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Create A Public Registry For Animal Abusers E action

Create A Public Registry For Animal Abusers E action

Create A Public Registry For Animal Abusers E action

A Summer Of Clinton Stumbles Gives Way To An Uncertain Fall For Democrats

Bill Moyers: What Aiken Said

I alerted on a troll

Power out for 200,000 in BC after strong winds


Why I read DK's Bernie News Roundup (and you should, too!)

Why Bernie Sanders Is Best on Women's Issues

Missing Hiker Found Alive After 9 Days Lost in Sierra Nevada

What Trump wants...

It was horrible. I was attacked this afternoon. Twice.

Mike Malloy - The Koch Brothers Are World Class Killers

Post a song about Danny!!

I haven't seen any Bernie bumperstickers in the wild yet, but a friend just posted this on Facebook

Kentucky clerk closes office amid backlash over refused marriage licenses

GOP loves themselves some guns. Just not around them!

Funny Trump tweet

Citizens Taking Video of Police See Themselves Facing Arrest

The Tomato Sandwich Perfected

The anti-GMO movement is nothing but a pseudoscientific scam.

August Photo Contest Winner's Thread

Photo Contest Winner's thread up in GD now.

Modified Confederate Flag

Poll if Biden jumps in to race

101-year-old Jerry—born before women had the vote—joined @TheDemocrats in Minneapolis yesterday for

No Shit ...76

Pensioner looking for cheap goods killed in Venezuela supermarket crush

Bernie gets a $10,000 donation. Sends $7,300 back because that's the law.

Was supposed to meet with an O'Malley rep this afternoon

The next chair of the Democratic National Committee

Donald Trump Says He’ll Decide on Possibility of Third Party Run ‘Soon’

Scott Walker Can't Stop Comparing Unions To ISIS

American Teen Guilty Of Helping ISIS

(self delete) (moved to GD-P)

Hammerhead shark sighting prompts California beach closure

Kitten plays with birdees on laptop

The Story of Donald Trump's lawsuit against Bill Maher Over An Orangutan Joke

PM: Israel not opposed to a civilian nuke program for Iran

Kris Kobach response to Clarkson's lawsuit: Kansas law forbids release of records so No

We Bare Bears

Researchers show that an iron bar is capable of decision-making

Surfer unhurt after shark takes a bite out of her surfboard in Morro Bay

So, I was watching Donald Trump with my parrot . . . .

Sanders Campaign Statement on Iowa Poll

Picture circulating around Canadian and Toronto political websites - "Canada Thanks America":

Trump’s $550M golf empire may be in the weeds: Experts

Thousands rally in Beirut against political leaders, rot

“It is high time death had its own moment of truth.” - Good Read

Bid to lift Guatemala president's immunity advances in Congress

UT-Austin to Remove Confederate Statue Sunday

David Crosby

Hot Air Balloons

Liberal Americans are united behind this new immigration plan

A Joe Biden-Hillary Clinton Ticket?

Three for thee

A DANGEROUS GAME Official Trailer 2015

38 girls, young women killed in Swaziland crash, says group

Three of my favorites ..

Trump breaks with GOP orthodoxy on taxes

Tomorrow morning on CNN and ABC

Father Of Slain Journalist Alison Parker: We Need To Keep Pressure On Politicians Not To Be Afraid of the NRA

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 Test Drive

Trump may be 'impossible to take down,' top Republican pollster says

Schlieren Images Reveal Supersonic Shock Waves

Question for DUers on atrial fib treatments. Electric Cardioversion and medical cardioversion failed

Vandals sought after racist attack on San Francisco church

The Reason Jeb Looks So Miserable

Ancient Libertarians

Having an argument with my college roommate

Here’s Why The Bernie Sanders Iowa Surge Should Terrify The Koch Brothers

#HillaryMen: Why the Overhyped Hillary "Liar" Poll Is a Joke (HILLARY GROUP)

The Dream is Not for The Awakened

Here is a good article about John Kasich. Do not be fooled, Kasich is not a moderate in any way.

Great description of the Republican field from a comment

Just a word of encouragement to those worried about the superdelegates.

Just wanted to say "Thank You" to all the DUers who were there for me before and after Katrina.

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg Politics: "just 2% said..." (HILLARY GROUP)

"I TOLD you we'd get evicted if you kept banging on the walls!"

I want to give this tune serious consideration for a Bernie theme.

