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I need your help!

MSNBC is broken, very very broken

"Colleges Train for Work, Not Thought"....What Does Anyone Think of This?..

Honolulu will build a 4 foot high fence to stop homeless

Hillary Mojo

Watching Trump on MSNBC right now.

US concerned over Israeli treatment of Arab-Americans

Ferguson live stream

Fear of heights? Don't go here

Justice Department moves to block Energy Future bankruptcy over environmental liabilities

Justice Department moves to block Energy Future bankruptcy over environmental liabilities

Oprah Is Not Your Friend [The New Prophets of Capital]

Chris Hayes and his panel are eating the ReTHUGs

Stark Differences Between Bernie and Hillary

Trump reminds me of a line from a movie...sorry...

NATO warns pro-Russia rebels against more Ukraine land grabs

I realized why I love Bernie so much....

Bernie has the best group of supporters a candidate could ever ask for

Brad Ashford (D?-NE) is target of first ad by national GOP this year

If somehow you missed Donovan in your musical journeys...

Ex-Gov. Blagojevich to Ask Supreme Court to Hear Case

The Vermont Democratic Party loves Bernie and has embraced him for years

Scores of Giant Fires Threaten to Overwhelm Western Crews

MSNBC leaked editorial memo: replace all nouns with "Trump"

Foreign Policy: What Obama Gets Right: Keep Calm and Carry the Liberal Order On

Chemicals released by comet impacts may have helped life develop on Earth

I am taking a hiatus from D U

Hacker's Ashley Madison Data Dump Threatens Marriages, Reputations

3 firefighters die in wildfire near Twisp (WA State)

Link to see if your Ashley Madison account info was released by the hackers.

Trump Presser/Town Hall in New Hampshire - Attacks Bush, Criticizes Party, Says Obama Does Care

Woman's request in obituary: Don't vote for Hillary Clinton

Sen. Sanders to Visit South Carolina, shifting the location of Sunday’s rally

8-18-15 WEVD Radio New York in 2:00

8-18-15 WEVD Radio New York in 2:00

8-18-15 WEVD Radio New York in 2:00

Republicans Defend Right to Be Born and Immediately Deported

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! Burn Victims

O'Malley: Democrats needs to focus on issues, not Clinton emails.KSNV

8-19-15 The Protest Song Book in 2:00

On Changing Hearts

Yvonne Craig who, as Batgirl, was a pioneer of female superheroes passes away

Great comment on ia Sen. Coprolite Grassley story

Angry Yoga

THIS is what supporting union organizers looks like folks (O'Malley in Las Vegas)

8-19-15 The Protest Song Book in 2:00

8-19-15 The Protest Song Book in 2:00

Jeb Bush pitches "total voucherization" at education summit


Lockout at ATI plants in Oregon and elsewhere

Karen Carpenter.......

It's been said before in jest, but the longer this goes....

Bush and Trump face off in N.H. — and The Donald is winning

Georgia’s Baby Beluga Battle

2nd Case of the Plague Linked to Yosemite National Park

Crashed police helicopter was not shot down: Medical examiner

Lou Rawls.....

Rachel just said it,

The Cow Patties should have signed St. Tim.

Rachel just said it,

Oh geez. Rachel is still claiming that Obama won Nevada in 2008.

Threat to Kansas Abortion Clinic Quickly Resolved

The Problem With A Lot Of O'Malley Supporters...

Threat to Kansas Abortion Clinic Quickly Resolved

I posted a couple of tracks the other night just to break it up a bit

Any planned events in Charleston, SC.

Anyone know of any public events planned for Charleston, SC?

India Mars Orbitor Mission Captures Stunning 3D Images of the Red Planet

NYT/Charles Blow: Activists Confront Hillary Clinton

Here's Why Rape Survivors Suffer 'Second Assault' (trigger warnings)

New PPP poll NC: Hillary Clinton leads with 55% to 19% for Bernie Sanders, 5% for Jim Webb

Here's Why Rape Survivors Suffer 'Second Assault' (trigger warning)

Here's Why Rape Survivors Suffer 'Second Assault' (trigger warning)

Clinton Endorsed by 2 Ex-South Carolina Governors

If the 14th amendment is on the table, so too should the 2nd amendment

'They're called babies.'

Massive Blast Targets Security Forces Near Cairo

More racial unrest in St. Louis after police kill black suspect

Lawrence O'Donnell - 1.8 seconds to Trump

Coming up on TCM at 10:15 EST: The Searchers. then Rio Bravo

Venezuela prepares for elections, opposition could win majority

Bomb goes off in Egypt tonight. Nobody has claimed responsibility. CTV news

This data dump doesn't just threaten reputations of those who are involved...

