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Archives: December 24, 2016

Obama signs U.S. defense spending bill, criticizes Guantanamo provisions

One expert says North Carolina should no longer be called a democracy

Conservatism turned toxic: Donald Trump's fanbase has no actual ideology, just a nihilistic hatred..

Does anyone have advice on how to plan a back yard into a garden?

Iran, 6 powers make public restricted nuke deal documents

US warns of possible attacks on churches, holiday gatherings

2016 just keeps getting worse. Carrie Fisher in critical condition...

Former gubernatorial candidate wants Michelle Obama to return to being a male, live with a gorilla


Top 10 Retractions of 2016

Trump is telling Clinton to heed the advice of the man who likely directed the hack.

Found this meme on Twitter, couldn't spell it out any clearer!

Sales of any old shit expected to treble as men start Christmas shopping:

On-the-Record Press Call on the U.N. Security Council Resolution on Israeli Settlement Activity

It's up to Twitter to save the Planet.

How is Israel our closest ally in the Middle East when we support and give them money but theyve


Trump's careless ignorance could make him the world's most dangerous man

To all who have had occasion to visit our group....

Inauguration Day - Remember how Obama and Biden had to repeat the oath

Some Christmas lights to cheer us up!

this election may have been the new 1960.

The chaos theory of Donald(Saddam)Trump: Sowing confusion through tweets

Celebrity isnt just harmless fun - its the smiling face of the corporate machine

I remember frantically calling to say my SIL was not a victim of mass mall shooting

Sanders will win the ObamaCare debate

Voter says he was uninformed when he cast his vote for Trump

Keith Ellison Says Its Time For Democrats To Stop Ignoring Their Voters

The Christmas pinwheels were coming along nicely . . . .

Nine Lessons of Russian Propaganda

Warren warns Trump's Cabinet on financial conflicts

A hopeful omen

Rachel Maddow Brilliantly Hammers Kellyanne Conway Over Trump's Outrageous Lies About the Press

A Massive Fleet Of Buses Now Taking New Yorkers To The Womens March


Exclusive: Trump team seeks names of officials working to counter violent extremism

"We The People Concert & Telethon - Jan 20"

It Will Get Better!

Nebraska legislature 3 members short of enabling GOP to keep Trump President F-O-R-E-V-E-R

A Christmas Day Typhoon Headed for the Philippines

Some good news - Carrie Fisher 'out of emergency' after reported heart attack on flight to LA

'Trust Women' Signs Go Up In Mike Pence's Neighborhood

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Yuleapalooza 2016! Best of Malloy? Live,

Blagojevich seeks presidential commutation of prison term

A true piece of crap: Carl Paladino, Trump Ally, Wishes Obama Dead of Mad Cow Disease in 17.

First glass of wine. Visiting family in Washington state. So for the hell of it...The Carrot-topped

Appeals court tosses life sentence for $15 theft

Hillary Clinton Really Shouldnt Have Told Voters That Trump Wasnt a Normal Republican

Dems MUST demand Mental health and Tax Records on Trump...

KQED Radio REBROADCAST 12/23: Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Future of the Progressive Movement

Lots of Trump tweets are based in criticism...

Zbigniew Brzezinski warns on China relations.

KQED Radio REBROADCAST 12/23: Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Future of the Progressive Movement

More states consider working around the Electoral College

Ellison: Once your grass roots is funding the party the lines of accountability run the right way

Why Even Trump-Friendly Artists Won't Perform at His Inauguration

Alec Baldwin offers to play inauguration of Trump: 'I wanna sing Highway to Hell'

They didn't believe him

Minnesota pastor beat boy because 12-year-old wanted to test God, police say

"I have voted in 3 elections against my own interests"

Its past time for Sunday liquor sales, Minnesota House speaker says

My 2016 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 1)

My Senator on Trump:

Remember the "Heaven's Gate" suicide cult? They still exist!

