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WANTED: New Trump Campaign Manager

"Imagine a woman who showed up to a presidential debate unprepared, sniffling like a ..."

I predict a surge toward Clinton in the final 48 hours.

When did michael moore join team trump

Those clothes made in China and Mexico - question

Ricky Williams’s Awful NFL Contract Never Gave Him A Chance

LeBron James: #ImWithHer

The Opening To NBC's SNF Is Just Embarrassing

GovGuam must pay $466K in refund case

New conspiracy theories on where the 1995 tax returns came from

was KellyAnne out and about today or has she gone MIA?

NFL referee drops profanity after leaving mic on during timeout

In a Time of Trump, Millennial Jews Awaken to Anti-Semitism

L'shanah Tovah, DU!

"LeBron James: Why I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton"

Mark Cuban: The Audience was Laughing at Trump During the Debate

Did the Donkos win???

Just a quick comment to all the Frisco fans here...

It is possible Trump is being investigated for tax fraud.

Bush Family Member Tells GOP To SHOVE IT, Supports Hillary Clinton For President

How does a bill become a law? (Vote for questions at the town hall debate)

Giuliani: Trump 'better for the United States than a woman'

LeBron James endorses Hillary Clinton.

Pittsburgh Gazette oped praising Teresa at the time when her son, Andre becomes chair of the Heinz

My Q is,,,,

Movies That Remind Me of Donald Trump

HSV-2 Swift Destroyed Off Yemeni Coast By Anti-Ship Missile

LeBron James: Why I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton

Why is China buying up the global supply of donkeys? (CNN) {traditional Chinese "medical" bullshit}

What the hell, Grassley!

Happy, healty and sweet 5777

Four Years of Tax Returns All Show Donald Trump Did Not Pay Federal Taxes

i have to marvel at the political ineptness of the trump campaign.

7 tweets by Trump about taxes that are very awkward now

Donald Trump and the art of losing money

Was Donald Trump called "Donald Plump" as a kid?

[Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar) - M/V (안무버젼)

Who's the Mole in Trump Tower?

[Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar) - M/V (안무버젼)

‘The Trump Rule’: Leaked Audio of Trump Ogling Miss USA Beauty Queens

Coco Lee- Can't get over

Let's Show Bernie Some Love

Famous Frog "Toughie" Dies, Sending Species to Extinction


Coco Lee-Do you want my love

Jerry Yan: Hei Ka Fei Ri Ji

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Internet Icon, May Be Coming To A Museum Near You

Corpus Cristi's Caller Times: Our support for Hillary Clinton is enthusiastic

'Terrible, terrible problems' if Trump runs U.S. like his business: David Cay Johnston (CBC Radio)

Anyone up for a limerick?

I am mildly annoyed that this hasn't gotten more attention

Honolulu mayoral candidates clash over rail, housing

Idaho bus driver fired after incident on Facebook video

Hillary's throwing massive shade at Trump via Twitter. Newspapers that have endorsed Trump...

I know, the one percenters game......but pretty happy the Ryder Cup is back on US soil.

My kid stinks.

Oregon gubernatorial candidate apologizes for saying educated women are not 'susceptible' to abuse

Five people sent to area hospitals in fatal Sunday morning shooting in San Antonio

San Antonio Express News: Clinton the logical choice for president


52 dead after stampede at protests in Oromia region of Ethiopia

Help...Does anyone have any evidence that...

Assange is canceling because he has nothing, Will use excuse of Hillary hit team threat.

Ha! Trump as Dr. Evil

The magpie that saved a family

"Debt parking"

Dem and GOP Strategists Speculate that Trump is Intentionally Self Sabotaging the Campaign

Lots of Racoons out tonight.

Montreal pitbull ban comes into effect amid controversy

This election season reminds me a poorly written season of DALLAS

High School Study Body President Election Have a Better Campaign Than Trump

A strange thing happened today

Colombia referendum rejects peace deal with FARC guerrillas

Virginia: racist vandalism at historic African American school site

In Charlotte, N.C., Hillary Clinton Calls for Justice Reform

Raw: Matthew Brings Torrential Rains to Jamaica

RAW VIDEO: Aerials Of Protesters, Police In Los Angeles After Shooting Of Black Teen

Deadly Hurricane Matthew reaches highest level

Smack for a snack game at daycare

Oh! How I love Eddie Vedder....

Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton; She Can't Even Make it 15 Ft to Her Car!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 4: Trailblazing Women

Portishead - It's a Fire (VIDEO)

Giuliani: Hillary Clinton Was 'Wrong to Attack' Monica Lewinsky in '98 | Meet The Press

Reykjavik, Iceland Goes Dark to Better View Northern Lights

Native bee species now protected under Endangered Species Act

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 5: Guest Programmers Jonah Goldberg & Leon Wieseltier

With Permanent Fund Dividend payouts approaching, Alaska needs cash -- lots of it.

Any solutions to Alaska's fiscal crisis will be painful, forum attendees say

Source for last week's "hacked Clinton audio" story was Russian influence op DCLeaks

For those still puzzled by what makes the Trump supporter tick Here it is from 1959

Russians are hacking HRC staffer emails


The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back

Jon Oliver was great, again

The Secret Ingredient You Should Add to Roasted Vegetables

Money Money Money

Has the corporate media covered trumplorable's imitation of Hillary when she had

Ohio Teen Lied About Clown Attack Because She Was Late for Work, Police Say

Best Trump excuses for next debate - Sack cartoon

Zen Garden (Japan)

Here is a simple question?

Nicolas Sarkozy branded as ‘sex-obsessed narcissist’ and ‘RETARD’ by former aide

Dispute over computer leads to son allegedly stabbing father in Sydney

Some videos from Lindsey Stirling's current Brave Enough tour.

If you have not seen SalmonChantedEvening's LOLcats

Brazil police arrest journalists reporting on Rio evictions

Brazil police arrest journalists reporting on Rio evictions

Denmark considers compulsory language test for all two-year-olds

Akai sweet pea - Haruka Ayase

Alaska Railroad prepares for first U.S. shipments of natural gas

Argentina's Fernandez Accuses Right-Wing of Planned Coup

US: Historic Black School Vandalized with Nazi, Racist Graffiti

Woman in Australia warns off crocodile with her flip flop

Woman in Australia warns off crocodile with her flip flop

I wonder if Trump will change the GOP?

Washington Monument Shut Down Indefinitely

WaPo: Following Trump tax revelations, voters in Toledo question his business acumen

Hillary writes touching letter to 7yo who wanted to be called "Lillary"

2 arrests, some schools closed amid Ohio clown threats


omg! Utada Hikaru answered me on twitter. I was asking about a new song on Youtube

Drinks, junkets and jobs: How the insurance industry courts state commissioners

Federal employee health premiums to rise 6.2 percent on average

Yes this was January 2016, but still fantastic

Toyota unveils robot baby to tug at maternal instinct in ageing Japan

Barbara Bush attends Clinton fundraiser

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights" (VIDEO)

Maryland works to bring doctors, nursing homes into Medicare cost control program

Second company joins lawsuit over medical marijuana licenses

Bundy revolt appears to fade

Daily Holidays October 3

So. He's also a leech and a freeloader..

JPOPSUKI ON LINE free streaming Radio

Kim Kardashian robbed of millions by Paris gunmen

Christine O'Donnell offers settlement in campaign finance lawsuit

Snopes weighed in to debunk the #BasementDwellers meme and Sanders spoke out on it too

The ten times Trump shamed others on their tax

Monday Toon Roundup

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey’s demise exposes flaws of Obamacare

New Allegations Against The Trump Foundation

Yoshinori Ohsumi gets Nobel medicine prize

Gay man from Gap hired to head Shibuya’s LGBT programs

N.J.'s Booker targets voter-ID laws Trump champions

Christie has final say on bill offering unemployment to striking workers

New Jersey minimum wage will increase next year

Here is the message: "Trump was a business FAILURE in the BOOMING 90's. Then he became a LEACH."

Sums up my feelings on the Repuglican party

Black box's failure hampers Hoboken train crash probe


Hate, unleashed: How...Trump unleashed the right-wing bigots that the GOP once kept under control

‘Racist incompetent failure managed to lose a billion dollars’ (Trump)

Why wasn't New Jersey's Christie charged in 'Bridgegate'?

Hillary must take the trade issue away from Trump.

Suggestions for #deadbeatdon tweets

Can some smart DU accountants re-engineer his income based on the $916m loss?

For the first time in her life

Am I evil for being amused by this?

What the Hell are you doing up this Late??

