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Uh Oh, US investigating leak related to Petraeus case.

No hand-counting of ballots in Wisconsin

It is in the courts!

Trump is ignoring daily intelligence briefings, relying on a number of sources instead

Gen Petraeus was directing events in Benghazi before, during and after the attack.

Trump Is Nuts. He Will Still Be POTUS.

New Facebook post

Potential Trump Pick for Homeland Security Wants to Send up to 1 Million People to Gitmo

Montgomery County postpones certifying election results in face of recount effort

A new study suggests online harassment is pressuring women and minorities to self-censor

Trump hasn't had a news conference since July

With recount questions looming, Allegheny County postpones certifying election results

I've finally found my key to losing weight at age 68 1/2.

Mike Pence just said that a 'number of important announcements' will come from

Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman -- hoping Obama commutes sentence or pardons Gov. Siegelman

Dylann Roof: the case for the death penalty

Who is Most Evil?

Warren in the mix for Judiciary Committee seat

Johnny Manziel broke Austin bar employee's nose, lawsuit alleges

Mass exodus underway from Aleppo as Syrian forces make big gains

Another Fight in the stands at a Miami Dolphins game

The Wisconsin white guys election committee is SAD TODAY - Boo Hoo

Gun Huggers have their knickers in a twist

Is Pence a Dominionist? This guy thinks so.

Chait: Trump's Kleptocracy Is So Astounding It Already Feels Like Old News

"what if jobs are not the solution but the problem?"

The time stamp on post is incorrect on my display

Cat yoga: yes, really

What was that skit where Giuliani is dressed like a woman

A one legged gingerbread man?

The 5:00 report with Robert Reich (that's 5:00 PACIFIC time. Was live.

The same people who are saying the recount will amount to nothing

NYTimes: Donald Trumps Lies About the Popular Vote

Cold War forum game set in 1974

Immigrant stories more vital than ever

Good News from Wisconsin for you..we are hand counting

'Radically Mainstream': Why the Alt-Right Is Celebrating Trump's Win

These 50 Washington doctors received the biggest payments from drug and device makers

Mr. Fish Toon: Then and Now

The recounts are driving Donald batshit. I fully support all recount efforts!

I did it today! My father's grave:

Jill Stein files for recount in Pennsylvania

2 Los Angeles County deputies get prison after jail beating

Board of Elections dismisses election protests from McCrory campaign

JOKE before bedtime

Pennsylvania State Department says Stein missed recount deadline

New Video Link (See Democracy Now Twitter) Bernie Sanders with Amy Goodman - Philadelphia - Nov 28

I have never seen a time when the political situation is so fluid...

Some blacks applaud Castro legacy of racial equality

If I could be along the inaugural parade route

My hats off to Jill Stein. If she can get anything accomplished I'm appreciative.

Bill Belichick destroyed Tim Tebow's NFL dream as only Bill Belichick could

Governor race 2017.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Black Friday! Live, Uncensored & a new kitteh gif

My dream - the recounts show widescale cheating - a disaster of Biblical proportions

Murder charges dropped against New Mexico officer in homeless man's killing

The Man Who Predicted Trump Now Predicts He Will Fail...

Why the Lessons of Loving Are Still Relevant Today

Sources: Tom Price close to being named top health official in Donald Trumps cabinet

A little appreciation for Skinner.

Resettled in the Baltics, refugees flee for wealthier lands

'I'm here because of Fidel': Cubans gather to pay last respects to Castro

'I'm here because of Fidel': Cubans gather to pay last respects to Castro

Historic Woman Photographer Pays Stunning Tribute To Other Historic Women

Donald Trump Son-in-Law Could Face His Own Conflict of Interest Questions

Kris Kobach - the man behind the crosscheck project to deny thousands the right to vote -

*REALLY* my retiring Dem CongressCritter?!1 *This* is the problem.

Postmortem question

Comcast Stock Soars on Belief Trump Will be Industry Ally

Michigan: Why would 87,000 voters leave the presidential race blank?

Another swastika found in Saratoga Springs

Just saying, I hereby notify the world I pledge allegiance to Isis.

One dumb orange antichrist coming up...


If Trump appeals the MI recount, a public hearing will apparently be held...

Trump picks Congressman Tom Price as health and human services secretary

Cargill accounting manager stole 3.1M from agriculture giant

Why did Russ Feingold lose?

Coping with Chaos in the White House (NPD)

*******December's theme is "Inside out"******

Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter Of Ballot Bandits

Trump selects Tom Price as secretary of Health and Human Services, source says

London cafe slammed for deeply offensive items after selling Nutzy smoothie with a swastika on

A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do

More Trump Tweets. This guy has some really serious mental issues or something for sure!!!

