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Nuns With Guns

Netanyahu Has Taken Israel’s Crackdown On Jewish Dissent To A New Low

Drones and “what makes us different”

CNN/MSNBC: Donald Trump will NOT participate in Thursday's FOX Debate

Whats for Dinner Tuesday Jan 26

Tennis match-fixing claims: Review into anti-corruption

Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection now as a leading Presidential candidate....

Bernie the only candidate able to make this happen!


Hillary "earned" $675,000 for 3 Goldman Sachs speeches...44.76 current minimum wage...

Prayer Wheels

Coates: Hillary Clinton Goes Back to the Dunning School

NARAL spokeswoman who spoke against Bernie is also a DNC Regional Press Secretary.

Report: Trump will skip Fox's GOP debate

Jim Gilmore is polling high enough to participate in the kiddie table debate!

Tyler Sash, NFL Player Who Died at 27 Found to Have CTE

Survivor of President Obama's First Drone Strike Speaks Out

An interesting new requirement for taxes is coming next year

MSNBC, New Hampshire Union-Leader Announce Unsanctioned Democratic Presidential Debate!

Prediction Stated as Fact

Donald Trump officially drops out of upcoming GOP debate on Fox News

christie is burnt toast.

Chris Mathews Really Angers Me!

Heat Minority Owner Says LeBron James Had David Blatt Fired And ‘Tried The Same With Spo’

Shelter Adoption by Anonymous Toronto, ON, Canada

Rivers: 'Unrealistic' that Griffin will miss 4-6 weeks

been off DU since the 2008 wars...back for the same fight...and it took less than 24 hours:

Kevin Love not on trade block now or ever, Cavaliers GM asserts


UPDATED: Trump will ‘definitely not’ attend next GOP debate and hold ‘competing event’

Clinton/Krugman Defend 'Hardheaded Realism'... and Plutocracy

Well like the one that wont flush...

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-25-16 upstart JPR outdid US!

Let's assume Hillary safely wins Iowa. What happens in GDP?

Sanders message sounds fresh and new and exciting

Now, Ed Schultz News Show, 8 PM ET, Half Hour, Weeknights, After The Big Picture w/Thom Hartmann

Obama and Bernie Sanders to meet at White House on Wednesday

The case for accepting more, not fewer, Syrian refugees

So...what do you think this is about?

Rob Lowe Isn't Feelin' The Bern - Doesn't Like Being Taxed

States ask Supreme Court to block Obama carbon emissions plan

Faking History

Just saw a guy walking around with an O'Malley button in NYC.

Bernie's On The Right Side Of The FDA Commissioner Nomination Hold......

Bernie's St. Paul Speech Crowd.....

Oregon judge who refused to perform gay marriages should lose job: panel

Townhall: Cuomo like a rabid dog hounding Sanders for a sound bite.

Maximum wage

1-22-16 Birth of Terrance Powderly in 2:00

1-22-16 Birth of Terrance Powderly in 2:00

#BundyTeaParty has meeting in John Day tonight, counter-protestors gather too.

1-22-16 Birth of Terrance Powderly in 2:00

Can someone please explain Jen Palmieri (HRC's spokeswoman) recent statement re: NH debate?

We are not uninformed we are just tired of the bullshit....

Bernie organizational meetings

Feds Thwart Alleged Plot to Attack Masonic Temple in Wisconsin

Luckovich - Drinking Fountains Rich & Poor

Spain's conservatives rocked by fresh corruption scandal

What will the H supporters do when Bernie wins Iowa?

1-23-16 More Labor than they Planned in 2:00

1-23-16 More Labor than they Planned in 2:00

David SPADE more or less coming out Repuke to O'LOOFAH

1-23-16 More Labor than they Planned in 2:00

REPORTS: Harney District Hospital in Burns is on lockdown - Ammon Bundy is in custody - shots fired

HILLARY CLINTON GROUP - DNC throws cold water on unsanctioned New Hampshire debate

Suggestion for the Bernie Store -

"Bernie can't win because he's unelectable. And he's unelectable because he can't win."

Were cats domesticated more than once?

Majority of Americans Dissatisfied With Corporate Influence

Bernie Sanders draws a huge crowd in St. Paul....

This cat takes selfies:

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! The Final Countdown . . .! & a new Kitteh gif

“No army can stop an idea whose time has come” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérable

U.S. judge rules against Louisiana abortion restrictions

Bernie Sanders blocks President Obama’s FDA nominee in retaliation for Obama’s pro-Hillary stance

TCM Schedule for Saturday, January 30, 2016 -- The Essentials - Psychiatric Nurses

Clinton 'happy' to join extra debate if other candidates agree: spokeswoman

Now PBS, 'THE MINE WARS', American Experience, MOTHER JONES, WV Union Struggles,*NEW 2016, WETA

BBC Magazine - Donald Grey Triplett: The first boy diagnosed as autistic

MSNBC / Maddow Off The Rails

Now, PBS 'The Mine Wars' American Experience, Mother Jones, Union Struggles New 2016 WETA

Among Sanders supporters are right wing operatives

I Feel Like HRC Should Have Watched This Before Making Their Endorsement.

Why Did Vermont’s Three Democratic Governors Endorse Clinton?

Why aren't there more people of color nominated for acting awards?

There is a scenario that Hillary gets rolled in the first four contests (IA, NH, NV, SC)

Be Like Del...

