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Archives: May 27, 2015

Police supporters use large sheets to block presence of Westboro protesters

Superintendent voted out of Tampa district becomes NY's state education commissioner.

Bernie Sanders is trending #1 on Twitter with over 28,000 tweets.

Teahaddist Congressman are High End Squatters

Steve Wozniak: 'US would look like Dubai if it didn't spend all its money on military', Snowden=Hero

What a day....Jane Sanders

Cecilia Vega (ABC) joins GOP campaign against HRC asking her "Do you have a PERCEPTION PROBLEM?"

James Rucker, Psychiatrist, Thinks Psychedelic Drugs Should Be Legally Reclassified

Duggars shun Josh Duggar's Unwed Sister in Law for Getting Pregnant

Maizie learns to lunge

The 'Dancing Man' Who Was Body Shamed Finally Got His Epic Dance Party

House Dems slow down pace to block bills ahead of midnight deadline

Maizie learns to lunge

Huge crowd for Bernie this afternoon!

You might look cool, but you will never look this cool

If you travel, PLEASE boycott Mandarin Oriental hotels! MO's parent company destroys rainforests

What effect will O'Malley have on the presidential race?

Alabama House votes to block abortion clinics near schools

Sinkhole near runway disrupts traffic at DFW

Descriptions of what it felt like to be at the Bernie Sander's kickoff

Atheist Rev. Gretta Vosper to be “reviewed”

Waffle maker dispute leads to 30 kicked out of hotel

Now, 8-10 PM ET, PBS/WETA, THE ROOSEVELTS: *PART 4. "THE STORM (1920-1933)"

Not enough sprinkles on ice cream leads to disturbance

FBI agent wounded while searching for 9-year-old girl

2016 US Senate Election. Top tier candidates -announced and potential

Mike Luckovich - Duggar

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Deluge!! & a new Kitteh gif

Now, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, Part 4. "THE STORM (1920-1933)", 8-10 PM ET, PBS/WETA

Rachel on the Houston floods

The tandem of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is offering liberals a powerful voice

Payless Shoes, Choice Hotels, Walgreens, also exit Duggers & TLC

Commit to fight to over turn Citizens United: 40 charts that explain money in politics

Prayers around Florence public school flag pole, 'Jesus pizza,' lawsuit alleges

5-26-15 A Picture is Worth more than a Thousand Word in 2:00

Bernie Sanders in Minneapolis Sunday, May 31

Tokyo Ghoul - unravel (acoustic version) - OFFICIAL RELEASE - TK from Ling tosite sigure

Rand Paul: Republican brand 'sucks' and is 'broken'

5-26-15 A Picture is Worth more than a Thousand Word in 2:00

5-26-15 A Picture is Worth more than a Thousand Word in 2:00

U.S. Army War College: From Cooperation to Competition - The Future of U.S.-Russian Relations

Police catch 175 looters in China's biggest artifact find

The Emails, Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mercenaries

Vatican calls Irish referendum a ‘defeat for humanity’

Left Field

Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill Abolishing the Death Penalty

Fox & Friends attempt to change a tire- via Jalopnik.

This made me cry. From Bernie Sanders - "And if you can't donate right now, I understand that."

Camping Questions

Camping Questions

Breach Exposes I.R.S. Tax Returns

As divided as we are, we can all enjoy this (Scott Brown attempts to change a tire):

Turn on Lawrence O right now.

U.S. judge throws out evidence in FBI ruse case

Feel The Bern

My transgender Son, Charlie, says the ONLY thing he knows about Hillary Clinton is she was SOS...

mirt forum page length

China Plans Naval Expansion Amid South China Sea Tensions

'Unknown' Gaza Militants Fired Rocket At Israel, Hamas Claims

Panoramic video of crowd at Bernie rally.

New Study Shows Riots Make America Conservative

It's not your everyday Americans at Bernie Sanders' kickoff rally.

Real People

Israel Seeking to Increase U.S. Aid to $4.5B

One of Dugger's victims was five years old.

'Don't Underestimate Me': Bernie Sanders Knows a Thing or Two About Winning

*NSA surveillance/Snowden discussion on Lawrence show now.

Why men feel the need to carry guns (cross post)

Should Congress agree to the Israeli government demand to increase aid to $4.5 billion this year?

