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Clinton meets with #BlackLivesMatter protesters after they were barred from her event

Washington Post

The Good Ol’ Boys of Brazil

Wisconsin congresscritter makes a complete ass of himself...

Letters show how humans priced for sale during slave trade

Only People - John Lennon

Confederate flag-flying metal shop in Williamsburg ordered to shut down or face fines

Finally Chris Hayes is leading his hour with Bernie not Teh Donald.

Clay Pell: "What Hillary Clinton has proposed this week is every bit as historic as the Pell Grant...."

Who was on the fucking clean-up crew?

The Affordable Care Act is working. That's why we're going to defend it.

Must be lonely under the bridge tonight.

Suspected brisket thief dies after shot by Central Texas police at H-E-B

Dumbing down the history of science.

Help me name the litter

Donald Trump Is Never Going To Be President

A CNN pundit said Trump is saying to the GOP "It is a nice political party you got going there, it

Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and the Power of Disruption

Started on the path toward getting my third knee replacement today

Florida governor urged to pay costs of public records lawsuit

About That New Hampshire Poll in the Boston Herald...

Poor President Jimmy Carter

Bradblog talks to John Nichols of The Nation about Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders

#Ferguson: Activists Challenge State Of Emergency

Senator offers plan to pay for New Jersey-New York rail tunnel

A little game: Who would Trump put in his cabinet?

British Government Advices the Nation to Take Vitamin D

Black Panthers protest at Waller County jail (and they are armed too)

An alternate explanation about Trump

Abbott to Texans: Try to use less power

How Do You Campaign For Your Dad In Iowa? Ask Martin O’Malley’s Teenage Son

Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement for having Jenner Vanity Fair issue

Board removes controversial Detroit teachers union president from office, expels him

Humans Have Used Up A Year's Worth Of The Earth's Resources In 8 Months

Mini DU Meet Up with Mr & Mrs TobinS.

Huge explosion in China

Controversial Texas voter ID law kept registered voters with proper ID from voting, study shows

Hogan has decided state will cooperate with feds on undocumented detainees.

An unmistakable sign of age, but...

Hogan has decided state will cooperate with feds on undocumented detainees.

Board removes controversial Detroit teachers union president from office, expels him

Mexico bans free baby formula in bid to boost low breastfeeding rates

Hackers Cut a Corvette’s Brakes Via a Common Car Gadget

Mexico bans free baby formula in bid to boost low breastfeeding rates

Board removes controversial Detroit teachers union president from office, expels him

For $26 and an 8th Grade Education, You Can Hack a Voting Machine

'Donald Trump is a counterfeit Republican' ... by George Will

UK social workers sink to a new low. (Another forced adoption)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! More?

Still Uninvestigated After 50 Years: Did the U.S. Help Incite the 1965 Indonesia Massacre?

Can anyone tell me what happened 47 minutes ago?

Brad Ashford says Iran nuclear deal 'not good enough right now'

Hillary Clinton Announces Weekend Of Action.

The daunting mess that mining companies have left the Gov. to clean up

Adblock is working again!

Colombia not reserving enough money for peace: Expert

GOP lawmaker who ‘rehomed’ adopted daughters with rapist to get ‘courage’ award at Ted Cruz dinner

Colombia’s projected 2016 oil revenue 6 times less than in 2014

What is

WWII Vets Spontaneously Cheered By Travelers At Airport

Airbus Makes Beautiful Crosswind Landing At The End Of The World

Pedantic question in watching "Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter"

Tim Cook: Our thoughts and prayers go out to President Jimmy Carter

Texas executes man convicted of killing veteran police officer

Cities to Avoid Like the Plague | "Glenn BeKKK Radio Program"

Rendell to chair McGinty's Senate campaign

Jjajangmyeon.....So easy....So Good!

Humans Have Used Up A Year's Worth Of The Earth's Resources In 8 Months

Black Lives Matter Movement Offers Badly Needed Lessons on Electoral Politics

100,000 people have come to recent Bernie Sanders rallies. How does he do it?

Luckovich - Jimmy Carter for Cancer Survivor

EPA Tells Navajo Nation That Colorado Spill Will Take ‘Decades’ To Clean Up

New 1~~~>

Number of uninsured drops below 10% for first time in 50 year history of CDC Study of Uninsured

More GOP chairmen itching to investigate Clinton

Ferguson protester faces four years' jail over charges of kicking SUV

EPA Tells Navajo Nation That Colorado Spill Will Take ‘Decades’ To Clean Up

Thank God Bartman wasn't there:

Why Black Lives Matter

Dershowitz: Netanyahu Emulates Churchill in Trying to Influence US Policy to Protect His People

Skepticism about divestment and McKibben

Bar Serving a 'Roofie Colada': C'mon Guys, It's A Joke!

Why Montgomery County, Ohio Citizens Are Supporting Bernie Sanders For President in 2016.

Does anyone else think the Trump press event last night was staged?

