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One Million Moms Going Ballistic Over New Zales Ad

Let's call him "The Corrupt President"

Wait and See?

How soon before the Orange Anus gets in a war?

Can some lawyer type explain to me why the illegal purging of voters by the Crosscheck

How can we depress Republican turnout in midterms? Fuck sitting around crying. Time to fight them.

How many does it take to have Trump committed. The guy is a total loon!!! n/t

Someone Please ask him: Are you lying now?

We have now 3 candidates contesting the legality of this election

When will the first reports of the recount come in?

It's not as simple as "Castro was an evil dictator".

CNN webpage "Trump's Latest Theory"

Infotainment personality Chuck Todd doing what he does best: rank, unfounded speculation

Want To Boycott Trumps Businesses? Now Theres An App For That

PA DUers

Donald Trump lost most of the American economy in this election

Democrats need to be an opposition party, not a minority party.

Trump summons a monster he cant control

*Bourdain is in Cuba,

This is what the Dems need to be doing - Sanders: use defense contracts as leverage for Carrier jobs

(538) Recounts Rarely Reverse Election Results

RIP Billy Miller

Black Radicals Owe a Great Deal to Fidel Castro

Always wondered about it being "@REALDonaldTrump"...

Framing Trump

FFS, Electoral College for once in your existence do something useful.

What an airline pilot says about Trump

Bannon says "It will be as exciting as the 1930s."

We begin recount/audit process Monday AM in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Unlike Trump, I'll admit when I've lied

Cat saves two people after fire breaks out in San Mateo home

Mosques get threatening letters: Trump will do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews

Fidel Castro's Terrible Legacy (from Washington Post Editorial Board)

An Apology to Donald Trump From Mitt Romney


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

What is so impossible about fighting for blue collar jobs AND social justice?

Why did President Obama push Clinton to concede?

Siegelman: Release date looms, pardon window closing (AP)

Back by Popular Demand ..... The Apprentice.

Troll Trump to death

Trumps lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 28 November 2016

How Bernie's campaign contributed to Trump's win.

Will Donald F. Trump be getting his physicals from

CNN: Trump falsely claims 'millions of people who voted illegally' cost him popular vote

U.S.-Cuba relations up in the air as Trump threatens to reintroduce sanctions

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Obama, Drumpt WTF America?

Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education-An example of Social Network Promotion Fail.

Troubleshooting HP Printer

New interesting website:

Trump's claim of millions of illegal votes just might be true

PA DUers

Trump singles out CA, VA and NH for his voter fraud conspiracy theory.

Meeting Painting Freedom today. A magnificent thoroughbred stallion - I even have a video

What did the Donald mean when he tweeted

Fighting cancer on the body politic - gerrymandering, a primer

Huffpo has a rather long article about trump's tweet about the millions of illegal voters

Ryan wants to turn Medicare into an ACA exchange

Tony Schwartz: Trump's illegal-votes claim "is false, disturbing, bizarre and a view into our future

New Conservative Website lists college professors accused of "liberal bias" "anti-American values"

Re: Castro's death and Trudeau praise of him

AMERICAblog's John Aravosis on why Trump is so unhinged about Hillary's popular-vote win

Reports: Florida Panthers fire coach Gerard Gallant

Probably the most important issue

President-Elect Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

I'll break this all down for ya

It's not just a tweet or two, stupid ass has been at it all day

Martin Luther King Speech - The Drum Major Instinct - MLK Speaks The Truth Re Poor Whites

Frances Fillon pledges economic reboot as he claims conservative presidential nomination

Bernie (or Bernie's ideas) 2020!

Futurist/environmentalist Alex Steffen: "A free press must mean a press in open opposition to Trump"

Josh Marshall feared the outcome - "We Take Much For Granted"

Let's get real. Trump is the anti-President.

Yet another emboldened Trump supporter goes absolutely bonkers in public rant.

A Large Part Of The Population Does Not Care Who Is In Power.

Clinton Campaign Counsel: 'We're getting attacked for participating in a recount we didn't ask for'

The Obama Administration ITSELF rarely went after Congressional 'thugs for obstructionism.

