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Hillary's Medical Records Released in August of 2015

The better Bernie does, the funnier this September clip becomes

Crowd boos when Donald Trump attacks Ted Cruz

Nearly two dozen cops called to testify before grand jury in Laquan McDonald case


The Disturbing Truth Behind Bernie's "Negative Ad" on Wall Street (with Poll)

U.S. charges two Virginia men with trying to join Islamic State

Reddit has gone to shit.

Oregon militia's behavior increasingly brazen as public property destroyed

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 LeComte Stakes

Shamanic Medicines Want to Help

Eight Factors Worrying Clinton Backers Before Iowa

Patriots are just a bunch of cheating %$^$

Who's this idiot Congressman Brad Sherman from CA.

Clinton calls for new sanctions on Iran

NOT THE ONION: Clinton calls for new sanctions on Iran

Hillary DEMANDS records from Bernie - hasn't released her own. #HillFail

GOP Debate Was Least Watched of the Cycle

Her Lead All But Gone In Iowa, Hillary Clinton Deploys Bill To Win Over Voters

Some say Cruz is scarier than Trump. That Trump is just putting on an act and is not that

9 More Indiana Turkey Farms Infected With Bird Flu

Pursuing principled bills that pin Republicans to a position is one way Bernie will progress us

For those who don't know about David Brock

Feds to search laptop in case against New Mexico rescue team

'Revolution Is Permanent Change,' Says Ecuador's President on 9th Anniversary of Citizens' Revolutio

Monsanto eyeing Mexico's indigenous corn varieties

Just sent $20 as a toast to Senator Sanders' health. I encourage all to start your own OP...

Fox News is on it's Death Bed

"Vintage Photos Of Jewish-Black Unity Prove The Power Of Interfaith Activism"

Monsanto eyeing Mexico's indigenous corn varieties

Why do the Patriots use that "Your Love" song?

Arabs’ sexual harassment in Germany and its effect on Merkel’s plans

Hey David Brock!

Hillary UNDERMINES President Obama! Calls for sanctions on Iran!

Peru’s rainbow barrio clings to its ideals as a nation drifts to the right

How do the Bundymentalists recruit?

$250,000 a Year Is Not Middle Class 20 Perfectly Re-Colored Photos That Shed Light On The Past

Why has HRC's campaign spent ~$300k of party committee money opposing other dems?

Cost of war against brown People? Hillary silent. Healthcare for all? HRC asks who will pay for it?

Puss n boots

Democrats Should Have a Big, Bold, Rip-Roaring Debate About Electability.

"Progressive" politicians supporting Hillary are in for a surprise come their next election

Guatemala Forbids Otto Perez Molina's Son from Leaving Country

Trump is on the cusp of imploding. It's the glorious Trump-Cruz War of 2016

Alan Rickman + David Bowie = Simpsons

Anyone familiar with spell jars? I found one while metal detecting...

Armed group occupying refuge clash with environmentalists

‘Sit the hell down and shut up': Montel Williams blasts critics of Iran prisoner swap

Nytimes: Opinion: The Destruction of Progressive Wisconsin

The Latest: Michael Moore returns to Flint amid water crisis

Obama seems to do his foreign policy on the down low now that the GOP do nothing but obstruct. First

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Bernie Raised $3.1 Million Since Tuesday

Oscars 2016: It's time for Hollywood to stop defining great drama as white men battling adversity

The Clinton argument "stripped to its essence" a fairly neutral observer.

Youth Rests With Martin O'Malley

Oregon militants hurl insults at conservationists calling out Bundys for trying to steal public land

OMG. My new favourite meal. Heirloom tomatoes sliced, green onions, goat cheese, s & p, oilive oil,

My post in GDP about Clintons and Bernie and attacks

Eureka I just found an image of the race of Trumpians.

Iran Releases 5 U.S. 'Hostages.' Paul Ryan Asks "What Was The Ransom?" Rest Assured, Paul....

How will people in Iowa react to Clinton's call for new sanctions on Iran?

