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Crude by rail down, but officials still bracing for danger on tracks

Colorado Presidential Caucus Newbie here.

@HillaryClinton now at 82% projected to win #iacaucus

Why does Trump get away with not

Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street Charged With Assault

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Toddler Menace

At packed Baxter Arena, Obama calls for Americans to get past 'doom, gloom' and solve tough problems

Want to know more about the abortion restriction, #Hyde Amendment, that @HillaryClinton is talking a

Man charged with killing U-Va. student said he was ‘really drunk’ that night

A Celebration of Last Weeks Billion Dollar Lottery..

Ted Cruz goes duck hunting with 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson

Tweetie just compared Sanders to McGovern? Ugh. Mr. Zazen is making me watch.

The Oregon idiots have effectively cowed Federal Law enforcement.

Sneaky suspicion that 2 weeks.

Ted Cruz Didn't Disclose Loan from Goldman Sachs for his First Senate Campaign

Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

Hunan Cat

He stored his photos in boxes and bags for decades – until one man saw their genius

Scientists say human greenhouse gas emissions have canceled the next ice age

Poll: US mainstream sides with Obama on guns

“U.S. Superior Court judge” from Denver, has arrived at the occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Bowie Street sign ch-ch-changed to honor David Bowie in Downtown Austin

We've got a lottery pool together at work.

Man held on U.S. terror charges targeted Texas malls: newspaper

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 15, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Claire Trevor

Trump vows security will get even more ‘nasty

Didn't y'all hear? Polls are OUT. Projections and predictions by experts and gurus are IN!!

Big 12 can hold conference title game without expanding

Kansas governor orders Planned Parenthood funding cut

21 F in Eureka, Nunavut, Canada when the sun is down all day long....

I need some help, is there anyone missing from this list?

FBI says probing Philadelphia police shooting as terrorist attack

I Love Guns, But I Want Better Gun Control Laws

Chicago drops opposition to release of police shooting videos

Clinton attacks produce windfall of campaign cash for Sanders

Hillary Clinton Is Using GOP Fear Tactics Against Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Plan

Clinton raises campaign cash for Bernie

Oldest Mosque in America Invites Donald Trump to Visit (Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids)

Comcast bugs BYO modem user with browser pop-ups suggesting an upgrade

Border Patrol Agent, 4 Others Indicted in Decapitation Death

Ted Cruz got more than $1,000,000 from Goldman Sachs and did not report it. OMG!!!

Bernie Sanders puts Social Security challenge to Hillary Clinton

Representative DeFazio wants the Fed's to be more aggressive in Oregon standoff

'Enraged' Israel summons Swedish envoy over FM's remarks

Afghan Airman Missing in US Located, 1 Still Unaccounted For

Sissy dog rescue by Tedi Rogers Newton Falls, OH

Clinton stands by Obama, challenges Sanders on guns in State of the Union ad

Obama's language in the State of the Union was extremely divisive,designed to antagonize his foes

Planned Parenthood Shooter Says He Didn't Plan Attack

Time-Lapse of President Obama

Cruz did not disclose Goldman Sachs loan during 2012 Senate campaign: report

Charles Perse: President Obama Won Two Elections, But He Knows Our Democracy Is Broken.​

Bernie going to be on All In

Video shows American sailor apologizing for Iran incident

I figured out what I would do if I won the jackpot.

Chris Hayes is talking to sanders about his health care plan now.

79 year old bird watcher takes down Oregon militant

Yes, we know . . .

Woman Redefines 'Bikini Body' In Perfectly Honest Facebook Post

UW study upends understanding of prehistoric man

1-13-16 The Fight for a Voice in 2:00

Now Howard Dean looks bad too.

1-13-16 The Fight for a Voice in 2:00

1-13-16 The Fight for a Voice in 2:00

Republican Party begins preparing for contested convention

Who to vote for via Howard Dean: A visionary man VS a pragmatic woman who gets things done! #Imwith

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 16, 2016 -- The Essentials - Sea Captains

Extra Extra.. Read All About It....

I KNEW Trump reminded me of someone but could not put my finger on it till now......

We lost another today.

TYT: Ann Coulter Wants Trump To Deport GOP Governor

Pharmacist who committed $14.4 million Medicaid fraud in Nebraska receives 9-year prison sentence

From "Feel The Bern" to "Hill Yes".

Pfft. Howard Dean is dead to me.

Majority Report: Hillary Clinton's Big Gay Plan for Kids

Kentucky to pay $1.1 million to lawyers in gay marriage case

Tea Party lawmaker doesn’t think Obama should cite the Bible: ‘We own the entire tradition’

Someone in the State Department actually mentioned the Geneva Convention

Clueless Donald Trump calls for release of US sailors from Iran hours after they had been set free

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! State of the Union! & a new Kitteh gif

Hillary Clinton has a interview at 10:00pm EST on Lifetime TV

The Freakiest Republican Ad to Date

Bernie Sanders Will Win the Democratic Nomination and Presidency in a Landslide

Lawmakers press for impeachment of Maine's abrasive Governor Paul LePage

Sam Seder- Maine Gov.: 'D-Money'–Type Drug Dealers Impregnating White Women

Gun Culture and the American Nightmare of Violence

My dad singing...