Upcoming appearances in Iowa of Democratic Prez candidates.


Why Montgomery County, Ohio Citizens Are Supporting Bernie Sanders For President in 2016.

The Gun Doesn’t Have to Go Off for It to Be a Hate Crime

71-Year-Old Woman Shot In The Leg While Knitting Inside Her Home

Tulo's Toronto is in first.

Iowa can make people famous "overnight," says O'Malley.

I'm over the headlines.....over mags, newsites, newshows, it all......

Mike Malloy - Protesters Silence Bernie Sanders In Seattle - Part 1 (Raging Mike at his best)

in college I did research on Jimmy Carter and it got published in the school's best of

A WHOPPER OF A LIE: Bernie Sanders is weak.

Hillary Clinton's getting a BEAUTIFUL picture book tribute. Here's a sneak peek: (HILLARY GROUP)

Iowa barber gives haircuts to children in exchange for them reading stories to him

Union Pacific to cut 'several hundred' management jobs in Omaha, elsewhere

Donald Trump, Presidential Hopeful, Was In A McDonald's Commercial With Grimace The Purple Blob

Dem hopeful O’Malley hopes for boost from Mich. visit.

Mike Malloy - Protesters Silence Bernie Sanders In Seattle - Part 2 (Raging Mike at his best)

Dumb Criminals: Minnesota Shoplifter Took $300 In Goods From Mall, Arrived In, and Left In Limo

Keiser Report, E795, W/ Mitch Feierstein of


Uber driver accused of sexual assault on South Carolina passenger

Dumb Criminals: Woman Tried To Sneak Weed Into Jail In Bible

We made a Chrome extension to add real, ridiculous Donald Trump quotes to every mention of his name

Dem hopeful O’Malley hopes for boost from Mich. visit.

Unnatural Selection: 'Mother Robot' Builds Evolving Baby Bots

From #HillaryMen: Hillary's Path to History Will Get Much Rougher, and She's Ready (HILLARY GROUP)

Kirsten Gillibrand Hits Carly Fiorina For Opposition To Paid Leave

Mike Malloy - Republican Voters Should Be Denied The Right To Vote (3 minutes of heaven)

MR. ROBOT --- Holy crap!

August 2008: McCain warmongering on Russia-Georgia crisis

Funniest religious joke of all time.

*PSA* Look! Up in the sky!

What non-Californians don't know about Carly Fiorina -- but should

Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood wants to control the black population

In Nevada, Jeb Bush rally interrupted by Black Lives Matter demonstrators

Great courage shown today by #blacklivesmatter demonstrators Nevada, Jeb Bush rally

Never ever forget that Ronald Reagan removed the solar panels

Mou has really stepped in it this time

Feds will fight to keep $167,000 taken from driver in Northern Nevada

Meow-za: The Internet Cat Video Festival turns four

Nationwide polling of the 2016 election, Hillary vs. various Delusional and Deranged Repubs.

From Tianjin China...Huge explosion and fireball

The Google Search That Made the CIA Spy on the US Senate

Boise man convicted in terrorism case

Iowa can make people famous "overnight," says O'Malley.

TYT: ANOTHER Woman Dies In Police Custody

Meet Simon Burns, Conservative Party MP who supports the US Democratic Party.

Hillary Poll: Do You Think Mishandling Classified Information Is A Crime Which Should Be Prosecuted?

Fuck it, nothing's ever good enough

Trump-Ventura 2016? Jesse Ventura would consider it

Thom Hartman joins number of white progressives slamming those criticizing #BLM

What's Whitewater? These voters know less than you think about Hillary Clinton

China devalues yuan for third straight day, adding to fears of currency war

Donald Trump is apparently sucking up to the religious right

A little celebrity Scientology news for ya.

Allen Clifton and the Bernie passion.

The New Yorker: "The G.O.P.’s Misogyny Primary"

The Coddling of the American Mind

State office to appeal pro-Perry ruling

"Republicans say they "stand with Israel"...

Do over: Who can protest where?

O'Malley unveils blueprint for 'American Dream.' NH Union Leader

Busy day today. Three Shop Stewarding excursions.

O'Malley unveils blueprint for 'American Dream.' NH Union Leader

Dozens of cars, homes tagged with anti-Semitic graffiti in San Antonio Jewish community

Martin O’Malley to launch three-week tour of Iowa promoting new policies.

Martin O’Malley to launch three-week tour of Iowa promoting new policies.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 13, 2015 -- Summer Under The Stars - Ann-Margret

I am honored and humbled

Bernie supporters: Who can make toast and where?

Lawrence O'Donnell Touts Bernie Sanders, Calls Scott Walker's Stadium Subsidy 'Bad Socialism'

Political tensions mount in Myanmar as police seize control of ruling party headquarters

A Jewish Journalist's Exclusive Look Inside Iran

It's 460 AD in Rome: This Won't Be Fixed

So, we have to move. Landlord sold the house and we have until end of August...

cat food run.

