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Democracy: Do we REALLY want it?

One more Iris and Yellow Begonia

A few images from the past few weeks

The sun room is empty, all the big boys are out on the deck awaiting trims, (pic heavy)

Lake Dam at Bastrop St. Park failed; Williamson County urges resident near Brushy Creek to evacuate

"Hillary Clinton and the Manipulation of Populism"--The Essence of American Politics

More bad weather for Texas

I was one of thousand's to say goodbye to Officer Kerrie Orozco today by OS

+++++ May Photo Contest Winners +++++

My thoughts on Bernie for President

Winners now posted in GD

Some of my Iris in bloom and yellow begonia

Texas Rising on History Channel tonight

Bernie Sanders signs are everywhere as Burlington VT prepares for presidential announcement party.

Closest view yet of Ceres! ..... holy shit, it IS an alien mining operation

Marvel's Daredevil is Netflix's Highest Rated TV Show

NYC-based investment firm helps Detroit residents pay water bills, avoid shutoff

Big Props to Wells Fargo and their two Mommy adoption commercial.

I hate right wingers!

"If Zen Riddles Were For Millenials." Born after 1980? You'll understand.

Why Did Suprax remain patented an extra 12 years?

Excellent little sleeper of a film. "Living is easy with eyes closed."

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Forgetting to Remember!! & a new Kitteh gif

Visited Normandy this month for the first time.

They’re all still lying about Iraq: The real story about the biggest blunder in American history — a

"Now that you know, what will you do?"

Why Citizens United Just Scratches the Surface

You are my Sunshine

You could argue that John Kerry is not a liberal.

2015. What are the BEST BOOKS you've read this year?

Senate votes to add restrictions to judicial abortion process for minors


When more people vote

I explored today

ALERT: Robert Reich's "Inequality for All" available as DVD on NETFLIX: Trailer & Recs:

California Is Giving Free Solar Panels to the Poor

White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land-Eric Andersen and Wyclef Jean(Phil Ochs cover)

Duggar Supporter Mike Huckabee Also Supported Early Parole Of Rapist Who Murdered After Release

Mike Malloy - The Complete Breakdown Of Civil Law

Why Iraq's Military Has No Will to Fight

Mike Malloy - Pipeline Accidents On The Rise


California Gov. Pitches Traffic Fine Amnesty For Poor

Woodward Says Dubya Didn't Lie about WMDs.

Jeb Bush to get own home at family compound in Kennebunkport

Please pray for all beings

THIS is what Healthcare is all about ...

What message would we send if we quickly rejected Bernie and crowned HRC?

Here's How Republicans Handed Hillary Clinton a Big Fat Opportunity on Social Security

Flashback: Republicans Block VA Benefits

Volcano erupts in Galapagos Islands, home to unique pink iguanas

Russia begins massive air force exercise

Regardless of some bullshit concern trolling over Obama's "legacy"...

Is there a need to renew a 2 year Verizon FIOS contract? Everything I do results in

Rest home fire in central China kills 38

Bernie Sanders signs are everywhere as Burlington VT prepares for Presidential announcement party

For you cannabis and other herb extractors out there

‘The wrong side of history': Artists hold Confederate flag burnings in 13 Southern states

Westboro Baptist Church gets Ireland's flag wrong and declares it hates the Ivory Coast

Has the Democratic Debate Schedule been finalized?

George McGovern's loss had nothing to do with "liberalism".

Male Texas lawmakers nearly fistfight on House floor after GOP women defect from anti-abortion bill

Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

Hip-hop/rap recommendations?

Brazil prison riot leaves 8 dead, officials say

Lawsuit claims cops broke hip of elderly black man in Georgetown

A la izquierda en Espana: Voters in Spain go hard left

went to visit my uncle's grave today.

TOM TOMORROW: Iraq - The "Bad Intelligence"

Texas Gov Greg Abbott presser today

The Search for Heroes and Villains

Technocrats, the Third Way and the Death of Diversity

Chinese Own Waldorf Astoria. Has Made $46 Billion In Investments Last 5 Years.