Please Hillary. PLEASE demand Bernie's medical records while you're on stage with him tomorrow.

About that 'request' for 'medical records'

[Japanology Plus] Wagashi

If anyone needs to release their medical records, it's the candidate calling for new Iran sanctions

Emails show Carly Fiorina illegally working with her superpac

Viewpoints from nonrancher perspective - the Bundy Bunch at the Malheur Refuge

Hamburg Iowa Coffee Bean Caucus

Fact Checker of Republican Debate Hospitalized for Exhaustion

The GOP debate described a terrifying world that doesn't actually exist

Eleanor Roosevelt quote:

Sanders's team: We will not deport children. Hillary's team: children (CHILDREN!) will have the

Man accused of interstate shootings fired nearly 30 times

Clinton campaign rebukes top ally

Wingnut Levin tells general nut Trump to "Cut the Crap"

Sanders reverses course on gun immunity vote

"Wal-Mart Makes Rare Retreat on Home Turf Closing of 269 stores includes all 102 U.S. Walmart

Clinton should join Sanders in supporting single payer

Tim Canova AMA Reddit Thread w/link to donations site (Running for DWS's Seat)

Celine Dion's brother Daniel dies two days after her husband from same illness.

Bernie Sanders calls on Michigan’s governor to resign over water contamination

Hillary Clinton was treated for a blood clot on her brain

No you don't!!!

O'Malley: Memo to republican candidates on Iran

Wife Of Pastor Freed In Iran Just Demolished The Right-Wing Criticism Of Obama’s Actions

Well NBC just ran a debate commercial in the Packer/Cardinal game

'Punisher' Series In Development At Netflix

1-15-16 Fighting for Opportunity in 2:00

1-15-16 Fighting for Opportunity in 2:00

1-15-16 Fighting for Opportunity in 2:00

1-15-16 Fighting for Opportunity in 2:00

Traveling, looking for advice.

Good News For Bernie Sanders More Supporters & Endorsements.

Cher has donated 180,000 bottles of water to Flint



Hail Mary

"Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley and his backers say that, as a younger contender

Erin Brockovich: The one candidate who truly has the people's back

Competition can’t rein in health care costs

Social Security: It’s time to build on its success

I'm drunk at the Dogfish Head brewery

'Algeria and Morocco must take back deportees': Berlin

Professional Designer Turns Ordinary Home Into A Cat Paradise!

THANKS OBAMA! Demaryius Thomas' mother will see her son play in person for the first time Sunday

weekly mails from the HRC campaign

Bernie Sanders Is Tapping Into a Vein of Anger Over Health Care

New Bernie Sanders Campaign Ad Vows to Break Up Big Banks

What's With David Brock's Hair?....

Calling for new sanctions on Iran is officially the wheels coming off.

Twitter link glitch

Right-wing caravan to DC in doubt after co-founder killed his fellow 'patriot' in drunken gun fight

NCOSE Advocacy Group Action Alert (1/15/16 email): Thank FBI for Busting 1500 Child Porn Viewers

I'd like Sanders to pick Warren as his VP! My notion is that would solidify

"the Sanders campaign said they would release a letter testifying to his health in coming weeks"

Sign Bernie's Petition: Tell Clinton's SuperPAC to Stop the Personal Attacks

How Hillary can save her reputation

Posting this horrid piece on Bernie from NY Post -- warning.

TYT: NY Rep Peter King Smacks Down Ted Cruz Hypocrisy

Inspiring words in the comments section of a NYT article

Anti-Obama march organizer fatally shoots right-wing militant buddy in drunken dispute over gun

TYT: Ted Cruz Finally Attacks Trump. It Ends Badly.

Bernie flips flops on gun manufacturing immunity.

TYT: Carly Fiorina Knows All About Hillary’s Sex Life

Did Bernie send out a fundraising letter making false claims of a "reported" attack against him?

Can a Clinton supporter or two please explain her GOP-like denigration of Iran deal?

TYT: FBI Expands Hillary Clinton Corruption Investigation

TYT: Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

Thank you thread for John Kerry!