How America’s separation of church and state is fraying

Hydrogen could become the new fuel for cooking – here’s how

People who vote for Trump: FU America

9 terrifying things Donald Trump has publicly said about nuclear weapons

100 best nonfiction books: No 36 – Black Boy: A Record of Childhood and Youth by Richard Wright

Donald J Trump...super genius

Gary Johnson’s Hard-Right Record

Just now on MJ, NYT Reporter CONFIRMS what's I've expected about tRumps business smarts

Francis tells US Catholics to vote their conscience in November election

Ballots go out as absentee voting gets more popular in Maine

Why are we not challenging

"10 years ago I was working in the restaurant at Donald Trump's golf course..."

Act Blue-Pay Pal hacked?

Obama: "I see a straight line from announcement of Sarah Palin as VP nominee to what we see today"

Hasn't Trump claimed "repeatedly"

Maybe not related to the Campaign, but

Trump Casino Leaves New Crew Hungry (Philly Inquirer 1990)

Ohio Politics Now: Hillary Clinton returns to Ohio, gets LeBron James endorsement

First Christmas TV ad just broadcast, October 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders - Justice

VP Joe Biden to campaign for Clinton in Orlando, Sarasota on Monday

"Older than dirt", feedback sought

***Politico/Morning Consult National Poll Hillary +6***

Clinton up 6 in POLITICO/Morning Consult national poll

Jeff Zucker’s singular role in promoting Donald Trump’s rise

Charles M. Blow: Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist

POLL: Meme of the Week – October 3rd

Race breaking Clinton's way

New Virginia Poll: HRC: 42% Trump: 35%

Does anyone really think Trump wants to CHANGE the laws that let him get away with paying NO taxes??

Who gave Trump’s taxes to the New York Times? The mystery behind a bombshell story.

Trump’s leaked returns show his tax fixes would most help — guess who

BTRTN's 50-State Electoral College Snapshot #5: Hillary on the Rise

The Washington Post's View: A President Trump could deport freely

Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Trump’s last tweet? - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

I'm finally saying something nice about LeBron...He's With Her

Christian hypocracy laid bare

Trump/Kim Kardashian: Peas of a Pod

Saw this police stop posted on Reddit - White cop, Black motorcyclist

Trump’s organization did business with Iranian bank later linked to terrorism

Joe Scarborough asking about polls

Giuliani on facing accusations about infidelity: 'Well, everybody does'

George W. Bush's daughter attends Clinton fundraiser in Paris

Petreaus and Bush White House signed off on Brit PR firm $500K psych warfare

WaPo: Who gave Trump’s taxes to the New York Times? The mystery behind a bombshell story.

Oh, what I could do with $916 millon!

"Psychic" has terrific excuse for all the failures...

WTF! Why is Trump Such a Weirdo About Dogs? | The Closer with Keith Olbermann | GQ

Tim Kaine’s Time With a Marxist Priest

Team Clinton Schedule This Week Oct 3-9

Clinton campaign to air Florida radio ad questioning Trump working with Cuba despite the embargo

Trump Rented Space to Outlawed Iranian Bank Linked to Terrorism

Trump running out of time as controversies pile up

Trump tax story--Up and down of it................


It is a small act but,

Time to get rid of the Thug

"Undocumented immigrants pay $12 billion of taxes every single year."

Clinton's Former Prosecutor Endorses Her for President.

If TPP fails, China takes advantage

Abbas's farewell to Israel's Peres stirs controversy at home


Anybody else notice a strange lack of polling following the first debate?

Clinton Expected To Hit Wells Fargo In Speech On ‘Bad Corporate Actors’

The Secret Service should drop its protection of Trump until he pays his taxes. /nt

This might have been posted and I did not see it, but! Thank You Marla Maples!

Obama Sees 'Straight Line' From Sarah Palin To Donald Trump

Weekend Catch-Up: How Did Donald Trump Lose $916 Million?

Hurricane humor - so a media crew went to a fishing village

NYT’s Charles Blow crushes ‘domestic terrorist’ Trump: ‘He should be laughed into hiding’

Bass Pro Shops to Acquire Cabela’s

A question to ask diehard drumph voters?

How would Trump rate the wives, mothers, and daughters of the guys who plan to vote for him?

Implication of sabotage adds intrigue to SpaceX investigation

The One and Only Texas Wind Boom

Trump’s no good, very bad week: “Economic genius” revealed as tax scammer who lost $916 million...