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 14, 2015 -- Summer Under The Stars - Groucho Marx

Great video by a Westpoint historian about slavery and the civil war.

Here’s the map of the world, if size was determined by market cap

Truck bomb kills at least 60 in Baghdad's Sadr City

Judge: UT Chattanooga student should not have been expelled for sexual assault

Two state troopers shot in Odessa

This man has been trying to live life as a goat

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 15, 2015 -- Summer Under The Stars - Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Could a 'President Bernie Sanders' deliver?

Death toll after China blasts continues to rise, now at 44

Pope Francis Joins Battle Against Transgenic Crops

Earth: A History (HD - 720P)

Earth: A History

Medical Marijuana States See Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25%

Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers endorses Bernie Sanders

Sam Davis Youth Camps - Making New White Supremacists At $500 A Kid

Law school graduates sue A&M over alumni status

Lenovo Is Laying Off 3,200 Staff After A Poor Quarter Of Business

As the campaign ratchets up...

Massachusetts gets $700K fed grant to defray AP exam costs

Former President Mujica Denounces Attempts to Destabilize the Region

Tom Tomorrow : Even more presidential. The most presidentialest.

I need some help with gardening.

Univ. of Incarnate Word claims it is immune to wrongful death lawsuit of Cameron Redus

Joe Lieberman: He's ba-a-a-ack!

Feds to give Mass. $3 million to treat pregnant women with opioid disorders

Hudson balloon festival takes flight this weekend

Framingham loses concrete plant case

Mass. gas prices drop 6 cents in past week

Has Obama's FDA appointment been discussed?

Medway, Exelon: Environment group files to amend schedule

Daily Holidays - August 13

Jim Wells County Sheriff Office dog left in patrol unit, dies

Quincy nonprofit to receive free solar array

North Weymouth compressor station plan grows again despite local opposition

USOC optimistic Los Angeles will bid for 2024 Olympics

RedState calls Clinton a “homely woman” who slept her way into power, ending their nonexistent femin

Man asks for bail reduction to $5K, judge raises it to $500K

Aides accused of posting humiliating videos of elderly patients

Bloomberg: Iran deal far too big an issue for partisan politics

City’s Olympics watchdog to head Imagine Boston 2030

Bumble Bee Foods to pay $6 million in death of worker in pressure cooker

My dog was a neurotic freak in NY. Then we moved to California

Martin O'Malley on Morning Joe today (Thursday, August 13)

City betting on Sullivan Square improvements

Construction honcho in Chicago Yashvant Patel indicted on $1.9 million cash wages scheme

A&P asks bankruptcy court to set aside union provisions

Huge blasts at Chinese port kill 44, firefighters missing

Businesses brace for game-changing labor decision

Poetry as Enchantment

Morning Joe bends over backwards NOT to mention Sanders

White House to Hold Summit to Amplify Employees’ Voice in Workplace

Toon: Neocon, Defined

Sri Lanka’s torture of Tamils persists despite end of war, says charity

What is Bernie's joke?

Latest Indian, French warplane deal runs into problems: sources

A little fun with GarageBand...

Get Ready: China-Japan Tensions Set to Flare over East China Sea

Can Pope Francis clean up God’s bank? Fascinating Read

Turkey: Targeting Those Who Roll Back ISIL

ATF Denies Being an ‘Agency’ to Avoid FOIA Compliance Requirements Poll: Can Bernie Sanders win the Democratic presidential nomination?

My Sister's Bumper

Sweden: Prosecutors drop inquiries into Julian Assange

Oregon’s largest union targeted in class action


Oregon’s largest union targeted in class action

Oregon’s largest union targeted in class action

I am horrified at McGinty's pro-fracking actions/ties to Big Fracking

Conservatives Love the New Advanced Placement US History Standards

Deutsche Bank workers accused of tax fraud

Germany's fiercest environmental battlefield

Did Trump commit defamation against HRC?

Market truck bomb kills dozens in a Baghdad food market

At Fischer event, transportation secretary says Congress realizes U.S. needs more than temporary fix

Missing Tom Corbett? Well, here's Katie McGinty! & her fracking husband too!

Germany draws up new plan to dispose of nuclear waste

World stocks rebound as China soothes yuan weakness fears

WHO/IOC Will Not Recommend Viral Water Tests In Rio, Even W. Viral Counts @ 1.7 Million X Safe Limit

North Korea 'expanding uranium capacity,' says expert

Bundeswehr: 'Islamic State' used chemicals on Kurds

Leeds U Study - In Mass Extinctions, Dominant Widespread Species Just As Vulnerable As Specialists

UN chief sacks mission head in Central African Republic

Bedouin tent torched in apparent Jewish extremist attack

America is an Oligarchy. This election should address that. It's that simple.

Tuna giant to make record payout following grisly worker death

The Fracking Ties That Bind; Like Husband, Like Wife (Katie McGinty)

Just remember.

