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Hillary Snubs Small Crowd To Attend "Private Visit" (High Dollar Fundraiser)

Hillary Clinton does not regret taking extravagant speaking fees

Desperate Hillary attacks Obama as Polls Sink

The Contempt That Poisoned Flint’s Water

Five Dead, Two Critically Hurt In Canada School Shooting: Prime Minister

Sam Seder: Random Rush: Pig Boy Hates on Trump

Sanctuary Occupation Talks Ended Quickly Per Daily Kos.

Shivering homeless man finds warmth in strangers' kindness

Dear National Review And Other Conservatives: The Right Was Trash Long Before Trump

Trump Fans are childless single men who masturbate to anime

"suspicious package" sent to Bernie's Des Moines headquarters turns out to be a box of envelopes

You have to give Clinton credit for her honesty.

Sam Seder: Fox on Flint: The Residents Sort of Did It to Themselves

We Now Know How Emergency Managers Work. It Is GOP National Model

Thread to suggest new DU similes

Donald Trump is making it harder to defeat extremists, says David Cameron

Mr. Fish does Sarah

Tweety is amazing today..

Hillary changed

Sometimes one Feels the Need to Step Away

Bundy Gives Demands For Continued FBI Negotiations #BundyTeaParty

Bernie failed

Clinton's response to Sanders has some Democrats worried

The proper name of this storm is "Snowzilla: Make Winter Great Again."

Rush’s Shocking Admission About Conservatism: They Stand For NOTHING But Hate!

Episode 44 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

CLINTON statement on red-baiting: "It's a pathetic ploy by a desperate politician"

Bernie Sanders Smeared As Communist Sympathizer As Hillary Clinton’s Allies Sling Mud

US authorities distorting tests to downplay lead content of water

A Christian, A Muslim and A Jew Go Canvassing For Bernie Sanders

A Christian, A Muslim and A Jew Go Canvassing For Bernie Sanders

two articles explain how fucked Republicans are

A haiku:

Iowans: How To Caucus In Iowa

I'm going to go ahead and admit a deep, dark secret

Reminder - Sarah Palin is who she is b/c Kristol and Barnes met her in 2007 and fell hard

The Disneyfication of Canada’s national parks (Globe & Mail)

'Panic' as Europe faces demise over refugees, top officials say

Clinton Maintains Lead, New Loras College Poll Finds

Anyone who believes Bill Clinton paid a dime

Union sues Mondelez over layoffs, claims discrimination

“There's something so calming and beautiful about Werner Herzog's voice”

2 hour commute. Morons getting hit and shutting down roads, pre-blizzard.

The Anxieties of Impotence

How To Caucus In Iowa

This may not be relevent to some but...

Report: Hispanic Chamber to endorse Julian Castro for VP

we are the magic wand

I Just Feel Like Posting Pics Of My Cats

Ted Cruz Embarrassing Raw Clips Show How FAKE He REALLY Is...

He's going to take on the big banks, you guys.

Hillary SURGING in IOWA, New Jan 22 poll Loras College-->Clinton 59; Sanders 30; O'M 7

Wasserstoff aus Windkraft

A real sign, near where I work

Union sues Mondelez over layoffs, claims discrimination

Union sues Mondelez over layoffs, claims discrimination

& Why Wasn't She THERE With Him?

Ouch! British government misspells 'language' in announcement of English tests for migrants.

Scalia’s Putsch at the Supreme Court by Linda Greenhouse

I'm a little despot short and stout

Thus, this is the second winter that snow storms pass us

DETAILS: Track Palin’s Arrest Is MUCH Worse Than Originally Reported

What can be done about Flint water?

Donald Trump is poised for the strongest primary performance in modern history

It's not enough...

Stop calling it "Free College"


Democracy for America Chair Jim Dean to Visit Iowa on Behalf of the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Firefighter shot and killed while responding to a medical emergency

Meet the Progressive Candidates Who Stand With Bernie Sanders

If you think a few measly actions show the Repubs want Bernie, I have a bridge to sell you

WTF Parrot (warning: strong language content)

New Mexico is a late primary, but Albuquerque is Berning hard! Lots of good activity tonight.

HSBC, Bank Of America but especially Goldman Sachs. Their title: Economic Terrorists.

IF Hillary loses to Bernie

we bought a vacation/retirement home today (dial up warning)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! The Final Countdown . . .! & a new Kittehs gif

The Wobblies

Bergdahl lawyer may call Trump as witness in U.S. court-martial

The Domino Effect

CNN (Clinton News Network) Setting up favorable Spin for Clinton

Jonah storm folks: Check in

FFS!!! Arrest the Sheriff? Bundy headed straight to the Harney County Sheriff's office for meeting

I don't care if someone is a socialist, I don't care if banks have given more money to someone.

