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We should be happy Comey sent his letter when he did.

Alabama - LSU

My arm hurts. And it’s Trump’s fault.

Not AJ Delgado of the Gish Gallop on MSNBC!!!?

Remember, remember, the 5th of November: the Gunpowder Treason and Plot

Steve Schale: Notes on the 11th day of early voting in Florida

Who is this woman on MSNBC right now?!?!?

Iowa Poll: Trump opens 7-point lead over Clinton

***** LIVE Stream - Hillary in Philadelphia

Trick or Treat: Halloween at the White House 2016.

Nation’s Still-Undecided Voters: ‘Help, We Can’t Get Our Car Seatbelts Off’

Trump spkr attacks election officials for keeping polls open in Nevada so a certain group could vote

DC Craigslist: GOP staffer seeks DNC staffer for passionate election night hate sex - m4w

AJ Delgardo is on Chris Hayes trying to con Bernie voters.

Indeed - King Coal - America's energy source

One hour special with AJ Delgardo and Chis Hayes, Rachel Maddows please... No commercials

Nate Silver Is Unskewing Polls — All Of Them — In Trump’s Direction

Ari Fleischer will not vote for Trump

Cuban-Americans in Florida are now voting for Trump; many angry at Obama's policy on Cuba


I don't want to punch Trump.

Help me understand

Man! AJ Delgado was on Chris Hayes' program a little while ago and she makes...

Globe and Mail: Follow the money to see why Putin wants a Trump victory

The Onion: Nate Silver Gunned Down Attempting To Cross Mexican Border With All 2016 Polling Data

Remember back in 2012 when all we heard about was how many Mormons are in Nevada?

Poll: Clinton holds a 6-point lead in Pa.; Senate race remains tight

Help your Republican friends out.

How to deal with the deplorables....

Prayers please for Johnnyringo in the hospital tonight.

National poll finds Clinton, Trump virtually deadlocked

Just finished canvassing in Trumbull Country Ohio-awesome experience.

Chairman of NV GOP States Polls should not be kept open late so that "Certain People" can vote video

Fearing a Trump presidency, they traveled from Europe to help Clinton's campaign

Wow Chicago, what do you say?

Cat sitting help

Rain cuts short important Clinton stop in Florida

Latest Iowa Poll is Bull Shit. Hillary leads women with only + 3, Trump leading under 35 olds by + 5

Black apathy key to Trump's poll success

Ivanka Trump Made A Big Order From A Top Jeweler. Their Response Is PRICELESS

California chrome 2nd in the Breeders Cup.......

Trump campaign endears themselves to Hispanic voters yet again

Just saw Dr. Strange today.

Over 1M of 4.5M registered voters in Massachusetts have early voted.

I voted for Clinton like my life depends on it

538 Senate control chances down 12% in 3 days? WTF?

Habla y Vota

Let's do this!!!

OMG. . .these cartoons from the Miami Herald are awesome!

msnbc. fight going on at trump rally

Could the SEPTA strike be an obstacle in winning PA?

Go to msnbc crazy shit

Trump rushed off stage....

HBO - get out the vote - President Selina Meyer

What will be known by tonight? tomorrow night and Monday night about the election?

I'm on an alternating roller coaster of excited, optimistic and anxious


Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage in Nevada; Cause Unclear

72 Hours

Trump hurried off stage by Sec Serv— via msnbc

Trump skulks. Back and forth. Like an animal.

Just found this thinking about Randy Newman.

Less than 72 Hours

Any millenials here?

A Guy In A Trump Shirt Carried A Gun Outside Of A Virginia Polling Place

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Trump gets rushed off stage by Secret Service during rally in Nevada as

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Clinton Foundation: Time for Truth About Its Work!

Clinton to Air Two-Minute Ad on Election Eve

Trump Stunt Infomercial 2.0..

Different Drum - today's take-a-breathe

My Imaginary Opponent

My Imaginary Opponent

Putin by Randy Newman link to You Tube video

The Dumbing Down of America: Who Lit the Fuse?

Trump Rushed Off the Stage

Just got an email from Lyft.

Looked like a big white guy with military style crew cut being taken out of trump event.

Trump rushed off stage during rally

Anti-LGBT Robocall Attacks Skinner

For 538 watchers

Hey Rachael Maddow, when you were so sympathetic to Brent Baier when he appologized

MCNBC Micheal Moore spreading gloom and doom nt

Trump rushed offstage by Secret Service at rally in Nevada

Love Trumps Hate, NC edition

Is Mike Pence Honestly Stupid, Stupidly Honest or Just Stupid? No he’s Deadly Stupid

Is Mike Pence Honestly Stupid, Stupidly Honest or Just Stupid? No he’s Deadly Stupid

My current election projection: HRC 323 to Trump's 215. Overall popular vote spread = 5.9%.

Reforming democracy

Samy | The Briefing

Local Digest: Man with gun and mask arrested near White House

Tim Kaine press bus in an accident. Not know if anyone was hurt.

No FBI murder/suicide/emails thingie - just fake news disinfo to manipulate the election

A Degüello - Slit Throat. See you on Taco Tuesday, Trump. nt

Long lines as Ohio casts ballots, but battle for nation is elsewhere

CM and Wolf's interviews with Guilliani. caught in a lie

The campaigns have better polls..

I love this Jay Leno interview with Hillary from 2000

***Reuters poll (RV) Nov 3 HRC +7.3 (4-way)***

NO weapon at Trump rally disturbance. Secret Service reacted to someone yelling "Gun!"

Regarding the SEPTA strike, this is why our union movement in this country is in trouble.

Man walking near White House with firearm prompts lock down..

These long lines waiting to vote are absurd. They really need to do something like

Im calling it: Staged

When hearing said a nasty word ...

Missouri governor candidates tailor ads to local markets

Kaine bus WAS hit by a cop car - the bus did not stop and

AJ Delgardo is back really.... and she is having fun with the host...

Secret Service shields Trump from man with a sign

I’ll say it again. Voting for Jill Stein? Don’t.

Who likes Westworld?

The Year White People Will Become a Minority in America Has Been Declared

Wait a minute! WTF is going on!!!????

Sidenote on dipshit rally in Reno. Was it in a basement? If so fitting place for him

Shirt I saw while I was GOTV phone banking this afternoon

Clinton campaign closing ad: "Roar"

Election polling increasingly unreliable - We can hope for a Hillary landslide

Hillary Cooking for Real, nothing like Wikileaks spell-casting cooking...

