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Archives: May 30, 2015

In light of Hastert, Duggar, Foley, demand legislation to keep conservatives away from our children!

Obama Steps Up Pressure for Renewal of Surveillance Measures

Ben And Jerry’s Wants To Fight Climate Change With A New Flavor

Rand Paul Has No Billionaire, Must Scrape For Cash

I like Bernie. I like Hillary. I like Martin O'Malley.

Can you tell the difference between Bush and Obama on the Patriot Act?

Washington transit system bans political ads over Mohammed cartoon

Cripes, listening to the Rand Paul interview with Chris Matthews ...

BREAKING NEWS- Tip of the iceberg-second Hastert victim comes forward

It is with some trepidation I post here

Guess Who’s Mixed Up In Duggar Family Sex Crimes Now? Hobby Lobby, Of Course!

Guess Who’s Mixed Up In Duggar Family Sex Crimes Now? Hobby Lobby, Of Course!

Apple CEO Tim Cook donates $6.56M to charity

Nuclear power not cheap, being phased out: expert

Mohammed cartoon contest: Hundreds expected outside Phoenix mosque

NY Times: Gay hotelier who hosted Ted Cruz made a campaign donation too

Economists have figured out who’s really to blame for exploding income inequality


China warned over 'insane' plans for new nuclear power plants

Sinking the Sanders Campaign Beneath a Wave of Silence

Love - My Little Red Book

My foot surgery was successful!

Ted Cruz, charlatan

Shocking Blue - Venus


Need help: Looking for a specific comedy-skit.

So funny. I predicted about 10 years ago that they'd get Hastert on something.

Led Zeppelin - Bring it on Home Live

HRC Room -With scripture, Hillary Clinton wins over a voter

A second person accused Hastert of sexual abuse, official says

FOX is largely avoiding the Hastert scandal. Maybe there are skeletons is some of their closets.

When The Levee Breaks by Zepparella

Martin O'Malley: 'Getting Ready for a Thing' Tomorrow

Ex-senator detained for using paramilitary death squads to corral votes

It tells us nothing at this point that HRC beats Bernie among women and poc.

Smith - Baby Its You

So, what do we do about this?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Hotter than Hastert! & a new Kitteh gif

The Orchard-MacKay Agreement

John F. Kennedy: "I'm Proud To Say I'm A Liberal" (today would have been his 98th birthday)

GOP Split on Possible Health-Law Fixes

MARION - I Go To Sleep

JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon is fed up with you 'lazy' investors voting against him

Friday Talking Points (348) -- Double Standards And Hypocrisy

The Hastert scandal led the NBC Nightly News

Mozambique decriminalizes gay sex

Andrew Coyne: Peter MacKay was a politician of many titles, but little achievement

Bernie Sanders Kicks Off New Hampshire Campaign

Former Notre Dame linebacker faces animal cruelty charge

And now, a heaping helping of squee

NBC Chattanooga Refuses To Air Ad About Gay Republican Soldier Who Wants To Get Married

Ex-teacher who abused students asks judge not to send her to prison

Just heard that Ehrlich MAY join the clown car!

Dissing Hillary taking it's toll ?

Is there a thread where

Second Hastert Accuser

HRC Room. Hillary is strong, honest, and the most qualified candidate. Hugs to her supporters.

Anti-Gay Hate Group Blames Satan, Pawns For Demise Of Anti-LGBT Legislation In Texas

U.S. Takes Cuba off Terror List, Paving Way for Normal Ties

Texas seeks presidential disaster declaration after storms kill 21

Americans Choose "Pro-Choice" for First Time in Seven Years

Positive Agriculture Practices Get A Voice, If Even A Quiet One.

Can US meet its climate goals? New study says ‘Yes’

Crowds gather for anti-Islam demonstration outside Phoenix mosque

Officials: Shootings Involving Children Up 500 Percent From Last Year

Liberals are enjoying a comeback

Texas Handgun Open Carry Bill Clears Legislature

Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch on market for $100 mln

Why are we "casting" votes in May of 2015?