Okay Hillary Supporters, I have an idea.

It is Not Yet an Elegy

Masturbating men ‘will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,’ ‘claims Muslim televangelist’

The first in a series of stories about conflict photographers is a fascinating read. . .

Venezuela is facing 'a very serious blow to the regime'

Say Goodbye to the Holocene Epoch

Bush/Cheney Et Al Squandered Lives Of Our Soldiers With A War Based On Lies.

What is War Good FOr

The Skyscraper-Topping Airport Manhattan Might Have Had

Please pray for me as I go through a relationship separation.

“The party of white people”: How the Tea Party took over the GOP, armed with all the wrong lessons f

Bill to reduce marijuana penalties in Louisiana passes full Senate

Coverage of Sen. Bernie Sanders kickoff tomorrow on The Ed Show

Diplomats fume as Foreign Ministry powers divided among 6 ministers

Twitter Storm For Bernie Today Reached nearly 6 Million People!

Rio Rancho police officer shot

Almost Half of America's Biggest Cities Are Basically Built Like Giant Suburbs

The Search for Heroes and Villains


Bernie Sanders never told us to stop criticizing Hillary's Wall Street dependency

Bernie Sanders: 'Maybe I shouldn't say this: I like Hillary Clinton'

"The American People are Angry"! The Speech that could help Bernie win in 2016

WTF "Ireland captured through Gay Army, Satan on the March in West"

Florida Man beat relative over how she cooked eggs

The Babayagas’ house, a feminist alternative to old people’s homes, opens in Paris.

I need some help, can someone please give me the links to

Chomsky: "Manufacturing Consent" after 30 years

A little bit of Soap

The Tales We Tell to Cope With Unwinnable Wars

Status (renewal/cancellations) for UK shows

Republicans for Bernie

Report: Iran Summons Saudi Envoy Over Yemen Strike

Jebbie is building a house on the Family Compound....

Grandpa Serving Life Sentence for Pot Now Eligible for Parole

The Caribbean and Climate Change: An Ocean Runs Through It?

Kirkland and Bellingham in WA have a couple of the greenest roads in America

See the Hidden-Camera Stunt That Convinced Companies to Support Educating Girls

AT&T: Net Neutrality Rules Violate Our First Amendment Rights

Daily Holidays - May 26

Is it surprising that DU has rallied around the most liberal candidate running?

Westboro Baptist idjits screw up the Irish flag

Iraq announces launch of operation to drive IS from Anbar

Soap on a Rope

Stunning 36 percent rise in US visits to Cuba since January

Indigenous beauty queen chosen in Ecuador

Grisly Human Trafficking Discoveries May Doom Obama's Troubled Trade Strategy

Revolutionary Life: the Inspirational Salvadoran Maria Guardado

The CIA Is Shuttering a Secretive Climate Research Program

Bolivia: 15 Years After the Cochabamba Water Revolt, Echoes in New Cases of Corporate Abuse

Labor’s Enemies Wear Black Robes, Not White Hoods

Austin breaks 120-year-old record for rainfall in May: 16.72 inches at Camp Mabry

Ancient Titicacans Survived Brutal Brawls And Cranial Surgery, Skeletons Show

Ancient Titicacans Survived Brutal Brawls And Cranial Surgery, Skeletons Show

Did early humans communicate with cave signs?

Slippery Slope Sends Curiosity Rover On A New Route Across Mars

(Social) Liberals are enjoying a comeback

The male suicides: Social perfectionism is killing men — and things are getting worse

Police: 13 officers missing following attack; 5 injured

European stocks fall as Greek debt plight looms

ISS Might Be Getting a Laser Cannon Upgrade for Space Debris

The trouble with the bubble.

