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Tornadoes hit southwest of Oklahoma City, airport evacuated

Francis Wilkinson: Is Gov. Chris Christie walking the bridge to ruin?

Unions are Becoming Cool

Bernie Sanders will be on


CVS Will Rebuild 2 Stores in Baltimore

This Is What Thunder Looks Like

Hot Chocolate ~ You sexy thing 1975

Soooo... It's that time again. Just like every Pre-Pre-Primary Season...

*Bernie up on Chris Hayes show NOW.

Cuba: US orchestra plays Havana after 85yrs

5-6-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 in 2:00

5-6-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 in 2:00

5-6-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 in 2:00

Why Iran must remain a US enemy

Activists ticketed for putting Snowden bust on NYC monument

When Police and other Government Officials Declare War on a People


Evangelist sues Fort Worth over treatment at gay pride festival

Bernie and Teddy Comparison

United Kingdom votes in most unpredictable election in decades

DEA to traveler: Thanks, I’ll take that cash

Pointed 'Key & Peele' sketch slams police brutality

Republican Santorum will announce decision on presidential run on May 27

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! Come On Back, Jesus

BABY MONSTER Born 10-1888 Died 2-1889

Cuban 5: The True Story

Netanyahu clinches deal to form new Israeli government

Hillary Never Criticized Obama for his Embrace of Big Bangs

There Will Be Blood:

CVS officially confirms plan to reopen stores burned in Baltimore riots

idiosyncratic axonal neuropathy

Anyone Watching Rachel Maddow? She is talking about Alberta Canada going from conservative

Teddy and Bernie Comparison (x-posted)

Del. House Committee Releases Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Dianne White Clatto, first black weathercaster in America, dies at 77

CVS employees that lost jobs from store burning down are still being paid:

Gun control is a distraction, a minor issue

Rick Snyder not running for president


"The New Age of Counterinsurgency Policing" - Tom Dispatch

Wells report: Pats employees probably deflated balls, Tom Brady likely knew

Eat to fight Alzheimer's

Standing With Marilyn Mosby

Maybe lately I've been too busy enjoying springtime here in Delaware but I have to ask WTF....


New indictment charges owners of kennel where 21 dogs died

Oh Canada!

In this post-Citizens United world debates are essential to the survival of our democracy

We can't let Bernie play the role of sheepdog. I don't believe he is, but it's been put out there.

Break out your SWEATER VESTS on May 27th...the GOP clown car will add more "Presidential hopeful"

School bus driver near Phoenix flips out...

The Atlantic: Don't Underestimate Bernie Sanders

The Atlantic: Don't Underestimate Bernie Sanders

Riot Young Frankenstein

The Quest for Transgender Equality

Hillary Clinton’s Appeal Survives Scrutiny, Poll Says

In a Cop Culture, the Bill of Rights Doesn’t Amount to Much By John W. Whitehead

School That Teaches Abstinence Education Experiences Chlamydia Outbreak

Family get together this weekend!

Cannabis Medical Research Outfits?

My new favourite poem. "Sleeping in the Forest" by Mary Oliver. What is your favourite?

Today in Herstory: The Suffrage Parade is Bigger Than Ever (6 may 1911)

Today in Herstory: The Suffrage Parade is Bigger Than Ever (6 may 1911)

Cassetteboy - Emperor's New Clothes rap

Hoping for the best for those in OK, KS, NE today and tonight

Four Sentenced to Death, Eight to Prison for Brutal Murder of Afghan Woman

Four Sentenced to Death, Eight to Prison for Brutal Murder of Afghan Woman

Voting against the Brady Bill versus voting for the Iraq War Resolution?

So Bernie wrote President Obama a letter today...

Joey on an ignore and hidden post tear.

Georgia sheriff charged in shooting of real estate agent

Police Look At Threat On Islamic State-Related Website Against Cartoon Contest Organizer (Geller)

Kraft expects apology from NFL if no tampering found

Barring a Devon Loch, David Cameron will be re-elected...

Is Bernie Sanders the choice of Democratic gun owners?

Republicans who cut science budgets are not stupid. They're malicious. Goal: official ignorance

Title IX Sex Discrimination Complaint to be Filed Against University of Mary Washington by Feminist

Crying ‘Gotcha’

Title IX Sex Discrimination Complaint to be Filed Against University of Mary Washington by Feminist

Lockheed F-35 gets first female pilot: Air Force

Hawaii enters national debate over future of ethanol in gas

Hawaii enters national debate over future of ethanol in gas

The more piling on of Sanders I see

Statehouse Republicans Want Campaign Disclosure

Dems can do better than "too big to fail" campaigns

Oklahoma passes bill allowing designated school staff to carry guns

Walker's WI Revenue Estimates Show No Additional Money Expected--sad...