AP: How Trump's 'Apprentice' moved from capitalism to sexism

Trump's campaign has basically been a year long Russian driving video on Youtube.

Question for Donald:

Is Bill Clinton actually Chelsea's dad? Trump advisor Roger Stone claims a devious conspiracy...

The most shocking part of Donald Trump’s tax records isn’t $916 million loss being talked about

Trump is right about one thing in particular

*****BREAKIN NAT'L POLL***** - CLINTON 42% (+4) TRUMP THE CHUMP 36% (-3)

A lot of people don't know this

What is your favorite cereal as an adult?

Clinton Releases ‘Smart’ Tax Calculator to Rib Trump Over Latest Scandal

"Balkin' Bob Davidson" to retire from MLB

Voting rights – and wrongs = Supreme Court struck down voter rights

'Slave labour' in the prisons of eastern Ukraine

The True Cost of Donald Trump’s Tax Swindle Could Be Worse Than We Will Ever Know

The mind-blowing scale of Trump’s billion-dollar loss in one tweet

Well well...those Apprentice non-disclosure agreements don't seem to be working.

Any Kellyanne Conway sightings today?

Bernie Sanders in MN Tues, Oct 4, 2016

Whatever is actually in Trump’s tax returns is worse than what the New York Times says - Ezra Klein

***Rasmussen National Poll Clinton 43, Trump 40***

David Barstow from the NY Times was on Morning Joe this morning. More coming?

How does the Senate look?

Even as a kid, Donald Trump's wealth baffled me.

Bill Nye makes his hip hop debut

Mike Pence, Postmodern Evangelical Catholic Conservative

tRump's tax issues

I don't know what to say about this.

Schwarzenegger still pumping iron at 69 years old


Hurricane Matthew is dropping a ton of rain in Jamaica and it hasn't even hit yet

Trump Speaking In Virginia

Trump’s “Smart” Tax Calculator

Donald Trump: Terroristic Man-Toddler

Pic Of The Moment: Disaster, Big League: Weekend Headline Recap

The worst part about Hurricane Matt is it is moving slllllloooooowwwllllyyyy

Kellyanne found! She's in Trump's Twitter sweatshop, snarking at Tim Kaine.

Interesting History - Custer's first- (ALMOST) last Stand

"Black Lives Matter" vandalizes Trump Hotel in DC

Getting into the spirit of fall aka election season with some @HillaryClinton + @timkaine jack-o-la

Rump's name brand has already been destroyed. Few hotels etc. want to be associated with this creep.

Republicans Say They’ll Lodge Complaint on Clinton Lawyer Mills

🐦 UPDATED: Bernie Sanders to Campaign in Minnesota on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"genius" vs tax cheats

U.S. lawmakers may change September 11 law after rejecting Obama veto

Twelve Activities to Develop Kindness in Children

Jordan Davis’ mother: What I want Trump to know about gun violence

Supreme Court declines to hear immigration and Redskins cases

"where did you find this? where did you find this? where did you find this?"

by Robert Reich:Russian President Vladimir V. Putin today withdrew Russia from a plutonium disposal

Trump campaign spins Trump’s nearly billion dollar loss as 'GENIUS'

🐦 UPDATED: Bernie Sanders to Campaign in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday October 5, 2016

Hillary tweets, priceless

🐦 Bernie Sanders to Campaign in Madison and Green Bay Wisconsin on Wednesday October 5, 2016

Trump parade clogs street, stops traffic

Obama Sees "Straight Line" from Sarah Palin to Donald Trump

He has nothing on the "issues"....

***new Virginia poll HRC +7 (5-way)***

Andrea entertains a rep moron

Trump & Taxes: A Question From Someone Who Is Not Super Tax Savvy

TWEET : Cuban on Trump

New Clinton Camp Ad on Trump Taxes: 'Arrogant'

GOP strategists fear it’s ‘too late’ for Trump to recover: ‘The toothpaste is out of the tube’

Canada activist found guilty of harassing scientists over Fukushima fallout

Trump supporters mix up Lester Holt and Jon Lester

Trump Suggests That Soldiers Who Suffer From PTSD Aren’t “Strong”

Here are the racist code words Trump’s Twitter fans are now using to avoid getting banned

Clinton's Former Prosecutor Endorses Her for President

Daily Show: What NC's discriminatory HB2 law looks like when a business puts it into effect.

