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Here is a solution for MSNBC, Schultz, Bernie, Hillary and O'Malley supporters.

As a Holocaust Survivor, I Know This Small Action Is the True Antidote to Hate

Trump to Win Iowa – getting his first Scalp.

Americans Get Offended By Statues Of Naked People, Too

Happy 260th birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

A reminder

Nothing illustrates how the party has shifted right like the cry "No raising taxes!"

What Happened to Jane Mayer When She Wrote About the Koch Brothers

Obama’s plan to give free lunches to millions more kids

Fox News civil war: O'Reilly tells Roger Ailes to back off

President Obama Bans Solitary Confinement For Juveniles

Bernie heard the criticism, and responded.

HRC just said

I will not be voting for Hillary

Joe Scar says he'd rather set himself on fire than attend debates with Megyn Kelly

Bernie Sanders LIVE - Mason City Town Meeting (Bernie2016TV)

THE NEW YORKER's "The Duel -- The Trump and Cruz campaigns embody opposite views of politics

Why I think this world should end - (It's not what you think)

Poliquin to introduce No Welfare for Terrorists Act

There is a middle ground between Ideals and Pragmatism

Invading White Gentrifiers Call Cops On Black Residents For Walking Down Street, Knocking On Doors

Working to Live or Living to Work?

Make America Hate Again: Many Trump Supporters Tweeted Megyn Kelly the ‘C’ Word Today

Pittsburgh Left: It’s time for whites to confront racism in a meaningful way

Getting ready to hear the Bern in MC Iowa!

This is rich. "Snyder said he's going to let science drive decisions

THR: Hillary Clinton Campaign Unleashes New Onslaught of Attacks Against Bernie Sanders

Poor and homeless face discrimination under America’s flawed housing voucher system

Donald Trump does not like to lose...

John Cusack - endorses Bernie!

UN: Ban Stands by Every Word of Israeli Settlement Comments

Hillary Clinton Doing Finance Industry Fundraiser Just Before Iowa

Asking People Who Have Never Heard Of Bernie Sanders What They Think Of His Policies.

Exclusive: Fox News Statement Taunting Trump Was '100 Percent' Roger Ailes

less than lethal alternative

Mysterious dude in Iowa is following Ted Cruz around and accusing him of liking Nickelback

Clinton advisor: “Bernie Sanders is not Barack Obama"

Bill O’Reilly defies Roger Ailes to interview Donald Trump as Fox News debate drama intensifies

Jesus H Christ, Tweety has jumped the shark this time.

Inside the secret gay movement at one of America’s most homophobic colleges

A Film About the Nation’s Biggest Slave Revolt Just Made History at Sundance

Who is the Closeted Gay Republican Delegate with the Anti-Gay Voting Record?

Why the United States is so vulnerable to the alarming spread of Zika virus

Central FL Social Security office is not user friendly for disabled, elderly.

Ray McGovern: The Iraq War’s Known Unknowns

Bwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaah have DUers seen that add attacking Cruz

Oregon standoff: Ammon Bundy asks colleagues to go home

Virginia: Who is the Closeted Gay Republican Delegate with the Anti-Gay Voting Record?

Officials in Ferguson, Mo., agree to train officers on avoiding use of force

Widow of Fox Lake Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz indicted

NYT Editorial: Vindication for Planned Parenthood (and my comment posted to it)

I've a different take on Hilary desperate calls for another debate.

Two comments re: LeVoy Finicum -

AIG says if the government won't let them screw over retirees, they won't play

Hillary is so badly looking for her 'I'm paying for this microphone!' moment

Just saw this Bernie pic on twitter and had to share

Five Out of Six Brokers Cleared in UK's Second Libor Trial

WA Post: For Trump, it's always about CONTROL.


The WHOLE family benefits with Bernie via Black Berner Coalition and African-Americans For Bernie...

Silly Season in full swing!

Islamic State-linked hacker makes first U.S. appearance in federal court

Sanders Camp Suspicious of Microsoft's Influence in Caucus

I can certainly agree with this....

Clinton's statement on the debate is Perfectly Hillary. An indecipherable Zen Riddle.

Does anyone here believe no tax will increase during a Democratic administration succeeding PBO?

Democrats would be insane to nominate Bernie Sanders (or why NOT to offer a lamb to the GOP)

This is great...

Interlocking Families! Is the U.S Ruled by a Power Elite? C. Wright Mills Wrote About This:


The OTHER trail of tears. Slave driving in the 1800s

In final pitch, Hillary Clinton emphasizes experience, effectiveness

I am fucking sick of classic fucking rock!

