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Just saw great Trump/Palin bumper sticker...

This is what leadership looks like!

Netanyahu Hated The Iran Deal. Now He's Taking Credit For It.

I don't know about others but I would like the next Dem in the WH to be able to serve a 2nd term.

Donald Trump Op-Ed by 13-Year-Old 8th Grade Student Matthew Wieseltier

This is what leadership looks like.

Tweety officially is in the tank for Clinton and Centrism

Was Tweety having an on air argument with an NBC correspondent on air?

America will never vote for a "Socialist" not long before we start hearing

NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls For Clinton And Obama To Be Hanged Over Benghazi

12 Ways to Avoid Student Humiliation

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 21 January 2016

Did anyone see Rick "Leadman" Snyder interviewed by Scott Pelley on CBS News?

Trump popularity linked to 'mass dissatisfaction'

Sad news! Rock Legend Animal Dies Aged 66

Sarah Palin is back in the news. There is one potential positive outcome of this.

Fox's "Love Affair" With 13 Hours Is Actually About Attacking Hillary Clinton - Wemple, WaPo

So, we NOW have a new Democratic debate scheduled before the Iowa caucuses?

What were the worst words used by the Bush/Cheney administration?

I wonder if faux news regrets letting Palin go - At least they could control her rogueness

Austria to cap number of refugees entering the country, slashing intake of asylum seekers by half

The semi-annual "Miz t. is leaving me again" thread.

Sanders' Birmingham Rally throws Homeless out in the cold on coldest night of winter

Rob Gronkowski Shades Denver Broncos With Crude Joke Before AFC Title Game

OK. Why do people call Chris Matthews on MSNBC 'Tweety'?

FYI: Ronda Rousey named host of Jan. 23 edition of 'Saturday Night Live'

Rebuttal for the 'scary' word of socialism.....millions of Americans get a check every month from

Did anyone know that Chris Matthews' wife, Kathleen, is running for Congress?

Lawyer of man who threatened Muslims: Fox News made him do it

Biden: We don't need 'socialism'

The devil made me do it

ISIS is getting a 50% pay cut!

“Drop Dead Ted”

"The Caine Mutiny" on TCM at 7 CST.

Here is a list of all candidates policies.

Cute Overload ends its run :(

Two injured in Missouri by new large prime number

"The Caine Mutiny" on TCM at 7 CST.

The tRump supporter who matters more to Iowa conservatives than Palin

"I'm Sick & Tired of the Black Community Making BERNIE Jump Through Hoops", Black Media Host

So this is the new packaging for Biden?

How Can We Help Bernie And Counteract Clinton And Her Surrogate's Attacks On Him....

Sanders Prepares To Challenge Clinton On Super Tuesday And Beyond

Biden going after Bernie like the good "Establishment" VP he is.

GOP Lead-Poisoning Truthers Say Flint Water Crisis ‘Vastly Overstated’ — And Might Even Be ’A Hoax’

Grand jury in Tamir Rice case never actually voted on the charges

Palin blames Obama for her son's ptsd. 1) Obama is government. 2) Sarah Palin is rich and can afford

You may be a Democratic Socialist

You Can’t Trust What You Read About Nutrition

Who are you going to vote for in the Dem Primaries? Poll Poll Poll Poll Poll Poll

End of story....

"ITS OBAMA FAULT" The point of no return

Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame

Any food trends you are completely over?

Do you agree or disagree with the sentiments expressed by Joe Biden contained herein

The Tamir Rice grand jury didn't vote

Gov. Brown slams federal response to armed occupation near Burns

Bernie quote..

I simply don't believe we will not be able educate the working class

Burns meeting today. Check out the contrast between these two women (video)

Bernie endorsed by 3 spanish langurage publications In Nevada

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 21, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: William Cameron Menzies

Race Without Class: the “Bougie” Sensibility of Ta Nehesi Coates

How long until Republicans defend "socialism"?

The truth is if we didn't elect Obama, we wouldn't have Bernie as President

Anderson Cooper covering Flint/Snyder....curious to see how much of his coverup....

Nebraska lawmakers kill measure requiring seventh-graders to be vaccinated against bacterial meningi

Too fucking funny!! joeybee12 was a Denver Broncos' fan!!

On 43rd Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade, NH Health Providers Push Back On War On Women’s Health

Chris Hayes

First Texas execution of 2016 takes place

The 3 cast members of Sesame Street

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!!That's Entertainment

Bernie vs. Hillary on Healthcare: What's In It for Us?

The Stacks: John Coltrane’s Mighty Musical Quest by Nat Hentoff

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 22, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Emma Thompson

Out Of Route For A Reason dog rescue by Anonymous Henning, MN

"balderdash and piffle: one sandwich short of a dog's dinner"

"balderdah and piffle: one sandwich short of a dog's dinner" (because we need the humour)

1986 Interview Of Nat Hentoff: Good Stuff From A Complex, Influential Writer

Quoting Rachel Maddow talking about Jeb: "More Money than Support..."

Don Siegelman's son Joseph sues DOJ re: his prosecution

Is there something going on?

Clinton's Emails on private server being 'Top Secret' is trending hard on Facebook right now

I recently saw a good list of socialist accomplishments ...

What exactly IS an evagelical in the polling? What makes THEM different than, baptist, prespeterian

Teapublicans are eating their own

'I would like to clarify that the mandatory minimum sentencing was not invented for the Hammonds...'