A ship dedicated to saving North African refugees...

"Don't Treadeth On Me"

time spent using tupperware

Texas' top officer: Snoop Dogg a 'dope smoking cop hater'

What Voters Want - and Don't Want - in a Presidential Candidate

I'm ready for Bernie

Humane Society: Mountain lion shot, killed in Omaha area (link to photo added)

Time for change - YES !

Chile's Bachelet asks ministers to resign

Henry Fernandez just slapped around David Frum on Lawrence O'Donnell's show

Greenpeace wants Shell's lawsuit over protest dismissed

Amy Schumer’s New Birth Control Ad Blasts GOP War On Women

Meet the outsider who accidentally solved chronic homelessness

Ebola deaths pass 11,000 mark: WHO

Toddler found in trash container outside La Vista apartment building (update mother was murdered!)

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders plans Prophet Mohammed expo after US shootings

It is not a good idea to locate a voting center in a police station or branch office

My newest painting

Boehner Praises Report Ranking U.S. 33rd Best Country for Mothers to Live In

Wall Street Titans Who Crashed Global Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP

Watch rescue happen in middle of I-35 at mixmaster (video)

Federal charge filed against former MillerCoors official

7 foot long penis-shaped sofa stolen from remnants of now-closed Riveria in Las Vegas

Looks like Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) will NOT be running for PROTUS 2016

Ugh, I can't remember where to find tag line images

Maya Plisetskaya, Ballerina Who Embodied Bolshoi, Dies at 89

Exotic animals ‘on the loose’ after Tiger Safari near Oklahoma City hit by tornado

Olly the Airport Cat books flight to the great beyond

Not TV, but a great online music site, free. Skyville.

Hillary is the favorite among millionaire voters: Survey

New Hooters Calendar

Texas high school that doesn't teach sex ed surprised by chlamydia outbreak

Bill C-51 passes in House of Commons

ProTip: Primary infighting threads will magically disappear...

Marshall's Steward Butler dismissed, charged with assault of same-sex couple

Primary Voting Requirements by State.


Listless Democratic Party of Wisconsin resembling more a frat house clique than a political Party?

Chihuahua in a chariot

I was looking for a recipe when this caught my eye: Dieting Under Stress

Has anyone done a second or third interview for a job?

Mike Malloy - Wells Fargo Charged With Ripping Off Customers

Arrest warrant 'likely' for Lindsay Lohan for failure to complete community service: Report

NALC food drive Saturday!

Bigoted college football RB attacks gay couple; kicked off team

Greenpeace India "May Close Soon"

Down at Golden Gardens today (More from Seattle)

Barca-Munich, what a game (spoiler alert).

DUMB criminals: Bank robber Instagrams his haul, gets arrested within 30 minutes

New Jersey Justice Quizzes Chris Christie Pension Law 'Bait And Switch'

Bernie Sanders, Gun Nut..He supported the most reprehensible pro-gun legislation in recent memory

Texas House panel approves full legalization of marijuana

State Budget Experts Mistakenly Claim Sodomy is Still Illegal

I wish to register a complaint!

Bernie Sanders is a breath of fresh air.

Anybody else watching Finding Vivian Maier on TMC

TxDOT calls out AT&T for causing costly delays

Only a small portion of the 'thousands' of potential domestic extremists are actually monitored

Lag Ba'omer festivities draw tens of thousands to Mt. Meron

Texas Incident Fuels Concern About Lone-Wolf Terror Attacks

Peter Beinart: Don't Underestimate Bernie Sanders

Happy 100th Birthday, Orson Welles

I finally understand what Republicans mean by small government.

Best DU Poll Ever! Reposting to the Bernie Sanders Group

Power to censor and/or block links?

Homer Simpson went to the gas station, bought $10 in gas to get his child a free toy.

Georgia sheriff charged in 'police training' shooting of real estate agent

How Jews are trying to make things better after Baltimore

Borowitz: Fiorina Has High Name Recognition Among Thousands She Fired

Man accused of threatening to kill Kalispell children wants charges dropped

North Dakota Town Evacuated Following Fiery Oil Train Derailment

Former LSU lineman La'el Collins not father of Brenton Mills, has meeting with Cowboys planned

NASA's Radar Found 4 Men Trapped in Rubble in Nepal By Their Heartbeats

Op-Ed: Courting Adelson is not Jewish outreach

US Is Only Industrialized Nation Without Paid Maternity Leave

Where is the Jewish aid to Nepal going?

Dallas Morning News: Chuck Norris, Greg Abbott still sweating U.S. military’s Texas takeover

Columbia University students created a Facebook page named Columbia University Class Confessions.