U.S. Los Angeles Reservoir Covered With 96 Million Shade Balls to Conserve Water Amidst Drought

Just Another Jimmy Carter Appreciation Thread

CIA Torture Tactics Reemerge in New York Prison

Huckabee backer Jim Bakker: "America descending into cannibalism, buy my survival food!"

Boko Haram has new leader, says Chad's president

Who was England's greatest Prime Minster?

"" commercials showing up on TV from 'DEPA'.

Derelict Albanian military island opens to tourism

Kindness and compassion

I am not amused.

In photos: Deadly Typhoon Soudelor makes landfall in China

More than 170 Elvis artifacts to be auctioned at Graceland

SYRIZA edges towards split before bailout vote

A couple of Bernie Toons

Hillary Clinton Hires Senior Adviser To Harry Reid As Hispanic Media Director

A year on, no answers to ancient Greek tomb mystery

Hillary Clinton Hires Senior Adviser To Harry Reid As Hispanic Media Director

The Former CEO of Young and Rubicam is afraid.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Don of the Dead Party

Video: Zoom to the center of the Milky Way

Ship, more police being sent to Kos to assist refugees

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Colorado Disaster

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

The Marines Who Took Down the American Flag in Havana

(Greece) Gov't defends new bailout program before key vote

Voters Are Angry, Voters Are Fed Up, Voters Are Blah Blah Blah

Lafazanis announces creation of anti-bailout movement

Bailout deal brings wave of tax hikes

My local news just covered Bernie.

Greece agrees steps to tackle banks' bad loans

Ted Cruz Pledges Support For Constitutional Amendment Banning Birth Control

(Greece) Procurement process in for overhaul

Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackman to host Global Citizen Fest

Welfare to be slashed by 900 mln euros per year in benefits reform

Rethinking the Exit Poll

Van Jones: 5 lessons on Black Lives Matter

At Iowa State Fair, O’Malley to outline 15 goals for the country

Electoral Calculation - The Base or the Undecideds?

Ireland High Court Refuses to Extradite Man to US Because Prison System is Too Inhumane

The definition of white privilege:

"Socialism" panic is a laugh; we've been electing socialists to the WH and Congress for 35 years now

Jimmy Carter releases memoir - "A Full Life - Reflections at Ninety"

Heroic pensioner on the tube ROCKS!

I can't stop laughing: Marco Rubio is Alex Keaton, Jeb is Richie Rich

Morning Memo: What Bush Gets Wrong About Iraq — Everything

Deb Fischer (R-NEBR) says Iran nuclear deal should go back to drawing board

Hillary Clinton Hires Senior Adviser To Harry Reid As Hispanic Media Director

I'm Running for President to Quit - By Lawrence Lessig

Progressive Breakfast: Those Republican Spending Caps Are Costing Us Jobs

Jeb Bush Is Even Nuttier Than Trump Now

Jeb Meets With Black Lives Matter Reps

The Animas River

Warren G. Harding Fathered Love Child

The treatment of pain by the medical community was an OpEd in the NYT today.

Defying order, Rowan County clerk won't give gay couple marriage license

Al Franken: Why I support Iran deal

Economic crossfire: repubs vs centrists vs populists

Lerner slammed ‘evil and dishonest’ GOP inquisitors

Let’s Keep the Iran Debate Civil (Jeremy Ben Ami, J-Street)

Kendall ‘Open-Minded’ On Sharing RD-180 Replacement Costs


Army Turns To Lockheed For Alternative Laser

I'm the Mother of a Murdered Child. No One Else Has to Be.

Borowitz: Sanders Shamelessly Pandering to Voters Who Want to Hear Truth

General Mining Law of 1872: corporate welfare at its worst

The Fight Against Austerity In Puerto Rico And How It Compares To Greece

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-12-15

Borowitz: Sanders Shamelessly Pandering to Voters Who Want to Hear Truth

Chelsea Manning threatened with 'indefinite solitary confinement' for expired toothpaste and asking

House speaker adds state-level claim to federal lawsuit against LePage

Report Argues That The F-35 Is Totally Inferior To Foreign Fighters

Trump insult generator

Rockwell Delivers First Gen 3 Helmet for F-35

Diversity in Tech? Not so much. . .

Hillary Clinton Fights Republican Hypocrisy: Bush, Jindal, Walker Also Used Private Email

F-35 might not meet performance standards of CF-18s

Congress Pits its 14 Percent Approval Against Obama’s 46 Percent

China spends on people, US on offensive weapons: American researcher

Can armadillos swim?

Hmmm...Jits players aren't defending Smith, but are defending Enemkpali

Fox Boss Reportedly Told Trump To Make Nice Or 'Go To War'

Truth: PP and Republicans

GOP Candidates Noticeably Silent On Pentagon Spending Reform

The one big reason neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders can keep this up: (HILLARY GROUP)

UPDATED: Fetal Tissue Research Critic Ben Carson Conducted Fetal Tissue Research

Bernie's odds are improving, bookies now have him between 6-1 and 8-1.