Carrie Fisher in Stable Condition After Reportedly Suffering Heart Attack on Plane

Here is to Donald Trump

A Profit Driven Press is NOT a Free One

Just in case you thought there was future dem control of anything

Does anyone think Democratic Leaders in the House and Senate have a plan?

Who Else has stopped watching broadcast news since the election?

TOON of the DAY

There's Something Wrong When Posting Facts Gets Posts Removed.

Who's a good boy?

White House: Netanyahus choices led to anti-settlement UN resolution

Hamfisted Bun Vendor scores AGAIN: "You walking, dayglo colostomy bag..."

Instead of "We the People" it ought to be "We the GOVERNED" & we didn't ask for DRUMPF

how bout a national conference of all democratic governors before inauguration day?

Darth Vader Dad can't scare tough little kid:

GOP - Fuck You USA - We Won A Mandate. Trump - Fuck You USA I Will Scramble Everything.

Was the Christmas Star real?

I keep thinking about this very prescient poem:

Minna sama, meri Kurisumasu to yoi otoshi wo.. Everyone merry xmas and happy new year

Trump is corrupt

So the Rockettes should "do their job"...

The Iraqi government told Mosul residents to stay put. Now they are paying a heavy price

SpeakerRyan Ryan's disingenuous 'repeal and delay' plan for Obamacare

It is disgusting what trump's people are saying out loud. Warming this is offensive

So Cal Xmas Eve Eve Rain...this one has a punch.

An Open Letter to New Yoker Carl Paladino

Blagojevich asks for presidential commutation

While thinking about DJT being the next POTUS and his blatant lack of qualifications for the job

Will Hillary appear after the Inauguration?

buzz feed's misheard xmas lyrics

Merry Merry to all my photo forum friends

Air Force Chief: Service Short 30,000 Airmen

Trump and Putin have planned nuclear proliferation together for almost 30 years

Dear Con Man Trump "FUCK YOU"...LIVE!!!

Deciphering the 'remarkable' pictographs in remote San Diego County

Donald(Saddam)Trump fumes after son(Uday)halts charity fundraising

As Democrats ponder their future, Joe Biden makes a plea for a focus on the middle class

Trump co-chair wants Michelle Obama to "return to being a male and 'let loose' in Zimbabwe to live

Crazy Cruise III day one...

Preparing for President Trump A 10-point plan for activists, politicians, the press & everyday...

Black judge removed from Philando Castile shooting case

Feds say Mayo Clinic, trying to become worst employer ever, bargained in bad faith

Feds say Mayo Clinic, trying to become worst employer ever, bargained in bad faith

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. I love you all...

Merry Xmas Eve Eve, everybody!

For President 2020

Arizona Governor Welcomes Uber Fleet of Self-Driving Cars

North Carolina is no longer a democracy: report

3rd X'mas Gigant Christmas - Yuujou ni Ribon

Meri Kurisumasu! - Yuujou ni Ribon

Convicted Ron Paul operative in legal trouble again; tried to win foreign donations for Trump

The South is going south -and taking the North with them.

Trumpy And The Fuck Nutz Will Never Surpass Sir Paul (or the Obama's)

Iowa doctor agrees to refrain from surgery, pay $5,000 fine

Can Obama pardon Dreamers and other immigrants?

Iowa Democrats look to rebuild behind economic message

Iowa Medicaid payment shortages are 'catastrophic,' private managers tell state

Bach's Christmas Oratorio: people yelling in German about Christmas, compliments of the season.

5,000-year-old "nativity scene" reportedly found in Egypt

Piers Sellers: UK-born astronaut dies aged 61

John Deere pays whistleblower $270K settlement

Arctic heatwave could break records

Daily Holidays - December 24

White Cop Tackles Black Mom After She Calls For Help.