TYT: Fox News Hires Black People To Trash Black People

Sanders says he supports repealing gun manufacture immunity

TYT: Young Girl Shot By Constable Trying to Evict Her Family

TYT: Billionaires Puzzled Super-PACs Underperforming

The Obama YouTube Interviews - 3 Takes on our President

Yes the MWC is our house now

TYT: Hitler Kickstarted The Koch Empire. Also Stalin.

Can Anyone Finish these Songs?

Vanity Fair: Sanders Is Closing in on Clinton, and He’s Not Even Trying

Daily Holidays - January 17

Hillary Clinton just told South Carolina Dems they're her firewall. They loved that.

Watch These 12-Year-Olds Talk About Race More Candidly Than Most Adults Do

The Far-Right Revival: A Thirty-Year War?

I've noticed HRC supporters have been really quiet since she channelled her inner neo-con

This photo was taken close by, just off a busy road

Sanders gets a look at Clinton’s South Carolina firewall

Rouhani Hails 'Golden Page' In Iran's History As Sanctions Lifted

If you want a vision of life under a President Trump or Cruz, just

'Legends of Tomorrow' Review: The Most Comic Book Show On TV

Should pacifists be imprisoned? Should we bring back the Draft?

Hillary Clinton just told South Carolina Dems they're her firewall. They loved that.

IS abducts more than 400 civilians in east Syria: monitor

YES!!!!! Bernie supports repeal of PLCAA!!!!!! Fuck the NRA!!!!!!

YES!!!! Bernie supports repeal of PLCAA!!!! Fuck the NRA!!!!!

Iran sanctions: Middle East stock markets crash as Tehran enters oil war

YES!!!!! Bernie supports repeal of PLCAA!!!!!! Fuck the NRA!!!!!!

Thank you, Martin, for your leadership in uniting ALL Democrats against the PLCAA!

Is that the NRA I see there under that bus?

Sanders to release letter from his doctor before Iowa caucus...

I feel good going into this debate.

Oregon militia's behavior increasingly brazen as public property destroyed

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hans And Ziggy Edition

I just listened to the most idiotic interview with a talking head for

Madeleine Albright campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Two dead in Florida tornadoes overnight - some folks sitll in danger

Imagine there was a place called Christania

Hillary Clinton, Saudi Arabia and Weapons Manufacturers.

I am taking a break...

Donald Trump claims credit for Iran's release of Americans

HEADSUP - Obama coming- upThat fugging lame duck Obama has ruled the airways for more than 24 hours

When is a candidate going to condemn the TPP - the worst legislation in the history of the world?

Why has Jeb Bush's college graduation year been omitted by the media for at least 30 years now?

Two good editorials on Malheur

That Cosby trial is going nowhere


Following Clinton attacks, Sanders rolls out support for gun legislation

Anyone interested in a traditional chain novel?

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Shameless Puffah Fish!

I am proud to stand with Bernie Sanders in his reversal on the PLCAA

I received three unsolicited pms this morning

Sorry, just because, WTF? $250K is not "middle class"

Hillary Clinton: More sanctions are needed in Iran.

Does anybody here do ebay?

Toon: Snyder's Skinflint, Michigan

Float an attack. Get it out there, then deny it.

Ted Cruz is in a closed off bathroom, hiding behind the toilet

Indiana for Bernie Sanders Facebook page

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC):If HRC loses IA & NH there could be problems in SC

Bill banning child marriage fails in Pakistan after it’s deemed ‘un-Islamic’

Is this what Saudi Arabia's oil moves are really about? Iran sanctions lifted: Brace for oil shakeup

CNN - Oil wars: The view from Iran

Oil Wars 2016 - US vs Russia vs Saudi Arabia vs Iran

The vote is in ...

John Bolton is mad at Obama, again.

I must have pissed somebody off this morning.