'Lies from start to finish': Russian official denies any part in Litvinenko murder

Rachel Maddow did not position Bernie's comments correctly

Just got a call from the Q poll

Putin loyalist Kadyrov unleashed on Russian 'traitors'

O.K., if I have to die (unlike all you), play this for me. TCHAIKOVSKY, "Serenade for Strings"

US condemns Israel’s Jordan Valley land expropriation

VP Joe Biden: We Don't Need Socialism

It's happening. The GOP are pulling down each others' fictions. First Rand Paul calling

Importance of Lifting the Nuclear-Based Sanctions on Iran

Report Claims 9.6% Of Recent College Grads Think Judge Judy Is On U.S. Supreme Court

Tucker Carlson Shows How GOP Has No Backbone, nor Compass

Water shortages in Colombia hit major cities Cali and Medellin

Planned Parenthood Endorsement was not from Planned Parenthood, but was from an action PAC headed

WTF, NO DEMs seeking to challenge repugs for rand paul's senate seat!

Um, did anyone else know that Omarosa Manigault from "The Apprentice" is a Trump campaign surrogate?

‘She’s a Liar’ Donna Brazile Tears Into Palin for Saying Obama Disrespects Veterans

Personal seat license holders sue Rams

71 years

Some people here are just funny as hell.

From: The Staff of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Aren't you tired of the character assassination against Hillary?

I did a DU first for me today

All of you who knew Palin had a grift going on for her Trump were right:

Vets: Don't Blame Obama for Track Palin's Behavior

The Bern Bus! (Another one)

I am curious.. How many here IF HRC had been president when 9/11 happened

Sanders? Lead Swells to 27 Points in Granite State Poll Bloomberg Business

Apple falls close to a freak-out level

Oregon standoff: One of protesters has murder conviction (Murdered his Dad)

Au H2O

Oopsie, I got a hide.

Michael Barr, Clinton advocate, worked to defeat important Wall Street Reforms

Univision buys The Onion. What do you think it means?

#BundyTeaParty - Oregonian Editorial: At the refuge, it's time to pull the plug

We're all socialists -- including conservatives

Sarah Palin is full of shit

Thrills from an autistic

"A little sinister!!" The story behind National Reconnaissance Office's octopus logo

The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet...

We can win single payer if we fight for it.

Elder Care Startup Honor Makes Contractors Full-Time Workers With Equity

President Obama: I Won't Speak at Malia's Graduation Because 'I'm Going to Cry'

Dildo Daesh is holding thousands of Paiute artifacts hostage.

Democrats, Socialism, and how to insult (more than) half your party.

Veterans group blasts Sarah Palin for blaming Obama for her son's recent arrest

The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet...

Poor Fundies are "dying" for Bundy to bring the Rapture

Colbert is showing Palin's clips from last night!

Post some food item you think might gross me out.

Would You Break the Law to Save Your Child?

The best queso dip you'll ever have. Go Pats.

The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet..

Sen. Nina Turner BERNIE RALLY: Reply To Q. 'Why's KillerMike the ONE AA 'Trotted Out' 4Bernie?'

Locals demand Oregon militia leave refuge: 'It's time for you to go home'

Sarah Palin finally out Sarah Palin's Tina Fey

Republicans' obsession with the Clintons used to puzzle me.

Trumpflections - random thoughts on why, how, and who

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 23, 2016 -- The Essentials - Charles Coburn

There's a major advantage to single payer...

The Religious Right's Agenda Is About Ruling Sexuality Based On The Bible.

Why Bernie Sanders Still Doesn’t Pose a Critical Threat to Hillary Clinton

Does anybody speak Palin?

FALSE! DWS--"Democratic debates set to 'maximize' exposure"

I like Sanders and I love Planned Parenthood.

Top 5 Times A fox news Guest Debunks fox news:

Today's Democracy Now! broadcast is a must see about the Koch brothers and

Uber Drivers Plan Boycott After Fare Cuts Slash Their Earnings to Below Minimum Wage

You Ain't Done Nothing If You Ain't Been Called A Red-Faith Petric

What is your worst case/best case scenario if a President Trump happens?

xpost from GD: Uber Drivers Plan Boycott After Fare Cuts Slash Their Earnings to Below Minimum Wage

Will The Movie 'Trumbo' Take The Edge Off The Negative Shots That The Clinton Campaign & Her....

MSNBC: Rise of Bernie Sanders Could Lead to Financial Woes for Hillary Clinton

UK Arms Companies Ramp Up Bomb Sales To Saudi Arabia By 100 Times Despite Air Strikes On Yemen Civil

Why Bernie Is Best Candidate Running. NY Daily News

U.S., Russia Fail To Bridge Syria Gap, Risking Peace Talks

Who doesn't like a good cat photo?

Billionaire Dem environmental activist not ready to endorse Clinton but Bernie?

Saudi-Born Singer Shams Bandar: Why Do We Pin All Our Problems on the West?

US backs European move to distinguish Israel from West Bank

Vladimir Putin Calls For Jews To Emigrate To Russia Amid Increasing Anti-Semitic Violence In Europe

Bahraini Intellectual Describes the Problems in the Muslim World

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

The Faux Outrage about "The Establishment" is a Classic Republican tactic

What Obama Really Said About Cuba, Foreign Affairs and the US

"Trump and Pain" were in "Tusla", Oklahoma! LOL!

Gosztola: "[Establishment] Liberals No Longer Amused by Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign"

Single payer does not "remove the profit motive" from health care. That's a ridiculous claim.

