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"They Live" UPDATE: Did YOU find the subliminal message on Trump's Time cover???

7-foot-1 newcomer Nwankwo leads Smyrna boys past Sussex Tech

7-foot-1 newcomer Nwankwo leads Smyrna boys past Sussex Tech

Toon: Abomination of the Year

US launches airstrike on Mosul hospital used by Isis, military says

Pizzerias in Austin and New York Are Now Also Being Accused of Abetting Satanic Pedophilia

Hogan proposes requiring larger employers to offer paid sick leave


Trump: U.S. Intels Conclusion That Russia Hacked DNC Was Politically Motivated

Federal employees now eligible for tuition discount at University of Maryland law school

just remembering a glorious moment from the past.

State agency improperly collects millions from developmentally disabled, declines to offer refunds

Patapsco United Methodist hit with potential $12,000 citation for housing homeless

Protesters Accuse Trump and National Park Service of Working Together to Stop Marches

Mallard Fillmore is over the top today

Just saw on tweety that trump is a bit of a germaphobe

Leah Remini, her latest battle with $cientology

Here is a thought...

Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Women With Kids Shouldnt Take Jobs in the White House

U.S. mayors get advice on how to deal with Donald Trump.

The Trump Time Magazine cover - any and all photo aficionados.

Firefighters in brawl over who goes first into burning house

Nothing says Christmas like a ...

Hairspray Live! NBC, 8/7 c

Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Recounts

Schumer: If Republicans destroy our health system, we won't throw them a lifeline

trump appoints a fierce critic of EPA to run the EPA.

News Coverage of the 2016 General Election: How the Press Failed the Voters

Small amount of decent news at doctor today

Federal judge ends Michigan presidential recount

*Prange & Pearl Harbor: A Magnificent Obsession. MPT, ch 22, now.

Trump team scrambles for A-list Inaugural performers: 'They are willing to pay anything

All rise and hail the God-King...

The M$M has discovered Twitter

The attack was on radar and mistaken as B-17's headed to Pearl 75 years ago, my uncle was there

The attack was on radar and mistaken as B-17's headed to Pearl 75 years ago, my uncle was there

Megyn Kelly: Donald Trump and Steve Bannon clearly empowered the white nationalist movement

Cramer: With Trump, Everything's a Negotiation

Hey Trump, why meet with President Obama and Al Gore, then say "fuck you" to their advice?

What is the solution to technological advancement?

'Hands Off Medicare': Sanders, Other Lawmakers Call Out Trump's Promises

Americas First Real Estate Presidency

Pentagon weapons tester casts new doubts on F-35 progress

Johnny Manziel spends 24th birthday chugging Fireball

Orange Fuckface bashes Carrier union boss on twitter

Which celeb to nominate for 2020?

Red Tibetan mastiff.

It's still illegal to be gay in Texas in 2016. A lawmaker wants to end that

It's still illegal to be gay in Texas in 2016. A lawmaker wants to end that

The resistance report, coming to you live. Robert Reich

Bernie Sanders' Statement On Scott Pruitt Points Out Why He Is A Terrible Choice To Head The EPA

Anti-Union, Anti-Worker, Anti-American

In honor of Pearl Harbor Day: My night with Captain Ito.

Internet rips draft doger Gingrich for praising Japanese brilliance in Pearl Harbor attack

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Live and Uncensored

Vets ask for Forgiveness at Standing Rock

The hustlers, huckster and hacks who helped elect Trump

What I'd LOVE to see Big Dem donors doing NOW for the 2018 Midterms (and beyond)...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 8, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Based on Tennessee Williams

Has anyone considered that since Trump refuses to divest himself of

WaPo Publishes a Disclaimer on its Fake News Story About Fake News

THANK you, President-Elect Trump, for making it OK to say Merry Christmas again (sarcasm smiley)

'Today, Senator Mikulski gave her farewell speech on the Senate Floor.

NSAs best are leaving in big numbers, insiders say

Temp check in!

So tell me again where we went "wrong".

What I'd LOVE to see Big Dem donors doing NOW for the 2018 Midterms (and beyond)...

KO: Trump May Have Just Flushed the Economy Down the Toilet (shitty business man)

KO: Trump May Have Just Flushed the Economy Down the Toilet (shitty business man)

Dumbass right wingers, I just love those morons.

