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I thought GD had an age limit.

American Conservative: Obama’s Speech on the Nuclear Deal

Why are Jindal, Gilmore, and Santorum wasting our time?

What time is the GOP sad comedy hour on American Pravda tonight? EDT please.

Bentley Cuts Off Planned Parenthood Funding

Arian Foster Breaks Ground By Admitting He Doesn’t Believe In God

Tweety calls himself a "Real Pro" on air.

Would you vote for Hillary as a 3rd Party Candidate in the General Election?

A stress relief video for you


Voting Rights Act 50th Anniv., Bernie Sanders: "We Must Fight Back Against Voter Suppression", Today

I just saw the replay of Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer.

Did you get your 36 printable DAILY KOS "Republican 2016 Debate Bingo!" Game Cards?

Hillary is part of fundamentalist "The Family"; Bernie gives talk at fundamentalist college

‘The vampire rises at dawn': Scarborough and Matthews blow up on MSNBC’s debate night coverage

Time for a thought experiment.

Russia Believed To Be Behind Pentagon's Joint Staff Email Breach

Even Martin O'Malley has a War Room.

I am mortified.

Fornication As A Felony? Outrageous?

I am Trumped up for the debate tonight!

he said=its not about winning or losing= wtf

Weird data on Clinton and Sanders in recent poll of 496 democratic primary voters.

Fox Debate Live Feed

Quicken Loans Arena Capacity (where Repug debate is tonight)

Another GOP "debate" thing to look for --

Gore Would Have Won Outright if Felon Vote Was Included in 2000 Election

Kamala Harris endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Suit revived against Christie allies over GWB lane closings

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! That’s Entertainment!! & a new Kitteh gif

Rick Perry: Pro Education!

Who punches Trump on stage tonight?

Can there be any doubt that FOX is an auxiliary of the Republican party?

Hillary Clinton adds another Hamptons fundraiser

Rubio has already admitted that Hillary has a better resume than any of the R's.

Bobby Jindal Calls for Defunding of Planned Parenthood During Fox News GOP Debate

Texas Schools Caught Manipulating Quotes to Push Christianity on Students

Trump has already insulted "Megan," after she asked him a question about women.


I don't who make me want to vomit the most

I'm watching the Republican "primary" debate

Enough of that crap.

Holy Shit--Trump disses the only woman on the stage

I've noticed that the term "at the end of the day" is fading

New in 2015... "the DNA schedule"

A consistent response from the clowns in the debate.

Get Your Free Tacos Tonight, Courtesy of Donald Trump

Trump was the only one who would not pledge

Trump just said the press is dishonest!!!

Republicans are writing off the Hispanic Vote again.

Lol, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier both had this deer in the headlights look just now

Funniest Memes Mocking the GOP Presidential Candidates

Went to Cortez, walked out a store, looked towards the house, fire on Ute Mountain. Updated

Has Ben Carson spoken yet?

Rand Paul delivered an eye-roll and a smirk at Christie taking about 9/11 families.

Serious poll, really, is this debate helping the Republicans?

Scott Walker's response when asked, "Would you let a woman die rather than have an abortion?" #GOPDe

what good is that worthless buzzer...they don't stop

Chuck Schumer Planning To Break With Obama, Oppose Iran Deal

After tonight, Jon Stewart better say, "What the hell. I'll stick around another year and a half".

Chuck Schumer to announce his betrayal of President, party and country tomorrow

How long before someone takes a swing at Trump? ...

All the candidates in this debate were given their questions beforehand the answers are so rehearsed

Does Carly Fiorina have a breathing problem?

I look forward to the rest of the episodes in this series

Governors of Louisiana and Alabama

They actually replaced Ben Carson with Allen West halfway through the debate.

The Problem With Netanyahu's Response to Jewish Terror

One of the many recent attacks on Bernie is easily shown to be BS.


Lindsey Stirling, Music Box Tour, Full Show on June 22, 2015

The only news from tonight's crap fest is that Trump won't promise not to run

Hillary Clinton found a brilliant way to troll the Republican candidates during their big debate

Google searches for the first 50 minutes of the GOP debate

Okay, this debate is officially becoming a morass of right wing bleh. I've had enough.

Elizabeth Warren to Republicans: "Did You Fall Down Hit Your Head and Wake Up In 1950's"

So who is winning the debate so far?

Donald Trump Rules!

Rubio's not looking *bad* so much as *small.* He reeks of inconsequential.