If we spend this election cycle trying to explain to low info

LIVE TICKER: The ever-rising costs of the Bundy land seizure (3.5 mill)

Republicans Take Their Sanders Advocacy to the Next Level

Take a moment to pull back, reflect...

Check in here if you're surprised that Trump has a campaign manager

Bernie Sanders Insists He'll Keep Pledge to Release Medical Records Before Iowa Caucuses

TYT: Planned Parenthood Cleared, Two Indicted Over Doctored Tapes

Who should Trump pick as his VP...?

LaVoy Finicum: Rancher, Patriarch, Bundy Believer

Did DU give Dale Griffin his due?

O'Malley supporter here, disappointed in Sander's rejection of the new debate offered

Hillary Clinton Signs High Schooler's Excuse Note at Iowa Event

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-26-16

The photographers want to increase the size of their submissions

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!Say a Prayer

Rachel Maddow's blast from the past

Red Hot Chili Peppers Headlining Bernie Sanders Fundraiser Concert

Rachel Maddow Town Hall in Flint, MI, 9pm EST, tonight.

Rachel Maddow could well be the leader of a charge that results in the MI gov losing his job

Will Hillary Clinton Push Fellow Democratic Supporters To Oppose The TPP?

Talk about some hateful bullshit

Sanders to Clinton: If you want NH debate, sign up for more!

T or F: Is "it will raise taxes" a sufficient argument against the existence of a social program?

the media is trying to convince us that most of america wants donald trump

Broncos now 6 point Super Bowl underdogs – but so what?!

I would recommend watching Rachel Maddow's town hall in Flint about the water crisis.

Lived here for decades. Love Art. But only yesterday found this world class art all but in my path

Question about the 10% of people who still don't have health insurance

I saw something pretty entertaining in the Bernie Group ...


MO'Mentum as Martin O'Malley fires up fire-capacity crowds in Iowa!

about flint

Flint MI Lead Poisoning

Tom Cotton(remember him?)Screwing Up The One Good Thing Congress Might’ve Done This Year

O'Malley and Sanders tie, lead Clinton in Drake U. mock caucus

18 hour Diary of a True Tough Patriot Militia Man (tm). (Dang, looks like a fake account, sorry)

Heroes are everywhere

In case you haven't heard ??

Sanders challenges Clinton to 3 new debates (He/we have the power NOW!)

Millions Resent Being Put in Horrible Position of Siding with Megyn Kelly - New Yorker

How to get the lead out of your tap drinking water

This chart shows just how many sexist slurs Trump supporters are tweeting at Megyn Kelly

Women's semi...... Serena and my 3rd favorite, outside any American woman....

Attitude Adjustment

How Did The US Go From A War On Terror To A War Of Terror?

Devon Anderson's (Harris County District Attorney) Statement on Planned Parenthood Indictments

Very proud of my home town, Flint, Michigan, tonight. Thank you Rachel Maddow, for the spotlight

With Donald Trump Abandoning Its Debate, Fox News Scorched By Its Own Chicanery

Before it was Obamacare...

No Endorsement Yet,

In iowa, weirdest ad ever.

My neighbors lowered

What Bernie Sanders’s Meeting With President Obama Means

How long before the Bundy Truthers say the whole thing was an FBI setup?

Nutrition and lead poisoning prevention. Since many water systems may expose

People of Flint Call for Pro-Democracy Revolt

In Philly, Hillary meets with 50 Black Ministers and NAACP Board Members

Take a break from for a few and go on a sunrise African safari LIVE right now...

Let's all keep our eyes on the REAL issue ......

"Want a selfie?"

Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) endorses Bernie!!

Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting suspect transferred to state hospital

In letter, former University of Missouri System president Tim Wolfe rips colleagues

Martin O’Malley Receives Support From Obama’s Finance Circle.

Huge Crowds, Surging Polls for Sanders as 'Revolution' Revs Engine!

The Rachel Maddow town hall in Flint - wow

Whew! Sane Progressive... definitely one of her best videos - On Bloomberg getting in thr race!

Take a second look

5 hour energy founder, Manoj Bhargava, philanthropist

Veterans Group To Trump: We Don’t Want Your Money

Debating 'Medicare for All' System Is Good for Nation's Health, say Doctors

Message to EVERY voter from GOD!!!

"She’s the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have"

Supreme leader of Iran marks Holocaust Memorial Day by publishing Holocaust denying video

Wondering if anyone can help me. New to mmj & need advice.

Michael Moore is just fucking fantastic at connecting the dots for people who haven't already

Why the remaining refuge occupiers think SEALs are going to come to rescue them

Martin O’Malley Receives Support From Obama’s Finance Circle.