Trump Suggests That Soldiers Who Suffer From PTSD Aren’t “Strong”

Exclusive: Republicans Launch Willie Horton-Style Attack on Kaine

Utada Hikaru - Midsummer shower (Rain Shower of Midsummer) MIMOGY (Mimogyi) cover

Brutal new ad from the Clinton campaign on Trump's tax avoidance...

Trump adviser: New York Times reporters must ‘face jail time’ for publishing tax bombshell

Names of DOJ attorneys who 'misled' judge scrubbed from court doc; DOJ not volunteering info

A picture that depicts the Republican's status of the day.

Drump's new hotel defaced...

Why is Ohio so much different than it was in 08 and 2012?

How reality TV gave us reality candidate Donald Trump

Nice that NYT publishes Trump's tax return. Here's my question...

U.S. Supreme Court won't hear Virginia death row inmate Ricky Gray and Ivan Teleguz's appeals

Breaking on msnbc: trump foundation served cease and desist by New york AG.

Trump Foundation ordered to stop fundraising by N.Y. attorney general’s office


***Monmouth University Colorado Poll: Clinton 49, Trump 38, Johnson 7, Stein 3***

CNN: Trump running out of time as controversies pile up

My new Clinton campaign ad...

An Estimated 4.5 Million Women Have Been Threatened with Guns by Abusive Partners

Trump Suggests That Soldiers Who Suffer From PTSD Aren’t “Strong”

Trump Suggests That Soldiers Who Suffer From PTSD Aren’t “Strong”

An Estimated 4.5 Million Women Have Been Threatened with Guns by Abusive Partners

Monday Monday

Trump rented space on Fifth Avenue for 4 years to a bank controlled by the Iranian gov't.

I stumped a fRumper on healthcare

NY AG issues Cease and Desist Order against Trump Foundation

BREAKING! Trump Foundation served with Cease and Desist Order

Trump Foundation ordered to stop fundraising by N.Y. attorney general’s office

What These Trumpettes Don't Realize

Ohio to resume executions in January after three-year pause


trump foundation will continue to take in money despite cease and desist order

Right now on CNN - Trump Foundation to CEASE solicitations per NY AC

Ammon Bundy Expected to Take the Stand - #BundyTeaParty

BREAKING: GOP pulls the plug on WI-SEN

US pro-marijuana campaigners launch TV ads ahead of November votes

A lot of talk about Trump;s worst week. Ladies, you have not seen nothing yet 5 more weeks

Breaking news and its not good for Trump!

South By South Lawn: Live Desk | White House Festival of Ideas, Art, Action

Rs are out of time to "fix" The Orangutan and make him palpable to voters

Supporters scarcer as trial of Bundy brothers goes on - #BundyTeaParty

He's with her: Basketball superstar LeBron James

Alex Jones Says Next Debate Is ‘Rigged,’ Since Moderator Anderson Cooper Is ‘Admittedly CIA’

Hillary is giving a kick-ass speech on economics now

Gary Johnson Still Can’t Name a Foreign Leader and Apparently Doesn’t Read the News

Art of the Steal: This is How Trump Lost $916M and Avoided Tax

Trump Foundation ordered to cease fundraising IMMEDIATELY

Ohio just went blue in 538 "now" score.

Poll: Clinton has double-digit lead in Colorado

Would love to hear from Nate Silver and his ilk...

How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China, by Kurt Eichenwald

Trump can't sue the NYT for acquiring his tax return info because Marla Maples sernt them

Trump: Veterans Who Take Their Own Lives Aren’t “Strong,” “Can’t Handle It”

Oceti Sakowin

New Clinton campaign ad: "Arrogant"

john fugelsang

Breaking New Expose: Trump's Real Estate Group Did Business With Iranian Bank Linked To Terrorism

Illinois suspends business with Wells Fargo

A Curious Plan to Fight Climate Change: Buy Mines, Sell Coal

I continue to worry about the tax return story

I know who leaked the tax return:

LeBron endorses Hillary, but cautions: “She could still blow it like the Warriors did..."

I'm looking for a list

Trump says he knows the tax code better than any candidate for President ever. Okay. So...

Tunisian men detail CIA black site torture involving electric chair and more

It's highly unlikely that Donald Trump actually lost

the reason trump got a draft deferment wasnt a heel spur

U.S. suspends talks with Russia on Syria ceasefire

Hmmm, chalk up another one for Joy Reid...

It's not just your Facebook friends...even Trump surrogates can't do it.