Don't look now, but Trump just lost his shit on Twitter

Cruz: Republicans must deliver on repealing ObamaCare

So, I'm listening to NPR this evening and TWICE...

So, Just What If?

*CHALLENGE* - you can't beat this, elleng!1 TCHAIKOVSKY Seranade for Strings!1

Johnny Manziel sued for allegedly breaking nose of Austin bar worker in September

State commits 2.5M to combat underage drinking on campuses

I'm so done with being fucked by the Electoral College.

Massachusetts adopts strict background check rules for Uber, Lyft drivers

Great Barrier Reef scientists confirm largest die-off of corals recorded

Christiane Amanpour: Media's Existential Crisis In Its 'Post-Truth' World

Kellyanne conway

Can someone post the actual Tweets from Cheeto Sporkhands?

Sweets Lounge in Buffalo closed after 3 women are shot there

Video of North Dakota police kicking two water protester women out of restaurant

WTH Koch Brothers Want To SHUT DOWN PRIVATIZE VA. Turn VA Care To Private Insurance Voucher.

Rep. Tom Price---Donald Fucking Trump's catastrophic choice to head HHS

Here is my two cents.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio stripped of all duties.

Poke the DONALD! He's on another Twitter rager!

If Don the Con is tweeting while shitting, is that twitting or sheeting?

Cuba has the lowest HIV transmission rate in the Western Hemisphere. Meanwhile in Miami ...

Montgomery, Allegheny, and Bucks Counties in PA are delaying certification because of Jill Stein.

Trump supporter banned for life after viral tirade on Delta flight to Allentown

When posting Trump Tweets, please include one of the following

Opinions wanted. Should President Obama issue an Executive Order retroactively authorizing Hillary's

I'll give the Strib points for this

Trump campaigned as a champion of coal miners, but Mitch McConnell refuses to rescue their pension

Man imprisoned for black man's beating faces fed hate charge

*Tim Ryan, D Ohio, vs Pelosi for Dem leader, on Lawrence Show.

Pennsylvania's answer to privatizing booze sales? Bigger, better state stores

US authorities seek authors of hateful letters to mosques

Why is Orange DoubleChin Sour Face trolling CNN? What is this landslide it speaks of?

Before the election, Trump targeted PA as a state where the election may be stolen - PROJECTION

Gay Man Attacked by Store Manager... in Front of 4-Year-Old Son: The Faggot Who Voted for Hillary

Feds: Railroads slow to make progress on train technology

Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve needs to raise interest rates soon and often

Please send good thoughts, prayers or vibes to Gatlinburg TN.

Here's how Trump's HHS pick wants to replace Obamacare

California GOP Congressman Darrell Issa narrowly retains seat

Election officials not seeing Jill Stein's recount volunteers in Pennsylvania

I am watching 'You've Been Trumped"

New Cabinet Is Going To Be A Wrecking Crew. Not Sure What We Can Do.

Trump Is Our "Saboteur In Chief". Manchurian Candidate.

Our President Elect Grab them by their P***y...Graphic Warning.

Ohio State attacker said he was 'scared' to pray in public

I'm curious about something. Does anyone recall the President of Mexico saying they'd reclaim land

Borowitz Report : Trump Picks El Chapo to Run D.E.A.

N.J. takeover of Atlantic City spares town from going broke, Moody's says

What do you do with a drunken squirrel?

Once-prominent N.J. attorney has law license suspended

So what is the status

With unemployment under 5% Trump is starting from a very rough position for him

Trump son-in-law praised pal Wildstein for Bridgegate stunt, report says

Did Hillary's VP pick cost her the election?

More police presence in Trenton neighborhoods where 66 shots fired

So, what has DU been listening to post-election? For me it has been

Salon - Forget Jill Steins recount! Its yet another distraction...

Mike Pence Supporter Angry Over Hamilton Protest Charged In Racist Attack On Asian Diner Patrons

Woman Goes On Racist, Pro-Trump Tirade In Michaels Store Over 1 Bag

San Francisco area murder being investigated as hate crime

Community Calls for Hate Crime Investigation Following Assault on Muslim Student at UW

Homeschool mom crushed by moral dilemma after son sees male CoverGirl wearing makeup

Prosecutors charge man with hate crime in assault of Uber driver

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

What happens in N.J. if Trump kills Medicaid expansion?

Inside the municipal court cash machine

Leaning San Francisco tower seen sinking from space

making bet or prediction.

Trump's win has gotten me thinking that I should get involved in my local politics...