I can confirm Bernie's donations are up today thanks to U know who

Sam Seder: Ted Cruz Says Hillary Clinton Needs a Spanking

I liked Kerry's point

Latino Super PAC supporting Bush shuts down-raised zero dollars

I dare you to listen to this, and not fall in love with democratic socialism.

US turning to UN over flow of Central American migrants

US turning to UN over flow of Central American migrants

We appear to be in the third phase

What happened to Howard Dean?

No idea.

Ex-Guatemala football chief Brayan Jimenez held in Fifa probe

Ex-Guatemala football chief Brayan Jimenez held in Fifa probe

What Part of this don't you understand Hillary and Chelsea?

Inside Jerry Jones’ greedy push to get Rams to LA

‘You’re Done’: Huckabee Snaps at Woman Who Confronts Him for Supporting the Duggars

Report: Synthetic marijuana led to Chandler Jones' strange hospital trip

Bernie Sanders Is Tapping Into a Vein of Anger Over Health Care

Monument planned for suspected site of Salem witch hangings

DFA responds to the Clinton's lies

Clinton attacks produce windfall of campaign cash for Sanders

Fööd Pörn UPDATE from today's photo shoot at my latest client

Social media: Pictures and video from President Obama's visit to Omaha

Rare January subtropical storm forms in Atlantic Alex is the first named storm of 2016

Pollster: Cruz would hurt Republican House hopefuls most

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Reform Plan Leaves Credit Rating Agencies Untouched

Would you consider moving to another part of the country or a new country if you won the lottery?

Kentucky to Pay $1.1 Million to Lawyers in Gay Marriage Case

Why we should elect Bernie Sanders. How much do you pay for your health insurance...

Renew Trident? It’d make more sense to put Dad’s Army on the case

Politifact Confirms Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan Will SAVE Every American Family $1,200/Year

Israel Needs Another Kind of Left, One That Won't Commit Moral Suicide

Proud Visionary

DU love & unity request: Renaming the probe "Exomars" to "Ziggy Stardust" in honor of David Bowie

OK, I Get it, this is Going to be a Mess: Standard & Poor’s Lowers Boom at Worst Possible Time

A Ruby Ridge happens in Americas Ghetto's every week and no one cares

Why Obama's Omission of Abortion at the State of the Union Matters

Why Obama's Omission of Abortion at the State of the Union Matters

Why Obama's Omission of Abortion at the State of the Union Matters

Gravis Polling:Iowa Hillary 57% Sanders 36% as a Hillary supporter even I

David Bowie - LOVE IS LOST / Hello Steve Reich Mix (official video)

First Cologne, Now Sweden: How Left-Wing Apologism Is Fueling Right-Wing Populism

Trump | Born In The USA | Springsteen

Iowa Shock Poll-HRC 57% SBS 36% MOM 7%

Hidden rise in violent crime driven by growth in violence against women (but, NO war on women!)

Hidden rise in violent crime driven by growth in violence against women (but, NO war on women!)

NFL’s return to LA will put Jerry Jones in Hall of Fame

Hidden rise in violent crime driven by growth in violence against women (but, NO war on women!)

3billionaires:Which gets the model,which the presidency, which the sewer/prison (hint,Mexican)?!1

Thank you Hillary

The Dumbing Down of America: Who Lit the Fuse?

Looking at the Clinton interview with Amanda De Cadenet

Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right

Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right

Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right

Is Hillary Making A HUGE Mistake Attacking Bernie On HealthCare?

Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right

"The incident has shown that much of the public doesn't care much about sexual violence, unless.....

Democrat Dossett picks up Republican-held seat in OK Senate!

Pennsylvania police fatally shoot 12-year-old at her home

I've never thought of Hillary as a pregmatist


Who is the most annoying right wing talking head?

Bernie Sanders Takes Slim Lead Over Hillary Clinton in New Iowa Poll

"If I win I'm turning myself into a Republican and buying the White House." & #FreeRangeNuts

Closer Than It Appears

Miami-Dade investigating whether nuclear power plant is polluting Biscayne Bay

Every Mayor in America Should Look at What Just Happened in St. Louis

Closer Than It Appears

Everything about Vermont is golden

Just curious about the Republican caucuses

Trump's strong support in the south may make it hard for a tea party person

from Donna Edwards, 'This is ridiculous.'

Woohoo I got two lotto numbers. What do I win?

Looks like I'm going to work tomorrow

BREAKING: Lottery: Winning numbers for record Powerball jackpot are 4-8-19-27-34 and Powerball 10.