If a brave man like Bernie can spend his whole life fighting for the common man and STILL have the

 Uncle Sam Got a Shiny New Propaganda Bullhorn for Christmas

And, I give up on DU. A Whitewater post has survived a jury

MLK Jr.: One of the Nation's Great Democratic Socialists

Oregon governor to feds: End occupation at wildlife refuge

Bernie Sanders best-case EV scenario: 112 Sanders - 423 any Republican

Chávismo and Its Discontents: International Left Intellectuals Respond to Venezuelan Government’s Le

I'm so proud of Alaska.

Daily Holidays - January 21

Bill Clinton will take his campaigning to Las Vegas Thurs. Jan 21 with Amy Wambach

VIDEO: How Monsanto’s Glyphosate Attacks our Core Cellular Functions

Bill Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders on Planned Parenthood and Health Care

Alabama set to carry out 1st execution in more than 2 years

Governor's emails show debate over blame for Flint water

Attorneys: 'Affluenza' teen to return to Texas within weeks

Oregon standoff: One of protesters has murder conviction

DEA Hired A TSA Informant To Help Take Cash From People's Luggage

Political fallout from Flint, Michigan water crisis spreads

What Did You Think a Political Revolution Was Supposed To Look Like?

That Palin son had problems long before Iraq

Germany to extend border controls indefinitely: interior minister

THIS is the Bernie Sanders I know and love (see video). POWERFUL. He takes no crap!!!

When "they" attack Hillary, "they" attack me ...

New Hampshire CNN/WMUR/UNH poll: Bernie beats Rubio by 18 points, while Hillary loses to Rubio

Bill Maher; Real Time guests line-up

The Crusade Against Multiple Regression Analysis

Politicians say Flint water crisis a hoax

President Putin 'probably' approved Litvinenko murder

The Secret Diplomacy That Could End the East-West Confrontation Over Ukrain

Juan Cole: Iran Is Open For Business. What Does This Mean for the Global Economy?

The Real Argument for Single-Payer

John Wayne was a raging racist. His daughter says he'd be 'standing right here' with Trump

Stop Making Stupid People Famous.

Robert Reich: Who Lost the White Working Class?

How the Koch Brothers Went After a Reporter

Bernie talks with Time magazine about winning

Why Iowa Is Fertile Ground for Bernie Sanders

Almost Royal- Poppy and Georgie Carlton return to BBC America

So this is what it's comming down to a really sad state of affairs.

Morning Joe errr 10 times Socialist all Clinton backers

We gots a freezing rain advisory starting now. NE South Carolina

Finally saw Episode VII

Unbiased and impartial poll re: Monday night's Iowa Town Hall-Good or Bad Idea?

'God wants us here’: More militiamen arrive at Malheur

I am not afraid to stand with the Democratic Party Establishment.

Millennial Volunteers Flock to Support Clinton

WashPost Editorial: Mr. Sanders needs to come clean about the funding for his health-care plan

Mom was just diagnosed with cancer in her kidney.

Wanting to start tomatos from seed this year

Another legend of music has passed away........

Bernie Sanders, Simon and Garfunkel, Put Focus on Voters, commercial video, America/Bernie Sanders

Mahatma Gandhi First Television Interview (30 April 1931)

It is harder to get people to vote against another candidate than to vote for your candidate

Anyone have any thoughts on Bernie's V.P.?

2015 Now On The Books As Hottest Year Ever - By Far - And 2016 Likely Hotter Yet

America | Bernie Sanders

What Makes Flint River Water So Corrosive?

Mika just tore Hoyer a new one re Bernie Sanders and 'different'

Chris Matthews Needs To Retire

Chasing Votes for Hillary Clinton Among Iowa’s Undecided and Indifferent

Obama Calls Flint Water Crisis 'Inexplicable And Inexcusable'

Why Bernie Sanders Still Doesn’t Pose a Critical Threat to Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Has First Paid Texas Staff

Donald Trump: "The whites don't get any nominations" from BET

The SINGLE most fascinating aspect of the Ted Cruz situation

'We will come to Athens and burn them': political protest returns to Greece

Gun rights for accident-prone mom shot down by kids

Luckovich - Trump offers Palin a position in his cabinet

Politico: Bill Clinton questions Hillary's Super Tuesday plan

The Original Material Girl is Back (Stephen Colbert/Sarah Palin)

#ImSoEstablishment #BlackTiesMatter

"Then she started campaigning."

Photojournalism in Flint

Why Bernie Sanders Still Doesn’t Pose a Critical Threat to Hillary Clinton

What I learned by coming face to face with Ted Cruz

ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE.WOW. If you want to see an INSPIRATIONAL (goosebumps) ad just released by Bernie.

Democrats who resort to red baiting are not Democrats

Schism Erupts In Pastafarian Church Over Acceptability Of Plastic Colanders...

Vladimir Putin Likely Approved Murder of Alexander Litvinenko: Inquiry

You know Palin not only offended most veterans who do not beat up their girlfriends or wives

Russian ruble plumbs new depths against dollar

Is your PA Republican Congressional rep. running unopposed? Mine is.

Drug Prices

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Eliminating All Doubt

Why African Americans Are On FIRE For Bernie Sanders

IPOs Crash, Startup Valuations Plunge, Era Ends

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -So many Trump-Palin Toons...

How would George McGovern fair in today's political climate?