Rubio & Small Business: PS - Koch Industries, KPMG, XE, etc. are SMALL BUSINESSES

Can't factcheck fast enough

You can't have Santorum without a little spunk

Did Huckabee just complain that "pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers" aren't paying taxes?

I keep looking for Gene Simmons and Omarosa on the stage.

Protesting Racism & Inequality

"I, like Saint Ronnie, are

Did Jeb Miss the Debate ?

OK, friends, JON STEWART!!!


a sober drinking game for the Rep debates/edit 1

The Closing Remarks from the Kiddie Table

#DebatewithBernie #GOPDebate

A reminder: Ted Kennedy spoke at Liberty Baptist, too.

Mesmerizing Video of Earth and What We Put on It

Trump More Heinous Than Previously Thought

Did R. Paul just say, about Israel, we shouldn't borrow money from China and give it to our enemies?

This is going to take the brightest Legal Minds & Scholar Minds on DU to help me with my question:

What Has Rachel Maddow Had To Say About The Debate Thus Far.....

OK, it's Krazy Kristian Time. First up: Cruz.

If you missed the Republican debate....

Republicans ain't shit. Listen to this question asking how can you get people on disability to work


Fucking Schumer...

These fucks need a social enemy EVERY cycle. This time PP is in the ring this time.

JON STEWART's last show is re: repug debate!!!

Republican Debate... Bernie Who?

Do these Answers Inspire Any of You?

Hillary Clinton mentioned 38 times in the GOP debate. Senator Sanders Zero times.

MIRT has done an amazing job tonight zapping trolls

With these psychos doing their best to out nut-job each other...

Schumer:My Position on the Iran Deal

Share this if you're proud to support a candidate who's fighting for everyday Americans.

Rubio's "essence of the American Dream"

One year later: Ferguson is still pumping out arrest warrants

I'm sick of politics for tonight. I need a kitten thread...

My take on debate - Wow! Let's go back to the 50s!

Kasich did the best.

Jeb was terrible. An empty suit.

Most logical thing to watch after that debate

How many of you, like me, simply could not bring themselves to watch that crap?

Donald Trump is Stupid!

Next GOP debate on September 16 (on CNN)

Not one question about Climate, the biggest threat of our time at debate.

Bernie just does not get it. He simply does not get it.

DUers playing GOP Debate drinking games please check in now!!


Bernie Sanders Live-Tweeted The Republican Presidential Debate

Kasich is a real danger...

I've responded to Pelosi and Gillibrand solicitations tonight,

I thought it was pretty boring

Highlight of the night (GOP debate)

My cousin who lives in Cleveland took this picture of the GOP canadates

The Other Debate

Jeb Benefited The Most...

Trump's Implosion in the Debate was Breathtaking to Behold.

Not one of them could carry Obama's jockstrap on their best day.

Jon Stewart's last show.

Jon Stewart: "The best defense against bullshit is vigilance."

If you want a Stronger Economy Vote for....

I'm sorry but if I hear how Hillary is afraid of

So, who else is watrching the "Kelly File"? I recorded Stewart's show so...

If Schumer wanted the Senate to kill the deal he likely could have made that happen

Sen. Sanders:Voter Suppression is Un-American

Moveon announces donor strike in response to Chuck Schumer's vote for war with Iran

Bernie Sanders' post on facebook regarding tonight's Republican debates:

Kasich/Thune ticket is what I fear

That Daily Show was exactly what we all needed.

Here's Bernie's live tweets of the debate......

I listened to that almost vomit-inducing debate.

How a Young Joe Biden Turned Liberals Against Integration

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 9 - Summer Under the Stars: Robert Walker

TCM Schedule for Monday August 10 - Summer Under the Stars: Joan Crawford

Tonight's culture minute.

Fucking MSNBC

kitty gifs to share

Jon Stewart was the key to surviving the Bush years.

Corbyn solution: Always negotiate reduce armed forces and intervention--will it work?

What the bloody hell did Walker mean by this?

TIME: Martin O’Malley’s campaign plans to organize debates outside the six-debate framework

#WWOMD #GOPdebate

Fox News turns on Donald Trump, will his poll numbers now drop?

Fox Tried to Ambush Trump and FAILED

Reminded by dolphins

U.S. Power Plant Carbon Emissions Fall to 27-Year Low

National Nurses United conference call with Sanders 8/10

So depressing to imagine any of those clowns following President Obama.

O’Malley: Dems tilting race toward Hillary

67 largest donors give 3x as much as bottom 500K combined

Bwahaha GOP presidential debate arena is EMPTY: only a couple dozen!!!!