Study: Each new immigrant creates 1.2 new jobs

Airline food company ordered to pay living wages to employees

Stop Calling the TPP a Trade Agreement – It Isn’t

Time Warner, Comcast, Charter - Cutting Cable: I've had it these corporate THIEVES!!!

Not long ago the DU helped raise $ for somebody sick...Patrice Diane Messina

In 1985, the richest person had a net worth of $6.16 billion, inflation adjusted. Now its $79 bn

U.S. labor secretary touts parental leave during Twin Cities visit

*The Brain and biology of parenting,

*The Brain and biology of parenting,

How many tiers are there in the republican race and who is in which teir?

(Canada group) Where does the federal Liberal party stand on the TPP?

Duggar Dad's Political Platform: Incest Should Be Punishable by Death

Don't forget we have a DU for Bernie at Act Blue link for donations

Don't forget we have a DU for Bernie at Act Blue link for donations

Are the Sunday morning network interview shows an example of white and male privilege?

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant

Who's familiar with coverage of Bernie in the Spanish Press/Media? It's raises an impt.

Drummond executive arrested over paramilitary murder charges

Drummond executive arrested over paramilitary murder charges

War with Isis: Wounded Kurdish forces count the cost of battling militants in Syria

Vatican: Irish Gay Marriage Referendum a ‘Defeat for Humanity’

Dozens release balloons — and many guests shed tears — in marking slain boy's 5th birthday

Excellent interview with the Irish Times:

This is why the richest have been trying to kill America’s labor movement

What the &^%$ have you guys been saying about "social issues"?

"America Does Bad Things for Good Reasons": the Vietnam War and American Exceptionalism -

Google Patents Eerie, Internet-Connected Stuffed Animals for Kids

UPDATED: Robert Reich - (10) TWELVE Ideas to Save the Economy

Feature: The new shape of fusion

Scottish Government: creationism banned from science class

a little more from Maryland Progress indicator:

Chris Hardwick: "Kardashians are the second worst clan starting with a K."

What needs to happen to heal DU's unnecessary "social issues vs. economic issues" divide?

Florence HS Principal Indicates That Christian Church Will Continue To Operate At Public HS.

The biggest ship in the world

Kids in prison: documentary

FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges; Face Extradition to U.S.

This picture says it all...

Facebook Rant... So tired of the RW Bullshit Memes

Santos writes check to Bogota mayor to cover 70% of metro construction expenses

House passes campus carry

San Diego newspaper lays off 1/3rd of workforce after sale

USAF Gives SpaceX Certification

Corruption in FIFA? Shocking!

New Ebola study says a dozen more were hospitalized in Dallas outbreak than was revealed

Bernie Sanders On the Record

Martin O'Malley On the Record

Bernie Was in the Top Ten Trends on Twitter Today!

Patient being tested for Ebola at Yonkers hospital

Archaeological findings in Indus Valley could rewrite Indian identity

Late night boredom: 13 famous company logos with hidden messages

WHO shake-up approved after Ebola debacle

This photo shows a mysterious mechanism of the sun that has baffled scientists for centuries

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

NASA to Move Space Station Module: Watch Live Wednesday

Supernovas help 'clean' galaxies

Brightest Galaxy Yet Shines With Light of 300 Trillion Suns

Enjoying Cherries.

280 US Marines to be Deployed to Central America

Mary Landrieu takes job at Washington lobbying firm

3 Louisiana congressional members ask more time to file personal finances

Deeper draft in Mississippi River means billions in revenue, 17,000 new jobs nationwide

NPR on TPP: "It's A Beast"

Carly Fiorina Calls Chinese People Unimaginative Idea Thieves

Amnesty: Hamas carried out Gaza killings and torture

Amnesty: Hamas carried out Gaza killings and torture

Barcelona's Mayor and the Occupy Movement

Hip-Hop, and Other Things the Right Blames for Declining Christianity

Open Carry Dingbats Harass Marine Veteran on Memorial Day

PSA for opioid addicts (oxycodne warning)...