I just paid for Time Magazine digital edition

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 9, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Star of the Month - Myrna Loy

Percy, The Kitten I Saved Who Saved Me by Sara Nederland, CO

Completely un-retouched original stolen from fakenews

National Strike for $15 Rally in Washington

A Healthier Way to Feed Your Cat: Hide Its Meals

Everything you were afraid to ask about white nationalisms new place in American politics

State Leaders on Atrocious Child Welfare System: Dont Blame Us!

Texas A&M student found dead at Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity

Thousands protest white supremacist's appearance at Texas A&M

3 Houston-area high school students kidnapped classmate for sex, police say

Donald Trump Is Said to Intend to Keep a Stake in His Business

Abbott asks CPS to begin moving very troubled foster kids out of institutions, using federal money

Sheriff's deputy took 6 shots to put down wounded horse after euthanasia failed

Imagine if a Democrat said this.

Van Jones Talks to Barack Obama Voters Who Switched to Trump

Am I wrong? I think the US is the only country with military bases named after enemy commanders

In 2018, Republicans May Win A Filibuster Proof Senate Majority

Texas State wont report undocumented immigrants, its president says

New state-required pamphlet overstates abortion risks, physicians say

US court allows victims lawsuit against Chiquita over Colombia killings: Attorney

US court allows victims lawsuit against Chiquita over Colombia killings: Attorney

Travis County DA-elect Margaret Moore ousts 27 employees amid shakeup

Biden Has No Intention of Running in 2020

Pablo Escobars top hitman Popeye robbed in Medellin

These fucking Republicans and "their" goddamned taxes. . . .

Pablo Escobars top hitman Popeye robbed in Medellin

Former Texas A&M, Texas Tech basketball coach Billy Gillispie retiring

Former Texas A&M, Texas Tech basketball coach Billy Gillispie retiring

Trump hires a third general, raising concerns about heavy military influence

Any thoughts of who might run agains Ruiner?

Who should the Dems obstruct "Merrick Garland" style? Wait for the SCOTUS nom, Cabinet posts?

So I posted on my f/b today..

I will never buy a Carrier furnace or ac unit.

Carrier Is Using Trumps Bribe To Kill More Jobs! We're Suckers.

Study: negative media coverage of Clinton soared in the last two weeks of the campaign

Illegal deer hunting leads to death of Alabama woman

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 10, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Stop-motion Animation

Go get 'em, Senator Graham!

F*ck him: Kathy Griffin heckles Megyn Kelly for Trump praise at Women in Entertainment event

Study: Clinton-Trump coverage was a feast of false equivalency

Martin OMalley: The Faithful Politician

Alabama to execute man condemned when judge overrode jury


Neo-Nazis are calling for a boycott of new Star Wars movie

Going forward, (new) POTUS no longer viewed as Leader of the Free World.

Cheated out of your vote in Michigan? Greg Palast. Wants to hear from people.

Commander backs standing for national anthem at Pearl Harbor

Free trade, technology, and "fairness".

Trump TV announces new 24-hour network will get access to White House press briefings

A LttE

Self-leveling spoon

Cheated out of your vote in Michigan? Greg Palast. Wants to hear from people.

I think Trump is holding these rallies to reassure himself that some people still like him.

Loyalty above all.

Not content to attack the Carrier Union Rep, trump then slams the Union! (UPDATE)

Donald Trump just insulted a union leader on Twitter. Then the phone started to ring.

The Atlantic: The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Ignored the Working Class.

Michigan recount is NOT dead: Jill Stein asks Michigan Supreme Court to resume it (Palmer Report)

Death Threats The New Norm For Criticizing Trump. Sets A Dangerous Precedent.

Just putting this out there. Fly flags at 1/2 mast on 1/20...

What is the best anti-Trump site people know of?

Trump's endless twittering reminds me of some punk in high school passing nasty notes around class.

Greg Palast on election fraud

The classy First Family.

***Comment thread for December Contest.***

***Submission Thread for December Contest"

The 2016 Haters Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

Damn Yankees sew up Aroldis Chapman

This will always be my First Family...