What an incredibly horrific night it has been...

6 Diseases You Already Have

Woman Publicly Sodomized in Gas Station Parking Lot (TWICE!) by Cops Because they 'Smelled Weed

Feds Bust Wingnuts Who Plotted To Lure Jade Helm Troops Into Ambush

Joseph Stiglitz: America is on the wrong side of history

Unstoppable ICON FJ44 - /TUNED

Letter of Support for Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2015

How a 14 Year Old Girl Decimated a Conservative Academic Orthodoxy

Donald Trump dominates debate but refuses to rule out independent run

Ask me anything - I'll answer like Donald Trump.

Will the Republicans have a brokered convention? (Poll)

DU slow now LOL...anyway, after midnight tools- post debate here you go

According to the Guardian Google Polls say Trump Won Debate

bernie bumper sticker

Kids Who Die: Langston Hughes narrated by Danny Glover

Next Time Someone Says Women Aren't Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This

Chuck Schumer is NOT betraying his country OR his President. Learn about politics...

When the Justice System Detains a Sick Mother of 8 for Stealing Food--

The Land Institute Sows a Revolutionary Grass in Kansas

During The GOP Debate, Hillary Clinton Was Hanging With The Jenner-Kardashian-West Clan

Donald Trump wasn't happy with Megyn Kelly and has fired back

Why does Walker pronounce "time" as "toyme"?

AJ+ explains socialism

Conservatives Are Turning Against FAUX News

Made up my mind I am supporting Sanders

I know who Hillary needs to get NOW

Exclusive video of the GOP debate

Don't you all get it?

What Would O'Malley Do? #WWOMD

saw a comment that broke the internet today

Who were all the musicians at the end of the last Daily Show ??

Appreciation thread for Jon Stewart

The 2015 Upper Class Twit Of The Year Show

The shrinking of democracy in #WI - seen in early voting cuts

Bolivia Approves Universal Prenatal Allowance Decree

The real reason Trump won't commit to backing GOP nominee

Correa: Leftist Governments in Latin America Face New Cold War

#GOPDebate and the clear Winner is....

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Chris Matthews attempts to make Bernie Sanders scary (VIDEO)

2015 X.J. Kennedy Parody Contest

Daily Holidays - August 7

The first one to compare himself to St. Ronnie wins

Donald Trump on his Republican background FOX GOP Debate 8/6/15

Donald Trump responds to accusations of sexist comments GOP Debate 8/6/15

What Walker Didn’t Say Tonight-->from Wisconsin AFL-CIO

Scott Walker Fumbles On America's Race Issue

12-meter-long man made monolith discovered off Italian coast

Jon Stewart's final Daily Show episode ( discuss Republican debate)

Jon Stewart's final show (discusses GOP debate)

Fourth secular blogger murdered in Bangladesh: activist

The GOP Debates Showed How Fox News Enforces Republican Orthodoxy (Propaganda)

Informant in terror case paid $41,000 by FBI

Anybody else distracted by Kelly's makeup?

Hillary and Bush

The Idolatry of Nuclearism

Anderson Bridge between Boston, Cambridge closed

Could never-before seen video lead to finding of $500 million in never-again seen art?

12-meter-long man made monolith discovered off Italian coast

Estimated Mass. overdose deaths top 1,200 for 2014

Hopkinton: Report provides no consensus on religious holidays

I voted for Donald Trump

Iowa man pleads guilty to threatening Boston Islamic group

ACLU sues Boston police over request for public records

Officials approve 1-year delay in Springfield casino opening

Charlton police reach out to drug dealers on Facebook

Jon Stewart's Last 'Bulls**t' Rant On 'The Daily Show'

Event over. nothing to see here

Your tweet of the day...

Baker won’t back statewide sanctuary for illegals

Gov. council member proposes decriminalizing heroin

Foes eye AG bias for Planned Parenthood

So who else has a MASSIVE hangover this morning?

Discover the Dark Side of Boston

Trump supporters BATTLE IT OUT with Donald Deniers on FIERY Fox News focus group

Miss Piggy and Kermit Break up Ahead of New ABC Muppets Show

Debate's one good suggestion

Losing Hope, Iraqi Youth become Illegal Immigrants to ‘Save Themselves’

George S on GMA and staff trying not to laugh while

Oh, HUCKSTER. You clueless, Bible-thumping LOAD. "The Military kills people and breaks things."

I believe i have the solution!