Black immigrants much more likely to be deported over criminal offenses, data shows

Florida Man Accidentally Marries His Granddaughter

***Quinnipiac State Polls: NC, PA, FL, OH***

Trump Supporters Spent The Debate Tweeting At Jon Lester Because They Thought He Was Lester Holt

Supreme Court rejects Taser excessive force case

What I want to know is why the NY attorney...

Donald Trump's Double Standard On Infidelity

Ya know:

Guantanamo Bay may take a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew

Trump in 1995 - must be tough to lose $1B

When The Smoke Clears - And Hillary Wins

Trump: "Keep digging! More shovels! Deeper! DEEPER!!!"

Other 3 AM Tweets we might see from Pres Trump (examples in post)

Congress Demands to See Mylan's Internal Talking Points After CEO Lied to Them

Supreme Court rejects Taser excessive force case (x-post from LBN)

If elected, Trump will rip off the US treasury by his creative abilities to move money into his own

Female Trump Supporters who "Want My Country Back"

Walt Weiss out as Rockies manager after four seasons

Supreme Court rejects Boston gangster 'Whitey' Bulger's appeal

Supreme Court rejects Boston gangster 'Whitey' Bulger's appeal

lol, Ron Paul is voting for Jill Stein because Gary Johnson "not a true libertarian"

Hillary Clinton inspires pantsuit flashmob in New York's Union Square

Detroit defeats pensioners' appeal over bankruptcy cuts

What if there were other papers mailed with the return?

President Obama: 'See you on the South lawn'

Libertarian Caller Can't Name One Regulation She Would Cut...

Is Trump A Genius... Or Is He The Biggest Welfare Queen In History?

Boom! PredictWise puts Clinton's odds at winning at...80%

Order: New York AG ask Trump foundation to stop raising money

How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China

the question is- was this return audited?

Trump ditched US workers and secretly purchased steel and aluminum for last two projects from China

Shootings at U.S. colleges deadlier and more frequent, report finds

A few years ago, my family might have stayed in a Trump Hotel.

Dipshit donnie bought steel and aluminum from China

So, all that fancy furniture in Trump Hotels?

I've Already Made America Great Again

Desperate Fox host Neil Cavuto reduced to asking Scott Baio for expert analysis of Trump’s taxes

U.S. justices refuse to hear college athlete compensation cases

U.S. justices refuse to hear college athlete compensation cases

Matthew Dumping Extreme Rains; Threat to Southeast U.S. Growing

So right-wing hate radio is up in arms over the "illegal publishing" of Trump's tax data

Cantor Fitzgerald affiliate pays $16.5 million to end U.S. gambling probe

Just became a star member and need some help

So Trump wants to mock Hillary stumbling to her car when she was sick? Two can play at that game.

Before the effin' media discuss whether the New York AG is being political I have one

The biggest myths of October baseball -- debunked!

Shootings at U.S. colleges deadlier and more frequent, report finds

How DU members can reach out to Millennials.

Want To Know Who’s Raising Money For Trump? Well, You Can’t.

Financial Times via CNBC: Drugmaker raises price of acne cream to $10,000 a tube

CNN and MSNBC: Hillary +11 in Colorado. Nt

Gun Charge Against Shawna Cox Dismissed - #BundyTeaParty

Have a look at Mathew

After Tax Leak, Trump Says He’ll be Tough on Government Breaches

Desperate fox host Neil Cavuto reduced to asking Scott Baio for expert analysis of Trump’s taxes

U.S. Auto Sales Slip in September

CNN ORC Poll Hillary 47, Trump 42, Gary Johnson 7, Stein 2 (after the debate but before the story on

Captured, Disabled, Wounded, Sick Vets Inferior Per The Donald. What About KIA's?

NY Attorney General talks to Newsweek about Trump Foundation investigation

My Hope Is That Trump Sinks Catastrophically Like A Ship/Takes GOP With Him.

Post-debate, Clinton takes the lead

Trump’s (Don the Con's) Fellow Travelers - Krugman

I don't think people here are considering the GOOD side of the Trump tax release...

Bizarre (hidden?) backstage footage of Donald Trump very begrudgingly answering a kid's question.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Cold Open - SNL

U.S. top court rejects bid to revive Wisconsin governor probe

RNC Brags About ‘Willie Horton’ Attack That Was So Racist Its Creator Disavowed It

OMG I just saw the Saturday Night Live skit

Donald Trump and Alicia Machado's 1997 interview with CBS News

Dear DU...I need help with a car key problem....