The resistance report, coming to you live. Robert Reich

Federal Conservative leadership candidate endorses 'Lock her up' chant

120,000 coal miners face loss of retirement benefits


Arkansas governor seeks federal approval for Medicaid change

I see two possibilities for the Donald J. Trump Presidency

Richard Spencer's [White Supremacist] appearance at Texas A&M draws protests

Trump and the Roots of Rage, by Kevin O'Leary

Bill would create 9th-grade class on interacting with police

25 Years Later, Still No Clear Answers in the Yogurt Shop Murders Case

Anyone hear Megyn Kelly on NPR Tonight?

Robert Reich Pleads With Trump To Quit It With The Petty And Vindictive Tweets

Texas Medicaid Won't Cover the Most Common Autism Treatment

Accrediting agency places University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on probation

Think Trump may have stepped over the line on this union leader tweet

USINPAC engages with President-elect Donald Trumps transition team.

Fraud alleged in Rio Grande City election

El Paso Chihuahuas groundskeeper dies after I-10 accident

Texas Tech plans for new veterinary school now "on pause"

In this new "post truth" era where fact checking

Stray thought

L.A.-based Holocaust claims lawyer sues FBI over Clinton warrant

Ohio "Heartbeat Bill," slipped into unrelated bill this a.m. WITH NO WARNING, now on Kasich's desk.

New shelter for detained immigrant families will open in Donna

Donald Trump just insulted a union leader on Twitter. Then the phone started to ring. (Threats)

It's Obama's fault

House Democrats Want An Investigation Into Russian Hacking During The Election

Marlin ISD superintendent in limbo after board, TEA actions

In the spirit of the season... with love from BigBearJohn

Just checking to make sure that you realize we are allowing an illegitimate psycho

Federal judge grants stay in Rolling Stone, Eramo decision

Former President Of The Nicaraguan Soccer Federation And FIFA Development Officer Pleads Guilty

Boris Johnson gets slammed for telling the truth about the ME.

Chief Executive of Florida-Based Financial Firm Guilty of Fraud in $179 Million Sham Loan Scheme

Radford fraternities suspended amid claims of goat abuse

5,051 Va. vets' personal info found in ex-Veterans Services worker's storage unit

5,051 Va. vets' personal info found in ex-Veterans Services worker's storage unit

🐦 Bernie Sanders to appear in Kenosha - UAW Local 72 Town Hall - December 12

I think Hillary really won MI, PA, WI, and FL but the GOP counts the vote

"Historic day for Hampton Roads": CTB picks HRBT expansion for next water crossing

US life expectancy declines for first time in 20 years

Thousands of Montana snow geese die after landing in toxic, acidic mine pit

Former bookkeeper charged with embezzling from Botetourt church

So Hair Twitler picks a guy who has an active suit against the EPA to head the EPA.

Report: state salaries to lag private sector by 27 percent

Stephen Colbert: Pizzagate is an Alt-Right Fever Dream

Pope thinks the fake news spreaders are shit eaters.

Seth Meyers: Michael Moore Explains How He Predicted Trump's Election

Felony voter fraud charge filed in Asotin County

Imagine - John Lennon

Daily Holidays - December 8

Now they say in MI no we just will not do a recount

LePage urges lawmakers to alter voter initiatives on minimum wage and tax surcharge

Wait...I get to be President, AND the RNC is paying me to have their Christmas party at my hotel?

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: If It's Fake, It Must Be News

Thursday TOON Roundup 2: If It's Fake, It Must Be Trump

Thursday TOON Roundup 3: The Rest

LePage welcomes new Legislature with warning of impending economic peril

To just write off white working class folks or ANY group ANYWHERE is STUPID. Here is why:

Where is the world's most 'godless' city?

Leo DiCaprio Met With Trump

When journalism meets religion

Our corprophagic, republican congress.


Bernie Sanders - National Strike for $15 Rally in Washington

Human Rights Campaign celebrates McCrory defeat: Hate has consequences

Republican NC auditor candidate calls for recount

San Diego's Bishop McElroy strongly encourages Communion for divorced/remarried

Bernie Sanders - National Strike for $15 Rally in Washington Dec 7, 2016

John Edwards lists Chapel Hill home for $6.9 million

Michigan cops strap black man to a chair and beat him until he is blind in one eye...