I'm suppose to "understand" these cretins to get their vote?

Watch the Trump kids turn the White House into a bed and breakfast.

Google says its AI has taught itself to 'translate between languages that it doesn't know

There's no good reason to anathematize Bernie and his supporters.

Well, thank God that the most problematic figure in US foreign policy history didn't happen to die..

How much fail is in this NYT MoDo column? "Election Therapy from my Basket of Deplorables"

The Trumpster is using us...

I'll be the first to call it - the alt-right/Putin/European right wing will one day soon

Americans keep looking away from the elections most alarming story

Over 1 million in Seoul protest to demand presidents resignation

Koreas Trump Rises in Polls as Voter Anger Fuels Populism

Just so we don't forget who helped the Trumpster into POTUS

Would this have been so horrible?

A surmise: DRUMPF wants Mittens as SoS for the personal vindictiveness of *firing* him

Trump is Bush's fault.

The hate divide: Hate crimes are up, up, up and Trump supporters want to deny, deny, deny

first set of images from Death Valley NP....

Krugman: So Comey and Putin installed a crazy, vindictive can't-handle-the-truth person in the WH

Nero or Caligula?

10 Ways to Save Democracy: Ordinary People

In the words of the great Molly Ivins ...

Personally, I love that Trump said the popular vote was "rigged"

Coping with Chaos in the White House

Remember this from the 1960's "House Of The Future" films?

A recipe for scandal: Trump conflicts of interest point to constitutional crisis (Great Article!)

Rather Wings

Virus blocker?

Flag Wavers Protest Amherst College For NOT Flying The Flag.

Christiane Amanpour Press Freedom Award Speech

Trump Will Violate Any Law He Wants. GOP Congress Will Do Nothing.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 29: Robert Osborne's Picks

The Flag Will Become A Symbol Of Racism, Hatred, & Misogyny Under Trump/GOP

Grumpy Cat web site

A meltdown in Chicago yesterday in a Michael's. Guess who she voted for?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 30: To Tell the Truth

Over 3000 people have signed up for the Wisconsin Recall

Trump is already handing the presidency to Pence

HRC up over 2.2M votes, percent gap 1.7 percent...48.2 to 46.5

AG assails probe into state employees who shared porn

Final Departure for 111-Year-Old Hudson Ferryboat

Dems stick with Menendez despite charges, but 2018 looms

Trumplets organizing against the recount

What percentage of eligible voters do you think are unreachable for the Democratic Party?

Jill Stein hints that she's open to investigating CA, NH and VA.

The more rantings I hear from the right against the recount

Ben & Jerry's European commercial

Question about the cultural meaning of the confederate flag.

Daily Holidays November 28

Unlike many of you, I believed Jameis Winston would turn out to be a good QB

The media, with their tales (tails)between their legs, are chasing Donald the

Who disgusts you more? Ann Coulter or Kellyanne Conway

All Fridays Matter (toon)

Brexit: Legal battle over UK's single market membership

Trump got 61,900,651 votes and 61,900,651 customers are going to be super pissed off when he fails

Is it true that over 900,000 votes were cast for Stein and Johnson

🐦 OUR REVOLUTION Book Tour - Philadelphia Nov. 28 7PM with Amy Goodman

West Antarctic ice shelf breaking up from the inside out

Castro shunned statues, monuments but still became icon

🐦 Bernie Sanders to appear on Conan Tuesday Nov 29

Recount could lead to civil war/white riots...

Will the recounts look at provisional ballots?

U.S. Veterans stage a protest outside college where the American flag was removed

Study - 20% Of Sperm Donors In Hunan Met Standards In 2015; In 2001, 50% Did

Syria rebels lose all of northeast Aleppo: monitor

GBR Marine Park Director - Bleaching & Coral Death Worse Than First Thought

Wildfires In Northern Peru Hit 54,000 Acres In Extent

Germany wary of Fillon's cosy attitude to Russia

Q&A with Bernie Sanders: 'Time for profound changes for Democratic Party'

CO River Water Cutbacks Likely In 2017; US, Mexico Desperate To Complete New Treaty Pre-Trump

Paul Nuttall elected as UKIP leader

What can be expected with the results of the recount(s)?