Propane Jane is on fire....

so ammo bundle tells his cronies to stand down, and tells the feds not to arrest them?

Hillary is adamantly against illegal immigrants. Or was, at the time.

The Girl Scouts are under attack

Rachel Maddow's Flint program now available in audio podcast.

Bernie vs. Hillary

Way to go, Ohio!!!!

Flint and our priorities. (from Donna Edwards)

I just switched from Green to Democrat so that I can vote Bernie in the CA Democratic primary(link)

Man Charged for Throwing Tomatoes at Donald Trump During Iowa City Stop

Sanders Pins His Iowa Hopes on Fickle Voting Bloc

DC Issues $1 Million Worth of Parking Tickets After Blizzard

Joe Scarborough open to being Trump's VP!

Twitter Explodes With GOP Debate Question Suggestions For Fox’s Megyn Kelly…And I Am Still Laughing!

How do we justify imrisoning for life a 14 year old?

To debate or not to debate.

LOL. Bernie plays the "Show me the coin of the tribute" card.

Are you willing for doctors and hospitals to make half of what they make now

Drake University's Mock Caucus Results - O'Malley & Sanders get 4 delegates - Hillary gets 2

Cartoon, "Well-regulated Militia..."

Now watching Hayes and Kornacki continue the pro-Hillary, anti-Bernie crap that has today

Proposition: Quark is the best character

In 2008 Paul Krugman called Obama supporters venom spewing cult-like hero worshipers

MU professor Melissa Click is suspended days after assault charges

Fred Townsend, Burns Paiute member, 78

NDT on Tonightly!!! Mic drop on B.o.B.!!!

O'Malley:A bargain shopper like no other: or how to pay $61 for chairs taxpayers bought for $6,200.

Boost for Hillary? WP Editorial Board:Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign

It’s time to take a serious look at Martin O’Malley.

Kalashnikov cranking up AK-47 factory in Florida

It’s time to take a serious look at Martin O’Malley.

1%er Daniel Craig (net worth $95 million) endorses Bernie

Witness or Fallout 4?

Is there a God -- An essay by John Shirley

Some important information about lead absorption and NUTRITION.

US Troops Could Remain In Afghanistan For Decades

Too soon to start thinking about Valentine's day?

Lord Kinnock is an idiot

Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign

"Sanders pushes message of change to huge Mason City crowd"

Bernie Sanders campaign spokesman urges Bernie supporters to be respectful

British documentary: The Mad World of Donald Trump

I'm pulling the leather straps off my bottle of sotol

News Analysis: Why Donald Trump Walked

GOP Still Plans To Convict PP On Fraudulent Evidence. And Murder PP>

Militias Act Like They Yearn For Open Warfare & Insurgency With Feds

My very own Trump joke!

Bernie's campaign is looking for help gathering signatures...

I Feel Like The Florida Law Making Abortion A Felony Signals A More Extreme Agenda.

Has any one seen two thousand pounds of bull semen?

Q: What are odds that ALL of the self-identified Bernie supporters are real Bernie supporters

Elizabeth Warren - Big Money Influence Destroying American Democracy

Many Trump supporters were probably Summer of Love hippies.

Not one person from the Clinton campaign calls for her supporters to be respectful...

Im Tirtzu's New Campaign 'Outs' Leftist Artists, Including Oz and Grossman

Bernie's massive miscalculations

FWI. It's been stated here that Rachel has a Dem debate on 2/1. This is untrue. Iowa is on 2/1.

Has anyone heard of nothiefsallowed

So I go pick up my anti-biotic prescription refill, and its half the expected dosage

"Um... what the hell? Do you really think insulting Michelle Obama will convince me to support BS?"

Doctors group welcomes national debate on ‘Medicare for All’

Legal/LEO experts, what charges will the Bundy Bunch face?

Conscientious Objector Tair Kaminer Is Being Held In An Israel Army Women’s Prison For Refusing To..

If Clinton had beat Obama, would the ACA even exist?

Sanders Campaign First to Fill Out #PwDsVote 2016 Campaign Scorecard

Bawahahaha... CNN will be covering live the Trump 'event' tonight that will air at the same

Martin O'Malley: 'Awful things happen in war'

Imagine for a single terrifying minute that Trump is elected President...

WaPo: Hillary Clinton’s desultory campaign is sinking

Google tax: European Commission 'willing to probe deal'

Where are you on the Political Compass?

Martin O'Malley deserves 10 seconds of your attention.

What does our public and private insurance overhead look like?