Who do ya call?

Daily Mail: Assange WILL release his "October Surprise" tomorrow...

***HRC +21 in Delaware*** (mostly pre-debate)

How many times did Trump tell investors "Believe me" "Trust me" the year he lost a Billion Dollars?

Bizarre (hidden?) backstage footage of Donald Trump very begrudgingly answering a kid's question.

Leading al Qaeda figure killed in Syria: jihadist sources

I hate that new Ivanka Trump ad for her dopey dad

Trump is saying 95 was like the great depression

Trump headed to the Big House

Trump just bragged about not paying taxes.

Trump is claiming the 1990s were worse than the great depression.

Connecticut top court overturns $12 million verdict against U.S. Boy Scouts

Harry Belafonte Is Really Concerned About Trump Supporters

Trump's base won't care about his taxes, unless...

Airline Kicks Woman Off Flight, Because She Can't Sit Next to Men

I remember the 1990s well.

Revealed: Trump ditched US workers and secretly purchased steel and aluminum for last two projects f

claimed Hillary did not work

Now That Vin Scully Is Retired, Is He A Giants Fan Again?

Now I remember why I'd decided to BOYCOTT HOME DEPOT.

Musk's Tesla Plans to Unveil Solar Roof With Storage, Charger in October

CNN’s Jake Tapper: should Trump really “be casting aspersions on the marriages of anyone else?”

Most Donors to Trump Rivals Still Aren’t Backing Him

35 days to go. Registration is key. Hill just topped 70% likely on 538

Maryland man charged with plotting killing on behalf of Islamic State

This story about Mike Tyson combines some of Donald Trump's bad qualities.

nothing's keeping trump from releasing *a portion of* his taxes.

If tRumpt is a genius on Taxes...

Florida is now in the cone for Hurricane Matthew

GAO to examine panel on foreign investment in U.S. strategic firms

GAO to examine panel on foreign investment in U.S. strategic firms

Ethics rules would have little impact on a President Trump

This was written by a disabled Veteran...

Trump is a sexist pig. But he wouldn’t be any worse for women than any other GOP president.

Colombia and Farc scramble to rescue peace deal amid worries of return to war

Colombia and Farc scramble to rescue peace deal amid worries of return to war

Trump's "genius" - lost a BILLION dollars in 1 year

Trump is ultimately responsible for the proper

EU signs deal to deport unlimited numbers of Afghan asylum seekers

drumph voters lapping up the lies

I go on some RW blogs and rub it in. You could have been winning but noooooooooooooo had to get him.

Thrump just claimed he never declared bankruptcy!

I think I know the skinny on Assange's "big revelations"!

I can't believe what my Mom found.

Appeals Court Blocks Indiana’s Attempt to Discriminate Against Syrian Refugees

Turkey extends state of emergency by a further 3 months

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Under NC Racial Bias Law

Stunning Time-Lapse Captures The Northern Lights In All Their Glory

Trump just said the recession in the early 1990s was the worst since 1929, including 2007/08. And

Solar+Storage Microgrid at US Air Force Forward Operating Base of the Future

After Hastert, Illinois Pushes for Change to Child Abuse Law

Trump is back to being in full control of his campaign.

Appeals Court Rules in Union, Mercedes-Benz Leaflet Dispute

This seemed interesting...

Anyone want some cookies?

Draft-Dodger Donald Trump Implies PTSD Sufferers Are Weak

here is the Word a Day that describes the maggot

Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the Key of Life’: The Masterpiece That Captured Every Color of Life

Wonder how much money Trump has in other countries

You know how our Moms don't want us to ride? I think this one found a solution.

History 101: Clinton era of achievement SOTU address (2000)

Reagan’s Son Rails Against Trump In Fiery Tweetstorm

Can anyone help me identify this 'mystery' squash??

"If you’re president, the button you reach for is not the Twitter button; it’s the nuclear button.."

BREAKING: Trump Linked To Terrorist Money Laundering

STD - Bumper Sticker

Hillary Speaks in Toledo, Ohio today

Hillary Clinton Goes After Donald Trump’s Taxes in Ohio Campaign Stop

What's for dinner? Monday, Oct 3, 2016

Sabotage speculation gathers around SpaceX explosion

What's with Assange?

