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Archives: November 15, 2016

Adapting to climate change, as well as limiting it, is critical for developing countries

Twitter introduces a mute button for trolls as it struggles to fight online abuse

Google plans to open a new British HQ and create 3,000 more jobs

Obamas government just released a new oil and gas rule and Trump's may not like it much

Renegade Facebook employees form task force to battle fake news

Official in West Virginia on leave after racist post about Michelle Obama

Secretary of State Giuliani? He's the Leading Choice, Trump Aides Say

Trump huddling with Pence as he nears Cabinet decisions

Downing Street dismisses Brexit 'divisions' memo

Why Putin Sacrificed His Economy Minister

Is bombing the s*** out of ISIS a strategy?

Ben Carson declines role in Trump administration because he 'feels he has no government experience'

Obama says he's not responsible for Trump's rise to power

Debt, not Trump, is focus of Obama's talks in Greece

Trump: I could have won popular vote if I needed to

The Latest: 5 Utah students hurt in high school stabbing

Intelligence Expert Mike Rogers Leaves Trump Transition Team Amid Shake-up

Air Strikes Pummel Aleppo After A Weeks-Long Pause

Donald Trumps Complex Businesses Bring Potential Conflicts of Interest

Hi guys! I've been on vacation for a week.

Thank you, Skinner, Elad, and anyone else who helped DU get back online!

Women's March on Washington! Check in if you're going...

Don't call Clinton a weak candidate: it took decades of scheming to beat her

A lot of spewage on the FB page during the outage

All those swastikas and Confederate stars and bars....

This is a lesson on how easily we can be censored

The GOP's biggest crime IMHO

QUESTION: How can Donald Putin improve on 4.9% unemployment rate?

Winner Most Ironic Essay Title: "Gun Control Can Swing the 2016 Election."

Facebook didn't block fake news because it was reportedly scared of suppressing right-wing sites

I have so missed you all!

I'm donating to DU.

Louisiana Senate seat still up for grabs - until December

Glad DU is back, but it may have been a blessing...

Women's March on Washington! Check in if you're going...

The rethugs want unity...

Bill Maher: Motto of The Resistance ....."We're Still Here" (The 51% or 99% ?)

Over 100 million eligible voters sat out the election...

Have you seen an escalation of hate crimes in your area?

Welcome back friends! You are the last of the "free press"...

A Fascist Theocracy

Can we just nuke GDP and start with a clean slate?

I feel for Obama


I am not sure what Foum to post this type of discussion in.

Giuliani took money from Qatar, Venezuela, Iranian exiles

What's the best thing to do next?

Nobody seems to discussing the possibility that the election was hacked

Radiation is taking its toll on me

The best case scenario is that he will be as bad as George W. Bush

We now have Sandy Hook deniers

Did everybody see dave chappelle on SNL?

Hillary was more of a #criminal# than Donald Trump?

a bitter, painful, incredibly damaging wake up call.

A tribute to two wonderful people we lost, while DU was down - Gwen Ifill and Leon Russell

Hillary's popular vote lead passes 1 million

Why don't White American women want to protect their reproductive rights?

Paul Ryans plan to phase out Medicare is just what Democrats need

The television media

Eichenwald: The Myths that Cost Democrats the Election

The New Yorker: When a Populist Demagogue Takes Power (Duterte, Philippines)

Been to a lot of other sites in the past week

Oh, Lounge! I think I missed you most of all!

I'm back, everybody!

John Dean: Can Trump Survive the Lawsuits Against Him?

Are Ultra Progressives Responsible for Trumps Victory?

When the hack occurred, this thought immediately entered my mind:

Bernie Sanders: The Democrats Have to Become a Grassroots Party

Bernie Sanders: Now More Than Ever, it's Our Revolution

I need more guidance about what goes in 2016 postmortem.

Trump Senior White House Adviser Steve Bannon Reported To The FBI For Potential Felony

Cross post

What lessons do YOU take from the results?

Glenn Greenwald wrote me back

Never mind closing Guantanamo, Trump might make it bigger


I didn't realize how important Hillary's candidacy was to me

Vet denied food

two questions

Back Home Again - John Denver

Being told our fears are unfounded...

The Trump effect in an abusive interracial relationship (VIDEO)

The Peat Bog Soldiers


" Celebrity Apprentice " is back in January with all new episodes !!1!!

Chuck Schumer? Call anyway!!

LAPD Takes A Stand Against Trump Immigration Enforcement

Elad brought the lounge back for my birthday!

2016 election was about apathy

Let us keep moving...

Did any of you attend an Election Results Viewing Party last week?

Hillary HQ retweeted

How to Survive a Plague - A reminder that we can fight back

Bill Maher last week: "We're Still Here."

Why am I not seeing 2016 Postmortem in Latest Threads?

In light of Bannon - normalizing white nationalism...

Best TV post mortem comedy

big (for Hawaii) protest march in Waikiki a yuuuge success!

Is there a summary of senators anywhere...

One good thing....

What some second graders thought about the election results

two positive AZ election news items: prop 206 passed and Arpiao FIRED!

I'm back but couldn't think of words to express how i feel

Hallelujah, Kate McKinnon

"It isnt a political defeat that were lamenting, its a defeat for Humanity" anonymous

Anyone else had trouble logging in?

There was no platform further to the right that would have elected Hillary .

Clay mayor resigns after commenting on racist Facebook post

Hawaii US Senator Mazi Hirono calls for Trump to fire Steve Bannon (video)

Any chance that Michigan could still go to HRC?

The growing smear campaign against Keith Ellison

what needs to be done

Protests and student walkouts mark the week after Trump's win

Trump will either resign or be a one term president

Who do you want to head up the Democratic National Committee?

I am so sick of hearing about Trump's "mandate"

 Election 2016 and the Collapse of Journalistic Standards

The ambiguity on trade cost us the Upper Midwest.

President-Elect Trump: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Are Journal pages on hold for a while? nt

The Counties That Flipped From Obama To Trump, In 3 Charts

Chuck Schumer: The Worst Possible Democratic Leader at the Worst Possible Time

Has something changed regarding display of links?

Earl G - HELP!!! - I am pretty damn frustrated.

Weed Is Now Legalized In 4 More States

Name something POSITIVE about the election results in your state........

Weed Is Now Legalized In 4 More States

I missed SalmonChantedEvening's Sunday

LeBron James slams Phil Jackson for using term 'posse'

I blame Comey

Concerned about the economy...

New Balance - How does one start a boycott?

Donald Trump Cabinet contenders, candidates for more top leadership posts

Fired UP! Mrs Snark and I will be attending our County Democratic Party meeting in 2 weeks.

My takeaway:

R.I.P Leonard Cohen

Army Corps of Engineers Says Pipeline Construction Can't Continue Without Tribe Input

Any ideas on how Chuck Schumer will be as Minority Leader?