Daily Holidays - January 28

Pelosi: No health care for you

Justice Department deal with Ferguson MO - a good start

Sanders Speaks After Meeting With President Obama

Trump is scared of Megyn Kelly — but even more so of Clinton and Sanders

I urge all Bernie people to be respectful

Just got blocked from HRC group.

Actress Susan Sarandon Hits Campaign Trail for Bernie Sanders in Iowa

Why the youth love Bernie Sanders

'What has she done that we're bragging about? How has she led?':Susan Sarandon backs Bernie for prez

Sen. Daines pushes VA to allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana

Smackdown to Sanders-“We’re not running on any platform of raising taxes,” Pelosi said.

Good Job!

Why Trayvon Martin’s family attorney is endorsing Bernie Sanders

Sanders, Clinton, and the Big Lie of the “Possible”

Take the Movement to the White House

Spin Shift on Bernie: The Escalating Media Assault

Huge Crowds, Surging Polls for Sanders as 'Revolution' Revs Engine Ahead of Iowa

They're here! So long, suckers!

A Rethug Fox news commentator wrote "We are Witnessing the End of the House of Clinton."

Did Wall Street Banks Create the Oil Crash?

the TalkingClass™ punditry is firing at Bernie full-bore...let's take a little look at some history:

Rumsfeld quietly shelved a 2002 report undermining Bush administration's claims about Iraq's WMDs

In 2001, one company started hiring mostly ex-cons. 14 years later, here's how it's going

The state of the world explained in just one picture

Bring me another Smurf!

The US Intervention in Libya Was Such a Smashing Success That a Sequel Is Coming

Hillary's fundraiser last night with skeezy investment house

Wounded Warrior Project Accused of Wasting Donations on Itself

Trump’s battle with the GOP pits ‘silent majority’ against conservative establishment

Hillary can at least count on his vote this year, dreary, uninspiring and scandalous as she may be

French, British schools on alert after bomb threats

Hilarious stuff - Oregon militia leader's plea to refuge holdouts: 'I love you ... go home'

Before Windows load I'm getting the 'System battery voltage is low' message.

New Iowa poll from NBC has Hillary up 48-45. HRC ROOM

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Occupy Prison

Stopping in briefly....

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Scared Hair

Thursday Toon Roundup 3:Leaded

I loved hearing Susan Sarandon's voice well up with emotion as she introduced Bernie in Mason City

Thursday Toon Roundup 4:The Rest


Bernie Sanders Denies Being a Sinister Atheist

Secular Talk: Hillary laughs off questions about Wall Street ties

GOP candidates seen as religious – except for Trump

Three more arrested in Oregon Standoff


Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign. HRC ROOM

Hot Off The Press Marist Iowa and South Carolina Polls-IA HRC 48% - SBS 45%/ SC HRC-64%-SBS 27%

Wealth Inequality in Motion.

Thursday Bernie Group Toons

… Just Like Republicans.

I am curious why there are some people that are flagged for review for months

"Really? Wow what a coincidence." Non Sequitur today.

Bernie Sanders fires against Clinton

Now, Morning Joe/MSGOP Says *JEFF WEAVER, Bernie's Campaign Mgr. to come on in a while.

How America's Gun Manufacturers Are Quietly Getting Richer Off Taxpayers

SC and Super Tuesday

I find the "Trump is afraid of Megan Kelly/a girl" meme

Where's MO'M's White House Tete-a-Tete? *Establishment!* Grumble, Grumble

Omaha, Lincoln gun ordinances survive repeal attempt

Sanders conveniently omits that Hillary meets with African American Leaders in Phillly

What Paul Krugman gets wrong about Bernie Sanders

Britain's unions will fight to keep the UK in the EU. Conservatives want it out.

New LGBT Catholic Video Series

Actress *SUSAN SARANDON Joins Bernie Sanders Yesterday at Mason City, Iowa Big Rally :)

Mug Shots - "Operation Orange Fingers", Oregon

Pres. Candidate Clinton Meets with African American Leaders, Attends Fundraiser in Philly

30 years later, Challenger's final voyage remembered

The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession

Ka-boom Goes the Bottom of the US Bond Market

Bernie Sanders calls for an additional three Democratic debates

Reef Scientist Doesn't Share Queensland Minister's View On GBR Bleaching - Still Too Early

Bristol's NEW Fatwa: Fey impression of mom is pathetic. And desperate. And desperate. (yeah, x2).