Back to School


Saudi-Russian diplomatic dance can’t be to liking of Iran, Syria

China Securities Finance agency wants more money to buy stock

North Korea, land that time forgot, creates own time zone

The Peace Proposal

Unsettling Encounters: Tourists and Refugees Cross Paths in the Mediterranean

On twitter, the US "moderate" rebels have either given up or are all captured

German economy shows mixed bag of figures

DUers from New York please email Chuck Schumer

The Rude Pundit - Random Thoughts on the End: Another Goddamn Jon Stewart Tribute

Truck bomb kills at least 8 in central Kabul

The Problem with Netanyahu's response to Jewish terror (must read)

Gen. John Campbell: Taliban can not Defeat ANSF

Islamic State gunmen reportedly kidnap scores of Christians in Syrian town

“If there is no opium cultivation in Helmand, there will be no war”

US-trained Syrian rebels refuse to fight al-Qaida group after kidnappings

Paul Krugman: From Trump on Down, the Republicans Can’t Be Serious

California police file lawsuit against investigation into pot dispensary raid

I apologize to the lounge ...

As Matterhorn Glaciers Melt, Bodies of Japanese Climbers Lost 45 Years Ago Are Revealed

Carly Fiorina on Morning_joe--Most gushing over her

Tool Monkeys!! Fuck YEAH!!! Million Gallons Of Toxic Mine Waste Pours Into Animas River (CO/NM)

I don't care for the name calling...but Hillary Clinton is a liar..

Whole Foods says $6 "asparagus water" was mistake

Oregon Considering Lifting Limits On Bass, Catfish, To Ease Predation On Faltering Salmon Stocks

German media frenzy after journalist slams online hate speech against refugees

Trump handed Bernie a plum last night...

July 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 401.30; July 2014 399.00; July 2013 397.20

(Germany) Opposition proposes paying 20 euros a day to people hosting refugees

Palermo mayor: refugee crisis 'a genocide'

One thing is clear from last night's GOP debates

A warning from a gay man of color regarding voting for 2016

Russia suspected of hacking Pentagon email server

Bwahaaaa. The Left Coast Sports Babe nails the Republican debate

Payroll employment rises by 215,000 in July; unemployment rate unchanged at 5.3%

In decades of watching politics I never saw a news station execute a political hit on one candidate.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia ‘desperate’ to repurchase Mistral warships

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -'bate-n'

Migrant ‘almost' walks to England through Eurotunnel

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Goodbye, Jon

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Greek deflation steady in July, prices fall for 29th month

Morning Schmo: Debbie Republican Schultz doubles down on few debates

Robert Frost said that Hell is a half-filled auditorium.....

Lawyers: Disputes over gay marriage could hit tribal courts

Some very important topics didn't score very highly on the candidates' list of concerns.

FBI says spy flights not aimed at racial groups

GameOver ZeuS criminals spied on Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and OPEC

Nebraska: Marriages to cease at area county courts

Body cameras on cops are just the beginning

A Shakespearean Guide To 2016 Republican Primary: "Hell Is Empty & All The Devils Are Here"

The ‘ceasefire’ in eastern Ukraine is unravelling fast

Virginia officials say they will recall license plates with Confederate logo

GOP debate: Marco Rubio claims it’s in the Constitution that abortion should be illegal....

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her

Bernie Sanders--The VOX Conversation with Ezra Klein--July 28, 2015

I didn't watch the Republicans' Mass Debate.

Thought I'd drop in to post this. The NC Legislature passed a law to protect Confederate monuments

Hearing people say debates are unimportant

Schumer bows to Bibi on Iran deal / blasts him

What would a Trump presidency look like?

Can someone check my math please?

McConnell: ObamaCare repeal likely to be included in fast-track budget process

The Littlest Secret Service Agent

FLAT TAX is back being touted! Is there ANY way we Dems can destroy that

25 common American customs that are considered offensive in other countries

Senate bill would nearly double the gas tax

Something that Ben Carson said caught my attention

DWS got what she wanted last night. Voting against that group of debaters demands that we

Cops make disgusting online ‘memorial’ mocking death of Ferguson’s Michael Brown

Four dead in Mali hotel attack, gun battle raging

How Super Delegates Work

On Last Nights Debate - Did Anyone Else Feel The Koch's Presence On That Stage?....

Toxic waste shuts Animas; EPA team leaks contamination from Gold King Mine

Repub debate - SOS and voodoo economics, too

The debate over genetically modified organisms is a great case study in how to think critically.

Have you seen the friendly photos of W with fellow jurors at jury duty? I think it's for Jeb!

