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Donald Trump confirms that wife Melania and son Barron will stay in New York after the inauguration

For Trump, Rudy Giuliani remains top contender for secretary of state

BIG RED: Rural Nebraska counties were among nation's top Trump-supporting areas in election

Really Want to save Social Security and Medicare?????

For once, I kind of agree with Kellyanne Conway

Jessica Valenti: Vote shaming Trump supporters is fair. What they have done is shameful

Here's the Full List of Regulations Trump Can Repeal with Just His Pen

For UTUSN . . . .

Unrelenting mocking will serve us well. And its something we are good at.

"my new president says we can kill all you f*ggots now"

"my new president says we can kill all you f*ggots now"

Rigged election: Hillary Clintons early-voting lead in Florida was mathematically insurmountable

Texas fires Charlie Strong, will coach season finale vs. TCU

Matthew Iglesias of Vox reminds us to stay focused

I take it NewJeffConn isn't a star member?

New Washington Post article about some more fake news writers on Facebook

The NCGOP is trying to steal the Governor's race and the state supreme court.

Military Experts: Trump Defense Spending Plans Would Break the Budget

Is Christie Back In the Fold?

Pence: I Wasnt Offended by Hamilton Cast

Climate change is a serious threat, Pentagon says as it shores up vulnerable sites

Liberals Keep Falling for Donald Trump's Tricks

Anyone pitching in on Condi Rice's comments on the race card being applied to Republicans?

I do not want to hear WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

Spike in hate crimes prompts special NY police unit

Ex-US Rep. Schock allegedly profited off voters' DC visits

Rutgers confronts ties to slavery in groundbreaking report

Anyone know this? I was "audited" at the grocery store: In self-check out aisle

How To Deal With Trump Supporters On Thanksgiving

Invasive mussel larvae found for first time in US Northwest

Center on Budget & Policy Priorities - Medicare Is Not Bankrupt

Opponents say barring pot use in Denver businesses unwise

Authorities say Tomb of Christ in Texas likely set ablaze by arsonists

Rwanda: Catholic bishops apologize for role in genocide

Anyone watching "Walking Dead" tonight? nt

Chick magnet.

"The systemic media failure of the Trump transition" - Think Progress. THIS IS THE PROBLEM

I Know Trump's New Campaign Chairman, Steve Bannon. Here's What You Need To Know.

Enemies List

So Trump is planning a tax break but then is going to make all our roads and bridges toll roads

Remember that time a Congressman yelled "You Lie!" at POTUS during the State of the Union?

As Trump Talks Wall, China Builds Bridges to Latin America

Watching all these talking heads trying to put lipstick on the Trump pig ad nauseum

"60 Minutes" had a program about the U.S. women soccer team

Get in, let's go, there's no time to explain!

Colombia Has Most Disappeared in All of Latin America: Report

Colombia Has Most Disappeared in All of Latin America: Report

Colombia: Peace in jeopardy as rebel boss killed

On the advice of a friend (Lydia Leftcoast to be exact)

San Antonio cop fatally shot in head near police headquarters, during traffic stop.

Rachel had on some old audio from the ugly openly-racist days

Reporter to Obama: Are you worried about being the last Democratic president?

So, It Appears Our President Select Has an Inflated Ego and Thin Skin and an Itchy Tweet Finger.


Safe & Sound dog rescue by Danielle & Marcus Grimm Los Angeles, CA

AARP is fighting for MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY, support them!

Preview: Republican Jobs Program

What did one vulture say to the other vulture?

Dalai Lama visits Mongolia despite Chinas objections

Dalai Lama visits Mongolia despite Chinas objections

Really Want to save Social Security and Medicare?????

Late singer Sharon Jones 'blamed' Trump for stroke on election night

Do we know what job Florida AG Pam Bondi has with Trump's transition?

Trump Supporter Arrested After Shouting During 'Hamilton' Performance

Trump Just Attacked SNL. Alec Baldwins Response Is Perfect

Smell the damn flower you piece of shit baby chicken.