Taiwan to start FTA talks with Japan: president-elect

Red states should not be considered "wins" in the primaries

The New Yorker: Radical Measures

Gun Deaths Are Now Outpacing Traffic Deaths In 21 States, And Counting

well now we know the lines of attack coming tonight

Whats the best Pearl Jam album/CD

CHTHONIC - Supreme Pain for the Tyrant -Official Video|閃靈 破夜斬

Fox’s John Bolton (R) Complains Americans Freed From Iran Is ‘Diplomatic Debacle' For The US

AFGE member: Why Did My Union Give an Early Endorsement to Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders?

Brand Spanking New NBC-WSJ National Poll -HRC 59% (+3) SBS 34% (-3) MOM 2%

GOP/Snyder Will Get Away With Flint Poisoning. Will Even Get Elected Again.

Have you ever had a beer in the shower?

ESPN: The three men who changed tennis

It's like the GOP wanted dead hostages for a talking point.

Sunday Inspiration

I think full context is quite important. As part of the Iranian deal to lift the sanctions

There is something about the Clinton campaign that feels so dated

"What are you, a PRUDE?"

Iran nuclear deal: US imposes new sanctions over missiles

Trying to understand the issue with Bernie's PLCAA position

Remember when Republicans made secret/illegal prisoner-release deals with Iran & Bush pardoned them?

Who is They say they are a progressive pac. I just suddenly

Clinton on Face the Nation now: I'm glad Bernie has "flip-flopped"

Israeli Settlers spray “Slaughter the Christians” on walls of monastery

DELUSIONAL - Donald Trump takes credit for release of American prisoners from Iran

While we're at it: where would you put the top end of "middle class"?

What happened to the "7 beeps of bulls*it" thread?

Feeding birds in winter on a below zero morning 2 pix from this AM

If M$Greedis does not shut up Trump on the release of the Iran hostages

About that new NBC poll

3 Things ..... random thoughts

NBC Poll: Clinton Holds 25-Point National Lead Over Sanders (Hillary Group)

Recap of this week in Chicago weather

Link to Bernie's Sun. a.m. 1/17 Interview on "Face the Nation"

Some Info On How the Clinton Administration Set Up The For Profit Private Prison System

Iran Nuke Deal ✔︎ | Prisoner Release ✔︎ | Bombs Dropped 0 | Boots on Ground 0

Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama!

HuffPost: The American Prisoners Just Left Iran. But Kerry Almost Got Them Out Months Ago.

Bernie Sanders defends Wall Street reform ad (video)

Face the Nation Extended interview: Bernie Sanders, January 17 (video)

Lame duck THIS! What is his next move?

Obama hails Iran nuclear agreement progress, prisoner release


The "Charleston loophole."

"Risen" Oh Lord, spare us this crap

Good Sunday, DU...

Hillary Clinton cited Barney Frank as someone unaffected by taking donations from Wall St.

Just watching FTN. And WTF is angle?

Say you're renting a 2 br in Brooklyn for 5 thousand a month

Tsai Ing-wen to become Taiwan's first female president as Kuomintang concedes defeat

imagine if THIS were a "Brown" person?

Tsai Ing-wen to become Taiwan's first female president as Kuomintang concedes defeat

Kylo Ren Undercover Boss

Bernie on CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper - He WILL BE RELEASING HIS HEALTHCARE PLAN BEFORE

David Brock's statement regarding Politico accusations


Complete Interview: George Stephanopoulos Interviewes Bernie Sanders On "This Week"

Symone Sanders is amazing!

Question: What Would GOPPER Candidates If Said If Iranian Prisoners Released/No Concessions.

They're all about small government, until they need the actual government to fix their mistakes

Why close a hedge fund tax loophole in 2008 but give them until 2017 to pay billions?

Wealthy cabals run America

How does Clinton plan to pay for all the stuff she has promised?

so, the debate conflicts with playoffs AND Downton Abbey

Hillary Clinton's Iowa deja vu

What is with the %#!%#!! FLASHING ads? Make anyone else nuts?

Ok, the right wing says Obama has not done anything for the protection of the country?

From what I've seen on this site some Hillary supporters, seem

Pat Buchanan just said that Russia Today "is in many ways a good channel"

Watching MTP. It looks like we're not alone.