Did Donald Trump's debate performance help or hurt him?

Props where due...

Bernie Sanders Takes on Clinton Welfare Legacy as He Woos Iowa Unions

Bangladesh blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in Dhaka

Cecil Adams on the high incarceration numbers in the US

APNewsBreak: Email leak suggests Ecuador spied on opposition

Tyler Drumheller, CIA Officer Who Exposed U.S. Reliance on Discredited Iraq Source ‘Curveball,’ Dies

Sen. Tammy Baldwin announces support for Iran nuclear deal

Daryl Davis with the KKK

Oregon presidential poll: Hillary Clinton pressed by Bernie Sanders

Keurig’s single-serve coffee empire in jeopardy, analysts say

KHOU reports on HERO petition to relocate Super Bowl

In case any of you just heard my bloodcurdling scream

Ecuador spied on Amazon oil plan opponents, leaked papers suggest

Virginia officials say they will recall license plates with Confederate logo

Confederate Memorial Day & R E Lee B'day Disappear From 2016 Georgia Holiday Calendars

Confederate flag comes down in Danville as city government reacts to flag vote (VA)

CNN: "So, who won the Republican debate?"

SeaWorld sees profits plunge 84% as customers desert controversial park

Shining a light on Britain’s nuclear state: Trident and the nuclear energy boondoggle


Keeping Confederate school names an insult to African Americans (VA)

Who's decision was it not to display the Confederate Flag on the debate stage last night?

Every Major Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Challenging or Defeating Clinton

Who needs a weapon?

Very telling from Trump on "Today" this morning.

Stephen Colbert has announced his first ever “Late Show” guest: George Clooney

Volunteer fire department proudly displays Confederate flag (AL)

Has Your Vote Ever Changed as the Result of a Debate?

Never go to the grocery store when you're hungry.

Unofficial Republican Debate scoreboard

Dunkin Donut CEO Who Makes $4,887 an Hour Outraged at $15 Minimum Wage

Trump Defends His Companies’ Bankruptcies

1/2 Million Voted on Drudge - "Who won the debate?"

Confederate monument remains after Parks & Recreation board members approve its removal (AL)

Trump: Mexican Leaders are "smarter, sharper, more cunning than Americans"

Bizarre story out of Michigan...

Provider of Personal Finance Tools Tracks Bank Cards, Sells Data to Investors

After watching the Republican debate, I'm floored the Democrats aren't starting their debates.

The blind squirrels at Fox found their nut of responsible journalism when it came to Trump.

Chrisann Brennan - mother of Steve Jobs' child - is releasing her memoirs on October 29.

What A Shaman Sees In A Mental Hospital

how presidential....

I thought my dog was dead this morning. We both got hit by a car.

Meanwhile, in Colorado...

K&R if you're prouder than ever to be on Team Hillary.

GOP debate: Early numbers suggest record audience

Does anyone remember the 2004 Presidential Debates and how bad Bush was?

Is the effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood a Bill of Attainder?

From, "2016 National Democratic Primary" as of today:

I bet Fox fed the questions to one or more of their favorites

Following fatal settler attack, Israeli army raids Dawabshe family homes in the West Bank village of

What most people don't understand about the TPP.

50th Anniversary Of The Voting Rights Act, Signed By Texas Politicians, Disrespected By Abbott.

oh ffs. argh!!!! I applied for SS online last Friday

To all those war-hawks on stage last night

HAS ANYONE ever done a follow up to the "Bombing of the Moon" Posting?

Gazette editorial: W.Va.’s chance at the future

Gazette editorial: W.Va.’s chance at the future (EPA)

"I love women, even though most of them are ******!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

stromtrumpers: the new name for trump followers

A Chapman Stick

Serious question: Has Donald Trump ever been sued for sexual harassment?

How hard is it to say Chuck Schumer's opposition to the Iran deal is fucking stupid

People will always have their differences, but the vile disparinging of rosie

If we want peace in the middle east and the world.

Chicago police and ACLU agree to stop-and-frisk safeguards

49ers Aldon Smith: New DUI charge, plus hit-and-run, vandalism.

Bundy Files: Armed "Constitutional Advocates" Support Lincoln Mine Owner

Republican "Gladiators?"

12 of Jon Stewart's Greatest Government Interviews on The Daily Show

Inside Job Numbers: Temporary Jobs Count

PBS: Police Chiefs blame guns

First Known Venomous Frogs Use Their Heads as Weapons

Martin O'Malley:Why didn't Obama DHS End Refugee Family Detention as Ordered by Court?