Company goons attacked United Auto Workers organizers at the “Battle of the Overpass”

The Latest: Harris County residents warned to not leave home

Blind dog now has her own seeing eye dogs

Jon Stewart, Iraq War Critic, Runs a Program That Helps Veterans Enter TV

Joe Arpaio asks public to pay legal fees, laments: I have to pay for my own lawyers!

George Pataki to announce presidential bid Thursday

Morning Musume ~Beyond the Time and Space

Profiting from the aftermath: Sidney Blumenthal and Libya

Creationist: If evolution is true, then it wasn’t wrong for Josh Duggar to molest his sisters

Cause of death of child in swing undetermined after autopsy

Labor Presses Fight Against TPP Fast Track In House

Labor Presses Fight Against TPP Fast Track In House

Labor Presses Fight Against TPP Fast Track In House

Two people dead in shooting at Grand Forks Wal Mart

Students dig in to provide food, habitat for monarch butterflies

Jon Stewart reveals his television ‘boot camp’ program helping veterans enter the industry

Obama team to issue new rule to regulate water pollution

Oh, Great! Up to 200 Billion Barrels Of Shale Oil In Two Separate Fields In Northwest Territories

Biden and a speech I can't forget

Slowpoke Toon: "Pro Life"

Expansion of Sanders' website

First Amendment experts weigh in on whether schools can suspend students for social media

Bernie Sanders is a totally legitimate presidential candidate. And it's time the press started

Scientist explains why his paper on the flow of transgenes into wild maize met fierce opposition

Don’t count Bernie Sanders out (MSNBC)

Man Who Called Woman Concerned About Impact of Boston Olympics, 'a F*cking Piece of Sh*t!' Turns Out

Tuesday Toon Roundup

Bernie Sanders Asks if American Economy is 'Moral'

CIA Ends Information Sharing with Climate Scientists

Rob Portman: Proof that Teapublicans only Care about themselves, and their three “F”s.

This photo made me cry......Eagle on a military grave stone.

It's time we have a holiday to honor those who try to stop wars too

Vatican Warns Italians Not to Treat Gays Like People

Bernie Sanders Rallies a Progressive Campaign With a Realist’s Eye

Coulter: Obama never could have been elected in this country but for Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act

Orders for durable goods drop 0.5 percent in April

Behind the Doodle: Sally Ride - Happy Birthday, Sally!

Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks!

President Obama and the 5-Year Old Anti-War/Marriage Rights Advocate on Twitter

Bernie Sanders to titans of business: "Sorry, You're All Going To Have To Pay Your Fair Share"

Nancy Reagan Endorses Hillary Clinton

Climate engineering may save coral reefs, study shows

Anecdotal information for what it's worth

The Shafting, Um, Sharing Economy

My Mom went organic last week...

I am waiting for Texas Governor Abbot to talk about Climate Change.

'There is no way that Hillary Clinton is not a strong supporter of TPP and Fast Track'

Not sure how the precious dears get through the day.

The Duggar Girls Learned to Kiss From Jim-Bob and Josh

A Fossil-Fueled Fantasy

How does Bernie make it "competitive"?

LBJ Gettysburg address on race, May 1963

Black and having a stroke? Have some pepperspray to your face and a taser.

When even the big banks start to worry about inequality, you know something is seriously wrong.

NAFTA at 20: One Million U.S. Jobs Lost, Higher Income Inequality

Supreme Court to hear Texas Senate districts case

To ensure quality at a low price, Walmart shrimp is harvested by slaves held captive on Asian ships.

Irish Vote Reflects Diminished Moral Authority of Catholic Church

You cheat, you pay: How new contracts are changing love and religion forever

A Guide to the Duggars' Scary Brand of Christianity

I understand it's fun to talk about the Hillery/Sanders competition but IF this was a Horse race >>

Houston, Texas, Hit by Unprecedented Flooding; Seven States At Risk

The latest GOP redistricing scam is going to the Surpreme Court.