Why single payer matters more than CHIP. (And why DUers need to understand this because most of us

(6) Explosions, gunfire heard in Central Jakarta

Police operation underway at Sydney Opera House and Manly, public evacuated, ferries cancelled

Winning ticket was sold in Chino Hills, CA.

Sanders may not release health plan costs by caucus day

What will it cost to build Southern Co.’s new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle?

Commentary on Charlie Rose tonight...

Booted to kiddie debate, Rand Paul decides to re-embrace Alex Jones (after downplaying ties to him)

Chevrolet Bolt EV specs released

I saw President Obama today!

"Clerk with concealed gun permit shoots 2 robbers at cellphone store"

Militant broadcaster brands 15-year-old girl a ‘prostitute’ for crying in fear @ Oregon town meeting

Songs about disasters

Scott & Bailey, streaming on Hulu

what it feels like to win the lottery

dupe. see original post...

If Reagan were President, ISIS would be scared sh**less and running for cover.

From: Colorado For Bernie Sanders : Group

Winning ticket for $1.5B Powerball jackpot sold in California; other states' results pending

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president.

Better ways to have spent $280 M in taxpayer money

Powerball OMG - !!!

Religion In The Comics - 049

The way the Iowa's caucauses work....who does it benifit?

Rebecca Bradley released her schedule - 2 1/2 years her calendar was empty.

I couldn't take it anymore...

About Oregon

Special U.S. Targeting Force 'Now In Place' In Iraq, U.S. Says

Man Held On U.S. Terror Charges Targeted Texas Malls - Newspaper

Alabama Cop Who Assaulted Indian Grandfather Now Acquitted

There is more to the story of the organizing of the Oregon militants, several months earlier

GOP Circular Firing Squad Guns for Marco's Booties.... "BANG BANG BANG!"

Politifact Confirms Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan Will SAVE Every American Family $1,200/Year

As long as we're remembering...

MPs back calls for English national anthem (UK)

United States criticizes St Lucia over alleged extra-judicial deaths

'Making A Murderer' Bombshell — New Evidence From Jurors Could Free Steven Avery

Wash. Post: Clinton attacks produce windfall of campaign cash for Sanders


81% of Democrats Support Single Payer, as well as 58% of all Americans


Israel's Shimon Peres Suffers 'Mild' Heart Attack

Bombshell: Cruz Caught Hiding $1 Million Wall Street Loan To Pay For Campaign, FEC Investigating

problem signing on to Amazon.

Bernie Sanders Just 'Berned' Hillary's Campaign Chairman Hard

Congressional internship opportunity for LGBT college students - Please share widely!

Ecuador to Cooperate with Sweden to Question Julian Assange

Ecuador to Cooperate with Sweden to Question Julian Assange

New Sanders TV ad focuses on Social Security

Bernie Sanders, Frontrunner

The Saudi Rules

Daily Holidays - January 14

With State Poised to Squash Rooftop Solar, Clean Energy Fight Heats Up In Nevada

$1.6 billion Powerball jackpot goes to 3 winners in 3 states

Life’s Work: An Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Attention Bernie Volunteers

Stick a fork in Ted Cruz

Here is a new briefing on the TPP from the Congressional Research Service:

Koch Brothers' Father Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery, Book Says

The Hidden Risk of Plummeting Oil Prices: War

Still on a high from President Obama's State of the Union address.

The last thing the NFL in Los Angeles was ever about was the fans

Clinton Would Raise Taxes On The Wealthy. Here's What You Need To Know

Iowa showing more Passion For Bernie. Clinton Worried.

Brand Spanking New Selzer Iowa Poll- Clinton leads by 2. MoE 4.4

The Nation: Bernie Sanders for President

Renault Shares Drop on Apparent Fraud Probe Into Emissions

Des Moines Register - Sanders may not release health plan costs by caucus day

The Nation Endorses Bernie Sanders : Bernie Sanders for President

The Nation magazine endorses Sanders

Some more bumper sticker phraseology

It may not be scientific but 80% of the people I've run into are for Bernie

10 Year old campaigns for Bernie

A friend of on Facebook just posted a quote.....

"the most sustained fraud in modern journalism.”

Iowans deserve to know Sanders full tax and $15 trillion health care plan before the Iowa caucuses.

Iowa Poll: Clinton Slides, Leads Sanders by 2 Points

Bernie Sanders Will Win the Democratic Nomination and Presidency in a Landslide

Flint learns of Legionnaires' disease spike as water crisis continues

Remembering Middle East photographer Tom Hurndall who died on January 13th 2004

The Tamir Rice Decision Is Injustice For All

Clinton attacks produce windfall of campaign cash for Sanders

Alan Rickman, giant of British film and theatre, dies at 69

Republican: "You can't call us out by quoting the Bible. We own Christianity."

Anyone else loving "Younger"?

Alan Rickman dies at 69

Thank you Omaha for showing Pres. Obama, a warm welcome!