Law enforcement official tells CNN NO weapon was found related to the incident in Reno & Trump

this has nothing to do with the election

Mother Jones: We Can't Stop Clicking on This Donald Trump Scandal Generator

Woman sends Sen Toomey a present (you'll like this)

xp—Woman sends Sen Toomey a present (you'll like this)

WHN News: Donald Trump has AIDs

Stupidparty wants to suppress knowledge and force Public Education into becoming a propaganda...

Man arrested at rally was holding "Republicans Against Trump" sign

From Tulsa to Baltimore: “Racism is Not Dead”

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix, AZ for HRC on Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sisterhood is powerful!

Clinton looks to reinforce Michigan as internal polls tighten

Privatizing highways? Killing climate change funding to give tax breaks to wealthy?

Republicans lie 1000% more than Democrats.

Bernie Sanders in Las Vegas, NV for Catherine Cortez Masto on Sunday, November 6, 2016

So just to recap:

Obama’s popularity grows by the day.

Stats nerds: two competing interpretations of polling data

Retired admiral endorses Clinton

It is time to Kill off Stupidparty—it is Time to Mess with Texas

Early voting turnout in Wake County, NC (Raleigh) breaks records

New Book: "The Art of The Feel."

It is time to Kill off Stupidparty—it is Time to Mess with Texas

Minimum wage advocates question Husted's role in ballot issue

A Bit More Annoyed at 538 Now

Colorado State Senator Confronted By Shotgun Wielding Trump Supporter during GOTV Effort.

Chelsea Clinton will be in 5 towns in Pennsylvania on Sunday, Nov 6, 2016

NYT - Hillary Clinton Appears to Gain Late Momentum on Surge of Latino Voters

Comey is nothing more than a Trump shill...

Trump looks like a WEak Old Man in the Secret SERvice Video

Military guard at Trump Reno Rally.. What you may not know

Did you donate to any candiates in this election season?

Ex-Mississippi Prisons Chief to Be Jailed Until Sentencing

Obama in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Monday, November 7, 2016

More than 101 Stupidparty Myths Debunked

Obama in Durham, New Hampshire on Monday, November 7, 2016

Tough leaders stand their ground..

Comment by Sam Wang today: Confidence is associated with increased turnout

Akron man facing 24 charges for allegedly crashing into police vehicles claims insanity

Pathetic Trump Campaign Manager Admits They’re Fine Cheating and Lying to Win (Video)

Early voting should not be underestimated. That was Hillary's strategy in

Police: No threat to city after ISIS logs onto G-TV webcam on Chardon Square

I am Seriously Worried We Might Lose Michigan

SNL cold open is HILARIOUS....heads up those in the west do not miss it! nt

Great news!! Alabama beat LSU!

After the Florence Flood: Saving Vasari’s ‘Last Supper’

Nevada Republican state chair insults Hispanics 72 hours before General Election

Have I mentioned today how awesome George Takei is? :D

How far off were the 2012 polls?

GOTV in OH is amazing, we will win here, no way this effort will go waste

Trump is contagious! The Secret Service Grabbed Themselves a PU**Y!

S**t Just Got Real | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

How HB2 Led To This North Carolina Lawmaker Coming Out As Bisexual

Hillary holds 5 point lead in new ABC News poll

No one is talking about Georgia but yet it appears very close in a poll last week + good early vote

**Major Breaking News: ABC/WP Tracking poll just out-Clinton surges to 48-43 lead

There was a fake assassination attempt on the fake billionaire ...

Roar - Hillary Clinton ad

Matt Lauer deceptively pitches Shinola partnership as providing scholarships to needy Detroit kids

Who were the "military guys"?

Spike in Latino participation leads increased absentee turnout in VA.

"Just to be clear"... Sam Stein on Nevada Early Voting

Best electoral college map yet (from snopes)

What if congress was your co-worker.

Hillary Clinton and Obama in Michigan on Monday, Bill Clinton on Sunday

Here's what happened to Austyn Crites, the man who raised a "Republicans Against Trump" sign

L̶e̶o̶p̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ Cheetahs at Pete's Pond---they're gone now.

Any chance Comey smites Giuliani for the FBI leaks which he as been touting?

Man with "Republicans Against Trump" sign beaten at Trump rally, Trump incited fight

Trump campaign telling people in Denver someone tried to murder him in Reno

Question for any of you out there with a new vehicle...

Watching SNL skit with Cubs players and Bill Murray

Donald Trump Jr. and top aide retweet baseless allegation of assassination attempt

Eric Greitens attacks Chris Koster over ad featuring Barack Obama

Do they still let you know the results of a jury?

Bill Maher and panel: David Frum, Jennifer Granholm, Martin Short (full)

Full interview with Austyn Crikes, the supporter who said he was attacked by Donald Trump supporters

Trump has totally lost his mind if he....

Trump has a new accuser

I turned one!


I bought five of these

Fall BACK!

If you're in Philly, there are free rides via Uber and Lyft to the polls on Election Day

Tim Kaine: Some FBI Employees Are ‘Actively Working’ To Help Trump

SNL Hillary and Trump tonight's episode 11/5/16

@LOLGOP He's not only the most dishonest person ever to seek the presidency. He may be the first

Trump campaign hypes fake ‘assassination attempt’

Please see samplegirl's thread on JohnnyRingo.

2012 Cardenas Line. Nevada, Poor Evidence of Hispanic Turnout. May be LOW. GOT-Hispanic-V

Donald Trump effigy burned during U.K. Bonfire Night

Trump protester: I was beaten for holding a 'Republicans against Trump' sign

Jerry Springer was right ...

Fl. senate; Murphy is in striking distance of Rubio

We Are Going To WIN!!!!!!!! Stop with the naysaying you horrible pessimists and trolls

Trump plans to finish campaign Monday in Grand Rapids with Nugent

Did you feel at times that Obama was too nice?

More votes cast in Hidalgo County, TX than voted in all of 2012

In Reality No Decent Person Would Ever Vote For Trump Or GOP.



Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt Announce Benefit Concert At Standing Rock To Stand In Solidarity

Great going Huskies!!!!!

There are a lot of votes yet to be cast. Around 40+ million are in the ballot boxes, but

How many American voters recently got letters like this?

Contaminated strawberries served in some Lansing area restaurants

Makers of fetanyl & synthetic thc donated $500,000 in AZ prohibition campaign

Man who chained woman inside container in South Carolina confesses to four murders

Have a look at some of Trump's security people.

DON'T FORGET ... TO TURN your clock BACK an hour tonight at 1am!

In the '60 campaign, JFK called for Martin Luther King's release from jail.

Good article by Ralston to counter the post on Nevade here

Voting early? How about a 5-hour wait?