The U.S. Could Get a Third of Its Electricity From Wind Power—and Save Billions of Gallons of Water

Daily Holidays - May 27

Pro-TPP arguments show desperation

Oregon man proposes anti-farting ordinance in response to new marijuana law

Hillary Clinton Tells Voters She’s Listening, and Learning ---HRC GROUP POST

Sending ice to Antarctica

Amtrak to install long-sought cameras in locomotives

Nebraska World War II pilot's remains found in Germany

Loreta Lynch will hold a press conference today on the FIFA scandal and arrests

SWAT raids 81 yo's home, breaks his hip, leaves without calling paramedics

Forget the numbers. The big story is that religion has lost social influence.

Lindsey Graham's Lying "Eye-Ranians"

Asia stocks ruffled by Greece crunch, Fed views; Europe up

Hobby Lobby Funds the Gothard/Duggar Christian Counseling Homeschool Program

Toon: The Trade Cycle

Union says wage offers by Howard Industries are too low

Why religion is fading in the West

The Rude Pundit - Conservative Silence on Ireland Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage (Updated)

Koterba toon: Joe Biden

The Climate Change Fight Cannot Be Won with White Liberal America Alone

Cologne evacuates 20,000 after bomb find

A seven-member jury took four hours last week to rule in favor of Ed Schultz

Wednesday Toon Roundup

Moment of humor!

Why Our Political 'Leaders' Continue To Push Trade Agreements

Private prison corporation promotion in my twitter timeline

DU for Bernie at Act Blue just hit the 50 donor mark!!!

DU for Bernie just hit 50 donors!

Japan nuclear plant obtains final permit needed to restart

Dog trampolines over fence, joins owner on train

Dog trampolines over fence, joins owner on train

Why all the focus on Josh Duggar?

Florida twin brothers charged after throwing bricks at each other

Canada's Environment Minister, Staff, Can't Provide Even Basic Numbers For Emissions Cut "Plan"

Drier Outlook For Australia, As Indian Ocean's Stored Heat May Combine With El Nino

AXA CEO (Insurance): "A 2C World Might Be Insurable, A 4C World Certainly Would Not Be"

Gibraltar: Alarmist Spanish reports, says Govt

Kentucky May End Up Unintentionally Meeting New EPA Clean Power Standards As Coal Plants Close

Hillary Clinton 3; Media 0

"Epic" Flooding Closes Dalton Highway Linking Prudhoe Bay Fields With Fairbanks

Heads up! Texas DUers: Dam failure imminent NW of Midlithian

Now, why would Fox network glorify Lucifer? Aren't they supposed to

Governor walks out on Gibraltar

It's long since time the press gave Bernie Sanders the respect he deserves.

Labor board rules in favor of Kittanning union's complaint against hospital

Even Morning Joe has noticed (finally) Bernie Sanders and his campaign!

Richard Wolff: Critics of Capitalism Must Include Its Definition

Tiny puppeh at the vet:

Lomborg Hack Tank Cites Work W. "7 Nobel Laureates" - 1 Dead, 4 Occasionally Involved, 2 Cato

If the MSM is going to ignore Sanders, then

Queen's Speech 2015

Death penalty for thee but not for me

Ok here's one......If you could sit down in a dark, quiet bar and have some drinks.......

Is there a plan B if HRC slips

School districts tighten social media contacts among teachers, students

Shocking photo CPD didn't want you to see: 2 white cops holding black man like hunting trophy

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a corporate/investor rights agreement

Henry Giroux: The Fire This Time: Black Youth and the Spectacle of Postracial Violence

Breaking News: Texas Halts Plans To Secede From America

Every so often an email can really make your day

Jon Stewart calls Rand Paul out on ‘religious freedom': "Don’t Christians sell cakes to adulterers?"

Latest on flooding: Crews ready if dam near Dallas breaks

Comcast At Bottom of Customer-Service Rankings

Fewer and Fewer Americans Own Guns

Who favours ISDS in "trade" agreements?

As I wake to news of FIFA corruption arrests, two thoughts come to mind...

JK Rowling Smacks Down Westboro Baptist Church in One Tweet

Ven says it's working on a way to kill Google and Mozilla so no one knows about its currency collaps

Posted with many LOLs: "The decline of Rand Paul" by Dana Milbank

4 Pinnochios for Jeb from the Washington Post

Lincoln, NE breaks 110-year-old record for rain in May; precipitation total likely to grow

The Rude Pundit on Irish referendum vote. Via meegbear in GD (graphic language note)

"Echo Chambers" The reason wingers deny Climate Science

Snoopers' charter more authoritarian than expected

Death sentences test fragile Hamas-Egypt ties

For me, social and economic justice are indivisible.

