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Archives: November 27, 2016

Standing Rock protesters will not follow official directive to leave camps

First Lady Michelle Obama Does Her Best Barack Impression

Wait, Didnt Jill Stein Cost Clinton the Presidency?

Castro was champion of social justice despite flaws, says Corbyn

Officer who fatally shot 19-year-old Kajuan Raye relieved of police powers

False CNN-porn report shows how fast fake news spreads

How I believe Raul Castro will be sold to the US citizens.

(Dakota Access pipeline) The Latest: County Official: Feds Need to Enforce Corps Plan

On the bright side, some good news about my dad

Learning from grief, learning from rage progressive survival under Donald Trump will require both

(x-post from GD) False CNN-porn report shows how fast fake news spreads

Trumps term limits promise faces its own limits on Capitol Hill

Apparently Ohio State students think Flint's poisoned water is something to joke about

Castro loved sports.

Here's something we need to do now -

Trump's impending presidency sparks surge in calls to Planned Parenthood

Sanders Statement on Carrier and Outsourcing November 26, 2016

What you yes, you can do to save America from tyranny

Donald Trump blasts recount as 'ridiculous' and 'a scam'

Some Fake News Publishers Just Happen To Be Donald Trump's Cronies

Remember the old board game, "Candyland?"

Pipeline protesters vow to stay camped on federal land

Paul Ryan's Plan to Change Medicare Looks A Lot Like Obamacare

He can't just rise a bit from low, can he? Trump's latest tweet:

"The Capitol itself was sheathed in scaffolding...."

What you yes, you can do to save America from tyranny

What the party needs to do, plain and SIMPLE:

There Needs To Be An Investigation Into Election Fraud In Ohio...

Bernie Sanders meets Spike Lee: Where do we go? Where is the hope?

Anyone in the market for an action figure based on The Scream?

"White House insists hackers didn't sway election, even as recount begins"

How Much Mussolini Is There in Donald Trump?

I was approached yesterday by a woman who said she was sleeping in her car...

In intimate ally Venezuela, tears and cheers over Castro's death

Pelosi Broadens Leadership Team in Fight to Retain Post

So We Shouldn't Allow Fake News. OK. Who Decides What's Fake, Jake

Why aren't my post times the same as my computer?

Notre Dame DL Jerry Tillerys shameful display in stomping one USC player, kicking another that was i

Rents are plunging in the most expensive markets

Is there an inside story to the recount requests in PA, MI, WI?

Know your Russian Propaganda (Alt-Right) site!

Muslim shopper wearing a hijab harassed by woman at grocery (Albuquerque)

Dear RUBIO, CRUZ, & all the DIAZ-BALART relatives of FeeDell, just shut up!1

This is just...

Even if not practiced, is slavery still allowable in Wisconsin as punishment for a crime?

UN chief urges Colombia to begin implementation of peace deal

On My Own

Republican agenda

The worst-case scenario for the economy under Trump just happened in another country

Higher ground.....on Saturday night on Public Radio.

Gee, a Trump supporter just told me she is going to pray for me. I feel SOOO much better, now

HRC/Democrats Lost Due to WRONG Message

Clue #1: The GOP is Taking US White Guys for Granted

Be on the look out

Standing Rock Sound of Silence

U.S. government officially accuses Russia of hacking campaign to interfere with elections

Huff Po headlines right now: TRUMP RAGES OVER RECOUNT 'SCAM'

How World War III Could Begin in Latvia

Standing Rock Sounds of Silence

Can Senate Democrats Save the Party?

I have a real need for some mellow music

The Ultimate Irony Is

insurance-medical is a nightmare in the USA

Donald Trump Calls Green Partys Wisconsin Recount Push A Scam

Trumps wants you to tell him how to make America great again.

Voter suppression seems to be getting overlooked as a factor.

Should the electoral college go rogue? One Harvard professor thinks so

A cabinet of Brownies

What country am I living in?

Does HRC's concession make any difference?

Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

Silent thread for Francisco Franco. R.I.P

Marc Elias, general counsel to the Clinton campaign, on the recounts

What is best

'Beware of the fictions: Joy Reid urges US media not to normalize naked emperor Trump

I live in L.A. in the San Fernando Valley...Im telling ya.