U.N. chief Ban slams Israeli settlements as 'provocative acts'

Interesting how many apparent Sanders supporters endorsed this obvious lie

CNN has a special on that cop who killed himself after creating hero status-

Saw a Repub ad against another Repub. Said Clinton was for universal care and then showed Obama Millennials help Bernie Sanders close gap with Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump defends Vladimir Putin over Alexander Litvinenko murder

Right now, nearly 20,000 people are listening to Bernie in Minnesota.

Principal pushed children out of the way before being killed by bus in Indiana

Now is the time to push for DWS to be replaced.

Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage?

Mayor Bill de Blasio Set to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

She Sure Has "Evolved" A Lot

Anybody but Trump? Sasse (R-NE)to make Iowa appearances with GOP presidential candidates Rubio, Cruz

Milwaukee Mayor Endorsed Sanders

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Says He Would Sit Out Unsanctioned Debate

Debate may/may not happen,

The Poisoning of Flint Was Not an Accident - It Was a Crime


Did Bernie finally get SS protection?

Bernie leaving the St. Paul speech!!

TYT: Militia Member Threatens To Kill Cops

Is Trump looking for a way out?

AMMON BUNDY, 3 Others In Custody, 2 Shot and Refuge on Lockdown

Picture of Bernie rally St. Paul. Estimated 20,000.

I thought they were going to crack down on the screaming/grunting at the tennis

I just realized I wasted my 500th post.

Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money

The Most HEROIC Rescue I’ve EVER Seen!!!

Straight From The Front Page Of The Canadian NDP Website.

Leader of Oregon occupation Ammon Bundy, at least 8 others detained

Philip Weiss: Among the settlers

Watching Rachel: Snyder wants Medicaid expansion for Flint kids

CNN Iowa Democratic Town Hall: The Young Turks Summary

Russia BBC Panorama: Kremlin demands 'Putin corruption' proof

Livestreams regarding the Bundy Bunch arrests?

BREAKING: Leader of Oregon wildlife refuge occupation arrested: CNN (1 Dead)

Can you recall an alert on a post

WP: O'Malley backer has supportered Clinton, McCain and palled around with Palin.

Bundys in custody, one militant dead after gunfight near Burns

Now, PBS 'The Mine Wars' American Experience, Mother Jones, WV Union Struggles,*New 2016 WETA

Hillary Clinton Would Consider Appointing President Obama to Supreme Court

This has been on PBS tonight:

Bundys in custody, one militant dead after gunfight near Burns

Rubio launches dubious (ie, lying) attack against Planned Parenthood after indictments

Rubio launches dubious (ie, lying) attack against Planned Parenthood after indictments

Bernie Sander's Closing Ad for Iowa

Rubio launches dubious (ie, lying) attack against Planned Parenthood after indictments

Rumors that Sean Penn went down to interview the Bundys at an undisclosed location

Attn FBI. Be sure to look under any blue tarps you find quivering at the reserve

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White.

Robert Gates: Republicans' grasp of national security is at a child's level

*Some Bundys in custody,

Robert Gates: Republicans' grasp of national security is at a child's level

Why Clinton came out on top in town hall

This thread is a safe place for Hillary supporters who are starting to Feel the Bern - NO JUDGEMENT!

I wanna party w this guy, cept he's dead.

Should Grant county Sheriff Glenn Palmer be investigated or arrested for sedition?

Watching the chat stream. I think Tarp man got terminal lead poisoning.

Did any of this get posted today? Tweets from David Sirota about NBC...

Holeeeee Sh*t !!!!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 27: Star of the Month: Fred MacMurray

Who remembers when DU had buddy lists?

No, no, not Blue Tarp Man - Breaking: it appears it was Mr. Finicum

2 BASE jumpers presumed dead after leaping off iconic Big Sur bridge

Ed Rendell backs Hillary Clinton, not his friend Mike Bloomberg

Hillary in Marshalltown Live.. up next on CSpan

Pluthermal reactor in Fukui Prefecture (Japan) expected to restart on Jan. 29

"All they had to do was comply with law enforcement orders..."

Meet the 94-Year-Old Civil-Rights Activist Who Is Now Challenging North Carolina’s Voter-ID Law


Pete Santilli, 50, charged with same conspiracy count as others. Arrested in Burns.

Now available in English: A glimpse into the massive world of official Russian corruption

Thousands pack Bernie Sanders campaign events in Minnesota

Tonight I stood in a line of over 20,000 people to see the next President speak

UPDATED: Friend and officials confirm Oregon militant Ammon Bundy’s capture

His name is Robert Paulson.

Hillary Clinton Doing Finance Industry Fundraiser Just Before Iowa

Judge: 1 part of Louisiana abortion law unconstitutional

Cleveland firing 6 officers involved in 137-shot barrage

The Lead Boots Party

Live chat feed of bundy supporters

Watching CNN Breaking news...

Does Oregon have "felony murder" law?

Oregon standoff spokesman Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after gunfight near Burns

Local KOIN News on Bundy shootout: Bundy brothers among 7 arrested, 1 dead near Malheur

Hillary has veto power over additional debates. The DNC will sanction additional debates but only if HILLARY agrees to participate.

I know nothing of men's fashion, but Trevor Noah's suits look ill fitting

mass shooting not at Seattle aiport

The Gadsden Flag to be replaced w/ two crossed dildos on a field of blue tarp.

OMG! All in With Chris Hayes

CBS News: Oregon militia standoff ends, Ammon Bundy arrested

When someone tries to tell you that women support Hillary more than Bernie, just show them this...

High-profile militant Jon Ritzheimer flees home to Arizona hours before feds spring trap

The movie "Rage" is proof that a Nicolas Cage flick can shift from amusing to WTF in a heartbeat.

i think that Hillary might have just crapped her drawers...