Axelrod: "Chelsea Clinton Attack on Sanders 'Not Honest'

Just for fun and for Hillary supporters:

Wal-Mart wants Texas workers to verify open-carry gun permits

Aww man... RIP Alan Rickman

GOP shouldn’t obsess over guns

Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda in Cheyenne Social Club.

In Defense of the Public Square

My LTTE was published this morning in the Raleigh News Observer

The Guardian: Alan Rickman, giant of British film and theatre, dies at 69

I have seen it asked why minorities aren't "feeling the Bern".

‘13 Hours’ Is Porn for Conspiracy Theorists

Republican Debate Spotlight Intensifies as Iowa Caucuses Near

Trump called a racist at diner

Just a reminder, Single Payer healthcare is a ballot referendum this election cycle.

Morality of genetic editing

Bernie Sanders Rejects Theocracy, Defends Church State Separation

Puzzling - NC Urges 400 Well Owners Not To Drink Water, But City Water Legal W. Similar Contaminants

Rubio (R-Sippy) Wants USA! USA! As #1 In Renewables, W. Flat Tax - Oh, And Inhofe Endorsed Him

Why don't feds try to oust Oregon occupiers?

Here’s the potential problem for Sanders

The face of Paul Ryan. Where have we seen it before?

LBN posts getting locked with no explanation from the hosts...

Hillary Clinton is now campaining against Single Payer health insurance

Obama sets stage for ending gun lobby's con game

Obama sets stage for ending gun lobby's con game

It's coming down to the wire in Iowa- Gold Standard Selzer Poll- HRC 42% SBS 40%

Iran holds Holocaust-denying cartoon contest

The Nation endorses Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton's Statement on the Endorsement from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage E

Bush Sweeps Aside Police Violence to Discuss Black-on-Black Crime


Bill Clinton Shares Memories of Hillary Clinton’s Ability to Connect With His Adversaries

I felt a disturbance in the force - the wailing of millions of middle-aged women across the globe

SOTU: The GOP Section

As Attacks on Unions Continue, Bringing Back the Strike May Be Our Only Hope

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-13-16 vs 1-12-16 (Thanks Chelsea)

Eye of the beholder

Attack on unions shows why we need a new social contract governing work

Toon: Smell Something Berning?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-13-16 vs 1-12-16 (Thanks Chelsea)

Social Security Is Not Our Piggy Bank

Feeling the Bern in pictures

A prediction. I think tRump will crater in Iowa

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health-Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

Research suggests morality can survive without religion

Plant a seed, not a weed.

Another holiday sales bust for Best Buy

Fermi, Sinatra, DiMaggio — and Capone

Italy arrests African migrant for murder of American Ashley Olsen in Florence

Israel’s imperial need to build walls and ban books

If the shoe was on the other foot that Hillary didn't release her Healthcare plan

Atheist’s invocation cut off when she reminds TN city council they shouldn’t invoke God at meetings

Obama’s program for a 'new economy' includes wage insurance policy

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- SOTU toons

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Randumb Repubs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Waste of Money

NYT Reveals: Ted Cruz's loan from Goldman Sachs was a bullish bet on the Obama economy

Jamaica frees up the weed for Rebel Salute

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Why Is Snyder Getting A Pass On Poisoning Children? Are We Becoming Immune To Crisis Capitalism?

Dear Liz,

Revealed: how Jeremy Corbyn has reshaped the Labour party

Israel’s imperial need to build walls and ban books

Trump's White House

Obama Wants To Cure Cancer?

Gasoline Supplies in U.S. Rise at Record Pace as Demand Falls

( Snow artist builds giant frozen fish, turtle in yard

Now Hiring...How NASA’s planetary defense officer will protect Earth from asteroids

Wrapping Bad Legislation in Pretty Packages

2016 Hillary at Odds with 2008 Hillary

Coal prices could fall even further from here

Subtropical Storm Alex upgraded to hurricane

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health-Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

TOON: Oregon Clown Show

Bernie took in over $100,000 on just the public sites like DU for the Bern yesterday

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health-Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

"Will they like me? No. Will they play by the rule? You'd better believe it"

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health-Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

Fox Should Ask the GOP Candidates These Questions at Tonight's Debate

Best Buy cuts sales view after holiday sales fall

SOTU "Fact checking" three differing accounts (they have to play nice for the Republicans)

When David Bowie visited Iggy Pop's parents in Detroit

Who are the Oregon wildlife refuge occupiers?

Azerbaijan suspends some forex sales in effort to head off currency crisis

When “Story Stocks” Crash Like this, the Market is Kaput

Oregon, Ruby Ridge and Waco

Ted Cruz Didn’t Disclose Loan From Goldman Sachs for His First Senate Campaign

Bernie to head to NH to make annoucement about Important Endorsement

The GOP Has Punished The Country For Electing Obama Since 1980.

