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Last Tango in Berlin

Know Your Republican Ghouls

We are so totally fucked

1.439123 Million votes and counting ... so sad... a winner lost the election...

I know I l post a lot about misogyny and sexism

In a tumultuous election season, local TV stations won big

Could this be why "the polls were wrong"?

"We are going to see the 'Criminalization of Dissent' under an AG Sessions"

Strong Women*** Just look at them.

I listened as they called my President........

Get on your bike and RIDE!

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Congressional phones jammed by calls for Trump conflict-of-interrst investigation

The Wonderful George Takei on Trump's Proposed Muslim Registry

Pro-Trump Chatbots Flooded Social Media

Chez trof tonight: BALSAMIC ROAST PORK

ICYMI: @realDonaldTrump lies about Ford plant moving: LOTS OF GOOD HEADLINES...

Republicans Own It All Now

Remember we use to just use an asterisk for Bush...

Trump Orginization Cemetary.

My 24 year old son with autism just found out orange Cheeto won and he was so upset

getting ready for old man winter-a blizzard is brewing....

The wolves of Wall Street: Trumps Treasury contenders what big teeth they have . . .

Where are the Democratic leaders???????

Donald Trump is planning a pre-inauguration victory tour

Still find myself struggling to accept this news.

Automatic Voter Registration

From Irish Times: Aodhan O' Riordain: 'America has just elected a fascist'

Mid November in Michigan and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning?!?!?!?

What do you think he meant by 'Only I can fix it'?

POTUS Obama we want to keep you to help us

Diverting one's mind is good therapy.

Dang. The Sorry People won.

Bingo! Workaround for the photobucket upload problem, maybe worth a save for all of us who use it

3 Jewish, 1 muslim and 1 black religious buildings have been spray painted

An Unlikely Contender Rises in France as the Antithesis of Trump.

Faithless electors

tRumps transition is starting to resemble a Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the music.

Is this what Trump voters wanted or intended to happen ?

Donald Trump Is the Result of White Rage, Not Economic Anxiety

My buddy, 1SBM, said the most profound thing to me in an e-mail.

Mikes: 4 ➞ Women/Minorities: 0

"Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid."


HA someone on the twitter said pence was booed at theater in NY

I am of the opinion that if we don't stop them NOW

Trump's Tax Plan Sound Familiar? Kansas Enacted a Similar One -- and Its Economy Tanked.

"Time After Time" & three assassinations from the 60's

Pres. Obama: 'I wouldn't advise (anti-Trump regime) protesters to be silent'

Dakota Access oil pipeline developer won't consider reroute

I did all that I could to keep this from happening....

Madeleine Peyroux Sings 'Secular Hymns' In New Album

I'm watching the first news since 11/8 at about 7:00 pm PST

Venezuelan first lady's nephews convicted in U.S. drug trial

Trumps pick for attorney general: Good people dont smoke marijuana

Frightened cancer patients become activists to secure coverage after ACA is destroyed.

The nuclear effect in the Senate

Washington Week

what obscure skill(s) are you learning?

Religious faith is no obstacle to support for marriage equality

With Trump, Investors See Profits Again in For-Profit Colleges

Alert: Thanksgiving triage unit report to your stations...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Greg Palast! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

Republican Governors are already doing everything they can to make it harder to vote next election

Everything you need to know about a consistory for new cardinals

After taking big hit, Rob Gronkowski reportedly out for Patriots


NYtimes: Trumps National Security Choices Reflect a Resistance to Compromise

What exactly does the minority leader in the House do other than to hold the caucus together?

Can President Obama seat Merrick Garland without hearings?

What President Obama said to his daughters after Trump won

Ok....a natural way to calm your nerves from simple as taking a breath....

5 Ways People Are Resisting President-Elect Trump

U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen blasts House vote to shoot down Boeing's huge Iran deal

Sharon Jones has died


Is it possible dumpman's trillion dollar infrastructure plan is...

just another reason Tucson and Southern Arizona are so cool...