Hillary's pragmatic, data driven campaign is just a logical mix of ones and zeros...

I'm 50 years old and Bernie sounds as fresh as Spring daisies to me.

Donald Trump: The lobbyists' dream come true

FBI statement on Oregon standoff arrests

If Rice Priebus cannot stand up to Trump then Trump has

Seth Myers: A Closer Look

Worms found feeding on lining of man’s stomach after consuming homemade sushi

Obama job approval moves to positive territory in both Gallup and Rasmussen

Watch: Occupier Jon Ritzheimer says goodbye to daughters in Facebook post asking for donations

"When We Stand Together"

More charges added for man accused in Good Samaritan's death

Sanders: It's A 'Mythology' That I Need To Win Iowa

Bernie Sanders is the real pragmatist who gets things done.

The Feminist Majority endorses Hillary Clinton for President!

Ex-Detroit official reignites Flint water switch tiff

Bernie Sanders - Before They Were Famous

Hillary Clinton Doing Finance Industry Fundraiser Just Before Iowa

Eichmann claimed he was 'a mere instrument' in Holocaust, appeal reveals

Wonkette article strongly alludes that Matt Drudge is gay. (Warning: In typical Wonkette format.)

What the Clintons Mean to Me (by Corey Robin)

The perfect tweet on the Oregon arrests...

Maybe these DNC press secretaries for Clinton is what Bernie meant by establishment

Clinton Holds Wide Lead In National Poll...JANUARY 26, 2016

Clinton Holds Wide Lead In National Poll...JANUARY 26, 2016

Commissioner of NYC Fire Department sent two crews to his house to shovel snow

A militia...

Is this just a rumor? Did Trump actually pay Palin $10 million to endorse him?

Obama to meet with Sanders tomorrow

Noam Chomsky just came out in support of Bernie!!!! Update: Corrected information, see post

I think the FBI deserves credit for preventing a Waco and getting almost all of them alive

Truth Report Investigating 1989 US Invasion of Panama Warms Up

6 days and counting

Bill Clinton back in the WH?

The Prosaic Plagiarist

OSP Contact with subject at Hines Market

POTUS 2016: Cornel West On Bernie Sanders And The TPP

The Bernie of South Africa

Thornton Dial, Outsider Artist Whose Work Told of Black Life, Dies at 87

Have you seen Experian X-ray commercial?

A Trump follower explains why people are drawn to Trump.

EDF delays decision on £18bn Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

To UT Nobel laureate, campus carry intrudes on faculty rights

Comment: Online Holocaust denial is a real threat to the Jewish community

Invisible Boys: Inside the Push to Help Unseen Victims of the Sex Trade

Obama to honor four who protected Jews during Holocaust

Homeless Woman Who Protested War Outside White House For 3 Decades Dies At Age 80

Russia's verdict on BBC's War and Peace: 'a classic with cleavage'

What really grinds my gears about TRUMP

Not to be out alpha ed, Ted Cruz challenges Trump

Those remaining at the refuge send out a call for help

International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27)

Unintentional Gallows humor re: Flint

Is the RNC in 'nice kitty' mode where Trump is concerned?

What is the cost per day per head of cattle

Longtime White House Protester Dies, After Vigil That Started In 1981

Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration & Complicity In The Holocaust (Interactive online source)

Pete Santilli, self-styled journalist and militants supporter, among those arrested by FBI

Live feed from inside oregon compound now

The Path to Nazi Genocide

Obama to meet with Sanders

Two dead in 'very targeted' shooting at camp for homeless people in Seattle

Huh. Legalizing pot is strongly correlated with making it to the Superbowl

Daily Holidays - January 27

Houston prosecutor has angered anti-abortion groups before

Long but devastating rebuttal of the "No, We Can't" establishment critics of Sanders' single payer

Opportunity Mars Rover Marks 12 Years on Red Planet

Malaysian anti-graft agency seeks review of PM Najib probe decision

Lyft settles California driver lawsuit over employment status

Classical Music Mashup - 57 famous classical tunes by 33 composers

Officer Indicted for Using Taser on City Official in Texas

Ice sculpture in lights - this is some really nice work

Trump pulls out of Republican debate in Iowa

An Exhaustive Primer on the Amy Schumer Scandal

So who's betting M$Greedia reach the compound today?

Ben Carson at the bottom of the poll

Cruz Challenges Trump to "Mano a Mano" Debate. What I'd Like To See Next...

U.S. shale firms, struggling to profit with $30 oil, slash spending more

Danish teen fought off her attacker - now she'll face fine

Gawd, he's a whiner!....

I still haven't seen: will providers be required to accept public payments under Sanders's plan?

Government loses two bedroom tax cases.

Iowa Times-Republican: Caucus for Bernie Sanders

This series features a woman super hero without a cape and spandex


Why Are We Paying Sales Tax on Tampons?

Trump drug cost comments raise new risks for pharma stocks

Iowa's Nick Johnson: Why I'm Supporting Bernie Sanders For President

A dangerous moment for Ukraine’s fragile ceasefire

China threatens sanctions against U.S. companies: Is this the future?


This is disgraceful, demeaning, and disturbing.

Veteran Thanks Bernie Sanders for Voting Against Iraq War in Viral Open Letter

Rallying for Bernie Sanders, Seminar-Style

Bernie Sanders came after Hillary Clinton on climate change and energy issues

Bernie Sanders at a Crossroads: Attack Hillary Clinton or Stay Positive?

A Confederacy of Dunces: The Democratic Establishment’s Assault on Sanders Begins

The tragedy of Europe: Location, location, location

HuffPost says Bernie will get the trifecta and thensome !! !!