Just curious. Why is anyone at all surprised at anything that ends up on any news show?

Why Surprising Numbers of Republicans Have Been Voting for Bernie Sanders in Vermont

David Cay Johnston on Donald Trump

Shallow thought: How long does it take to do the Trumphair each day and . . . .

Sen. Thompson files bill to ban Confederate flags from public buildings (FL)

Why one advocate says Old Town Confederate flag removal isn’t enough (NM)

Report: Josh Duggar had 2 paid Ashley Madison accounts

Birthright Citizenship

The Witcher 3 new game plus free DLC is out.

Happy...... still love this.


Latest "miracle fruit juice"

Once there was a very public national figure who was outed as cheating on his wife.

Trump was questioned in his press conference

Presidential candidate ‘Deez Nuts’ actually a 15-year-old Iowan

David Barton: now that military allows LGBT people, pedophilia and bestiality are okay

CBS news: Bernie Sanders: What does he stand for?

it seems not a lot of people know who bernie is

My DU Campaign Fund

No, your remote is not broken.

Oxford joins Starkville, Hattiesburg in furling Mississippi state flag.

CNN/ORC: HRC +6 over Trump, HRC +9 over Bush, HRC +6 over Walker, HRC +10 over Fiorina

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 20, 2015 -- Summer Under The Stars - Mae Clarke

New record high temp at Quileute airport

Bad Lip Reading of First GOP Debate - HILARIOUS!

Trumpmania Is Drawing Out All The Craziness In Other GOP Candidates.

Why is Anthony Wieners wife with Hillary on the campaign

Who else loves Larry Wilmore's blond helicopter troll?

Lovely Iowa Hillary campaign ad (video): (HILLARY GROUP)

Work Is Becoming A Terrifying And Grotesque Experience In The New Economy.

WV teen told not to wear Confederate flag shirt; Mom runs to local TV to complain about rainbow flag

Ask Martin O'Malley why Cove Point, MD wasn't protected?

Ben Carson wants to use drone strikes at the border to stop illegal immigration

125 killings in 3 days as gang violence soars in El Salvador

Programs with the most college football arrests in past five years

The circular logic behind media coverage of the Clinton email story: (HILLARY GROUP)

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 21, 2015 -- Summer Under The Stars - Alan Arkin

Chris Hardwick is making a sad, 10-minute pre-apology

Bernie2016tv, a good source of info and they are also looking for volunteers to ...

Mirror's Edge - The Movie

Number of documents classified by government while HRC was Secretary of State: 400 million (HILLARY GROUP)


Has anyone been on a job interview and got asked a weird question like Who would you be Batman or

This should get a lot of recs from this group...

The lynching of Leo Frank and the lessons it imparts 100 years on

Georgia business owner takes down Confederate flag — and replaces it with Nazi swastika

Bernie Sanders schools ‘corporate media’ reporter: No, I won’t slam Hillary for you. (HILLARY GROUP)

Batgirl Equal Pay PSA(1974)-In memoriam Yvonne Craig(the original Batgirl), 1937-2015

(January 22, 2008) The Emails that Dick Cheney Deleted

Dumb Criminals: Man Arrested Digging Up Father's Grave To Argue With Corpse

Dumb Criminals: DUI Suspect Makes 10 Year Old Designated Driver (No, Not That State)

Missing Cat Found Near His Own “Missing Cat” Poster


TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 22, 2015 -- Summer Under The Stars - Marlene Dietrich

Hillary Clinton just lost 9 points to Bernie Sanders in less than 4 weeks

How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election

Wounded Warrior Project Though Noble And Embarrassment To The Country.

Flying solo tomorrow

The Changing Face of Shenzhen, the World's Gadget Factory

The number of hides until someone is not able to post, does this vary?

Iran debate devolves with charges of ‘dual loyalty’ and ‘dog whistles’

Martin O'Malley Makes First Campaign Stop in SF to Talk Tech.

Sarah Palin can't stop loving Donald Trump, he's the "best thing since the beauty of the Tea Party"

Martin O'Malley Makes First Campaign Stop in SF to Talk Tech.

Washington County former jailer convicted in attack on black inmate (video at link)

Houston charter school closes and leaves records behind prompting identity theft concerns (Video)

Australian Leader Says 7 Jihadi Suspects Stopped at Airport

Keep it 100 ...

The Nightly Show on Hillary BLM.