What everyone who voted for Trump needs to hear. Amazing video

Are Frozen Fruits and Vegetables as Nutritious as Fresh?

Beyond Trump and Putin: The American Alt-Right's Love of the Kremlin's Policies

The shift in media's business model played a critical role in Trump's victory

As an outside observer there is a sick sense of schadenfreude about all this...

Things are going very bad at the pipeline protest

Legislature makes mockery of transparency, open government

Lawmakers are special, like snowflakes

Interesting overview of why the rural states have disproportionate representation and election clout

What is Trump's Mental Age ?

AG, governor have same goal on internet sales

Ten Reasons Why Hillary lost - And they are probably not what you thought


Mississippi Ex-Gov. Barbour Sued Over Photos in Katrina Book

Police, Protesters Face Off At Dakota Access Pipeline

Faith Leaders, Black Caucus Members Talk Education, Infrastructure, Health Care

Germany's Merkel will seek a fourth term, face populist tide

Donald Trump Prepares Cold Open - SNL

President Obama suggests Trump wise to follow his example on business conflicts

Tanzanian rats will train to sniff out trafficked pangolins

'Unacceptable:' Just City Files 10M Suit Against Shelby County Jail

The Democrats' macro problem

Trump Fans Start #BoycottHamilton Not Realizing The Play Is Sold Out

(Now more than ever) Make Your High Last For 8 Days With This Bong Menorah

Note Reading Gas Jew Die Left at Home of Jewish Oberlin Professor

Many in Milwaukee Neighborhood Didnt Vote and Dont Regret It.

That Other Time Jews Were Hated in America and 3 Lessons To Learn from It Now

Leaked map reveals chronic mercury epidemic in Peru

Leaked map reveals chronic mercury epidemic in Peru

Christian Brothers University Rolls Out Second Phase of 70 Million Master Plan

First phase of high-speed rail study on Atlanta-Chattanooga route nears end

What Trumps Win Means: a View From Cuba

What Trumps Win Means: a View From Cuba

Oklahoma Earthquake Victims Sue Oil Companies For Damages

Why Are Public Officials Protecting the Pesticides Industry? Digging Down into the Cesspool of Corru

Democrats' top fundraiser in Tennessee calls for new party chair

Ex-state Rep. Joe Armstrong keeps pension

The how-to of dealing with DRUMPF (dealing him OUT), based on the BERLUSCONI experience

BoB/JPR folks are best understood in the context of Orwell's description of negative nationalism

In new reality, Missouri Dems bank on revived blue-collar focus and buyers' remorse'

Please Consider Joining Us

Account hacked?

FBI zeroes in on Rep. Jeremy Durham's campaign finance

Civil rights hero John Lewis receives historic surprise in Nashville

Civil rights hero John Lewis receives historic surprise in Nashville

Medicaid changes could affect diabetes care

Social workers plead for help from Kentucky lawmakers

Dershowitz booed at ZOA dinner for pointing out Clinton won popular vote

Red tape snarls Kentucky program for disabled

Rescuers Finish Search of Indian Train Wreck, 127 Dead

Afghanistan Kabul mosque suicide attack kills dozens

Hillary Clinton Lead

Potential bad scene at the Micky D's this morning.

General Assembly, AG and Gov. Bevins attorneys agree KRS lawsuit raise questions about exec. poewr

Supreme Court overturns 1 million verdict against Thomas Memorial Hospital

1-Medicare 2-Social Security 3-Aspects of FADA. We have to MOVE NOW!

Three drug companies settle West Virginia lawsuits for 800K

Hillary now leads whatshisname by 1.7 million votes. Obviously, at least to me, there has been

West Virginia Gov.-elect Jim Justice still owes millions in taxes

Has the Drumpfenfuhrer tweeted about the American Music Awards yet?

Pope Francis extends Catholic priests' right to forgive abortion

Those who consider themselves the true left(pure) want to work with Trump?

Pence talking about Rmoney this morning (on ABC)

Mika is always ashamed of her Democratic Party and then giggles about it...