Warren calls on Democrats to resist: 'Republicans do not have majority support in this country'

Delaware lottery glitch leads to 2M lawsuit

Socrates predicted the rise of His Trumpness !

Reading Trump's tweets - are we sure the US is not being punked?

Donald Trump, Grow Up! - Randy Rainbow HAMILTON Song Parody

THIS is what I saw with my own two eyes but couldn't post because we were hacked

If Trump Throws American Muslims in Concentration Camps, Trump Inc Will Snatch Up their Property

Hillary Clintons early-voting lead in Florida was mathematically insurmountable

Shrieking Trump Voter Attacks Store Workers for Anti-White Discrimination in Obscene Racist Rant

Our "Commander-in-Chief" -- Oh , God, it sends chills up my spine... War anyone?

Let's take their "Thanks, Obama" for everything that went wrong and turn it into

Attorney General Frosh launches Maryland hate crime hotline

How Stable Are Democracies? Warning Signs Are Flashing Red

One Incredible Cat Saves Three Human Lives in Fire

In the LBN section of the front page, 7 out of the 8 stories are all about hate crimes

How seriously do D.C. police take rape allegations? A Georgetown party raises doubts.

Unknown Sheen on Potomac River Closes Water Intake

To think, Trump has me defending Mitt Romney.

Cat yoga: Felines, humans get zen together in new classes

Dollywood, other Tennessee tourist destinations evacuated due to wildfires

Texas to implement rules requiring burial or cremation of fetal remains

Texas moving forward with budget cuts for disabled kids' therapy services

What will happen if Trumpanzee refuses to divest himself of his business interests?

Florida woman arrested for throwing dog into traffic, then she defecates and urinates in police car

Why Would Trump Leak the thing about being Upset over Conway's comments on Romney

Homeless man found dead in catering truck on UT-Arlington campus, school says

How Jill Stein's Recount Could Backfire

I keep reading that democratic party policies are popular.

Israel to expand fleet of F-35 fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin

Lawmaker wants to crack down on illegal hiring by state contractors

Police: 'Paranoid' H-E-B employee shoots 4 colleagues, killing 1 at South Texas store

Roger Stone: Clinton more likely to face prosecution after recount

Sanders: Republicans Are Threatening American Democracy

Daily Holidays November 29

Brazilian team Chapecoense among those on board crashed plane

Man yelled 'I will kill you' while stomping victim to death outside Wendy's near Parkland Hospital

Could someone on probation head a major Department in the United States?

Kellyanne Conway did a "COMEY" on Mitt Romney in the same

New state economic development official will earn 340,000, 11 percent more than previous CEO

Get in, let's go, there's no time to explain!

Pssssssssssssssst! Security experts join Jill Stein's 'election changing' recount campaign

He paid Chesapeake more than 1,000 in fines for posting signs. Now the city is suing him.

Trump's Personality Disorder Misdiagnosed. He Is Really A Paranoid Authoritarian Psychopath.

Too bad we cannot have a good look at Florida's Voting machines and counts.....

As SE Forests Burn - There Still Is No Such Thing As Global Warming.

Brazilian Soccer Teams Plane Crashes In Colombia; 76 Dead

Black Lives Matter protesters sentenced to five days in jail for blocking Richmond interstate

Liberty University hires former Baylor athletic director who resigned during sexual assault scandal

Actor James Cromwell Blasts Oil Police "Thugs"

Newspaper That Brought Down Theranos Learns Owner Is Major Investor

Associated Press issues guideline how to use the term "Alt-right" in articles:

Astronaut eye problems blamed on spinal fluid

what happens if a president-elect dies before inauguration?

I just heard Michael Steele refer to to Petraeus' trial and plea deal

Governor, legislators 'cautiously optimistic' about state revenues

Trump's DC hotel lease becomes illegal upon his inauguration

Trump claims 'serious voter fraud' in Virginia, but state ally says no 'mass scale' fraud reported

By picking Tom Price to lead HHS, Trump shows hes absolutely serious about dismantling Obamacare

Virginia state police, deputies, cite dire straits in call for raises

Mika ignores Clinton and starts shredding Elizabeth Warren

LePage asks for changes in minimum wage, education ballot initiatives

I see orange man still ranting about losing the PV and cnn. What news is he trying to distract us?

Per Bill Press - Trump Tweets - Burn Flag Should Be Stripped Of Citizenship/Year In Jail.

Freethinker Roger Williams has new role in marketing R.I.