Donald Trumps Looming Mass Criminalization

Statement from California's top election official re: Mr. Trump's "reckless tweets"

India added 240m phones/year build capacity in just one year

Morning Whoa reporting that Don the Con is upset with Kellyanne about her comments

the president-elect is out of his fucking mind.

Hey, hey, hey, what dumb shit has Herr Drumpf done today?

Mr. Trump, there was no voter fraud in the California Republic.

Anger as Japanese skating rink freezes thousands of fish into ice as gimmick

"El Segundo"

Mugabe launches new currency in 'last gamble' for Zimbabwe

Front page, Huff Post-- The Next President Just Told One Of His Biggest Lies To Date... vs WSJ...

If Trump thinks Californians cheated him out of the popular vote he should just let us go.

General counsel for Clinton camp ---

Polish PM angers human rights campaigners with plans to shake up NGOs

May 17, 2016 - The Democratic Party Has to Make A Decision - Bernie Sanders

The (man) boy who cried wolf.

Pope's possible deal with China would 'betray Christ', says Hong Kong cardinal

The race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is now open

Philippines' Duterte describes Western threats of ICC indictment as 'bullshit'

Here's an example of Donald Trump's election support

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The Real Trump

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Uber drivers in U.S. cities to join planned worker protests

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Is Receiving Intelligence Info From A Number Of Sources

Trump 'furious' over Kellyanne Conway comments on Sunday shows about Romney: Sources

Californians - Trump maligned our great state and called us cheaters. Are you as outraged as I am?

Need immediate volunteers 2 drive across Pennsylvania and find 3 locals willing to sign affidavi

Need immediate volunteers 2 drive across Pennsylvania and find 3 locals willing to sign affidavi

Unions, gig-economy firms gear up for New York benefits battle

Unions, gig-economy firms gear up for New York benefits battle

In the mainstream media in 2016-

Delta Apologizes for Not Removing Disruptive Pro-Trump Passenger

Saying What Must Be Said: The President-Elect is MENTALLY ILL

An ethical double standard for Trump?

How Trump will claim success without needing to be successful..and why it should unsettle you..

The Discussionist

Keep Hope Alive

Lets start calling Trump what he is now that the recounts are a fact of his life.

Protests in South Korea just keep getting bigger: organizers estimate 1.5 million people

Waiting for the Barbarians - By Chris Hedges

Possible Trump Labor Secretary Has Labored Bio

cheeto is already failing in his duties.

Class is class - Jimmy Carter remembers Fidel Castro fondly

Michigan Recount volunteers Information:

The most important number is more eligible voters didn't vote.

If you're wondering about trumps outlandish tweets...

Extra-special Make America Great Again Educated Guess Thread. How long will he last in office?

Pennsylvania Recount Volunteer Information:

Tony-Winning Broadway and Film Actor Fritz Weaver Is Dead at 90

NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM! Ben Carson, Trump's HUD Pick, Once Called Fair Housing Communism

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban dismisses any suggestions of team tanking this season

Wisconsin Recount Volunteer Information:

Steve Bannon, folks...

The 10,000 acre Pinnacle Mountain Fire (Upstate South Carolina)

by the people, of the people, for the people

Russian propaganda campaign reportedly helped spread fake US election news

It's becomingeven more obvious that President Trump is not about service to the nation, but...

trump is meeting with david petraeus today..the guy who shared classified information with his lover

Active Shooter alert at Ohio State.

Infowars Pushed Undocumented Voters Myth Trump Is Embracing

Obama Reckons With A Trump Presidency -- The New Yorker


McCrory: I May Drop Statewide Recount If State Allows Durham County Recount

Facebook fake-news writer: I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me

Raiders QB Derek Carr rallies Oakland to 5th straight win

Who is going to the Women's March on January 21?