This is an op-ed piece asking why Bernie Sanders is running as Democrat

Why we lose mid-elections? No, it's not Sanders fault. It's because candidates run away from Obama

Why Bernie might surprise

Cat wants 5 minutes more

She Blinded Me with Science - Bill Parsons (acoustic cover)

LA strikes 2024 Olympic bid deal with USOC

Yuri denied.

Bernie speaking at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Golden Orb Weaver and other stuff.

State targets Beaumont ISD auditor's license

Democrats vs. Socialists

Yes yes Falklands was a Tory plot

Drudge Retort: "The Reason Jeb Looks So Miserable"

U.S. Industrial Union Becomes 'First' National Labor Group to Support BDS

Mad Magazine Bernie Themed Cover

Iowa Poll: At a glance, how each GOP candidate fares

When did smart phones become faster than laptops?

"Democrats vs. Socialists"

1970: "Love grows where my rosemary goes" by Edison Lighthouse

Bernie Sanders gains nearly 20 points in Iowa in one month, closing gap with Hillary Clinton

Rich Assholes Rule America...

I am a vegetarian. You've known me as a vegetarian for 20 years. Please do not invite me

Melania Trump would be the only First Lady to pose in the NUDE and talk about her ('incredible') sex

On my yesturday' s thread related to HRC:

Chris Christie now wants to track illegal immigrants like FedEx packages

The Latest Des Moines Register Iowa Poll is Likely an Outlier

2015 Democratic Presidential Primary Straw Poll (Democracy for America Group)

Hawaii’s Hunger for Ahi: Panel Debates Fishing Limits for Bigeye Tuna

Patience (Hillary Group)

Daily Holidays - August 30

Clinton/Biden? (Hillary Group)

9 (nine) Dem debates in 2003. 3 (three) Dem debates in 1999

Reports: DNC Chair Blocked Dem Resolution To Support Iran Deal

Living room by living room, O’Malley marches on in New Hampshire.

Refugee crisis exposes massive flaws in EU governance

What Americans need: An 'idiot-proof' retirement system

Surfer uninjured after shark bites her board off California

Oliver Sacks Dies at 82; Neurologist and Author Explored the Brain’s Quirks

Climate Change and Global Violence

Koterba toon: Another shooting

Oliver Sacks has passed.....

Hillary Clinton Calls for More Debates. Is the DNC Listening?

Am I the last to realize that Firedoglake became Shadowproof?

Fear the Walking Dead 1.2 "So Close, Yet So Far" (spoiler alert)

Donald Trump's Campaign ad

Cliff Notes from Donald Trump's Campaign Speech In South Carolina

Suggestion: put a summary of alerts on a member on their transparency page

That time Jimmy Carter walked into a nuclear reactor August 27, 2015 by Fred Clark

Welcome to the World, Drone-Killing Laser Cannon

Oliver Sacks: I did not know that. From today's NYT OBIT

An alliance of fear - NY Bill would ban GMOs in vaccines

Protest outside Trump's Nashville speech

Mike Malloy - Guess Who Is The First Prominent Republican To Endorse Donald Trump

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Parallel Universe Edition

Cop says he pulled over african american "For making direct eye contact"

FAQ about Exit Polling And Why John Kerry Won In 2004

Saudi-led coalition air strike kills 36 Yemeni civilians: residents

Casey County Clerk biking through Kentucky for Kim Davis

Kentucky clerk takes same-sex marriage license battle to US supreme court

"Out of Many, One"

Campus LGBT Group Responds Beautifully After ‘Fags’ Carved In Sponsored Bench

Bang, bang, bang...

"Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"

GOP "Anchor Baby"

Memos detail Blankenship’s push for coal production, ignoring safety violations

THIS is the the crowd god chooses to talk to?

My teabagger Congressman is coming to town on Tuesday...

Guns, sales and core principles

How FREE is the US Press

CBS News Allows Discredited Researcher John Lott To Falsely Connect Gun Laws To Higher Murder Rates

Here's something a little different!

In celebration of my former cooking skills!

Watch these 'pro-life' supporters turn 'pro-choice' right before your eyes

Sanders Wins South Carolina AFL-CIO Endorsement

The REAL definition of White Supremacy (w/ SELF TEST)

Hey Trump, before you make America "Great Again".