NC health plan to cover sex changes, if medically necessary, in 2017

Montenegro's accession to Nato faces hurdle as US Senate session nears end

Neighbors of Duke power plants could be offered financial compensation

Trump gets to decide where in DC groups can protest his inauguration  if at all

Sanders Says Protest Critical in Trump Era

Lawyer condemns Julian Assange over statement on rape case

Pretending Russia's Hacking of the election is no biggie lets them frame the Narrative

CNN Hired People to Support Trump on air and stipulated that they NEVER bash him

Ratko Mladić must get life sentence, say war crimes prosecutors

France's honest tax system crusader convicted for hiding millions of euros

"Donald Trump insulted a union leader on Twitter. Then the phone started to ring.

Pentagram placed by nativity scene causes controversy in Boca Raton

Time Magazine Man of the Year 1938

Push for east Aleppo aid drops using GPS-guided parachutes

So WWE Pro Wrestler John Cena Will Host SNL on Dec 10.

Putin to be guest speaker at inauguration.

US life expectancy drops for first time since AIDS crisis peak

December of the worst "anniversaries" of our lifetime.

This happened on Tuesday to the United States' first Somali-American lawmaker.

What do we do, not if, but when, Trump starts arresting his political enemies?

UK Foreign Office Cuts 2/3 Of London Staff Working On Climate Issues - Guardian

Greg Lake dead aged 69: Lead singer of King Crimson and Emerson loses battle with cancer

Luckovich Toon - Trump-The Scream

The Slow-Motion Crash In Coastal Real Estate Awaits; $1 Trillion Plus On The Line

Donald Trump now blaming unions for jobs leaving the country

When does the pre-order for the Hunger Games-tickets start?

With perfect Ebeneezer timing, the Republicans plan to double the number of uninsured

The Trump family's conflicts get even more outrageous and Republicans pretend to not notice

🐦 Dec 13 - 8PM - Senator Bernie Sanders at Cooper Union, NYC

What Does The Chair Of Outreach Do? Bernie Sanders Earns Leadership Role Among Senate Democrats

"It's A Good Life" ---Twilight Zone----This kid is Donald Trump

Blaming external problems is just asserting weakness

Writing about food: Happy Birthday Bill Bryson!

Danish lawmaker: Warning shots should be fired at migrants

Sanders, Ellison joins striking federal contract workers for rally

Bernie Sanders Urges Students Demand Progressive Voices Be Heard

Donald Trump supporters 'threaten children of Carrier union boss'

Secretary of state candidate Rep. Dana Rohrabacher defends Russia, denounces China

Sanders campaign manager: Don't buy David Brock's blame game for Clinton loss

New York restaurant threatened by Pizzagate hoax callers

Trump: Madman of the Year (Charles M. Blow, NYT)

Heads up Ohioans, Sherrod Brown challenge ahead!

Quite possibly the most depressing thing you'll read all year.

Welcome to the Resistance

Donald Trumps Jobs Plan Is a Lie

Jessica Chastain Is A Nasty Woman & Proud Of It

Shaun King: Just a Reminder..

msnbc is looking for a silver lining with Pruitt nomination to EPA and of course Michael Steele

Lindsey Graham says the Russians did indeed interfere with the American elections.

Any postmortem without the mention of Comey, voter suppression and Russia being MAJOR factors ...

We, along with our allies, came to Germany's rescue from Hitler.

So....what would happen if Twitter just decided to suspend Donald Trump's account?

CDU defies Merkel with hardline dual nationality vote

Mega-Churches anyone? Saudi-Arabia plans to turn Hajj into touristic money-maker.

"Landing Team" for Trump's EPA: Climate Deniers and a Lawyer Known For Harassing Climate Scientists

Snails Defeat Trump!

There is only one reason why corporations have moved overseas

Trump Electoral Panic Grows, Clinton Camp Briefed on Elector Revolt

Florida Voters Sue for Recount, Claim Trump Won Due to Voter Fraud

Trumps EPA Pick Is Skeptical of More Than Just Climate Change

Trumps team is hoping to do better than Kid Rock & Ted Nugent: They Are Willing to Pay Anything

'Trumps Nuts' a Holiday Classic for 2016

Gambling-question: Would this be legal or illegal?