Former Nelson County sheriff sentenced for role in recording incident of ex-rival

The Human Mind On Religion: 'Spiritual Awakening' Activates Same Brain Region As Love, Sex

Georgetown students join protest of potential Trump EPA pick

Matt Taibbi: The 'Washington Post' 'Blacklist' Story Is Shameful and Disgusting

For Trump supporters: Sock Puppets Explain Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan and "Reconciliation"

America once helped rescue the world from fascism.

Hair Fuhrer. I shall call him this from now on.

Happy Birthday Louisa May Alcott: food in "Little Women"

President Elect Trump Tweets on the single most important issue facing us today...flag burning.

Security experts join Jill Stein's 'election changing' recount campaign

Coping with Chaos in the White House (NPD)

Fact-check: Did 3 million undocumented immigrants vote in this year's election?

Petition to House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz: Stand with Rep. Cummings:

Hydrogen in your pocket? Developing portable hydrogen-stored plastic

Early Morning Smell of Fascism - Trump Tweets Citizenship Threat for Flag Burning

Photos: Fight for 15 Nation-wide Strike and Arrests today Nov 29

Twice Kevin McCarthy would not answer the question -if he agrees with Trump that 3 million


Video of a man leaving Gatlinburg is terrifying!

Trump lies about millions of people voting illegally and then blames the media for not finding proof

Fires Force Evacuations In East TN Tourist Towns; Flames Driven By Winds At 70 mph

Trump NS Appointee: Obama Encouraged Terrorism By Attending Paris Climate Summit

"No Longer A Question Of If The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Will Melt, But When"

AP Defines "Alt Right":"In the past we've called such beliefs racist, neo-Nazi or white supremacist"

WV Suing Alpha Natural Resources; Company "Overlooked" 100 Million In Debt In Bankruptcy Filing

Thunderstorm Asthma Outbreak Death Toll Rises To Eight In Melbourne - NYT

European and US workers united in fair pay fight

KT McFarland outed brother to family & ignored him while he was dying of AIDS.

Study - Iconic Yellow Cedar Dying Across 1,500 Square Miles In Temperate BC/AK Rainforest

Over the decades we've gone from Camelot to the Borgias.

Castro lived to see America choose an autocrat.

Hundreds of Chicago O'Hare airport workers go on strike

Julian Assange: Ecuador says no 'quick way out' of embassy impasse

Now our ignorant Pres-Elect says people who burn flag should go to jail or lose citienship!..

7 extremely useful sites and apps to help you organize in Trump's America

Today's Google Doodle: Louisa May Alcott's 184th birthday:

7 extremely useful sites and apps to help you organize in Trump's America


Today's Google Doodle: Louisa May Alcott's 184th birthday:

Your bit of useless information for the day:

The Trump conflicts of interest we can see are just the tip of the iceberg

Trump: "Boycott all Apple Products until..."

Is there a flaw in our Constitution?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Trump toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Castro's complex legacy

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

U.S. GDP Growth Revised Up to Strongest Expansion in Two Years

Inside a Trump Chinese shoe factory

Anand Giridharadas was on morning joe. He was good. Joe horrible

Why can't I remain logged in?

Middle Americas malaise helped Trump to victory, but he has no cure

Stephen King: "Anybody remember THE CAINE MUTINY?"

A white privileged trump voter told me this

In a Cannabis Debate.

Trumps natl security pick outed gay brother dying of AIDS

Coping with Chaos in the White House (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

HRC got more votes. People have spoken. No SCOTUS Pick for Drumpt.

76 dead, five survive crash of Brazilian soccer team's plane

People seem to think Michigan is all industrial and blue. This isn't the case

Cyber Monday Sales Jump, Set to Surpass Initial Estimate

Trump voters *wanted* to be lied to about this.

Jimmy Carter: America Must Recognize Palestine

President Trump Should Thank Catholics

Fidel Castro is dead, but Donald Trump could give Cuba's dictatorship new life

I'm confused. What is the difference between rap and hip hop?

Is Donald Trump Deliberately Making the Worst Possible Cabinet Choices?

Verbal attacks. How could I help my friend. Ideas would be appreciated.

Trumps natl security pick outed gay brother dying of AIDS

It is a mistake to expect an irrational person to act rationally.

A horrific map, Trump 532 EV's, Sec. Clinton 3 EV's (hint, it's the guns)

In Trump's economy, mammas should make sure their babies grow up to be con men

A 1967 experiment turned perfectly normal US teenagers into full-blown fascists within a mere week.

I Believe Trump Is Using Code To Encourage His Supporters To Attack Protesters.

Trump to Nominate Antigay, Antichoice Rep. Tom Price as HHS Secretary

Rural Democrats: Party Ignored Us, Suffered the Consequences

It Is Possible That A Sessions DOJ Will File Charges Against Clinton.