Members of Unions and Progressive Groups Back Sanders. When the Chiefs Pick, Clinton Gets the Nod.

Art Garfunkel Explains Why He Approved Bernie Sanders’ Use of ‘America’

It is starting to snow in Brooklyn.

Would You Go to Mars? Meet the Four Women Astronauts Who Can't Wait to Get There

What will be in the note President Obama leaves for President trump on January 20, 2017?

Diagramming Sarah - Grammarian tries to diagram Palin-speak

Friday Talking Points (375) -- Conservatives Are Revolting!

How to drown out annoying exterior sounds

Israeli Holocaust Survivor Could Be World's Oldest Man: Guinness

Canada school shooting: Shooter in custody after four people killed in Saskatchewan

This is an issue of HUGE consequence.

Kicking it into 'high gear,' Academy president says Oscar changes are 'the right thing to do'Kicking

A town hall IS a debate if the candidates are all on the stage at the same time and can interact

ABC 20/20 is covering the Todd Courser/Cindy Gamrat soap opera, tonight

The Clintons are still latently racist

Military school--- where "problem" rich kids go...

Senator Jeanne Shaheen: Sanders Couldn’t Have Faced the Benghazi Committee Like Hillary Did

Tonight I watched the livestream of René Angelil' s funeral

Still can't believe this conversation took place.

Cornel West Surrogacy highlights a major problem with the Sanders' campaign's outreach strategy

One thing is very clear......The Hillary fans are getting nervous as hell! nt

I thought this was nice and wanted to share it.

Bernie Sanders' Proposed Progressive Tax Brackets

Swearing in Japanese

Julian Castro: A Heartbeat Away from the Presidency?

Drovers cattlenetwork editorial comment on the Malheur takeover

Bernie has been in the Congress since 1990, anyone that believes Bernie

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 24 - Race Relations

The REAL Reason Hillary Has More Endorsements Than Bernie (TYT)

For All Who Travel Tonight

Smart TVs can tell what’s playing on the screen and show you pop-up ads based on what you watch.

TCM Schedule for Monday January 25 - 60's Spy Stories

--I'm backing Hillary Clinton in the Primaries--

Colombia conflict violence drops to pre-FARC levels: Observers

What Japanese Think of Foreign Countries? (Interview)

US capital shuts down as snow storm looms

My hubby was polled by Quinnipiac today (Iowa)

Third grader uses 'Netflix and chill' to shut down Donald Trump

Luckovich - Georgia Jesus "Love thy neighbor, unless....."

Charlie Pierce "This Bernie Ad May Be the Best Political Commercial I've Ever Seen"

Western NGO Demands Venezuela 'Restructure' Social Programs

Living in JAPAN FAQ

Clintons earned majority of speaking fees while Hillary was SOS and considering run for President

Feel The Bern 9: The Sandstorm Cometh

Great new video with the build of Sanders rise

This is Julian Castro's mother-sounds like a great lady

How Much Snow Has Fallen

Cuba, US Officials Hold Talks on Internet and Telecoms

My favorite quote of the election season.

Official Rally: St. Paul, MN - Tuesday, January 26, 2016 6PM CT

Official Rally: Duluth, MN - Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 2:00PM CT

“She’s got an open wound, and part of our job is to pour salt in it.”

Soldiers guarding the Tomb if the Unknown Soldier

Senator Shaheen:Benghazi should not be used as part of a political pep rally to fire up a crowd

Bernie Sanders Polling Surge: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers


Bernie needs to call Hillary out over her inconsistency

Unasur Expects USA Process Ends Blockade against Cuba

ABC News: The Palin Effect: What It Means for Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert: Trump Courts The Bible And Ghost Vote


The De Moines Register is getting ready to issue their endorsements Saturday at 6 PM (Eastern Time).

Sarah Palin Remix / Autotune Thread

Drug Lords Used Historic Schooner to Ferry Cocaine to NYC: Officials

Drug Lords Used Historic Schooner to Ferry Cocaine to NYC: Officials

Anyone else here watch "Frontline" on PBS this week?

New Bundy development ..... Desecration of the flag of the United States

For Anyone Who Denies That Bernie MARCHED With Martin Luther King Jr. :

David Brock blackmailed a woman by threatening to publicize details of her divorce

Why The Media Missed Bernie Sanders

Real Time with Bill Maher (8 show clips)

Donald Rumsfeld on Colbert

Are you not doing your duty as a marginalized Bernie bot? - A helpful guide

#WeAreBernie An attack against him is an attack against US.

dust devil in Japan

Sam Seder: Bernie Vs. Hillary: The Sanders & Clinton Campaign Ads

5 ways your money could be affected by a Bernie Sanders presidency

I AM NOT BOING TO SPEND A CENT AT JIMMY JOHNS. Owner Killing African Animals For Sport.