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Don't Drink The Water

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

170 Top Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders' Wall Street Reform Plan (VIDEO)

Gun rights continue to advance at the state level

Phylogenetic analyses suggests fairy tales are much older than thought

Snyder: End of the illusion

Financial guru Jules Reich charged with stabbing pediatrician wife to death in Scarsdale mansion

Bernie Sanders Reveals His Greatest Fear and How He Decided to Run for President

RAY DALIO: There is no longer any engine to drive global growth

'BLOOD IN THE WATER' — 90% of the billion-dollar unicorn startups are in trouble

Palin endorses Trump with a word salad

In 21 states: More gun deaths than car deaths

Carly Fiorina accused of 'ambushing' children for anti-abortion rally

I work for Hillary Clinton in a March primary state. Here’s what we’re building nationwide.

It's National Hug Day.......

Bernie Sanders Reveals How as President He'll Beat Obstructionist Congress

Is Joe off his meds? He was beating up on Harold Ford, Jr. on the email story today.

DKos: Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz the next Eric Cantor? The odds are long

With The Flint Water Crisis Going On - Republicans Try This...

Bernie Sanders We Need a Budget for Working Families, Not the 1% (speech in the Senate)

There is an interesting war going on in RW media between Cruz and Trump Supporters

Samantha Fish Band, I Put a Spell On You

Gun control group submits petitions for Maine ballot measure

Bill Clinton Questions Hillary’s Strategy

Rev. William BArber explains, in 2014, what an evangelical is.

'The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition'

The Delegate Count from All 50 States Will Determine the Nominee.

Bernie Sanders won't be bought - 2016 (ooooooo this is good...Bob Woodward agrees!)

AMERICA !!!! Where were you when you first heard this great song?

Let's get real, Bernie fans: It isn't "giving up" to admit a revolution isn't coming

Re-posted video: Bernie nails Greenspan

Russia and China plan "floating Chernobyls..."

Republicans Should Worry About THIS Chart.

An inch of snow, icy roads unleash 9 hours of traffic chaos across D.C. region

D.C. roadways crippled by rush hour could this happen?

Misconceptions about health care.

Quench your thirst for failed leadership

Flint water crisis reveals limits of running a state as a business

I never liked the smell of vinegar.....

Hillary Clinton Statement on the Endorsement of the National Treasury Employees Union

@GOP -NH Legislators Refuse to Sign Sexual Harassment Policy, Say It Violates Their Free Speech

Trevor Noah on Sarah Palin

I'm continually amazed how our "divided govt" can deliver for the corps and 1% but not the people.

Department of Labor sends warning shot to clients of temp staffing agencies

The Bush blame game begins

Trump/Palin accuse liberals of using "political correctness kind of like a suicide vest".

I'm having trouble understanding a DU Narrative related to the primaries/General Election ...

Sarah Blames President Obama For Violent Track Record

As Water Problems Grew, Officials Belittled Complaints From Flint

How An Early Endorsement From The Worlds Largest LGBT Group May Reveal Hillary Clinton's Worst Fears

Swedish Prosecutors Say No Deal yet on Assange Interrogation

Christie will remain in New Hampshire during SNOWJersey

Thousands protest in Moldova after PM hastily sworn in at midnight

Civil asset forfeiture: You damn better don't put money in your luggage when going on vacation.

Alright, let's set this straight!

Seeing Planet IX (of reading interest to a few).

Vladimir Putin Likely Approved Murder of Alexander Litvinenko: Inquiry

Some Palin Mashup Soup; or was it the real thing?

Let’s set the record straight...

Bills Hire NFL's First Full-Time Female Assistant Coach

U.S. Jobless Claims Edge Up, But Remain Near Historic Lows

The Struggles Of Undocumented Immigrant Children - Roberto Gonzales Part 2

Both Hillary and bernie have strengths and weaknesses in the general election

The MIC is branching out

October 2014: General Motors Stops Using FLINT's Water Because It Was "Causing Engine Parts To Rust"

Nevada is not a lock for Clinton anymore...

Judge Says Putin Most Likely Approved Killing Of Ex-Agent Alexander Litvinenko Judge Says.

Couldn't be newer Iowa Poll -HRC 48% SBS 39% MOM 7%

Bowie leaves us and then a 9th planet appears?

CNN to Hold Iowa Democratic Presidential Town Hall a Week Before Caucuses

Biden: We Don’t Need Socialism The veep’s comments were seen as a small swipe at Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Healthcare Access Plan

Don't mind me. Just a browser-game about building a stable solar-system...

Clinton’s Email About Gay Parents Should Seriously Trouble Her LGBT Supporters

Carolyn Wonderland, Judgement Day Blues

(Updated 1/21/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

The CNN Democratic Town Hall is being organized by a longtime Iowa Hillary Clinton activist

How 2 Degrees May Turn into 4

Rising Carbon Dioxide Emissions Pose 'Intoxication' Threat to World's Ocean Fish

Sorry, I can't play with you right now. I'm responding to a thread in the GD Forum on DU.

Bernie's latest ad plays to hope. Hillary's latest plays to fear

A New Study Puts Temperature Increases Caused by CO2 Emissions on the Map

Dow adds 150 points, S&P back above Aug. low as oil bounces

Joe Arpaio shakes down his flock

How a 2°C Rise Means Even Higher Temperatures Where We Live

Gun control continues to advance at the state level

Payment to Iranian hostages

How to buy my vote. (Rant warning)

Do you intend to vote for the Nominee in the General Election even if its not your candidate?

Forget Universal Healthcare. It's more cost effective to let people suffer and die.

Citizens United: How Anthony Kennedy flooded democracy with ‘sewer money’

Hillary Clinton Declares War on Single-Payer Health Care

WP: 1988 would support a ban on semiautomatic rifles, the type now commonly called “assault weapons.

INDISPUTABLE: Bernie Is the Establishment, Hillary and Planned Parenthood are the Anti-Establishmen

Am I being a grammar Nazi?