Donald Trump coming to Tristate on 'Victory Tour'

Trump leaning on TV analysts as he staffs the government

We heard all about HRC and her computer server will Chaffetz now look into Trump's Russian Computer?

Top Republican Won't Respond to Call to Probe Trump's Conflicts of Interest

Trump's flag tweet is another distraction

Teen: Trump edited my tweet about CNN

I believe Trump and company are instigating a form of Shock Doctrine

Too soon?

Top GOPers: Sorry Trump, Flag Burning's Protected By The First Amendment

🐦 Nov 29 7-9pm PST - Bernie Sanders in conversation with Sarah Silverman - Glendale, CA

Schumer: Price Leading HHS Like Asking 'Fox To Guard The Hen House'

The Ohio State Attack Will Be Another Log on Trump's Fire

Sheriff 'Pitchfork" Clarke complains of the media like Trump & Meets with him Monday.....

Trump HHS Pick Said Medicare Phaseout Would Pass Next Summer

It is time to take away our government's power to legally kill its own citizens.

Trump's Challenge to American Democracy (John Cassidy, the New Yorker)

FFRF: New location for ODonnells Ten Commandments is legal but disappointing

The "media" is covering his tweets while a city burns, Medicare and Obamacare are about to burn

Guys, I've got to say, I'm sort of terrified right now.

The US election recount is a long shot but the alternative is catastrophe

A Trump supporter told ME this

The word "but" negates everything that comes before it.

The US election recount is a long shot but the alternative is catastrophe - Guardian

Do our Conservative-media Outlets Check with RUSSIA before reporting?

Prison for flag burning only?

How One Woman Left Islam to Campaign for Atheism

Security experts join Jill Stein's 'election changing' recount campaign - The Guardian

Anyone want to make odds on Trump being committed before the inauguration?

Trump wants Tom Price for HSS. Price wants to repeal Obamacare & turn Medicare into a "block grant."

Bernie: "I stand with the workers across the country who are demanding 15 an hour and a union..."

Donald Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Could Face His Own Conflict-of-Interest Questions

Local clerks prepare for presidential election recount - Janesville, Wisconsin

Betsy DeVos, Religion and Taxpayer Dollars for Private School Education

Trump tweets on 'consequences' for flag burning

GOP's Mills to seek recount after narrowly losing northeastern Minnesota congressional race

OK, who's REALLY the President? Trump is too stupid to plan this, so...

War in space: Kamikazes, kidnapper satellites and lasers

Report: Affordable housing doesn't lower the value of nearby homes

Rather than impeach, this is my guess about what will go down.

25 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day And Maybe Even Your Week

has everyone seen the google doodle today? louisa may alcott's ("little women") 184th birthday

Pic Of The Moment: Remember When Chaffetz Promised To Hold The President Accountable?

If the tigers ate the orangutan, don't tell me.

Facebook update from Jill Stein

Rudy Giuliani Married his Cousin...that means he fucked her

DollyWood Threatened By Gatlinburg Fire

Trump hires McConnells wife......

I think the film My Fellow Americans can provide an object lesson for these time.

Kellyanne Conway PUNKED regarding her asinine "landslide" claim.

Robert Reich FB post

Wisconsin just upped their fee to recount from 1.1 million to 3.5 MILLION -trying to block recount

Here's the best interview I found that explains "why we lost". came out when DU was down.

FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump

Keith Ellison Praises Fidel Castro's "Mixed" Legacy: "He Stood Up For Peace And Freedom In Africa"

Michael Steele: Petraeus' conviction for passing secrets to his mistress was a just minor 'hiccup'

Fake Jerry Jones on Eric Church's fake country:

Trump Victory Tour Begins in Ohio Thursday - Shut It Down!

Thank God for the plethora of quality TV shows

Trumps win fuels growth in the ranks of College Republicans

der drumpfenfuhrer on flag burning (and andrew shepard's comment)

Guys, what if the story orange man wants buried is the Standing Rock Sioux story?

Ulster Savings Bank hit with racial-discrimination suit involving mortgages

NC Gov. McCrory dealt blow as Board of Elections orders complaints over voter eligibility tossed...

17 former members of Obama's Administration issued a letter urging him to block or reroute DAPL.

Here's the Best Information I have found on "why we lost". It happened while DU was down. ;)

Pennsylvania voters needed immediately for recount movement

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman mulling 2018 Senate run

Maduro Slams Obama, Hopes for Better Relations with Trump

The danger of following the crazy is that eventually you go crazy also.