Bayh will repay taxpayer money spent on Indy hotel

Nerd War - Nate Silver v. Sam Wang v. Drew Linzer - Electoral Vote Projection (11/6/16)

Judge OKs Sherwin Alumina plant closure agreement

Judge OKs Sherwin Alumina plant closure agreement

Locked-out South Bend Honeywell workers will vote on contract proposal

ocked-out South Bend Honeywell workers will vote on contract proposal

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate recovering after stroke

Catholic for Hillary Clinton.

Monroe County poll workers' paychecks missing information

Indiana legislation directly impacts hunting economy

Trump rally in Denver Sat. evening:

Muncie officials told state about county's error, jeopardizing $1M

Dog stuff: this gif has me watching it over and over....

Not only does Trump insult everyone else...he insults white men, by false association.

Man near White House with firearm prompts lockdown

Ryan-Trump relationship awkward to the end

State forests to see more cutting

Trump appearing with Nugent: Who called it?

Turn Back Time

I have 4 analog watches, 3 digital watches...

Johnson, Feingold make last frantic pushes

Saudi student at UW-Stout dies after assault

Positive Election News-ONLY thread.

Lowkey Feat. Mai Khalil- Ahmed

Boyle Heights activists protest art galleries, gentrification

I’m an Arab and I’m with her

State pays $300K to youth prison inmate for foot injury

Early vote Latino up from 2012: 100 % up in Florida, 60 % up in NC, 25 % up in Colorado and Nevada.

Tim Kaine: Some FBI Employees Are ‘Actively Working’ To Help Trump

Fucking Trump accuses Dem for voter fraud in Nevada: long lines kept poll location open to 10

Minnesota State Capitol is scaffolding-free and shiny

Trump Just Told The Truth . . . Two horrifying policy announcements (Huffington Post)

University of Minnesota student's story ignites broader fight against rape

Daily Holidays November 6

Sheriff: Man killed at least 7, confesses to 2003 slayings

At its core, this election is simply about saving angry white males from themselves...

Bernie Sanders Speaks to Overflow Crowd at Colorado College After Speech 11-5-2016

Scotland and others expected to join Brexit legal challenge: lead claimant

Bernie Sanders at Colorado College 11-5-16 speaking to the Overflow Crowd before Speech

Election judges’ question about state election rules under advisement

It was staged by the crowd - man with ReTHUGs against Groper Don the Con sign

Nevada GOP Chairman Laments That ‘Certain Groups’ Got More Time To Vote

Maltreatment complaints surge for Minnesota nursing facilities

Iowa landowners on pipeline work: 'They show no respect'

Montreal’s number of ‘working poor’ rises dramatically

Yelling out "Hes got a Gun"

No-party voters, GOP defectors could help Democrats, Harkin says

It was Scary when Bill Maher said Giuliani would head the FBI under trump

Illinois election judge allegedly sent dead husband's ballot (yes, he voted for Trump)

United Way event looks at working poor

A fair depiction of the worst case scenario

Real estate heir Robert Durst in California to face murder charge

Two Samoan women at the center of national politics

Samoa police officer fined after wife rats him out

Feds to review Northern Marianas Islands economic activity

Photo: Supporters from Osaka, Japan joined the Water Protectors at Standing Rock #NoDAPL

GOOD Morning - HuffPost Pollster 11/6-AM

Update: North Carolina News Anchor Grips Handcuffs During Election Polling Segment

Sunday's Doonesbury - Board Game

Man arrested in theft of laptops from Clinton staffers in Northern Liberties

I can think of no Republican (except Trump) who disgusts me more than Kellyanne Conway; therefore

This site has become my salvation.

Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump Gets Cozy With The KKK, FBI And Putin On ‘SNL’

Nevada GOP Chairman Laments That ‘Certain Groups’ Got More Time To Vote

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tale Of The Tape Edition

Hillary Clinton Appears to Gain Late Momentum on Surge of Latino Voters

James Taylor to perform at Hillary Clinton's rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Sunday night,

Texas voter turnout is huge this year. But here's who doesn't vote.

46 nicknames Sam Bee bestowed upon ‘crotch-fondling slab of rancid meatloaf’ Donald Trump

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine jams with Bon Jovi in St. Petersburg

Is that the best Trump can do..

X-Post from Non Fiction because "The Boys in the Boat" reads like a novel

Criticized by Candidates, Comey Has Tense Days Ahead After Election

Final poll: Clinton leads Trump by 3 as voters lock in

Florida man who spit on officer: 'Don't you know who my dad is?'

Trump-Clinton? Charter Schools Are the Big Issue on Massachusetts’ Ballot

ABC interviewed the man who was apprehended at the Trump security stunt

The danger of having someone both evil minded and not smart in power

Imagining America on Nov. 9 - By the Editorial Board of the New York Times

Florida Man Reportedly Bites Hole In A Woman’s Chin After She Refused His Sexual Advances

Hen Mazzig on the UCL protest: "They were shouting 'intifada' - we were petrified"

ABC News Tracking Poll: HRC up by 5

********ALERT******* BLUE OHIO CLINTON 48 TRUMP 47

'': WikiLeaks shows Emanuel's use of personal domain

Columbus Dispatch: Clinton 48, Trump 47 in Ohio

(Medgar) Evers nominated for Presidential Medal of Freedom

Trump inspires conspiracists in his camp, ramps up distrust

This Is My Song For The Next Few days

Rep. Tammy Duckworth plays it safe in U.S. Senate bid

Clinton leads by five points nationally as Trump personality concerns persist, Post-ABC Tracking Pol

A river of lost souls runs through western Colorado

In final Colorado push, Trump urges supporters to hand-deliver ballots

No Weapon Found But Trump Son And Aide Spread False Rumor Of 'Assassination Attempt'

The guy with the sign that SCARED Trump - posted about it on Facebook

"The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics"

After decades on disability, cops are put back to work

The dirty little secret of the Trump campaign is that no one really likes him

🐦 Sen. Bernie Sanders to Host Rally for Prop. 61, Hollywood Palladium, Sun. Nov. 6 @ 7pm

Need any added inspiration?

Calm Down! Hillary Clinton’s Closing Strong

"Entitled" does not begin to describe the level of arrogance on display.

Sentencing delayed for man who defrauded bank

Hipchick's gif..

Secret Service says no gun involved in Trump rally commotion

Trump leading Hillary +1 in latest IBD/TIPP national poll. T taking independents by + 9

Mailer depicts Illinois lawmaker naked, police investigate

Sorensen pleads guilty to wire fraud; sentencing in March

What is it with Trump folks and grabbing crotches?