I'm continually amazed how we NEVER talk debt reduction when we are enriching the 1% and Corps

Jan 19-- What President Obama’s legacy means to me by Hillary Clinton

establishment gop is starting to like trump....soon they will lOVE him

Bibi is still trying to derail the Iran deal

Pic Of The Moment: President Trump Would Force Apple To Build Their Damn Computers In America!

RUH-OH Track Palin served one year in Iraq and it was under George W. Bush, not Obama

One year from today will be the first full day in office for POTUS#45

Tax The Rich! Ferrari F40 GT Farmkhana

Trump has expressed admiration for 2 leaders during this campaign: Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un

I proudly support and endorse America's next GREATEST President....

Some Hillary emails so top secret investigators didn't have access

Two Predictions for Monday's Iowa forum: 1st -- Clinton will sound like a Republican on all issues

National Review: "Contemplate the Possibility that Americans Are Fine with Big Government"

National Treasury of Employees Union Endorses Clinton

I CANNOT wait for this primary/caucus season to end!!!!!!

*Kyo wa watashi no tanjobi desuyo*

Latest Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic polls from

Moral economy: A different way of thinking about the future

Prepare today while you have time

COLBERTdoes thePALINwordsalad(First I'll tase the partof mybrain thatunderstands sentence structure)

New documents reveal how Donald Trump’s racist dad inspired Woody Guthrie’s most bitter writings

Dear DU: Please stop echoing the European far right when it comes to immigration.

We fight for $15.00 and feelthebern... Caucus for Bernie!!!

'Stop Bundy Land Grab!’ Protesters decry #BundyMilitia occupation - #OregonStandoff

Under Bernie's National Health Care Plan we have more take home pay.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Sanders dismissive comments yesterday about @PPact have really helped us recruit more @HillaryforIA

Bundy/Oregon vs. Black occupation - A time travel Photo

5 moronic ideas from just one AZ Senator

Docs v. Glocks: government regulation of physician speech

American Taliban: More Evidence

The fall of the Golden Age of Islam explained -

Tabor vs. reality & hospital provider fee

Congressman Makes Up Statistics About Black People To Argue DC Residents Are ‘Irresponsible’

Imam says Koln sex assault victims are to blame for the way they dressed and for wearing perfume

The Grateful Dead's 'Very Best of the Grateful Dead" is FREE on Google Play until 1/28

Study: Airbnb landlords rent out properties full time

Why Hillary must be President according to her cheer leaders.

New Iowa Poll: HRC up by 9, but...

Killer Mike: Bernie Sanders Is Our Guy

Republican Governor Knowingly Poisoned City Of Flint Michigan

Photos of the Great Blizzard of 1888. Stay safe East Coasters!

Bernie must be doing really well...

The Bundy gang has now bulldozed a road thru an archeological site

The Problem of Money in Politics

Pure Evil

State Police had to deliver forgotten K-balls for Patriots-Chiefs

The Pro-Choice Movement Just Scored a Major Win in Arkansas

This needs to be seen far and wide!! Hysterical!

Is this the coolest graphic or what?


The fork in the road: which path will this country take?

UPDATED: CNN is a live poll; Gravis and KBUR/Monmouth polling uses the controversial robo-call

Carly Fiorina Accused of ‘Ambushing’ Pre-Schoolers for Anti-Abortion Photo Op

Can You Pass A U.S Citizenship Test?

If we're being honest, Sanders missed a huge opportunity RE:Flint

Militants bulldoze through Native American archeological site

If the Social Security fund was invested in the stock market...?

Peyton Manning Advises Tom Brady: “Just tell everyone your wife deflated those footballs”

Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.

JOY! Heartwarming video shows Syrian refugees tobogganing for the first time after moving to Canada

This might be the best political ad I've ever seen

I need to contact a Sanders campaign staffer.

"What kind of ca-ca doody bookstore IS THIS???" (Video)

Forget Universal Health Care, it is more costly to let people suffer and die.

Poll: Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Iowa by 9 points

Poll: Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Iowa by 9 points

Our strongest prejudice - partisan hostility

Disappearance of Bolivia's No. 2 lake a harbinger

Lead found in water at Michigan School for the Deaf in Flint

Hillary Clinton's biggest problem, explained in one Bernie Sanders endorsement

Obama's Looking to Take a Huge Step Against Money in Politics — Without Congress

Loretta Sanchez: ‘We need a Latina in the U.S. Senate’

Masa para tamales

Just saw that Bernie is using this piece for his campaign.

Hillary Would Not Be Trusted With A Security Clearance Today Based On Her Past Negligence

The WP editorial board - How low will they go to the keep in place the status quo?

PTSD = "Palin's Tipsy Son Drunk".

The Clinton campaign not only underestimated Bernie, they overestimated her

Letting off steam: The suckiness of the MSM news

"Ideas on paper that will never get done", Hillary? I guess we can throw out...

Two Versions of America Emerge in the Presidential Campaign

Driving through this weekend's storm

If you want cheaper U.S. labor costs to better compete in a global market

CNN Hillary CLINTON Editorial: The cure for Citizens United is more democracy

Trump vs. Cruz, Beck vs. Palin, Trump vs. Beck

Palin understands what other Republicans are just beginning to get

An easy way to divide and conquer the Bundys

Personal seat license holders sue Rams (xpost from LBN)

wow. so hillary winning depends on young people NOT voting? how sad.

Governor Amplifies Criticism Of FBI’s ‘Passive Approach’ To Malheur NWR Militants

The Adventures of Oppressed White Man

Chances Getting Higher For Armed Conflict Over The Oregon Sanctuary.