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Mikhail Gorbachev: US Military an 'Insurmountable Obstacle to a Nuclear-Free World'

JOe Rogan on Bernie Sanders

$293 million in ‘new money’ projected

Rubiocare Would Upend Traditional Health Insurance

Ohio has a plan to legalize marijuana in 2015 -- that even legal pot advocates don't like

Amazon Chief Says Employees Lacking Empathy Will Be Instantly Purged

I *know* this has been discussed before, but I can't find it right now...

C.Africa interfaith group receives UN peace prize

OCCJ, Tulsa Interfaith Alliance want Ten Commandments removed

Stevie Wonder-You Haven't Done Nothing(posted in support of Black Lives Matter)

Venezuela's Maduro Says Rivals Plotted To Kill Jailed Opposition Leader

Student in Chile discovers new planet

Student in Chile discovers new planet

Colombia confronts femicide, the 'most extreme form of violence against women'

Thom Hartmann: Lookout! The Risks of Arctic Drilling

Thom Hartmann: Is the Revolution Back On?

Yarmuth expresses doubts and concerns.

General thoughts on the Sanders' campaign.

South Korea fires shells in retaliation of suspected N.K. artillery attack

Daily Holidays - August 20


You don't change hearts, Hillary? WTF?

Finland considers basic income to reform welfare system

Why I'm Voting For Hillary, and Not for Sanders

Protests continue on Walton following officer involved shooting

Attorney credits public with sparing Chelsea Manning solitary confinement

Hey, HRC: Black Lives Matter isn't actually FOCUSING on just "changing hearts"

Couple From Woodstock LP Cover is Still Married 46 Years After Concert w/pictur

Maduro: Video Shows Ties Between Venezuela Opposition, Colombia

Bolivarianism Likely to Triumph in Venezuelan December Parliamentary Elections

John Kerry and the Exportation of US “Democracy” to Cuba

John Kerry and the Exportation of US “Democracy” to Cuba

Inconveniencing White Liberals

Felix launches social 'stock market' for trending cat videos

Wanna see Dez Bryant get punched square in the face? Of course you do

Critique of HRC From Bernie Supporters Shouldn't Lead to the Phrase 'You Sound Like A Republican!"

'How To Not Go To War' - Jimmy Carter Explains Foreign Diplomacy 101

New source of methane discovered in the Arctic Ocean

Warren moves to ban sale or possession of flamethrowers

Who’s the Real Troublemaker in the Middle East?

Missouri senators resign after scandals, Republicans propose fix—modest dress code for interns

Schools in Uganda Are Getting Bulldozed So Foreign Developers Can Build Stores

Now You Can Google Your House to See If You Should Go Solar

Opossum germs 'kill 17 babies in Venezuela hospital'

Trumping the Federal Debt without Playing the Default Card

Illinois Senate votes to override Rauner's veto of union arbitration bill

Illinois Senate votes to override Rauner's veto of union arbitration bill

Illinois Senate votes to override Rauner's veto of union arbitration bill

Cyanide 356 times limits found at China blast test point: officials

President Jimmy Carter's news conference today at 10.00am -live link added

African-American rights activists endorse boycott of Israel

If Venezuela Implodes, Will Its Neighbors Be Ready?

Former LA sheriff's captain pleads guilty in corruption case

Last official charged in West Virginia chemical spill pleads guilty

Has anyone actually read Trump's ...

HRC email fuss is due to "arbitrary" & "capricious" classification system-- Nat'l Archives Director

Quinnipiac Release New Swing State Poll for Primaries & General (with Republicans oversampled)


Disgraced ’19 Kids’ Star Josh Duggar Named in Ashley Madison Leak

Who is the least awful Republican running for President?

Ashley Madison Hack: 10,000 Gov’t Officials’ Email Addresses on Leaked Ashley Madison List

Luckovich - Blame It on Obama

About those emails of Hillary's

Iran nuclear deal has votes to pass Congress, says Nancy Pelosi

With Voters 'Feeling the Bern,' Support for Sanders Gains Momentum

Save Planned Parenthood!

A Bernie Sanders Supporter Explains Why He Will Support Hillary Clinton If Need Be

Morning Joke compares Trump to JFK, TrumpGasms ensue, it's like watching cats bathe each other.

Save Planned Parenthood!

Biden Tops Trump In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds

Think I have seen this here before, but hey, its Thursday

Just one guy's opinion

Bernie Sanders’ Red State Revolution Causes 2 SC Rallies To Move To Bigger Venues

Republicans Reeling As Poll Shows Voters Don’t Care About Hillary Clinton Emails

These Are the Army's First Female Ranger School Graduates

Republicans Are Self-Destructing By Convincing Themselves That Trump Could Beat Clinton

RE: Ashley Madison. Which family values name do you hope appears?