Bernie did great on ABC's This Week

The Case for Bernie from an Expat

Nashville to Trump:


Bernie Sanders State of the Union Interview with Jake Tapper

Beernie Sanders on ABC News This Week Now....

TOON: Dr, Jekyll & Mr. Cruz

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 8-29-15

What are you reading the week of August 30, 2015.

"Fool me four times and. . . ." Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!!

China seizes 620 turtles and tortoises smuggled from Vietnam

Donald Trump: As president I will give more power to cops to ‘get rid of gangs’

A Point of View: Does atheism have to be anti-religious?

Gee I Wonder Why Bernie is Rising?

Oliver Sacks "on what is meant by living a good and worthwhile life - "

just a heads up. du'er nralieghliberal coming to town in feb.

The Sabbath of Oliver Sacks "...on what is meant by living a good and worthwhile life - "

More food porn: Noor Mohammadi Hotel in Mumbai (a must-eat if you're in the city)

New Platform Beckons For Religious Scholars And Communities

Bernie Sanders State of the Union Interview Jake Tapper - 8-30-15 - CNN

In today's Meet the Press interview, @ScottWalker blames racial injustice in Wisconsin on unions.

A couple of years ago, I was personally responsible for starting a lot of OPs on Zimmerman

What is it with TRUMP? Even friends I though were normal are saying they like him. I need a.....

Nurses cancel strike after agreement reached

One of the sickest, most vile things I have ever read!

To all California voters.

The state of public schools in the US

GOPers still at it ---

Mr. Trump Will See You Now...

Jeff Davis Leaves University of Texas Main Mall

Bernie regarding Hillary on the issue differences between them

Modeling world tells Swedish molel she is "too big for the industry"...

Virginia struggles with push to eliminate Confederate symbols


Retire Mississippi’s state flag

Christie: Clinton Is 'A Disgrace' For Comparing GOPers To Terrorist Groups

Time has come to move Talbot Boys statue (LTTE Easton MD)

Alabama's First Lady Diana Bentley files for Divorce after 50 years

Ganesh procession (pic heavy)

Bernie Sanders: ‘Environmentalists Deserve A Debate’

Video Refutes Official Police Account, Shows Cops Kill Surrendering Man with His Hands in the Air

Nurses cancel strike after agreement reached

Plaque question holds up decision on moving WWI monument (SC)

-have your own debates without Hillary.

Nurses cancel strike after agreement reached

Time to make the salad…

Swiss Army Machete: Zombie Defense Multi-tool

Omaha family of long-lost WWII pilot hopes DNA evidence will bring closure

Walker says wall on Canadian border worth reviewing

Omaha family of long-lost WWII pilot hopes DNA evidence will bring closure

Sitting by the pool with disco music playing

Encarnacion hits 3 dingers. Canadian fans shower the field with hats, for his "hat trick"...

I Appreciate Trump for Clarifying the Only Issue that Really Matters to the repub Base.

2002 -- Bernie Sanders on IWV

Bernie Sanders Busts Raddatz, Trying To Take Credit Away From His Campaign

Great Interview with Sanders on CNN this morning

To All the Yarnie People

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's lame response

Drama of the day in Lounge: Windows 10

President Obama, Please EO protect Salt River, the State Park and the ajoining Reservation

Oregon Democrat (Jeff Merkley) becomes 31st senator to back Iran nuclear deal

CNN/Tapper and Bernie Sanders. No wonder the TPTB want a limited

8-29-15 The Lusty Lady Organizes in 2:00 (live nude girls photo)

8-29-15 The Lusty Lady Organizes in 2:00 (live nude girls photo)

4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public (Funny, very tongue in cheek video. Relax)

If you are angry at banks, want to return to the gold are a terrorist!

Sanders prepared to use military force

Sanders says he would be prepared to use military force

Large protests in Japan against plans to expand military role

Why the Millinnials are following a 73-year-old Democratic Socialist

MORE new stuff in the Bernie store

Tropical Storm Erika kills at least 20 in Dominica

Reports: DNC Chair (Wasserman-Schultz) Blocked Dem Resolution To Support Iran Deal

Latinos for Bernie Sanders rip Donald Trump

ABC's Raddatz Grills Bernie Sanders on Lack of Foreign Policy Positions

I think there are some serious warning signs regarding Hillary

Why Bernie? Why now?