Texas State Parks affected by the floods

Canadian PM Harper's trade deals - a poison pill for democracy

Russia releases 89-name EU travel blacklist

6,000 aboriginal children died in Canada's residential school system, report finds

I am not posting this because I believe in the super being in the sky

Anybody watching the live feed of the Phoenix Mosque Rally?

Lindsey Graham Reiterates Support for Israel, ‘Our Best Friend’

Who owns Democratic Underground and is it connected to the Hillary campaign?

any contractors? Remodelers? Need some advice. I have some interior walls I want to repaint

Harper's trade deals are a poison pill for democracy

When Bernie is in the White House

Hastert's federal pension not in danger

"They don’t look at these things unless money is offered, and it has to be $500,000.”

Why Is Sen. Ron Johnson So Afraid of the The Lego Movie?

California’s Snowpack Is Now Zero Percent of Normal aka.. "Shit just got real"

Sarkozy renames French opposition The Republicans

Tampa Bay Lightning are going to the Stanley Cup final.

An off the wall tune I brought from the Moon

This is What I Believe.

Lots of negativity about Hillary and Bernie, but none about O'Malley.

Ropesville police chief arrested in firearms investigation

Thank you Rangers

More Americans Support Bernie Sanders For President Than Every Republican Contender

Minimum Wages Are Rising Across the Country. Should They Apply to Minors?

Davenport Iowa mayor on Bernie: "He became a serious player in the Iowa caucus last night,"

Young Women Say No to Thongs

FDA says Nebraska can't legally import execution drug, blurring the fates of 10 on death row

Sister meets man with her brother's transplanted face (video)

Dennis Hastert Tells Friends: I am a victim, too

John Fitgerald Kennedy's Peace Speech at American University

Scott Walker boating picture - living it up while his budget bill rips apart Wisconsin

Small Stuff

Geraldo Rivera Claims Dennis Hastert Is Now A Victim

Republicans in the Legislature have removed tenure and shared governance from the UW System.

Why Labor Should Get Behind Bernie Sanders in the Primary Elections

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade!"

Ex-Muslim calls for more critique of Islam from the left

this morning...

Quad Cities Town Hall, 28 May, 2015

‘The Big Bang Theory' just did what no TV show has ever done before

While Rome (Wisconsin) burns, Walker celebrates in NH

Authorities: Windsor bicyclist's killing, I-25 shooting are linked

Why does Republican Victimhood...

My Title IX Inquisition

Washington State court ruling opens door to suit over Israel boycott

Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature have killed tenure and shared governance

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 31 - John Wayne

Saw Mad Max: Fury Road the other day

I just discovered star fruit

Hillary has a lot of negative history, what's wrong with bringing it up?

I wonder why Hastert didn't get a lawyer to arrange a private, confidential legal settlement

Elephant Revival - "Nostalgia #28"


After 24 years, 4 months and 7 days, Eastern Airlines resumes revenue flight operations

TCM Schedule for Monday June 1 - Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Sanders fires up supporters in Iowa

it does my heart so much good to see the husband smile at harvey

Plane crashes in Plainview; preliminary reports indicate 3 dead

My Alaska garden

Landing on the Moon :July 20, 1969

What I've been doing instead of taking pictures.

phoenix anti islam organizer going into hiding.

If you want to know what social justice is without economic justice...

Obama Warns the Senate to Pass Surveillance Law

Head of State (2003) "That ain't right!"

UW cut trimmed but tenure, shared goverance changes infuriate faculty

Is Al Jazeera Trying to Be CNN or Fox? - Washington's Blog

Brooks & Dunn - Only In America

Juan Cole: How Mainstream is Bernie Sanders?

America Is Locking Its Poor in Debtor's Prisons to Fund Police

Ten demonstrations that changed the world - Counterfire

US, Iran accelerate nuclear talks a month before deadline

Daily Holidays - May 30

Noam Chomsky on the Magna Carta

Are you shitting me? Apartment Fliers Advise Black Residents to Keep Quiet

I'm starting to hear a strong song.

Basic principle of progressive economics: Leverage is coercion.