There Are 868 Fewer Places to Vote in 2016 Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act

Mustafa Yuce

Devastating report on jeff session now on rachel maddow

Wapost: Protests expected as white nationalists meet in D.C. Saturday and celebrate Trump win

Potus and Flotus

December 1 is a game changer for employees eligible for overtime pay

HRC is up by 1.5 million votes with still at least 4 million still to be counted many in CA,WA, UT

Rachel is making me cry.

Oh Oh..I forgot ........10 YEARS !!!!..

Steve Bannon: 'Darkness is good' 'Satan. That's power.'

We Need To Stop This Man

Splendor in the Grass on TCM now.

Amal Clooney: "Trump's ideas would break international human rights laws"

Help. How do I stop lashing out against people who disagree with me.

The Trump betrayal of his base just grows and grows

Consequences, Serenity, and Wisdom

Where's the outrage re Flynn and Sessions? First is a nutfucker second a racist.

Steve Bannon hails Satan

Had a most unpleasant incident with a magazine this afternoon...

Will Trump cabinet and other appointed. positions be temporary?

A hiker wore a bandanna for sun protection. Then she found an anti-Muslim note on her car.

Anyone else love the hallmark channel movies??

What's your plan if they blow up the Iran agreement and war breaks out with Iran?

NBA, former Clippers owner Donald Sterling reach legal settlement

Is the jobs plan for rust belt a draft?

Here's Billy CRYSTAL who *KNOWS* Drumpf "choking" over prospect of DRUMPF as President

I'm whiplashing between horror and some form of hysteria

No matter how good something is as long as you can make people believe it takes from them

WTF! No Bill Maher tonight?

West Side Story on TCM now!

How wonderful. Know those late night cable snake oil ad people? That is Trump

A blast from the past. "I don't want everybody to vote"

I'm looking for silver linings

In Maines Tight Job Market, Businesses Look to Immigrants

In Maines Tight Job Market, Businesses Look to Immigrants

Beaujolais Nouveau 2016 Est Arrive!

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. I'm on my second Moscow Mule. Nobody flirt with me.

Comcast sucks.

Patients May Still Get a Surprise Bill After an In-Network ER Visit, Study Finds

A Tale of Two Hamiltons

Pence booed while attending a performance of Hamilton (a few tweets from an audience member)

The End of Identity Liberalism

Apparently Trump is Pres, now, is assuring So. Korea of future WH policy.

Hundreds of protestors block the main Chapel Hill (NC) intersection of Franklin St. and Columbia

This isnt just a photo of Ivanka Trump. Its a middle finger to democracy.

In spite of the fact that Trump won...

We can all identify with this........yet

The Calamity of Jeff Sessions - Josh Marshall, TPM

So Bannon is supposed to be smart? About Trump he says "You have probably the greatest orator since

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch NYC Memorial Park Defaced With Swastikas, Pro-Donald Trump Graffiti

The GOPs Anti-LGBT, Anti-Women Religious Freedom Law on Steroids

Suggestion for Skinner

We need a much smaller box.

Is this good news?

Why Korematsu Is Not a Precedent

The one thing I wish...

U.S. appeals court upholds local 'right-to-work' law in Kentucky

U.S. appeals court upholds local 'right-to-work' law in Kentucky

Navajo Nation settles trademark suit against Urban Outfitters

Trump's CIA pick supports domestic surveillance, opposes Iran deal

Top Senate Democrat cites civil rights concerns with Trump pick Sessions

Bottom line: the media cost Hillary the election. Period.

Wells Fargo faces tighter controls as U.S. regulator reverses course

Wells Fargo faces tighter controls as U.S. regulator reverses course

Trump considering Petraeus, others for Pentagon chief: WSJ

General Who Thinks Its Fun to Shoot Some People Is Front-Runner for Trumps Pentagon

Bug report

Turkish bill clears men of statutory rape if they marry

Amazon got it right

Judge Orders Border Patrol to Improve Detention Conditions

Judge Orders Border Patrol to Improve Detention Conditions

I have a bit of a lead foot. Gas mileage thread.

I Don't Think Trump Realizes He Has The Ability To Perhaps Do Good Things....