Raiders QB Derek Carr rallies Oakland to 5th straight win

Jared Kushner's Rise to Power: How the Son of a Scandalous Billionaire Became Trump's Man Behind the

Is Kellyanne carrying water for Giuliani?

Cruz: GOPers Will Face 'Pitchforks' If They Renege On Promises

Just for info ...

Can we reintroduce a term from way back? Twit is a noun referring to a stupid or foolish person

Update about Ohio State active shooter:

Which is the Trump Foundation's Bigger Crime, Self-Dealing or Keeping it a Secret?

Why I Left White Nationalism (son of Don Black- Stormfront, godchild of David Duke)

Just Keep Pissing The Donald Off. His True Nature Will Really Reveal Itself.

Crazy idea: If we ever win ANYTHING again, can we secure the vote?

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro Makes Twitter Great Again.

Top Trump strategist Bannon once told a colleague that suppressing black voters not a bad thing

We Are Actually Living A James Bond Film. And He Is Losing.

Looking for improbable ways to keep Trump out of office is a waste of time.

'I voted for Trump, so there': White shopper melts down after black workers ask her to pay for bag

Does Trump Want A Recount To Prove He Won The Popular Vote?

First flight in half century leaves Miami bound for Havana

Clinton lawyer pushes back at Trump's attacks in response to recount

I know this is a fucked up observation.

Trump Picks El Chapo to Run D.E.A. reveals Andy Borowitz

Exit Poll Results Machine Vote Counts were Altered in S.E. Kansas

We Will Have Deplorable President With A Cabinet Of Deplorables & Deplorable GOP Congress.

"Art of the Deal" ghostwriter: "We have a president-elect who is mentally unbalanced.

Mentally unfit or not, he's about to become president

Japanese Defense Ministry, SDF networks hacked; state actor suspected

'Submarines affair' prompts investigations in Israel and Germany


How to cover a Page Six president

Somali forces approach port town, ready to attack Islamic State

Looks like Rudy has some competition in the "Naked Ambition" Department...

A little morning humor - Aide to Pot commenting on Kettle:

Daughter Of Sandy Hook Victim Tells Trump To Denounce Alex Jones

Hey, Mr. (cringe) President-Elect . . . .

Here's a Scary Thing to Consider

"When the President calls, you oblige"


My Granddaughter goes to college in St Augustine, Florida

Now Trump Gets the Supreme Court

Venezuela currency tanks 60 percent in month on black market

Standing in line just waiting fur bread

Emanuel AME church shooter Dylann Roof to represent himself in federal hate crimes trial

Venezuela to charge soldiers over 12 deaths in security operation

Donald Trump is making a strong case for a recount of his own 2016 election win

How easily the people give up and accept the lies of the powerful

Robert Reich: Trump's 7 Techniques to Control the Media

Texas Elector Resigns: Trump Is Not Qualified And I Cannot Vote For Him

The disruptive Trump supporter on the Delta flight has just been banned from Delta.

A December thunderstorm

Is state sponsored hacking an act of war?

Judge Recuses Herself Form New Trial in Ohio Police Shooting

Judge Recuses Herself Form New Trial in Ohio Police Shooting

Place your bets, folks. How long till KellyAnn is gone.

Donald Trumps Spending Push Rankles Fiscal Conservatives

An email I just got from my friend/neighbor who is a Professor @ Ohio State.

America will soon become an object lesson about

Cenk Uygur: Why Is The Trump Camp So 'Jittery' About The Recount?

Trump supporter banned for life from Delta flights after rant

Christiane Amanpour Drops Truth Bomb On Trump Era Press: 'I Believe In Being Truthful, Not Neutral'


Life Lessons the Obamas taught me

Petraeus Looking for a Place in Trump's Cabinet of Deplorables

Trump to Meet Petraeus as Secretary of State Fight Continues

A reminder of just how awful Trump is.