When the vast majority of Americans vote for one candidate over another

For A Candidate That Ran Against Establishment Politics - Trump Has In Fact.....

Charlotte-based Premier acquires two health care firms for 325M

Charlotte-area terrorism suspect pleads guilty Tuesday in federal court

Question for Sci Fi fans

100 lbs Big Mac

I'm not on Twitter, but could someone ask Trump

Trump Presidential Library

NC GOP: Durham recount could resolve governors election within days

Pope, archbishop express condolences over Fidel Castro's death

Recount started by Academic Election Activists

Fox host says Trumps new Supreme Court will let him strip citizenship for flag burning

Kristin Chenoweth Reminds Religious Homophobes: "God Is Love"

Disabled People Will Die Under Trump: An Emergency Plea To Allies

Cannot Believe How Many People Knowing They Would Lose Health Care Would Still Vote GOP.

NC legislators face full agenda with public health, Medicaid updates

America set to get even GREATER with addition of beloved Elaine Chao to Sh*tgibbon Elect's Cabinet

Trump Taps Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary

Paul Ryan's four plans to screw America

Key Trump Advisor Making Historical Alberta Stop

"You got a nice media there. Would be a shame if anything happened to it."

I wonder if Trump's supporters are happy with all of the non-establishment picks he's making and


Over 800 post-election hate incidents in the U.S., civil rights group says

Trumps win fuels growth in the ranks of College Republicans

Where is the outrage? TPM - "Still Missing the Horror of Medicare Phaseout"

Cassini spacecraft to begin swansong orbit of Saturn

Wisconsin recount timeline

It has been three weeks

I've noticed some "progressives" seem to think Hillary owes them something

Trump rollback of Obama climate agenda may prove challenging

Trump keeps eye on Romney for State Dept. despite scorn from some loyalists

In Montana, An Unease Over Extremist Views Moving Out Of The Woods

Trumps news source: Alien lizards, fluoride mind control and voter fraud

Sand Creek Massacre--29 Nov 1864

Michaels Trump Rant - Repeat Offender

sand creek massacre--29 nov 1864

Went to the Podiatrist today.......

How the Global Left Destroyed Itself (or, All Sex Is Not Rape)

Chernobyl shelter safely placed over exploded reactor

Today's petitions

You might need this...

Move : Don is a con

since the hack, and my new password-all but 4 of my posts are gone.

Battles to end poverty, inequality will falter in Trump era, experts predict

Trump honed incendiary style from National Rifle Assn.

Sen. Tim Scott says decision to run for governor will come down to 'God, my family and Trey Gowdy'

no more "good reads" forum? I liked that. nt

"This. Is. Not. Normal."

S.C. Senate leader won't become lieutenant governor

Why do voices in people's heads always say mean things? Why don't they ever say nice things?

The real reasons Eastern Washington voted for Trump

US fast-food workers lead day of protest for 15/hour

Donald should be refereed to as "Deceiving Donald"

What is/are the best group(s) to join to fight for SS and Medicare?

Robert Reich was live.

Amazon to close North Charleston warehouse, cut 149 jobs

Caption time

Texas elector quits, says pledge binding and Trump 'not biblically qualified'

Rural America: The real reasons Eastern Washington voted for Trump

some thoughts on 9/11 and 11/9 ( anyone else notice the symmetry?)

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney slams media for racial slur allegations coverage

Chinese fiberglass products firm to break ground on 300 million plant in Richland County

Many people are saying the new issue of Mad Magazine is YOOGE. Many people. They're saying that.

The "working class whites" narrative vs. Alex Roarty's piece. Major conflation going on here.

As if.

trump's bizarre ties to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

"Rural Democrats: Party Ignored Us, Suffered the Consequences" - Rollcall

South Carolina agencies say budget cuts would eliminate hundreds of state jobs, effect schools

Despotism (1946 Film, but might as well be from 70 years later)

I could be misunderstanding but...

Recount Steams Forward As Green Party Files Request In Pennsylvania - PoliticusUSA

Holy Shite - did you just hear that they were speaking Brazil in that last twitter post

Politics is not a straight forward math problem.

New Possible DHS Appointee Would Be Move Toward Police State.

So our president elect doesn't want security briefings

Canada police to punish drink-drivers with Nickelback

Georgia Mosque Gets Same Hateful Letter Also Sent to California Locations

Georgia Democrat files bill to require training for carry permit

Lookin' Good, Mars! ExoMars' First High-Res Photos Are Incredible

Fake News Is Still with Us - Beware and Check for Corroboration

Are we tilting at windmills re: national gun laws?