Anthrax bungle sees more labs receive US shipments than first thought

Germans Fear TTIP

“We need more police, we need more and tougher prison sentences ..."

This person is allowed to vote

Real median household income rose more in the 20 years after NAFTA than the 20 years before it

Teens are fleeing religion like never before: Massive new study exposes religion’s decline

What music are you listening to right now? 6:15am & still wide awake.. Gold Dust Woman

Norwegian pension fund to divest from coal

Dennis Hastert’s secret gay ‘misconduct’ is even worse given his terrible voting record on gay right

Secret Pro Corporation ‘misconduct’ also exists

Question for the Photography Group

What presidential candidates need to understand about income inequality

Bloomberg: Unions Drawing Line in Sand With Hillary Clinton and Democrats on Trade Deal

Bloomberg: Unions Drawing Line in Sand With Hillary Clinton and Democrats on Trade Deal

Bloomberg: Unions Drawing Line in Sand With Hillary Clinton and Democrats on Trade Deal

Republicans Want You to Forget Why Sending Troops Back to Iraq Is a Terrible Idea

The Blade: EDITORIAL Union busting (hurt the vital services to disabled, elderly, and the young)

The Blade: EDITORIAL Union busting (hurt the vital services to disabled, elderly, and the young)

The Blade: EDITORIAL Union busting (hurt the vital services to disabled, elderly, and the young)

The Blade: EDITORIAL Union busting (hurt the vital services to disabled, elderly, and the young)

Powerful quake strikes off Japan; no tsunami warning

Maine Governor LePage Insults Democrats, Threatens To Veto All Their Bills

Martin O'Malley: Cat's out of the bag

When was the last time someone convinced you you were wrong about a political issue?

This photo captures the essence of the anti-Islam frenzy.

Volunteers search for missing after Central Texas flood

“O’Malley for President” papers filed with FEC y’day

Bernie Supporters, Will you vote for Hillary in the General if she is the nominee?

Bernie Sanders Intends to Strike at the Heart of the Prison Industrial Complex

My appearance on Fox & Friends this morning discussing Carly Fiorina's Presidential bid

WI State worker health costs could double under proposed budget cuts

Rand Paul's Super Pac releases first attack ad.

Morning Plum: GOP set to blame Dems for yanking health coverage from millions

In just under 1 month DU for Bernie has now raised over $2,500 at Act Blue!!!

In just under 1 month DU for Bernie has now raised over $2,500 at Act Blue!!!

Bernie Sanders is right: Markets are dumb

No one in GD is interested in this but maybe this group will be

Coast Guard: There were boots on the ground after oil spill

Japan just had a mega earthquake (8.5) but we were lucky because it was VERY deep underground.

Compared to any Republican, the difference between Hillary and Bernie is rounding error.


Dennis Hastert aside, it shouldn't be a crime to take your own money out of the bank

(Australia) Bob Brown Foundation: government 'should be embarrassed' by UN report

McDonald’s defy quantum physics with sign

Barney Frank calls out Dennis Hastert & GOP hypocrisy with a perfect statement

Suspect shot and killed by police in Lyndhurst Public Library

Has Dennis Hastert apologized to the America people yet?

"union abc's" by kristin lems really cool link.

3 little words.....

Just a question:

¿Como se dice #NewLeadership en Español? Martin O'Malley!!

Fire Department Deploys Unmarked Trucks

Rachel Maddow - Hastert indictment raises questions of further charges

Man Going To Trust Society’s Determination That He Deserves His Privilege

Did Ireland Just Bury the Catholic Church?