Sam Seder: Jeb Bush's Mom Decides to Endorse Him!

Ok To Be Openly Brazenly Racist Now. Trump Political Correctness Suppresses Racist Free Speech..

Take a look at the frail Bernie Sanders;

An interesting way of looking at the Democratic Party this primary season

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why...

Bernie is the new inevitable.

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: A Primary Blast from the Past

This bizarre fish with legs has been discovered off the coast of New Zealand

Bernie Sanders senior advisor: No going to ‘the middle’ after primary win (VIDEO)

Physicists have managed to tie a quantum knot for the first time

Ed Schultz likes Trump!

The Media Matrix: How propaganda and mass media are impacting America's contact with reality

Air Force: Human Error Damaged Nuclear-Armed Missile in Silo

Their Boss Stays on the Sideline, but Obama Aides Tilt to Clinton

Latin American countries ask women to delay pregnancy as Zika virus outbreak spreads

David Brooks: Time for a conspiracy

Sanders bows to the establishment

Snow Storm Live Streams in DC and NYC

Funniest Memes Reacting to Sarah Palin's Endorsement of Trump

$600,000 to give a speech?

How to explain away collecting $675,000 for giving three speeches to Goldman Sachs

Mesmerizing Migration: Watch 118 Bird Species Migrate Across A Map Of The Western Hemisphere

no, not all non Hillary supporters in the Primary hate her

If you are on the East Coast facing the blizzard go check your doors to see if they can be opened!

Daily Holidays - January 23

A Quote to Remember

Flint’s frustrations, fears evident at emergency water stations

US Taxpayers paid $43 Million Dollars for this ONE gas station in Afghanistan

Bernie: How I Will Win The White House

Hillary Clinton: The politics olf low expectations

What Bill C. and HRC forget about being able to afford college

Charlie Pierce: Ammon Bundy's sympathizers in Congress are scarier than he is

US-led coalition expected to announce more civilian casualties in strikes on Isis

Court quashes obstruction charges against Ex-Penn State officials in Sandusky scandal

Michigan suspends workers, restores Flint mayoral powers in water crisis

Sacramento man pleads not guilty to lying about assisting militant group

California lethal injection plan spurs capital punishment fight


Democrats call on Obama to end deportation raids on women and children

As Sanders soars, Clinton goes negative — a bad move

Daily Kos:I will not condone the conspiracy theories and the ugliness. I am supporting Clinton.

California Governor Rejects Parole of Manson Follower, 73

California Governor Rejects Parole of Manson Follower, 73

Appeals court: Kansas Constitution protects abortion rights

Obama asked to bar importation of assault-style guns

Gun policy puts public safety first

Armed Group Plans Event to Renounce Federal Land Policy

"There can be no confusion..."

They found Legionnaires in the hospital water in Flint - resign Snyder

Which do you identify with more, Davos or Porto Alegre?

Anyone else watching TOTP 1981 on BBC4?

United Airlines pilots approve contract extension

I wish I could walk around in Brooklyn during this snowstorm

Royal Pains: Two Princes Vie for Power in Saudi Arabia, Make a Mess

Weekly Address: Affordable Care Act is Making a Difference for Millions of Americans

Chris Christie and His Ambitions: A New Jersey Vanishing Act

Statewide minimum wage/paid sick leave initiative filed

Bernie Sanders DESTROYS NBC News LOADED Q&A!

Here are 76 of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises- and some comments

Hillary’s big healthcare con

A message to the Clinton campaign surrogates on red baiting.

Has triangulation cost the Clinton's more support than it has stolen?

could someone pls link me to the recent Tom Hartmann post? I tried the "search" but

Iowa doesn't matter

Woody Guthrie and Fred Trump (the idiot's father)

There Is No Evidence That a Sanders Victory Would Hurt Downballot Democrats. It’s Likely The Opposi

I'm betting not one of the Kentucky big wigs is stuck on that road

Au revoir and shalom: Jews leave France in record numbers

The more things change---

Hundreds dead as ISIS makes gains in strategic Syrian city

Right now what our country really needs is a VISIONARY

If you are in the Snowpocalypse, share pics for us snow deprived folks...