Our Civics Lessons

I see the Deplorables are still whining that Cali is supplying Hill with her pop vote lead

Ivanka Trump's Terrible Book Helps Explain the Trump-Family Ethos

Motorcyclists For Trump Being Organized To Police AntiTrump Protests.

Chernobyl disaster site enclosed by shelter to prevent radiation leaks

All of Smokies closed due to fire

Russia hackers: German spy chief Kahl warns of election disruption

Gatlinburg fire chief: 'The worst is definitely over'

Kang Colby recently posted 'But, but, 90% of Americans support Universal Background Checks...NOT!'

Trump's Dark Money Cabinet Is Going To Deconstruct The American Dream!

Criminalizing Dissent... This Is How It Begins...

Democracy Now

Bill Richardson on MSNBC pushing Rudy for SoS

I'm reminded of "A Christmas Story" with regard to the recent election.

Culling the Herd

ACA / Obamacare question...Do I need to UN-enroll? I now have health insurance

The Con's election led to 'barrage of hate' report finds Southern Poverty Law Center counts 867 hate

Driver shoots carjacking suspect, police continue to search for others involved

Driver shoots carjacking suspect, police continue to search for others involved

Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election (SPLC)

I'm going to swallow my intrinsic disdain, and join Twitter for ...

NYT op ed - Threatening Cuba Will Backfire

Donald Trump, making encryption popular again Graham Cluley

Texas Officials to Force Burial, Cremation of Fetal Remains

Can someone please point me to the last "Fiscally Conservative" Republican Government?

Have I got a conspiracy theory for you!

In one tweet, Trump trashes two constitutional amendments

Well it appears that Trump just got Trumped.

E Trumpus Corruptus

What's for Dinner, Tues., Nov. 29, 2016

Death Panels

Goodbye ACA and look out Medicare

My favorite indie cafe in my little town was vandalized last night.

Now you know why the turtle supported Groper Don the Con

As is often said about criminals and guns -

Who should have been the democratic party nominee for president?

In case you missed it, Amanpour's award speech.

From Tim Wise on Facebook about rise of Trump and white nationalism, and blaming "identity politics"

Paul Ryan's laying the ground work to destroy Medicare. Our only chance to maintain our promise to s

Pat Robertson: Angry Daughter Probably Just Having Her Period

Metro staff recommend closing at 11:30 weekdays, 1 am on weekends

So about that Medicare waste of money


They will starve the Government with outrageous tax cuts

Flags have been through worse...

Why is Trump still doing Rallies? "Rally Scheduled on Thurs"

Most of the republicans in Congress I believe claim to be Christian.

Bush Years Were Horrible. Trump Years Will Be Terrorizing. Don't Know How We Will Stand It.

Electoral College on trial-Verdict?

Well, this warning came too late ...

San Francisco's official response to Trump - MUST READ!

Re: Tennessee wildfires

the software is stripping out symbols from the thread title

how long will Roe v. Wade & PP v. Casey last?

Countdown Clock: 125 Days Since The Orange Dingleberry Has Held A Press Conference.

Oklahoma Pastor rips apart the fake religiosity of Trump supporters.

Three Words: California. Democratic. Supermajority.

If Democrats stand united, it only takes three Republicans to reject Price Nom

Trump good for microbrew, newspaper sales

Here is another pic which we must not circulate......way too many chins

Winona LaDuke - "The Beginning is Near:"

The media's coddling of racist white people is getting a little sickening.

I'm a shrink. Here's what I think.

Dear News Editors: As long as Americans are dying in combat, tweets are NOT NEWS!!!

Move two state borders and Hillary Clinton wins

Women should bury or burn their menstrual pads


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) plays the GFY card on Trump's conflicts of interest

New Fabrication Technique Leads to Broader Sunlight Absorption in Plastic Solar Cells

Congressmen Demand Meeting with Obama to Discuss Human Rights Violations at NoDAPL

Victories for Gun Safety in 2016: Gabby & Mark on the 2016 Elections

When you "privatize" something, doesn't that mean that you have to show a profit?

Climate change affects Swedish reindeer herding and increases tularemia

Arizona students ruin Jewish teens birthday party with swastika cupcakes because its funny

Trump to appoint Medicare privatizer as Secretary of Health & Human Services (PETITION)

Who should be DNC Chair? my vote is

Paul Ryan Lays Out His Top Four Priorities For When Trump Takes Office

Re SS and Medicare

Is this for real?

Governor-Elect Holcomb

I wonder if any of these protesters voted for Trump?