NYC: STEP ASIDE: The MTA Wants to Speed Up Three Subway Lines

Iraqi Forces attempting to retake Ramadi

Package Delivery

Bernie Sanders Storms CNBC and Slams The Sick Greed Of Wall Street

CALL TO ACTION: If your DEMOCRATIC rep is NOT on the list below, please...

House GOP split jeopardizes trade deal

*On this date in 1865, former Black slaves started Memorial Day in America"

I like them both

Is Obama the most obstructed / disrespected president in US History?

REPORTS: Russia abandons its Mistral warship deal with France

Climate Change Debate Fueled by ‘Echo Chambers,’ New Study Finds

How to get rid of a large window AC Unit - Easy Recycling Tip

Philip Zimmermann: king of encryption reveals his fears for privacy

I am not going to say anything bad about Bernie or Hillary

Researchers solve another piece of the puzzle how forests can effect our climate.

Climate Change Debate Fueled by ‘Echo Chambers,’ New Study Finds

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? sally ride's 64th birthday.

This is one reason I like O'Malley

Josh Cohen - Vladimir Putin calls Ukraine fascist and country’s new law helps make his case

With all the bad that is happening in the Duggar world let us be kind to the Pregnant women.

Kirkpatrick to Challenge McCain in Arizona

He's In, But Vermont's Delegation Isn't Ready for Bernie

Uneasy neighbors in Turkey: atheism and Islam

Tony Kornheiser Defends Josh Duggar, Says Maybe He Should Keep His Job

A mushroom joke -

WTH? Lindsey Graham’s ‘pool room’ education

This was a terrific editorial about the Florida legislature.

Man comes home to find neighbor has taken half his driveway

The Future of Hinduism in America's Changing Religious Landscape

Being a man in this society is... conflicted.

Why The Oldest Person In The World Keeps Dying


Cleveland cop acquittal a fair verdict?

Houston: At least 3 dead as heavy rains flood freeways, close schools

Germany’s 2020 greenhouse gas target is no longer feasible

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Birthday, Sally Ride

Iraq About to Flood Oil Market in New Front of OPEC Price War

They're going to need a bigger clown car: George Pataki is announcing on Thursday

Thomas Jefferson, the most liberal early American President, was a WARMONGER!

"Well, I don't believe in that god either"

What is 'Triana'?

Hillary Clinton Uses Her Campaign Store To Strike A Blow Against Republicans-HRC Room

Andy regarding Dick

Getting to Know Jane Sanders, Wife of Bernie who Could be an Asset During his Presidential Run

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Presidential Candidates Baffled By CNN's One Simple Question

Please continue to offer your prayers for the people of Texas and surrounding states.

Cold case investigators identify missing teen 42 years later

American Pharoah breezed 4 furlongs at Churchill this morning.....

I liked Tomorrowland, but it also reminded me a bit too much of Galt's Gulch

Reich regarding Republicans

Bloomberg falls for fake Nancy Reagan report

A lot of DU pages are only loading partially for me.

AK's State oil tax credit estimates continue to top $1 billion in years ahead

Police: Man stabs acquaintance, dies after jump from New Haven apartment

deadline expires. Holder tried.

Dark Side of Medieval Convent Life Revealed : Discovery News

Just got a call from the 'IRS'.

Republicans’ 2016 math problem, explained in two charts

Is there a "war" going on in this forum?

I found a fun way to shave and support local businesses at the same time: artisanal shaving soap.

Tasty Tech Eye Candy of the Week / new wind energy storage (video)

A Very Gay Amazon Gift Registry Created For The Very Anti-Gay Ted Cruz

Why Oakland, Alameda County aren’t clamoring to keep the Raiders

boston Globe article on Jade Helm paranoia

Sanders will be 75 years old on election day 2016.

Bernie Sanders Takes It to Wall Street With Financial Transactions Tax" cheers Dean Baker

Cable company Charter buying Time Warner Cable for $55.3B

Please pray for the nearly 800 people who have died in India's heat wave.