On Inauguration Day there needs tobe a general strike and marching in the streets across the country

Brazil Unions Call for Another National Strike Against Temer

Argentines protesters demand law to fight growing poverty

Argentines protesters demand law to fight growing poverty

Argentina's Macri begins vegetable garden on Pink House roof

An Inspirational Moment with Mike Malloy from 2003 reading Mark Moford

McCaskill local office numbers

Kanye West: I would have voted for Donald Trump, if I had voted

(Colorado) Rule Bans Bars, Many Restaurants From Creating Pot-Use Areas

(Colorado) Rule Bans Bars, Many Restaurants From Creating Pot-Use Areas

Transit Workers Ratify Contract That Ended SEPTA Strike

In our white supremacist society, aren't they already the "status quo?"

Berta Cceres murder: international lawyers launch new investigation

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding...has never been more appropritate.

Amazon River pirates terrorize ships by night

Steps to address climate change are irreversible, world leaders declare in Marrakech

American Jews Alarmed By Surge in Anti-Semitism

Trump Has Already Changed Our Region for the Worse: Views From Argentina and Brazil

♫ Autumn Leaves ♥ Frank Sinatra ♫

Trump Has Already Changed Our Region for the Worse: Views From Argentina and Brazil

Democratic state lawmaker resigns leadership post, calls for 'radical change' after Trump's win

NATURE: A Putative Blood-Based Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorder-Associated Ileocolitis

Racial issues likely to come up at Sessions' Senate hearing

An introduction to me

Democrat's lead widens in North Carolina governor's race

In graveyard of dead coral in Pacific, hope and life bloom


I get this eerie feeling that

The Racial Dot Map

We will get by

President of Florida-Based Financial Firm Guilty of Money Laundering- 179 Million Sham Loan Scheme

Businessman Sentenced for Offering Millions to DoD Procurement Official

1 million should Show up to Trump's inauguration parade turn theirback and boo him as he passes by

Let's start a movement right now to get the voting machine verification situation fixed.

Mike Pence went to see Hamilton on Broadway last night. The cast had a message for him.

Introduction du Memorial France-Irlande par president Hollande

Demand an AUDIT of the 2016 Presidential Election

Who is going to the Womens March on Washington Jan 21, 2017?

If Mike Pence doesn't want to be booed he should attend tractor pulls and NASCAR races

Donald Trump's racist and reactionary picks are making our jobs easier

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General: An Insult to Justice

Luckovich cartoon: 'All In The Family'

Pay-to-Play already happening at Trump's hotel in DC:

Is DU going to DC in January?

This Student Found an Easy Way to Stop Her Choir Class from Singing Overtly Christian Music

Thousands of Indonesians rally against racial, religious intolerance

Government by the Worst Men

Pope Encourages New Cardinals Not To Let Virus of 'Animosity' Enter The Church

USA Today: Still time for an election audit

Minnesota woman tells chilling story of World War II in France

Am I reading this wrong, or did Bannon just call their whole crew comparable to Satan?

Investing under Trump

Trump tweets in response to the cast of Hamilton addressing Pence:

Sarkozy promises to hit America with a carbon tax if Trump rips up landmark Paris climate deal

M.A.M.O.N. - Latinos vs. Donald Trump short film

You know what would totally piss off the orange usurper?

So tRump will pay 25 million dollars to make his criminal fraud case go away. Which one of his

An open letter to Trump voters

'Make America White Again': Hate speech and crimes post-election

Trump promoting his DC hotel to diplomats to enrich himself as they try to curry favor

Trump wants Hamilton actor to apologize.

the orange usurper is on a twitter rant again

Trump melts down on Twitter after Hamilton cast spoke about Pence

A national strike

What's the opposite of rose colored glasses? I'm searching for a figure of speech.

NYT: Donald Trump's Plan to Purge the Nation

Wondering how much his DC hotel gives Trump a way to spy on people staying or meeting there?

Is Trumps CIA Pick A Puppet Of The Koch Brothers?

"The First Amendment is for whiners!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Did anyone notice? Joe Arpaio lost his election and

Infrastructure Build or Privatization Scam?