I am almost as sick of Hillary and her machine...

Bernie Sanders and crossover voters

Trump Bullies The Press -- And The Press Yawns

Where can I find evidence-based research on mindfulness?

Who Is Morgan Stanley and Why Its $31 TRILLION in Derivatives Should Concern You

Before Bernie Sanders, there was Upton Sinclair

I'm jealous of you folks in the Northeast anticipating the storm.

Great story: warmth and graciousness personified

German Left party says government is paying Libya to stop migrants

The Nation's February 8th cover. Bernie Sanders for President!

Why the No. 3 Spot in Iowa Is Worth Watching. Zogby

Lies of the “sharing economy” start to collapse

Lies of the “sharing economy” start to collapse (xpost from GD)

Reminder: We're not alone. List of Bernie's endorsements makes me smile.

when an nfl team leaves effects on charities

PETA to Detroit: Go Vegan for a Month, We'll Pay Your Water Bill

By Hillary Clinton: What it will take to defeat ISIS and win the struggle against radical jihadism

Snow doesn't stop everything.

Iowa Caucus participant Brandi Dye is not ready to caucus for Sanders just yet.

Hillary's Campaign Is Imploding. And It's LEAKING like a Sieve.

Wish me luck! I am off to do a TV interview on WGNO New Orleans about my movie

3 Questions Will Immediately Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

I hereby officially declare that Rick Snyder made me sick - just not by poisoning

Fighting outrageous generic drug prices at the Dr.'s office

MoveOn email: "No one thought this was possible"

1. One risk pool. Everybody in, nobody out.

Drug exec Shkreli will not answer questions at hearing: letter

Trump Speaks At Fourth Grade Level; Still Smarter Than His Supporters

Krugman: "The Sanders health plan looks a little bit like a standard Republican tax-cut plan"

Why does Hillary continue telling the lie that Bernie intends on....

Jack Hatch: Why I support Hillary

Has anybody seen this photo?

Mid-Atlantic DUers and surrounding area - ready for the BIG SNOW!!!

US 'takes control' of Rmeilan airfield in Syria

Man entering homes and watching women sleep in Uptown New Orleans

Why Bernie Sanders is wrong on ISIS and Iran

Charges stick against school officials in players rape case

Palin's endorsement fails to excite Trump rallygoers

Canadian Pacific Railway plans to cut 1,000 positions

To McCaskill and other Clinton surrogates: If Bernie Sanders makes you think of a hammer and sickle,

I'm just going to leave this here.

Psssssssssssssssst! DUers get over here right effin' now!! Matters of state :-)

Woody Guthrie's All You Fascists Bound to Lose

The Corp Media is engaging in a full on assault on Sanders.

The absolute worst thing about this primary

"Finding Your Roots" on PBS

France to overhaul secularism teaching to help stop radicalisation

Super PACs are running rampant (fire DWS)

Charles Pierce: Today Marks the Anniversary of the Most Singularly Disastrous Supreme Court Decision

Who saw Colbert doing Palin last night?

Israel says will seize West Bank land; demolishes EU structures

Freed by Iran, Amir Hekmati to return to Flint today

24 of San Francisco's store closures over the past few years

The Routledge Handbook of Emotions and Mass Media

When the two dumbest kids in class have to give a presentation...

This paragraph on a black kindergartner's view of the world is absolutely crushing

Did you know Francois Mitterand was a WWII veteran AND Socialist?

Ain't that this the truth...

Billie Jean King to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Big jump in gun seizures at U.S. airport security checkpoints

Justice Ginsburg Hands Surprise Victory To Consumers Over Big Business

Julián Castro to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Hillary is throwing everything into Iowa. If she loses there it may be the beginning of the end.

"Who can be more of an outsider than a woman president?"

Congress to call Snyder on Flint water crisis

Signals of an unsustainable future coming from Davos

David Koch steps down from board of New York science museum

David Koch steps down from board of New York science museum

Sanders character elicits raucous applause at Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco.

Will establishment Democrats fight Republicans

National and State polls through Super Tuesday (from

If the bought and paid for politicians win this round, many people will leave the Democratic Party

Our priorities are completely screwed.

Wanna know how to help defuse the socialism ruins business meme?

Bill Clinton Questions Hillary's Super Tuesday Plan

Koch is off the board for the American Museum of Natural History!

Good judgment in foreign policy is more important that years of foreign policy experience.

Two Guantánamo detainees transferred as third refuses resettlement offer

Sarah Palin completed her first crossword puzzle!

When It Comes to Choice, Hillary Is the Only Choice

Oregon Militia Members Are The Real Welfare Queens

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: The Demonization of Bernie Sanders

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Mike Luckovich Baby's first word

Dream Small so as to avoid Disappointment rather than Fight for Change -- Hillary 2016

Woman with dogs that ran on freeway banned from having pets

Malheur is about weapons

Bernie Sanders likes to wear suits, but not the kind you would expect from a congressman...

Iceland Sentences 26 Corrupt Bankers To 74 Years In Prison

Woody Guthrie: Musician's Unpublished Lyrics About Donald Trump's Father Discovered by Professor

The Latest: Sailor Gets Prison in Navy Bribery Scandal

Report: Fiorina accused of 'ambushing' children for anti-abortion rally

Hillary Clinton has the power to save America - she can do more now than anyone

Hillary & Bill have earned in excess of $125 million in speeches since leaving the Whitehouse

Daniel Holtzclaw sentenced to 263 consecutive years in prison for multiple rapes.