Austerity Is the Only Deal-Breaker

WI jobs agency created by Gov Scott Walker slammed in audit; illegalities

The Prescription Drug Abuse Caucus – What Does It Mean to Chronic Pain Sufferers?

Bernie Sanders' 404 page

House GOP split jeopardizes trade deal / 'progressive' group touts TPP

Coffee May Not Survive The Century: Global Warming May Wipe Out The Plant Species Or Alter Its Taste

Another plutocratic castle to fall in Europe

Arizona woman gets 3.5 years prison for driving over non-voting husband

Watch: The 1994 Video Dick Cheney Doesn’t Want You to See

Economic Growth is a meme – a learned idea that we can change and mature

French bill seeks to boost renewable energy, cut nuclear use

]Workers getting fewer raises... But Congress may be ready to spend more


Precipitation persistence: the story of 2015

Venezuela asks Exxon Mobil to stop oil prospecting at the Essequibo

Suicide flamefest in GD!

Miss Frodo, a 14 year old B&G Macaw, laid her 1st egg.

Ayeup, it's different upcheer

Who would Sanders pick for VP?

Police briefly evacuate US Capitol, Visitors' Center

Indian Americans dominate the National Spelling Bee. Why should they take abuse on social media?

1989 CSPAN: Third Party Politics with Bernie Sanders

Man dies after burning himself at gas station

question....has Ralph Nader given any hints about running? nt

Most dramatic music video ever - recorded during total solar eclipse | EarthSky

This an email I received from Rand Paul (why I don't know)

Just how bad is the Duggars and the "Quiverfull" movement?

Another bright star in the firmament. *sarcasm*

Just how stupid can Scott Walker get?

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 26, 2015

Will Hillary Clinton Run Against Her Husband’s Welfare Legacy?

North Atlantic circulation slowing down already?

Ireland Does What U.S. Can't Seem to Do

Factory Pickup Leads U.S. Economy Out of Slump as Orders Rebound

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Increased 5% in Year to March

Neil Young & Promise of the Real Confirm Release Date for The Monsanto Years

Russia Digs Ditches to Slow Inflow of Arms and Men From Ukraine

They don't build 'em like they used to.

Berkeley City Council: No Cuts to South Berkeley Non-profits

Thom Hartmann: TPP Won’t Balance the Power of China

Any interest in starting a Human Centipede DU Group?

OH my gosh...

A Nuclear Weapons Ban Emerging?

Thom Hartmann: Former CIA Admits Dick Cheney Pushed Him on Iraq

Tic Tac Toe Fail During Houston Rockets NBA Game

Ok.... here is a "Clarice is a dumb ass" story..........

About 2 billion people depend on the Indian Ocean monsoon for their caloric intake (climate change)

Want to reverse income inequality? Join a union

Jeb Bush’s Favorite Author Rejects Democracy, Says The Hyper-Rich Should Seize Power

Johnny Depp could face up to 10 years in prison for dog smuggling

Biggest floating solar power plant built in Hyogo, Japan

Fox Hosts attempt to prove their manliness by changing a tire

‘Fox & Friends’ hosts fail ‘manhood’ test after tire change ends in near disaster

anyone going to Bernie kick off?

Revisiting the Vietnam War--and the Liberal response.

Homicide probe to be launched into B.B. King's death

Why men feel the need to carry guns

Labor for Bernie

Clintons are "scandalous" but W's same non-disclosure ignored by Repubs

Cannes: Amputee Stopped 'For Not Wearing Heels'

FYI, if you want to know what's going on in the gun control

Judicial Commission should probe Pat Roggensack’s power grab

US Administration Pressing Israel to Destroy Its Nukes

American Bible-Thumper Travels To Scandinavia, Freaks Out After Discovering How Secular They Are

DUI Checkpoints Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Cops Now Going Directly into Bars with Breathalyzers

Far from facing the truth, the US is telling new lies about Iraq

‘Christian’ Pastor Says Josh Duggar Did Nothing Wrong If Evolution Is True

Chinese physicist says nuclear plant expansion ‘insane’

How Could Malia Obama Possibly Say "NO"?