Bernie Sanders is the Realist We Should Elect

How Much Can Really Change Before Iowa Votes

The Documentary on Donald Trump He Tried to Suppress

Bill McKibben: Bernie Sanders Refuses to Melt

"I can see why they gave you this question".

Why Is President Obama Embracing Hillary Clinton Now?

On the one hand giving them serious coverage is a bad thing

Hillary Clinton Highlights an Enduring Topic

Lapid also rips into UN’s Ban

ISIS Backer Joins Bundy's Militants, Hijacks Government Computers To Build Militia Website

Hillary Clinton on Nominating Obama to the Supreme Court: ‘Great Idea’

A thread supportive of a DU member.

DWS: We only have two more sanction debates and that's it we are NOT sanctioning anymore

EDIT Its on GMA now - They will be covering Bundy capture on Good Morning America eom

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Electable, And Here’s Why

Murder in ‘The Jungle': Deadly mass shooting at Seattle homeless camp deepens crisis

Here's What's So Jarring About Hillary Clinton's Thoughts On Reconstruction

#AtheismSoWhite: Atheists of Color Rock Social Justice

Marco Rubio talks to Iowa about God


"Shame On Jeb Bush"...Michael Schiavo calls SuperPac ad featuring Terri Schiavo "disgusting"

Israel's Electrical Grid Targeted by 'Severe Cyber-attack'

Trump mocked mercilessly on Lip Sync Battle

6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics in 3 Minutes

FU Best Buy

BHO once said Hillary was likeable enough, but

Deceased Militant LaVoy Finicum: Rancher, Patriarch, Bundy Believer

Dana Milbank's endorsement: Dems would be Insane to nominate Bernie

Lowcountry Democratic state legislator announces he supports Bernie Sanders

HILLARY CLINTON GROUP President Obama On The Verge Of Issuing A “Citizens United Stunner”

At some point in the game you just have to go by your gut

Richard Dawkins’ Islamophobia Just Reached Disturbing New Heights

The DNC with the Third Way remind me of the Borg from Star Trek.

Rand Paul has an opponent.

A little Bobby Fuller

At Morocco Conference, Non-Muslims Who Are Religious Minorities Gather To Discuss Their Rights

How Two Billionaires Are Destroying High Speed Rail In America

Hey girls! You like bad boys? Like... totally evil ones? ISIS has a dating-website now.

Miami Doctor Involved in Uber Scuffle Breaks Silence

Those remaining at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge say they are holding their ground.

New Quinnipiac Iowa Poll Bernie 49% Clinton 45%(+1)

Bundy Militia Fed Incident Last Night?

Wounded Warriors Fraud

New ABC/washington post poll of national democratic race-Clinton 55%(-1) Bernie 36%(+8) O'Malley 4%

Hillary's laughter; is it helping her?

Bloomberg could spend $1 billion on a run

Just as with Obama. If you can beat the Clinton Machine, you can beat the Republicans

Sweden: Asylum-seeker stabs woman to death at refugee center

Transparency is a Mirage if the facts can't be put forth to the American People.

Another SC State Rep Endorses Sanders

Funny!!!!! The media is losing it because their boy,

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Karma Kamera

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Pre-debate Clowns

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Hillary's New Children Ad Sure Pulls On My Heartstrings!

Six National Security Questions That will Never Be Asked.

Interesting! Bernie having a private meeting with President Obama today

Need A Romantic Dinner? Waffle House Accepting Valentine’s Day Dinner Reservations

Golden state 2016 NBA Champs

Clinton Courts Youth With Celebrities, but Many Prefer Sanders

From twitter-Iowa Youth straw poll results

I Find It Kind Of Remarkable That Trump Dropping Out Of The Debate Is More Important Than Oregon ...

The New Inequality Debate

A must read for Sanders supporters

Iowa Youth straw poll resulsts from Iowa secretary of state

Suburban office parks are dying because young people don't want to drive there

Trump says he won’t participate in GOP debate on Fox News

Me just ate this couch.

MSNBC has been trying to make Bernie fit a Dean narrative for weeks.

Why Eric Lander morphed from science god to punching bag

Where I'd like to see the Trump-Cruz debate held.

Gov of Maine won't give State of the State address because someone threw a rotten tomato at him.

How Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Philanthropy’ Lets Him Stash His Billions Without Paying Taxes

When the bundy yahoos are convicted on federal charges, do they lose the right to bear arms?

How much better known than Bernie is Hillary? A lot.

Why is this still being called a "protest"?

The Overlooked, Simple Reason Democrats Should Nominate Bernie Sanders

Try And Catch The Wind

If Sarah Palin is your big catch, I question the size of your pole

The Danger To Civilians And Soldiers In Secret Domestic War Games Training

Enthusiasm gap? Youth gap?

Neighborhood Spotlight: Ivanhoe Village (Orlando)

At this point in the primary race, name recognition is no longer

Booking Photos of the Bundy Gang

The latest statement from Fox News on the ongoing Trump/Fox feud

Bernie Sanders brings fiery populist message to Minnesota

Rallies numbers speak: Hillary "very exclusive" 450 people, Bernie "for the people" 20,000 people.

Wikipedia List of Bernie Sander's Presidential Campaign Endorsements

Michael Moore enters the Den of Foxes.

Bernie Sanders 'draws more than 20,000 people to pair of Minnesota campaign stops'

Because I have to ask...

Donald Trump has "Aflluenza" - we need to make this connection!

“She’s [Hillary]the single best change-maker I’ve ever met. Not a change-talker,” he said.