Our militias could definitely stand to be regulated better

Talking to the guy who got drunk, wrote Donald Trump gay erotica, and put it on Amazon

LTE from doctors to Krugman.on single payer

Anti-Abortion Ads That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Stab His Computer Screen

State Department seeks 1-month extension on Clinton emails

Why Fair Job Scheduling for Low-Wage Workers Is a Racial Justice Issue

My Young Son Should Dream, Not Have Testing Nightmares

Militants bulldoze through Native American archeological site, share video rifling through artifacts

Why The Big Short Is the Most Important Film in the Oscar Race

In Case of Blizzard, Do Nothing

Only one sitting politician dared run against Hillary

Tonight is Bernie's big speech about the campaign-

Saudi Arabia's Execution Spree

Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide; Hillary Clinton When Leaders Decide

no ella no puede!

US-Senator: "I'm Muslim first and American second."

Meet the Hero Shoveling Snow in a Dinosaur Costume

2 Department of Environmental Quality employees suspended for their roles in Flint water crisis

Flint hospital reports finding Legionnaires' bacteria in water

Bundy pissed when FBI-negotiators refuse to take part in his media-circus

Another batch of Canna/Coconut Oil

Having David Brock deeply involved in your campaign is like

NYC snow forecast upped to 15-20 in...

Sanders bows to the establishment

The Snow finally started here in SE Conn.

Assassin's aid: British taxpayers' cash given to group accused of helping Middle East death squads

The crucial role of Bernie Sanders for the battle against our dark future

Sanders bows to the establishment

Snow flurries reported west of Tallahassee ( Florida, last night)

Labor Deploys Ground Forces To Iowa For Hillary #HardHatsforHillary GOTV

UN Fact-Finding Mission to Investigate Racial Discrimination in the United States

Post a video of your favorite BRITISH INVASION (Who / Kinks / etc) song.

Dire Warnings Along East Coast as Snow Piles Up

Great WP article on the emotional pull of Bernie's ad

Hillary "I'm a Progressive that likes to get things done" - Income Inequality

TNC: Conceptualizing the Black Panther

The revolution will not be televised

OK, who didn't see this coming?

CNN will be talking about Bernie's America ad this a.m. -

America’s Other Original Sin

The "Extreme Learning Machine."

#BundyTeaParty and Republicans created Harney County Committee of Safety to overthrow local gov

High Schoolers Ditch Class To Sneak Into Trump Rally & Get THIS SHOT Taken-Before Being Escorted Out

Political Suicide

Hillary Clinton's lifetime cause: Column

Malheur update, if you can stomach it

In One Quote, Viola Davis Nails The Academy Award's Diversity Issue

No, Clinton Allies Did Not Call Bernie Sanders a ‘Communist Sympathizer’

Flint hospital reports finding Legionnaires' bacteria in water

The Good, the Bad & the Very, Very Cleocentricly Ugly! Bernie, O'Reilly & Ted Nugent

First snowflakes are falling now ...

In Classic Clintonian Fashion, Dems Insult Their Own Voters

The Los Angeles Times: Democracy didn't fail -- it was stolen.

It's time again for that NYC plow link:

CNN now reporting that Kasich is surging in NH nt

Militants Bring Young Children To Stay At Occupied Refuge

"Coming up" On CNN SOON - Segment on Bernie's America Ad nt

Now, CNN Bernie's New Ad, 'AMERICA' (just after commerical break) LMAO!

Four dead after shooting at school in Saskatchewan

Tyrannosaurus shoveling snow in Fort Campbell, KY

Secret Service agent stands guard at the White House

We're from the government, and we'd like to fix your damn bridges and potholes.

Michael R. Bloomberg, sensing an opening, explores plans for an independent presidential bid

Some Improvement For CA Reservoirs, But Federal CV Reservoirs At 49% Of Historic Averages

Turned on computer to see "All Your Files Are Exactly Where You Left Them"

"They don't call me 'The Snowman' for nothing!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

According to our latest polls-only forecast, Hillary has a 72% chance of winning the Iowa caucuses

NYC bus system will shut down at NOON today

Police: Suspected theater shooter brought gun to movie fearing mass shooting (Renton, WA)

What are you cooking/baking during The Blizzard?

Whats A Libertarian?

Ted Cruz - A Pseudoscience Unto Himself

Django Reinhardt was born on this date.

I posted this on the Primary board - it's wasted there

Krugman nails it, re: Bernie fans

Palestinian girl, 13, shot dead after trying to stab Israeli guard - police

Some OK Residents Notice Their Reps Do Not, In Fact, Give A Shit Re. Quakes, Fracking Or Them

“Vile daemon!” cried Frankenstein as he gazed upon the monster. “Would that the tyrant Obama never..

Rick Snyder's Misleading Claim About Who Changed Flint's Water

Is Not A History of Demonstrated Good Judgement Fundamental To Being President?