South Korea parliament introduces bill to impeach Park; vote due Friday

Former Obama backers in blue-collar Trumbull County now pinning their hopes on Donald Trump

Linda McMahon (WWE) picked to be Small Business administrator

Law Enforcement Officials: Start taking Internet death threats seriously.

Trumps favorability rating is lowest of any president-elect in modern history:

"The First Pirate Politician in Power" (in Iceland) (BBC)

German companies pull ads from Breitbart

Thanks Trump!

Trump could privatize nation's air traffic controllers

The US under Obama has outperformed the world &the market thinks Trump can do better: SELL 8Dec016

Kenya: As Solar Power Expands the Work Day, Incomes Rise in Eastern Kenya

Laugh or Cry?

Recolonizing the Continent: Six Coups Against Latin America's Left Since 2000

Worlds largest solar power plant launched in India

36 Years.

Not a peep or a tweet from Trump re. the Oakland fire.

The clock is ticking for DAPL investors - Heidi Heitkamp meets with Trump (Young Turks)

Sigourney Weaver: We Didn't Vote For Dirty Air And Dirty Water

Subsidized housing works better for some kids than others

Here is the perfect TV show for the coming holiday season


Robert Reich just smacked down petty and thin-skinned Trump for attacking union head on Twitter

Seen in the New York Times comments section on Trump's selection of Scott Pruitt to run the EPA:

When/if you watch "It's a Wonderful Life" this year, keep in mind that the part of the US

Bill King wins Ford C. Frick award for broadcasting

I think the Thursday night match up (Chiefs vs Raiders) will be streamed here:

The coming corruption investigations and civil lawsuits involving this admin will be epic

Trump considers naming FDA chief who would radically overhaul the agency

Raiders / Chiefs: The NFL gives us a Thursday night gem

Maggie Habberman (NYT): Chris Cristie not getting RNC gig

Sofia Vergara: US actress faces lawsuit 'from own embryos'

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes near Ferndale, California

Will Trump appoint David Duke as head of the Civil Rights office?

The Comet Ping Pong Gunman Answers Our Reporters Questions

U.S. life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993

Question RE: "Celebrities" and LBN

Hi! I'm Floyd and I'm happy to be here. In fact I'm happy to be

"Bolstering investors confidence"

From Daily Kos: State of the Recount: Michigan halted, hearing in PA, WI 70% complete (accurate?)

A Perfect Toon For Our Times...

It's tough to focus on a playing puppy

Why right-leaning fake news is a danger to us all.

Corporations rob taxpayers every day! Here's how:

Van Jones Blames 'Hurricane Trump' on Unexpected Culprit

Northern hemisphere dwellers: we have just had the earliest sunset of the year, on December 7.

Budowsky: Bernie Sanders is Democrats' person of the year

Anti-union bills pass Michigan House of Representatives

Duo accused of grifting

Trump to name fast-food CEO as labor secretary

Holocaust attorney sues FBI over election interference that could lead to impeachment of Trump

Michigan House Approves Strict New Voter ID Bill Over Dem Objections

President P*ssygrabber's new Labor Secy -now we know why he was picked

Yoko Ono

"End of Time"

& Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out.....

How Big-Box Retailers Weaponize Old Stores

Texas Ag Commissioner On Pushing Fake News: 'I Report, You Decide (AUDIO)

Colbert Takes On Pizzagate

Montini: 37 votes can take presidency from Trump. Still like the Electoral College?

what could have been...

Trump's Labor Secretary Nominee on Women in Bikinis

Trump is setting himself up for a coup by packing Cabinet with ex-generals, military expert warns

Christie won't be Republican National Committee chair under Trump, sources say

This is incontrovertible proof that God is evil. God does not live by his own golden rule.

Trumps torture view may change secrets sharing with Canada: spy watchdog executive

Guy sets his own home on fire, blames Black Lives Matter.

Kerry warns OSCE of rise in 'authoritarian populism'

What the U.S. Government Really Thought of Israels Apparent 1979 Nuclear Test

Ret. Gen. McCaffrey Changes Opinion On Flynn After Reading 'Nearly Demented' Tweets

Quote from Voltaire: "Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous."