Have we seen the last American election?

Clinton's popular vote lead over Trump now exceeds 1.5 million votes

Spice company owner flames Trump voters: You committed an act of racism

it was a coup ... end of story. It is time to fight. Call the D o J, D Senators, and the POTUS

Watch President Obama & First Lady host Hamiltion at White House, /w Q&A workshop for area students


It's The New Canary In The Coal Mine - The Octopus In The Parking Garage

Alt-Right Exults in Donald Trumps Election With a Salute: Heil Victory

Samsung and Panasonic accused over supply chain labour abuses in Malaysia

Mel Brooks: The Hitler Rap (To Be Or Not To Be)

Stop Being Played, America -or- Honeybadger Trump doesn't give a f***!

Crew begins dismantling Confederate monument in Louisville

Richard Cordray's allies are encouraging him to come back to Ohio and run for governor

Exodus Blue, a truly radical possible solution

Republicans need to start worrying about and fixing the right things

Rohingya villages 'destroyed' in Myanmar, images show

"Locker Room Talk"

Democrats, Republicans raising money for possible legal battle over close Ohio Supreme Court race

Trump's America: Gold Star family booed by airplane passengers

I certainly dont want them to do what Mitch McConnell did: Obama warns Dems against obstructi

Okay, "Neo-Nazi" not "Alt-Right."

Police, citing ongoing riot, use water cannons on Dakota Access protesters in freezing weather

"Next Time Bring The Binders"

Conway defends Trump's 'Hamilton' twitter scrap: 'Why do you care'

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Team Drumpf

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Is EmDrive Real? NASA Paper On Impossible Propulsion System Passes Peer Review

We're not even in a Manchurian Candidate plotline, this is out in the open.

"And to preserve our national perks, I nominate . . ." . . .Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on 12/19 Petition 4.5 million signatures

Trump registered eight companies in Saudi Arabia during the presidential campaign

"No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!"

NYT calls out FR for spreading fake news. Does DU?

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Met with Trump About a Possible Dept. of Education Position

The Daily Show - Team Trump Proposes a Muslim Registry

Poll: Hillary Clinton receives higher post-election grades than Donald Trump (they know he sucks)

President Donald J. Trump needs to fight everyday in the White House...

Donald Trump as the last Reaganite

Trump conned his voters--now has LOTS of drug company lobbyests on his TEAM!!

Do this now! COUPONS

Rebekah Mercer: A name you need to know. (if you don't already)

Thanksgiving Toolkit - (Showing Up 4 Racial Justice)

The powers that be will never allow equality

Join the Women's March on Washington, Saturday, January 21, 2017

Been Watching "All In the Family" Reruns In the AM

So Ted Shit Nugget hasn't been appointed to anything yet. What's he going to do, be a turd at the

Nothing new here in America

Missouri Democrats hope to recover from their crippling losses at the polls

Chilled by Trump tweets? You should be

Wall St. Journal: Trump Must Liquidate His Assets

Robert Mercer is the person behind trump

Let's keep hoping no "mainstream" figures take positions in Herr Drumpf's administration.


Trump has a plan for government workers. Theyre not going to like it

Oh great, with Dems like this...

Darrell Issa is a cancer

Why didnt Tulsi Gabbard join 169 of her colleagues in denouncing Trump appointee Stephen Bannon?

There was a real chance for Student Loan reform, reversing Citizen's United, strenthening

Hillary has received more votes for president than any white male in the history of the US

Source: Democratic Rep. Gabbard meeting with Trump, talking top jobs in DC

Kanye rants about Trump, Beyonce before cutting concert short

I am sorry. I am not going to keep quiet with friends and family

TRUMPED: Trump Backtracks on 8 Campaign Promises in 9 Days David Pakman Show

Squadron, Community Denounce Hate and Intimidation in Brooklyn

Shrinking union base a warning for Democrats

Fascism in the White House? Its not just Trump

The reason I am not buying into the "we have to appeal to racists on economic terms BS" to win

Old school DUer, back after many years.