Charles Pierce: Two Romneys, Over Easy

U.S. is 33rd best place to be a mother in the world. Yes, 33rd. Behind Portugal, Belarus, Croatia.

DEA agents left student in cell for 5 days without food or water, barely punished

If nothing else, the Wells Report gave us hilarious text messages about Tom Brady, Deflategate

Students protest after history teacher punished for showing homosexual PSA

Los Angeles chief concerned after police kill homeless man

Alabama bill would let ministers refuse same-sex marriages

Trinity Site 70th anniversary: May 7 TNT blast set stage for historic detonation

Palin Crackers

UK goes to polls in General Election

US Military Personnel Have Been Convicted of $50 Million Worth of Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

Bernie Sanders’ "Socialism" May Have Mainstream Appeal

Nebraska Woman Sues All Homosexuals

Testicle-kicking dominatrix becomes first Brit to breach new online porn laws

Juan Cole: Iran Calls for Nuclear Disarmament by US, Israel, World

Subway Posters Brilliantly Use Humor to Combat Major Muslim Stereotypes

Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner (funny!)

Obama administration seeks to alter bill that has caused furor in Iraq

Apple Has Plans for Your DNA

11 powerful quotes show why Sen. Sanders is a progressive icon.

Pat Robertson: Mocking Christian Fundamentalists Makes God Mad

Robots to build Heatherwick and BIG's proposed Google HQ

Documents: Green Beret Who Sought Job At CIA Confessed To Murder

Right Wing 'Christian' Creates Video Game Called 'Kill The Faggot'

On-Demand 3D Printing Service Opens at UPS

The first self-driving big rig licensed to operate in the US

Today's Non-Sequitur pretty much sums it up.

Daily Holidays - May 7

Those who are interested in following the UK elections

Poland marks 70th anniversary of end of WWII

100 years ago today: RMS Lusitania sunk by U-Boat. 1198 dead.

Tornadoes destroy homes, injure at least 12 in Oklahoma

Using a smartphone microscope to detect parasites in blood

Hillary Clinton Embraces a Super PAC

Mike Malloy´s Greatest Hits - Mike Explodes With Caller Defending Israel

Teachers Union Files Unfair Labor Practices Complaint Against CPS

The Great Debate: Why this could be Bernie Sanders' moment- and ours.


Grandma of slaying victim: Police union posts ‘heartless’

Nebraska Hy-Vee stores recycle food waste

Costco CEO: Values, culture are key


Obama's hollow claims on the benefits of the tpp for the American Auto Industry

Amy Goodman: The American Dream: Living to 18

St. Uncumber


Supreme Court's Big Vote (cartoon)

Update: downgraded to 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake

FLOOD WARNING for our area...1 killed last year same type of storm

Marjorie Cohn: The Chickens Come Home to Roost in Baltimore

Police: Teacher lowered autistic boy head-first into trash

Mike Malloy - Woman Is Suing All Gay People On Earth On God's Behalf


Senator Shumer is working to defeat the TPA and TPP

The Long Shadow of Neoconservatism

Bennett to advance Judaism, not democracy, in education system

AP Was There: Germany surrenders to Western allies, Russia

"Excuse Me! Shut Up!" says Bernie to his constituents

Stormy Weather ahead

Aljazeera Op-Ed: Sanders is the primary challenger Democrats need

Aljazeera Op-Ed: Sanders is the primary challenger Democrats need

A quiet leader in Detroit's food renaissance, Goodwells Market provides a model for success

The Rude Pundit - Conservatives Really Need You to Care About the Garland Thing

AlJazeera OpEd: Sanders is the primary challenger Democrats need

Aljazeera Op-Ed: Sanders is the primary challenger Democrats need

Strong quake rocks Papua New Guinea, tsunami threat lifted

No More Angry Mothers; Embracing Accessible Abortion and Affordable Contraception

No More Angry Mothers; Embracing Accessible Abortion and Affordable Contraception

"All they do is take, take, take." (toon)


Cop accused of biting man’s testicles during bar fight

Bernie Sanders, at least in the past, would have accepted Super Pac Money

Photoshop Fun

New York governor proposes Wage Board to raise minimum wage

Did you know, per 10k square miles, that FLORIDA leads the nation in tornadoes ?

California city plans $16 minimum wage by 2019, highest in the U.S.

The actual facts about Hillary and Bernie re Israel

As Ben Carson bashes Obama, many blacks see a hero’s legacy fade

National Weather Service/NHC/NSSL are all government funded (socialism, yes ?) with no private money

Evacuated residents allowed home after oil train derailment

Political Maneuvering is the opposite of Political Courage.

Dems can do better than "too big to fail" campaigns (x-post)

I am rather enjoying the hysteria from the Pat's fans.