Trump Considers Petraeus Who Pled Guilty To Classified Leaking For Top Position - by Joe Conason

New York Times: Appalachia's Sacrifice (drinking water)

My new avatar (until I can't stand it anymore):

Heads up! The ONLY cable news show worth watching is on now...AM Joy!

Gay Massachusetts mayor received threats demeaning him for his lifestyle: You are going down

In Six Years, 100 Million Trees Dead From Drought In California Across 7.7 Million Acres

First they came for the Muslims

Edelweiss should be sung very loudly as our protest song anytime Trump appears

If a president needs to produce his birth certificate, then we can audit a presidential election

Schumer shouldn't just "raise questions" about Sessions, he should oppose him

Best & Brightest Of Young Climate Scientists Reconsidering Where They Will Live, Work, Study

NY magazine's Intelligencer launches weekly review of Trump's worst affronts to liberal democracy

Huge (75 MW) solar power center opens in northwest Alabama

Proposal: New DU forum "Act Now 4 Democracy"

Forty nations agree to meet 100 per cent renewable energy targets

I threw up for 3 days after the election...and have taken to listening to Gregorian Chants on

Trump Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions Argued For A Religious Test To Ban Muslims

Trumps Achilles heel is his knee jerk reaction to criticism

Federal judge at citizenship ceremony: If you don't like Trump, then leave

What do we do about Joe Manchin?

Understanding the other side is the key to winning

Pope decries 'epidemic of animosity' against immigrants and other faiths

In light of the Hamilton cast's message, an old poem

Breitbart may need to reveal business structure to secure Capitol Hill press credentials

DHS Confirms Hackers Targeted Election Systems in 20 States

I keep thinking about one of the Gun Enthusiasts' talking points.

Democrats Must Do to Trump What Republicans Did to Obama: Resist Him at All Costs

Trump Transition Organization Chart

UPDATED - Trump Demands Apology After Hamilton Cast Duels With Pence

Weekend Toon Roundup

Wind power blows away records in the Midwest and Texas

A new approach to energy: Using old landfill sites to generate solar power

Like a double dose of Dubya: Trumps presidency will be like the W. disaster only worse

What's Trump Going Tweet when 1M Women Converge on Washington to protest him day after inauguration.

Americas First All-Renewable-Energy City (Burlington, Vermont)

Is Trump going to wear his ridiculous baseball cap when he is inaugurated?

12 Reasons Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General

So about all those emails asking for money

Who will investigate tRump?

6 of Scions first 23 Tweets since winning were anti-NY Times. We bought an online subscription.

Here's Evidence Steve Bannon Joined a Facebook Group That Posts Racist Rants and Obama Death Threats

back (and broken hearted) after a long long absence

Always our fault - more crap from CNN - "Where Liberals will Run to Hide from Trump"

How voting restrictions suppressed the vote

Trump tweeted Pence was "harassed" by "very rude" cast of Hamilton---Ask yourself if that's true...

"Darkness is good"

Trump's big infrastructure plan? It's a trap. (Obama/Clinton adviser Ronald Klain in WaPo)

How the Trump family will profit from their father's presidency

First they came for the___________

Trump doesn't really want the Hamilton actor to apologize...

Report of gunshots in Lewiston over Trump election

Can Fascism Triumph in America?*

Mark Zuckerburg Dead At 32 Denies Facebook Has Problem With Fake News

The Democratic Party is a party of coalitions

Excellent work on the election, boys. Here are our picks for the Super Bowl & the Academy Awards."

Donald Trump's Attorney General Nominee Wrote Off Nearly All Immigrants From An Entire Country

Women in burkas...

Who's guarding the hen house?

Woman Creates Registry For White Men (Until We Figure Out Whats Going On)

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General: An Insult to Justice NYT

In 1920, Mencken predicted Trump:

"Oh, the odor of goodness"

About those fake news stories on facebook...