Blizzard 2016 Live - Queens NYC January 23rd, 2016

Blizzard 2016 Live - Queens NYC January 23rd, 2016

U.S. says prepared for military solution against Islamic State in Syria


BREAKING: Trump releases open letter to the National Review editorial board

Why do this?

Have a quiet, peaceful and relaxing snow day!

Honest Question: If the economy goes downhill will public want Change or Stability?

Bernie is a great guy. But he is now faltering because of OVER-REACH.

Somebody should be hammering the right on the crap the bundy boys are putting out

memo: To Sarah

Email from Bernie:Subbject: Roe v. Wade

Not Just Jakobshavn; January Mass Outflow Event Apparently Involved At Least 2 Glacier Tongues

i know it's the Daily Mail but if true, Obama has not only taken out bin ladin

Saint Bernard Rescued After Falling Into Frozen Lake

Bernie's a progressive that likes getting things done, too.

The Large Hadron Collider as a measurement tool?

Why Do We Expose Ourselves?

George Carlin: Defense vs. Education...

Victim of Obama's first drone strike: 'I am the living example of what drones are'

Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run

So if the Oscars in the future nominate a "token" black actor, there would be no boycott?

Sanders has more Foreign Policy experience than 5 of the last 6 first term Presidents. Just Sayin...

Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches

Bundy Confirms: Sheriff Has Surrendered Constitutional Power to The Feds

CELEBRATING Joe Biden, the FIRST American Vice President in over a decade who...

In Europe, Sanders Would Be Center-Right {more about health care than the primary} (Bloomberg)

Hillary Clinton Laughs When Asked if She Will Release Transcripts of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches

If ISIS was doing to America what the NRA has been doing to America...

Hillary's Scorched Earth Tactics are Damaging our Party.

Art Garfunkel: I'm a Bernie guy.

Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run

I have found Hillary's new campaign slogan!

Shivering homeless man finds warmth in strangers' kindness

Seth Meyers: Bernie Sanders Now in the 'Betty White Zone' of Coolness — Video (LMAO)

Breaking: Krugman endorses Single Payer and Medicare for All!!!

Venezuela opposition rejects Maduro's 'economic emergency' decree

We should turn the bundy property in Nev into a wildlife center

Republicats: The Broadway Musical Nobody Wanted

EDIT: Snow total change - now up to 30 expected. :( NYC Snowfall expected now up to 20-25 inches and

Here’s What National Review Founder William F. Buckley Wrote About Trump in 2000

South African airfields unusual way of preventing bird strikes..

From Mayor Deblasio news conf. in progress re: storm -

HRC is trying to convince us that this is it, we are fucked just

Sarah Palin IS Yosemite Sam!

Because It Is Better to Show Than To Give Up!

Harney County Mall Cops = Should Terrorist Facebook Page Mocking Harney County Exist?

The United States and Cyberspace: Military Organization, Policies, and Activities (The National

Support for abortion rights continues to dwindle- shocking numbers

Burns, Oregon & Haney County Also Hostage To The Occupation.

Bottled water in Flint. Who pays? Any discounts?

Requiem For The Masses

Every time I see someone trolling Bernie I get a bit upset, but then I remember...

New Poll of Clinton Supporters Finds Strong Support for Clinton!

Checking in from Iowa.. 9 days to caucus..

Water Distributed in Ohio Village After Testing Finds Lead

Have a quiet, peaceful and relaxing snow day!

It's really weird to be on the edge of a major storm

Wanna hear your favorite album of the year right now?

Can Hillary Clinton Be Trusted to Regulate the Banks That Made Her Rich?

In Reversal, Campaign Says Ted Cruz Does Have Health Insurance

question for do you feel about the viability threshold?

Being Pro-Bernie Does Not Mean I Am Anti-Hillary

Atty. who inspired John Grisham novel to run for State Attorney General

Republicats post

No, you coprophagic psychopathic Republicans, we want waiters to wash their hands after a dump

Drone Protestor Mary Anne Grady Flores Speaks before Six Month Jail Term for touching a road.

Loving the #berniethoughts

Noam Chomsky's First Campaign Contribution Was To Bernie Sanders

U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels

Watch 'Snowzilla' from the roof Bernie Sanders 2016

Gaby Hoffmann on Colbert feels the Bern (video)

Bill Maher Whitesplains Hollywood’s Diversity Problem: It’s China’s Fault

What Super Wealthy Times Columnist Tom Friedman's Attack on Sanders Misses

Hillary lost to Obama when it was her turn and god dammit she's not going to lose again!

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 1.23.2016 (Live)

Na na na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na na na...Wait! Steve Perry is SIXTY SEVEN???