Conan O'Brien casts actors for the 2016 Presidential race movie

Marshall University Has Removed Football Player From Team After Charges He Assaulted A Gay Couple

Clinton Sets an Immigration Trap for Republicans

In case anyone forgot Goldman Sachs sold worthless mortgages as AAA investments

Sen Tammy Baldwin--Petition: Say NO to fast-track

332 people are running for president according to the FEC

Simply Fashion and Dots stores closing nationwide

How much did you hate Windows Vista ?

GOP Budget Claims Don’t Add Up


Rand Paul Paid $100K for

Ralph Nader outlines 2016 plan

DC Comics/Warner Brothers continues to rip off creators

White America's Greatest Delusion: "They Do Not Know It and They Do Not Want to Know It."

Ted Cruz

Congrats fellow Berniacs!

I just have this feeling that Miliband will form the next UK government

If I hear one more person talking about Baltimore’s missing fathers, I am going to blow a GD gasket

Mcdonald's embracing new ingredient: kale

How Bible-Thumpers Can Rethink Same-Sex Marriage In One Simple Chart

Anyone here care to summarize the Senator's position on Obama-era public school "reform"?

Republican Policies would Kill Child Rape Victims.

Cops: Parents Used Pot As "Bargaining Tool"

Marco Rubio’s Plan to Build a Holy Hollywood in Florida

What ever the result...the Trident missiles, warheads, and V-boats

Cops: Gay Victim Punched by Football Player, Kept Filming

FBI Officials: No ISIS Link for TX Shooter

I need a web site developer to help redesign a site

Walker’s High Spendin’, Debt Raisin’ Budget

Rachel Maddow - Fearful Texas GOP base amuses nation with conspiracy panic

The author of A Voice for Men’s marital rape apologia is a Holocaust denier and Hitler fan.

Hillary Clinton Isn't Ready to Disclose Who's Funding Her Campaign

The Candidate I agree the MOST with on the issues is Bernie Sanders

Grassley Challenging IBM on Jobs (H-1B visas)

Pirate Capt Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar

The 7 Conservatives Who Are Standing Up To Anti-Islam Pam Geller

George W. Bush Presidential Library reveals heartwarming portrait of Barbara holding newborn George

Huckabee: Don't Blame Pam Geller For 'Radical Islamic Savages' In Texas

Stop Talking About Saving the Planet

Report: No Direct Link Yet Found Between ISIL And Garland Shooting

Koterba toon: Conspiracy

An interesting fact on the socialist Left's major win in the Alberta election

Just Don’t Do It, Sanders Urges Obama on Nike Trip

An interesting fact on the socialist Left's major win in the Alberta election

Study: Anti-abortion views linked to sexist attitudes towards women

A valued alumnus of the community college college where I teach

Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use in Texas Clears House Committee

World War II veteran Joy Lofthouse, 92, flies Spitfire again

Activists linked to James O’Keefe secretly recording GOP lawmakers to push Texas further right

MillerCoors Sued For Marketing Blue Moon As Craft Beer

A Serious Candidate - From a Daily Beast article

Megyn Kelly declares jihad on everyone who isn’t kissing Pam Geller’s butt for saving freedom

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The Clowns come marching in

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Texas vs. USA

Jackie Chan 'supports death penalty' for drug offences

Goodbye to all that: Hillary ditches the caution that helped doom her 2008 campaign - By Joan Walsh

Appeals Court Rules NSA Phone Program Not Authorized by Patriot Act

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

How Jeb Bush’s Union-Friendly Pension Law Could Haunt Him

Martin O'Malley Interviewed by James Fallows

Stocks open mostly lower; Dow turns negative for the year

GOP’s gay marriage dilemma: Concede to reality, or go all in on bigotry?

Oh noez! China's gonna put us into a 25-year Great Depression!

Didn't get much sleep last night, so it's COFFEE this morning!

"What Martin O’Malley Hopes to Learn from Gary Hart"

Meet the Walmart 0.000001%

Tim Cook Charity Lunch Auction Earns $200,000 for RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights

Skeleton Tea Party Found by Snorkler

We are not going to get the progressive change that we want until White Working class Americans....

I love the way they used to write the news!

wanna make a lot of money in the cannabis industry?

The Cavs did what last night??

Federal Appeals Court Says NSA Phone Records Program Illegal

NSA phone data collection 'illegal', US court rules

What if Bernie Sanders stole the "Boston Tea Party" from the GOP Tea Party?

Bush leads, Rubio up, Christie down in new WMUR poll

Hillary with huge leads in first post Bernie announcement Iowa and New Hampshire polls.

First time in 11.5 years without a dog...the sad farewell...