Tax Planning for a Sanders Administration

Bernie Sanders: My Supporters Are 'Not Anti-Hillary Clinton'. Obviously, Bernie hasn't been to DU

I've renamed

2 killed, half-million lose power in Seattle-area windstorm

Surfer talks about near miss shark attack

ScienceCasts: The Hidden Meltdown of Greenland

Molten lava streams down Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, helicopter footage

Ah...that damn So. Cal. heat wave is finally moving it's slothy behind outta here...

AI robot that learns words in real-time tells creators it will keep them in a "people zoo"

Bernie doesn't know about Hillary's campaign

A Dream Come True: Huge Lego Bricks for Building Real Stuff

Mysterious Russian Statue Is 11,000 Years Old - Twice As Old As The Pyramids

Drone pilot spots man sunbathing on top of wind turbine 200ft above ground

1969: NA NA HEY HEY, Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam

Conservationists appalled at illegal killing of 25 million birds a year in the Mediterranean

Ronda Rousey -- Marine In 'Complete Shock' ... After Video Date Invite Goes Viral

Italy's Eni discovers huge gas field off Egyptian coast

George H.W. Bush: ‘I need your help’

Warren paving the way for Bernie?

KU’s Kevin Willmott teams with filmmaker Spike Lee for ‘Chiraq’

We received the KKK’s literature

Radical Black Christians in the New Civil Rights Movement

I just had to share this with the Bernie group.

Vice President Hulk Hogan? Disgraced wrestler wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate

'Watchman' challenges America's conscience

Maybe just maybe it's time to focus this country on what America needs....

Bernie wins South Carolina AFL-CIO Endorsement

Breaking!! David Crosby endorses Bernie! Just read that Belinda Carlisle did too!

No, the superdelegates won't push down on the scales.

sunset, moonrise

Million Dollar Blocks

Bernie Sanders Explains How He Would Deal With An Obstructionist Congress

What MO'Mentum looks like: Huge crowd of students at Grinnell College (IA) for Martin O'Malley

The last time we had a GOP candidate kinda sorta like Trump we got Medicare, Medicaid . . . . .


Volunteer for Bernie2016tv. This is the original.

Historical: 3 major hurricanes simultaneously in Pacific east of Int'l Dateline -

Sex, drugs, and racist policing in Rutland, Vermont

Greetings everybody

O’Malley says ‘we need to stop stumbling backwards.'NHConcordMonitor

Selfie with rattlesnake turns out exactly like you think it would

Monsanto's Secret GMO Pumpkin Seeds Threaten Competitions

Remember when conservatives were worried about "freedom"

Walker Would Consider A Wall Along Canadian-US Border

The real problem....

AFRICAN-AMERICAN GROUP: "Trayvon is black and that is all that matters. And we love...."

India’s Caste Culture is a Rape Culture

Scientists Develop Magic Glass to Chill Homes

Eager To Trump Trump, Christie Says We Should Treat Latino Immigrants Like FedEx Packages

Loss Can't Derail Pharoah Phenomenon...

Big question from a small supporter: (Hillary Group)

for your examination, thank you

Jeb Bush Doubles Down On ‘Anchor Babies,’ Tells Critics To ‘Chill Out’ Asians are the problem

Halloween is coming -

Bush League: Jeb Bush is raffling off guest passes to his "appearance" on Colbert Sept 8

Walker's Pakistani Punt (giant fail)

Trump build a wall across Mexico. Scott Walker build a wall across Canada

Radio Host Michael Savage: Throw All Homeless In Jail Before They 'Pee In Front of Your Face'

Gendering Radicalism

Who gives a rat's ass about NH or Iowa polls??

Ruth Marcus at WaPo: One Term Joe Biden Could Prove Unbeatable

Were you surprised hy the right-wing attacks upon Hillary?

GOP: "Round up the usual suspects."

Alison Parker’s Father: WDBJ Shooter ‘Messed with the Wrong Family’

Murphy helps Dad with the compooter

Rebel Girls: Photos of feminists from around the world

Insane Clown Posse fans rejoice!

Bloomberg: Clinton's Superdelegate Tipping Point

Gov. Walker on President Obama's 3 Day Visit to Alaska: 'We’ll have plenty to talk about'

Banking Terrorists Declare War On Global Economy

Aunt Gail's Lemon Bars


Anyone going to watch the MTV Video Music Awards tonight ?