California Assembly passes two bills to deter frivolous ballot measures

Top-Rated Comment on Ken Cuccinelli's FB Page: "illegal immigrant families...deserve a bullet"

Bernie Sanders Will Officially Socialize You, America, From The White House

Venezuela: Does an increase in poverty signal threat to government?

JLTV: Arkansas Likely To Approve Bonds For Lockheed Factory

". . . but Benghazi!" Please come CAPTION Bret Baier & former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell!!!!

U.S. banks engaged in biggest price-fixing conspiracy in modern history.

US Replenishes Israel's Arsenal With $1.9 Billion in New Weapons

If there is a more stupid idea I haven't heard of it...

My Platform as Class President!

Jesus is quick to forgive, but Josh Duggar’s apology is still disturbing

Are there cracks in America’s Christian foundation?

Cuccinelli for Governor

Virginia and Automatic License Plate Readers

Most glaciers in Mount Everest area will disappear with climate change – study

Senate Supports The Use Of Medical Marijuana By VA

Pic Of The Moment: He's Young! He's Fresh! He's... Hopelessly Out-Of-Touch

Tracking the Progress of the Progressive Agenda

Gong in for heart surgery on Friday. Triple by-pass. Therefore no CAPTIONs for awhile from me.

After frantic appeal, state adds $1B to Medicaid program

Pope Francis says it's the devil who divides Protestants and Catholics

Midwest Republicans take risk voting for fast track.

It creeps the shit out of me when some Wives look at their husbands like this.

Schneiderman to introduce public corruption bill

Colombian military kills 5 FARC rebels in strike

Rachel Maddow - Justice Department issues reforms to fix Cleveland policing

FIFA officials indicted in Eastern District sting

Immigration activists warn GOP about squelching Obama’s executive actions:

Politico investigates how enviros are beating back coal:

Will This Pakistani Businessman's 140-Foot Cross Bring Hope To The Country's Christians

The Pope is doubling down on his anti marriage equality stance

Colorado: Lawsuit claims illegal religious activities at Florence High School

Well, Pataki announced he's going to announce...

The Disintegration Of Consetvative's Us-Vs.-Them Politics

Ford recalls nearly 423K vehicles for power steering problem

There are 250 days until the Iowa caucus, 258 until NH primary

Olympus user photo album

What do you want to be?

Democrats praise Hoyers call for lawmaker pay raise

Broadband industry vexed by looming regs, esp on privacy

We will NOT forget.

NOW..Atty Gen., FBI Director to discuss FIFA Bust

How Much Is Donald Trump's Hair Worth?

Down here in the DFW area of Texas

Rachel Maddow - Death toll rises as water drains from Houston

Has anyone here incorporated or formed an LLC?

Hamas: We arrested Gaza rocket launchers

What's going on with all of the CityMD/Premium Care/Urgent Care facilities that are popping up?

Charles Johnson, one of the Internet’s most infamous trolls, has finally been banned from Twitter

PA's Drilling tax proposal sparks blowback

PA's Drilling tax proposal sparks blowback

Some Charleston photos

Family Leader nixes 'marriage oath' for 2016 candidates

Pierce on Sanders and the completely expected hippy bombing.

Obama asserts power over small waterways

The Bates Family Is Cable TV's New Duggars and They're Just as Toxic

Bernie Sanders - Simple and to the point.

Bernie Sanders’ Revolution is really just common sense. Sadly, that HAS become Revolutionary.

Our Elections Are Not Safe

INADMISSIBLE: Ex-Speaker (non-lawyer) Gingrich Signs With Dentons The National Law Journal

Squeeze another one into the clown car: enters the field


We’re Breeding Dogs to Death

The Man Behind the Newest Supreme Court Voting Case

Looks as if Huckabee's defense of Josh Duggar is not sitting well with his supporters.....

The Man Behind the Newest Supreme Court Voting Case

Obama To Invade Texas…With Temporary Housing, Clean Water, Food And Cash (VIDEO)

New museum to honor Palestinian history, culture

Economics 101: More F-35's less butter, schools, roads, bridges, healthcare, ....