Form two lines, people!

U.K. study: children in adversity confide in pets

xPost from GD - Hillary with huge leads in Iowa and New Hampshire, post Bernie announcement

What Trouble? Clinton Has Early Lock On Iowa Caucus, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

Did Jeb Bush Invest Tax Payer Money in Pr0n?

Hospital visitor from Cute

No, Hillary Clinton does not have a ‘liberal’ problem

Time for a funny GIF-off!

Americans Try To Pronounce Danish Words

Report: Tom Brady Suspension ‘Could Span Up To One Season’

Fairfax County School Board to meet tonight, May 7, on Transgender Nondiscrimination

Project UROK teaches teens how to talk about anxiety and mental illness

I find this lock problematic (I did not participate in the OP)

Fairfax County, Virginia, School Board to meet tonight, May 7, on Transgender Nondiscrimination

Federal appeals court in New York rules that the NSA program to collect phone records is illegal

only 23% of ENTIRE West not in drought

The Whisper of the Shutoff Valve | John Michael Greer

economic populist vs progressive.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R) presses feds on reasons behind collapse of Iowa-based health insurer CoOportunity

Hycoprisy and white power in America

Unbelievable tone deaf video shown before the Cleveland Cavaliers game last night!

Hillary and Bernie supporters:

Faith healer Adam Miller suing youtuber for pointing out he’s a fraud.

Study: 17 million More Americans insured under Obama

"The Most Livable Places at 50+", from dead tree AARP Bulletin for this month


The focus

Progress spacecraft plummets to Earth this evening

Pirate Capt Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar

Re: Pats, the only real question left is have they been cheating like this consistently for years.

Bernie Sanders: Making America more Scandinavian would mark a gender equality breakthrough

What’s the harm? An Australian child dies while undergoing a particularly cruel form of quackery

Hillary Clinton Isn't Ready to Disclose Who's Funding Her Campaign

Colombia holds 2nd highest displacement statistics in the world: Report

How climate science denial affects the scientific community

'You Sexy Thing' singer Errol Brown dies aged 71

Baltimore police: Cop bit man in testicles

Rubio demands investigation into Nisman’s death

Highway 6 closed near Lincoln, NE as storms cause flooding, tornadoes

North Korea threatens nuclear attack on US

BWAH HA HA: Tom Brady’s Agent Accuses NFL of ‘Sting Operation’ in Deflategate

One Republican's brave battle against "anecdotal and perceived abuses"...of SHRIMP! Fucking SHRIMP!

Journalism in Valle del Cauca – terror, economic pressure and self-censorship

Tennessee man convicted in road-rage shooting

Stephen Colbert Shocks SC Schools by Funding All Teacher Grant Requests

Diets Are a Lot Like Religion

Poll: More Americans (particularly Democrats) See Trade Pacts as Beneficial to U.S. Economy

Texas House panel approves full legalization of marijuana

Why I, a Christian mother of a Muslim daughter, fear our nation’s Islamophobia

Turkey confirms pact with Saudi to help anti-Assad rebels

Decade Of Change For College Students: Less Religious, More Diverse And Lonely

Girl who braved 30-foot mid-Atlantic waves for hours dies

Losing my religion

Pic Of Moment: Sorry Homophobes, Your Time Is Up

In Horlovka, Eastern Ukraine, a Donetsk Republic Rises

Nebraska AMBER Alert UPDATE body found in Omaha is likely mother of toddler found in La Vista trash

Irony/idiocy alert: Will GOP attack Democrat for (pro-TPP) trade (votes)?

Students occupy CCSF administration building for several hours

Talking With Martin O'Malley: Reform, or Pitchforks?

With Sanders in the Race, Clinton Can't Dodge Trade

The term 'conflict avoidance' is a complete misnomer.

Man arrested for carrying a sheathed knife in Texas. Should have been carrying a gun instead...

With Sanders in the Race, Clinton Can't Dodge Trade

Kobach on Sedgwick County election lawsuit: Time is past, votes are sealed


So, I tried to get to the "briefing"

Man arrested for carrying sheathed knife. I guess he should have been carrying a gun instead.

Chlamydia Outbreak Hits 10% of TX School with No Sex-Ed Policy

Sofia Vergara’s Ex, Sherri Shepherd, Fox Doc Keith Ablow Enter Jerk-Off Contest. All Win.

GOP head of Senate environment committee says carbon pollution is good for the Earth

Cop Accidentally Shoots His Own Mother in Church During Wedding

Oh, Canada! THIS

Bernie Sanders: In my view, the NSA is out of control and operating in an unconstitutional manner...

Dorian Johnson, figure in Michael Brown case, arrested in St. Louis

A preview of the first primary Republican debates

The Strunkenwhite Virus: beware!