If AIPAC and Benjamin Netanyahu had supported the Iran nuclear deal,

a new more women's friendly GOP ? Not really according to yesterday's debate.

Sanders Alert. Bernie is on Thom Hartmann live right now

ISIS executes 19 women in Mosul 'for refusing to take part in sexual jihad'

Recordings: State rep asked aide to hide relationship

Christie Caught In Lie About Tunnel to Nowhere

Why Did Chris Christie Say He Was Appointed U.S. Attorney The Day Before 9/11 When He Wasn’t?

10am on a beautiful summer Friday & Iowa town's residents turned out strong for Martin O'Malley

Christie served at the pleasure of George Bush- too big to cover up

Why ‘Do What You Love’ Is Pernicious Advice

Judge sentences East Texas man to get married or face jail time

Can someone remember the name of the black woman who was fired from her govt. job...

5 unmissable moments from Big GOP Showdown

Who was filling in for, or preempting the Thom Hartmann radio show last night?

GOP's First 2016 Debate Showcases Its Right-Wingers and True Crazies

The DNC does not control local and state level primary elections, nor much with their generals.

We need more, more, more, more DEBATES. Here are some reasons why!

O'Malley likes Uber but wants company's drivers and others in the gig economy to have benefits

Ferguson's radical knitters

You can bomb the world to pieces but you can't bomb it into peace.

Besides Trump, said the CNN anchor, the most mentioned person was Hillary Clinton

Most Railroads Won’t Meet Deadline for Safety Controls, Report Says

NAACP president says NC leaders fostering hate

Trump discussion point #325...

Moody’s Forecasts a Democratic Win

I was asked to serve on a jury on Post number 84

Hillary spends GOP debate night with Kim & Kanye at LA fundraiser (Hillary Group frippery/fun post)

Pic Of The Moment: So You're Going To Win Never Then?

"Conservatives are mad at Fox News and Megyn Kelly. They shouldn’t be."

Trump: Delusional? Con Artist? Serious?

Turnips, anyone?

Remember Obama referring to the same old "scaremongering" rhetoric on the Iran peace deal?

Have your eye glasses ever fallen into the toilet ?

Busy September Looms for President Obama, but First: Two Weeks on Martha's Vineyard

Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter president arrested for... well, just guess.

Dear Hillary Bashers: your guilt-by-association card is now void.

One day in jail for Emmaus man who threatened federal ranger over (Bundy Ranch) standoff

Four years after massacre, Norwegian youths reclaim island

Double-Barreled Disaster: Two GOP Debates in One Night

Here are all Donald Trump's insults to women that Megyn Kelly asked about

President signs legislation creating new Idaho wilderness

Regarding the Carnival Cruz quote in EarlG's graphic

K&R if you're prouder than ever to be on Team Bernie!

Abortion: "History will call us barbarians."

GOP strategist: I saw "destruction" of Trump's candidacy

Most retweeted GOP debate tweet was written by Bernie Sanders

Scott Walker Plans to Approve NBA Arena With $250 Million in Taxpayer Money

GMOs are about COMPANIES engineering crops to tolerate huge doses of the weed killer they sale

NARAL vid about birth control, right on

Marco Rubio would appeal to the average voter..He actually sounded sane last night

Ronald Reagan's Shameful Legacy: Violence, the homeless, mental illness (Dr. E. Fuller Torrey/Salon

Guess How Much Of Uncle Sam's Money Goes To Foreign Aid. Guess Again

Snowden wannabe leaked files to 4Chan, but no one believed him

COMMENTARY: There’s No Room for Socialism in Fort Bend County

Man sentenced to 30 years of jail for insulting the Thai monarchy on Facebook

Looks like we've entered a new era where less is more

My County Party Chair had interesting/bizarre expierence

Teenager who asked man about to jump off bridge 'Are you okay?' says he just likes to help people

LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian on Personal and Deeply Felt Choices:

Rep. debate and cat walking closed captions

White House says Schumer opposition on Iran deal 'disappointing, not surprising'

Michigan Tea Partiers tried to plant “male on male paid for sex” scandal in order to ...

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin's reaction to an obnoxious conspiracy theorist:

United States to Spend Nearly $1 Trillion Updating Nuclear Arsenal

Republican Debate Draws 24 Million Viewers

The Hill: Most retweeted GOP debate Candidate tweet was written by Bernie Sanders

They’re all Todd Akin now: How the Planned Parenthood sting backfired on Republicans - Joan Walsh

Why American Teens Aren't Working Summer Jobs Anymore

Fewer debates actually helps Bernie.