GM's main China venture fined $29M in anti-monopoly case

Cardinal Health Agrees to $44 Million Settlement for Alleged Violations of Controlled Substances Act

Last Defendant in $48 Million Dollar Cigarette Tax Fraud Scheme Sentenced

Sam Brownback at Christmas: the lonely governor with so much to give the rest of America

'Plastic' or not? Over 100 bags of fake rice seized in Nigeria

Kris Kobach once argued bad behavior was an impeachable offense

Leader of $242 Million Investment Fraud Scheme Sentenced to 18 Years in Federal Prison

City Clears Blankets, Clothes from Downtown St. Louis Homeless Encampment

'the Bernie Sanders of social-realistic cinema.'

'the Bernie Sanders of social-realistic cinema.'

I trust you - Karim Sulayman

Defying Police 'Do Not Cross' Line Would Be a Crime Under Proposed Missouri Bill

New Missouri Bill Would Ban Marriage for 15 and 16-Year-Olds

In American Towns, Private Profits From Public Works

Putin Says Democrats Sore Losers, Praises Trump (Runs propaganda campaign against Democratic party)

KCs dangerous building demolition program ramps up, and neighbors cheer

Trump makes the Press bow down to him

Photo: Bernie Snowman

Weekly Address: Merry Christmas from the President and the First Lady

Suspect in rape of Johnson County deputy faces new rape charge in Jackson County

At last, Kellyanne Conway meets her match

St. Louis prosecutor uncovers 'important evidence' in voter fraud probe, turns case over to feds

'Tis the Season, Day 2: Christmas Eve Google Doodle (cute!)

Don't Take The Easy Way Out -- We Must Resist

In front of Trump hotel - Karim Sulayman stands with courage

Trump says his victory shattered the glass ceiling for women

Don't fight the wrong battle on Sessions.

US Government Quietly Starts Asking Travelers for Social Media Accounts

Philosophical political activism & sacred activism.

Judge rules in favor of opponents of Missouri hog farm

How an atheist celebrates Christmas

How Much Did Wikileaks Hurt Hillary Clinton?

It turns out that religion and politics do mix especially for Republicans

Florida man charged with threatening Trump on Facebook, could get 5 years in prison

In China's Tiny Catholic Community, Hopes Rise For Beijing-Vatican Ties

Armed trucker arrested after Missouri rest stop standoff

Today is Christmas Eve Day.

Is Kosovo a breeding ground for Islamists?

It would be foolish to write Trump off as merely a figurehead

Time Now For Another Much-Loved Christmas Tradition!

Illinois nearly 6 months behind in education funding for transportation, special ed, other expenses

War of the (Manufacturing) Machines, 1916

Tennessee 2017 Legislative Preview

Until last night, I have had exactly TWO "prophetic" dreams

Texas Father Arrested in Deaths of Wife and Infant Son Who Were Found with Their Throats Slit

Overcome by joy.

Effecting change without the use of force.

So what would it take for many of you to fight the fuck back?

Conservatives Wonder, Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

"The Peace of Wild Things"

Sen. Mark Warner vs. J Street on UN Security Council Resolution

Tap-dancing around the obvious.

until he's president, don trump should shut the f*ck up.

Teen Vogue Writer Battles Tucker Carlson: You're Actually Being a Partisan Hack

Climate scientists swing back, launch anonymous hotline for gov't employees to report Trump meddling

Where is the independent bipartisan commission to look into the

Thank you President Obama

Alexandria killer gets chance at appeal

Treasury Rebuffs Democratic Senators Plan To Help Disabled Americans With Student Debt

Xmas toast to Comrade Casino (R) from the RepubliKremlin

Happy Holidays! Yeah, I said it.

Odds makers: 2017 Congressional raise??

NREL Raises Rooftop Photovoltaic Technical Potential Estimate

Why negative partisanship is flipping politics on its head

Trumps unpopularity threatens to hobble his presidency

So, how long until we're labeled the Axis of Evil?