Pets - Cancer - Medical Marijuana

The real reason Netanyahu has the High Court in his crosshairs

Who remembers VCR games?

Spiders Ingest Nanotubes, Then Weave Silk Reinforced with Carbon

California adopts environmental rules and guidelines for desalination

Iran Cracks Down On 'Homosexual' Fashion

You have been warned! Conspiracy theory

Sanders' 1987 Recording Of Protest Songs Back In Circulation

Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister...

Making a case for states’ rights on marijuana

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Bud Light

Canada frees Omar Khadr, once Guantánamo Bay's youngest inmate

Why Pam Geller's Muslim-baiting stunt in Garland was a big fat flop

The rent may seem high in Seattle, but report shows it could be much worse

Desperate Residents of Austin Completely Surrounded by Texas

I have a simple question for the "glorious" Greg Abbott...

Transportation emerges as crucial to escaping poverty

To help decide which candidate to back

Massachusetts seeks to uphold ban on lying in political ads

White House releases...

The Platform

Senator Slimey

I think we need to consolidate our pegged postings


Bernie: We need a growing middle class

The bad thing about having your account reactivated...

A new way to abuse your children!

Folk religions thrive with women’s spirit

Democratic U.S. senator on Islamic State fight: Call a war a war

'President going to Nike to promote trade emphasizes everything that is wrong about trade deal'

Jesse Matthew to face capital murder charges in U-Va. sophomore’s death

Michael Blake has quietly passed away

If Bernie Sanders wants the Democratic nomination he should register as a Democrat.

His platform

Which Superheroes are going to be Civil War? ALL the Superheroes!

We're now at 400.

Why the Greek elite doesn't want Grexit

Realtors flex political muscle with donation to Va. House speaker

Hillary Clinton Takes the Lead on Immigration - HRC room post

They're not so much "anti-science" as they are...

Allegiant pilots’ union questions judge’s order on strike

I'm voting for Hillary---but I won't bash Bernie.

The long drive to end a pregnancy

When people justify unconscionable positions

Oh Canada...thank you...

Plans announced for England’s first women-only mosque

Our Campaign Platform: Endorse our Campaign's Progressive Platform

Bernie Sanders has a F from the NRA

"I was told that if she lived, she would go deaf and blind"

995 people receiving PA. pensions of more than $100,000 a year

Magnifying Life Hack for us oldies.

Hillary Clinton Shows New Willingness to Tackle Risky Issues

Did you know that opposition to gun control is an "unconscionable position"?

Thought experiment: What if another team had been involved? Like, say, the Falcons?

Fox attempts to explain Baltimore

Suburban Atlanta teacher accused of putting boy with autism in trash can

IDF to follow up on claims of Gaza tunnel under kibbutz

Ku Klux Klan Puts Up ‘White Pride’ Billboard In Arkansas Town

Buried in the Wells Report, 3 of the 4 Colts footballs tested at half-time were BELOW

Quietly, the GOP Has Made Sure There Will Never Be Another Watergate...

Pro-Life Organizations Pledge to Risk Violating D.C. Anti-Discrimination Law

Virginia GOPer: We Could Have Stopped The Baltimore Riots With Attack Dogs

Federal judge dismisses Nebraskan's suit against all homosexuals

A devoted black father is denied the right to parent his own children -- because he is blind

NATO Beware: Turkey May Buy Russia's S-300 Air Defense System

Senate Easily Passes Iran Nuclear Bill

KSK: Patriots Fans React Completely Reasonably

Christie Achievement About to be Dismantled

Snyder Won’t Make Presidential Bid After All

Bernie needs to see the light when it comes to gun control. It's our job to educate him on the facts

Hey Durham-ites....I am talking tomatoes at the main Library tonight at 7.

"Libertarian", "Conservative", "GOP", "Koch Brothers", "TeaParty", and "Republican",...

Federal appeals court ruled Metadata collection illegal.

Bernie Sanders: Just Don't Do It Meme..

Jeb Bush as FL Gov invested $1.3 million in state pension fund money in pornography, says report

One Bag Travel

The Vermont Democratic Party thanks Bernie for all he has done for

Thom Hartmann: The French Patriot Act Exposed!

Tom Cotton..the lone dissenter on the Iran bill.

Thom Hartmann: Baltimore Police Admit They Are Part of the Problem

Thom Hartmann: Prisoners Now A Cash Cow For the Rich

Bernie & Guns ~

AMBER ALERT: Police want help finding sibling of boy found in dumpster

How central should Gun Control be in how you select your Candidate?

There has never been a candidate for office who agrees with me

To put people in the proper frame of mind for tonight 's UK Election results...