Trump should welcome a public inquiry into his Trump U. fraud charges/settlement

Beating Trump in 2020 will not be easy, but it will be simple.

Trump is switching from a rally to a video.

The wheels of justice turn slowly...

Unhinged Trump fan tells terrorist Muslim Uber driver that theyll deport you soon

SNL Cast Member to Trump: F--k you b---h,

Mainstream Media just projecting with Facebook Fake News concern (VIDEO)

Sanders Urges Supporters: Ditch Identity Politics And Embrace The Working Class

I hate to say this, but unless a miraculous thing happens, we are headed down a very wrong track

Green Day chant 'no Trump, no KKK' during AMAs performance

India and China reiterate call for border peace

Kelly: Pro-Trump Hosts Were Acting When They Asked Tough Questions

Secular voters didn't turn out for Clinton the way white evangelicals did for Trump

Iran's Guards using Trump victory to claw back power

Poll: Either orange man is still sleep or they took his twitter away. You decide

We've been through something similar... We will get through it again.

Texas Tech professor doesn't have time for students' post-election angst

China would consider Turkish membership of security bloc

Sanctuary churches vow to shield immigrants from Trump crackdown

This is heaven to Donald Trump.

Decree banishing Trump's grandfather from Germany found by historian

Pope extends power to forgive abortion to all Roman Catholic priests

Polling firm CEO: 20 million Trump voters will lose time and half overtime pay under GOP plan

"...and the Worst Is Yet to Come"

House GOP Prepares To Gut Obama Legacy On Immigration, Overtime

Three major tactical mistakes by the HRC campaign

Latin American Leaders Open Door to Tighter China Trade Ties

A new form of shadow government.."Cashing in BIGLY in Argentina!"

Updated to true: Breaking: Anchors & execs from 5 major TV networks are heading to Trump Tower

'Monkey attack' on girl sparks deadly clan clashes in Libya

Hillary Clinton poised to win the popular vote in a massive landslide

Call To Action

Senate Dems Pass The Popcorn And Watch GOP Squirm Over Obamacare

Pre-hack fun, talking with ghosts on DU.

'Bernie Mafia': Sanders Supporters Look to Seize Democratic Party Initiative

well we knew they would over play their hand, but

Today's petitions

Media Sez: Trump not yer normal candidate (pre-11-8); He's a normal PEOTUS (post 11-8)

Top network executives, anchors meeting with Donald Trump Monday

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Opens November 21, 1964

Beijing puts Chinese army on HIGH ALERT amid standoff with militias

Is it true that Gary Busey is in the running to be U.S. Trade Representative?

Advanced manufacturing is booming, it just isn't producing many jobs

Dimon Not Being Considered for Treasury

Dont Expect the GOP to Rein In Trump's Corruption

Elizabeth Warren fills the Democratic void

Collecting Strays at the Thanksgiving Table

Hillary Clinton received the 3rd largest popular vote in US History and they are still counting.

MPs call for cannabis to be legalised

Collecting Strays at the Thanksgiving Table

Trumps Win Was About Culture. Understand This.

Donald Trumps presidency as branding venture: The scam goes even deeper than we thought

Hamilton's for Change

My radio station is playing listeners favorites this week.

Trumps Win Was About Culture (not so much about the econony). Understand This.

We now have President Business from the Lego Movie as our leader


Trump supporters threaten boycott of small Canadian theater because ...

Low information:

Argentina's president congratulatory call Trump asked about permits for his Buenos Aires project

A Lesson for Trump in Syria: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Enemy

Hitler's team worked with media to normalize his image, too

Affluenza Anonymous: Rehab for the Young, Rich, and Addicted

Morning Joe: Trump already on the precipice of disaster if he keeps picking unqualified henchmen

There's Hamilton, the hit musical and Hamilton, the city. Angry social media users confuse the two

In post-Election call, Trump asked President of Argentina for help with a building project

Trump has a plan for government workers. Theyre not going to like it.


How Do We Take Back The Democratic Party?