Bernie Sanders urges Congress to stop Donald Trump launching nuclear arms race

Newt Gingrich Mocks Russia After Israel Vote

Our Christmas Day forecast.....80 degrees!

Merry Christmas From President Obama and First Lady Michelle

Alternative way of thinking about Trumps post election actions

Now its the liberals who are arming up

In the Trump World Order, Everybody Bows Down - by Joy Ann Reid

Nate Silvers post-"nuclear holocaust" electoral map

What ever happened to Plaid Adder?

The Class Struggle in the North Pole

Saturday Toon Roundup- Pre Trumpmas edition

January 21, 2017

Does anyone besides me feel like having a drink

Carl Paladino is SCUM!! Let's hit him!

Republican Introduces Legislation To Completely Gut Social Security

One of our voices of the future: Teen Vogue writer smacks down *ucker CARLSON way good

Five Republicans who could buck Trump in 2017

What a Trade War With China Could Do to the Economy

Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, Trans murderer edition...

The Island Of Misfit Toys

Christmas at midlife

In American Towns, Private Profits From Public Works

Crying towel: Allergic reaction, freeze busted 5 pipes, gas leak last night, storm warning!!!

America Under Fire

Havingng the Rockettes dance at the inauguration just makes this even more of a clown show

Christmas at midlife

Santa may be a little late this year

Scarborough Fair (update for the American voter)

Damn it, Rudolf, settle down

From a man who knew whereof he spoke

Obama personally authorized US abstention from UN vote on Israeli settlements

Farewell to the reader in chief

Republicans to target unions, expand school choice in states

Republicans to target unions, expand school choice in states

A new solution for Trump and his team of billionaires: Ignore the law

Do you think it bothers Drumpf he is being shunned by so many of his fellow celebrities...

Zimbabwe ships live elephants to wildlife parks in China

With capitalism soon installed in the Whitehouse...

This is the season for gun accidents. Deaths spike during the holidays.

Trump team sought list of officials working on anti-extremism programs: report

Some "Unrecognized" Tribes Still Waiting After 130 Years

The Insanity Of Capital Gains Tax Breaks...

Do you favor Drumpf's tariffs?

How the hell did we lose the narrative?

A Joyful Bustle to Get Ready for Guests: Syrian Refugees

Wankers of the Week: Crappy Unpresidented Holidays!

Veteran's Crisis Line:

Lost in the Fifties

It Wasn't Just Turnout

Dear President Obama: You've shown courage

Sowing Confusion Through Tweets

New word: "ignorguration"

Cybersecurity firm finds hack link to Russian military.

Listen with me, Hansel und Gretel. edited

Reality check

1987 Article: Explicitly saying Soviets were cultivating Trump as pres candidate

Volgograd, Russia in Route to Moscow, Russia

Singaporean blogger detained by U.S. immigration officials

The New York Times Begins A New Weekly Feature: "This Week In Hate."

FBI probes FDIC hack linked to China's military - sources

Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt dies aged 68

Will the Trump/Putin bromance last? hit with new pimping, money-laundering charges in California

1987 article explicitly saying Soviets were cultivating Trump for Prez

Trump and Sanders voters felt like their candidates were vehicles for their respective movements

Chag Urim Sameach!

Happy Dogmas Everyone.

Republicans to target unions, expand school choice in states

This 509-year-old map contains the first known use of the word 'America' but not where you may thi

"America has become a reality show..."

Watched the Bill Murray Scrooge movie last night

Our standing in the eyes of the world

This 509-year-old map contains the first known use of the word 'America' but not where you may thi

Merry Christmas love to DU! May we keep the Christmas spirit for four more years!

Overcoming Oppression with Power

Paul Ryan wants to garnish the paychecks of "grandstanding" House members.