It's amazing that the McLaughlin Group is still on with pretty much the same panel

Stupid Ben Carson - he has effectively destroyed the phrase - 'not as tough as brain surgery'

Congressman Kildee is heading overseas, with the Hekmati family, to bring home Amir

Went out last night to see some friends at their bellydance show

Put all drinks away before opening:

I'm still annoyed that David Thompson only got to dunk once in college

NYT: U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran After Prisoner Exchange

The positive cases for both Hillary and Bernie

2015 comes in as the worst year ever observed at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory.

"Masters of War" - Bob Dylan

Well this makes me happy!

Do you love the corporate controlled media? Then send a thank you card to the Clintons.

can you make this into an avatar?

Pres. Obama: Iran nuclear deal, prisoner release show the power of diplomacy

Donald Trump: 'I have a great relationship with God'

Bill banning child marriage fails in Pakistan after it’s deemed ‘un-Islamic’

Do you approve or disapprove of Karl Rove's American Crossroads running anti-HRC ads in IA?

Live Stream: The Legacy of Dr. King, 1PM

Donald Trump twists the knife in Ted Cruz: ‘The truth is he’s a nasty guy; nobody likes him’

Who is going to be Bernie's VP pick?

Nate Silver perfectly summarizes the current media narrative for Hillary

Here's a game for you regarding Iran statements. Which is Hillary and which is from republicans?

Thank you Hillary for raising money for the party!

Here's why creating single-payer health care in America is so hard

Paul Ryan Promises House Will Do Everything Possible to Sabotage Peace with Iran

About those militia guys in the bird sanctuary

Bernie Sanders waffles on closing ‘gun show loophole’ in upcoming Senate bill

This is how science lost God: Atheism, evolution and the road to Dawkins’ latest Twitter controversy

What I like about Bernie's Socialism

The best way to stump fundy's who suggest only those who believe get into heaven

Astounding Alex Hits the Azores: January’s First Atlantic Landfall in 61 Years

Religious freedom and America

Trump Brags About Buying Politicians - Because It's Good for His Business

What's Your Favorite Crock Pot (AKA Slow Cooker) Recipe?

President Obama versus Shrub when American servicemen were captured.

Wow! I didn't know Jesus was a giant

Hillary Clinton's Disturbing Comments Calling Iranians Her "Enemies"

E pluribus unum

As pope visits Rome synagogue, six issues strain Catholic-Jewish ties

Secret Teacher: Pushy parents, stop writing UCAS application forms for your kids

The MSM created a "controversy" to give them a reason to talk about Bernie

Hillary is dealing with mounting health issues, new book claims

While the cats are away, the mice will play

Just a couple things from the clownhouse known as the GOP

"These buildings will never, ever return to the federal government."--Bundy yahoos

Hillary’s health and our right to know

Ideas are not enough

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-16-16

The Destruction of Progressive Wisconsin

TEABAGGER FATWA UPDATE: "Mark Levin is scolding Trump for unleashing furious Twitter attack on Cruz"

Austria suspends Schengen

SpaceX to Launch Jason-3 Satellite at 1:42 EST 10:42 PST

As a senator, Hillary Clinton was hands-off on Wall Street

SpaceX to Launch Jason-3 Satellite at 1:42 EST 10:42 PST

Sanders promises to release medical records

I'm beginning to warm up to the Bern...

Hillary was right about the Iran sanctions and the president just imposed them.

Crop Failure and Fading Food Supplies: Climate Change's Lasting Impact (Op-Ed)

President surprises Papillion neighborhood (video)

Immigrants: doing the jobs Americans won't touch

Northwest Atlantic Ocean May Get Warmer, Sooner

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - "Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning"

Arcade Fire's Second Line Parade Celebrating David Bowie

The head of the ECB “shadow council” confirms that eurozone is a financial dictatorship!

Study Finds High Melt Rates on Antarctica's Most Stable Ice Shelf

Researchers Solve Long-standing Ecological Riddle

In Spite of Incessant Polls and Few Debates, O’Malley May Surprise A Lot of People.