Repressive Regimes Donated to Clinton Foundation, Got Federal Approval for Arms Deals

Louie Gohmert Longs For Perpetual War

Board of Governors eliminates 46 degree programs across UNC system

With New EPA Water Rule, Obama Again Takes Executive Action On Environment - The National Memo

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Racking Up Legal Bills. He Wants You To Help Pay Them.

Christian Minister Sentenced To Jail In The Name Of Right-Wing ‘Religious Freedom’

Baptist Pastor Chooses His Gay Son Over Anti-Gay Southern Baptist Convention

An interesting analysis of the "nones"

Epic Rains, Disastrous Floods Plague Texas, Oklahoma

Chuck Norris: Media misquoted my Jade Helm fears

It’s 150 years since Chinese migrants were brought in to build the Transcontinental Railroad

Colombian takes BP to court over torture and kidnapping

Colombian takes BP to court over torture and kidnapping

It’s 150 years since Chinese migrants were brought in to build the Transcontinental Railroad

Obama Loses Second Bid to Implement Overhaul of Immigration

Radio telescope: Source of mystery FRB signals at the dish closer to ID

KKK: Blacks and whites must unite to fight gays and immigrants

‘No Gays Allowed’ Law Set To Pass In Virginia

Peru: man shot dead by police during mining protest, says union

Need an Intern With a Strong Sense of Entitlement and Bad Manners? Hire a Rich Kid

Fear Of The Black President Reaches A Paranoid Zenith Among Texas Republicans

Chemist sentenced for falsifying drug test lab results causing imprisonments

Cuomo’s approval rating sinks again

Guess Who’s Mixed Up In Duggar Family Sex Crimes Now? Hobby Lobby, Of Course!

What might tomorrow’s faith community look like? (COMMENTARY)

Liberal Veteran tees, all five US service branches

I hereby throw Jim "Whole Hog" Hightower's ten-gallon hat into the ring.

The Man Behind France's New Food Waste Law Wants to Make it Global

The Death of The Middle Class

Yale grad leaps to his death after stabbing student who was a fellow member of conservative group

I see that Ms. Landrieu got a new job.

Remembering Danny Schechter

Putin aide: 'Tanks don't need visas,' says Russia to West in war game smack talk

How to tell if someone's politics are evidence-based, in two simple questions.

"Cardinal: Abortion is bigger sin than priest abuse"

Fire Reveals Human Stone Effigy, Bison-Kill Site in Montana

Mary Ellen Mark has passed

6 Things You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders

Got the job.

Fox and Friends Can't Change a Tire--Fail Manhood Test

Charles Johnson, one of the Internet’s most infamous trolls, has finally been banned from Twitter

French Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen in Moscow Amid Ukraine Tensions

cops at it again … this time in TX ...

Merkel tops Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list with Clinton close behind

Lawsuit: 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome repeatedly raped, beaten on school bus

Latest Josh Duggar defender blames the vicitims, says Duggar was just "playing doctor."

CNN Forgets Bernie Sanders Exists

NSA Supposedly Ending Phone Records Collection Program

Maybe TLC will try to save the Duggars show by renaming it "19 Kids and Counting on their Silence."

Former ‘Run Warren Run’ director now heading Sanders’ NH campaign

Four Ways in Which the World Has Surprised (Brad DeLong) Over the Past Decade with Its Economics

Guantánamo Bay: How many years will be required to close it? 1...5...10...20?

This Special Forces war hero turned whistleblower — and now he’s under investigation by the Army

Bernie Sanders: Don’t Need 23 Choices of Deodorant,18 Choices of Sneakers When Kids Are Going Hungry

Turning sewage into drinking water gains appeal as drought lingers

Bernie Sanders Stands With Students

Almost 50% Of Panama's Timber is Logged Illegally

SCOTUS has just agreed to hear this case. It's a very big deal. In a bad way.