New study shows Trump has potential to unite whites' "ethnic and economic anxieties into a powerful

Chinese national gets 9 years for smuggling nuclear materials to Iran

It’s time to take a serious look at Martin O’Malley

Op-Ed Comedy Gold! "Bush, Rubio Should Act On Climate"

Hillary commenorrates #HolocaustMemorialDay -H............

Is America Ready to elect a non-religious president?

Where was the FBI during the armed standoff in Oregon? Out of sight, but listening and icle title

Trump Has Competition With Who Else Is Skipping Tonight's Fox News Debate

Any Cubicle (toon)

Ammon Bundy arrested; one dead

Admitting that white privilege helps you is really just congratulating yourself

The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession

Debunking all those immigration myths

NASA holds Day of Remembrance on Challenger Anniversary to remember all fallen astronauts

Bernie's Birthers

UPDATE: GOP Ticket From Hell

"I worked on Wall Street. I am skeptical Hillary Clinton will rein it in."

Right on cue, Iowa polls show Hillary and Bernie tied.

Paul Krugman Un-ironically Anoints Himself Arbiter of “Seriousness”:Only Clinton Supporters Eligible

Woke up with this song running through my head - KT: Seasons in the Sun...

UK to take in child refugees separated from parents #Refugees

People are comfortable with the idea of a Sanders Presidency- Other candidates don't fare so well


Syrian civil war: Why the endless conflict is at a decisive point

What in the hell is going on here?

Human Rights Watch -World Report 2016: ‘Politics of Fear’ Threatens Rights

Hillary Clinton Calls Oscars' Diversity Changes "Overdue"

Chelsea Clinton says Jeb Bush demonstrates "strong American values"

Iowa Fast-Food Workers Seeking $15 Wage to Strike Ahead of Republican Debate

Iowa Fast-Food Workers Seeking $15 Wage to Strike Ahead of Republican Debate

Stonewall Dems NYC overwhelming support Hillary for President. HRC ROOM

Iowa Fast-Food Workers Seeking $15 Wage to Strike Ahead of Republican Debate

Human Rights Watch -World Report 2016: ‘Politics of Fear’ Threatens Rights

Notice what happened today

Most Americans think Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president

Prediction: Even though he won't be there

Leaked UN report says US/UK definitely committing war crimes in Yemen.

Greece says 18 dead in latest migrant boat sinking

Forget Techno-Optimism: We Can’t Innovate Our Way Out of Inequality

Fukushima nuclear crisis far from over, Kan says

Anne Frank’s stepsister compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it

U.S. sees possible North Korea space launch in near future – U.S. official

Anyone else think Trump is just going to SHOW UP during

This is why Bill and Hillary are stressing how deeply religious Hillary is

#WeWontBeErased: How Anti-Clinton Trolls Are Firing Up Women and Handing Hillary the Nomination

This Is 40,000 Years of London’s History—Made Entirely of Paper (National Geographic)

Gabby Giffords to Campaign With Hillary Clinton HRC ROOM

Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Leaking Into the Pacific

Venezuela tops list of most corrupt countries

The Hill: FBI's Clinton investigation not letting up

During Mason City visit, Bill Clinton says Hillary's experience tops other candidates HRC ROOM

NASTY weather forecast for Iowa Monday night - how will caucus turnout be affected?

Japan's Chernobyl: abandoned town in the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone

Office Market in Houston Melts Down

Have the candidates been doing caucus training

Restaurant in Rome bans children under the age of five due to multiple 'unpleasant incidents'

What a sweet picture!

Red Hot Chili Peppers= Bernie Sanders Benefit Concert, Hillary Fundraising=Financial Groups...

SANDERS MEETS with *PRESIDENT OBAMA at White House, PRESS EVENT Afterwards Jan. 27

Marc Morial: I’m skipping the Oscars

Pragmatism=VERY HIGH Health Insurance premiums + Higher Deductibles for everyone.

Belgium's neighbours fret over reboot of ageing nuclear reactors

Get ready! When Sanders loses Iowa here will be the excuse you will hear on Tuesday. HRC ROOM

22 Things People Never Expected While Traveling Abroad

The Cop Who Killed Laquan McDonald Had Broken His Dashcam On Purpose, Report Says

Pelosi pushes back on Sanders' pledge to raise taxes

New Barbies?

If it's Clinton vs Cruz, I'm serious when I say Hillary could win

Poll: Let's have a reality check on Bernie's single payer health care plan

My prediction for the Iowa Caucus on Monday night

Marist Poll contains some cautionary signs for Bernie

New WaPo-ABC poll: 69 percent say ‘President Trump’ makes them anxious

Bernie Sanders Speaks to Lester Holt About How He Can Win Iowa

Someone here on DU did it - fess up - Stolen bull Semen

For Clinton & Krugman, 'Hardheaded Realism' Amounts to Protecting...Interests of the Richest People

China admits nuclear emergency response 'inadequate' as safety concerns halt construction of two Gua

The newly released Marist/NBC poll is flawed. Excludes first-time IA caucus goers/younger voters

Just my opinion...