Attention teen dropouts racing to SF: The tech bubble is lying to you

The Onion:Most Used Words In The GOP Debate

At 38-Year Low, Labor Participation Rate May Have Found Footing

Balloon bearing Tibetan flag takes to air in Bristol despite attempts to ban it

Fear & loathing at the GOP debates: Behold the the autocratic, xenophobic, war-hungry spectacle...

White House Brushes Off Chuck Schumer's Iran Deal Rejection

Hillary Clinton to Detail College Affordability and Student Debt Relief Plan and Address Voters' Que

Bernie Sanders most retweeted candidate during debate

Time for a Draft Durbin Movement

Here's the music that should have accompanied the Republican debates.

Fox News Had Its Own GOP Debate Agenda: Narrow Down The Field

USWNT Star Megan Rapinoe Engaged

Ex-Neo Nazi: Right-wing extremists ‘on the verge of doing something horrible’ over same-sex marriage

Huckabee: Social Security is hurting because ‘prostitutes and pimps’ don’t pay their fair share

Hillary Clinton expertly trolls GOP candidates during debate with posters of them praising her work

Big wall

Arian Foster Announces He Is An Atheist

Daughter Documents Homeless Dad’s Life - Uplifting story.

Meanwhile, in Times Square...

The Art of Effective Politics on an Individual Level

Fired Ferguson court clerk now working in another nearby court

Michigan Congresswoman joins call for Rep. Todd Courser to resign for cover up of alleged affair

Is an 80-hour work week worth it? (Democrat & Chronicle)

Ugandan Students Try to Lynch Gays

This is what is flowing through my town right now EPA meeting now.

Virginia Recalling Specialty License Plates With Confederate Flag

RIP to Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, a "bureaucratic nitpicker" who blocked thalidomide in the U.S.

What Would O'Malley Do? #WWOMD

Catholic groups lose another contraceptive court ruling

Bernie Sanders Slams Clinton for Having Supported Slashing of America's Safety Net

An Unknown Truck Driver Just Became the Democratic Nominee for the Governor of Mississippi

So resumes don't matter?

How “Fake Democracy” Destroys “Real Democracy”

Things that Donald Trump looks like

Schumer in serious trouble for leadership post because of his no vote on Iran

10 ways Bernie Sanders would make the economy work for everyone

A timeline of confederate monuments in NC

Hillary Clinton locks down the Kardasian/Jenner vote!

US probing if commander of elite Iranian force traveled to Russia in violation of UN sanctions

Michigan Lawmaker Reportedly Concocted Fake Scandal To Cover Up A Real One

Donald Trump Camp Weighing Ad Buy in Early Primary States

An incomplete list of everyone Donald Trump insulted in and after the debate

Ex-Neo Nazi: Right-wing extremists ‘on the verge of doing something horrible’ over same-sex marriage

To Topple US 'Oligarchy,' Sanders Calls for Publicly Financed Elections Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton r

Jindal vows to go after Planned Parenthoud

Alan "The Congressman with Guts" Grayson looks like he's voting with Republicans against Iran deal

I already know the answer to this question

I just found out that Loganberries are almost completely unheard of outside Western NY

James Holmes jury to announce sentence today: Death or life in prison

Fired Ferguson Clerk Who Sent Racist Obama Email Working At New Court

Can Jewish Educators Have Faith in UFT Solidarity?

North Korea sets clocks back 30 minutes creating its own time zone

The Religious Roots of Domestic Terror

Lame Stream is Playing Candidates & You: Warren v Romney 2016!

Republican Protected ‘Traditional Marriage’ Before Cheating on His Wife, Hiding It With Gay-Sex Hoax

Retirees Try Out Right-Wing Ideas

Royal Dutch Shell cuts ties with Alec over rightwing group's climate denial

Four crew members injured in train derailment, one on life support at Georgia Regents Medical Center

Sen. Ron (Sunspot) Johnson accused of ethics violations by watchdog group

Clinton spokeswoman on Trump's wedding comment: "It hurt her feelings." (Hillary Group)

Keep working. Keep spreading the word. It's working.

Is there a poll on who is for the Iran Agreement?

The surprising number of parents scaling back at work to care for kids

If Schumer won't be Minority Leader, who do you think it should be?

My impressions of the debate. What the candidates really said:

James Holmes sentence will be 7pm EST according yahoo breaking news banner.

Icahn wants to be Trump's Treasury Secretary

What is the right number of Democratic debates?