Army Nominee Says He Doesn't Support Demoting Gen. Petraeus

Hillary Clinton is still alive

on Cnn now..."clinton camp claims conspiracy in email probe"

This reminds me of two people

Will terrorists strike during a huge DC snowstorm?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 21, 2016


Mayor Karen Weaver: Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate helping us in Flint.

Emerson College Poll - Iowa: Clinton 52%, Sanders 43%

Ex-Oklahoma officer gets 263 years for rapes, sex assaults

Oregon ranchers who sparked standoff threatened to wrap official’s son in barbed wire and drown him

Bundy militia leader received over a half a million dollars in federal loans

10-year-old with hearing aids can't see Ozzy Osbourne at Omaha concert, gets one-on-one visit instea

Another Iowa Poll, another Clinton lead-Clinton 52% -Sanders 43%

Edward Abbey talks about Cliven Bundy from the grave!

The Weimar Republic and the DNC. Some history that matters today.

Okay apparently Republicans are not the only batshit politicians in Oklahoma

Nate Silver: One Big Reason To Be Less Skeptical Of Trump

A Shameful Racial History Has Led To A Severe Tuberculosis Outbreak In Alabama

My picture story circa 1962 which includes Trump Sr. being banned from France.

U.S fighter jet crashes in Arizona, search on for pilot

Ask that Hillary Clinton release transcripts of her "speeches" to Goldman Sachs, et. al.

Carly Fiorina Hijacks Preschool Field Trip to Hold Anti-Abortion Rally

This is an inspirational Hillary story. Really.

Don’t Bring Down Israel's Right-wing Government

Long thought to be extinct, bizarre tree frog surfaces in India

The Evil of Two Lessers

Faced With EU And U.S. Criticism, Israeli Insults Fly

Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupiers Rifle Through Native American Artifacts

Snyder will testify at his beloved ReTHUG House hearing

Oakland Walmart store among 269 set to close

Hillary gets results

TYT: The Rich Took All The Money. Only Taxes Can Take It Back.

A little film that was selected by the Miami Independent Film Festival

Ernie Chambers D-NE bill would let doctors prescribe life-ending drugs to some terminally ill adults

Bundy talking to an FBI negotiator - #OregonStandoff

Clinton should change her logo to: Don't Rock the Boat

Hillary attacks Bernie over Iran

TYT: ISIS Cuts Salaries In Half

New CNN/ORC Poll: SANDERS 51, Clinton 43, O'Malley 4

New CNN Iowa Poll: Bernie 51, Hillary 43, Martin 4

In the wake of the scandals, ongoing scandals about the Palin kids,

this snowstorm will be a test for my new Versa...

TYT: Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

How Clinton Backer Soros built part of his fortune on the backs of American Taxpayers.

Palestinian Parody about ISIS

TYT: Oregon Militia Member Just Lost His Kids

And you thought it was just YOUR partner

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders hold solid leads in Iowa, CNN/ORC poll finds

TYT: Flint Residents Are Getting Past Due Notices For Poisoned Water Bills

And another standing ovation as Hillary is introduced—this crowd is fired up! Indianola, IA Jan 21

It's time for good women to understand our place.

Gov. Jerry Brown urges fiscal restraint in State of State speech

Regulators Tighten Enforcement of Rail-Safety Rules

America | Bernie Sanders

Hooray! Brent came through surgery well...the last of the kittens to be fixed.

Japanese React to 'But We are Speaking Japanese!

TYT: UN Report: ISIS May Be Guilty Of Genocide

Is The Upcoming Dem Town Hall On CNN A Sanctioned And Scheduled Event By DWS Or....

"Social Democracy" vs "Democratic Socialism"

Democrats must decide between a revolutionary and a pragmatist

Trump's excuse for ‘Two Corinthians’ Flub

Here's a treat for ya...The Guardian reviews Palin's speech yesterday......this is hilarious

Peyton Manning's Pre-AFC Championship Voicemail To Tom Brady

Going now to see David Silverman discuss his book "Fighting God." Will report back.

U.S. appeals court declines to block Obama carbon emissions plan

TYT: Terrorist Massacre At Pakistan University

Obama administration cracking down on bosses who use temp workers to dodge labor laws

In 2008, Obama didn't Beat Hillary in Iowa in any polls until the very end of January

White House reacts to Palin: 'Domestic violence is not a joke'

If All Japanese Spoke English, What Would Happen? (Interview)


Text of Sarah Palin's statement on .... whatever

The aliens are silent because they're dead

Why Obama will never, ever be elected president

If All Japanese Spoke English, What Would Happen? (Interview)

The Republicans have an al-Assad problem

TYT: Sen. Claire McCaskill: Bernie Will DOOM Democratic Party!

Sanders now ahead 5 points in Iowa!!!!!!

As both a Clinton and a Sanders fan, I've bought the line that Sanders can't win

Do you deserve Equal Health Care?

Frank Rich: It’s Time to Get Serious About Bernie Sanders

Redemption: Pee Wee Herman -- after being raked over the coals, is back

10,000 protest new government in Moldova as tensions rise

John B. Mansbridge, Oscar-Nominated Art Director, Dies at 98

Big bust at a Georgia prison over illegal cell phones.

BINGO! The Curious Myth of Hillary Clinton's Senate Effectiveness

TYT: Anti-Muslim Stalker Pleads Fox News

Why do the french eat snails?

The subject of the movie, "The Big Short" is a conversation we should be having related to the Demo

A riddle I had not heard, presented to me by my 8 yr old son...