HERE WE GO!!! live stream at C-Span here:

Israel Supreme Court: Bedouin have no indigenous rights

Martin O'Malley: Prepping for a big moment this morning

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sect In London Bans Women From Driving

Guy Who Died Playing ‘League Of Legends’ In Internet Café Really Starting To Ruin Game For Others

Sexist Cartoon Depiction of Hillary Clinton Published by McClatchy's Sacramento Bee

Sexist Cartoon Depiction of Hillary Clinton Published by McClatchy's Sacramento Bee

Martin O'Malley phoned Hillary Clinton ahead of his presidential launch

Martin O'Mally Presidential Campaign Announcement Starting Now! (Watch Live)

So there are at least two students who were abused by Hastert

*Great to be in Baltimore, home of Star Spangled Banner, where M. O'Malley is about to speak,

"Resurgence of the ‘Surge’ Myth"--Ray McGovern, May 29, 2015

McCain: US should allow sale of defensive weapons to Vietnam

Ukraine appoints Georgia ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili governor of Odessa

A-Sawahrah a-Sharqiyah and a-Sheikh Sa’ed isolated from rest of East Jerusalem

Hillary Clinton’s Strong Start

Nebraska begins issuing driver's licenses to children of illegal immigrants

Sexist Cartoon Depiction of Hillary Clinton Published by McClatchy's Sacramento Bee

Russ Backers

Study links low intelligence with RIGHT WING beliefs (LOL!)


7 things you should about Martin O'Malley

Toon: Sure I was Warned

A DUer's Indie Movie Update. Product Placement Part II

With all of this destruction, how does Scott Walker keep getting elected in Wisconsin?

Doonesbury- Trickle Down Dick

Pivot Insanity Why is Obama's SOS Ashton Carter Goading China?

Weekly Address: Pass the USA Freedom Act

Poll: Does this look like fun, or like living hell, to you?

Sydney Blumenthal: the old fake villan (2 articles)

With all of this destruction, how do Scott Walker and Republicans keep getting elected in Wisconsin?

United Airlines Had Men-Only Flights Until 1970. Here’s the Manly Services They Offered.

India:‘Now, We Have a Democratically Elected Totalitarian Government’--Arundhati Roy

Martin O’Malley: You heard it here first: I’m running for president

Last sweep past Saturn's moon Hyperion tomorrow

O'Malley announces....

Even though i am for Bernie I like what O'malley Is saying

A Pit Bull Comes To The Rescue Of Two Dogs Being Forced To Fight!

I'm imposing the DU Death Penalty on myself, with the sentence suspended. You can help me.

PBS Independent Lens - The Kill Team (2015)

Any hints on how to unsubscribe from emails?

Octopus opens a jar, from the inside - video

Nobel Prize Sold: It seems like the 'historic' ACA has missed the mark...

On Pivot TV now - Vanishing of the Bees

I'm watching the O'Malley Announcement ...

Apologize for Offensive Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders Cartoon

If you had a child would you allow him to be coached by Dennis Hastert?

Alaska Supreme Court backs group fighting Pebble mine

NYTimes story, Martin O'Malley announces presidential campaign,

If you lined up all the presidential candidates...?

Looking to start a new Pastafarian group, looking for 10 supporters

State game board upholds aerial sheep spotting ban

Gay-rights activists clash with foes in Moscow, 15 detained

Gay-rights activists clash with foes in Moscow, 15 detained

Something I actually agree with Rand Paul on?

Democratic Party is better for the Economy

McCartney Says He's Given up Pot Now That He's a Granddad

Layoffs, cut services, battles over Permanent fund - hazards of oil-based economy

Director Michael Bay Drops Acid and Directs 1st Rand Paul ad.

Dennis Hastert's weird 2014 call on C-SPAN

When I vote for HRC, here is what I'll be voting for

Smear article on Elizabeth.......

BREAKING: Martin O'Malley (from DNC)

An interesting take on the FIFA mess-Selective justice is no justice at all!

U.S. is paying the price for not investing in trains, and it's stupid

What do you think about Bernie's foreign policy ability?

The Presidential Election is Less Important than You Think

Bernie Sanders to Appear on Meet the Press on Sunday. Let's play a game:

Thom Hartman says message boards have paid trolls who are very active

Director of the National Spelling Bee nails it when dealing with a bigot

Christian nonprofit Ordered To Pay $75,000 Over ‘No Pregnancy In The Workplace’ Policy

Martin O'Malley is very good looking.... pictures now added!