Price check on isle wtf?! please. (Vintage Beer)

Bernie Sanders: The Principled Conservative For 2016

Bernie Sanders mentions "The Family's" National Prayer Breakfast on his website:

#ClownCar Debate Tweet (Hillary Group)

"We need to be discussing issues facing working families at a debate hosted by trade unions."

Gov. Baker files bill to encourage expansion of solar power (Mass.)

Donald Trump just freaked out at Fox News and called a contributor a 'slob'

A reminder to Bernie supporters.

This is not a trick or troll question - I really want to know

Jeb Bush's debate reviews are in: "The guy looks like the runny yolk of a fried egg"

Banks got bailed out. Everyone else got sold out...

Official @BernieSanders email says, "we’ve received over 500,000 individual contributions"

Where Bernie stands..

Rembrandt or Rubens? Which version of “Descent from the Cross” is more powerful to you?

Freak Scene Poetry

Sign this pettition calling for more Debates. Feel the bern

Access to Iranian miltary bases is "forbidden?"

Walker ambushed today by People for the American Way

Bernie Sanders Appears to Give Chuck Schumer and Obama the Answers They Want

my prediction based upon what I saw last night

my son and I will be bringing these door to door and talking to all our neighbors

New York Times: Bad Decision by Senator Schumer

One powerful fact about Bernie's hair...

Confederate Flag Comes Down (in DANVILLE!)

Email from bernie regarding the Republican Debates...

Unplanned Parenthood

The GOP Debate In Under 60 Seconds

Four times larger than Troy, Bronze Age site to be unearthed in Manisa

Weekend Economists Consider the Kurds August 7-9, 2015

Crestview decides not to rush into a decision

Chuck Schumer could lose his spot as the next Dem. Senate leader over Iran deal

Is a religious institution that advocates against reproductive health care promoting misogyny?

I wonder where Bob McDonnell watched the debate last night

idiot judge gives a guy a choice. marriage or jail

Tummy pat time for Murphy

What can we DU now to help TTW and Yoshi ?

Posted (in addition to in the thread) here for greater exposure

I'm kind of surprised. They're working with me.

Margaret and Helen On a stage with no vaginas, there were a lot of opinions about vaginas

Margaret and Helen: On a stage with no vaginas, there were a lot of opinions about vaginas

Margaret and Helen: On a stage with no vaginas, there were a lot of opinions about vaginas

"No don't need no bunch of stinking debates" ...

Christie and Rand Paul Continue Feud After Fiery Debate

Fox News Fails To Disclose Its Pro-Walker Debate Analyst Is A Walker Adviser And Co-Author

Navajo Nation Slams Door on Deal That Would Have Allowed Uranium Mining

Jeb Bush's Service On Bloomberg Foundation Disappears Into the Memory Hole

WTF is an ANTI-War Liberal?

The Donald Trump scandal no one is talking about - Trump University

Duers, lend me your education, erudition, etc. Is there a famous quote

School district bans confederate flag (TN)

Anti-War Donors Pledge To Withhold $8.3 Million In Potential Donations From Schumer, Iran Deal Oppon

The sound & fury of the GOP debate: A candidate-by-candidate breakdown of its weirdest & most idioti

N Korea winds back its clocks to make 'Pyongyang time'

Tired of Computerize Phone Menus?

Russian company making Apple watch featuring Putin, Lenin for $3000

Presidential candidate Sanders to find friendly territory in Seattle visit (headline)

U.S. Congress Inquiry Into Planned Parenthood Widens

The Joker got life not death!

Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers

On reproductive rights, Rubio says no exception for rape

What happened to the "Donate" button? I wanted to donate a star to someone else, but it's only

El Niño signals are still iffy for northern reaches of state

Ben Stein says Obama has mental problems for signing the Iran deal

It's not the job of the media to take out Donald Trump

Suddenly, Hillary Clinton Is a Critic of the TPP

James Holmes sentenced to life in prison in the Aurora theater shooting

Well, that was super embarrassing and we'll past unfortunate

Typhoon Soudelor wallops Taiwan with 40 inches of rain

Od guestion about fixing flats

The one reason Donald Trump was the clear winner of the first GOP debate

Feds indict 24 people in drug dealing, dogfighting ring

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Michael Mann, Caitlin Flanagan, Mary Matalin,

Right uncomfortable with its Iran deal bedfellows

Michael Brown, One Year Later

Chuck Schumer is perhaps the Senate's biggest gun grabber

Bernie Sanders brings campaign to West Coast