Senator on Islamic State fight: 3,300 bombing runs — and Congress still won’t call a war a war

State Dept plans no review of Clinton Foundation donations

One of Jeb Bush’s top advisers on Israel: George W. Bush

Here We Fucking Go Baby...Hope

Virginia GOP congressman claims ISIS has invaded Texas: ‘You can’t make up what a terrible problem t

The current oversupply of oil is bad news

anybody have a treadmill for their dog?

Help - travel information

Best Beatles Album Ever?

America's poor are 'envy of the world,' says richest Congressman

Candidate Mike Huckabee Connects Native Americans With Jihadists During Speech; DNC Responds

Elizabeth Warren: I agree with Hillary Clinton

As Dog-Whistle Wedge Issues Lose Support, GOP is Left Out of Step on Climate

Is Solly Mack still with us?

Wisconsin Republicans Would Spend Millions To Micromanage Poor People’s Shopping

Today in Animals Running for Office: Giggles the Pig for mayor of Flint, MI

Israel's safety belt: the US Christian Right pushes new anti-BDS initiative

UAE details plans for first Arab Mars mission

Yemen calls for UNSC-backed ground operation

As I usually do in preparing for an election, I am gathering articles, books and information

Utah professor signs amicus brief arguing same-sex marriage is bad for families

Missing link of cellular life found

Outstanding Student Loan Forgivness

List of 80 People With as Much Money as 1/2 of Humanity -=

Press freedom curtailed after Arab Spring: Report

Obama to host anxious Gulf leaders at Camp David--Middle East Eye

Simple question: Which candidate must evolve towards the others positions?

If you could only take ONE tv series with you to a desert Island........

Appeal denied: Former Secretary of State Scott Gessler violated public trust

This just in on MSNBC! Santorum will be announcing on May 28th.

US consumer borrowing expanded $20.5 billion in March

White House Paints Sen. Warren As Cuckoo Bananas Over TPP

Only three presidents have visited all 50 states in office. Until now

Look at this disgusting photo of corporate billionaires sucking up to Hillary!!!

This how civilizaton collapses: not with a bang, but a whimper.

About that Muhammad convention in Texas

Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has some tough love for the dork who left One Direction.

Women on $20s vote here.

"Jade Helm" military exercise in Texas

Why did NRA give Bernie an "F"?

Bernie Sanders: It’s Time To End Orwellian Surveillance of Every American

Energy/Wealth & Predicting The Future Economy.

Obama Risks Screwing Democratic Party And Hurting 2016 Chances Over TPP.

Bernie Sanders, über-feminist: Making America more Scandinavian would mark a gender equality breakth

The KXL Pipeline May Be Dead Thanks To Stunning Liberal Win In Alberta, Canada

6-Fold Increase In San Francisco Homeless Citations Directly Coincides With Ed Lee’s Tenure As Mayor

Perry to Texas: Stop Being Insane

Listening to the Young People of Baltimore

Cop Suing Starbucks Says He Didn't Think the Coffee 'Was That Hot'

A cop's plea: Stop calling in "suspicious activity" every time you see a black person

Out of Sight .....George Clooney......

FDA schedules meeting on twice-rejected female libido drug

the voting is over. live blogging the UK election results

Russia offers to help Greece in World War II claims investigation

Cops in Freddie Grey case may have Charges Dropped due to Police Investigating Themselves

What's for Dinner, Thurs, May 7, 2015

Martin O’Malley Hires (Openly Gay) Obama Official As His National Political Director

The Unbearable Dumbness of American As*holery

Netanyahu: New alliances forming in Mideast that may make peace progress possible

Martin O’Malley Hires Former Obama WH Political Director Before Likely Run

Shite - Tories are way ahead in the exit polls

‘Rip off our arms and beat us with the bloody ends’

Reparations, finally.

Must Read: 5-Step Guide to Policing a Protest Movement in Post 9/11 America

"I was told that if she lived, she would go deaf and blind"

I think this deserves a thread of it's own.

Cameron's Conservative Party set to be biggest party in UK

Papantonio: Republicans Have Screwed Future Generations

The Biggest Concerns About GMO Food Aren't Really About GMOs

For ALL, from PRINCE. Great to see the response to his surprise Balto. Rally 4 Peace

Texas Declares State of Emergency, Appoints Chuck Norris President

Bernie doing surprisingly well in 1 on 1 matchup against Hillary


The thing about Bernie Sanders and guns...

Another Tea Party fuckball announces he's running for the US senate.

Restructuring Medicaid as Block Grants — Unconstitutional Coercion? (New Eng Jour Med)

So today we learn that the Maryland governor is rolling toll rates back to the 1970s.

On raising a proper smart ass

What's the biggest difference between Hillary and Bernie?