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 4 points in Iowa, just days before caucuses

Hillary/Krugman "pie in the sky"

The tide has turned? 64,000 attend the 2016 S.H.O.T. show

Veterans group to Trump: Keep your donations

Onizuka, McNair, Smith, Scobee, Reznik, Jarvis and McCauliffe...

Bernie Sanders’s fiction-filled campaign

If the other GOP candidates are smart, they'll call Trump out as a coward

Will Microsoft Hack Iowa?

We need to work on getting MO'M on this dais. Colorado will be a key state in 2016,

The Bernie Coalition

The Big Fat Lie.

Why was it ok for Obama to Raise Taxes and Not Sanders?

fun fact: Sanders Net worth higher than combined net worth of the bottom 40%

Who's on the WP Editorial Board?

Has America's justice system become blind in the right eye?

Study: Bernie Sanders's single-payer plan is almost twice as expensive as he says. HRC ROOM

Wounded Warrior - a scam using our wounded military

Sanders to release medical records today, per CNN. eom

Do my chances of being selected for Jury Duty decrease as I add more names to my Ignore list?

Black Waze. Finally; a safer way for Black people to travel

LOL New Chick Tract: "Trump Is The Anti-Christ"

Anyone know how long the armed insurrectionists could go to prison for?

Lyft settles California driver lawsuit over employment status

Headsup Tamron Hall will have Aretha Franklin discussing

Republicans Take Their Sanders Advocacy to the Next Level-HRC Room

Study: Bernie Sanders's single-payer plan is almost twice as expensive as he says

Another reason I support Bernie - Organic farming

What Happened to Jane Mayer When She Wrote About the Koch Brothers.

Clinton Seen as Winner in November; A Trump Presidency Inspires Anxiety (POLL)

"Blizzard" Maybe Coming in Iowa...How Low can MSNBC Go?

Yep! Trump is setting a precedent..

moonrise over austin

The latest Marist poll was 34% first timers not zero.

Hillary backtracks on email mess being an error

Detroit Pistons Owner Pledges to Raise $10M for Flint Effort

Clinton Foundation on Collision Course with Campaign--According to Interviews/Documents

How will history books call the Oregon stand-off?

Watch Bernie LIVE at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa (he's taking questions!)

I am the People

Brand Spanking New Monmouth University Iowa Poll-HRC -47% SBS 42% MOM 6%

2 Bad Signs

We should recommend watching the debate tonight.

Endorsement: Hillary Clinton, The Candidate Who Actually Inspires HRC ROOM

How can we expect Hillary to be our "champion" when she's begging for banker money 4 days before IA?

Red Hot Chili Peppers Headlining Bernie Sanders Fundraiser Concert

Bernie's White House visit

Obama Takes First Step in a Cancer ‘Moonshot’

Disneyland Paris: Man arrested carrying two guns

Press Release-NH Labor News: Gloria Steinem To Join Hillary for New Hampshire Organizing Events

Cartoon: Megyn Kelly vs. Trump

"Mr. Potatohead goes to Iowa." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Bernie set a new record!!

I'm anxious to vote for the 1st woman President

"I'm TOTALLY on board with Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson

Move Over 'Berniebros': A Wave of Young Women Is Boosting Bernie Sanders

Local informal poll results are in.

The Hill: Keegan-Michael Key: If Trump wins, I'm out

Sanders IOWA RALLY with Actress Susan Sarandon, Excited Supporters, Jan. 27

Why a new market crash will be profitable for the oligarchy

Jane Mayer On How Wealth Destroys Democracy - P1

Breaking MSNBC: Sander's releasing medical records within the hour

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate over debates

Jane Mayer On the GOP Taliban - P2

Oregon standoff: ‘Feds escalated violence’ Bundy Apologist Refuses to Give Up

Poll: Clinton leads Sanders by 5 points in Iowa 1/28/16

Lyft reaches $12.25 million deal with drivers in employment battle

The Big Guns have come out against Bernie.

TYT: How Oregon Militia Member Died

Hillary and Bernie: the credibility gap

BUDDY CIANCI has died. BREAKING News.....

@babesforbernie NYC Party - February 11, 2016

Just learned:

Pic Of The Moment: Preview Of Tonight's Fox News Republican Debate

Looking for an intelegent woman...