Before the Internet, were you aware that there were so many morans, whackjobs,

DFA: "The House is our best bet to stop the TPP:

Texas Flooding Toll: 8 Dead, 13 Missing

a flash flood

Fox News Has Become a Retirement Community

Agent who shot into Mexico, killed teen wants case dismissed

Josh Duggar's father once said incest should be treated as a capital crime

Agent who shot into Mexico, killed teen wants case dismissed

Hillary Clinton’s Gritty Ambassador To Labor, Latinos, And Capitol Hill-HRC ROOM

Misinterpreting a Man’s Strength is Our Weakness, Not His

Torches To Travel Nation Ahead Of Special Olympics

Bernie's Campaign Store is now open!

People who keep their sports avvies up after their team's season is over.

APNewsBreak: IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000

Is NYC Mayor DeBlasio being coy?

Just wanted to say...

So I could not help but think after reading NanceGreggs Op on Canadian Healthcare....

Politico discovers nest of traitors to anti-Hillary agenda: Women's magazines-HRC Room

Ex-Staffer Slams James O'Keefe: He Crossed A Line With Vile 'Kill Cops' Stunt

Ricketts vetoes death penalty repeal bill; at least 1 senator flips and won't vote for override

Arizona pastor’s wife condemns ‘liberal’ Duggars: Sexual deviants should be executed

CBC: Wealthy Toronto residents don't want neighbours with sub-million-dollar condos

Graphene supercapacitor equals Li-ion battery energy density w/ 4 min recharge

Bad for the Jews, Bad for America

Hillary Clinton to Visit South Carolina Democrats on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cops Beat Their Wives & Girlfriends At Double The National Rate, Still Receive Promotions

Watch Bernie Sanders Live in Burlington

New Mexico Prosecutors to Seek Charges Against Ex-Officers

Soldiers repeatedly harass B’Tselem volunteers’ family in Hebron,threaten wrongful arrest teen son

Lindsey Graham's Presidential Announcement

Like Boeing, Airbus doesn't wants unions at its new plant in the South

Anyone know why Lamar! Alexander isn't running for President again?

a little afternoon fun - our foster kittens having some play time

'Unknown' Gaza militants fired rocket at Israel, Hamas claims


I just voted for Bernie!

Bernie Sanders Would Tax The Income Of The Wealthiest Americans At 90 Percent

It's the spelling bee......

Military forces 7 Palestinian communities in Jordan Valley to evacuate homes for maneuvers

Bernie Sanders announces he's running for President, Tuesday 5 p.m. EDT live.

Jeb Bush Bashes…Intelligence?

A White House without dogs? An alternate history of presidents minus the pups

Bernie campaign announcement rally on C-SPAN

The crowd awaiting Bernie's arrival for his announcement is huge. I'm so glad he is finally

Just an idea for DU......

Valencia bans vaginal probes in classroom permanently

Bernie Sanders has the most glorious 404 page ever.

Ben and Jerry introduce Bernie Sanders to huge crowd in Vermont

It's about time...for a fairly dramatic political shift...

Nap break

Obligatory 'Hi again' thread.

Bernie Sanders Launches His Vermonster Campaign

In 2002, Jim Bob Duggar advocated the death penalty for incest.

Richie Rich you can't have it all!

Oldest broken bone reveals our ancestors' switch to life on land

Russia Is Using Mobile Crematoriums to Hide Ukraine's Dead

Look who dropped by my sister's house this morning

Shale Gas Boom as Seen from New England (books):

2 Indian tribes withdraw from Legislature in Protest

How To Make LEGO Gummy Candy!

2 Indian Tribes Withdraw from Maine Legislature in Protest

'Indian marital rape victims' lonely battle for justice'

Lawsuit claims illegal religious activities at Florence (Colo.) High School

It's not just that the kid molested his sister that bugs me....