Benghazi! Drink!

All about USA Freedom Act - POPVox

Uh Oh. The Baggers were right. Obama is about to invade Texas!

The Malaysian Government is COMPLICIT in human trafficking and slavery

Peggy Noonan Joins George Will in Being Enraged at Rape – Victims

Meet the most influential women on Hillary Clinton's 2016 team

Congress takes up several bills concerning veterans and their families

Overnight Healthcare: Medicaid proposal draws fire from insurers

Best tool for a gardener.

ESPN: Will FIFA's World Cup bidding crisis lead to meaningful change?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: FIFA and the World Cup

Our Manx supervising slot car races earlier this season...

The Luft-wafer: Ice cream cone named after Adolf Hitler on sale in India sparks anger in Germany

Pat Robertson: ‘I’m Not Sure Who or What to Blame Texas Flooding On’

Thank you, Skinner, Elad and especially, Omaha Steve

Populist Group Post: Is it really out of order to mention Bill Clinton?

Duggars and CPS meet at last...

Colombia Farc rebel leader Roman Ruiz 'killed in raid'


Obama Takes Bold Executive Action To Protect America’s Drinking Water From Corporate Polluters

Can't resist ad from 2004 campaign. Will they do the same thing to Vermonter Bernie Sanders?

Advertisers fleeing "19 Kids and counting" in wake of Josh Duggar scandal.

How Dorothea Lange Taught Us To See Hunger And Humanity

Wisc GOP lawmakers to fast track abortion ban after 20 weeks

The media’s sickening Sanders double standard: How the socialist brings out their true colors

Just heard Frothy is announcing he is running this afternoon at 4:00

New kind of wood chip: Biodegradable computer chips made from wood

John Mosley dies at 93: Denver native was Tuskegee Airman, sports pioneer

We just got another 2 inches of rain here.

Mark Ruffalo: On Mother's Abortion And The Statement 'I Am Not A Feminist'

I just got my computer back from a guy who fixed

I am probably going to get slammed for this but I need help understanding some things.

Colombia’s extraordinary Lost City

Colombia’s extraordinary Lost City

Legalized pot? Not for federal employees.

BREAKING: Huckabee Hosted Josh Duggar at Memorial Day BBQ

6 Things You Learn Getting Paid to Troll People Online

Colombia’s schools to prepare children for ‘peace and reconciliation’

Nude photos of Hillary, Bush, Diane Sawyer?

Legalized pot? Not for federal employees.

Planned march shows cracks in Venezuela opposition movement

New episodes of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' on June 3rd.

SEPTA places railway safety technology order

Magnificent Black Chicken

Meet the woman who speaks for Hillary Clinton: Karen Finney

Movement 2015: Detroit's techno showcase captures the city's proud resiliency

Award Yogi Berra The Presidential Medal of Freedom for his military service & civil rights &

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones!...

Hillary blasts court’s immigration decision

I'm thinking of joining the 21st century and getting a smart phone

An “Other” Feminism: A Review of Hilary Klein’s Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories

Salvadoran President in Cuba to Boost Science, Tech Bonds

John McCain has a Democratic challenger

Cold War 2.0: Clouds of war above the Asia-Pacific

Coretta Scott King, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie And More Serve As Caricature Faces Of Feminism

J.K. Rowling Blasts Westboro Baptist Church In Epic Tweet Over Ireland Marriage

The Progressive Talk Radio & Podcast Directory for 2015 - Independent Underground News & Talk

Drug to boost women’s sex drive struggles for government approval as debate rages over need

King and Snohomish Counties have the lowest unemployment rate in the state

"If you touch our shores with your corrupt enterprise, whether that is through meetings or through

How The Bicycle Liberated Victorian Women & Kick-Started American Feminism

Martin O'Malley in Davenport Saturday

Why is Carly Fienderina trolling Hilary?