The Pentagon’s Half-Billion-Dollar Drone Boondoggle

San Francisco's 'Spray Back' Walls To Stop Public Urination Are Working

US Navy considers reduced annual F-35C buy

What is behind the Sanders surge? (CNN)

In 180 seconds, you will be voting for Bernie Sanders (video 180 seconds long)

North Korea is stepping uranium production — but for power or nukes?

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape

You're a Loser. Vote for Me - By Josh Marshall

Who is a female Thom Hartmann?

Majority Of NJ Voters Say Chris Christie Should Resign

Weird stories about Pacific striped octopus are true

98 Prominent Members of Hollywood's Jewish Community Sign Letter Supporting Iran Deal

Trunk monkey - an oldie but goodie

Donald Trump says saving U.S. auto jobs could mean moving them from Michigan

Victims skeptical about Catholic church's invitation to healing service for past abuse

Contrary to what you may have heard

Black Lives Do Matter But Do They Move?

When Did It Become OK For A $12 Sandwich Not To Come With A Side?

Octopus genome reveals cephalopod secrets

Bernie Sanders Returns to Iowa,Friday kicks off a three-day swing

Humans responsible for demise of gigantic ancient mammals

Interfaith group releases video against nuclear deal

The Death of Peak Oil (at least for now)

White man threatens to kill cops, knocks cop out, injures 7 other cops, gets arrested alive.

This chart shows one of humanity's greatest modern accomplishments

Worker coops. (don't watch this if you want income inequality to stay as it is)

I would hate to be a ...

Flexible, biodegradable device can generate power from touch

Have you seen the Brady Sketch Memes?

Are marine organisms evolving to protect their young in response to ocean acidification?

Anthropological question about the guest-friend relationship

Hillary vs. Republican Party on Women's Health Issues

The next five seasons of ‘Sesame Street’ will debut on HBO

Ginsburg presides as gay U.S. ambassador renews vows

Open Carry Dude Assaults Wife, Kills Two Sons, Keeps Second Amendment Safe

It’s unconstitutional to ban the homeless from sleeping outside, the federal government says

Questions about Hillary's Emails

"nothing beats the Bible" Donald Trump

Jobless Claims in U.S. Holding Just Above a Four-Decade Low

Retail Sales Show Broad Gain as U.S. Consumers Spur Growth

Abortion Is Good For Everyone, It’s Science

Ben Carson: No apologies for 1992 fetal tissue research

Abortion Is Good For Everyone, It’s Science

Abortion Is Good For Everyone, It’s Science

Breaking Latest forecast suggests 'Godzilla El Niño' may be coming to California

The Bernie Sanders campaign has outgrown its New Hampshire office

Op-Ed: Ala. Inmate Was Denied Her Rights While Seeking Abortion Care

Connecticut Supreme Court Overturns Death Penalty

Children's author Mary Engelbreit getting hate mail for anti-racist art

The guest-friend relationship

NEW SITE: Where does Bernie Sanders stand on the issues?

Alabama's all-out asault on reproductive rights & women's health (numerous articles)

2015 Horse Racing - Legendary Owner/Trainer John Nerud dies at 102

A modest psa

The Story of Women in the 1950s (book review)

Louisiana: KKK issues call to kill LGBT people

U.S. F-16s Launch First Attack From Turkey Against Islamic State

Pope Francis goes to Washington: Why congressional GOPers are about to get a papal smackdown

Tesla Motors to sell additional $500 million worth of stock

Jeb Bush had a run-in with Black Lives Matter in Las Vegas

Republican presidential candidates have banked millions of dollars from fossil fuel corporations

Mexico just told Donald Trump they won't ever pay for a wall, say he lacks 'reality'

Martin O’Malley: Voters Don’t Want to Hear About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Pic Of The Moment: Clown Car Update

Democratic Socialism

Greenpeace activists fined for Oregon icebreaker protest

The GOP’s most ludicrous election myth: “The Reasonable Republican”

Facebook Dumped Intern After He Pointed Out Messenger's Creepy Location Tracking

Worse Predicted Climate Impacts Are Starting To Happen Must Faster Than Expected

Martin O'Malley To Bring Rebuilding the American Dream Tour to New Hampshire on August 26, 2015

Hillary asks people on twitter to explain how their student debt makes them feel in 3 emojis...

Memo from Clinton campaign to supporters: Don't panic Read more:

Hillary Clinton on Cuba: new tactic, same goal

How low can they go?? Of course I'm talking Fox news re: Jimmy Carter's Cancer

"Are harsh, intolerant, self-indulgent radicals trying to hijack Seattle?"

Jeb Bush offered inaccurate version of Iraq war history

Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection (?)