Rand Paul: 'I will force the expiration' of the PATRIOT Act

Iowa Legislator Doesn’t Know What LGBTQ Stands For, Is Still Against It

Here's how to disable ads playing on youtube

for those who hear complaints about a so-called 'rain tax,' facts:

In His Speech, Martin O'Malley Put Our Nation's Values and Ideals at the Forefront of His Advocacy

Calling Lounge botanists (who will probably then detest me). Specialty: vines

Chinese Anti-Poaching Video PSA

The GOP can’t survive without a “Them”


How much would you spend for a candidate's t-shirt?

Meet the Lamb That Likes Hanging Out in Hammocks | Care2 Causes

Tell ya one thing about being a veteran DUer here...

I just got accosted leaving the metro in Mexico City...

Duggars will run to Faux News for first interview.

LIVE RADIO NOW: Is Bernie Sanders’ candidacy toast by his old essay?

Life after the Spelling Bee: 'It’s one of the most unique, odd clubs you can be in'

Video about race at a high school sparks controversy in local town

Only a dozen protestors per MSNBC

O'Malley on the issues, from NYT:

Prescription for Pain: Patients denied medication

How about a Duggars-Hastert reality show?

Creationist stumbles upon a major fossil find

New CBS Reality TV Show Exploits Poor by making them grovel for $100,000

Gov. Martin O’Malley Announces Run for President

Has Hastart Ever Made Comments On Sandusky Or The Catholic Priest Scandals?......

Breaking- Hastert's pal says he is saying he is the victim.

He'll be on 'This Week' Sunday!

What do you think of the HRC logo?


Police break up unsanctioned gay rally in central Moscow

Pain Care Is Legal Web Site Fighting daily for Pain Patient Rights.

Putting words in the candidate's mouth.

Pentagon Says Live Anthrax Shipments Went To 24 Labs In 11 States, 2 Foreign Countries

If an increase in minimum wage sounds good, would a minimum pension sound good also?

I wonder if this has something to the rush to get TPP signed.

Dean Baker (an actual economist): NAFTA Lowered Wages, as It Was Supposed to Do


Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night - Unplugged in new york

O'Malley Supporters- Why should we be excited?

To Counter Putin, Poland and Lithuania Officials Want U.S. Bases, Durbin Says

Poverty creates and perpetuates social injustice

Has Hillary Clinton stated how she feels about Glass-Steagall?

Another silly gun bill has been introduced..

A policy of non-discrimination (pet rescue story).

Denis Leary returns to tv!!!!!!!!!!

Miguel Cabrera gives Victor Espinoza the gloves he wore....

Hillary Clinton welcomes Martin O'Malley to the race

4 civilians injured as ‘FARC’ blows up Pan-american Highway

Venezuelans rally to protest socialist administration

"A European view of the typical American breakfast?" NO way. What's wrong with this picture?

Immigration Reform Could Haunt the GOP Right Up to 2016

Pipeline spill not only danger to Calif beaches

Bibi Seals Nationalist Policy with Dore Gold Heading Foreign Ministry

Most Americans Support Sending Troops to Iraq, Wherever that Is

Will O'Malley pull more votes from Sec. Clinton or Sen. Sanders' supporters?

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Finding good bagels outside of New York is impossible, and here’s why.

Bob Schieffer Hosts Last Face The Nation Sunday

If FOX doesn't discuss something does that mean it didn't happen?

RIA: Russian aircraft head off U.S. destroyer in Black Sea

Hillary Clinton welcomes Gov. O'Malley to the race on twitter.

Historic mosque-cathedral mired in cultural dispute

Ukraine's Economy Is A Disaster. Its Demography Is Even Worse

Tabling for Bernie. Or campaigning like Ben Franklin did it.

Heroic Rats Sniff Out Landmines In Africa, May Save Thousands Of Lives Worldwide

Longest Floating Structure In History Sets Out To Clean The Ocean In 2016

Wife-Beating Fed Judge Mark Fuller, Who Railroaded Siegelman, Resigns

Rand Paul Promises To Derail NSA Vote

Anyone have the transcript of the announcement? TIA. n/t

This Week in God.... (Maddow blog)

Corrosion of the Arlington Memorial Bridge Causes Second Partial Closure Within 10 Days

Cockpit Footage TBM Avenger Emergency Landing Arsenal Of Democracy VE Day Flyover

Is the most advertised product the best product ?