Input, please (about dogs)

TYT: Big Tech Accused Of Using Minerals Mined By Child Labor

ROFL @ Clip Chuckie Toad is playing.

"I think he wants the job because it's the ultimate deal, and he's the ultimate ego."

First ever photos of gay penguins goes viral.....

Any Bryan Adams fans out there?....Favorite song?

If and when you die................

Helps a Bank—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons Hillary

Erin Brockovich on the Flint water crisis

TYT: Track Palin ARRESTED For Brutal Domestic Assault

Law abiding citizens live in fear because we're afraid to upset the wingnuts.

Dang y'all, I just have to say... I have a man crush on Jeff Weaver.

Sanders is too extreme, he's stealing the data, sexist, too old, his policies aren't realistic...

Emerson College Poll Jan 21 -Clinton Surges 9pt: Sanders Falters

Clinton Attacks As Polls Show Sanders Winning In Iowa, New Hampshire

FBI official: 'Perfect storm' imperiling gun background checks

Sanders Campaign Defends Iowans

Negotiations Begin With Bundy And FBI

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Republicans Argue Over Who Is Greater Threat

Jan 21 Emerson IOWA Poll: Clinton Surges 9pts Past Sanders. Clinton 52, Sanders 43

Patterson suggests Flint water crisis may be overblown

Sarah Palin Promised Secretary of Defense for Trump Endorsement

Bernie Sanders is right: The Human Rights Campaign is definitely part of the ‘establishment’

Half the Foreign Policy Experts Signing Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contract

More former Uribe aides charged for wiretapping Colombia’s Supreme Court

Our Librul MSM Is Underplaying The Seriousness Of Flint Poisoned Water.

Ahh. I can feel good about my '96 Escort now

NY Health Exchange questions

I'm pissed off. I was replying to a thread that got locked...

Amazing Titantic discovery ( photo)

Bernie and Hillary lead Iowa! Polls for both, take your pick..

Bernie Sanders' Latest Ad: "America" featuring Simon and Garfunkel

"For in the end, freedom is a personal and lonely battle; and one faces down fears of today...

So where will Clnton get the money to help Biotechs insure against risks?

Clinton calls Bernie part of the 'establishment'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 January 2016

right to life

Hillary can't stop fibbing. Senate record fails to support her bipartisanship claim

Obama Says He'll Be Too Emotional To Speak At Daughter's Graduation

Feel the love!-- GOP Senator: I'd Vote For Bernie Sanders Over Ted Cruz

Just heard on the news - President Obama sending another $80,000,000 to Flint

Judge's comments could abruptly end GM ignition switch trial

DA Says Cosby Looking to 'Pick His Own Prosecutor' in PA Case

Have we considered that maybe Sanders attack on PP and the HRC

Let's put the single payer debate to bed once and for all!

Bernie is the Energizer Bunny...Look at this schedule of meetings.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver endorses Hillary, says she's the ONLY candidate

And as if enough hasn't happened in Flint, today, Anonymous has released a Snyder related statement

The Establishment Alarm: "First they came for Hillary..."

1/2 the FP Experts Signing Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Letter Have Ties to Military Contractors

With 12 draft picks, Chip Kelly's 49ers could reload quickly

Video: Alan Watts - The Nature of Consciousness

WV Right to work (for less) back in front of a R Legislature

Judge tosses civil case against Chicago officer in shooting

Russia May Be Looking To Build Air Base In Syria Near Turkish Border

Officials unsure whether Flint water linked to Legionnaires

Missouri graduate students consider creating union

Can Bernie "do anything"?

The Latest: US drops rivalry to multilateral Argentine loans

Missouri graduate students consider creating union

The Latest: US drops rivalry to multilateral Argentine loans


Influential Obama Supporter Will.I.Am backs Hillary in 2016

Missouri graduate students consider creating union

Vets Are Furious Sarah Palin Blamed Her Son’s Domestic Violence On PTSD

1-20-16 The First MLK Day in 2:00

1-20-16 The First MLK Day in 2:00

Senate Democrats To Force Debate On Gun Violence Research Funding

I prefer a politics of "Yes" versus a politics of "No"

1-20-16 The First MLK Day in 2:00

Italian church groups open refugee 'humanitarian corridor'

1-20-16 The First MLK Day in 2:00

EPA Official Resigns Over Flint Water Crisis

Republican Senators are Blocking Al Franken’s Bill To Improve Mental Health Services

The GOP Establishment Has Found The One Thing That Can Make Donald Trump Palatable: Ted Cruz

I sincerely hope that Donald and Sarah are not planning to reproduce.

Veterans Have A Message For Sarah Palin After Blaming Obama For Son’s Arrest

Sean Ludwick Accused of Vehicular Homicide, Caught in Puerto Rico Amid Attempt to Flee US

Sean Ludwick Accused of Vehicular Homicide, Caught in Puerto Rico Amid Attempt to Flee US

Now, Jane Sanders on MSNBC 'With All Due Respect' Show, On Deciding to Run

Bernie lights fire of Doors drummer

Hmmm...What's missing from this Bernie Ad?

1-21-16 The Charleston Five in 2:00

1-21-16 The Charleston Five in 2:00

Sanders, Trump lead in Iowa, according to new CNN poll

1-21-16 The Charleston Five in 2:00

1-21-16 The Charleston Five in 2:00

‘Royal wedding’ of atheist group, Richard Dawkins Foundation launches woman to top post

Your 20 favorite motion pictures

Enough of the racism attacks toward Bernie OR Hillary. From Slate, featuring David Brock.

Eric Garner's mother endorses Hillary