Amazon Basin Now Net Carbon Source: Regional Readings From 500 To 800 PPM

Trump's DC hotel hosted an event this week to pitch rooms to foreign diplomats

TPM: Why Jeff Sessions As Attorney General Horrifies Voting Rights Advocates

Two Arctic Storms Pushed November Melt; 11/17 - 50,000 km2 Ice Gone in One Day

Woman Creates Registry For White Men (Until We Figure Out Whats Going On)

upcoming 'normalization' of the trumpfuhrer by MSM

I am getting a "Leave Trump Alone" vibe from our dear friends at JPR

Obama loyalists plot Trump resistance

Someone has made multiple attempts to get into one of my email accounts over the last week.

Excellent article of Obama's perspective on the election and the country

Call for General Strike on 1/20/17 - No work, no shopping

David Frum's advice for media re Trump: "Adopt the working hypothesis that he's lying and grifting"

'Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper

Looking for a way to fight back? United Against Hate

Another DU attack - on Wiki?

So about that nuclear weapons thing

Pentagon and intelligence community chiefs have urged Obama to remove the head of the NSA

Southern Poverty Law Center Petition - 200K sigs so far: Trump - reject hatred and bigotry

Skeletor lives! He speaks! He lies and distorts! Chertoff.....

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Bannon speaks: Trump just a cog in Steve Bannons roadmap

Have Democrats Learned the Wrong Lesson from Defeat?

Price Likely to Become Next Health Secretary

Inside Christies Fall from Grace

America right now.

How far behind is Donald Trumps presidential transition? Very behind, the R is 'slow' & 'confused'.

Turnout by Latino question. Over 2.5 million deported since Obama took office.

Helpful tips for your turkey

Amazon vs. Donald Trump? Jeff Bezos may soon face his biggest challenge yet

How Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, got Donald Trumps ear

News from my Neighborhood...

Love Trumps Hate - Dates & locations of protests around that nation

Shadow government

Trumps fake-news presidency

Trump has made some dangerous appointments

Remember the shelters this holiday season.

Do not say mean things: Kids are writing to Donald Trump, asking him to be a kind president

And God Said...

Dont let Donald Trumps antics distract you from whats really important

More disturbing than demanding apology from Hamilton cast, Trump is spreading lies on Twitter again

Remember, if you shop on Amazon for holidays, to use their SMILE site to donate to ASPCA

Gays can be reformed, just like arsonists, Trumps new domestic policy adviser has said

Why do conservatives think posting pictures of paper clips is offensive to us?

Sharon Stone takes a stand against rape on college campuses

Ex-rep Dingell: 'Truly deplorable ones' in Trump's cabinet

A phone call a day until the nightmare is over... Contact info for White House, Senators, Congress

Justice Thomas urges conservatives to carry on anti-LGBT work of Antonin Scalia

ZOMG! More evidence of voter fraud in the 2016 election.

just found out this is a Jill Biden parady account. crap and sorry.

Jesus wept: How can you call yourself a Christian if you voted for Donald Trump?

Just for the record: Trump is not my President

Paul Ryan says Obamacare caused Medicare to go broke faster. Reality is exactly the opposite.

Unions May Be Among the First Casualties of the Republican Sweep

A little throwback to help get through the weekend (maybe the holiday)

Facebook fake news row: Mark Zuckerberg is a politician now

Sharon Jones of the Dap Kings has died!

Crazy thought, but what if ONE of the ways the Russians rigged this was by

The Trump Family Political Business

Serious questions raised about vote totals in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania

Trump's Flip-Flop on the Electoral College

Hilariously scary blooper on the Infinity program listings just now.

According to Donald Trump, Mike Pence getting booed at HAMILTON is the worst thing to ever happen to

Cabinet of Deplorables


Tess Rafferty's righteous rant on the election. Please watch.

30 Major Fires In 6 SE States; 128,000 Acres Burned So Far; Windy Weekend Ahead

We don't need the votes of bigots and xenophobes...we need the votes of the alienated.

TX judge tells new U.S.Citizens to leave the country if they don't like DRUMPF

Fuax Noise: White Lives Matter and anti-White Lives Matter demonstrations clashing in Texas.