Deprogramming Trump's base via political ad spots

Over 6,000 migrants plucked from sea in a single day, nine dead

Braving the Trumpness

Corey Lewandowski thinks NYT are all bastard people, hates their ass faces, goes home, bites pillow

Michael Reagan thinks "Hillary not loyal to Bill" is the worst?

Wake Up Call: Trump Hires Kasowitz to Deal With Tax Report

Trump hates dogs

Chicken Potpie for the Modern Cook

L.A. Times front page: :/

Hurricane Matthew - Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for all counties

We've got two pretty good candidates in Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, REC if you agree.

Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world

'It's not right': mothers and daughters see own struggles reflected in Hillary Clinton

Trump On Leaked Tax Return: It’s My Job To Game The System!

NY AG orders Trump Foundation to cease fundraising

Trump Supporters Are Stronger Than Combat Vets With PTSD. WTF

GOP Senator: 'Nobody Really Believes' That Next Prez Should Get SCOTUS Pick

So how do we close that no-limits write off loophole anyway?

The Cost of Australia’s GM Canola Moratorium

Fake News & False Flags: Pentagon paid British PR firm $500 million for Iraq propaganda

2nd Colorado poll of day to give HRC a double digit lead

Libertarian Icon Ron Paul Says He Won't Be Voting For Gary Johnson


The Rude Pundit: What Fucking Decade Does Donald Trump Think This is?

Clinton +4 (incl Johnson/Stein), +6 two-way per new CBS poll

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Luckovich Toon - Trump, Pointing Fingers

The Day Trump Passes And Goes To Hell Even The Devil Will Reject Him.

Teacher's aide fired after calling Michelle Obama 'a gorilla'

Revealed: Trump ditched US workers and secretly purchased steel & aluminum for last two projects...

For EXPERT analysis of Trump's taxes, Neil Cavuto brought in a TRUE EXPERT...Chachi.

Iraq and Afghanistan Vets release statement regarding Trump's insensitive PTSD comments

Biden: Trump 'completely uninformed' on veterans and PTSD

SXSL: President Obama Participates in a Discussion with Leonardo DiCaprio and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

CBS poll: 51% of Millennials voting either Republican or Libertarian (white women only 49%)

Baghdad Bob Kellyanne Conway's firm rakes in $1.9M

How'd you lose a billion bucks, Donald?

Who Says that Trump's Audit is Routine, or that He Broke No Tax Laws?"

Republicans cutting ad spending in Wisconsin

Kellyanne Conway coming up on the Chris Matthews show.

Can Republicans be rational?

New York Daily News Also Received Trump’s Tax Returns, But…

T-Shirts, buttons: "I Paid More Taxes Than Donald Trump"

Funny Trump meme

Onlookers cheer, wipe away tears as injured peregrine falcon, now recovered, is released at...

OMG Kellyanne is on Chris Matthews' show!

Parable, metaphor, or analogy? You tell me.

ALERT Kellyanne on Tweety

Support for the death penalty continues to trend sharply downward

MEMES: Trump Tax Evasion Scandal

Poll: 8-in-10 Trump backers say paying taxes is 'civic duty'

donnie lost a billion dollars. now he wants to bring those business skills to the entire country.


Teachers Alarmed That Trump’s Behavior Is Causing Increased Bullying In US Schools

The Hillary Clinton post-debate polling boom appears to have arrived

The US President Employs Killer Robotic Security STAFF!!

KARE 11's 6:30 PM "news" show is making excuses for Trump's taxes..

Funny how the "foreign" president paid taxes, and the "native" candidate, didn't.

I am going to see President Bill Clinton in Athens Ohio

Art of the Steal: This is How Trump Lost $916M and Avoided Tax / David Cay Johnston

Hillary Clinton: 'What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a year?'

Sad thing. I was in the Pain Management doc's office for my post herpetic (shingles) pain and

Was Trump's $916,000,000 tax write off legal?

Post needs some love in GD

Three more police killings of POC men in Southern California — not including the El Cajon one.

Trump Supporters Spent The Debate Tweeting At Jon Lester. Chicago Cubs Pitcher... Mistake

Giuliani says a genius like Trump is better for the U.S. than a woman.

Actually The GOP Meme Is That The Rich Should Pay NO Taxes.

In Good Reads: Art of the Steal: How Trump lost $916m and avoid tax, by his biographer

Kevin Dutton of Oxford University found that Trump has more sociopathic traits than Hitler.