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Russia Deploys Advanced Cruise Missiles in Major Navy Reboot

Clinton, Sanders, and the “Progressive Give-Up” Formula (with Clinton’s Warning of a Grand Bargain)

The Power to Make Secrets out of the Public Record: "Retroactive classification."

Happy New Year to all Hillary, Martin and Bernie Supporters!

Obama set to unveil curbs on gun sellers

Female WWII pilots barred from Arlington National Cemetery

Final-Day Selloff Sends S&P 500 to First Yearly Drop Since 2011

Martin O'Malley fails to qualify for Ohio ballot. Weekend Crowds Attracted to Seasonal Nostalgia Train Rides

I've never really "gotten" the New Year countdown celebration

First U.S. Oil Export Leaves Port, Marking End of 40-Year Ban

I saw The BIG SHORT today...and was inspired to actually write a blog post about it....

Stephen King minces no words with his opinion of Donald Trump

Georgia won't let Pastafarian wear colander in license photo

Tennessee HS Basketball Players Charged with Raping, Assaulting Teammate

Just a simple brush dance...

Wishing all of my friends at the Democratic Underground a Happy New Year in 2016

Video: Crows spotted making tools in the wild for first time

OU Band's Repertoire

The 7 must-read Hillary Clinton emails by Politico--new batch Dec 31

Ew, just ew: ‘Family values’ Republican: Men should be allowed to grab breastfeeding women’s nipples

Some memories of Appalachia...

Sorry...Dupe Post Glitch...Delete

Federal judge blocks Arkansas abortion law for 2 weeks

Federal judge blocks Arkansas abortion law for 2 weeks

The "I'm an entitled rich jerk!" Smile.

Always look on the bright side of life

The proverbial picture is worth a thousand words (Part 2):

Meet Nadine, a Robot Receptionist

DU Bernie Group fund raising is on fire tonight!!!

Looking to see presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders at his rally in Worcester Saturday? sign-up early

Mother of 'affluenza' teen detained in Los Angeles after Mexico deportation

Bernie Sanders visit Northstar Elementary

Nobel Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz Emphasizes Need for Wall Street Reforms

Israel warns Brazil faces diplomatic downgrade unless it accepts settler as ambassador

Argentina: Mothers of Plaza de Mayo's Radio Station Attacked

Nice photo! Very presidential.

I'm curious about Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

12-30-15 The Fight for Better Wage, Hours, and Conditions in 2:00

12-30-15 The Fight for Better Wage, Hours, and Conditions in 2:00

12-30-15 The Fight for Better Wage, Hours, and Conditions in 2:00

CNN is having a blast right now-Kathy & Cooper

12-31-15 The First to Enter Ellis Island in 2:00

12-31-15 The First to Enter Ellis Island in 2:00

12-31-15 The First to Enter Ellis Island in 2:00

Happy New Year 2016! The year of Hillary!!

Another one bites the dust

For New Years Eve we are watching "Inherit the Wind" (1960) the "Monkey Trial"

Happy 2016, DU!

Two officers disciplined after leaving home of mother, her 2-year-old daughter hours before shooting

Off to Amhert, MA on Saturday for a Bernie Sanders rally

One of the lesser known Sanders policies

You know you're having a bad week...

Twilight Zone Marathon on SyFy

Now on CSPAN: March 1999 Al Gore campaigns in New Hampshire

What photographers on the Clinton campaign trail saw in 2015

Last Dance...of 2015!

"Kill me now..."

Happy New Year everyone!

'MASH' Star Wayne Rogers Dies at 82.

Wayne Rogers, Trapper John on 'M.A.S.H.,' dies at 82

The Crime Of Trying To Get An Education.

America is addicted to terror: Why our obsession with irrational fear is tearing this country apart

NEXT WEEK: Congress to send Obamacare repeal, Planned Parenthood defunding to the president’s desk

I had to call the cops on myself today. They were very nice.