Salvadorians send donation to Cuban victims of Hurricane Matthew

Lindsey Graham Pushes to Cut U.N. Funding After Vote on Israeli Settlements

Afro-Cubans Channeling the African spirit

John Kerry's statement on the UN abstention (Please note this is posted in the John Kerry group)

Democrats are trying to figure out what to do next

The Obamas' White House Hanukkah Reception

Trump vineyard seeks Labor Department approval to hire foreign workers

AP: Eric Trump Foundation Flouts Charity Standards

I like to watch this at least once or twice a year-this year it's today. Anybody else?

We need to contact our congress people NOW about what happens Jan. 6!

Compelled by tragedy, former U.S. medic creates safe haven for thousands of babies


KO fron GQ

Rick Parfitt of Status Quo has died at 68

Beginning in January, America will be ruled by ignorantism.

Trump Administration Playlist

What happens to Merrick Garland after January 20th?

Israel to re-assess U.N. ties after settlement resolution, says Netanyahu

I'm proud of President Obama for NOT vetoing that UN resolution.

Said by one of our most esteemed Presidents

Huffington Post?

Any suggestions for a movie marathon?

Chairman of Arkansas Democratic Party won't seek 3rd term

Court Rules Police Can Shoot Your Dog If It Moves Or Barks

Goose: A Hanukkah Tradition

The morning after the zoo's annual xmas party

Trumpers are giving bad reviews to book of man who yelled at Ivanka

Feds: Student removed from school over HIV concerns; ADA violation

Anyone know if there's a way to stop the automatic capitalization of the first word in the body of

Russia analyst: I was just in Moscow and people are laughing as Putin plays 'that fool' Donald Trump

Julian Assange: Hillary Clinton 'Tried to Destroy Us' and Failed

What's going on between Uday and Qusay Trump?

"Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear..."

Can We Be Atticus Finch during the Trump Administration?

The human side of Pep Guardiola

The Republican Science Committee

Catholic church serves as 'beacon of hope' on ND reservation

Most of my fam is from Ireland but one great great came from Russia. I never wanted to go there and

Life In Obamacare's Deadzone.

First North Carolina then the USA

Top Travel Articles of 2016 NYT

He could have tweeted "Merry Christmas."

FDR on Fascism


What will Drumphs legacy be...?

Homeopaths respond to the FTCs new position on homeopathy. The universe laughs.

Just to wish you all Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hanukkah!

Operation Wedding, trying to escape the USSR in 1970

Actress Carrie Fisher's heart attack

Catch 22 - Donald Trump Will Predictably Get Us Drawn Into A War ...

The Rockettes rehearsing for the inauguration

"Let's make America a target again". Should have been Trump's slogan.

Just saw "Rogue 1".

Christmas Day in the Work House by George R. Sims

Donald Trump has divided Israel...

NORAD tracks Santa's sleigh

Donald Rump made a promise during the campaign,...

Donald Trump plans to shut down his charitable foundation, which has been under scrutiny for months

Chuck Todd: '16 Years Later We May Look at Donald Trump and He's Still President'

OK, It's Hanukkah!

After a 73-year union, ailing couple finds two hospital beds pushed together offer the best comfort

Christmas in the Trenches

Was Rudy Giuliani at the Center of an FBI-Trump Campaign Conspiracy to Steal the Election?

North Pole Temps At Or Just Below Freezing - 36F Above Averages For Late December

Skeptic on a Stick

The Christmas Song

A&E scraps KKK series after learning of cash payments

Some Trump fans are upset about a new State Farm tweet...

The third paragraph in NBC's digital story contains the exact quote Trump says is missing from NBC's


When Trumpanzees Insist You Must Support Trump, Show Them This...

Hey, Skinner and Earl and Elad... MERRY HOLIDAYS!

Eat Ye Bread Sauce While Ye May: Brits Go Medieval On Christmas Day.

"Surreal" tweet from Merriam-Webster

Tragedy Made Steve Kerr See The World Beyond The Court

When I suggested calling trump by * someone mentioned we

Trump's pissed that the NBC News "purposely left out this part of my nuclear QOUTE"