O'Reilly: I'm Never Going On The View Again After Disrespect Of Trump

No question but a BIG

Franklin D Roosevelt - Dec. 8, 1941 "Day of Infamy" Speech

Please, please, please call Ernst and Grassley about the ACA vote

Democrats vow to fight 'tooth and nail' against Medicare cuts

Constitutional Lawyer: It's an "Outrage" That Judge Halted Michigan Presidential Election Recount

I reread Dylann Roof's manifesto today and you could have lifted half of it from Breitbart

QUESTION: does anyone have addresses to send mail to the Electors?

White House staff left 'in tears' after thank you speech from Michelle Obama

Honest question about potential EPA head Scott Pruitt

Yankees go all-in on Aroldis Chapman after he assures them...

QUESTION: Is Voter Suppression a... FORM... of election fraud? (poll)

TIME: Meet the rust belt voters who voted for Trump

Teachable moment Now: post election remedies can never be counted on to repair elections

Pic Of The Moment: Meet Donald Trump's Pick For Head Of The EPA

So the Michigan recount is now all but dead in the water.

Stifel, ex-executive settle SEC case over Wisconsin school investments

Houston decides on Lane Kiffin as next coach

The Blind Spots of Liberalism

Question about the groups in the "Topics" section of DU

Pope Francis BLASTS Conservatives For Sin Of Spreading Fake News, Equates It To Eating Feces

Trump's Labor Department appointment sends early warning sign to labor

Wow seismic busy day! 8.0 earthquake Solomon Islands.

Driftglass: On the Subject of Listening to the People of the Land

Ex-firefighter who threatened to kill black couple indicted on 7 felony counts

Trump needs to get this guy to head the EPA

Pizza shop gunman says he regrets how he handled situation

After this nightmare, I am now inclined toward states rights. I know this is terribly selfish,

It continues: Stricter voter identification law passes House ( Michigan)

Republicans back off threat to shut down government to undermine civilian control of the military

Holocaust attorney sues FBI over election interference that could lead to impeachment of Trump

Warning issued for 'hazardous' tsunami waves after 7.7 earthquake off the Solomon Islands

Stephen Bittel quietly became a Miami-Dade Democratic precinct captain this week

Sandy Hook Hoax lady threatens parents of dead kid

Could it be TRUE? Joe Biden is now considering a run for President in 2020?

Mass Extinction and Mass Insanity

Jill Stein is simply promoting the Green Party while validating the election.

We Went Wrong When We Did Not Prosecute Election Fraud

France's Le Pen pledges no schooling for illegal migrants

Another day in Post-Fact-Era-dise

Daily Kos: Arizona Republic - "37 votes can take presidency from Trump... That's All it Will Take:

Had an emergency last night at work. A driver no-call-no-showed.

Has U.S. life expectancy maxed out? Decline is first in decades

AFL-CIO Trumka on Chuck Jones: "Chuck is a hero-An attack on him is an attack on all working people"

Today Show interview with Trump proves we elected the single most fragile ego in American history

Oklahoma Citys First New Abortion Clinic in 40 Years

Oklahoma Citys First New Abortion Clinic in 40 Years

Today's petitions

Oklahoma Citys First New Abortion Clinic in 40 Years

The movie Idiocracy has literally come to pass.

Corporate Media Is Just As Dangerous As Fake News Sites

The smallness of Donald Trump


Carter Page, Ex-Trump Adviser With Russian Ties, Visits Moscow

Texas Publishes Anti-Abortion Booklet Filled with Falsehoods and Lies

Trumps Likely Labor Pick, Andrew Puzder, Is Critic of Minimum Wage Increases

Texas Publishes Anti-Abortion Booklet Filled with Falsehoods and Lies

Libraries Become Unexpected Sites of Hate Crimes

Texas Publishes Anti-Abortion Booklet Filled with Falsehoods and Lies

I just found out how trump is going to build his wall

Michael Moore begs Trump: Attend security briefings or the next terror attack is all your fault

Talks With Mitt Romney for Secretary of State Not About Revenge, Trump Says

Bernie Sanders On Donald Trump's Filthy Rich Cabinet All In MSNBC

Gun Control Advocates Find a Deep-Pocketed Ally in Big Law

20 Things Donald Trump Said He Wanted to Get Rid of as President

Viola Desmond, Canadian who fought segregation, to appear on $10 note

"Views about race mattered more in electing Trump than in electing Obama" (WaPo)


'Impunity has consequences': the women lost to Mexico's drug war

Judge Denies Trump Request To Toss Lawsuit Against Florida Golf Club

How to Know What Donald Trump Really Cares About: Look at What Hes Insulting

'Impunity has consequences': the women lost to Mexico's drug war

CEO of Hardees to run the Labor Department...