About.. "not giving up".. when things look bad. An example:

Pentagon and intelligence community chiefs have urged Obama to remove the head of the NSA

Not Helping!

President-elect tweets he could have won Trump University trial

Bus driver who had a heart attack in Settle was a Karamazov brother

It is pathetic the way the MSM is groveling for any information they can get from the

Oh Joe... you didn't.....

Dealing with crises is where the rubber meets the road for presidents

I fear for the young people who benefited from the dream act.

Another reason to call the House Oversight

Just a reminder, there are several anti trump protests today

Suggestion: Instead of "immigrants" them "New Americans".

Is Trumpy-the-Clown Banning Lobbyists From Government?

President Trump Isn't A Done Deal..Electors Should Vote For Clinton On Dec. 19

America is so celebrity-crazed

We didn't sell.

For all of your many election complaint needs. Call Senators:

The Winner

Folks are getting pumped about the prospect of Trump victory tours around the country

Most troops optimistic about Trump, but 1 in 4 are worried

Donald Trump is looking for a scapegoat for his impending disasters...

Who will be this man this time around

Fox News Eric Bolling talking to Trump team about Commerce gig

And in other news: Yale just beat Harvard in The Game, 21-14. We are thrilled here in New Haven.

"Build a wall!" chant mars Texas girls' H.S. volleyball game. Chants aimed at players from school n

Watch Elizabeth Warren DESTROYS Trump's "Drain the swamp..."

Playing this right now on

Not the first time Pence has been booed

So Dumpster doesn't care about room occupancy, then

Editorial: Are you ready? God is being born again

Trumpster the Molester,

Do online petitions do any good?

So I guess under Trump we can expect the tragedy of black police shootings to only get much worse...

Who else hates cold weather?

Meanwhile, UK Has Passed Online Surveillance Law

Senator Jeff Sessions--Trump's pick for Justice Department?

Trump Meets With Romney as He Starts to Look Outside His Inner Circle.

Trumps big infrastructure plan? Its a Trump con trap: goes to investors, few jobs...

Trump-Loving GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Define Protests as a Form of 'Terrorism'

Aliens just landed and want to speak with a representative of our species. Who do you nominate?

The definition of evil.

What's your favorite Beach Boys song?

Astronomers have traced the source of the most powerful radio signal ever received from space

Today, I'm bummed out and angry

Congressman Nadler: How We Resist Trump and His Extreme Agenda

CRISPR Gene-Edited Cells Get First Human Test

Simple 5-Ingredient (or Fewer) Thanksgiving Recipes

Email template for #auditthevote

Protesters in Washington D.C. clash with white nationalists at conference celebrating 'year of Don

One of the proudest votes I have ever made in my life...

Oh Michelle

A bit of history that most people didn't even see on teevee

Trump poised to violate Constitution his first day in office, George W. Bush's ethics lawyer says

U.S. weather satellite that is 'a quantum leap' poised for launch

We should all reach out and interconnect every time Trump, or his followers, do

Romney Meets with Trump

Obama Loyalists Plot Trump Resistance

The NSA Chief Just Breached Military Protocol & Interviewed W/Trump

Two presidential electors encourage colleagues to sideline Trump

Megyn Kelly: Trump tried to influence coverage with gifts

Gen. Mike Flynns Office Told Women to Wear Makeup, Heels, and Skirts

Cyber-protection in the coming to do it? Is it even possible?

Facebook announces new push against fake news after Obama comments

UPDATE: Make America Great Again Billboard Features Bloody Sunday

Texas judge tells brand-new U.S. citizens to leave country if they dont like Donald Trump

I love this Indiana/Michigan game

How to Get Your Representatives in Congress to Hear You

The Fourth Turning - amazing prediction is coming true.

trump's new 'do.

Meanwhile, Flint still does not have access to safe water

Colombian Campesino Land Defender Assassinated

Battle over race returns to Capitol with Sessions' bid to become AG

Hamilton Boos Prompts Twitter Users To #NameAPenceMusical

Donald Trump Supporters Call for Hamilton Boycott in Defense of Mike Pence

Strange observation related to Google Plus Recs