Jeb Bush Says No Need For Federal Investigation In Tamir Rice Case

How Rubio helped his ex-con brother-in-law acquire a real estate license

Paul Craig Roberts Tells RT International About Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders

The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria

NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated

The Biggest Scandal in US History That We're Still Not Talking About

Behind the Lens: 2015 Year in Photographs (from the White House):

Behind the Lens: 2015 Year in Photographs (from the White House):

The last former Secretary of State to be elected president -

Behind the Lens: 2015 Year in Photographs (from the White House):

Charles Pierce: CNN Mongers the ISIS Fear Then Wonders Where It Came From

America's Incarcerated Population, Largest in World, Grew Even More Last Year

Aguamiél - The fresh unfermented sap of the agave

Happy New Year to all Hillary Supporters! (HILLARY GROUP)

in NYC Area - Honeymooner Marathon is starting now on WPIX Ch. 11 !

Happy New Year 2016! The year of Bernie !!!

Hey DU... May your next year be better than your last.

Another group raising $ for Bernie at Act Blue has raised almost $26,000 in the last 4 hours! (fixed

Celebrate wisely, DUers,

Donald Trump warns that Bernie Sanders will end golfing in the United States

News hits too close to home. Mental illness, San Francisco Police, possible substance abuse...

Having trouble focusing (mentally) ;-)

You're running out of chances to give grief to a forum host in 2015


Jeb Bush Mysteriously Decides That 'Hurricane Katrina' Is A Good Nickname To Give Someone

Hillary's 2016 Resolution: Destroy Bernie, "Seem Nice Doing It"



It is 2016--the year of Hillary Clinton--Madam President has begun

Happy New Year, EST

Vulture funds subpoena HSBC to block $5 billion Argentine bond offer.

Vulture funds subpoena HSBC to block $5 billion Argentine bond offer.

Spending Bill To Accelerate NASA Habitation Module Work

Terminal dementia patient helps raise $41,433.35 for Bernie in 7 months!

The God Distraction

Spoiler !!!

Bernie's cabinet.

I got a rice steamer for Christmas

TYT: Fox Host: Cosby Victim May Have Deserved It

Pope Francis, in year-end message: 'good news don't make news'.

My macbook is getting old

Same Old Lang Syne - Dan Fogelberg

Happy New Year, CST

I'd like to appologize if I've come across as a bit of a jerk this past week (sorry if this is meta)

TYT: Carrie Fisher Tells Trolls To Blow Her

Happy New Year Lounge Lizards!

Spoiler !!!

Happy New Year, DU: "It's Going to Be Okay"

Former US defense secretary: Nuclear dangers are growing (William J. Perry)

TYT: Journalist Murder Rising Across The World

Des Moines, Iowa - New Years Eve 2015

Auld Lang Syne - Dougie MacLean (Lyrics and Meaning)

"We Need To Take Our Country Back" - I lasted until that point with these teabaggers

TYT: Will LeBron James Speak Out On Tamir Rice Travesty?

Happy new year from maybe my favorite living person.

Happy New Year! The Real Truth Is We Do Not Exist. Reality Is ALL An Illusion.

10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years

Some memories of Appalachia...

Robert Reich: Trump Represents What's Wrong With America, While Bernie Represents What's Right

High Price of Drugs Leaves Even the Insured And Affluent Struggling

Happy New Year! Not a Hillary fan but she is 1000 times better than any GOP candidate! NT

Who Is TYT’s 2015 Jerk Of The Year?

Happy New Year, MST

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Another M*A*S*H Greats passes

I just got back home...I saw Star Wars free!

Military Contractors Caught On Tape Bragging About Future Profits From War On ISIS

Auld Lang Syne (with lyrics)

My New Years Resolution Is A Revolution

2016 - The Year We Elect the First Socialist President. Welcome to it!

Hey You...

‘Affluenza’ teen may delay deportation with human rights law

The indirect message to the 99%

Happy New Year DU. All my best to you and yours for the new

War Fraud: The Great Lies Behind Imperial Warfare in the 21st Century

DU goes to Bora Bora

no matter what your opinion of the nra is

Happy New Year, PST

Holy Shit! Racist gets his just desserts yelling at fracking protesters. Offensive Language Warning

We're all super smart now!