Brazilian soccer teams plane crashes in Colombia; 76 dead

The upcoming nazi attacks

Now the media is chasing the flag comment. Suckers!

my local news (nashville, tn) reported that trump spoke to our gov and he is 'pledging his support'

Federal research for embryonic stem cells

FB message from Hamilton Electors

White House dismisses Trump claim that flag burners should be imprisoned

Glowing Crystals Can Detect, Cleanse Contaminated Drinking Water

Internet Archive putting database in Canada to keep it from Trump

Putin brings China's Great Firewall to Russia in cybersecurity pact

Reproductive rights groups condemn Trump's nominee for health secretary

Reproductive rights groups condemn Trump's nominee for health secretary

Looking ahead to 2020

What Populism? Trump's America Is Party Time for the Corporate Elite

Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward Snowden's 'untenable exile'

Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward Snowden's 'untenable exile'

This from Daily Kos: Let's Ruin Trump's Cincinnati Victory Rally

Where is Dick Cheney?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Steven Mnuchin Is Donald Trumps Expected Choice for Treasury Secretary

In terms of how seriously Trump team takes Morning Joe, both co-hosts said to be at Trump Tower toda

Ohio: An Atheist Finds (Some) Reasons to Believe in Her Old Church

Haiti: violent protests erupt over presidential election result

So, I just turned the A/C on.

Why do religious extremists attack art?

Single parents would face tax increase under Trumps plan, experts say

Against their own best interests.

Hillary Clinton files motion in support of hand recount in Wisconsin

The big fight in 2017 will be Medicare, Medicare, Medicare.

Standing Rock protesters hold out against extraordinary police violence

Street Artist Delivers Powerful Message To White America

Ohio State University attacker may have self-radicalized, officials say

Profile of the Sociopath (Just for reference)

In a nod to the working man,Team Trump offers donors an inauguration package for only 1,000,000

Trump Appoints Two Anti-Net Neutrality Advocates To Oversee FCC Transition

Carfentanil linked for 1st time to drug overdose death, B.C. police say

Chuck Todd just now on MTP Daily "... we wont "balance" ....facts " when it comes to President Putin

We are the Silent Generation

So here's the quandry..........

North Carolina man pleads guilty to plotting Islamic State attack

Sheriffs Across US Refusing to Send Police and Equipment to DAPL as Outrage and Costs Grow

Charles P. Pierce: Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Hinges on American Stupidity. Prove Him Wrong.

U.S. appeals court to hear gay workplace discrimination case

Stein's campaign has wired 3.5M to Wisconsin for the recount.

Assad, allies aim to seize all Aleppo before Trump takes power: official

who's going to be in D.C.

Dear Trump Supporter Who Sent Me Hate Mail For Being A Stupid Jewish Faggot

"Trump Vows To Protect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid" -

Here's where you sign up for Trump's Ohio rally heh heh

Sanders Statement on the 21st Century Cures Act

Trump needs to admit he was lying during the campaign or appoint HHS secretary who will protect SS

Forbes-5 ways to shut down a narcissist (3 years old but very relevant)

Students Have 'Dismaying' Inability To Tell Fake News From Real, Study Finds

Hahahahaha oh it's not funny but it is.

Christmas Items I Will NOT be Watching This Year

Spurned Georgia man gets 3.5 years for Florida bomb threats

Artist In Santa Rosa Builds Tiny Houses For Homeless

Kansas Judge Rules Sperm Donor Not on Hook for Child Support

Trump calls for jailing, revoking citizenship of flag-burners

Disaster loans approved for Georgia victims after hurricane

GOP Prepares for House Vote on Medical Research Bill

GOP Prepares for House Vote on Medical Research Bill

Kellogg to join others in removing advertising on Breitbart

Aaannnd there goes the Treasury post, to Goldman Sachs (eyebleach needed for pic)

Jill Stein's recount campaign has just over 500k to reach 7 million goal

Trump expected to name billionaire Wilbur Ross commerce secretary 18 Mins Ago Reuters

Trump Not The Only Psychopath The Entire GOP In Congress And The Cabinet Are Too.

Pact Resolves ACLU Suit Over Protest Arrests in Baton Rouge

Minnesota Terror Defendant Gets Sentence Reduced to 10 Years

The topic is Hernan Cortes. Ask me anything

Ground broken on new cyber command headquarters at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia

Ground broken on new cyber command headquarters at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia

Scammers targeting business customers of Georgia Power Company

Remember Trump telling his crowds that this would be the last election?

Conservative Dem leads Senate charge against Price for HHS

Lawmakers Drop Plan Requiring Women to Register for Draft

Lawmakers Drop Plan Requiring Women to Register for Draft

A point about swamp draining

For 1 million and up, inaugural donors will get candlelight dinner with Trump and other access