Star Tribune makes deal to buy alt-weekly City Pages

Blues Brothers (John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd) on Netflix

BEGIN Japanology - Cameras

Crazy Republicans Can't Pave Our Roads

BEGIN Japanology - Cameras

The Mother of All Videos: Help Us Spread It Around

WaPo: Jeb Bush Told Group He Takes Mideast Advice From George W. Bush

UAW wants new talks with Volkswagen to recognize union in Tennessee

Decent Health Care is a Human Right – Sen Sanders

If James Kunstler and Tom Robbins had a love-child, it would be this guy

Darrell Issa: America's Poor are the Envy of the World

Louie Gohmert blames Obama for the Jade Helm 15 paranoia...

UK Exit Polling: Conservatives gain strength (+14)...

Decent Health Care is a Human Right – Sen Sanders

FDA: Blue Bell knew about listeria contamination

Lance Armstrong really doesn’t want to pay Dallas sports promoter that $10 million award

Gag-worthy from Politico. Obama aides: Warren 'baseless' on trade.

Lumber Liquidators to halt Chinese laminate sales

Cats, dogs accompany hoomins to vote in U.K.

Measles Vaccination Saves You From More Than Measles

Snowden has been vindicated and he is a hero

Pets at polling stations

2015 Horse Racing - Preakness 2015: Breaking Down American Pharoah's Odds and Predictions for Race

Begin Japanology Dashi

Begin japanology ~dashi

Meanwhile in the UK : Shock exit poll puts Conservatives in touching distance of outright win


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 May 2015

If you could only take ONE unlimited supply of alcoholic beverage with you to a desert Island.....

FBI warned local police gunmen had interest in Texas cartoon event

Why did Rachel mention the "blue laser horse" last night?

How to deal weed

Cavs apologize for 'insensitive' domestic violence video

"Court Finds NSA Spying Illegal"--RNN Interview with Marcy Wheeler--Author, "Anatomy of Deceit"

Netanyahu Forms Right Wing Coalition-- Did He Win?

Bipartisan Texas house panel votes to legalize marijuana, makes religious case

Hillary is the favorite among millionaire voters: Survey

Brooklyn cabbie gets life in U.S. prison over Pakistan 'honor killings'

It is not OK to shoot anyone ever other than self defense or defense of others, absolutely.

Black Widow: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

U.S. military starts training Syrian fighters to combat Islamic State

Sports Roast Philly--Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams

Kill! Kill! Kill!

the increasing rate of thawing of the permafrost a huge unknown - how much will it accelerate GW?

Al Qaeda says U.S. strike kills man who claimed Paris killings

Go to Click 2016. Scroll down, and type "gun control" in the search box.

Let's just get this out in the open.

Louisiana Governor Jindal says will decide on presidential run soon

Senate sets first vote on fast-track trade bill Tuesday

CNN: Baltimore police probe into Freddie Gray’s death fails to support charges against cops

So last month HBO ran a documentary about a religion. They portrayed the central figure of that

Senator Murkowski plans bill to kill oil export ban


Floyd Mayweather declares no rematch for 'sore loser' Manny Pacquiao

Oh Dear Me: Jeb Says George Is His Most Influential Adviser


So if you care to find me, look to the Western Sky!

STILL the greatest video game ever made.

150 House Dems back Obama on Iran talks

Religion should me mocked, problem is when you pick out only one and

It happened!Tucson Weekly:They Win: DREAMers Get In-State Tuition at Arizona Universities

Christie billed state $85K on VIP boxes; GOP reimbursed it

5-7-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1867 in 2:00

5-7-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1867 in 2:00

5-7-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1867 in 2:00

Way to Go DREAMers here in AZ!!!!

The President, after capturing Texas

To all the DREAMers here in AZ!!!

A Conversation About Growing Up Black

Behind the Lens: Photographing the President in 50 States

Texas GOP Lawmakers To Serve Up Another Helping Of Anti-Gay Hate Cake Tuesday

On Respecting Beliefs

LAPD Cop Shoots Man to Death After Man Reached into Pocket to Provide Requested ID, Witness Says

Everett Golson leaving Notre Dame

A brief reminder that conservative media and ISIS are funded by the same people.

Tampa Bay Lightning fan arrested for bringing gun to arena seat

officer failed to turn on his camera before fatally shooting a man

POLL: Most Texas Voters Back LGBT Protections, Oppose Discriminatory 'Religious Freedom' Laws

File suit against police unions for aiding corrupt cops?!?

The 250-acre church nurturing faith and free spirits in the foothills of Pennsylvania

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Is it okay to criticize Hillary?

A few pics of The Late, Great Blondie Puppeh Girl (dial-up warning)