Religious Hate Group Domain Name Expires - Redirected To Hardcore Gay Porn Site - Prayers Needed

South American parrot in trouble: researchers

South American parrot in trouble: researchers

Read Bernie Sanders’ rousing, policy-heavy speech kicking off his campaign

Duggar Dad's Political Platform: Incest Should Be Punishable by Death

Chart comparing Political spending by Nondisclosing Groups; Liberal & Conservative. guess who wins

137 Shots, No Convictions: Cleveland Cop Acquitted in Killing of Unarmed African-American Pair

The song played following Bernie's kickoff speech...

Texas Effort To Suppress Veterans Voting Rights

Memorial Day letter to the Editor calls for violent "regime change" and executions

Bernie kicks off 2016: Vow to block income inequality

Hoods and Badges: 2006 FBI Report Warned Of White Supremacists Infiltrating America’s Police Force

Supreme Court to weigh meaning of 'One person, one vote.'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Big Food trying a big hoax

Memorial Day letter to the Editor (Sunbury Daily) calls for violent "regime change" and executions

Bernie officially kicks off his campaign!

Forget the numbers. The big story is that religion has lost social influence.

Club For Growth running ads on behalf of Alan Grayson

Why Is It That Il Feel That Bernie Is Sincere And Genuine With What He Believes And Says And.....

Protecting South America's iconic golden dorado fish

Protecting South America's iconic golden dorado fish

Read Bernie Sanders’s populist, policy-heavy speech kicking

Song played following Bernie's kickoff speech (cross post, GD)

Something About those "Late 60's/Early70 Somethings" just KEEPS THEM GOING

White supremacist leader dies in jail

Deaf teen deemed 'medically inadmissible' to join mother in Canada


Officials say 2 new probable cases of bird flu in Iowa

HRC Room. Just saw that we were refer to as a toxic wasteland here.

Arizona Democrats Grow A Pair, Recruit Quality Candidate To Challenge John McCain (VIDEO)

Wisconsin Legislators: "HUNT PINK"

The complete, true story of Charlie Charlie, the ‘demonic’ teen game overtaking the Internet

Just for conversations sake, lets say 75 year old Sanders wins the 2016 Election...

Activated charcoal: The latest detox fad in an obsessive food culture

Michigan: golden retriever protects hoomin during home invasion

How Juvenile Sex Offenders (not named Duggar) Go through the System

Big props to Bernie Sanders regarding his announcement.

Ro Khanna to launch new campaign against Mike Honda (D-Calif.) on Saturday

Lindsey Graham's 'pool room' education - MaddowBlog

Dick Van Dyke shows he can still dance at 89

Joni Mitchell laughs at fame in newly animated 80's interview

The great tech migration: Silicon Valley people increasingly searching for Seattle homes

Crosspost - American Bible-Thumper Travels To Scandinavia

New York, meet your new state education commissioner. Ties to Rick Scott, Michelle Rhee.

Anybody watching "Texas Rising"?

I don't want to know!!

Burke: Michael Sam signing with CFL historic moment

Finally saw Mad Max: Fury Road - 2 things

Drone Footage of Houston Flooding

Where did the idea that early Christians were profamily come from?

I made Hawaian ribs Monday. Recipe:

Bernie Sanders 404 Page not Found

Nevada first state to pass Cosby-themed anti-rape legislation

Crane Trust genetically pure bison herd is growing

Scott Walker: Shifting views to be in a better position for 2016?

Crane Trust genetically pure bison herd is growing

Burke: Michael Sam signing with CFL historic moment

'Pay to stay': Inmates across U.S. charged for their own incarceration

Good luck to Senator Sanders!

Let Syrians Settle Detroit(?)

Excellent speech by Sen. Sanders - He missed addressing a few important things

Aerial Shots of Our #3Queens on the River Mersey for #Cunard175