Maggiano's Little Italy Apologizes After Hosting White Nationalist Dinner

Megyn Kelly: Certain Pro-Trump Hosts Were Just Acting When They Asked Him Tough Questions

perhaps cheeto sporkhands can handle his conflict of influence this way-

IMPORTANT, please read and give it some thought and action

Immigrants In Prison: Detention Center In Texas Punishes Children Migrants By Restricting Crayons

To a degree I understand the sentiment behind 'Pelosi must be replaced'

yup, television machine falling for Cheeto's latest con, hook line and sinker

Reince Priebus wont rule out a Muslim registry. Heres Martin OMalleys response.

Of the more than 1 *billion* Tweets sent about #Election2016, this was the most RT'd:

Stronger Together

Infighting Clouds Upcoming Palestinian Leadership Gathering

Seriously this is getting dumb: election fraud

Toni Morrison: Fear Of Losing White Privilege Led To Trumps Election

I just LOVE Bernie Sanders for saying this. It is so unsexist and so unmisogynistic!

FEC questions Trump donations worth 1.3M

melody. - Say Hello.

Say Hello - Melody

Experts: Trumps Conflict-of-Interest With His D.C. Hotel Raises Impeachment Concerns

LOL the orange man and dead eyes now have memes. This could be fun

If you haven't checked it out already

Make America Hate Again - "Dear Terrorist Bitch"

Doing my best to combat corporate cannabis

FEC questions Trump donations worth 1.3M

Barely a Press to Speak Of

dear electors, might i respectfully request, if you have any questions

There is an entire thread in GD that is

As we descend into fascism....will the country split?

We see many posts about Hillary Clinton and winning the popular vote

Common misperception about exit polls is driving me nuts!

Calling @jasonintheHouse & Comey!! Potential Trump Cabinet pick reveals DHS plans in photo

All this "give him a chance" talk cracks me up.

Blind trust question

Possible Homeland Security Sec. Fumbles Security Before He Even Has Job

This is making AMERICA GREAT again???

What is needed is written documentation demonstrating an organized theft of votes

Kobach's photo op oopsie with the orange one

Ginkgo -living fossil- genome decoded

Richard Rorty's 1998 Book forsaw 2016, Identity politics has a lot to do with it.

Love the optics of Trump having all the media heads parading through the Trump tower lobby

Wanted to say something to the Trump voter apologist Chris Cillizza

Donald Trumps Attorney General could terminate the rule that protects state-legalized marijuana

how Kris Kobach created a disastrous Muslim registry during the Bush admin ...

What's the point of insisting that bigotry and Comey were the ONLY factors?


Big banks are more excited about Donald Trump than any other president in almost 100 years

WOW that was fast. AHC will have a 6 part series on the Most Hated Man in History

After cordial meeting, Putin invites Philippines Duterte to visit Russia

Behind "Make America Great," the Koch Agenda Returns with a Vengeance

Trump draws Blitzer, Rose, Holt, Stephanopoulos to off-the-record meeting

Jeremy Scahill: Mike Pence Has "Militant Agenda" Against Women, the Poor, Immigrants, LGBTQ People

Why hasn't Comey been fired yet?

Should Democrats Oppose The Trump Administration On Everything?

A friendly reminder...

One thing that will always make me smile, RE: Trump ...

Expecting the GOP Congress to monitor Trump for emoluments is beyond foolish.

Bittersweet toon- How will we find out way?

What if Mike Pence got booed at Fiddler On The Roof?

A fair election, or . . .?

Toon: Point of Agreement

(new) SCOTUS could decide the makeup for us for generations to come

what's our plan for helping people in small towns and rural areas get jobs in the service economy

Krugman: Build He Won't

William Arthur

Climate change gives rise to the reign of rats.

Lumberjacks circa 1900

Looks are relative.

We don't have to choose between fighting bigotry OR fighting to limit corporate power

Dear HAB911

@AP: BREAKING: Magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes off Fukushima in Japan, tsunami warning issued

Draft-dodging runs in their veins -Historian finds German decree banishing Trump's grandfather

After meeting, Tulsi Gabbard vows to work with Trump

Trump and the Ethnostate


Where do you stand on the DAPL-Standing Rock?