Kurtis Blow Is Recovering From Heart Attack

Dispatch Poll: Clinton-Trump race too close to call in Ohio Clinton 48% Trump 47%

Final Morning Consult/Political Poll: HRC: 45% Trump: 42% Johnson: 8% Stein: 4%

Trump who says Clinton's celebrity endorsements are demeaning---will appear with Ted Nugent today

Steve Schmidt Offers Trump Advice: Spend Some Serious Time Preparing A Concession Speech

Where the candidates and surrogates are today--

Eric Greitens attacks Chris Koster over ad featuring Barack Obama

Leading governor candidate in Puerto Rico wants US statehood

I'm Sick Of All The Yay-Sayers

The Pope Francis against Donald Trump?

Are Ohio Republicans beating Democrats in early voting?

The Walking Dead 7.3 "The Cell" (spoiler alert)

When a thread does stink let it sink

Clinton leads by five points nationally as Trump personality concerns persist, Post-ABC Tracking Pol

Thanks, NYT. No, really.

Clinton +1 in Ohio poll

AJ Delgado is really subdued today...

I'm wondering if the Russians are monitoring DU.

Kansas judge rules against Kris Kobach in voter registration case

Jay Sidie told to leave after concern about electioneering too close to early voting site

538 has what looks like a best case scenario map for Trump up and Clinton still wins 65-35.

"...other people were grabbing at my balls": Sexual assault at Trump rally. Why am I not surprised?

Christie Was a ‘Puppeteer’ Who Knew All, Says Bridgegate Juror

Georgia shatters early voting record

Obama strikes back at Toomey who put him in campaign ad

Palestinians make a play for Dead Sea Scrolls at UNESCO

Here's a long-shot hope for control of the House I'd like to entertain

Missouri governor wins another round in high-profile spat over public defender funding

As a result of the fed. voting rights WI lawsuit...early voting limits struck down-Now RECORDS SET..

Hillary doesn't give up on Dad's.. In A Sunday Night Football Ad Blitz

What happened when I tried to document why Trump was taken off stage..

Where Would You Move??

Lackluster revenue figures could greet Missouri's next governor

Fox News making the case for voter intimidation right now.

Trump campaign and Republicans paid $1.8m to companies mired in voter fraud claims

Game of Thrones author backs Clinton and explains how her attack ads are different

Let's be serious

Today's Google Doodle: VOTE!

Chill out time - John Isner v Andy Murray

This is the man who was ejected from the rally, sparking panic. He was holding a sign: "Republicans


Branson grapples with the rise of pay-by-the-week hotels — and the crime that came with it

Latino voting surge rattles Trump campaign

Wanted: Dinkoist bride for Dinkoist groom

Very difficult to objectively call this one..

Final national NBC/WSJ poll of '16 race HRC +4 - +5

Tomato or no tomato?

So Trump's going to Minnesota two days before the election?

Should doctors be allowed to bring their religion to work?

Jury awards $3M to family in 2011 Ferguson stun gun death

38 martyrs killed by the Communist regime beatified in Albania

Josh Marshall: Who Knows What

Class ring back where it belongs - in Oklahoma

Today's Google Doodle: Where to VOTE!

This is beyond irresponsible. "Trump campaign hypes fake ‘assassination attempt"

Trump's Base...

Swing state report

Jake Tapper asked Kellypolls if Trump fans should be tweeting that it was an assination attempt. She

Marc Fisher: We already know what Donald Trump does when he loses: He acts like it never happened.

Oh geez...why does chuck Todd have Gingrich on MTP

Michigan’s Republican civil war — and the nation’s: The remaking of the GOP has begun

So, When CALIFORNIA passes the marijuana referendum.... Should I invest in a bong??

What will the undecideds do in the endgame? Some national polls are showing many undecideds.



Hillary and the Latino vote.

"The attack on the judges is shameful. It strikes at the very heart of our democracy"

Ann Coulter: Melania looks beautiful in clothes, will be a lovely, adorable Jackie O First Lady

Watch "State of the Union" on CNN later this morning. Jake Tapper is beating the crap....

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 8: Norman Lloyd's 102nd Birthday

Federal prosecution puts spotlight on Kansas gun law

Abortion foes seek to unseat Kansas Court of Appeals judges

This election will determine where the country stands on race, sexism, abortion, and labor rights,

Should Ammunition Buyers Face Background Checks? California's Voters Will Decide

Is Christie Free And Clear Or Does He Have Problems Related To Bridgegate?.....

There are more of us!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 9: To Tell the Truth

Swimming fish.

Amazing interview with the "Republican against Trump" from the rally ruckus last night.

Stanford engineers set record for capturing and storing solar energy in hydrogen fuel

Today is huge "Souls to the Polls" Sunday voting day in states like Florida and Ohio. Big turnout m

Bill Weld

Franken going after FBI and Comey : "there will be hearings"

Are you worried?

Ralston Final : It's that time of year: My predictions for NV on Tuesday. I see a blue wave coming.

“All you got to do is pull it up on the Internet,”

Polling Spanish Speakers is Hard. Obama Outperformed Polls In Latino Heavy States in '12

CBS battlegrounds Poll Ohio: Trump 46-Clinton 45 Florida: Clinton 45-Trump 45

How debt works for the 1%:

JEEZUZ - Life mirrors movie "DEAD ZONE"

A Guy In A Trump Shirt Carried A Gun Outside Of A Virginia Polling Place.

Trump At 43%. Embarrassing, Sickening, Unacceptable.

Charlie Cook predicts that we will control the Senate

Even Karl Rove

Trump supporters FEELING THE COLD!

HRC Is Leading In A Greater Portion Of Polls Than Obama Was In The Last Two Elections

HRC winning college educated whites...

Clinton also leads Trump by 12 points among respondents who said they had already voted, 51-39.

Yahoo's lead story right now is about DT's alleged affair w/ Playboy bunny.

I'm taking it *waaay* too literally, but "Drain the swamp" is a very dumb slogan

This election is a referendum if we should legalize racism and sexism as public policy

Delusions of Grandeur at JPR? You decide...

Weekend Update: Chicago Cubs and Bill Murray - SNL

Did I miss it or did the Pgh. Post-Gazette.........

If anyone you know is interested in actively supporting our downticket candidates: link from Our Rev

Coward assholes. Yelling fire in a crowded theater is illegal.

Daylight Savings Time

Holy Sh*t America - You've Got To Vote

Hillary Clinton Is Leading In A Greater Portion Of Polls Than Obama Was In The Last Two Elections

It’s OK to take a ballot selfie in Colorado, judge rules

Predictwise up to 87%


Anybody here love Lee Roy Parnell?

My evangelical relatives are not voting for Trump

Today's Doonesbury updates Trump's board game for 2016

The Art of the Con

What I would like to see happen on 11/9

Fareed Zakaria on CNN. sorry put the wrong name in

Early voters

The National Enquirer online poll shows Trump - 68% and Clinton - 32%. Should I worry?