"It's only 40 degress out!" Ha ha hahahahaaa

Good Samaritan shot to death by stranded man he was trying to help in Catawba County

Geez. I'm so tired of seeing Crispie bloviating - I switched

Tian Tian the giant panda enjoys the snow

I watched Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors TV movie today and chuckled at this actual dialogue:

Is Rubio the most deranged of all?

EU Settlement Labeling Is ‘A Win For BDS,’ Herzog Tells Hollande

Dear Bernie haters

The world's economic cancer - income inequality

Great Article: Sanders and the Theory of Change: Radical Politics for Grown-Ups

Hillary is an administrator -- but we need a LEADER

U.S. F&W shutting down publicly-funded (non-government) ultralight whooping crane migration

Art Garfunkel on Sanders ad using "America" CNN (youtube)

O'Malley hoping for Iowa 'surprise' and N.H. momentum.

Cats-Why get up to help a friend? - A biting tale

Democrats breaking DU TOS!!! Ed Rendell (D-PA) considers backing Bloomberg over Sanders as nominee

David Bowie singing America

Police respond to call of kids playing basketball loudly on the street..........

A travel ban (on roads) is being enacted as of 2:30 p.m. in NYC and L.I.

A travel ban (on roads) is being enacted as of 2:30 p.m. in NYC and L.I. eom

Atheist professor’s home vandalized; knife, hate note left at scene

Too cool for fucking words. Launch. Land. Repeat. Bezos' people are Bad Ass. Leaps and bounds.

U.S., Russia Said to Near Compromise to Unlock Syria Peace Talks

Exterior subway routes, LIRR and Metro-North will stop running at 4:00pm

Trump's new ad for veterans (of the Russian army.).

Why chess upsets religious fundamentalists

Whitehouse Petition to stop Bundy occupation!

In New Hampshire, signs of a strong ground game for Bernie Sanders

Single Payer: Bernie Correct again - HIllary, not so much

Art Garfunkel Explains Why He Approved Bernie Sanders’ Use of ‘America’

Poland surveillance law plan angers protesters

Serious question about an unexplained sound


How Much Snow Has Fallen NOW, Saturday

Bernie in ice

Bloomberg, Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run

Catholic Community Responds as Flint Water Crisis Continues

This sounds scarier than a blizzard.

Retrotopia: Learning Lessons | John Michael Greer

About Justice | Emanuele Corso

Packed house in Waterloo to hear Martin O'Malley speak

Wanted to pass this along about Trump

What do almost all war criminals and dictators have in common? | Mickey Z.

Excited Tian Tian enjoys Washington blizzard

Iran, China agree $600-billion trade deal after sanctions

missing WhySyzygy right now

9 Things America Must Change to Turn the Country Around

Happy birthday OS (update x 2)

Billionaire bewildered that American voters are angry

Snow expected to continue through late night with wind gusts of 40-50 mph.

I'll leave this right here

For artists and people in the creative fields

Democratic candidate Townhall forum

TYT: BREAKING: Superstorm Jonas Slams East Coast

Lon Burnam for RR commissioner

NYC Alert: all non-emergency vehicles must be off streets by 2:30 PM

Sanders and the Realists

Why is NoHope Hillary coordinating with a racist/sexist who put a sex molester on the supreme court?

Ammon Bundy says he wants "The Federal Government to Get Back in Their Cage"

The time is NOW!

Pacquiao likely to endorse Hillary Clinton

Christians tell me all of the time there is evidence of God, I ask

What brought you to DU?

TYT: Is This Bernie Sanders Ad Controversial?

***UPDATE*** BREAKING: It's OFFICIAL, Bloomberg will run for president under these conditions...

***UPDATE*** BREAKING: It's OFFICIAL, Bloomberg will run for pres under these conditions...(x-post)

TYT: Trump And Cruz Trade Blows On Amnesty

EU leaders consider two-year suspension of Schengen rules

Republicans love Bernie Sanders!

TYT: Trump Retweets Another Neo-Nazi

SMART endorses Hillary Clinton and yes they did poll there members

Sunday talk shows, Bernie on 3

O'Malley hoping for Iowa 'surprise' and N.H. momentum.

Good Read on Hilary vs Sanders by a Progressive Policy Wonk



Winter Daydreams - Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 1 in G minor, Winter Dreams, Op.13

If your snowed in and just chilling

Why America Needs a Slavery Museum

EXPOSED: KILL the VA? Koch-backed Concerned Veterans of America trapped the Republicans.