Just listen: Nisi Dominus, RV 608: Cum dederit dilectis suis

Students repaint school rock defaced with hate speech in Harvard

'Fidel Castro Was the Most Prominent Hispanic Statesman of the 20th Century'

Possible Democratic candidate for governor faces funding gap

'Fidel Castro Was the Most Prominent Hispanic Statesman of the 20th Century'

Russian influence, "fake news," and the news media..... who is really to blame?

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh mum on race for governor

Legislative staffers to get raise as state worker layoffs loom

Jerry Falwell Jr. Secretary Of Educations? He Turned It Down.

trump vowing to ramp up fossil fuel exploration, the future of Americas lands

Bernie Sanders to propose Outsourcing Prevention Act to keep jobs in US

I'm very happy that Fidel Castro is dead.

Boston-area workers to push for 15 minimum wage

Stein raised 6,000,000 in three days.

Austin EMS: 11 more taken to hospitals after K2 incidents Saturday

Buyers remorse.

State Investing to Make Connecticut More Attractive to Tech Startups

If the Democratic Party decides to ignore the concerns of minority voters to get white 'Rust Belt'

Immigrants fear that definition of criminal will be stretched under Trump

Donald Trump Calls Green Partys Wisconsin Recount Push A Scam

What is this?

Firm co-founded by Raimondo holding onto pension investment

California man busted with 330K in weed wrapped as Christmas presents

Trump is more Pro Big Banks than any other American President

Florida man falls out of pickup truck, runs over his own leg

Does a president REALLY need to live in the White House?

The GOP has gone from, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

One in custody after devices put in 3 Albuquerque Starbucks

Anyone see the New Tom Ford Movie?

The CIA and Castro: an Undying Obsession

Fidel Castro devoted his whole life ...

The CIA and Castro: an Undying Obsession

Fidel at 90: a Revolutionary Life

This guy predicted the Trumpster ... In 1998

Fidel at 90: a Revolutionary Life

We just elected a man to the highest office of the land...

The moral crisis of our age...Robert Reich

*****NEWS REPORT***** Trump is consulting Fabio on Secretary Of State choice

Just how awful is the mainstream media?

Writing about food: Anita Loos, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

The Day After Genocide Drunken Debauchery of Capitalism, Heil Trump, Heil Conquerors & Sycophants

Report Prompts Call for Democrats to Halt Transfer of Power to Trump Before 12/13 Deadline

Had to help Mom's puppy cross over today.

Latin Americans mourn "legendary" Fidel Castro

Santos mourns death of Fidel Castro, who helped end Colombia's armed conflict

Santos mourns death of Fidel Castro, who helped end Colombia's armed conflict

Daily Holidays November 27

Falwell Jr. says Trump offered him education secretary job

Electoral College could prevent constitutional crisis due to Trump conflicts of interest

A look at Steve Bannon and his years at Harvard Business School

I love Jodie Foster's movie "Home for the Holidays"

Joy, relief, and worry in Boston with Castro gone

English Football Association looking into charges of sexual abuse of youth players.

Tall, Pale And Handsome: Why More Asian Men Are Using Skin-Whitening Products

So, what's next? Will Trumpster choose Dick Cheney as ringmaster of his Circus?

The Democratic Party is for social AND economic justice. It isn't an "either/or" situation!

Politicians, moguls and even an ex-wife: Trump's revolving door of post-election visitors

What is the correct term for pictures that are on canvas and stretched over

Celebrating the birthdate of the great Jimi Hendrix

LIVE Stream 6:55PM Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: Stand with Standing Rock - Washington, DC Nov 27

Election Fraud Complaint Filed As More People Voted Than Total Voters In 4 Wisconsin Precincts

The Walking Dead 7.6 "Swear" (spoiler alert)

It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.

Something for your Sunday :)

The Soldier Donald Trump Called a Traitor - The NYT Editorial Board

The Clinton campaign have decided to support the recount.


Toon: Banking Explained

Israeli forces kill four IS-linked gunmen after Golan attack

What is this tweet by orange man supposed to mean? 5:01 AM - 27 Nov 2016

It is "PROJECTED President-Elect" you media yappers, if you don't mind..