Iraq wasn’t a just mistake; it was a distortion of facts

Why Charter Thinks Their Plan To Buy TWC Is Different Enough To Succeed Where Comcast Failed

L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers


France: No nuclear deal without access to Iran's military sites

ATF is too wounded to enforce gun-control laws

Potter creates ceramic cure to help stop radioactive water leaks at Fukushima

Obama's message: I represent American Jewish values better than Netanyahu

AT&T Will Try To Make First Amendment Case Against #NetNeutrality

Brain implant that decodes intention will let us probe free will

Teachers awarded compensation for being forced to sing national anthem

Vatican says Ireland gay marriage vote is 'defeat for humanity'

He shows how the news talks about black people by talking about white people instead.

Plain Talk: Scott Walker, you're just wrong about invading Iraq

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 27, 2015

Latest on flooding: High water hampering Texas search

Ben Carson Is Too Weak to Be President

PacSun Pulls Upside-Down Flag T-Shirt From Stores, Online After Complaints

Active Atlantic Hurricane Period That Began in 1995 May be Over: NOAA

"Washington Blows Itself Up With Its Own Bomb"--the Sochi Meeting

Bernie is the Real Deal...

What Republicans are Aligned with the Duggar Family

Peru lawmakers reject bill to allow pregnant rape victims an abortion

Peru lawmakers reject bill to allow pregnant rape victims an abortion


Bountiful durian harvest this year

Holy Crap- there goes teacher education in Wisconsin!

MaddowBlog: Putting 'one-person-one-vote' on the line

Kiev’s Repression of Anti-Fascism in Odessa

Hillary live on CSPAN now. Addressing The South Carolina House Democratic Women’s Caucus.

Headline: ...The Duggar Discipline Method: "They Have a Rod"

Venezuela's Medical Exodus, A Result Of Its Contracting Economy, Spurs Fears Of National Health Cris

Will Aleppo Become the Capital of a New Caliphate? (Christians and Other Minorities in Peril)

Exxon shareholders to vote on climate change, fracking

Poor wittle Josh sued Arkansas DOHS for being mean and unfair

China's disabled have difficulty finding jobs

A "frothy" suggestion

Marco Rubio makes a clown of himself: The twisted logic behind his anti-gay “hate speech” insanity

My 17-year-old son told me this morning he donated $10 to Bernie's campaign

Clueless misogynist Scott Walker doesn't see why ultrasounds are controversial

Here is an interesting comparison regarding the D.O.D. vs. ObamaCare

Air France flight over Africa had near miss with volcano, investigators say

In a Five-Star Setting, FIFA Officials Are Arrested, the Swiss Way

Lack Of U.S. Air Support In Ramadi Points To Disguised Darker Aim

Kicked-off-the-bench theocratic bigot, Roy Moore wants Ruth Bader Ginsburg impeached

Lawsuit against El Salvador mining ban highlights free trade pitfalls

Christian Counseling and Homeschool Program Embraced By Duggars Funded By Hobby Lobby

Hundreds of cab drivers protest outside San Jose City Hall

Golden Gate Bridge celebrates 78th anniversary of its opening

Mafia boss Pasquale Scotti arrested in Brazil after 31 years on the run

Man Who Attacked Expert Kickboxer as She Walked Home Picked the Wrong Victim

UK Guardian: 'Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill'

Groups want Jeb Bush & superPAC investigated f/ campaign violations

Pentagon lab inadvertently shipped live anthrax within the USA. Nobody is sick. CNN

Elizabeth Warren To Techies: Stop Making Issues Wonky And Get Real

Chris Christie Backs Fox News GOP Debate Limits

Slate: Only voters count? 

Rand Paul Blames GOP Hawks, Bush For The Rise Of ISIS

The Guardian: Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill –

OSHA fines Halliburton $7K in fracking site blast that killed 1 worker, injured 2 in Weld County

Nebula's Glowing 'Champagne Flow'

Lawmakers who traveled to Azerbaijan urged action benefiting state oil company that funded trip 

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill/Guardian UK

The general counsel for Koch Industries is on C-Span and wants to have a dialogue with us.