Millenial conservatives. Are there many of them? Are they into Trump/Cruz?

TYT: Trump Refuses To Debate Because Megyn Kelly

Toon: Why do I get the feeling you aren't hearing me?

Bernie Sanders Releases Medical Records

MSNBC Mrs Greenspan and a Hillary

Gov. Bruce "Ruiner" Rauner delivers State of the State address

Palin Endorses Trump - the Hee Haw Remix

The establishment Is not terrified of a Bernie loss in November.....

TYT: Little Girl Super Excited To See Donald Trump

Some McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks Are Missing a Key Ingredient

A political revolution, how quaint. No, scary. Never happen

Sanders camp suspicious of Microsoft’s influence in Iowa Caucus--Sets up Own System

If the Democrats were serious about health care they would be meeting Bernie halfway

'Affluenza' teenager Ethan Couch flown back to Texas to face charges

Guns in Family Restaurants. What could go wrong??

You know.......

National AAPI Political Committee CAPA21 Endorses Hillary Clinton HRC ROOM

WA state Rep/Cruz Chair/Bundy fan has military service questioned

Update from Malheur Wildlife Refuge on the 4 holdouts

Paul LePage Urges Maine Residents To Shoot Drug Dealers

Former Providence, Rhode Island mayor Vincent 'Buddy' Cianci dies

When the time came the majority of the "Tough guys" scattered like rats from a sinking ship

Where was Hillary last nite? At a fundraiser with $17 billion Investment Fund

Want to know what someone will get done as President? Look at who their big $$$ contributors are?

...And then there were four. Remaining Terrorists contemplate their fate.

How the different snow amounts affect different parts of the country:

Today's Nate's 538 Primary Polls-Only Forecast: South Carolina-Hillary-95%, Bernie-5%

At Holocaust event, Obama casts himself as defender of the Tribe

Bird Refuge Feed 9:16Am update

TYT: DC Pillages Citizens: $1 MILLION In Post-Blizzard Parking Tickets

Sentencing of ex-U.S. House speaker Hastert delayed until April

75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

What this election is really about is democracy

Republican said he will hold nose and vote for Trump rather than let Sanders or Clinton win.

Six dead in Virginia murder-suicide after police standoff

Oooo-ha!! Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Feel the Bern' Concert (benefit in LA for Sanders Campaign)

Since November, Bill Clinton's approval rating has sunk to 39%

Chart: Bernie's Proposed Progressive Tax Brackets

BREAKING: The SentinelSource has endorsed Hillary Clinton over its neighbor Sanders. HRC ROOM

Gabby Giffords to Campaign With Hillary Clinton

Most Americans support Obama's contested immigration plan: poll

The California Town Where Chinese Millionaires House their Kids—and Mistresses

Hillary's Huge Ties to the Military Industrial Complex

Bernie Sanders is using Snapchat to try to win over young voters

Salon: The Bernie Sanders revolution is probably doomed from the start

Stomp stomp stomp whimper . . .

Michigan Democrats seek up to $600 million for Flint water crisis

TYT: Oregon Shootout Leaves One Dead, Militia Threatens “Bloodbath"

Should Martin O'Malley Be President?

Could it be Satan?

Senate panel approves measure to broaden North Korea sanctions

A small lesson in comparative politics

Police arrest 200 in child sex trafficking sting across Los Angeles County

The genius of Trump™

WHO: Zika virus ‘spreading explosively,’ ‘level of alarm extremely high’

Son of maintenance worker gets perfect score on AP Calculus exam -- 1 of 12 in the world to do so

Scientists open the ‘black box’ of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic discovery

Microsoft's Bing just called the first four primaries for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

Racial profiling alleged at Bernie Sanders rally in St. Paul

What happens if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win?

Would You Give up 2.2% of your income to cover $24,000+ in Medical Expenses / year?

Doing the same thing, expecting different results.

Trump's debate long game trickery

AJAM: Hillary Clinton, campaign bully

Krugman gets Greenwalded

Stalin 'used secret laboratory to analyse Mao's excrement'

Campaigning in style: How Jeb Bush blew through his warchest

IRS Busts Trump’s Phony Charity For Scamming Veterans, Revokes Its Nonprofit Status

Bernie's Response to the Wash Post "fiction"

Megyn Kelly to Donald Trump: I fart in your general direction!