European Warming Sends Wild Boar Numbers Soaring

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The Wall

Article on Hillary's meeting with BLM in NY Times is a must read

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Toons- Coronations are Un-American

Yoshi is doing great!

More Than 70 Nuclear Nonproliferation Experts Announce Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

Great #FeelTheBern photo

Meet 'Deez Nuts,' the Teen Presidential Candidate Punking America

Kasich: If I Were King, I'd Ban Teachers' Lounges So They Can't Complain

Where's Bill ??

Iowa GOP Radio Host Stands By Plan To Enslave Undocumented Immigrants If They Don't Leave

The new Quinnipac poll implies Republicans outnumber Democrats in Florida 58% to 42%

Hillary Clinton, Pressed on Race, Issues Her Own Challenge

It hurts to say it, but sometimes Donald Trump speaks the truth

How Amazon Swallowed Seattle

Trump has the "Get a Brain, Morans!" Vote

Investigations Prove the Planned Parenthood "Sting" Videos Were a Bust

Tom Tomorrow: Republicans reach out to women

Bernie's popularity means moving to a bigger venue for Saturday's Charleston, SC Rally

Today's Predictive Market Update

The reality of the new Quinnipac poll

Judge repeats gun rights slogan during sentencing for illegal buys

Wall Street is Running out of Time… and Money

"What do we know of Carlin?" George joked about J. Edgar Hoover, so Hoover started a file.

Wisconsin: DNR move to sell prime spring ponds outrages trout anglers

Bernie and Marijuana Legalization

Reminder: The 14th amendment also created corporate personhood.

Bernie Sanders Just Promised To End The For-Profit Prison Industry

I put "Trump" on my trash-list

Josh Duggar Paid an-Ashley Madison Account-To find Extramarital Partner for the Following Sex Acts:

Divers strike gold again off Florida coast; 2nd discovery

Brain behind German 'Ostpolitik,' Egon Bahr, dies aged 93

Tearing Down the Walls

NBC5: Plano investigating city employees after e-mail addresses found in hacked Ashley Madison data

How uninformed are American voters?

How to Develop Bus-Stop Time Models in Dense Urban Areas

Seth MacFarlane - Roast of Donald Trump

Asking For It - Kate Harding Discusses Her New Book On Rape Culture - Part 1

North Carolina’s step-by-step war on public education

10 FUN FACTS About Scott Walker

Trump told them "We gotta take our country back" - SO - 2 Brothers Beat Hispanic Man

“She isn’t as natural a politician as Barack Obama or Bill Clinton..."

Politifact Backs Up Bill Clinton On 1999 Glass Steagall Partial Repeal

Walker poll WI-- @MULawPoll comes out mid-day. LIVE LINK added

Money is the root of the destruction of our election process

‘What’s wrong with slavery?': Iowa radio host wants to turn immigrants into US ‘property

Jimmy Carter live discussing his cancer treatment

Onion Explains: The International State Of Women’s Rights

With a stunning 7 million acres burned so far, the U.S. wildfire situation is looking dire

Repealing the Birthright Amendment.. will any of us be safe?

Republicans Defend Right to Be Born and Immediately Deported

Scientists Check 5 Sq Mile Calving From Jakobshavn Glacier; If Confirmed, Likely Largest On Record

TRUMP Threatens POPE

The Latest: Carter will undergo radiation for brain cancer

China’s carbon emissions overestimated

Stevens County, WA Fire Chief Called For Emergency Help - None Available; Everyone Was Committed


NASA - Groundwater Pumping From CA Central Valley Lowering Ground By Up To Two Inches Per Month

144 Movie Sequels Currently In The Works

Q poll: Trump, Clinton ahead in Fla., with great news for Biden

My Little Digo dog rescue by P. Dunn Houston, TX

When people claim moral authority from a position of religious faith, run.

Scott Walker's budget actually increased taxes and fees

Don't mine sacred Native American land in Arizona--a petition about the Oak Flat land grab:

Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets

Former POTUS Jimmy Carter Prognosis/Praying for POTUS Carter

Turns out primary debates matter way more than the generals


If Bernie loses and Hillary wins the general election,

Indiana teacher marries Jesus Christ in elaborate wedding ceremony, becomes a consecrated virgin

I Don't Care How Bad/Destructive These GOP Bastards Are They Still Get Elected.