The United States ranks behind Mexico and just ahead of Colombia in Electoral Integrity

Echoes of 2011: Kasich Eliminates Workers’ Collective Bargaining Rights

Why are there never discussions of Native American issues ?

The harder they come

How Do Charter Schools Succeed? By Cutting Loose Students Who Aren't Good Enough

One of my favorite lines from the announcement:

Conservatives Try to Use Their Own Failure To Regulate Wall Street to Smear Democrats

DU for Bernie DONATE HERE (Thank you letter from Bernie & Act Blue links to Bernie's friends too)

Why Is Media Ignoring Bernie Sanders?

The Unrepentant ‘Gorilla’ of Wall Street Wants You to Bite Him

Bernie is on Meet the Press tomorrow:

Congress Can — and Should — Declassify the TPP

One of Hillary's favorite moments from this week.

Question about pinned posts for Bernie Group

O'Malley on Wall Street, Glass-Steagall, and the big banks

7 things people who say they’re ‘fiscally conservative but socially liberal’ don’t understand

The skilled portrayal of Obama in 2008, the video speaks for itself

Martin O'Malley: "Thanks, Hillary"

Flashback: Obama 2008 campaign promo video.

This needs to become a larger part of the TPP discussion.

Question....anyone watch Battle Creek?

nyt 10 most popular recipes this week, by request:

Italy's Berlusconi mistakenly backs rival candidate (BBC)

On economic versus social issues--

Watch Elizabeth Warren Explain Why She's Angry

Is Martin O'Malley doing a Hillary Clinton a favor to get the Veep job?

Is Martin O'Malley's new super PAC a jab at Hillary Clinton?

Would it be possible to start a Pastafarians group?

Alan Moore's Providence--Any readers?

How to learn 30 languages (BBC)

Shumlin, Kunin to host Hillary Clinton event-HRC Room

Marvel invites high school girls to develop and demostrate their own "mico-tech" projects.

Should Bernie educate us about Democratic

New homes in California will face watering limits

Geographically challenged neo-Nazi gun huggers confront ISIS 7,352 miles from Mosel, Iraq

2016/2018/2020 US Senate Elections.

Fox News Scrubs Rand Paul from Poll Graphic

2 & 4PM ET, HBO: 'BELLE' (2013) and 'BESSIE' (2015) Films on the Lives of 2 Remarkable Black Women

Bad Day At Black Rock...........

Truth is All

"Third Way®" types don't want to discuss the last year of M.L. King, Jr.'s life

Bernie Sanders: ..the full promise of equality...

Days after repeal, death penalty backers strategize next step

2 & 4PM ET: HBO, "BELLE" and "BESSIE" Films on 2 Remarkable Black Women. Look for HBO Repeats.

Oklahoma man shot, killed by police after fight over rescue

What happens when you add a high level fertilizer to a Christmas or Easter Cactus?

Ok, enough is enough. Need to blow off steam? Read this.

Third Way wants to kill your company match to your 401k

Bernie Sanders - The President We Need

Civil War-era soldier to be buried with full military honors

The Friends of Nukes are Losing

I'm back.

"A lopsided treaty from which a mere 1% will benefit"

To Kill A Mockingbird on TCM, 8pm Eastern Time

Organizer of PHX "draw Muhammed" rally: "I'm going into hiding"

Longest US Catholic church vigil may be coming to end

Sorry, Duplicate Secretive Deal Isn’t about Trade, but Corporate Control

Bernie Sanders: Joseph Stiglitz...

Huckabee Says Good Boy-Santorum Says Bad Boy

Social justice and government policy.

Patriot Act That Dennis Hastert Passed Led To His Indictment

Oh, this is sweet! Even Paul Krugman weighs in on Denny Hastert...

Toon: Sorry your Holiness, but I'm not a believer....