Doubling down on a failed strategy

I am proud to stand with Duck Dynasties endorcement of Ted Cruz

U.S. confirms transfer of 10 Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo to Oman

Egypt extends participation in Yemen conflict

If you want Single Payer, are you willing to impose a national sales tax to pay for it?

Detroit News editorial board writes idiotic column about Detroit Public Schools sick outs

Ted Cruz’s birther problem grows as more constitutional law scholars say he can’t be president

Islamic State group claims Jakarta attacks

Martin O'Malley Proposes a “Worker’s Bill of Rights”

Ben Carson's finance chairman Dean Parker resigns from campaign,


Finally found the PERFECT campaign song for Ben Carson

My 3rd time for this poll, Who do you want to be the Democratic nominee?

Can a Sanders ‘Proxy’ Oust Debbie Wasserman Schultz? (Tim Canova FL-23)

Trump Says 9/11 Represents 'New York values'

The Church of England Just Hit a Milestone in Terms of Low Attendance

Russia highway robbery: Official 'stole 50km road'

The GOP’s Immigration Hoax

TYT: Badly Berned, Hillary Clinton Attempts To Go On Offense

Good News; Ed Schultz will have a new

Christian Preacher: I Moved Clouds and Stopped a Typhoon Because “I Have Authority Over the Weather”

This Organization Is Changing the Political Fundraising Game for Bernie Sanders, $35 at a Time

Best Laugh Of The Year: Duck Dynasty Endorses Ted Cruz!

Bernie Heads to New Hampshire, Important Endorsement at News Conference 6PM, NYT

Researchers Probe Stereotype: Christians And Science Don't Get Along

U.S. targets laundering in all-cash home sales

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is releasing a new digital ad in support of Hillary Clinton

New S.F. sheriff to reverse ban on communicating with immigration

U.S. targets laundering in all-cash home sales

Ted Cruz Citizenship Timeline: Ted Cruz is Canadian at birth. Period.

Chomsky hits back at Erdoğan, accusing him of double standards on terrorism

Browns hire Hue Jackson; Manziel likely gone

NFL To Add Second Team In Jacksonville

How GMO lobbyists taught me we're winning

Obama at Town Hall now. Live from Baton Rouge Louisianna....

Republicans hope to knock Trump off his perch at first GOP debate of 2016

"Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump" (Peter Wehner)

Official Event: Birminham, Alabama Rally - Monday, January 18, 2016

Debating Bernie VS Hillary Without Being Jerks

Governor Kate Brown Announces Plan for Statewide Minimum Wage Increase

New Navy Ships Have Trouble Surviving the High Seas

Our view: Roy Moore is delusional about Roy Moore ( editorial board)

Thom Hartmann: We've Seen Hillary Clinton's Real Character

Wallace's daughter: Roy Moore is more dangerous than my father (

Ed show on RT...

You don't need to be guilty of anything for the police to ruin your life

Two Sunset (SF) Families May Lose Their Apartments Due To Shady Landlord Tactic

IAAF: Lord Coe backed despite damning report of athletics body

Please think good thoughts for the kitten Tara who is at the vet's...

Carson campaign in turmoil as finance chair quits

Roy Moore: The anti-ambassador for Christ (

Democracy for America's Charles Chamberlain on the Clinton campaign's attacks on Sanders

Oscars 2016: The nominees are blindingly white. Again.

Where has Sanders said that his Medicare for all plan would expand Medicare

Julius Caesar, JFK, FDR, and real American economic reform

The EPA's Hush-Hush Response to the Flint Water Crisis

Are The Koch Brothers’ Old Asses On Their Way Out?

It's a technical transgression - WTF GEM$NBComcast hack???

The most recent IA caucus forecast from FiveThirtyEight

I'm VERY disappointed in HILLARY - the many faces of Hillary on HEALTHCARE

This Iowan wants to know how Democratic Candidates plan to pay for our bloated military.

It's National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Dear Liberals: Being Critical of Islam Is Not Racism

This man is Cluster B insane.

So tonight will they ask the chump Trump whether he is going Third Party

Rubio’s supporters are the future of evangelicalism. But will they vote?

Tommy Chong is backing Bernie Sanders, but it's not for the reason you think

Tom the Dancing Bugs Presents: Toddler Menace!

Just Heard On Thom Hartmann Show....

Howard University Takes Step Toward Sale of Spectrum Rights

What happens if Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary?

Officer hands out an astounding 19,000 parking tickets in a year

New Bernie email just received - his plan will lower cost of healthcare for average family - $5000

Darwin Award candidate...

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Congressman Says Republicans "Own" Christianity

Mike Huckabee claims only way Hillary can win is by voter fraud...

For Fred C. Trump so hated the world, he gave us his son.