19 more receive death threats

The Bernie Sanders campaign has outgrown its New Hampshire office

Martin O'Malley Explains Why He's Presenting His 15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream

Rep. Randy Weber, the Most Useless Texas Republican in Washington, DC


Beach Etiquette… It Might Need Updating! (click if you love history)

"Lobotomies can really lighten your load." . . . . Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!!

Is San Francisco really America's most liberal city?

Is San Francisco really America's most liberal city?

Did Hillary Clinton break the law?

What the F Fox disparging Carter on the day he announced he has Cancer

The thing about walls . . .

Talk about privilege

Angry Twitter users hammer Fox News for insulting Jimmy Carter on day he announced cancer diagnosis

Who is behind

California GOP group plans ‘Taste of Kenya’ fundraiser headlined by ‘birther’ filmmaker

Martin O'Malley's 15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream (Detailed)

PETA asks US government to investigate SeaWorld Orlando

New Bristol Palin Movie

Sending well wishes to President Carter

Jeb Bush #BlackLivesMatter protest

RW Anti-Teacher, Anti-Public School Policies Come Home To Roost in IN, KS

Facebook then and now

If Joe Biden Throws His Hat In The Race Is It An Admission By The Establishment Dems That Hillary...

Guess which one gets five times the media coverage of the other...

Navy budget cutbacks have gone too far...

Bald and golden eagles victorious: Court invalidates 30-year "Eagle Take" rule

"It's time for a new Glass-Steagall Act and for new, commonsense rules"

Clinton meets with #BlackLivesMatter protesters after the...

Happy Left Handers Day to my fellow Lefties..!!

Google searches for Bernie Sanders up 45% in past week...

Sun Tran Strike: What each side is saying

Ohio to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana [This November]

Rand Paul bashes and mimics Trump CNN

Death toll rising in China

Robot 'mother' builds babies that can evolve on their own

Maury confirms: Warren HARDING, you *ARE* the father!1

Former Ga., police chief pleads guilty to shooting his wife, receives 12 months probation

Bernie speaks out against Poppy Bush's invasion of Iraq.

Cal Fire: Rocky Fire has destroyed 39 homes

GOPer Who 'Rehomed' Daughters Not Given Award At Ted Cruz Event After All

Did anyone catch Martin O'Malley on this mornings' Morning Joe? ...

"The death penalty no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency"- CT Supreme Court

on Morning Joe today

Bernie Sanders Portland "The Momentum has been Extraordinary!"

Water Crisis Hits The Poor In Puerto Rico - Alice Ollstein Discusses

O'Malley on Morning Joe

If Trump sez seize, you seize. America is not controlled by the military.

I just had a horrifying thought. Suppose tRump wins the repuke primaries

Bernie Sanders speaks out against Dimson's invasion of Iraq 2002

In Texas, police search woman’s vagina for marijuana

Weekly Address: Reaffirming Our Commitment to Protecting the Right To Vote

Harvard student loses Facebook gig for app that shows flaws

In many African nations, access to women’s healthcare is better than it is in Texas.

BOG post of Weekly Address: Reaffirming Our Commitment to Protecting the Right To Vote

West Wing Week: 08/07/15 or, "The Measure of a Leader"

Obamacare Safety Net Catching People Who Lose Health Insurance

Jeb Bush Is Rewriting The Iraq War To Cover Up His Brother’s War Crimes

I'm so HAPPY! I just got off the phone with my previously undecided client and...

Bernie Sanders progressive enemy #1?

Jeb Says Iraq Is A Mess Because Of Obama And Hillary

Democratize our economy

“You shouldn’t be automatically disqualified”: Hillary Clinton strengthens criminal justice platform

UT-Austin will move the Jefferson Davis statue, President Fenves announces on Twitter

Surprise! Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass Host ANOTHER Fundraisier For An Antigay Politician

Don't buy the spin that Bernie and Hillary are 92% alike on the issues.

their work day might be worse then yours...

Alan Keys: "Whole GOP Presidential Field Reflects Its Quislings’ Corruption"

I Was Shamed by My Doctor for Being Black

America, do you fell a BERNING sensation?

Not only is Crooks and Liars going wacko with astrology...

Practice Presentation in West Bloomfield, MI EDIT: AUGUST 26, 2015

The Marines Who Took Down the American Flag in Havana (are returning to raise it)

Fox News is so desperate to shutdown Hillary they brought a conspiracy theorist to talk about emails

Dragging Us Kicking & Screaming.....

Updated from Bernie's site: Bernie Sanders’ South Carolina campaign stops formalized

"Get Low". Excellent movie

Bankster Locusts Taking Over The World

Context and the Assange case.

An email to my dad about BLM, Sanders, and Marissa Janae (warning: I swear. #NSFW)

Martin O'Malley: "Good being at Netroots"

Bernie cares about & knows importance of the mother child bond. One more reason we #FeelTheBern

Kids Being Interviewed About the Holocaust

A Democrat just picked up a Republican seat in Georgia—by running against anti-gay discrimination

Dog fight? Cat fight? Clown fight?