Video - meeting with the Ambassador of Egypt in America in 1953 about the Egyptian army

Worthy Humans: the top picks of decent people by TYT

Bernie Sanders May Be Taking More Rides on Private Planes

OK, either he KNOWS that this is a euphemism for sex, or he doesn't…

Daily Holidays - January 1

Ken Paxton to appeal ruling upholding charges

Open Letter to Michigan's Mainstream Media in '16: Finally Tell The Truth About Rick Snyder

Novel about Jewish-Palestinian love affair is barred from Israeli curriculum

Did anyone see BBC "The Killing of Farkhunda" last night?

I'm calling the GOP "Saudi America" as a new years resolution.

Trump fans viciously lampooned by new video produced by conservative Republican political group

Abortion Rights in 2015 Evaporated at a Swift Pace

Abortion defenders in appeasement mode

Do we have any real estate agents here?

The Return of the 1920s

If we can't find the money that Uncle Billy lost...


Levity time: How many of you know at least 10 of these jerks at the gym?

My FIRST DU music video post of 2016: Motörhead's "When The Sky Comes Looking For You"

Goat Meat Found in Home of Indian Man Killed Over Rumors That He Ate Beef

Republicans For Bernie Sanders

The Best-Decorated Christmas Tree, Ever!

Planning a trip to the Badlands of South Dakota. Looking for advice.

Florida Cop Murders Pet Dog 3 Feet From Terrified Homeowners in Incident Caught on Video (Warning)

OT: Go Dems, have a great New Year

4.2 - 5 km northeast of Edmond, OK

If Hillary is elected she should be properly referred to as "Ms. President" not "Madam President"

Here's wishing the GD posse all that is good for you and yours

Danbury man arrested for going to gun range drunk

Los Angeles Deputy Shoots Partner, Blames Suspect; Both Kill Suspect in Retaliation (Warning)

I have given away my guns

Gun-Related Deaths in the U.S. on Xmas Day

Indian capital starts limiting cars for 2 weeks to clear air

My 2016 is starting out in the best way - a new baby in the family!!

As Brooklyn Park Stalls, Fingers Point at Religious Group

Newly released emails reveal coordination after teen's death

Weekly Address: Making America Safer for Our Children

Tel Aviv shooting: Two dead, Israeli police say

Another huge dump of Hillary's emails and still no smoking gun.

“Don’t paint us as hillbillies”: Man guarding “Muslim-free” gun range bends over, drops weapon...

Hahahahaha! Scott Walker Has Some More Problems.

Medical Study: Mommy Kisses on Boo-Boos Are Ineffective

Can we stop with the "You are going to vote for her because she has ovaries?"

In 2016: "I want to see more concert halls, museums & libraries & less weapon factories"

Does anyone here have osteoporosis?

2016 Election Year Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Winter finally arrived with the New Year

Senator Tweets Every Mass Shooting In America From Past Year-He calls it his "2015 year in review"

FOX is truly a horrible station with hideous people working for them (R rated rant-warning)

At 12:00 noon EDT January 20, 2017, William Jefferson Clinton will be properly referred to as...

The Primary Election Season Is Officially Here!

The New Year's Google Doodle has hatched!

Bernie’s People-Powered Campaign Draws Big Crowds in Iowa, More than 34,000 at Campaign Stops


[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-31-15 (January goal is set)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 12-31-15 (January goal is set)

38-zip. ROLL TIDE!

LOL, for the NRA lovers and defenders......

$595,000 wealthier now! I got the payment for the movies I sold

It is time for Muslims to begin a deep self-examination

Why Doesn't This Scare the S**t Out Of Us!?

not quite sure WHY, but this made me LOL.....

When Babies Squad Up

Freddie Mercury's vocal track to "We are the Champions"

Ukrainian Police Blame Second Crimean Power Outage On Sabotage

Sanders: America’s New Year’s Resolution Is To Say “Enough Is Enough”

4 Things That Were Supposed To Happen By 2016 Because Obama Was Reelected

Claims about Bernie following same trend as Obama in 2008 are now clearly bunk.

President Obama and Seinfeld (19:16)

In 2016, can we please go with "Clinton Supporters," "Sanders Supporters," or "O'Malley Supporters"?

