

Texas windstorm reform passes House

Some of my irises are in bloom

Politico: Vermont's Favorite Underdog

Ruling may gut 'Obamacare,' but Republicans would feel the heat if millions lose subsidies

Let's Mess Around :)

Thanks USA. Our politics now has a fixed election