Israel Drawing Up 'Wish List' Of US Sweetners Over Iran Deal

Hillary and Wall Street: A Love Story

U2’s Longtime Tour Manager Dies in L.A. Hotel Room

I'll just leave this here:

Well, Well. "Rand Paul Blames GOP Hawks for Rise of ISIS"

Rand Paul Tries To Fool Students Into Thinking He's A Democrat

Trade Is a Striking Example of the Political Power of the Affluent

Sanders Questions Why Clinton Won't Take A Stand On Pacific Trade Deal

Bad Lip Reading: The Avengers

The Guatemala Experiments

The Guatemala Experiments

36 Historically Profound Images That Will Make The Past Come Back To Life

Lindsey Graham Reiterates Support for Israel, ‘Our Best Friend’

Scott Walker Says Ultrasounds Are 'Just A Cool Thing'

How Guatemala is trying to keep girls from 'growing up too fast'

Biden Defends US Cooperation On Russia Amid Ukraine Tensions

Bernie Sanders is the 1 percent’s worst nightmare: How he promises to upend America’s oligarchy

Ann Coulter Refuses To Be Hugged By An Undocumented Immigrant

Will Bernie Sanders Change Election Politics?

Sending ice to Antarctica

"I was so naive...I had no clue so many Democrats hated Democrats"

Looking for a good documentary on Obama

Love the Everyday Pantsuit Tee!!!!

RIP Tanith Lee

Wales barely mentioned in “one nation” Queen’s speech

WTF: Republican Demands Charges in Josh Duggar Case...Against Police Chief

For 1st Time EVER, Social Conservatives Don't Outnumber Social Liberals

DUers whom do you support for the nomination:

what would you do if you were the devil?

Star Wars characters pose with shelter pets for a unique spin on a classic photo shoot.

Will Lynch Change Holder’s Love Affair With Wall Street?

After Cuomo meeting, de Blasio asks Legislature to be ‘responsible’ on 421-a

The Center for American Progress wants to merge the FBI and ATF

The Meninists Strike Again

The IRS believes that a breach that enabled cybercriminals to steal the tax returns of more than 100

Surviving an alcoholic

Surviving an alcoholic

Jeb Bush’s claim that Islamic State ‘didn’t exist when my brother was president’

Are there any celebrities who annoy you and you don't know exactly why?

No Elected Official can be for both ending the impact of humans on Global Climate Change & also for

West Wing Week 05/22/15 or, “@POTUS”

For such a long while the GOP has been crazily talking getting rid of taxes and promoting

Weekly Address: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes this Memorial Day

Weekly Address is up in GD.

They are really pissed off over at WoW about not being able to fly

Bernie Sanders doesn't have to win the Democratic primary to do a lot of good

Homemade barbecue sauce ideas?

A weekday message for the lounge...


What is it?

Exclusive: Russia masses heavy firepower on border with Ukraine

Pentagon Inadvertently Shipped Live Anthrax to Labs in Nine States

Thank you, Skinner, Elad and especially, Omaha Steve - cross post

tucson Weekly-U.S. Rep. Kirkpatrick Announces Plans to Run for McCain's Senate Seat

do you think big money and corporate influence and control

Can Texans recall their governor?

John McCain has some real competition in AZ!!! U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ 1st District)!

Pups 29 days

Dan Savage wants to make Duggar the new Santorum: ‘Clearly duggary needs to be a word’

Active Atlantic Hurricane Period That Began in 1995 May be Over: NOAA

Rick Santorum's Presidential announcement is about to start...

Restore the Constitution: Let The Patriot Act Die

Keeping your car safe from hacking

Portraits of homeless people using libraries

Westboro Baptist Church's bizarre feud with JK Rowling over the concept...

Maybe I just need to post here

Greenpeace Wins Court Ruling in Battle with India Govt

Rand Paul is a Slut...

I'm a straight white man and I have unfair privileges in life as a result.

Jesse Eisenberg learns zero lessons from Adam Sandler fiasco: “Two Dogs could do a great rain dance”

Nebraska senators override governor's veto, repeal death penalty

Clinton urges making middle class 'mean something again'-HRC ROOM

Cable Theft Near Howard Beach Disrupted Service for Hundreds of Thousands; NYPD Investigating

George Zimmerman

Ralph Nader's Announcement Speech

How is it that the NY Times

REVEALED: Josh Duggar sued Arkansas in 2007 because they investigated his sexual assaults

10 of the craziest things Ann Coulter said about immigrants in recent interview

Rick Sanitarium just announced for presidency

This researcher asked kids what's wrong with U.S. schools. Here are their ideas.

Body cam video catches Barstow cops slamming black pregnant woman to ground, letting white woman go

I think this is a link to Hillary in SC...