TYT: Shooting At “13 Hours” Screening Leaves Woman Critical

"Democracy Index 2015" Shows Why Bernie is Right (US Ranks Poorly)

Just got a call from the political arm of Planned Parenthood

"Mice or moose to fool you. Gottja Gemini!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

For women only. Sorry. About abused women who have to leave in the middle of the night

guess which asshole said this: 'I could shoot people and still wouldn't lose voters'

Winter - Vivaldi, Four Seasons: Julia Fischer

TYT: Dying Man's Wish: Please Don't vote For Trump

Sanders and Trump have the establishment scared to death, 3rd party candidates.

When women have to run away from home with only their shirts on their back..

Iowa's Backpocket Brewing is full & hopping this afternoon with Martin O'Malley

TYT: The INSANE Reason Marco Rubio Bought A Gun On Christmas

Moscow Times: Putin Requested Assad Step Aside, But Syrian Leader Refused

TYT: Nate Silver: Republicans Screwed If They Nominate Trump

Hillary V Trump would be a terrible matchup for Dems.

Obama popularity almost the same as Reagan...

December - George Winston

Want proof? Bernie's campaign!

The Kochs' secret agenda not so secret anymore as even local media starts investigating

Return to Sender!!

I am proud to stand with SMART in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Fox "News" cites Knights of Columbus poll to oppose abortion.

Automated Message: You have been blocked from a group

No need to cover these small events....

FeelTheBern 9 - The Sandstorm Cometh

GOP Civil War! They are all fighting with each other.

I know some of the scumbag's relatives- How Ted Cruz’s best friend drew him into Jamaican

Sad to see so few posts in 'Groups' now that the primary season is here.

Still snowing in Silver Spring, maybe 15 inches, & continuing, high tomorrow 34,

Watch this video!

Precedents for Presidents

3 PM - NYC facing another 10"

A House propped up by the masses to service the 1% cannot stand.

Is it "dabs" if your fist is vertical?

This weeks round up of Internet polls that don't matter.

No matter what they pull we still hear you, Bernie!!!

Hillary will throw unions under the bus so fast your head will spin

People Exclusive: 'Fun Grandpa' Bernie Sanders: 5 Fun Things We Learned Hanging Out

It’s Winter for sure - for the moment anyway. Walked around the neighborhood - took a few pictures

Animals more capable of empathy than previously thought, study finds

because I give a damn....

Question will Sen Inhofe show up next week with another snowball?

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton: Will.I.Am

It would be wonderful if ...


Link to Bernie's Live Address This Evening

Bernie vs. The Establishment Oligarchs are scared! Hence Bloomberg!

My Attorney Bernie by Blosson Dearie

Trump says he could ‘shoot somebody’ and still maintain support


Want to be inspired?


All Over the Nation: They're Marching for Bernie!

Texas! You have 8 More Days to Register to Vote for Bernie

I want to thank YOU all for the Patriotism we have shown supporting Sanders (2000th post, 90th day)

Snowpocalypse humor...

Malheur Siege: The Frame is Oklahoma City, not Waco

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Goldman Sachs.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Takes Shot at Bernie Sanders Over Israel

Serious question about the FBI and Ammon Bundy.

Steve Duin: Free to wreak havoc in Harney County

Idaho cops bust Santa Claus for DUI

Nearly 40 inches of snow in Maryland.

How to tell the difference between ISIS and Muslims - cartoon

While so many eyes are on Flint, can we look at the rest of the problem of bad water worldwide?

Comments on "Sanders and the Theory of Change: Radical Politics for Grown-Ups"

Why Bernie Enthusiasm is important: down-ticket coat-tails.

'Give us a dream': Hillary Clinton supporters look to her for aspirations

Convicted NY Lawmakers Tapped Campaign Funds for Lawyer Fees

Salon: Emails expose close ties between Hillary Clinton and accused war criminal Henry Kissinger

Italians Protest to Urge Govt to Grant Gay Civil Unions

Good samaritan gets gunned down trying to help a

One more vote for Bernie

For those of us who are jealous of the fun people in NY are having...

Just heard two things on local NYC ABC channel -

Bile, Bullshit, and Bernie

Their Boss Stays on the Sideline, but Obama Aides Tilt to Clinton

When you trash a union endorsement and call their members stupid, you know they can see you, right?

@NARAL knocking doors for @HillaryClinton in Cedar Rapids, Iowa & SCHEDULE FOR JAN 23

Nearly 40 inches of snow in Maryland

Just channel surfed the three cable news networks

Pre Town Hall Ipsos Reid Likely Nat'l Democratic Voter Poll HRC 64% SBS 31% MOM 3%

Bernie Sanders is terrifying the establishment (youtube)

Thousands gather in Malaysia for anti-TPP rally

‘Ushers and butlers’ … how fawning politicians welcomed world’s rich (UK Guardian)

Can we have a site-wide poll, run by the admins?