Sanders reserves Rose Bowl ad airtime

TYT: EXPOSED: Coca-Cola’s Scam To Keep Kids Drinking Soda

Erdogan says Hitler's Germany exemplifies effective presidential system

Charles Pierce: "And, in a related story, Tamir Rice is still dead."

More Charles Pierce: Trump Has Allowed Pundits to Revive the Great Penis Chase of the 1990s

List of all the things you shouldn't do to Carol (or around Carol) from the Walking Dead.

What if religion is just an accident of human culture?

H.A. Goodman is a deluded clown and he doesn't represent most Sanders supporters

TYT: How Japan Got Such A Low Crime Rate

Happy New Year

How A Fracking Protest Exposed Moronic Racism

MOBIL OIL--they calculated sea level rise into their new facilities, while denying it

Damning New Evidence Shows How Israel Bribed Republican Traitors To Sabotage Obama On Iran Deal

Former landscaper apologizes, tells reporter: 'I wouldn't say I'm completely racist'

Krugman started off the new year swinging, didn't he. Jerkocracy. Is that the new word?

For the last few days, I have noticed a change in the Clinton TV ads.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders Will Defeat Clinton and Dominate Trump to Become President

"Clinton changed course and insisted that cutting emissions should be put off for 20 years."

Time again for a New Years' Day Sports Group Picture Thread

What's with Hillary's persistent dandruff? Shouldn't $600 hair treatments cure that?

Natalie Cole - Dead at age 65

Bernie speaks to 31,000 in Iowa!!!!

Your New Year's Exercise Resolution – A Promise to Yourself You Can Keep

Cartoon flashback: Escape from Ronald Rump

Privilege, Pathology and Power: Wealth can be bad for your soul.

Party, party, party!

Jim Hightower: The Corporate Media Is Basically Pretending Bernie Sanders Doesn't Exist

Floods swamp Missouri, Illinois; nine million people in risk areas

Very encouraging news on the drought front

Kitchen Dancing remembrance thread for our Pinto...

Gilbert Kaplan - Wealthy Businessman Turned Mahler Conductor/Expert - Has Died

The Best Catholic LGBT News of 2015

Important Editorial: Hillary Clinton Should Withdraw Now!

Privilege, Pathology and Power

Politico negatively editorializes articles on Clinton

A few touching Obama moments from 2015 to remember, courtesy of The Obama Diary

Saving money on food storage(specialized refrigeration?).

FeelTheBernTV Rose Parade (some pics)

Before the big game

What a wonderful outlook on life, love, and community!

FORTUNE predicts Dem, GOP 2016 tickets

4,556 individuals with overlapping ties to 164 organizations do the most to dispute climate change

One of my conservative friends just posted this on Facebook, and NOT as a joke.

OMFG - Natalie Cole is dead at 65

Join The Posse

For your consideration......

Phrase I would like to never hear again this year.

Denier Database: a who's who of AGW denial

Best newspaper correction ever

Infinite America, Part 7: A fiery end to a fantastic journey

New Postage Stamps on our new refocus on space (little graphic-heavy)

Woman fights DUI by claiming that her body brews alcohol

In 2016, Bernie Sanders Will Defeat Clinton and Dominate Trump to Become President

Can a person be a sitting Senator and VP at the same time?

Landmark California gun seizure law takes effect 1 January but amid concerns

What's in a name? Quite a lot actually. The case for calling them ISIL and Daesh, NOT ISIS.

"Hey, I Like Hillary Clinton Too"

Obama to meet with Loretta Lynch to discuss 'epidemic of gun violence'

It can work both ways

What do donors want

In 2017, my Rape of Nanking movie will be released for worldwide audiences as well as

So, about this terra plot/bust in Rochester...

Two Killed, Seven Wounded in Shooting at Tel Aviv Pub

Toon: Herbal Supplement

Bernie Sanders supporters to host party in Beverly

Bernie Sanders Reminds Iowans To Vote In Next Month's Caucuses

Bernie Sanders to speak at UMass on Saturday

Ben and Jerry Urge You to Donate to Bernie Sanders, the “Most Electable Democrat”

The Book You Need to Read to Understand Bernie Sanders and His Populist Crusade

Funniest Political Memes of 2015

Has anyone tried Qello? It's a live music concert station/app/computer thingy...