Comments for:*****November’s contest “Almost Anything” *****

No matter if it was hoax or an attempt to do harm?


Justice for Kellyanne Conway

Trump running TV ads in Alabama!

Ted Nugent is a really really awful guy.

After the election, do think we will find some GOPeers with whom we can work?

Tonight wasn't the first Trump assassination attempt. This eagle almost took him out a while back...

Meet the Press and Face the Nation both started with DEMs

Big government is the new West Coast craze

Yay! Lots of Xmas commercials popping up on the TV machine!

Philly Transit Strike: Worry or not?

Where are the Sunday LOL Cats? I looked and can't find them.

From 'Germany' to America

Why weren't the deplorables who beat the slightly less deplorable

The NFL is getting killed by the election will it have a hang over?

I want to say thank you to all of the early voters


Trumporkalus - New Hybrid

"Remember when" thread for older DU people.

According to forcasts it looks like Miami-Dade will take a direct hit from Hurricane Trump

Austyn Crites mentioned in Wikileaks

For my friend Emily, an undecided voter

Ominous sign for Trump campaign?

FTN's Dickerson calls the attack on Reno protestor a "dust-up"...

Breaking: Trump intro speaker in Denver saying their was an attempted murder against him in Reno

Trump was whining about Jay -Z and Beyoncé and today he holds an event with Ted Nugent

Hillary plans to get out the "dad" vote

*Steaming* - possible aircon problem on a new car on Day 53

"Hillary Clinton Is Leading In A Greater Portion Of Polls Than Obama Was In The Last Two Elections"

Meanwhile, in other news, actor Norman Lloyd is turning 102 on Election Day.

The "How many states do you think 538 will get wrong?" poll

Russian Thinkfluencers | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

New Trump assault victim

"Omarosa, let me speak"

Three "tp" signs appeared overnight in the park area where I walk my dog

John Harwood's GOP polling info!

This isn't about me ... really.

I hate seeing the word "BIGLY" used in association with Trump

Applying Common Sense to the Enthusiasm Gap

There is no such thing as the Denver Guardian, despite that Facebook post you saw

Women are about to show Dumpster that they don't like his Taliban treatment of women.

Got my poll watching assignment.....I'm in Philly. Here we go.


What do you think is the Cheetoiest 70s thing?

Protester relives Trump fans' attack. Trump said, "Take him out."

Syria conflict: Rebel force targets IS 'capital' Raqqa


The coming "Tuesday Night Massacre"

CBS Poll: HRC won early voters by 30 in Ohio and by 10 in FL

American Justice: appoint an independent prosecutor to look into ghuiliani, trump, and christie

The ABC/Wapo poll still swinging wildly but this finding sticks: HRC up 54-38 among white women...

Clinton camp: Montgomery Co, OH (Dayton) Af-Am turnout is outpacing county as whole.

History of Daylight Saving Time

Cable provider alternative??

***PEC HRC win at >99% bayesian and 99% random drift***

Koterba toon: Ballot Selfie

NC GOP eliminated Sunday voting because they were disproportionately black and Democratic

Trumps campaign map makes sense

Bona Fide & Mala Fide Definitions

The Hillary add at the bottom of this page is ill advised

The next time I'm at a crowded fire, I'm going to shout "theater!"

Andrea seems pretty deflated

Somewhere Gilda Radner is giggling...

Can't wait for Hillary's victory speech and Trump's non-concession

We Need A Wall But Not On The Mex Border. We Need One To Put Trump Humpers Behind.

Trump, GOP paying consultant dogged by voter fraud charges

Why I Vote on Election Day

Sam Wang Video -- Short and Good (Updated / 2nd Video)

Matthew Dowd predicts HRC will win by higher margin than Pres. Obama in 2012

Speaker At Donald Trump Rally Jokes About Hillary Clinton Being A Bitch

What's going on in Georgia? Clinton winning the early vote: 51% to 43%!

Pres Obama with Stevie Wonder Rally in Fl. Up Soon!!

North Carolina News Anchor Grips Handcuffs During Election Polling Segment

Record breaking: Early voting turnout highest in Wake County, NC (Raleigh)

I like this confidence

Remember, because of the time change, we have one extra hour of this fucking election.

The Nevada bonus is back - Princeton

Trump's final ad.

WP: ‘Catch and kill’ at National Enquirer gives media one last black eye before election

Donald Trump Effigy Burns In England As Part Of Bonfire Night Celebrations...

Senator Al Franken accuses Donald Trump of launching antisemitic TV ad

Hillary's "Sunday Night Football TV ad"

Weekly Atmospheric CO2 Content Up 3.57 PPM YOY Week Ending 10/29/16

Great PPP tweet about early voting in Colorado

Any catch Nate Silver spin, spin spinning on ABC?

Fareed Zakaria: Trump 'is a cancer on American democracy. That is why I will vote against him.'

Why are the Trumpers claiming Michigan is in play?

I knew I should have switched over after Joy's program ended. Andrea Mitchell.

I want to love this country.

For what it's worth

Two electors say they won't vote for Hillary

How do you feel about our chances in AZ, GA and TX?

What is the general consensus here on the MO ballot issues?

Trump strategy I F'n kid you not!

California voters to vote on stripping ammosexuals of their right to marry their guns.

LIVE->Sun, Nov 6, 2016, 1:30-3:30 EST Barack Obama & Stevie Wonder in Kissimmee FL!...PICS..

#1 requested item by HRC/HFA canvassing volunteers: Coffee

My guess about the Comey effect

I Had a Nightmare Last Night

What is wrong with Kellyanne Conway?

ExPats Out There

final days of Trump's campaign: He's not sleeping much and struggles to suppress his need for attent

Who Is Florida Man Voting for? A Tampa Newspaper Found Out

Donald Trump Has Caused A Historic Drop In The Stock Market


She is the exact person for this time.

KRUGMAN: "Given the Trump campaign's closing argument, I'm tempted to replace my avatar"

Last night was family movie night at my house. We watched "Dave" with Kevin Kline & Sigourney Weaver

I am not a religious man but, Lord, deliver us from this evil named Trump

Motivated by opposition to Trump, Hispanics are poised for historic turnout

Floridians are riding The Love Bus — to the polls

You know you're obsessed when...

Today is huge "Souls to the Polls" Sunday voting day in states like Florida and Ohio. (Xpost GD2016)

The Onion: Nate Silver Gunned Down Attempting To Cross Mexican Border With All 2016 Polling Data.