Oregon militants want you to stop sending them dildos

Brand New Ipsos Reid and Morning Consult Nat'l Polls- HRC 55% SBS 36%/ HRC 49%- Sanders 32%

Unprecedented: Simultaneous January Named Storms in the Atlantic and Central Pacific

Alex Becomes the Atlantic’s First January Hurricane Since 1955

American Writes Off $592 Million Cash Trapped in Venezuela

Hillary Clinton's Single-Payer Pivot Greased by Millions in Industry Speech Fees, The Intercept

Songs sung by disasters

O'Malley squeaks into next Dem debate.

Bundy Gang can't use County Fairgrounds to gin up support for their "Cause."

Netanyahu to Brazil: Settler leader only ambassador we’ll offer

Colors and Optical Illusions - No, they aren't really moving

Former US defense chief (Hagel): Obama 'hurt credibility' by not bombing Syria in 2013

One Of Alan Rickman’s Final Recordings Was This Video To Help Refugees

Rand Paul: Cruz Is Definitely Qualified To Be Canada's Prime Minister

Please turn off corporate media and turn on Democracy Now.

Great rant about global treatment of women, cross-posting from Good Reads forum.

Sanders fundraising surges after Clinton attacks. <-- falsely attack Bernie? Not smart.

Ted ‘Duck Hunter’ Cruz Goes Full Camo In BIZARRE New Ad Pandering To Idiot America

Hillary Clinton’s Single-Payer Pivot Greased By Millions in Industry Speech Fees

Homan Square: inquiry into Chicago police 'should also cover facility'

Homan Square: inquiry into Chicago police 'should also cover facility'

The ruling class has turned the acquisitiveness and violence of its foreign policy on its own people

PCB chemical threat to Europe's killer whales and dolphins

In the early 90's, I worked with a woman from Oklahoma. Nicest person

Accused Colorado clinic shooter intends to plead guilty, expects execution: report

Bernie will be in Birmingham next Monday, MLK Day

Breaking News: San Francisco 49ers hire Chip Kelly as head coach

Hillary Clinton’s attacks spur a massive Sanders fundraising surge

Snape is dead

Whether you support Hillary or Bernie...

Where is the discussion about this huge issue?

State of Michigan, Gov. Snyder sued in class action lawsuit over Flint water crisis

Bernie Sanders is winning with the one group his rivals can't sway: voters

The Latest: Lawmakers begin debating LePage impeachment vote

The Final Year Of Obama Derangement Syndrome Is Gonna Be A Doozy

Sanders Says 170 Experts Support His Wall Street Plan

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 14, 2015

What makes humans special?

Westboro’s Planned Protest of David Bowie’s Funeral Backfires in the Most Beautiful Way Possible

Alan Rickman in Michael Collins

Venezuelan businessman to be sent to Texas for U.S. corruption case

The English And Spanish Versions Of The GOP SOTU Response Were The Same, Except On Immigration

Joe Biden Questions Hillary’s Authenticity

Irish philosophy

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) reacts to the State of the Union

Cat Hairband Lets You Wear An Entire Kitten On Your Head

Wisconsin ACT scores plummet

Official: Draghi confirms the colonial mechanism of the euro-dictatorship

Israel sees Palestinian attacks 'waning'; two killed in West Bank

Courting minority votes, Bernie Sanders launches tour at HBCUs

Hillary Clinton:" I Won't Attack Bernie Sanders"

Stealing Our National Heritage: Oregon Militia vs. The American Public

Belgian-Moroccan was third person killed in post Paris attack police raid

Study: one of the most popular theories for America's huge crime drop is wrong

There is only one Bundy that I support

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 81% - Bernie 18%

Oldest Mosque in America Invites Donald Trump to Visit (Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids)

Judge rules video of Chicago police shooting can be released

cheap teevee shopping

Moderates push in the same direction as "the left." But Clintonism pushes in opposite direction.

Sanders - Warren endorsement - Every word she speaks is an endorsement of Sanders

Another sad day for the music world

Bizarre & Disturbing. Subtropical Storm Alex Forms in Atlantic, Hurricane Pali in Pacific in Jan

When Hillary's Super PAC attacks Bernie then Hillary is obviously nervous and desperate.

Today's 538 2016 Primary Forecasts: Iowa-Hillary-82%, Bernie-18% / NH-Hillary-57%, Bernie-43%

Dear President Obama,

Why play into the worst perceptions about yourself?

The secret history of cowboy socialism

Sanders' Millennial Surge Puts Him Ahead of Clinton

NRA head wants to debate Obama on guns ... a week after skipping Obama town hall on guns

Alan Rickman quote

Why clean energy is now expanding even when fossil fuels are cheap

Netflix Founder Drops $100 Million to Join Billionaire Crusade to Privatize Our Public Schools

Bernie Sanders ads are killing it with Democrats and Independents

Hillary Clinton's Absurd Bernie Smear: Why Attacking Him From the Left on Healthcare Makes Literally

Super Bowl Installs '50' Statue In Front Of SF's Painted Ladies

Episcopal Church suspended from full participation in Anglican Communion

Ted Cruz’s Failure to Disclose Wall Street Loan is a Real Legal Problem

NBC invites Martin O'Malley to debate Clinton, Sanders

I see it has been mentioned already

In New Ad, Bernie Sanders Hits Clinton on Wall Street Campaign Donations

Planned Parenthood sues over undercover abortion videos

10 deaths from legionnaires disease in Flint

These Gorgeous Canadian National Parks Will Be Free in 2017

Cartoonist goes to prison!