Some Brands Are Labeling Products “GMO-free” Even if They Don’t Have Genes

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Not End Drone Program If Elected President

Can the South Carolina GOP enforce it's no 3rd party clause?

"Cooking vegetarian meals is complicated."

Bernie Sanders Problem: He Will Give Us The Bad Parts Of Sweden's Economy (opposition research)

Politics Done Right: Donald Trump may just be the test bed for the Republican Party

Almost saw a person get "T-Boned" in their car for not knowing rules of the road.

I went to a party yesterday, truth be told most vote for democrats, and......

A historic hurricane for the Cape Verde Islands - Jeff Masters

Pittsburgh Company Looks for Scabs to Work 84 Hours a Week During Steelworker Lockout

Ben and Jerrys

I’m All Trumped Out!

Politics Done Right: Message to Bernie Sanders: Use bloggers & alternative media

Honk and Wave Rhode Island

TYT: Idiotic Islamophobes Call 911 After Seeing Sign In Hebrew

In the words of Senator Sanders, personal and political horse race attacks

I've written about it elsewhere. May as well add Economy to the list....

Teachers Interrupt Back-to-School Speech with Les Misérables Parody

Getting to Know Jane Sanders "when I heard him speak, well, that was it"

Sanders: I wouldn’t end drone program

TYT: What 3 Words Come To Mind When You Think Of Hillary Clinton?

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 30, 2015

UT-Austin removes Jefferson Davis statue; Sons of Confederate Veterans attorney has temper tantrum

Sam Seder: Why Conspiracy Theorists Claim "False Flag": Because They Can't Deal With Reality

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 31 August 2015

Sterling Heights (Detroit area) residents speak out against mosque

Ohio cop tells black man he tailed him and pulled him over for ‘direct eye contact’

Sam Seder: Fox News: It's Hard Out There For White People!

Obama Will Restore Mt. McKinley's Name To Denali On Alaska Trip

Scott Walker And Chris Christie Pander To Donald Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Base

Duggar’s ‘rehab’ facility run by pastor accused of protecting sexual predator from prosecution: repo

Hillary Clinton Secures Backing of Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire

Memo for The Donald: How to recognize a gang member

TYT: Trump's TWITTER Rampage Over JEB

Sen. Sanders Slams ‘Corrupt’ Campaign Finance System

Texas Sheriff Investigates #BlackLivesMatter As Motive For Deputy’s Death

Sen. Sanders interview with Martha Raddatz.

Alabama Confederate ‘flagger’ is ‘shocked’ when nobody shows up for her secession rally

The anti-GMOers are going ever more desperate in GD.

White House says Mount McKinley to be renamed Denali

Ruh ro.

Winds Of Change

Are the servers for DU having a hard time keeping up with the traffic?

Houston teen dies from brain-eating amoeba

We Are Doing Great Things In The Inner City Of Dayton, Ohio

To test Bernie's theory of "How to deal with an obstructionist Congress", let's see how many

Chrissie Hynde: "Women ‘Entice’ Rapists with Provocative Clothing"

Donald Trump's favorite church admits he never really shows up

Trump and Wharton. As many things, a little bit inflated.

The sheer joy of supporting Martin O'Malley...

A Tweet & a Wikipedia update do not equal confirmation, for me, of Dr. Wayne Dyer's death

Oh look at that, Clinton's odds in the predictive markets increased slightly today.

Can you remove a jury hide?

So I got scammed by Uber last night.

For David Grundman.

Joe Biden Is The Man For Ohio and The Presidency of The United States

TYT: Bobby Jindal Is Trying To Deport Himself

Anti-vaxxer at 12 O'Clock High

From Progress Texas...

I don't normally discuss jury verdicts on DU,

Not all say ‘amen’ to (NEBR) State Patrol effort that would put on-duty troopers in church pews

Belinda Carlisle: "Yes, yes, i switched candidate!"

White House says Mount McKinley to be renamed Denali

My local paper is racist

Air pollution associated with increased heart attack risk despite ‘safe’ levels

Bobby Jindal: US Should Insist Immigrants 'Adopt Our Values'

Why didn't I think of this?

6 San Quentin inmates ill with Legionnaires' disease

Fox News regular blames culture of grievance of gay black men for Virginia shooting

Paul Royle, Who Fled Nazis in a ‘Great Escape,’ Dies at 101

Sen. Merkley's Statement on his support for the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Astrology of Bernie Sanders