Does anyone here have access to a website of celebrity managers,et al?

Carly Fienderina, in an Ambush of Hillary Clinton, Gets Defensive

Who else is going to Ames IA to see Bernie Saturday? We should have a meet up.

14 more Advertisers Dump the Duggars

Ex-Santorum Campaign Worker Jumps To Death After Stabbing Former Classmate

REAL strawberries!

A quick question for those that say Bernie can't win...

Real strawberries!

Big Oil Pressured Scientists Over Fracking Wastewater's Link to Quakes - Bloomberg

Dang you, Obama!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 May 2015

Does anyone use a spiralizer?

A bumper sticker I saw "I'm already against the next war!"

They're not going to see me turn white in the White House

Some in congress working to curtail Obama’s advances on Cuba

PRIVILEGE ... (And 5 Tips For Being An Ally)

11 Things to Know About What It's Like to Run a Penis Museum

Mitch Mcconnel, dick

Media Help Santorum Rebrand As "Champion Of The Working Class," Ignoring Economic Policies That Favo

TLC Network: A spinoff of the Duggar family show is cool, right?

Nebraska overrides veto of Death Penalty

Watch: Hypocrite Ted Cruz Begs For Federal Relief Money For Houston Flooding

My neighbor's lilacs are done, but ours is just getting started...

Hillary Clinton Blasts GOP Rivals For Opposing Equal Pay: 'What Century Are They Living In?

Lawsuit accuses Notre Dame professor of sexual assault

From around the yard today...

Marco Rubio: Gay Rights 'A Real And Present Danger' To Freedom

Silicon Valley Discovers the Cheapest Way to Help the Homeless: Give Them Homes

Mexico drops charges against 4 men, finds they were tortured

Mexico drops charges against 4 men, finds they were tortured

Watch this self-driving car park itself...

"Christian" "news" site has yet to mention Josh Duggar.

Obama: Denying Israel’s Right To Exist as a Jewish Homeland Is Anti-Semitic

Publisher To Correct Rand Paul’s Book After He Writes That Six People Died In Benghazi

Obama Administration Files Totally Clueless Argument Concerning Software Copyrights In Supreme Court

Kirk Cameron: I Want My Daughters to Be Like the Duggars

Rand Paul: "Republican Hawks Created ISIS." Thanks For The Campaign Soundbyte, Rand!

Absolutely Nothing: A Veteran’s Savage Indictment of the Iraq War

Elementary School Hosts End-Of-Year Carnival, Excludes All The Poor Kids

Does anyone consider themselves a "super-taster"?

I never question my "hides", but this one seems innocuous enough, and a jury hid it.

Playing with B&W again

Swimmer carrying rock drowns on birthday

Astronomers declare war on lawn mowing robots

DU loads painfully slowly anymore

Vatican Official calls Irish gay marriage vote "a defeat for humanity"

Bring Raise the Wage News to the Airwaves!

Wharton mayor calls for voluntary evacuation due to flooding

US Senate Races in 2016,2018,and 2020.

FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States

I thought the Hillary Clinton Group might find this response from skinner interesting.


Bring Raise the Wage News to the Airwaves! (what did marym625 do now?)

Bring Raise the Wage News to the Airwaves! (what did marym625 do now?)

Bring Raise the Wage News to the Airwaves! (what did marym625 do now?)

Democrats don't hate Democrats

"Trigger Mortis..."?

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Wants Ruth Bader Ginsberg Impeaced...

Nebraska abolishes death penalty, as legislature overrides governor's veto

The gaming of the WI Democratic Party

Unions Win $80 Million Overtime Pay Settlement For Indian Health Service Workers

Unions Win $80 Million Overtime Pay Settlement For Indian Health Service Workers

'Remembering the Pink Triangle' honors homosexual victims of nazism

You all know that if I ran for President, I would say the same thing as Bernie..

On July 1st Tiny Emeryville California Will Have Highest Minimum Wage In U.S.

On July 1st Tiny Emeryville California Will Have Highest Minimum Wage In U.S.

Think twice and count to three

On July 1st Tiny Emeryville California Will Have Highest Minimum Wage In U.S.


Behold, the future! Battery powered, totally spoiled and vaguely off grid - By Mark Morford