Lucky Seal Narrowly Escapes Jaws Of A Shark With Incredible Leap

Hurricane Danny forms in the Atlantic

Researchers Pull Plastic Straw Out of Sea Turtle’s Nose in Heartbreaking Effort to Help

‘Body’ Report Cards Aren’t Influencing Arkansas Teenagers

Researchers Pull Plastic Straw Out of Sea Turtle’s Nose in Heartbreaking Effort to Help

'Body’ Report Cards Aren’t Influencing Arkansas Teenagers

Meet the Presidential Hopeful Who'd Quit After Signing a Single Law

NOAA: July 2015 Was Warmest Month Ever Recorded for Globe

Venezuela closes border with Colombia after attack on soldiers

Hillary Clinton: Trickle-down economics needs to be "buried six feet under."

Michigan Town Must Provide Equal Access to Atheists, Judge Rules!

Mother of Colombia’s most wanted drug lord wants her son to ‘repent and go to heaven’

Cornel West: The Fire of a New Generation

Koterba toon: Campaign ads on TV

It's smoky.

The Band............this is especially well done.

Hurricane DANNY Public Advisory

Jethro Tull............

I am weary to my marrow of the deep moral and intellectual sickness of the right

Expert: Turtle's suffering puts spotlight on need to reduce use of plastics

Expert: Turtle's suffering puts spotlight on need to reduce use of plastics

Even If You Had To Scuba Dive To See Liberty Statue GOP Would Still Be Denying Climate Change.

Mental illness a growing concern on tennis tours

The GOP's proposed wall at the Mexican/USA border

Astronomer Celebrates Female Scientists’ “Special Natural Gift for Caring and Educating”

Kim Davis Files Emergency Motion: Issuing Licenses To Gays Would 'Irreparably' Burden Her Conscience

any thoughts on Trump's promise to reinstate tariffs on imported cars?

Nothing has so exposed the hypocrisy on steroids of the religious right like their support

Pic Of The Moment: Deportation? Pah! Conservatives Now Proposing SLAVERY As Immigration Solution

I'm against all hacking including Ashley Madison

What happens if you hack Dolly Madison.

Fresh CNN Poll: Biden, Clinton, Sanders Crush Front-Running GOP Nominee. Democratic Party Enthusiasm Soars.

Breaking : Tsipras to call early elections

Warming Climate Is Deepening California Drought—Scientists Say … Heat Drives Moisture from Ground

Thursday's kitty sneeze

Sen. Claire McCaskill to back Iranian nuclear deal

"some" of the worst things the hairpiece has said about women:

"some" of the worst things the hairpiece has said about women:

Early-Stage Breast Condition May Not Require Cancer Treatment

Greek PM Tsipras to resign on Thursday: government official

"if that is your position then I will talk only to white people..."

Tweety is discussing Jimmy Carter with that Russert kid

“Female Viagra” Approved by FDA

“Female Viagra” Approved by FDA

Luckovich: Young Jeb

U.S. pedestrians into Mexico now need passport at Tijuana border crossing

O'Malley makes smart move with union at Las Vegas Trump protest.(Video)

Fox News fans celebrate Jimmy Carter having cancer in his brain, 'good riddance'

The AP's controversial and badly flawed Iran inspections story, explained

San Jose PD admits "waistband" error in officer-involved shooting

Bansky's "DISMALAND"

Hey malaise...time to check that Hurricane Kit

Hurricane Danny - first hurricane of the Atlantic season

Alberta man gets $543 ticket for 'F–k Harper' sign (pic)

San Jose high school issues student body card to campus cat

I want this....

I didn't even know we had a national aviation day...

The most original obituary I've seen....

O'Malley hits Clinton on immigration.

Robert Reich quote...

“1 Shot Fired by Officer”

Now Bug-gate!

"My husband, Shaun King, is the most courageous man I’ve ever known."

I've cut the cable and am relying on netflix, youtube and the network sites for entertainment and ne

I am pro Bernie - GET IT ?

"You're not going to believe this but . . ." Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Ring the Alarm - A no-nonsense warning on the rise of rape culture.

Appeals Court: Convicted Ex-Guv Bob McDonnell Is Going To Prison

Bernie Takes on the Media (video)

The new European Feudalism is here!

O'Malley hits Clinton on immigration.

Leaving Their Kids Locked Up (Excerpt from ‘The Fruits of Cheap Labor’)

Bernie Sanders schools ‘corporate media’ reporter: No, I won’t slam Hillary for you

Divorce Lawyer: Ashley Madison Hack Will Mean 'Christmas In September'

O'Malley at a tech conference in SF

DrNworb's foster kitten Fuji has passed over the rainbow bridge

Credit Traders Gird for the Worst as Fed Loses Its Grip on Debt

Demolishing Palestinian structures is the norm — not the exception

Florida's Presidential primary is March 15th, get your absentee ballot now

O'Malley makes smart move with union at Las Vegas Trump protest.(Video)

Bernie Sanders is the Uncola of American politics

Anyone else waste their time watching Next Food Network Star ??