We May Have Unlocked the Mystery of Trump's Orange Skin

Might help w Philly Transit Strike: free & discounted Uber & Lyft rides to polls in PA Tuesday

Might help w Philly Transit Strike: free & discounted Uber & Lyft rides to polls in PA Tuesday

Anti-Hillary Church Flier Called Work of Lay Catholic Group Ecclesia Militans

Florida Latinos set records in early vote numbers. They could swing the election. -ThinkProgress

Soles to the Polls ... Nasty Feet, Do Your Stuff

If you want to stop thinking about the elections

Latino voting surge rattles Trump campaign - Politico

"Bill Cl.. oh, Don is a pedophile/molester? Someone call Rudy we need his people in the FBI"


What are you reading this week of November 6, 2016?

John Stewart on the Trump Twitter thing; Oldie but Goodie.

***Hillary will be back in Pittsburgh tomorrow Nov. 7: ***

Lady Gaga posts "Suffragette" inspired image in support of Hillary Clinton.

So the Brexiters forgot Britain is a Parliamentary Democracy..

Nevada GOP chair: Polling locations open late so 'certain group' can vote - CNN

Hillary Clinton Is Leading In A Greater Portion Of Polls Than Obama Was In The Last Two Elections

Liverpool top the table today.

Siberian cat 'drives' his own tank and loves it

Watch Live Link: Bernie Campaigns in Phoenix, AZ at Central HS (Photos Added)

A primer on he who is The Donald

One last must-read article on Trump.

The best you can say about the "Trumpers" is that they are "unprincipled".

Some Branches of the YMCA Will Offer Free Childcare on Election Day.

Latina Hotel Workers Harness Force of Labor and of Politics in Las Vegas

What will the Tantrum Tweeter say today?

One good thing about a Democratic Senate

I think this election wouldn't worry me so much if

Dick Morris thinks Hillary has Florida wrapped up..

So thanksgiving cactus has a tons'o blossoms on it......

Something to ponder:

The FIGHT is in the final days.

"He's probably dead by now!" Trump protester beaten, sexually assaulted. Trump said "Take him out."

Does Trump really have the money to start a PAC to get back at all of his political enemies?

Give the poor guy his phone back.

Oh C'mon LA Times

Nearing the eve of the election, still no transparency from Disaster Donald on his taxes

Trump hsn't been talking much about

The Daily Show - Behind the Scenes at Trump Headquarters - Meet the Speechwriter

The FIGHT is in the final days.

Essence of Trump campaign

NYT Upshot:Clinton Has Solid Lead in Electoral College; Trump’s Winning Map Is Unclear

***(CVOTER/UPI (moonies)) national poll goes from Hillary +1.25% lead to Hillary +3.34% lead***

Best synopsis of Kellyanne Conway.

Hanging Trump on Down Ballot Candidates in Ohio

copyright issues with my essays on DU

FB has a picture of Comey's house with a Trump sign in the front. I don't know how to

Is the Tea Party dead?

Greetings fellow Democrats!

I'm missing Trump's tweets...

Souls to the Polls, Dayton Ohio.

NYT: Republicans in Congress are jihadists against responsible governing.

Has anyone seen the greatamericapac commercial against Hillary where they attack

When I was a little kid, we never used the internet

GOP judges lift court order prohibiting Trump campaign from intimidating voters

November 9th

Philadelphia transit union: PLEASE SUSPEND YOUR STRIKE ON TUESDAY.

HELP!!! HRC is Getting elected POTUS and my curtains aren't clean!!!

Charlie Cook called out some Senate races.

Bullshit Polls: Hispanic Turnout Down 20%, Trump Doing Better than Romney Among Latinos

Manners are very important in the deep red states.

Tuesday night at Groper Don the Con's Election Headquarters

I started a "these punk kids today" thread in GD, but they're taking me seriously

What's for Dinner, Sun., Nov. 6, 2016

Incredible tweet from Jon Ralston

Anyone hear anything from Benjamin lately.

Telemundo Poll: HRC 76 Trump 14

Romance. Jealousy. Violence. Heartbreak, Blood - No, not political

Does anyone know if Joy Reid is having an extra show today? PM Joy?

How can Minnesota be in play?


Trump picks up endorsement of convicted criminal Don Blankenship

More people voted early in FL than voted in all of Pennsylvania in the 2012 election.

Anyone else going to an Election Returns Watch Party in Chicago Tuesday night?

Chaffetz : FBI Dir "Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions from July

Florida: 2008 dem was leading with 146 K early ballots - 2016 only 7200. O carried Florida by 3 %

If Trump supporters riot after election---

I wonder who and what is going to be on Moanin' Joe tomorrow...

Exclusive: Thousands of churches will broadcast this last-minute appeal from Mike Pence on Sunday

New Comey letter no change in July conclusion

Hillary Clinton should be a hero to the Republicans.

BREAKING: Nothing coming out of FBI's new email search


BREAKING: Comey Walkin' it back . . .

Please calm me down

Turnout among Hispanics is up about 103% in Florida



Comey submit your resignation by the morning : Shameful abuse of office.

So this year we get an October Surprise and a November Surprise!

Epic post on Tumblr. Eleventy billion dollars :-)

Poor Donald had his phone taken away. I bet he's having a fit about Comey's new letter.

No criminality in Clinton emails - FBI

Comey needs to resign right now for this bullshit game he played.

Trump will blow up now!


Mitchell Poll of Michigan: HRC expands her lead

Theaters Open Doors for an Election Worthy of the Big Screen.

Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance

FBI: New E-mails do not change conclusion from July

Why Is The Corporate Media Ignoring Trump’s Criminal Activity?

Image of Comey Letter saying "Nothing There" on Weiner Laptop

SCOTUS Helps Suppress Thousands Of Ohio Voters

Breaking on CNN: Carl Bernstein: The enonormity of this development cannot be overstated.

Final Latino Decisions Poll: Clinton 76% Trump 14% nationally


Names emerge from shadows of 1948 crash

Does it make me a bad person...

AP FBS poll 11/6/16

Full text of Comey letter

Just now: Stevie Wonder on why Trump shouldn't be president:


Adios Groper Don the Con

FBI clears Hillary Clinton : Nothing criminal found by email investigation

Obama is on CSpan uninterrupted

Trump loses his talking point- FBI clears Hillary after looking at new emails

BTW, I saw on Twitter today that Trump's staff took away his twitter account.

Per Pete Williams on MSNBC no new emails

Pete Williams MSNBC: No new emails found that were not shared and everything else was personal...

Clinton Betting Odds Jump On FBI Story, Highest Point In Almost 2 Weeks

***Predictwise up to 88%--within 2 pts of Pre Comeygate***

FBI says never mind- nothing new found in Hillary's emails

According to CNN: Nearly all emails were dupcliates, others private emails.