Funny takes on the Bundy Gang

Looks like Kamala has some competition after all

"Freedom Kids" Singing at Trump Rally

Your local TV station may have just secretly decided to go off the air

"Hillary has a lot of gas"

Absolutely the very worst thing ever. Watch if you dare...

Brooklyn's Barclays Center is an Eminent Domain-Created Failure- loses money and revitalized nothing

It said 1-3 week wait

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: January 2016 Monthly Update

Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll: HRC 42% BS 40% MOM 4%.

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: January 2016 Monthly Update

Corporate Media Creates Controversy Where None Exists

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: January 2016 Monthly Update

Interesting crosstab on DM Reg Iowa poll: Definitely caucusing Clinton +9

Obama: No way Michelle runs for president

An Cafe - Sekai ni tatta hitotsu no Nukumori

Oscar nominations 2016: Complete list of nominees; ‘The Revenant’ leads with 12

PRIMATES MEETING OUTCOME: Episcopal Church suspended from full participation in Anglican Communion

A count down to voting in states...

Politifact: Chelsea Clinton mischaracterizes Bernie Sanders' health care plan

Bike-Riding Cosmetics Thief Menaces Marina Walgreens

Legal experts: federal gov't has responsibility to prosecute Bundy's faux-militia for their crimes.

Rescuing Amber kitty rescue by Lisa Columbus, OH

Larry Wilmore: January 13, 2016 - Barack Obama's final State Of The Union!

French government reassures Renault investors there is 'no emissions fraud'

Hi, I'm Mayor John Fetterman. I'm running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, and this is why I'm endor

New An Cafe song

Another thread had this Pew poll from 2013 on Muslim attitudes - some surprising, some predictable -

Public lands already belong to “the people.” And we have a he-man Republican rancher to thank for it

This is our moment....

Bernie Sanders making first Alabama campaign stop with 'Future to Believe In' rally

Outlook for 2016: Audubon Sets Sights on Big Wins for Birds

A new kind of dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rump. Call it T-Rump for short. n/t

The Tamir Rice Decision Is Injustice For All

20 Stunning Words From Other Languages We Don't Have In English.

Citizens United files lawsuit for emails from Chelsea Clinton

Will O’Malley Backers Deliver Iowa to Bernie Sanders?

‘Good guys’ with guns: A formula for more murder in America

Happy Days

How to make America great again!

I'm still undecided between Clinton and Sanders. Convince me

Luminous Photos of Scotland's Pigeon-Obsessed Flight Club

Organization Behind Planned Parenthood "Sting" Videos Sued.

Good-bye, Single Payer Healthcare. We never knew you.

Question to tRump and supporters: Exactly when did America stop being great?

Who would support single payer universal health care or Medicare for all?

Just got back from the SS office, I got a piece of mail from SS with someone else's SSN on it

Bette Midler endorses Bernie Sanders!

The trouble with Bernie: A moralizing scold, but for the left

TYT: US Ships Boarded In Iranian Waters

Outlook for 2016: Audubon Sets Sights on Big Wins for Birds

Anglican Communion suspends the Episcopal Church after years of gay rights debates

Santos faces public outrage, a political storm and criminal charges over Isagen stake sale

Alabama New South Alliance endorses Hillary Clinton for President

"What would you do if I won the Lotto?"

Trump campaign attempted to kick Republican rivals off ballot in Illinois

Downton Abbey...only two episodes in...

Bundy: Meeting between armed group, locals may not happen

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

Code Talker passes at age 92

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 January 2016

BREAKING NEWS just out in NH!!!

Bones of hunted mammoth show early human presence in Arctic

This is why you can't trust DLC politicians

Happy 47th Birthday, Dave Grohl.

He did not turn around

I’m just going on record here...

TYT: Oregon Militia Ponders Exit Strategy

To all of DU let's get something straight and stop with the bullshit.

I'm about as oiled as a diesel train!!

Footage of 2013 police shooting of Chicago teenager released

TYT: Oregon Militia Doesn’t Want Your Bag Of Dicks ... Or Do They?

British man named George Bush sentenced for selling monkey body parts on eBay

To all of DU just a reminder.....

Bernie has run the 1st negative ad in the democratic primaries, he's the one panicking and getting

TYT: MoveOn.Org Endorses Bernie Sanders

New "Stolen" app allows people to "buy and sell" your Twitter without your consent

Colossal star explosion detected

Probation ordered for gun buyer in Jewish site killings

Will O’Malley Backers Deliver Iowa to Bernie Sanders?