Trump's Debate Boycott Throws Fox News Into Chaos

Ta-Nahesi Coates -- under the bus or not?

CNN, what the hell is going on?

The press release for the R's debate that angered trump

At what point is Joe Biden drafted into the race?

Should Bernie run ads more clearly showing concern for Clinton's ties to wall street?

Don't Blame the Corporations

Obama calls for rapid Zika research as virus seen spreading

I wonder if Clint Eastwood saw this coming?

Wouldn't It Be Cool If Trump Got 'One Direction' ....

11.00am Press Conference from Flint

Trump and his Trumpeters are GASLIGHTERS

Chicago area gardeners - I will be in town on Feb 28...

For the same reason I supported Barack Obama.. I support Martin O'Malley

Just got a call from a lifelong Dem. She will be missing her first caucus

I don't know if this has been discussed but

Thanks Obama!

Joe Ricketts causes Dem furor in Iowa; Clinton accuses him of helping Sanders (the front-runner)

How the Republicans will attack Bernie Sanders if he is the nominee

Trump learned racism from his daddy

Teens die after drinking mixture of Mountain Dew and methanol racing fuel

TYT: Obama Bans Solitary Confinement For Juveniles

I feel like Irony is broken

I was just a naive and idealistic teen when I first saw Connie protesting war out in front of the WH

"No one's looking out for the white guy anymore."

Investment Firm Hosting Clinton Fundraiser Is Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Sharif, he don't like it UPDATE: Writer with The New Yorker investigated following Koch article

so I am drinking throwback Mt. Dew

Why Is President Obama Embracing Hillary Clinton Now?

Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum shot and killed while charging police, driver says

Fave Trump nick.

How the Republicans Will Attack Hillary Clinton if She Is the Nominee

Infographic reveals the most bizarre laws still in place across the U.S.

I love that the MSM are referring to them as 'anti-government militants.'

TYT: CNN: Clinton News Network

I find it ironic

By The Time The Standoff Over It Will Be Blamed On Obama By Fox And Friends.

So leftover losers at the refuge have a live stream going...talking about being ready to die LOL

Join the #OpenCarryChallenge for Donald Trump

New Live Feed: In Which "Defend your Base" talks about why the Kardashians Drove them to this.

TYT: Planned Parenthood Cleared, Two Indicted Over Doctored Tapes

Another (Senator) Richard Shelby (R) campaign ad fails the truth test

Trump and Bernie supporters come from the same place.

A Bernie ad should refute the Corp Media, Republican, and big $$ lies and distortions.

Kasie Hunt on MSNBC just lied about Bernie.

Terrified Republicans Try One Final Time To Derail Trump’s Insane Campaign

Martin O' Malley, Not Bernie Sanders — The Candidate Latinos Want for President

Long live Lavoy! Presenting "Snacks and Socks - The Ballad of LaVoy Finicum"

Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum shot and killed while charging police, driver says

Gov. Snyder on MSNBC trying to save his ass over Flint - press conference. n/t

A gargantuan elephant in the room is that Iraq War vote

Sam Seder: Martin O'Malley Was Also at the Town Hall

A WHOPPER (BIG LIE): Bernie, the people's champion, wants to burden them with massive taxes.

Rob Lowe not feeling the Bern -

Indianapolis Principal Killed by Runaway Bus Saved Students' Lives By Pushing Them Out of The Way

Michael Jackson will be played by a white man in a forthcoming movie

She'll use this money to attack our campaign (FIRE DWS!!!)

Educators Deserve A Raise, But The Proposed Merit Pay Bill Has Serious Flaws (

Tweety steps in shit

What should be placed on the stage to replace absent tRump during the Reich Wing "debate?"

TRUMP the Destroyer.....

Witness: "LaVoy" Charged Toward Feds In Bundy Shoot Out

Martin O' Malley, Not Bernie Sanders — The Candidate Latinos Want for President

Canal Street fire: NOFD forced outside burning building as collapse threat grows

Batman slaps face of doubting voter who thinks Bernie can't win

Bill to end local firearm regulations isn't 'pro-gun, but pro-gang,' Omaha police union president

RAISE Act Of 2016 Is Fatally Flawed (Larry Lee)

I'm sick of the conservatism which has infiltrated the Dem party

Bottom Line

I proudly stand with Natalie Jackson in her endorsement of Bernie Sanders

Chris Christie, Disaster Governor or.....

At least we're starting to see this info: Racial disparities in Connecticut stun gun use

Alabama legislature is looking for an excuse to cut teachers' tenure (

Terri Schiavo appears in Jeb Bush ad, and her husband calls Jeb 'disgusting'

Whenever I heard Donald Trump complaining about someone not being fair to him.....

AL Repugs are warring on teachers again ...

Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition begins shipping this quarter to developers for $3000

Has anyone heard? Obama called Bernie to the principal's office

Pic Of The Moment: Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Compares GOP Candidates To Children

authoritarian, white nationalism. If you’ve got a man who will deliver that you don’t need ideology

If Trump gets away with skipping a debate nothing in politics will ever surprise me


Report: Finicum was "charging police" when he was shot.

Federal agents seal off occupied Oregon refuge after leaders arrested, one killed in shootout

Pope Francis apologises for treatment of non-Catholic Christians

Huckabee Decries Obamacare’s Failure To Help Slow, Cross-Eyed Cousin Who Got Kicked By Mule

Closing statements. Last one before Democrats go to the polls!