Already Happening: Media Normalization of Trumpism - by Joy-Ann Reid

Kuwait's Islamist-dominated opposition wins near-majority in snap elections

One dead, 9 injured in Bourbon Street mass shooting in New Orleans; 2 arrests made

" Clinton, in other words, carried nearly two-thirds of the American economy."

So maybe I missed it, but has orange man held his first press conference yet?

Colleges hidden costs: What the admissions office doesnt tell you

So now orange man is talking in the 3rd person - another tweet at 5am

Oh wait, here is the first part of that mid sentence orange man twitter rant

The War on Christmas was started in 1550... by the Protestants.

Ideology Is Supplanting Intelligence

Man outside of a mosque in Texas this morning speaks for me.

New conservative website lists professors accused of liberal bias and anti-American values.

Regarding a PA recount: I'm looking for people who voted in any precinct in Montgomery County, PA.

Are there legal sanctions against conflicts of interest...

You do agree Trump is Corrupt?

Who would of though that the eligible non-voting segment (larger number than voters) will save us

Info on #Florida vote: Call @KenDetzner at 850-245-6500

No More Business as Usual, Mr. Trump

Question. First a predicate

Hate Spaces Gives a Horrifying Glimpse Into Anti-Israel, Antisemitic Activity on US Campuses

Well done Huffpo - Why Nelson Mandela Loved Fidel Castro

NYT: Trump's business has been "preparing to capitalize" on the presidency since last spring

Now Trump gets the Supreme Court and the damage may be irreversible

It's about turnout people.

Melbourne Thunderstorm Asthma Death Toll Hits 6; 5 On Life Support

Lisa Bloom and Laurence Tribe offer to represent "faithless" electors pro bono:

Yellow Journalism/Orange President

Which member of Trump's Inner Council do you have the most confidence in ?

NASA: Last 3 Octobers Warmest Octobers On Record; In Order, 2015, 2016, 2014

Trump considering Curly, Larry and Moe for ambassadorship positions nt

PhysOrg: 3 Independent Models Project 5.7% Drop In Global Wheat Yield Per 1C Global Temp Increase

It's 2016. Trump voters are upset because their jobs have moved overseas. Where have they been?

And a glimmer of hope

30 Fires Still Burning In N. GA w. 48,000 Acres Burned; Asheville Facing Driest Fall On Record

Jeebus. Fabio?

"Only in America"

Remember Trump's 2012 Tweets: "More votes equals a loss... revolution!"

Solving a Mystery Behind the Deadly Tsunami of Molasses of 1919

Trump should just make Fabio or Don King his Secretary Of State

Don't go to college. Start web site to hound liberal teachers

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders On CNN's "State of the Union" (11/27/2016)

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders on ABC's "This Week" with Martha Raddatz (11/27/2016)

"Crosscheck" in the Crosshairs. Voting Rights Groups Challenge Electoral Purges

Why did I think of HUAC as a good idea while commenting on FB

Another one of Donald's finest acting out

I Ask Myself Will I Ever Feel Good About Anything Again After This Election.

move on supports pelosi for house leader

Ask Fabio!

Interesting analysis of where Hillary went wrong

If a person knowingly

The Clock Is Ticking but It's NOT Too Late To Stop Trump!

Remember Asher Heimermann?

Overthrowing the Electoral College: The Margaret Chase Smith and Edmund Muskie experience

You never have to go hungry in the Zombie Apocalypse as long as we have

Serving In The Military Will Be A Waste Of Time Under Trump & GOP.

Why doesn't anyone ever ask the obvious questions about Trump based on his public behavior???

Interesting juxtaposition of Jill Stein tweets

With deepest apologies to all Pelicans!.......

Would it be patriotic to

I'm having trouble getting into "Latest Threads", get Home and everything else fine. Anyone else?

About leaving the rust belt behind

I neither mourn nor celebrate the death of Fidel Castro. He was ...

Climate change may swamp coastal property values

Homeopathic Medicine Labels Now Must State Products Do Not Work

Lest we forget: Anniversary of domestic terror at Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs Nov

Sanders: Recount 'not a big deal'

Fox News posts article about Trump tax cuts rewarding 1%ers while boning middle class.

I could never figure out why the U.S. was so "afraid" of Castro they brought the hammer down

The US government is already quietly backing out of its promise to phase out private prisons

You may be able to help with the Pennsylvania recount effort if you voted in the PA general.