Obama Approval Hits New High for Second Term

Baby Don not listening to babysitter KellyAnne

Gingrich Says Transition Turning Into Reality TV Show

This is how the US television media outlets stifle the truth about Donald Trump & anything else

Canadian journalists who covered Rob Ford offer tips on Trump

Unprecedented Corruption at the Top

The Battle Begins As Wisconsin Denies Jill Stein Request For Statewide Hand Recount

NYC Mayor Teaches Democrats How To Fight Trump

Texas Elector Resigns: Trump Is Not Qualified And I Cannot Vote For Him

"Ive Had It With This Absurd War Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters"

Since Herr Drumpf said the election was illegitimate should there be a do-over?

Conway calls MSNBC report 'sexist'

The Battle Begins As Wisconsin Denies Jill Stein Request For Statewide Hand Recount (x-post)


Holiday joke

Texas elector to resign rather than vote Trump

Anyone know what the green thing is on the Haitian Coat of Arms?

For Trump son-in-law and confidant Jared Kushner, a long history of fierce loyalty

So why no investigative journalism on the FBI leaks and Rudy Giuliani?

Stein files for recount in Pennsylvania

This Trump tweet signals a major assault on voting. Heres what it might look like.

Delta Bans Trump Supporter Who Ranted At 'Hillary Bitches' On Flight

Pope Francis praises Stephen Hawking for his brilliant work during his audience with scientists

Can drumph pay his administration staff from his own money?

Trump debuts presidential hat

Religious extremism is spreading to inland China: official

As one of the 538 Electors we're now faced with a historic responsibility

Texas elector who criticized Trump says hes resigning

Hopes for a female president dashed, women take running for office into their own hands

First Minister Arlene Foster to meet Pope Francis if he visits Northern Ireland as head of state

Remember that meme about bush: "too stupid to be president?"

It turns out we should have taken Trump literally as well as seriously

Excuse me, but just WTH are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer doing?

BREAKING NEWS: Not to be outdone, Mike Pence unveils new Vice Presidential hat.

Today's petitions

How does one get on the Sunday morning news shows?

My friend Harry died yesterday...

In PA, Jill Stein waited till the last minute, likely won't have enough volunteers

DNC Chair Candidate Keith Ellison Once Called For Separate Country for Black Americans

Feds: Railroads Slow to Make Progress on Train Technology

Fidel Castro's Horrific Record on Gay Rights


Trump Threatens To 'Terminate' Normalized Relations With Cuba

We can find a balance, so in the spirit of honesty..

Trumps Victory and Inequality

Wisconsin rejects doing recount by hand; Stein to sue

I'm a little afraid of running across a vocal Trump supporter.

Fewer people attend NC furniture market down since LGBT law

Michigan validates maggot. RECOUNT it.

Jill Stein and supporters officially file petition for election recount in Pennsylvania

Bernie Sanders will deliver this petition directly to Ryan & McConnell (save SS & Medicare)

So Dylan Roof will be allowed to represent himself

Oh, holy shit: 2.25M votes, now!

Playing Defense Is Not Good Enough We Have To Learn To Counter Attack And Inflict Personal Pain.

Thom Hartmann just said Walker is nefarious and he won't let anything be found

"If you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

Bernie Sanders: Stay healthy for 2020

Board of Canvassers certifies Trump victory in Michigan

Hey Guys, can anybody tell me

Exclusive preview of Oval Office, Mon Jan 23, 2017

GOP Will Do Anything They Want. Confident Have Future Elections Rigged.

There was blood everywhere: Trump supporter arrested after attacking gay men at Sydney McDonal

Would a silent thread for Castro's thousands of victims be considered "counter-revolutionary"?

Trump Effect Is Already Shaping Events Around the World.

Trump Effect Is Already Shaping Events Around the World.

Big Picture or how I'm interpeting our days ahead....

The Latest: Green Party lawyer tells MI it wants a recount

Amid calls for recount, election experts ask: Why not audit the vote?

Voter Suppression *IS* Voter Fraud, and the GOP/KGB have court orders

Well, I have been officially labeled as disabled, finally!

Republicans have convinced themselves and their followers that Democrats vote illegally...