"'I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any voters"

Has anyone ever figured out this song by Blondie from the wayback '80s?

CNN just announced they will hold a Town Hall Q&A with all three Democratic candidates this Monday

Bernie Sanders #feelthebern (youtube song)

"This is the what the political revolution looks like from Chicago today."

The Snowman by Wallace Stevens

If I could figure my way in, I'd go down to NYC with my snowblower

The Tavis Smiley Show transcripts -> Covenant Week: Health and Covenant Week: Environment

RepubliCATS -- Pretty good satire

Two Masters: Song about Citizens United and Bernie Sanders (with Cartoons)

Union Endorsements: When Members Decide - It's Bernie; When Leaders Decide - It's Clinton

Des Moines Register paper endorsements coming tonight

One more time: Bernie supporters are not unrealistic about what he could do

Bernie Sanders rally in downtown Portland draws big crowd

That DU home page image of Trump...Michael Medved nailed it, folks.

In Grinnell, Frances said, "I want to be President too." "I'll make it easier for you," Hillary repl

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 23, 2016

The 21 Craziest Donald Trump Quotes (So Far)

The Des Moines Register announces its endorsements tonight. Anyone care to express their opinion


Link for Bernie Stream in 30 for supporters

Facebooker Bernard Fife Collins offers an articulate and passionate defense of Petraeus

Another key safety note: Portable generators and where to safely use them.

19.3 inches in NYC and still snowing eom

19.3 inches in NYC and still snowing eom

Actor Tommy Lee Jones Responds to Palin's Speech:

Follow Us For A Look Inside The Bernie Sanders Connecticut Team

These Vintage Photos Of Jewish-Black Unity Prove The Power Of Interfaith Activism

Anyone in NYC? Check-in thread

U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels

Yes. Trump said this.

March for Life troll just hijacked MSNBC strorm coverage

If the town hall doesn't sink Bernie, Bloomberg's run will.

Me and President Obama!

Sen. Claire McCarthy -- er, McCaskill -- calls poor Hillary the "underdog"

Biden: US And Turkey Prepared To Seek Syria Military Solution

Cruz: Christian refugees should come to the US, Muslim refugees should stay there - cartoon.

This Vitriol Has To Stop!

What Bloomberg’s entry would do for Trump

Remaining strong.

For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing conditions,

Des Moines Register Endorsement: Hillary Clinton has needed knowledge, experience

Not since the 60's and 70's...

Iran's Leader Says Never Tusted The West, Seeks Closer Ties With China

I proudly stand with the Des Moines Register in endorsing Hillary Clinton


Regarding the issue of super-pacs and coordination as if that really means something.

I live in a very nice apartment complex.

Des Moines Register Endorses Rubio and Clinton in Iowa Caucuses

A daughter of the most right wing family we know came over and...

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Includes Sanders & Clinton)

Malheur. The Department of the Interior is on the case. Beautiful pics of wildlife inside the link.

Algeria Raises Alarm Over Moroccans Crossing Toward Libya

The Des Moines Register endorses Clinton

Admit it: It feels good to be feared/loathed by the establishment

30 freaking inches outside my door. For a 6 inch storm this has gotten insane!

BREAKING: Iowa Newspaper, 'El Latino' endorses Martin O'Malley for President,

On Sunday in Iowa, Hillary to accept endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign,

Floorplans from TV shows

American Atheists president David Silverman appearance at the CT Mark Twain House, Jan. 21st

BREAKING: Iowa Newspaper, 'El Latino' endorses Martin O'Malley for President,

If I shoot Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue would I get a ticker tape parade?

I just heard a replay of Trump's boast of shooting a New Yorker and not losing a single voter

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers...

Clinton Dials Back Her Biting Attacks On Sanders, Refocusing On Republicans And Her Own...

Michael Douglas, Sharansky, to speak at US campuses on anti-Semitism

DU-ers in snow country, pls help me understand something about traffic up there....

The Des Moines Register’s Endorsements Of Hillary Clinton And Marco Rubio Aren’t Game Changers

Unions Have a Big Stake in Winning Single-Payer

Krugman Desperately Invokes Bloomberg Doomsday Scenario to Scare Us into Backing Hillary

My peeps in DC tell me that it is a huge snow event but the wind is not

Jesus H. Christ. Chuckie Todd is having Donald Trump on AGAIN. Why don't they just chnge the name to

Sanders and the Theory of Change: Radical Politics for Grown-Ups

Tornado warning in effect for Tehama County, Calif.; between Redding and Corning.

Bernie Sanders - National Live Stream Address

The Bloomberg Announcement is only interesting for one reason

Des Moines Register Endorses Clinton.... In Presidential Race