It's California Peggy's 21rst birthday!

Teacher unions smarting after many members vote for Trump

*For Vietnam War vets*....connection between Agent Orange exposure and high blood pressure?

"Dump Tower"

After Trump victory, Oregonians submit petition to secede

Oscar Salazar: "Bernie Sanders, Come To Standing Rock"

Kellyanne Conway Slams Mitt Romney: He Went 'Out of His Way' to Hurt Trump

Elliot Lusztig on what Democrats COULD & SHOULD do if they knew how to FIGHT

What WON'T Donald Trump Privatize?

Tomasky: The People Chose Hillary. Now We Need To Stop Trump From Trashing Our Democracy

Eddie Huang Talks Being Against Fresh Off The Boat, Why His Dad Walked w/ AK Not being a Drake Fan

Puppy cam!: border collies

Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants after election

Reince Priebus: Trump Will Undo U.S.-Cuba Ties Absent New Concessions

Hoooooly smokes (east coast fires)

Yet another attack on women by another means

Tony Schwartz: Trump has NONE of several critical qualities a president needs

Why Fake Data When You Can Fake a Scientist?

What are you reading this week of November 27, 2016?

Arrogance and Hypocrisy of Trump Calling Recount..."A Scam"...

He is doing his normal distraction routine. This mornings rant was bait and switch for the real

" 2000, Giuliani branded him a murderer but Clinton spoke with him and shook his hand.

Israeli Military Kills 4 ISIS-Linked Militants in Golan Heights

Trump Tower turns into 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps

And FYI? Voting for a racist asshole makes you a racist asshole. Even if you lost yr job.

At Least There Will Plenty Of Poor Recruits For Our Military.

Teacher unions smarting after many members vote for Trump

Panelist challenges Chuck Todd and panel on Americocentric view of Fidel Castro (VIDEO)

Thanksgiving, Black Friday store sales fall, online rises

CNN/ORC poll: A nation divided, and is it ever

Death toll from Australia's thunderstorm asthma reaches 6

Latest rightwing delusion: Putin backed Jill Stein, wanted Trump to lose

Twitter goes nuts over Canadian PM's Castro comments

39,000 for a wristwatch? Collectors dont blink, and even go for seconds.

NASA - 95% Of Four-Year-Old And Older Arctic Sea Ice Gone Since 1984

State panel wants law changed on police use of deadly force

Israeli wildfires: Police detain 23 on suspicion of arson

Question What is This

Small bug: the edit history seems to be backward

Ana Navarro tells CNN most of Trump's cabinet picks are people you need to ward off with garlic

Loads of rain in the northern part of the state

How can we trust Fabio to pick a Secretary of State,

Annex Minnesota to Canada?

I recall an "aha" moment from the day after the 1992 Election:

Cat Found Covered in Purple Has Grown Back His Glorious Gray Coat

Evolution in Action: African Elephants Are Increasingly Born Without Tusks

How many people voted for Trump, never believing he'd be elected?

Unfortunately, Donald Trump can never be a "legitimate" President...?

Trump's election makes me realize why you can't ask one member of a race what the whole race thinks

Things I've noticed in my 74 years, mostly since the 1970s.

Shut the f*ck up and #resign: Olbermann blasts Trump anti-recount tweetstorm

Thoughts on why the Clinton

Kellyanne Goebbels Conway sounds nervous when interviewed - why???

Ted Cruz warns there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets if Trump doesnt deliver on cam

Complete Schedule for Funeral Rites of Fidel Castro in Cuba

Neera Tanden: When the Russians invade a Baltic country & we do nothing...

Lots of news coverage of Fidel's passing on telesur (en espanol)

Why did Trump ask Fabio? Because he doesn't know any experts he could have asked.

What happens when one of his properties is a target for a terrorist attack?

Patton Oswalt's chilling Facebook Rant

To Malaise

Autocracy: Rules for Survival

Will economic populism lead Democrats to victory? Senate results should make us skeptical.

Sad that in South Korea hundreds of thousands are portesting day after day...

Nice commercial. We all "kneed" each other. (Amazon Prime).

What the hell is this?

The past few weeks are making me rethink my stand on guns and the Second Amendment.

Urgent: US Senate run-off candidate Foster Campbell needs our help NOW!