Patrick Stewart Says 'Star Trek' Could Teach Politicians A Valuable Lesson

Like Father, like son.

Flamethrowers, given up by military, are now being sold to the public

Congressman Jim Himes statement on support for Iran nuclear deal(Connecticut)

Exactly How Would Huckabee Use Military Against Women Seeking Abortion?.

a touch of levity today

Obamacare Wins: Texas Is Now The ONLY State With Uninsured Rate Above 20%

We think Bernie is good for women because he cares about the food and water we eat and drink.....

No Matter What GOP Clown Is Nominated They Will Have $2 or $3 Billion Behind Them.

HRC tweet flippantly "addresses" student load debt.

US News & World Report: "Fiorina's Rise Has Just Begun" (headline buries the report's conclusion)

Reporting From Iran, Jewish Paper Sees No Plot to Destroy Israel

Biden Talking to Allies About White House Bid

I think the concern about Iran getting nukes is complete bullshit.

A huge El Niño could devastate Southern California

Cullen Davis still owes money from mansion death case

Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Trolls Haters of Its Gender-Neutral Move With Epic Replies

The Rebirth of Black Rage

Ben Carson's Brain is the one that needs an operation.

Bernie Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver speaks out about success

"Enough is Enough" Rally Needs your support

GOP Strategy: Hillary "Untrustworthy" due to using a private email server

Sinking bridge closes 50 miles of I-65 in Indiana

Whatever you do, do not eat the corndog

Django film actress arrested for public sex asked to write less passive-aggressive apology to police

Out of curiosity... how may of you check to see who is rec'ing what?

Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus support Black Lives Matter speech interruptions

Republicans Use Carly Fiorina To Sell Sexist B.S.

China explosions: death toll rises to 50 as troops dispatched to assist cleanup

Enjoy!!!Netanyahu has a huge problem with

The Bail Trap (NYT Magazine)

Two-thirds back national gun registry

NBC officially fires Trump from 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Yellowstone grizzly euthanized, cubs sent to facility

Why Hillary’s Email Saga Hurts

The Nightly Show episode on Sanders

Today is Thursday and I'm listening to Hair Metal bands of the 80s and 90s

Dear Non-Supporters the Iran Nuclear Deal

Why Carly Fiorina's Rise Comes at the Exact Right Time for the GOP

Anti-LGBT Leader Vows To Shove Religious Freedom Down Throats Of Gay Marriage Supporters

Colorado Court Rules Against Baker Who Refused to Serve Same-Sex Couples

How do I get past GoDaddy on my smartphone?

Texas Gay-Rights Fight Pits Glenn Beck Against ‘Trans Queers For Satan’

Man everything is so damn Brutal...

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley will open a campaign office in Sioux City on Satur

The Nightly Show - Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening - The Bern (Video)

Few drug tests ordered so far for welfare users (Maine)

Huffington Post’s New Arabic Site Under Fire for Anti-Gay, Anti-Atheist Post

You can talk about BLM and the consequences of elections, but watch this presentation.

Do you ever think about what Shade Balls can do for you?

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper drinks Animas River water -- story behind photo

Not Florida: Man arrested for sex with dogs, horse

Tomorrow Morning the US Flag Will Be Raised In Havana *BOG Post*

The Real Reason for Scott Walker's $250 Million Stadium Deal

Jewish Iran deal supporters booted from New York town hall meeting

Judge: Ky. clerk must issue marriage licenses for gay couples

The 1949 Delehaye Type 175 Roadster

Boxer Cuts Off Lawyer’s Penis For Sleeping With His Wife

Rick Perry Goes For Broke…And Then Actually Goes Broke; Stops Paying Staffers

So..... What is protest actually FOR, then, my dears?

I would so like this here in the US

Is Obama being unfairly blamed for the Nations Debt?

TYT: Why Rosie Perez Quit The View

O'Malley On A Big Slide In Iowa

Fourth annual cat video festival draws thousands

TYT: Rich Kid Torched Ferrari So He Could Upgrade To A Newer Model

Birth certificates latest battleground in Florida’s gay marriage fight

Pope Francis urged to condemn gay unions as unnatural


Bernie is building a Super PACK!

Woman sues Missouri restaurant known as “Home of Throwed Rolls” for being hit by a roll

Hottest ticket in Washington? It's for the Pope at Capitol

Merkel's turn to play delay against Tsipras and here is why

You Have Been Trumped! (anyone see the movie Local Hero?)

Turmoil mounts surrounding Clinton emails

GOP Offers to Fly Dick Cheney, George W. Bush to Hague If It Can Arrest Hillary

Corbyn to hold 'top 10' rally as Burnham and Cooper scramble for support

2 thoughts in one thread (not in the least bit related).

Team Meeting (with a special guest) (HILLARY GROUP)'s slow going. But I've been surprised at how much people will, in fact, listen.

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Sen. Tester to support Iran nuclear deal

Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet about selecting Presidents..