Petulant-elect Trump.

'Impunity has consequences': the women lost to Mexico's drug war

'Impunity has consequences': the women lost to Mexico's drug war

GOP goes ape after Trump calls McConnell "that lying smarmy-mouthed hypocritical hillbilly"

A big question: did Trump's racism and demagoguery ultimately help him or hurt him?

Giraffes at risk of "silent extinction," biologists warn

Terrorism most immediate threat to UK, says MI6

So Trump's labor secretary is against minimum wage, opposes overtime rules, and blames the

Trump Cons On Climate

We've lost Greg Lake

North Korea still struggling with nuclear missile re-entry: U.S. official

Iran Races to Clinch Oil Deals Before Donald Trump Takes Office

APNewsBreak: Effort to stem homegrown US extremism launches

Senate Dems Threaten Government Shutdown Over Miners Benefits

No mistrial for Dylann Roof after church shooting survivor calls him 'evil'

U.S. Congress votes to apply Magnitsky human rights act globally

Time to think the unthinkable about President Le Pen

Hillary Clinton could have legal right to challenge electoral college system

Some good news for Flint, from Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-5)

"Pizzagate" shooting suspect: "The intel on this wasn't 100 percent"

The Democratic Party has been Constitutionally "kettled", there is really only one doable solution

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

I figured it out.

WTF? Reid: Trump 'not as bad as I thought he would be'

You can't keep a good Mule down!

Recent David Pakman video: "Trump Electoral Panic Grows, Clinton Camp Briefed on Elector Revolt"

Link to **Submission Thread for December photo contest**

Donald Trumps deal to create 50,000 jobs in America looks a lot different on Day Two

AFL-CIO endorses Ellison for DNC chair

Fukushima radiation detected in Tillamook Bay, Gold Beach

America will soon be ruled by a minority

The Rolls Royce of Jerky - I couldn't eat enough of it!

got the osiris ransomware here at work. any info or help be appreciated.

Giraffes may be extinct in 20 years

Former Boeing and Ford chief Alan Mulally to meet with Trump

Reagan's Budget Director Predicts The Coming Crash!

Trump Appoints Fox To Watch Hen House!

Quality Assurance vs. Censorship in the Era of Fake News: An Idea

Donald Trump's labor secretary pick Andy Puzder, who makes 300 times his employees, opposes...

Mick Jagger, 73, welcomes baby no. 8 with 29 yr old girlfriend

Tom Cotton & Trey Gowdy vow vigilance over the Trump administration -- no, seriously, stop laughing

House GOP bucks Donald Trump, scrap legislation to buy American iron and steel

Why are Gore and DiCaprio silent on the EPA choice?

Repealing Obamacare Could Kill 36,000 Americans Per Year

Michael Moore predicts Electoral College will deny Donald Trump: "He's not president of the US yet"

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but instead of

Donald Trump wants to work something out for immigrant kids, and the GOP is not happy

John Glenn, 95, has passed.

John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95

God Speed, John Glenn. nt

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 8, 2016

America Belongs to White Men, Alt-Right Founder Says

What is the Secret Service's identifier for Trump going to be?

Trump wants Romney for State because "he looks the part?"

Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison - Livestream

Haha funny not funny. Pruitt Putin Pruitt

Approved: Black Festivus pole will be placed in Capitol

Biden warns fiscal plans reminiscent of 2008

500-year-old clams unlock history of oceans

"Godspeed, John Glenn."

🐦 Our Revolution Livestream with Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 8:00pm

Biden: I'm 'embarrassed' by the campaign

In West Virginia coal country, voters are thrilled about Donald Trump

Does trump think he's filling out a cast of characters in a sit-com or made for t.v. movie?

Sprechen sie Drumpf?

Republicans Block Attempt To Lower Drug Prices In U.S.

He just doesn't like us. At all.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Trump is the perfect opportunity to create a real Blue Wall

Keith Ellison Secures Nations Biggest Labor Endorsement

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Contribute to a Progressive-Themed Essay Collection

just for shits and giggles

Is "America" gone?