The U.S. coal industry is in shambles, and the casualties are mounting

Rachel Maddow: Martin O'Malley Has 'Democratic Play of the Day(Video)

Rachel Maddow: Martin O'Malley Has 'Democratic Play of the Day.'

Donald Trump just threatened to "scare" Pope Francis with ISIS

Rachel Maddow: Martin O'Malley Has 'Democratic Play of the Day(Video.)

K Street betting on Hillary

Maine committee delays vote on second LePage investigation

I like bernie, but he can't wi.....

The Cloud strikes back

Sen. McCaskill supports Iran deal: The world is united with the exception of Israel

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 20, 2015

"Pro Black doesn't mean Anti White"..

Bernie is on a whole different planet than Hillary....LMAO

Jeb is trying to respond to Trump

Looks Like Josh Duggar Wanted To Molest An Adult For Once

How US Society Doesn't Agree On The Definition Of Rape

JPMorgan is hiring data scientists to spy on employee email

McCaskill backs Iran deal, adding momentum for Obama

I hereby propose we send Maddow's show an email. Tell them you want more coverage of O'Malley.

Clinton beats, Walker, Cruz, Trump for Wisconsin voters. #mulawpoll

If Abortion Were About Equality, Would Americans Like It Better?

Eric Kramer, Former NFL QB, Found Shot In A California Motel Room

If Abortion Were About Equality, Would Americans Like It Better?

If Abortion Were About Equality, Would Americans Like It Better?

MSNBC Threw Liberals Under The Bus And Is Now The Lowest Rated News Network

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to form data company

New Quinnipiac Head to Head matchups

When Will P&G Finally Air This Tide Commercial With a Gay Couple in the U.S.?

"Rachel from Credit Card Services" has a new robocall strategy.

Myofascial Pain Patterns---Are they related to function rather than anatomy?

Confederate flag rally in Minnesota

George W. Bush raises money for Jeb

Iowa Women for Hillary Clinton Launches In All 99 Counties

Josh Duggar Admits being Hypocrite, Blames Porn Addiction

New Wisconsin Poll: HRC: 44% Bernie: 32% Biden: 12%

Danville Nestle workers approve union

Danville Nestle workers approve union

They tired to bury us...

Danville Nestle workers approve union

Huge protest supports defunding Planned Parenthood.

'Deflategate' judge says Brady suspension in jeopardy

‘Enlightened’ USA: FBI warns of right wing militia attacks against Muslims

Dem lawmaker: Email flap could 'upend' Clinton campaign

Chaos in Greece - PM resigning - new elections called

Another reason to have the debates sooner. TRUMP

Shit kickers

You should def GO to trumps big rally! $$$

"Is the Pope a Communist? . . . Just asking." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Background check company that screened Snowden to forfeit $30M

My Yahoo calender is not send me reminders - as it has done for years. Is anybody else

Ontario teens fired after skipping work for religious holiday awarded $26,000

Fun UK slang words and phrases, add yours!

This would make a great t-shirt!

I wasn't exactly sure why the cover of the New Yorker made me weep

I got a pissed off panda

This week on “What’s Up with Lincoln Chafee,” Conan O’Brien climbs on board the Lincoln train

My generic drug went from 10.00 to 54.00 for a 90 day supply.

Repelling Stink Of Corpse Flower Attracting Thousands

Sons of Confederate Veterans not welcome to use Lee Chapel, W&L says

How $1.8 billion in aid to Ukraine was funneled to the outposts of the international finance galaxy

How $1.8 billion in aid to Ukraine was funneled to the outposts of the international finance galaxy

NASA:There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth in September 2015

From Trump on Down, the Republicans Can’t Be Serious

Why July was the hottest month ever

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh will campaign for Martin O'Malley in N.H.

The Rude Pundit - Donald Trump Is a Dumb, Lying Piece of Shit, So He'll Probably Be President

An incredible video about the center of the universe!

Deez Nuts, surprise presidential candidate, is polling at 9 percent in N.C.

Trump and Carson want a war on US soil

Ashley Madison Is Just a Cheap Alternative to Trade Shows

Delta Lightning Strike

Walker, Clinton both lead by 12 points in WI presidential primary races

Ann Coulter On Bill O'Reilly: 'Good God, He's Stupid'

So, the Donald loves ISIS?