Alabama's sad transit system

Jessie Jackson is headed to Flint, MI for a weekend rally protesting the water disaster

TYT: Badly Berned, Hillary Clinton Attempts To Go On Offense

CWA President Chris Shelton appeared on Neil Cavuto's "Coast to Coast," this week, talking Election

Hillary Clinton turns meeting with South Carolina minister into a pre-debate radio ad

Well. It's Time To Divorce Howard Dean

To all of DU Let's get Something Straight and stop with the Bullshit

"Be an Energy Voter".. anyone else seeing these ads?

HOWARD DEAN Sold His Soul to the Health Insurance Lobby, Lee Fang The Intercept, Jan. 14

Return of the Naysayers: U.S. Recession Odds Highest Since '13

Huffington Post Management Voluntarily Recognizes Employee Union

Elaine McConnell, former Fairfax County, Virginia, supervisor, dies at 88

The Nation

Elaine McConnell, former Fairfax supervisor, dies at 88

CWA President Chris Shelton appeared on Neil Cavuto's "Coast to Coast," this week, talking Election

CWA President Chris Shelton appeared on Neil Cavuto's "Coast to Coast," this week, talking Election

Just Released Videos: Murder of Cedrick Chatman

Watch Bernie's Big Announcement!

Huffington Post Management Voluntarily Recognizes Employee Union

I really hope Bernie's endorsement is the American Medical Association

Syria Pact Puts No Time Limit on Russia Campaign, Document Shows

Texas boy bursts into tears when reunited with lost puppy

Uncertainty in Guatemala as new president takes office

Politifact: Chelsea Clinton Statements in Sanders Health Care Plan 'Mostly False'

Thoughts on it being a Kennedy endorsement?

The Super Simple Way to Make Your Own Pizza Waffles

Democrats are in more trouble than they think. And changing demographics won’t save them.

Chuckie Toad laughing out loud at Hillary's claim that Bernie ran a negative ad.

Bernie's Endorsement, Clown Debate & The Media

NRA reinventing fairy-tales: "Little Red Riding Hood Has A Gun"

Hillary is a Scoralizing Mold, but from the Center.

Sanders/Warren Ticket

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman ‘Feels the Bern,’ Endorses Sanders

Question Re- the Jan. 17 Debate:

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman ‘Feels the Bern,’ Endorses Sanders

State of Michigan, Gov. Snyder sued in class action lawsuit over Flint water crisis

Former DNC Chair and Kennedy Ally Paul Kirk Endorses Bernie!

How Wall Street Suppresses Technology Growth and the Sharing of Resources

Pastor Accused of Raping, Impregnating Teen Skips Flight: Police

Another endorsement today another friend

Unhappy with Howard, are we? Tell him so on his Twitter page, here:

from Donna Edwards:

Sanders Endorsed by Former DNC Chairman Kirk

Oldest Mosque in Nation Invites Donald Trump to Visit (Mother Mosque of America, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Is this an attack ad?

Ashraf Fayadh: Readings for Palestinian poet facing death

In general, if you propose new social spending, you should also detail how you would pay for them

Wall Street’s Straight Man in Washington

The Republican Debate Is Going To Be A Wild Free-For-All

Did Fiorina apply makeup for glamour shoot or debate?

By 2050, There Could Be as Many as 25 Million Poor Elderly Americans

Clinton Surrogate Guarantees Negative Ad Campaign Against Sanders

Naked woman goes on rampage through Waffle House

I am watching the Republican debaticles...

What A Difference 15 Years (and a different colored President) Makes.

Iowa continues to lean Clinton; Nate Silver gives her 82% chance of winning IA Jan 14

Ancient Lost City of the Monkey God found - and now the treasure hunters are moving in

Bill Maher bashes Ted Cruz as manipulative and power hungry: ‘It’s high intelligence in the service

New “religious freedom” bill in Georgia has nothing to do with religion

Ancient Lost City of the Monkey God found - and now the treasure hunters are moving in

Chelsea Clinton Goes On The Attack; Democrats Ask Why

HILLARY FOR Single-Payer, Until She's Suddenly Against It, The Intercept, Zaid Jilani

Did Bernie run a negative ad?

DUers in the path of the Nor'easter

Top 5 cities primed to be relocation targets for NFL team

Celine Dion's husband and former manager Rene Angelil dies

Critics say ACA ‘risk’ strategies are having reverse Robin Hood effect

Racism is killing all of us, even the racists

Bernie's team doesn't look so lame now.

444:444 FBI - Police Killings actually are 'Justified Homicides'

Academy Nominates All White Actors for Second Year in Row

Catholics and Lutherans to worship together at Reformation anniversary

The Human Library

Charles Pierce: We Haven't Scratched the Surface of What Bernie Is Capable Of