A hippy song for a political ad? Only Bernie Sanders can pull that off- Alexander Zaitchik

prediction....msnbc debate will turn into a "forum"

It's The Misogyny Stupid

Bernie yesterday: Clinton "far superior" to republican candidates

2016 Profiles in Courage Award seeking nominees----do you know of someone who deserves this award??

LIVE : Press Awaits Possible Comments from Senator Bernie Sanders After Meeting with President Obama

California water: Silicon Valley leaders express skepticism of Gov. Jerry Brown's Delta tunnels plan

Dana Milbank: I adore Bernie Sanders

Anyone know if that convicted murderer Neil Wampler is still at the compound?

Third child dies after Sheboygan Falls house fire

A Different type of Vet for your pet

Meanwhile in Iowa. 34 More Iowa Leaders Endorse Martin O'Malley

Fukushima fishermen to expand operations off crippled nuclear plant

OMG--Live now. Clinton has Iowa rally in a bowling alley. Less than 150 there.

Let's say Bernie does not show up to the Unsanctioned Debate becuz of DNC rules & Hillary does....

Fox News Outraged Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Burning Wrong Witches-That didn't go as planned

FOX, "You are dead to me now"

Fox News Outraged Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Burning Wrong Witches-That didn't go as planned

MSNBC is in undisguised Hillary campaign mode today.

Fox News Outraged Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Burning Wrong Witches-That didn't go as planned

Fox News Outraged Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Burning Wrong Witches-That didn't go as planned

Martin O'Malley and 'The Iowa Waltz'

NJ Campaign Kickoff with State Chairman John Wisniewski

Gross job gains 7.6 million and gross job losses 6.7 million in the 2nd quarter of 2015

Keep up with the SEC Primary!

Well, I guess LaVoy Finicum is enjoying his new status of "God" of his planet.

Dream Iowa activists support Martin O'Malley


He will be alive in 2166.

"To show how ruthless FBI is, I would put my own wife, daughter out on the front lines to be shot"

Dec. jobless rates down in 25 states, up in 14; payroll jobs up in 36 states, down in 14

BERNIE: Here is what I will do in my first 100 days in office to address this issue...

No joke, Hillary just used the slogan, "Enough is enough!" when talking financial reform in Iowa

Well Klavern Bundy, this is on you.

NY Post: Al Sharpton sure sounds supportive of a Bloomberg candidacy

We talked to 9 undocumented Iowans, and they all seem to like this one candidate (6 support him)

NFL still doing a full review of Peyton Manning HGH claims

The Majority Report - Democratic Town Hall Debate Review - 1/26/16

Holy Shit: The latest cover of The New Yorker

What is the number of the progressive radio station? 89.3 WPFW Pacifica

Bernie Sanders Ducks Unsanctioned Debate, Clinton and O'Malley Are Game

Iowa football players endorse Trump at rally, join him on stage

Construction crews unearth mammoth bones in Oregon State's stadium

Italians Mock Cover-Up of Nude Statues for Iranian’s Visit

Protester Throws Tomatoes at Trump After He Calls Bernie Sanders a Communist

If I Want My Tubes Tied, What Business Is It of a Bishop?

Donald Trump Defines 'Conservative' in 10 Million Words or Less

Sanders calls for a series of more debates in states such as "Illinois, Ohio, California, New York"

OMGosh someone threw a tomato at tRump after he called Bernie a communist!!!!!

The Most Interesting Tarp In The World.

Didn't Rand Paul Drop Out Of The Last Debate?......

Lutherans shouldn't have received Holy Communion at Vatican, says Catholic spokesman

Robert Reich: Bernie’s Movement

Florida man caught smuggling live birds in bag, groin

Yet another study refutes the notion that guns make anyone safe.

Manhattan Uber driver arrested for beating passenger's service dog

Trump: Glenn Beck is a "Failed Person, He's a Mess"

MSNBC just said they will air FBI news conference at 2PM EST on Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.nt

What Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand About American Politics

Cross post from Gun Control Reform Activism.

So, now Snyder wants the federal government to expand medicaid! How insightful (sarcasm) of him!

F is for Family rocks

Affluenza Teen drops appeal of deportation from Mexico

Bernie Sanders Bids for Jewish History

So, if the Democratic candidates participate in this new debate

NATO looks to combat Russia's 'information weapon': document

Why Trayvon Martin’s family attorney is endorsing Bernie Sanders

Who is the worst Republican governor?

Smoked pork loin cold cuts

Meet Wantwaz Davis, the ex-con who tried to save Flint

The "Hillary will do anything to get elected" narrative.

Why do people put so much stock in pundits?

Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton, With Joy and Without Apologies

***** LIVE Press Conference in Burns #OregonStandoff *****

The Broncos made a surprising decision for the Super Bowl, and it shows the game is in their head

Hillary Clinton speaks out on Oscars' diversity problem

This seems like familiar territory to me. ***HRC GROUP POST***

Just a reminder of some of Hillary's accomplisments. Impressive! (HCG)

DNC Chair Attempts To Block Unsanctioned New Hampshire Democratic Debate

"...Great News for Hillary..."

Is Sarah Palin The Worst Parent Of All Time?

Bernie Sanders Did Not Ask For President Obama’s Endorsement In White House Meeting

Jesus and Mo

These are the last two Democratic Primary SANCTIONED debates.

Hypocrite Sanders Won't Go To Debate In NH But Calls For More Debates Elsewheres:

I wish Obama and Loretta Lynch had been in charge for Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Remaining members of Oregon militia standoff debating whether to surrender

What do you think of this?

Robert Reich: How to respond to Bernie skeptics?