Cottages For Homeless People In Dallas Will Save Taxpayers About $1.3 Million

North and South Korea exchange fire at border

Grading Carly Fiorina's tenure at HP

Dan Patrick's transphobic rant on Facebook

Hazmat crews struggle with toxic cleanup in Tianjin, China

Potentially Deal-Shattering Report About Iran Inspections Has Some Issues

Political unrest affects Thailand tourism | DW News

A Psychological Breakdown of a Donald Trump Supporter; How Is Trump Garnering Support?

The funniest attack on Bernie since the one about how he doesn't handle his finances well

A very strange way to improve leg strenth, and get some exercize at the same time.

Protesters gather on Haleakala again to block crews from reaching telescope

Court of appeals won’t let McDonnell stay out of prison while pursuing Supreme Court challenge

Court of appeals won’t let McDonnell stay out of prison while pursuing Supreme Court challenge

Josh Duggar Admits Infidelity and Pornography Addiction: 'I Have Been the Biggest Hypocrite Ever'

Senator Heinrich TOTALLY gets it...

Donald Trump rally in Mobile: 35,000 RSVPs


Authorities to recommend manslaughter charge for Caitlyn Jenner in fatal crash

David Barton continues his usual M. O.

flat earth from 1990

Trump on women in the military: "The answer is yes because they're really into it"

Hackers Dump 20GB More Ashley Madison Data

In FOIA hearing, federal judge says Clinton violated government policy

Hillary Clinton Just Got More Awful Poll News — And There's Now An Opening For Joe Biden

Bethe Correia Wants Rematch With Ronda Rousey

If Newt Gingrich is what the ignorant Rethug base thinks

CEO in red light camera scandal pleads guilty to bribery scheme

FreeOK 2015 - Vyckie Garrison: How to Talk to a Fundamentalist

Is it time for Plan B?

Why Do Republicans Keep Bowing Down To The Bloodsucking, Inept NRA?

Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People, New Study Shows

School Official:The Only Thing Women Know Is ‘Laying On Your Back With Your Legs In The Air Splayed'

Bernie Sanders Brochures, videos, graphs, events, issues etc...

TELEPHONE rings. MOE answers.

Drill baby drill?

Multi candidate town hall meetings?

Weed Out Police Corruption and Unburden the Tax Payer

Where is the evidence that "Birthright citizenship" is a problem?

Shocked- my lifelong deep blue Auntie, 80 years old, is voting for Trump. Help DU!

NASA: Climate change: How do we know? The evidence...

Scarborough Hypes RtWing Media's False Claim Clinton's Server Kept In A Bathroom Closet (HRC GROUP)

Oakland blocked from suing to keep Harborside pot dispensary open

The minimum wage machine.

Oklahoma state GOP senator admits to $1.8M in fraud, quits



The Hottest Thing in US Politics right now is a Socialist from Vermont #FeelTheBern

Cheating website subscribers included WH, Congress workers

Talking About the Death Penalty, Court to Court.Linda Greenhouse

Sanders and Trump: The Populist and the Demagogue

Why I'm Voting for Hillary, and Not for Sanders (HILLARY GROUP)


Voting is your power! El voto es su poder!

No, AP, Iran doesn’t get to Inspect its own Nuclear Facilities

France's National Front expels founder Le Pen

Unidos podemos poner a Bernie Sanders en la Casa Blanca.

The Scandal that Bernie can't escape. It will sink him if it gets out

Germany charges suspected U.S. and Russian spy with treason

It’s Time For Republicans To Realize Just How Disgusting They Have Become

How do they know? My dogs at exactly 5 PM - as in 5:00 - stare at me expecting dinner.

Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley speaking to Young Democrats tonight in downtown Los Angeles.

Jeb Bush gets his brother George Bush to help beg for campaign donations

The 2016 Gender Bias Thesaurus: T is for Testy (Hillary), F is for Firm (Bush)

strong hurricane developing in Hawaiian waters, expected to near western islands in 4 days

Brazil's lower house speaker Cunha charged in corruption probe

My apologies to CanadaexPat

Pollution, Poverty, People of Color: The factory on the hill.

Administrative charges filed against 13 Cleveland officers in shooting

10 Common Computer Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Judge Orders State Department to Get FBI Findings on Clinton E-Mails

Saudi Arabia dips its toe into the 21st Century

Republican candidate Trump says low U.S. wages 'not a bad thing'

Israel launches strikes into Syria after rocket attack

Remembering Katrina in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement by Tracey Ross

Can you name 3 "positive" legislative contributions Republicans have initiated in the last 30 years?

Remembering Katrina in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement by Tracey Ross

Growing Washington Wildfires Are 'An Unprecedented Cataclysm,' Governor Says

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 21 August 2015

Trump: Boston Brothers Who Beat Up Homeless Hispanic Man Just "Want This Country to Be Great Again"

IAEA says report Iran to inspect own military site is 'misrepresentation'

Is it time to give up on Hillary?