Ali Davis: Some Gentle Advice For The Brave Men And Women Of The GOP

#NeverTrump must become #TheResistance

White Nationalism, Explained

Protestors, police clash at Dakota Pipeline site

The freaking media is insipid. Trump isn't selling his holdings to avoid a conflict of interest.

Obama's Advice To Democrats In Congress

Trump wants to see Roe v Wade overturned

Huge: Court strikes down Wisconsin GOP's Assembly map as unconstitutional partisan gerrymander

Many In Milwaukee Neighborhood Didn't Vote - And Don't Regret It

The North Pole is 36 Degrees Hotter Than it Should Be

trump cabinet shaping up.

China Tells Donald Trump It Didn't Make Up Global Warming: Bottom Line CNBC

Are we all on this? Demand a recount!

Jeff Sessionss ridiculous anti-drug crusade

Seabird poop could help save Arctic sea ice

Meanwhile: CNN Breaking News: A tsunami warning is in effect for Japan's Fukushima Prefecture after

Jerry Falwell Jr. Confident Of Position In Trump Administration. *warning - creepy picture

We Are All Deplorables.

Live feed from NHK Japan TV

'Hail Trump!': White Nationalists Salute the President Elect

The 96 year cycle

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Say no to Jeff Sessions, the lying racist

Bannon set up Trump-Gabbard meeting

National Weather Service: No tsunami impact expected on US West Coast

wowsa boys and girls SC declares GOP gerrymandering in WI unconstitutional

Just Named - Tropical Storm now Hurricane Otto - the season's last lick??

Just thought I should remind all that

Toy of the Year

Federal judges panel finds state redistricting plan an "unconstitutional gerrymander"

JAPAN: Earthquake / Tsunami - LIVE - 3m Wave Expected! 🌊

A great summation of why Trump won.

Donald Trump's media summit was a 'f--ing firing squad'

The (Wo)man in the Arena

NHK Japan: Cooling system stopped at Nuclear storage pool

Media Meetup @ Tower Cheeto - A F*CKING FIRING SQUAD

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

It was an electoral "Fire Sale"

Italys Last Bastion of Catalan Language Struggles to Keep It Alive.

Dept of Justice call in said THEY ARE WORKING ON IT ! CALL!!!!! CALL DOJ Main Switchboard at 202-51

Trump Asked Argentine President for Help In Call

Zuckerberg's Plan To Battle Fake News Sets Off "Widespread Panic" Among Big Conservative Pages

Trump announces Secretary of State pick

Republicans Mum on Paying for Trump Agenda

Yup. The Kochs. "Behind "Make America Great," the Koch Agenda Returns with a Vengeance"

Anyone gonna be here Thursday???

What in the world is "reverse racism?"

ISIS Supporter Talked About Times Square, Feds Say

ISIS Supporter Talked About Times Square, Feds Say

The need for recounts. Is this not credible?

Reinstating A Muslim Registry Is Literally At The Top Of Kris Kobachs Agenda For Trump Administrati

Reinstating A Muslim Registry Is Literally At The Top Of Kris Kobachs Agenda For Trump Administrati

This NY Times says trump doesn't need congress for the SC, is that true?

'Alt-right' conference features Nazi propaganda quotes, anti-Semitism, and Nazi salutes

Spike in hate crimes prompts special NY police unit

Trump: US to quit TPP trade deal on first day in office

Journalism is no longer practiced by the Media

Email or send feedback to CNN

OK, this is distrubing - 'Hail Trump!': Richard Spencer Speech Excerpts

One of the moderators on MSNB's With all Due Respect just dropped a name for Chair of the Dem.

Fukushima nuclear cooling system back online

Fukushima reactor cooling system stopped; restarted

What can be done if they require all Muslims to register? Will the courts support us? Will the

At least twelve kids may have been killed in Tennessee school bus crash

Don the Con and his family's grifting will make Lady Blah Blah