Trump steps up attacks with 'bimbo' tweet before Fox News debate

FBI statement on Oregon standoff

Trump steps up attacks with 'bimbo' tweet before Fox News debate

The prohibitionists have yet another truthiness problem:

Some Militia types still talking tough and blaming Feds for death of Finicum

Shell shareholders approve $50 billion BG takeover

Gov. Snyder: A one-man financial review team for Detroit, hired Emergency Manager before emergency w

FTC sues DeVry, alleging school deceived students about job prospects

Trump says that the media is hard on him for his rants and insults that he himself have spews out..

Florida ex-officer indicted for excessive force, four others plead guilty

This is old, but how did I not see this earlier?

Change we need occurs when we have a Democratic/Liberal majority in the Congress

On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

Here's an orange-bordering-on-red Tom Ridge-style alert: "Nickelback Working On New Music"

Trump's Misogynistic Meltdown

You do realize that all the pissed off Trump supporters who are swearing off Fox News...

Bernie Sanders Gets Endorsed by LGBT Couples Who Won Marriage Equality at Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton slams Johnson Controls-Tyco deal

Really pissed at Boulder Elections Commission

France hit by day of protest as security forces fire teargas at taxi strike

Oregon Cop Convicted Of Shattering Biker’s Collarbone With Kick Forgot Dashcam Was On

Virginia legislator compares being gay to cancer as ex-gay therapy bill voted down in Senate

Bernie Sanders at a Crossroads: Attack Hillary Clinton or Stay Positive?

A second friend of Oscar Grant's is killed in Hayward

A second friend of Oscar Grant's is killed in Hayward, CA (xpost from CA group)

GOP Still Investigating Planned Parenthood, Even After Sting Videos Backfire (proven fakes)

11-Year-Old 'Sick of Reading About White Boys and Dogs' Launches #1000BlackGirlBooks


"Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton, With Joy and Without Apologies"

Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Ex-Employees Say

Ernie Chambers filibuster sinks bill to end local gun regulations in favor of state law

Thalia has 50 orgasms per night, says it keeps her young (xpost from GD)

Is Hillary Struggling In The Polls A Fluke, Or Is Bernie The Real Deal?

Rolling Stone: Donald Trump Is Skipping the GOP Debate Because He Hates Women

Sanders says Obama not trying to 'tip scales' for Clinton

Sanders says Obama not trying to 'tip scales' for Clinton

More Trouble for Antioxidants

Krugman: Health Wonks and Bernie Bros

What a great idea new recyclable packing material

Hand placement/gestures.

Trump is skipping the GOP debate because he hates women..

Chris Matthews: 'Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?'

I don't know a damn thing about the Panthers.

Hill Democrats take aim at gun industry protections — and at Bernie Sanders

Jane MAYERwrote about the KOCHs then got investigated/harassed byGHOULIANI's former cop commissioner

Will be Bernie go negative? Is Resignation Setting in?

Bundy Tries To Throw Bundy Under The Tarp

World's most dangerous drug: ‘Devil’s Breath’ from Colombia blocks free will, wipes memory, & kills.

Oregeon Standoff means

Wow. It's war. It's a free for all Armageddon. The FBI is the enemy. Kill them

Want to see something awesome!

We don't have to listen to Ammon Bundy lecture us on the Constitution anymore.

To end this debate ducking debacle...

Voting for Hillary because she is a female? Basic nonsense, Voting for Bernie, I am a Female 46yrs

When they say Bernie can't get the Hispanic vote, they should visit Little Mexico in Omaha

Why This Photo of a Potato Sold for More Than $1 Million

Poor Debbie, whatever will she do?

Framing and composition

Clinton goes Negative on Bernie in Closing Iowa Ad

Noam Chomsky - Sanders has the best policies;

U.S. court hears arguments on transgender student using boys' bathroom

Clinton Makes a Stance for Prose as She Distills Poetry Lessons from Cuomo, Nixon

On Bernie's relgion, or lack of it

Oh, Mike Huckabee. You know it's over, don't you?

Clinton Camp Calls on Sanders to Agree to Unsanctioned Debate

Susan Sarandon phone banking in Iowa for Bernie

House Democrats Call Out Republicans for Jumping to Conclusions on Planned Parenthood

House Democrats Call Out Republicans for Jumping to Conclusions on Planned Parenthood

Once the Oregon terrorists are all rounded up....

Hillary Clinton attacks Todd Ricketts super PAC over Sanders ad

The Nation: Assessment of Clintonomics

Profile of an Indian GM farmer: high-tech seeds on a traditional farm

Pictures from the Bernie event in St. Paul yesterday (sorry they're blurry)

Eyewitnesses knock down conspiracy theories about LaVoy Finicum dying on his knees

#BundyVille - Dispute Over Cattle Grazing Disrupts Patrols Of Federal Land - NPR Listen

History Tells Us: Winning Iowa Doesn’t Mean Jack

Fox News releases promo photo of Thursday's Republican Debate contenders (minus Trump, of course)

Ex-head of sailing body says he was fired over Rio's polluted water

Mike Tyson gets asked the wrong question on live Canadian TV

Why Trayvon Martin’s family attorney is endorsing Bernie Sanders

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 27, 2016

South Carolina Senate committee OKs bill to track refugees

I support Martin O'Malley and Hillary Clinton on having more debates.

Clinton Calls on Sanders to Join Democratic Debate

It's official. Vermin Supreme has maxed out at 5,000 Facebook friends.

Wow. 300 whole people showed up to Clinton's "rally" in Iowa.


Clinton Calls on Sanders to Join Democratic Debate: "I hope Sen. Sanders will change his mind & join

Study hints at biology of schizophrenia, may aid treatment

Mozart was born on this date.

Don't know why this happens..