Raise your hand if you believe the wealthy are trying to take over the world!!

Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Massive Car Bombing In Cairo

July was warmest month on Earth in 136 years, NOAA says

...and he'll probably be their man of the year

Ooops: Presidential candidate says Wright Brothers are from Kitty Hawk

Update: Question to hosts.

Thom Hartmann: Bernie Sanders Could Be the Next FDR

To get better insight about Trump, I highly recommend this documentary

Help with a hobby.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals just smacked Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the nose with a rolled up newspap

Brothers Who Beat Hispanic Man Claim Inspiration from Trump

We could ultimnately have either 1)An Exciting contest between Ideologies or 2) More Ho Hum

Existing U.S. Home Sales Rise to Highest Since February 2007

Right-Wing Radio Host Suggests Slavery as Solution to Undocumented Immigration

yo quiero senor Bernie Sanders...

Mike Malloy - While Cannabis Gets You In Jail, Oxycontin Is Approved For Children

Japan’s move to restart a nuclear reactor is a good decision

The Biggest Scandal in US History That We're Still Not Talking About

Three Firefighters Killed as Washington State Fires Spread

Danny becomes first hurricane of the Atlantic season

I wish online newspapers would stop allowing comments.

Just how stupid and corrupt is the right-wing nowadays?

Every Forest Biome on Earth Is Actively Dying Right Now

First foray into heirloom tomatoes

First wolf pack in decades spotted in Northern California

AP: 100s Of White House, Congress, Pentagon Employees Used Adultery Site On The Job

Meet the Undocumented Immigrant Who Works in a Trump Hotel (video)

Surprise! Fox News isn't too happy about women joining the Army Rangers

1988 was the last time a Republican legitimately won the Presidency.

Does anyone know why, in the St. Paul's prep school rape case, the question

Another round of shots, good sir!

Over 90,000 People Want Jon Stewart to Host a Presidential Debate

Jeb Bush Defends Use of Term 'Anchor Baby'

Does this count as spamming?

Has Bernie officially joined the Democratic Party yet?

SEAL Team 6 founder opposes women in elite combat

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

U.S. Forest Service identifies injured, dead firemen

(Some) Massachusetts Schools Switch to (Heating With) Wood Pellets

West Virginia Woman Who Stepped Between Cop and Dog to Stop Cop From Killing It Still Facing Charges

Pollution, Poverty, People of Color: The factory on the hill.

More grasslands in Tibet could bring climate improvements

colin powel used personal e-mail account

Audi, Mercedes ready challenges to Tesla luxury electric car dominance

Dow Drops 358 Points After China Fears Spur Global Sell-Off

If it's Clinton v. Bush in 2016, predict turnout

BREAKING: Nuclear Stuff Really Complicated

Press Conference for Female Soldiers Who Graduated Ranger School

Why Jimmy Carter deserves a monument?

President Carter Discusses Cancer Diagnosis

We could reduce CO2 emissions 50% by 2030 without investing a single dollar

August 20 - Anniversary of the Battle of Churubusco

Bergdahl's lawyer: Trump's statements threaten fair trial

This happened in America yesterday - what Trump's Hate Speech inspires

How many undecideds are here?

Ecologists roll a century's work on food-webs into a single model

Part of today's harvest... organic grown and kitteh approved. :)

Mike Malloy - The Worst Criminals Who Ever Ran This Country

it's not exactly that we deserve it, but trump is the culmination of the Kardashian Kulture

Anyone heard from Martin O'Malley lately?

McDonald's faces global scrutiny at Brazilian senate's human rights hearing

McDonald's faces global scrutiny at Brazilian senate's human rights hearing

Chicken in a Time of Figs

Fuckabee and self-confessed hypocrite Josh Duggar - or What is Delish Alex

This is your brain on social media. And yes, including DU

Anyone familiar with Japanese customs...

Luckovich - What would Jimmy (Carter) Do?

Ashley Madison client list includes Louisiana GOP executive director; he says it was for research.

"I wish I'd sent in another helicopter . . . . ."

Ex-Bank President Gets 2 Years in Prison in Bailout Fraud

Union leader: After teachers' lounge joke, John Kasich no longer best GOP candidate for president

Union leader: After teachers' lounge joke, John Kasich no longer best GOP candidate for president

Union leader: After teachers' lounge joke, John Kasich no longer best GOP candidate for president

Jimmy Carter: "I'd Like to See the Last Guinea Worm Die Before I Do."

Peruvian Congress Authorizes Shooting Down Drug Planes