Catholic Church offers "sweeping" support for Iran treaty.

O'Malley speech Live NOW (Des Moines Iowa, 4 pm CDT) - *now over*

O'Malley Soapbox Speech Iowa State fair: Biggest crowd/Most signs today/Really hot

Rand Paul Goes Full Tea Party; Thinks Poor People Are Just Lazy

Wow, Fox News took a shot at Jimmy Carter just hours after he announced he had cancer.

Military protection volunteers kicked off recruitment center property

Calm down folks....

This is simply false: Bernie Sanders is wrong to ignore Black Lives Matter.

I couldn't decide where to post this so I decided here.

Thom Hartmann: The Neocons Strike Again!

Thom Hartmann: If You Liked the Iraq War, You'll Love the Iran War

Tea Party leader rants about #BlackLivesMatter: ‘Soros-funded anarchists and socialists’

Why did Hillary print out 50,000+ pages of email?

Did Bernie Sanders say that he does not think GMOs are necessarily bad?

Love this John Fugelsang comment about Wall Street...

Interesting story about Al Gore and the primaries:

Black Lives Matter (does this white guy understand?)

Jeb Bush: ‘Taking Out Saddam Hussein Turned Out To Be A Pretty Good Deal’

Absurd meme: Taking as gospel self-identified online Bernie supporters are actual Bernie Supporters.

None of the emails contained classified markings. The State Dept has confirmed this.

Iran is hiding more oil at sea than we realized

Nearly all the GOP candidates bow down to Grover Norquist

In need of information re: reason for dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton

All you August Birthdays~ Celebrate!

Dems for Donald

She’s about to get Obama’ed by an old white man?!?”

Our Act Blue link has not had a donation since midnight NEVER MIND

Exciting research: The inexpensive amino acid Taurine grows new brain cells

A pretty interesting watch on Netflix streaming - The Honourable Woman - Maggie Gyllenhaal

They are talking about us

13 year old takes on 'chump' Trump through music

Florida same-sex couples sue over birth certificates

Rose McGowan Is Starting A Revolution

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 13, 2015

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 14 August 2015

Patriots - Packers preseason game tonight

GOP’s Best Chance For 2016: Cheat to Win

NBC Officially Fires Trump From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

EPA = You get what you pay for America!

An Iowa surprise: Donald Trump is actually trying to win

Jeb Bush Leaves Door Open For Use Of Torture

Rick "Endtimes iz comin'" Wiles is NUTS!

Israel builds pub on historic Jerusalem cemetery

Clinton Aides Agree Not To Delete Emails Following Order From Judge That They Be Preserved

Who would be stupid enough to have this asshole on their network?

Please Read Prior To Posting - Notification From Group Hosts - Approach To Blocking Members

Mike Huckabee is a total asshole.

Add Florida Man, Florida Woman, and "da Bibble..."

My Bernie sticker got attention just now

Washington Supreme Court Orders State To Pay $100,000 A Day Over School Funding

GORE considering a run for PREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Press reaction to Clinton emails v. press reaction to George W. Bush emails: (HILLARY GROUP)

Can you say PRESIDENT GORE !!!!!?

US Looking Into Whether Islamic State Used Chemical Weapons

Did Bernie cancel a meeting with BLM scheduled AFTER Netroots?

Cops Invade Woman’s Home with No Warrant, Assault Her, Demand She Do Their Job for Them

CNN on-air: Biden Consulting Advisers About 2016 Bid (HILLARY GROUP)

Police Dog, Suspect Dead After Chase, Standoff In Ohio

Why have I not heard about Barry Crimmins?

Hanford nuclear weapons site whistle-blower wins $4.1-million settlement

Need a break for some silly? Two horses in a pond, blowing bubbles! (2:23 vid)

Joe Biden Election Decision Nears As Supporters See Surge In Momentum

Fidel is 89 today

Wildly enthusiastic crowds everywhere he goes . . .

Another E-mail released by Hillary.

Serious question - why did gas prices in the US rise so suddenly today

For some serious reading ... LOL ...

Theme Music for the Republican Freak Show

Florida couple accused of sexual abuse of orphaned teen, and used the Bible to justify it

Why the Nation's Nurses are Supporting Bernie Sanders for President

Anne Streiber Crosses Over


Armed Members Of New Black Panther Party Protest Cops In Texas

Armed Members Of New Black Panther Party Protest Cops In Texas (x-post)

Question: Why Must We Still Talk About Race? Answer: Twelve.

'Cuckservative': the internet's latest Republican insult hits where it hurts

Report: Guns and Violence Against Women

Police dog dies in cruiser at PGA Whistling Straights.......

Voters Are Angry, Voters Are Fed Up, Voters Are Blah Blah Blah

Sheldon's Fun with Flags the OS way (sports or nature? U decide)

Love this little Bernie slogan...

Scott Walker flounders [from Rubin--Wash Post conservative blogger]