Trump seconds ago: I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally

Trump now claiming that he won the Popular vote..

As a poor substitute for SalmonChantedEvening Here's some LOL Kittehs! Feel free to add your own

Prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year

Here's a clever way Big Pharma is ripping you off.

There's hope-a duo of predictions for Donald Trump's resignation or impeachment

Theres No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter


Trumps team of gazillionaires

Yuja Wang has a meltdown with Mozart.

Wife of Vladimir Putin's spokesman causes outrage with an astonishing HOLOCAUST-themed routine

The past few weeks are making me rethink my stand on guns and the Second Amendment.

The struggle ahead

His Royal Tenderness

Outside Of Cruz Trump Worst Candidate/Truth Is ALL The GOP Candidates Were Not Much Better.

Wales for Standing Rock - Ar Lan y Mr - Mni Winconi

Have any of you ever participated in a presidential exit poll?

Anyone see the Baltimore safety?

Where did this canard that liberals called Romney and McCain racists come from...


Entitlements, Really?

AP FBS poll 11/27/16

Pres-Elect Claims Widespread Voter Fraud in the Millions

Trump calls it sad that Clinton joining recount effort

One of the most annoying things right after Bloated Orange became president elect

Donald J. Trump just undermined himself.

Liberal cry babies...!

Over two million criminals at large in the United States!!!!!!

If Rmoney has any pride he would say he doesn't want to be Herr Drump's Secretary of State.

Is the Trumpster a new normal ?

All the Tools to Suppress Dissent and Kill Free Speech Are Already In Place

Fidel Castro and the Jews

The past few weeks are making me rethink my feelings about guns and the Second Amendment.

Who Moved The Norman Rockwell Painting In The Oval Office?

People are treating the DAPL protest like Burning Man

Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide domestic violence

Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide domestic violence

Trumps Next Battle: Keeping These Republican Senators Happy

White nationalist Richard B Spencer denounced by his Dallas prep school

So, with all the BIG problems we are facing...

He is not my president and never will be...!

France24: Venezuela close to breaking point

Syria war: Army makes rapid gains in rebel-held east Aleppo

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside

So we have millions of illegal voters. Okay...

From All Class to Jackass

Greg Palast on AM Joy yesterday

Sleepless in America

Calvin Trillin on the Scariest Word

Mosques warned Trump will do to Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews

Swiss reject quick exit from atomic power

Tweet of the Day

I think that the demise of the mob was the worst thing to happen to Rudy Gulliani

Calvin Trillin on the Scariest Word

Kellyanne Conway says Trump has been "gracious" by not prosecuting Clinton while recount underway

Iran may seek naval bases in Yemen or Syria: chief of staff

We Remember: Harvey Milk Assassinated 38 Years Ago

Water has subtle properties beyond the claims of Big Pharma propaganda

Trump issues stunning claim that millions voted illegally

20 Random (and odd?) Facts About Shopping

Stop focusing on the Trumpsters conflicts of interest!!!

Corps Won't Forcibly Remove Protesters From Federal Land

Am I wrong to feel

Border Security Push Yields Bumper Crop of Traffic Tickets

Wells Fargo employees sue over three Billion funds in retirement plans

Donald Trump Claims "Millions Of People Voted Illegally." (They Didn't.)

Deos Everyone Know the Difference Between "Not Accepting the Results" and a Recount?



Constantly labeling Hillary a liar worked

America, stop visiting roadside zoos they make money from the inhumane treatment of animals

America, stop visiting roadside zoos they make money from the inhumane treatment of animals

don don the rich man's son

"A Prehensile Halfwit"

Leslie Moonves on Donald Trump: "It May Not Be Good for America, but It's Damn Good for CBS"

Jill Stein was tolerable for three whole days!

RE-found, so reposting:

Russia deports Colorado man who sneaked into Siberia for a better life

Marching orders have gone out...

Waiting for imaginary jobs will not put any meals on the table but "Fixit" bonds will....

On the anniversary of Harvey MIlk's assassination

Nonviolent Noncooperation: Stop Trump NOW ... BEFORE He's Inaugurated

Found this on Facebook- SS Agents practice for reverse escape

Hundreds turn out to support law enforcement

Can "stuck-up" be construed as "uppity"?

Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Rid of Donald Trump