Obama's Best Comebacks And Rebuttals Over The Years.

Sanders has a Posse! Shepard Fairey, of Obama's "Hope" poster, endorses & fundraises for Bernie

20-year-old UNT student shot in head

I queried my first literary agent today.

Plaistow Town Hall Meeting with Bernie Sanders

Look what I seen taday!

The Tea Party Exists Mainly Because Many Rural Whites Just Don’t Like a Black Guy Being in Charge

Bernie Sanders to campaign in Newmarket

Trumpeter Swans

Get those 2016 juices flowing

Man attacks soldiers guarding French mosque with his car

"Likeability" and women political candidates

How atheists, feminists and other progressive activists cope with online harassment and death threat

Bernie Sanders visit Northstar Elementary

PeerBlock shows a certain web address that is blocked every few seconds.

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 3 - Reporter Repartee

Could Bernie be benefiting from the media blackout?

This Is The Best Religious Architecture Of 2015

It all started when he broke his toe in Sweden....

Clinton shatters $100M fundraising goal

TCM Schedule for Monday January 4 - Spanish Civil War

Some Cold Landscape and Scenery

Hillary shatters $100M fundraising goal

Your out in the snow up to your waist and this happens...

Hillary Clinton targeted $100 M in fundraising for 2015; raised......$112 M

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Blew Past Their Fundraising Goal For 2015

New Year's Rockin' Eve w/ Bernie

Star Trek 50th anniversary stamps coming for 2016

Weekly Address: Making America Safer for Our Children

"Spotted in Cedar Rapids, IA"

Catholic singer says her songs seek to open people's hearts to God, doesn't want 'Christian' label

Natalie Cole's "Pink Cadillac" video - always loved it!

How prophetic -U2- "When fact is fiction and TV reality"

We Are Women For Bernie Sanders - Do Not Underestimate Us!

Skywriters have message for Trump at Rose Parade

Someone is skywriting anti-Donald Trump messages above the Rose Parade

A New Year's prediction: Sanders's small donation surge keeps growing

La prochaine dans une serie: Ma chanson preferee pour Janvier

16 dogs party too hard for New Year's

Episode 41 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

"Affluenza" Teen Ethan Couch Partied at a Strip Club, Courtesy of His Mom, Witness Says

Elizabeth Warren SLAMS Hillary Clinton With Most Damaging Evidence To Date

Paraguay Brings Back Sherman Tanks

From Lemmy's birthday

Dear 1%, your time is up. Sincerely, #WeThePeople P.S.- Fuck you, Wall Street

Texas Loaded Gun OPEN CARRY Starts TODAY! ! ! Yay !!!

I do not represent the interests of the billionaires or corporations. I represent you....

Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels

Can jobs still provide a pathway to the American dream?

Bandwagon Podcast Follows Bernie Sanders' Fans

This tree in the Americas is so toxic, you can’t stand under it when it rains

Carnival Cruz Courts Crazies

Venezuela Passes Law Banning GMOs, by Popular Demand

Happy New Year, Iowa

The Most Important Article You'll Read Today About The Democratic Party.

Unsettling 2015 Factoid: "Value of gun manufacturers' stocks almost doubled in 2015"

One Month to Go in Iowa...Where Do We Stand?

This tree in the Americas is so toxic, you can’t stand under it when it rains

Venezuela Passes Law Banning GMOs, by Popular Demand

To Natalie Cole (1950-2015). Always unforgettable.

What's for Dinner, New Year's Day, Jan. 1, 2016

Happy New Years Bernie supporters!!!! PSA.

The Case of David Ravelo: Justice, Impunity and Peace in Colombia

Mexico missing students: Mayor charged over 'gang ties'

Caetano Veloso Loves Israel, But Won’t Be Going Back

Happy New Year from the Sanders family

Lena Dunham, Abby Wambach to appear for Hillary Clinton in N.H.

Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony

Bernie : politics :: Einstein : physics

Revolutionary Transgressions: an Interview With Margaret Randall

TEASER TRAILER: Michael Moore's New Documentary "Where To Invade Next?"

Seeing Bernie speak against the first war in Iraq in empty house of congress

Ten Year Decline In Federal Firearm Prosecutions

Bernie Sanders Rings In The New Year In Des Moines, Iowa

Ted Cruz’ Creepy, Mean-Spirited New Year’s Message For Fox Viewers

A Secret History of the Monarch: How the Biotech Industry Conspired to Knock Off One of the World’s

California Condor That Helped Save Species Returns to Wild

New details released on Obama's major executive action on gun control

Another beautiful day in Iceland

2016 prediction: Hillary Clinton will win, appoint Barack Obama to high court -

Turn the Page: 2016 and Better Days By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout

Shit! The Crimson Tide has won more games this year at Jerry World...

Ex-Rep. Mike Oxley of Ohio Dies; Helped Create Anti-Fraud Legislation After Corporate Scandals

Elizabeth Warren SLAMS Hillary Clinton With Most Damaging Evidence To Date

BBC Correspondents 2016 Predictions: Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, and Hillary

Is Ted Cruz Running As a 'Jesus?'

Heh! It's been 80 years since the Amish have beaten The Ohio State University...

An Honest Liar

"Hey look...!!"

Because of her SS detail, Hillary CAN'T fly like Bernie or Martin. So quit pretending she can.

Mike Malloy - Republican State Senator Threatens To Strip Armed Guards From Terry McAuliffe

Thoughts on 2016

Oh God. The Rose Bowl is ruined. Brent Muffberger is calling the game on ESPN...

Skywriting above the ROSE PARADE: "America is great. Trump is disgusting."

BREAKING: Donald Trump Featured In New Terrorist Recruitment Video

Organizing Rally with National Bernie Staff - Kansas City

Man killed in Manhattan elevator on New Year’s Eve pushed woman to safety before being crushed ...

Planning a trip to the Badlands of South Dakota. Looking for advice.

Mike Malloy - Republicans Are Smelly Demons

This Photo of Hillary May Surprise You... But It Really Shouldn't

Is there a way to filter out all Hillary and Bernie posts? I'd like to read about the important

Bernie Sanders supporters 'feel the Bern' by drinking hot sauce

Donald Trump warns that Bernie Sanders will take golf away if elected

Sanders spokesperson says 4q fundraising won't be announced until tomorrow

What's your New Year's resolution for Bernie Sanders (other than winning the nomination/presidency)?

In 2016, Bernie Sanders Will Defeat Clinton and Dominate Trump to Become President

Hillary Was Right: Trump Rant On Muslims Shows Up On New Terror Recruitment Video

From this day forward I'm going to refer to "conservatives" as "fraidy cats." n/t

Mike Malloy - Trump Is One Of The Most Ignorant Savages Ever

That is news across the nation, on the scene at the supermarket...some disturbance here...

That is news across the nation, on the scene at the supermarket...some disturbance here...

Banding Together For Bernie (JERSEY CITY, NJ)

Missouri homicide, suicide rates jumped after repeal of background checks, researcher says

Since the late 80s the party's policy has been to shut out the left until election time.

For too long the party has shut out the left until election time.

Antonio Carrizo, the "lord of the radio" in Argentina, has died at age 89.

Wonkette: Meet Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Tehran), Your Legislative Sh*tmuffin For 2015

Bernie vs. Hillary: the Real “Clash of Civilizations”?

Got a message from

Rose Parade closes with anti-Trump stunt, Bernie Sanders march

Carly Fiorina panders to Iowa Hawkeyes fans, Iowa pays the price

ISIS, Taliban, Al Qeda Have Nothing To Offer Anyone Except Misery & Death.

Defiant Iran Pledges To Ramp Up Missile Program, In Challenge For Obama

Breaking Noos:

What happened to the 4 paragraph rule on copyrighted material?

The skywriting prank is far more interesting than the Rose Bowl.

Donate, don't donate, whatever, just hold your babies tight. There are no good guys with guns.

The Israelis Have Spoken - Putin Is Their Person Of The Year For 2015