Hillary is on msnbc now Unveiling of Harry Reid photo--Video at cspan...

Garrison Keillor: And now we sit and watch in disbelief

How Donald Trumps Web of LLCs Obscures His Business Interests

Democrats Should Fight All of Trumps Nominees. Yes, All of Them.

Kellyanne Conway sees no future in working for He-Man Women Haters Club (AKA "Trump's White House")

Climate-Related Local Extinctions Are Already Widespread among Plant and Animal Species

Pfizer Fined $107 Million for Overcharging U.K. for Epilepsy Drug

Just how far into a cesspool has Alex Jones gone?

GOP House approves huge fines for picketing (Michigan)

German Intel Agency: Russia Is Trying To Destabilize Germany Just Before Its Election

Bernie's new push -- a "Brand New Congress"

Chuck Jones gets call from Bernie Sanders after Donald Trump criticizes union chief (Video)

John Glenn's launch scene from "The Right Stuff."

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Two pressure cookers were found on the street in front of a public library here in New Haven's

Projected growth handed to drumph who will claim any credit

Please sign this CHANGE.ORG petition to stop deportation of Domingo Ferriera, legal immigrant.

When are the Trump children bringing back their jobs to America?

Scientist find dinosaur tail preserved in amberand it's covered in feathers

Why is Trump picking the most radical and unfit people for his cabinet? - My theory

It just doesn't seem like Christmas until,.....

TPM - "Ryan Plays the DC Press Corps Like a Fiddle"

Going to be a little selfish here

Here's an Inside Out not for the contest,

HIDDEN FIGURES - In light of John Glenn's demise, you might be interested in this film.

Andrew Puzder, Trump's Pick for Labor Department, Was Accused of Abusing Wife

The 'Springsteen paradox' that explains why Trump won Michigan

John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin

Trumps Labor Secretary Pick: I Like Beautiful Women Eating Burgers In Bikinis

Sandy Hook Truther Arrested for Threatening Parent of Shooting Victim

What do people do when there are no more jobs?

Obama: There Are People 'Whose Primary Concern About Me Is That I Seem Foreign'

Bittersweet that that one of RFK's best friends lived long enough to see America elect a fascist

HILLARY CLINTON: The 'epidemic of malicious fake news' is a 'danger' that must be 'addressed quic

75.3% of voters turned out in CA -- giving Hillary 4.2 million more votes than DT.

Trump wants to read your messages. Download Signal to thwart him

The Presidential Inaugural Committee is blocking the Women's March access to the Mall

Red Thai Curry

In Denmark, supermarkets selling expired food are all the rage

Trump Derangement Syndrome: definition

why shouldn't cheeto think he can get away w bleeding us dry?

Racist graffiti at Giants player's home investigated as hate crime

No Voice for Science in the Trump White House?

DU Weather Report - a frequency analysis of our conversations

California man's 'meltdown over alpacas' in Peru goes viral

Of all the drumph lies

We need to regain trust and not among white males.

Judge: "vulnerability of our system of voting poses the threat of a potentially devastating attack"

John Glenn

John Glenn orbit scene from The Right Stuff (ooops, fixed)

Dismantling Climate Rules Isnt So Easy.

Trump to Remain Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice


Trump: The 1st U.S. President to earn "5 figures per episode" for producing TV while presidentin'

Stephen Colbert to #Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorists: Grow the F*ck Up

The MiG Mad Marine crosses...

Suggestion: Weekly Call To Action (CTA)?

Trump originals say they're getting frozen out

There is no excuse for cops shooting a fourteen year old with a knife in school

Sunset at Mare Island Marina

Hey! Remember when Trump abruptly stopped campaigning in Swing states

The first Somali-American elected official visited the White House, then was called ISIS by her ca

New York firefighter charged with setting fire to own home and blaming it on Black Lives Matter

John Glenn, American Hero of the Space Age, Dies at 95

Maybe Twitter should change their terms of services and exclude the platform from anyone running

Administration of Abusers

Trump Is the Least Popular President-Elect in Modern American History

Andrea Mitchell tweets:

Andrew Puzder, Trump's Pick for Labor Department, Was Accused of Abusing Wife

This is NOT Normal !!