Oregon militant: 'This is a free-for-all armageddon'

Racist Trump's support among conservatives proves that right-wing "faith" is simply a marketing tool

Elmore James was born on this date.

Federal Reserve acknowledges slower growth, leaves interest rates unchanged

The Witch Hunt

To those who continue to insist that Howard Dean's campaign was "brought down" by the "scream"...


What makes a "moderate"? Three definitions.

How do I avoid smileys?

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You A Terrorist: BLACKLISTED (Jeremy Scahill Ryan Dev-

Nothing illustrates more clearly that Hillary thought she'd stroll to the nomination

Dancer who lost leg in Boston Marathon bombings will run it

I love how Clinton supporters go from "Debates don't matter" to "Bad Bernie's avoiding debates"

'Have they found him guilty?' Now Donald Trump DEFENDS Putin over Litvinenko murder

DWS to New Hampshire: No Democratic Debate for You

Bernie Sanders "comes clean" about his paid speaking fees

Link to Mason City Iowa Town Meeting w/Susan Sarandon - watching now on CSPAN 2

Hillary Clinton 2016 TV Ads “Make a Difference” and “Real Progress”

Hillary Clinton's record of fighting against inequality

Huge Crowds, Surging Polls for Sanders as 'Revolution' Revs Engine Ahead of Iowa

Campaign Collapsing, Carson Slams Adviser as ‘Not Epitome of Truth’

Sanders Slams Wall Street Elite, Clinton Ditches Iowa To Fetch Their Checks

Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans With A Presidential Performance At CNN Town Hall

Iain Duncan Smith's Disability Benefit Cuts Defeated in the House of Lords

Why is Bernie blocking Dr. Califf, Obama's pick for FDA Commissioner?

phone's ringing off the hook - just got a call from the Iowa poll

The Making of Bernie's Yearning (Ben and Jerry's) video

BlackRock's Fink Says 400 Energy Firms May Not Survive Cheap Oil


Don' tell me - Bernie animation

Wondered when Religion Would Enter the picture.

Sanders +8 in NH Poll, More Electable against Trump & Bloomberg than Hillary

Berniequality or Hillagarchy?

Here's another Dem we can help get into Congress-

We won't come out in the cold? Hundreds wait outside in line for Bernie Rally in Saint Paul 1/26

EF1 tornado in Coconut Creek in Florida

A computer beat a champion of the strategy game Go for the first time

Stop the Insanity: Something FAR worse than TPP on the Horizon.

Just the kind of person you want to sell a gun to???

Bernie Sanders - The President We've Been Waiting For (youtube)

Cycle Of Endless War Continues: Ground Troops Being Sent To Fight ISIS

I was just 'robo-called' by Rick Snyder

Fuck acquiescing to Hillary's Hail Mary!

Senate Response to Opioid Abuse Could Hit FDA, Drugmakers

Trump's debate boycott triggers Fox News infighting

Dancing in the Ashes

Outcry as World Sailing CEO, who would have overseen sailing at Rio Olympics this year, is sacked.

Outcry as World Sailing CEO, who would have overseen sailing at Rio Olympics this year, is sacked.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 January 2016

"Why I’m Supporting Hillary Clinton, With Joy and Without Apologies."

Chuck Hagel jsut told Fuckie Todd

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz defends debate schedule

A preview of Super Bowl 50?

MIA: Hollywood's Power Women for Hillary

It's good to be Bernie

The latest powerful endorsement for Hillary Clinton

Michael Moore on Megyn Kelly's show. Really good point about what Kelly has managed to do re; Trump.

Direct TV and Fox News

Pigs Shoot Up WRONG Truck 100 Times, Almost Killing 2 Ladies

Pelosi distances Democrats from Sanders's plan to raise taxes

3 Reasons Why a Contested Convention Is Possible

Will she or won't she? I'm leaning toward she will

Go figure.

Bernie Sanders talks 'a bit of politics' with Obama as Iowa caucuses approach

Mike Malloy - Fox News Mocks Donald Trump For Debate Twitter Poll

Area Surrounding Levi's Stadium to be Renamed San Francisco

Area Surrounding Levi's Stadium to be Renamed San Francisco (xpost from CA group)

Pelosi dismisses portions of Sanders’s tax and health-care agenda: ‘It’s not going to happen’

The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States

Michael Moore: How can you help flint? Do not send bottled water. Instead, join us in a revolt.

Qatar Airways announces plans for world's longest flight

Rubio has an actually funny commercial

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Is Destroying The Republican Party

Congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout flip-flops on Cuomo’s gun control law — now she opposes it

How would 'West Wing' have been different if

Donald Trump is wrecking the conservative movement: How the billionaire is exposing its most toxic s


Pharmadouche Martin Shkreli threatens to destroy Wu-Tang album

Bernie Bro Just Wondering Who Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama Thinks She Is Anyway

Trump Fox "Feud" Strategy

Palestinian Stabs, Wounds Israeli in West Bank Attack

Debbie and Hillary's Debategate

Pew Research Poll: Being an Atheist is a liability to being elected president

US Sales Of New Homes Climb 10.8 Pct. In December, Most Robust Pace In 10 Months

Martyrdumb attempted: Eyewitness kill conspiracy theories Finicum dying on his knees

Bundimaniacs are going to usurp Hands Up Don't Shoot

If Trump Is Elected, The Idiocracy Cometh

Grand Jury Indicts Widow of Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

So Ammon Bundy surrendered to authorities

Ron Rivera is the 2nd head football coach of Hispanic heritage to coach the super bowl

Sweden plans to expel up to 80,000 asylum-seekers: minister