Instead of shilling for the white """"working class""""

Joe Scarborough (R-Dead Intern, Schtupping Mika) was working with Trump

Marine incentives programs may replace 'doom and gloom' with hope

Diamond-age of power generation as nuclear batteries developed

Could we get autumn leaves or snowflakes to buy and

Don't Want to Do Business with Trump? There's an App for That

A-LEAF, a full device for artificial photosynthesis

Museum Cafeteria Serves Black History and a Bit of Comfort.

Obama's, Bush's top ethics lawyers: Trump must sell businesses or Electoral College must reject him

Trumps Lies Destroy Logic As Well As Truth

Port Jervis, NY settles U.S. lawsuit over worship zoning law

Water quality: A Minnesota maelstrom

Two movies I just can't warm up too.

Texas reports first case of Zika likely from local mosquitoes

White House: 'No Evidence' To Support Trump's Illegal Voting Claims

WINNERS of the *****November Photo Contest*****

Elections have consequences. NRA poised to go on the offensive...

The Media is either an Unwitting Pawn of the KGB, or they've colluded with them

*****November Finals are posted in GD*****

State contender Petraeus knowingly leaked secrets to biographer, lied to FBI

Trump has already defeated the news media. And its unclear what we can do about it.

White nationalist Richard Spencers ex-classmates decry him by raising money for refugees

Have Privilege? You can help those who don't.

Paul Nuttall: The new leader of UKIP

We get it, Donald.

Trump Effect: Unhinged customer shouts 'I voted for Trump' & verbally assaults black employees

I have long believed in karma.

Why does James Comey still have a job?

Possibly the most important thing: Dems need to get better at the propaganda wars.

Was that Mercer's daughter I saw meeting Petreaus at the Tower?

How to Deal With the Lies of Donald Trump: Guidelines for the Media

I'm curious how this thread:

Drugmakers Find Competition Doesnt Keep a Lid on Prices

Here are 282 of Donald Trumps campaign promises

Democrats Demand Trumps Tax Returns And An Investigation Into His Conflicts Of Interest

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 29 November 2016

from Chris VanHollen:I call on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to de-escalate the standoff

This was just posted on the Jill Stein FB's a long read.

Understanding the recount - pls read

Michelle Bachmann goes off the deep end...again...

If we truly have a system of "checks and balances"..?

from Chris VanHollen:


The Democratic Party Must Be About The Win

I came close to throwing up in my mail box.

Attacks, threats continue against Colombia rights leaders

Attacks, threats continue against Colombia rights leaders

The GOPs Insanely Reckless Trump Gamble

I Lost Left Foot To Staff 3-2014. I Feel Worse About This Election Than That Loss. Hear Me Out.

Ohio State Attacker Described Himself as a Scared Muslim

Despite Trump, Michigan's biggest utility is phasing out coal

The genius move is to come out as strong as DiBlassio without turning into McConnell

Should Jill Stein ask for a "risk-limiting" audit?

As A President's Health Is Important - Will....

Imprisoned Hastert fights for tax-covered pension

The right wingers in my office are going ape-shit right now.

Potential Trump Pick for Homeland Security Wants to Send up to 1 Million People to Gitmo

Mississippi teacher accused of dragging student is indicted

Three lessons we learned about Steve Bannon from this weekends New York Times and Boston Globe prof

Police shoot, kill person armed with blunt object in Kansas

Luckovich Toon: Trump - Why Not?

What to Cook This Week

Archie Bunker's editorial on gun control.

House Democrats demand Chaffetz probe Trumps finances

is open office still a good program?

So the AP's blog has some new guidelines to handling the "alt-right"

I am getting a recorded call (7 times today) saying my Microsoft has expired

In this election there was no ambiguity where trump stood or what the republican agenda was

KO: why trump is not fit to be president

KO: why trump is not fit to be president

This cannot be said enough...

Two-Mile-Long Melt Lake Forms In 1 Day - But In East Antarctica Rather Than Greenland

Finally! NBC Nightly News described Trump's claims of voter fraud as "baseless"

Trump has jumped the shark

22 Chilling Pictures Of Life At Japanese Internment Camps

Governor orders immediate evacuation of Dakota Access protest camp