Obama signs Texas disaster declaration

Obama signs Texas disaster declaration

Congress Can — and Should — Declassify the TPP

Hey you young'uns.. wanna see how we used to fly?

Public Integrity Unit changes sent to Abbott

Senate OKs $3.1 billion in campus construction; measure goes to Abbott

Poll on economic justice and social justice

TPMS = Tire Pressure Monitoring System = Suckage

Negotiators agree to create new research fund, close technology fund

Activists say Syrian army strikes kill 70 people in Aleppo

Venezuelans mass for year's largest anti-government protests

Texas Legislature approves decriminalizing skipping school

Nuclear isn’t the only energy phase-out happening in Germany

Jury convicts TV actor Dustin Diamond of misdemeanors in stabbing

Cons on Dis' almost hide an acerbic comment from a Dem. vote to save it was 4:3. Never should have

Cheap or free things to use for toys for kittens and cats

The "Bernie Sanders Is A Racist" talking point is comically dumb

Arguing with climate change deniers. Cartoon says it well.

Neb)-Gov Says Execution Plans Will Go Forward

2 & 4PM ET HBO: "BELLE" and "BESSIE" Films on the lives of 2 remarkable black women. HBO repeats.

Kansas Republicans Finally Consider Changing Course On Their ‘Tea Party Experiment’

I am very happy indeed that two major, declared candidates unequivocally oppose the death penalty.

Jury acquits medical marijuana patient of felony charges

Southwest Colombia indigenous clash with police over land claims

Do I dare use this?

Common gestures that could get you in trouble elsewhere

Why I’d Rather Be a Team Big Dissident, Than a Team Small Cheerleader (On making positive changes.)

from AOL, Where they stand on the issues, O'Malley

MaddowBlog: This Week in God, 5.30.15: screw the poor; Jewish #wow; bigotry; demons:

Cops Raid Medical Marijuana Patient, Take Her Vibrator in Asset Forfeiture

Serious flaws revealed in U.S. anti-missile nuclear defense against North Korea

FYI to posters in the HRC room

Anybody got a clue to Dayton's or the DFL's strategy?

Sun-powered Solar Impulse plane begins marathon Pacific flight

How can you be both for social justice and pro death penalty?

Bernie Sanders Scores A Win As The Postal Service Backs Off Plan To Close Plants

A brief moment's escape from all the racism accusations

Bernie Sanders Group Milestone 10,000 Posts

Second Quarter Fundraising in 2007.

A thought just occurred to me. Isn't it illegal to receive blackmail/hush money? Will TPTB go after

"If I understand the history correctly…"

" Man Sues Fairfield Police, Saying Officers Tased Him in the Eye"

Judge rules UPMC must provide in-network access to Highmark Medicare members:

Oklahoma Trooper Shoots, Kills Man During Okmulgee County Water Rescue

How Hastert made his millions

This American ‘foreign fighter’ says he’s helping Iraqi Christians fight ISIS

2016 United States Senate Election-Top Tier Democratic candidates in all 34 states.

Hillary Clinton's Controversial Pastor--Daily Kos (from Hillary's First Run for President)

"Politicians Beware! The Definition for Bribery in Politics has changed" Don Siegelman

Monsieur Sarkozy, vous êtes complètement taré ou quoi?

Megyn Kelly to Interview Duggar Parents About Molestation Allegations

MaddowBlog: Why Jeb Bush's line on Alzheimer's matters

In OKC, Roosevelt Middle School teachers say lack of student discipline could mean departure

TCM tonight 7:00 CST. To Kill A Mockingbird

Nova | Deadliest Tornadoes - Full Documentary

Beyond Civil Rights

The Family Firm That Hunts Nazis (by Michael Freedland 5-30-2015 Guardian article)

Judge Upholds Gainful Employment Rule, Throws Out For-Profit College Industry Lawsuit – Consumerist

what's for dinner - saturday, may 30th

B.B. King laid to rest

Arsenal wins FA Cup

Public Citizen’s blogs: trade; Texas ethics bill; Amazon lawsuit