NASA, NOAA Announce 2015 Global Temperatures, Climate Conditions

Dr. Cornel West on Bill Maher

Hillary Clinton’s Lead Over Bernie Sanders Widens

More than 100 people quarantined after Sierra Leone Ebola death

Glacial Rebound: The Not So solid earth

Million-pound toilet for sale in London's Spitalfields

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Thinking Globally and Systemically: The 2016 Food Justice Summit

Fiorina plays the El Chapo card, and in doing so, jumps an even bigger shark than "Demon Sheep."

Climate Change Disaster Top Threat to Economy in 2016

PANTHERS!!! OMG, anybody else watching the game?

I like this Bernie poster

Fascism, anyone?

The Legacy of Doctor King.


Polska, The Crooked Baby kitty rescue by Valerie Santa Fe, Argentina

FBI/ATF apparently doesn't give a rat's ass about Domestic Terrorism in our face

Response of marine bacterioplankton pH homeostasis gene expression to elevated CO2

Hillary Clinton’s Lead Over Bernie Sanders Widens - WSJ

The 2008 Quadrillion Dollar CDS Bubble

Dr. Cornel West on Bill Maher

I like Bernie Sanders because he is progressive.

Barack Obama takes weapons away from the Iranian regime,

How Republican-led states are rigging energy markets

Welcome to America! Australia's 1st Female Muslim Lawmaker Dragged In For Interrogation At LAX

U.S. prisoners leave Iran for U.S. base as Obama hails win for diplomacy


Wind chills drop to as low as 31 below zero Sunday morning in Nebraska, Iowa cities

Sums it up perfectly.

Poll: How do the polls square with your own personal experience?

I don't think Pete Carroll can pull a Gary Patterson.

Heh Heh

Hillary Clinton’s Proposals to Restore Integrity to American Elections

This Land is Your Land -- Bernie Sanders singing

"The Bizaar of Bad Dreams" by Stephen King.

Pope visits Rome synagogue, condemns violence in name of religion

What to Cook This Week

'Jessica Jones' Officially Renewed For Second Season

this Oregon bullshit needs to end

I found this to be very interesting....

Things to Watch at the Final Democratic Debate Before Iowa

And such is the life of a happy slave.

New York police say assailants chanted 'ISIS' while beating man

Bernie Sanders Backs Bill That Would Undo A Gun Law He Voted For

When your child has a bad teacher

Article from DailyKos: From #FeelTheBern to #HillYes

Damn, there are some depressing British things streaming right now

Your newest nightmare: The hacked nuclear power plant

sonofspy77 just got his fifth hide

Lord Coe: Trust in athletics may not return within presidential term

Poll: Clinton Holds 25-Point National Lead Over Sanders

On Trump and Fascism

It's colder than a well-digger's arse here in Minnesota.

538 projects Cruz, Clinton to win Iowa

Nuclear Power as an Industry: Behind the Curtain

Heartwarming to see you Jason

All's Fair in Love and Democratic Primaries?

China pushes global renewable installed capacity beyond 900 gigawatts

74-year-old Bernie running for a train like he was back on the high school track team.

People say "flipflop" like it's a single word.

Israeli mother of six murdered by terrorist in her home with kids nearby

TOON: Don't Drink The Water

Three Americans kidnapped by militia members in Baghdad

It appears that for some, Bernie is not

*UPDATE* Bald and cold!

So, when does New York get an NFL franchise?

Bigger threat to Democracy? Citizens United or Corporate Controlled Media

Oliver Stone - The Untold History of The US - Bush & Obama Age of Terror [Top Documentary Films]

Cornell West, Killer Mike, Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner On The Legacy Of Dr. King

Police in Colombia Accused of Spying on Journalist Investigating Prostitution Ring

Police in Colombia Accused of Spying on Journalist Investigating Prostitution Ring

So none of the hacks went to look for lil fascist warmonger

How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers

Honduras leader proclaims archaeology bonanza but 'lost city' doubts linger

Honduras leader proclaims archaeology bonanza but 'lost city' doubts linger

Perseverance, hard work, and talent based on HOPE = Veteran housing rehab in NC

Housing in Venezuela Could Be About to Get Bad, Really Bad

Rock n' Roll

The cost of single payer .... the math at my house.