CNN's current headline: "ALL CLEAR" nt. we have to listen to tRumps campaigning on election day

Days Before U.S. Election, Pope Francis Warns Against Politics of Fear

Trump completely ignores Clinton's exoneration in his first remarks in Minn.

FBI Comey: Case Closed. Hillary Exonerated!

Days before US election, Pope Francis speaks against WALLS and the politics of FEAR.

Trump is in Minnesota now, throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Undecideds will break heavily to Hillary now that FBI has found nothing on her emails


Sheriff Joe Arpaio fuels voter intimidation fears with Arizona plans

Sheriff Joe Arpaio fuels voter intimidation fears with Arizona plans

Fuck you Dana Bash on CNN telling us the Clinton campaign has to be careful

FBI Director Comey says agency stands by decision to not pursue case against Clinton

IMO: This doesn't get Comey off the hook

GOP aholes lining up to apologize,,,,,1,,,2,,,,3

Trumps last hope of getting votes b/c of the FBI just died

Flordia: 25 percent of the early voting electorate so far did not vote in 2012.

Tim Kaine Rockin' the Vote With Bon Jovi

SNL cold open was DEVASTATING to Rs & FBI & ComeyGate

MSNBC - Sr Law Enforcement official : Nearly All Emails Reviewed Were Duplicates

Based on the speed with which this was handled...

this just in: nothing burger, medium rare, with cheese and your choice of a side

Cheeto Hitler Election Logic

CBS evening news opened with "The FBI reopens email investigation" 2 days in a row.

Will Trump give a concession speech or tweet an insult shortly after it is over on Tues?

Montenegrin prosecutor says Russian nationalists behind alleged coup plot

The closest Trump will ever get to being President

"Thank you for the hard work Mr. Comey. Now clean out your office."

Hillary in the clear with Comey? Ruh roh....

NYT's underwhelming headline - Presidential Election: No New Conclusion in Clinton Email Case

Breaking: Exclusive Video of Trump's Reaction to the FBI News

Michigan tracking poll Clinton +5

Media must make big deal of this FBI vindication as they did with the innuendo

US army trainers killed at Jordan base identified amid investigation


Comey did the right thing today and last week

Is this campaign fricken glorious?

An e-mail post that "gets no headline" (courtesy of Jandy Nelson)

Bernie or Bust WA electors refuse to vote for Hillary. Are they allowed to do this?!

Ha! A pick-six in the last 48 seconds of the game!

The latest development about Clinton is unequivocally good news.

Would Pence really be worse than Trump?

Bruce Springsteen will be performing at Clinton's rally in Philly tomorrow!

just another baseless accusation. like so many before.

Bigger than Watergate?

Trmp campain staff depressed and desperate-FBI clears Hillary

msnbc asking Kellyanne about this

Maybe my parents were closet radicals but...

I can't wait for the day that Kellyanne Conway isn't on TV every 5 minutes.

In Iowa, Donald Trump lashes out at 'media and political elite,' saying they don't know what it's...

The first person I want to see celebrating

Trump wasting his time in blue Minnesota -he doesn't realize it but he is toast already

Indian government declares Delhi air pollution an emergency

That Kelly Anne Conway is a master spinster(pun). She said that the FBI

Why is Steve Kornaki letting Conway spew lies

Which current (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) franchise has the longest title drought?

Give me Liberty or shoot me!

The Military Is Sending A MAJOR ‘F*** You’ To Trump And It Is AWESOME (DETAILS)

Kellyanne Conway and AJ Delgado attempting to comprehend why Democrats are happy over FBI news

Any other shows like Sherlock out there?

Hillary Clinton and girls on the last Sunday before the election

Lions pull it out!

Human Population Through Time

So, what was Comey's BIGLY mistake?

Impact will be instant of new Comey letter.

Georgia Republicans (Isakson and Perdue) will consider Clinton supreme court nominees

Georgia Republicans (Isakson and Perdue) will consider Clinton supreme court nominees

Pam Bondi needs to go

Prediction markets move net +10 in the space of 30 minutes.

It's probably good that some states don't have early voting.

There is an epidemic of amnesia spreading through the GOP. It has even struck Paul "on

Statistically speaking at my age

This clearing of Clinton is the lead story around the country right now..(tomorrow too)..

The hammer is going to drop

Sorry, but I'd rather have headlines that read "nothing to see here" than "indictments imminent."

OMG--LeBron James is live on MSNBC w/HRC at Cleveland rally!!!

I predict a landslide now..

Real Question - Did Rudy's buddies in the FBI tell him the vindication was coming?

Hope Hillary's voice can make it thru to her acceptance speech!

So with the FBI news, Silver is saying Hillary is one state away from losing the

Anyone seen or heard from Jason Chaffetz (R- Douchebag) ?

The REAL Party of Lincoln

This all blows up any claims the FBI was protecting Hillary by not seeing criminal intent earlier

The mood here sure did improve the last few hours!!!!!

Only one poll counts

The Cable New Networks better BREAKING NEWS BANNER this for the next 36 hours like they

The GOP now has their excuse (and someone to blame).

The Last Hour is all the proof you need that ReTHUGs are pathological LIARS

If you are worried about Hillary losing read this

Bruce Springsteen to join President Obama and Hillary Clinton at Independence Hall rally

Saving A Baby Squirrel by Anonymous Ferndale, MI

The more I think about the news that just came from the FBI...

Thanks for the links to the downticket candidates that are recommended by Bernie.

Trump is a threat to the West as we know it, even if he loses

I am almost crying

538 site


Great speech by Hillary on the middle class and jobs. And it was covered by CNN

Trump threw a 12yr old wheelchaired cerebal palsy boy out of his rally - unforgivable.

Melania Trump reported

Uh Oh.....Obama just mocked Trump for having his Twitter taken away

Comey says FBI stands by decision to not pursue case against Clinton

Athens Banner Herald endorses the wrong candidate

Eichenwald to reveal what happened inside FBI fiasco. Link now included.

Just for shits and giggles, how likely is this EC scenario?

The ultimate guru of the world just indicated that they think Hillary has this

It took only 8 days to review the emails, and they've known about them for weeks.

I think Senator Al Franken scared Comey to death

Duplicates! Fucking duplicates! Couldn't that have been determined in a matter of a few hours, not

Trump didn't have an temper tantrums in lastest rally.

Can you pass a basic vocabulary test?

Real Story on Comey: Trump and GOP Rushed to Conclusions Based on *NOTHING*

Florida Rooftop Solar Ballot Measure Intended to Deceive Voters, Motion Alleges

Pete Williams to Chuck Todd "End of road of investigation" Todd continues to wear horrific goatee.