Species evolve to adapt to specific needs.

Martin O'Malley on Twitter “Great news on the release of Jason Rezaian and others.

Kirchnerist Leader, Mercosur Lawmaker Detained in Argentina

wow is Carolina going to blow it?

What did you learn?

I am sick to death of the idea that Democratic women must support Clinton

Russian TV Drama Documentary about WWI, WWII, from Russian perspective on YouTube

Russian TV Drama Documentary about WWI, WWII, from Russian perspective on YouTube

DWS opponent in FL 23, Tim Canova, just got a nice write-up in The Hill.

Marco Rubio: Americans need guns to protect themselves from Isis

Calling out the hypocrisy of the U.S. Cuban blockade

Who is a real leader? What do leaders do that sets them apart from mere managers?

Please explain how this is acting Presidential?

Who is a real leader? What do leaders do that sets them apart from mere managers?

Ted Cruz Does Not Understand What 'Carpet Bombing' Means

About Bernie's Health...

This country’s new president is an actor who once played a moron who ran for president

Guatemala Forbids Otto Perez Molina's Son from Leaving Country

Bernie Sanders with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Today

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan 17, 2016

Iran Sanctions- So Hillary Clinton Was Correct




Need new desktop - must buy this time, not build

Here is a flower

Bolivia Gives Green Light for Trial of Ex-President

Oregon Brothers Troll Ammon Bundy Militia with Fundraiser for Gun Control Group & Other Occcpier Foe

Need new computer desktop - what to buy?

I'm getting tired of your shit, Stephanie...

I guess we've hit the "big time". Flint's water crisis is now a lead story on The Daily Mail

New York police say assailants chanted 'ISIS' while beating man

Bitter cold strikes Northern Plains, Great Lakes regions

Proposal: A national law to prevent police misconduct, improper arrests & wrongful convictions

Match fixing in tennis: scandal encompasses many top players

I wonder will they mention Hillary's cozy relationship with Mansanto

Hillary Clinton Called Attacks on Single Payer A Karl Rove Strategy in 2008. Flip AND Flop.

Has Senator Sanders criticized Hillary for calling for new sanctions on Iran?

I am tired of people telling me because i am a guy I have to support Bernie

Tired of pharmacy drug commercials

Clinton and Sanders: The 60’s and 70’s beyond the memes.

Apparently Kenny Rogers no longer knows when to f*cking fold 'em and walk away.

84% of democrats have positive view of HRC VS only 58% for SBS

a friend of mine wants to enroll at DU and buy a star.

I don't think Bernie knows how he plans to pay for a single-payer health plan.

Is America ready for socialism?

Tennis match fixing: Evidence of suspected match fixing revealed

A prediction for tonight and what to watch for . . .

At Las Vegas town hall, Fiorina emphasizes she’s still in the race

FFS: Oregon militia remove security cameras, pave roads on federal wildlife refuge

The Hillary clan has regrouped

Betting odds now have Sanders even with Rubio for President

Donald Trump may sue Ted Cruz over presidential eligibility: ‘When I file suits, I file real suits’

Who is pumped up for the debate tonight?

I'm tired off it and will no

OK, what is the criminal history of Chelsea's father in law?

ABC covered the Flint protest with Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore

Republican Nightmares Come True As Hillary Clinton Destroys Marco Rubio

Watch debate over air?

The Clinton Machine - Desperate for a detailed plan so they can twist the facts

Are Republicans in Congress anti-American?

Sanders Iowa Gains: Is America Finally Ready for Socialism? Yes, 43% Iowa Caucus, 59% Dem. Voters

The Debate

The obvious conclusion...

Please do not taunt everyone with threads about how cold it is where you are.