Sorry Kids, this ain't over until

Hillary wants to know why she's not up by 50 points, well its too late for that

U.S. Flag Hoisted Upside Down In Dakota Access Protest

Emails Warrant No New Action Against Hillary Clinton, F.B.I. Director Says -

USA hold off Oman to claim WCL Division Four title (Cricket)

Kellyann Conjob was interviewed awhile ago and she was asked

Penn Senate Seat Not Confirmed ? May be a toss up

NH GOTV calls already citing the Comey statement...


To the 24/7 media: Shut up the overanalyzing. You are wrong!

Mystical Bath House: Inside Dogo Onsen

They did find one new Clinton email...

On Nate Silver....

I'm verklempt


I can't wait until this election is over!

He said that it was 'worse than Watergate'

Pro-Republican ad depicts little girl getting raped because of transgender equality

Hillary's Senior Strategist Responds to New Comey Letter

4,000 in line to vote this morning at Hamilton Co's lone EV location

Hey Donald, I've got just one word for you:

That 'high road' business sounds good on paper but

Elon Musk says SpaceX finally knows what caused the latest rocket failure

Trump said it the last chance for us!

What a gorgeous day for a November 6th. The skies were crystal clear,

Quick question: freepers are bellyhooing about HRC having classified information on a private server

If you were wondering why no recent crazyness from Trump's aka Der #Gropenfuhrer twitter account...

A request, please.

tRump says dead heat in Michigan?

wonder what orangeboy will be saying on the stump the one day left

MSNBC's "Race to 270 - What If?" is just stupid.

US dollar jumps as FBI clears Clinton.

There are 4,000 people in a half-mile voting line in Cincinnati today. This isn’t OK.

F*ucksgiving Global Movement - a message for us!

Some Trump surrogate on CNN

EICHENWALD, Newsweek - "Here's what the FBI found..."

Hillary and King James!

Palestinian president can revoke parliamentary immunity of opponents - court

So....can we expect a boatload of conspiracy theories and whining the next couple of days?

Meanwhile, at various Trump rallies.

Jake Tapper calls out Kellyanne Conway for false 'assassination attempt' claim

BREAKING: Newsweek's Eichenwald story just released on FBI investigation of emails.

If this doesn't make you Squeee you're not a real DUer

November Surprise: Zombie Hitler endorses Trump at Minnesota rally

Can someone provide links to websites where we can donate money for the

I have one bottle of dry, sparkling California wine getting its chill on

Christopher Reeve's son, Will Reeve, running in NYC Marathon to honor his late parents

Long lines [In Cincinnati] for early voting again on Sunday

An analogy only Baltimore Ravens fans might get but I'll throw it out anyways

Is Jared Goff ever going to play?

Just saw a Trump commercial where he quoted the Comey email investigation

U.S. appeals court removes new voter-intimidation rules in Ohio

Donald Trump has had a tough last 24 hours: No one tried to kill him, Hillary is vindicated again

Liberal Media - Really??

Propublica - Hoax Image of Immigration Officers Arresting Voters Is Making Rounds on Social Media

How the Right Destroyed the Truth

UPDATE: to my previous thread about conservative hubby voting straight Dem.

I saw a basket of deplorables on a very busy street corner

I realize Republicans have enough sugar daddies to cover this eventually, but.......

To Bernie and Hillary supporters: Can we promise each other two things?

US Pastor to Ask Judge to Reject Uganda Anti-Gay Lawsuit

Reporting LIVE from outside Trump Tower in NYC

Why people don’t vote, and what to do about it

Nate Silver, NYT, WP. Axis of Evil

No One in America Should Have to Wait 7 Hours to Vote

Black Pastors Issue Urgent Plea to Voters at Sunday Services

Donald Trump: The unauthorized database of false things

ADL goes after Trump for his Anti-Semitic ad

Secret Facebook group is giving Clinton supporters so much hope

Morgan Hightower, the anchorwoman who used handcuffs offers an "explanation"

Holy shit, did you see the look on Trump's face a few minutes ago?

Sam Stein: "This is the screenshot of the Trump ad that just aired on tv."

NY FBI-office just handed the emails of the ongoing Weiner-investigation to the GOP

There must be no computers in Trump World


Dear Kellyanne, Comey should STILL resign.

Doug Mills Captures Hillary in Cleveland

Former Harrah's executive: "I know Trump..Don't vote for him"

VW emissions probe to investigate board chair Poetsch

Kellyanne Conway is on again

From Scott Walker's FB page..Donnie Jr naughty boy

Wolfe leading repugs to continue to condemn HRC

EMAILS That's All They Talk About ??Dirty Trick???

As an immigrant, not growing up speaking English I've wondered what a "shit eating grin" really is

***PEC now prediting HRC win by as close as you can get to 100%***

Rolling Stone - This Election Is Being Rigged – But Not by Hillary Clinton

MSNBC was just trying to spin the end of the email review as a SETBACK for HRC.

They tried to have an American fuhrer and all they got was this lousy failed kleptocrat

Trump's aides have blocked him from Twitter-- BREAKING NEWS

An OUTRAGED Bernie Kerik questions Comey's speed reading skills, confirms America's non-stupidity

Obama is back in Florida amid early signs of a big Hispanic election turnout

Question about late campaign donations

Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance

Just watched the film Philadelphia. It's a tribute to the real values of the US

How To Survive The Onslaught Of Final Polls

Obama is back in Florida amid early signs of a big Hispanic election turnout

Jim Moeller may have a chance of beating Jamie Herrera Beutler in the 3rd District.

Dow futures are up over 200 points. Of course that can change by tomorrows open, but what it does

What are y'all cooking for Election Day?

To all FBI agents who are not Trump-Humping Putin-Puppets:

***Florida electorate more diverse than 2012--Steve Schale***

How the FBI email issue backfired this week

Recipes for Crow

Ben Howe's 'The Sociopath' Explains What Just Happened to Your Country

Trump ads on TV today are all about Clinton criminal investigation

"May none but Honest and Wise Men [sic] ever rule under this roof..." John Adams

12 Year-Old in Wheelchair Kicked Out Of Trump Rally Meets President Obama

Love and Kindness | Hillary Clinton

This is the first anniversary of the last time the ML CO2 observatory will ever be below 4.00 ppm...

HRC and the Media

10 minutes of Donald Trump demeaning, objectifying, and insulting women

Trump supporters have actually given themselves a frontal lobotomy

Can someone at DU start a petition to President Obama voicing our opinion that he needs to fire

Facebook has a lot of worried ladies