Oregon standoff: Final 5 say they will leave if the FBI agrees not to arrest them

Outrage: House Republicans Call Everyone BUT Gov. Snyder for Flint Poisoning Hearing

Gaza: Hamas militants die in tunnel collapse

Monmouth new Iowa Poll Clinton 47%(-8) Bernie 42%(+9) O'Malley 6%

Planned Parenthood protest photo....( Look closely)

20 years ago today - the last Cowboys Super Bowl

Racial Profiling Alleged At Bernie Sanders Rally In St. Paul

Polls, polls, polls- Keystone State -HRC 46% SBS 29% MOM 2%

Don't Blame Americans for Blaming China; Free Trade With China Wasn't Such a Great Idea for the U.S.

Pulling the plug

'Good news out of Illinois - we are one step closer to getting on the Illinois ballot.

HILLARY GROUP...2016 Calendar of DEM & GOP Caucaus Dates & Delegates per Party

Rare Photographs of Frida Kahlo Shed Light on Her Legendary Life

A Message To Those Democrats That Would Give Up

Mexico Recognizes Indigenous 'Identity' with Birth Certificates

The Rise and Fall of a Fox News Fraud

Money vs. Money = Money wins

Mix a quack and religion...

Syrian Kurds plan big attack to seal Turkish border: source

Anne Frank's stepsister compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

What's on TV tonight:

“I believe that the people of Iowa are looking for a new leader,” he said. “Iowa likes a fighter

Bernie is now looking at possibly winning the nomination, still a long road

Please please..someone bring out an empty chair for Trump on stage

Greenwald: Paul Krugman Unironically Anoints Himself Arbiter of “Seriousness”

Trump’s University Scam Finally Catches Up With Him

Snyder Has No Immediate plans To Replace Water Pipes in Flint

Trump Didn’t Want Disabled Vets Near Trump Tower, Petitioned to Have Them Removed

SF mayor’s housing plan: Developers get nice juicy benefit; city gets little or nothing

Colbert - Bernie Sanders Promposals

Legislation Introduced Would Repeal MI's Emergency Financial Manager Law

Pro-Bernie writer at the Huffington Post attacks Michelle Obama, calls her insincere and polished

Colleges That Ask Applicants About Brushes With the Law Draw Scrutiny

On Climate Questions, Only One Candidate Has All The Right Answers

How The One Percent Reshaped Democracy In Their Image

If you really want to do something about the Bundy Bunch

Sanders to co-sponsor bill repealing protections for gun makers and dealers

Maricopa County (Phoenix) NAACP President about reporter:"nice tits!"

Please-FFS there is no Zika mosquito

God: Voting for the socialist Jew.... is literally the Christian thing to do


Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly to Campaign for Hillary Clinton in Iowa

Chicago police intentionally breaking cruiser dash cams

For Clinton & Krugman, 'Hardheaded Realism' Amounts to Protecting Interests of the Richest People

Dont 90% of Americans (when polled) want to reverse the effects of Citizens United?

Bernie's New Wall Street Ad

Stephen Colbert Dreams Up Ben & Jerry’s Flavors For 2016 Candidates (video)

Oregon standoff: Final 5 say they will leave if the FBI agrees not to arrest them

Trump reportedly going to apologize to veterans tonight for Dodging the Draft

Hillary has her Mojo back

Bernie Sanders Has Had Gout and Other Ailments, but Is in ‘Very Good Health,’ Doctor Says

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na -Batman

Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo explains his Nazi salute and "White Power" shout

HILLARY GROUP - Hillary's whinney little brother on MSNBC says pundits say she's better & not me &

As someone who's background is economics,

Manny Moe and Jack from the Oregon Standoff

UI's footballers, wrestlers rally for Trump

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Electable, and Here’s Why

Jobless Claims Fall More Than Expected After U.S. Holidays

Chief Inspector Murphy keeps an eye out for trouble

Bernie is now Hillary's "whinney [sic] little brother."

Cardboard Energy Harvester, DIY Energy Pulses for Pennies

Gay Syrian refugee's hope of new life tested by Dutch camps

Endorsement: Hillary Clinton, The Candidate Who Actually Inspires

Rebel sounds coming from Montana in the 1960s featured on new LP

Rebel sounds coming from Montana in the 1960s featured on new LP

Actress Susan Sarandon tears up while campaigning for Bernie Sanders in Iowa...

Time to Really Separate Church and State!

Pro-Bernie Sanders HuffPo Freelancer Picked the Wrong Michelle Obama to Mess With

Was there an earthquake in NY/NJ?

Fuck this place(Not the Bernie Group). DU is taking the life out of me. I just don't understand why

Library book returned 49 years late with “modest donation” of $100 to cover fine.

The Keene Sentinal (NH): We endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president

Rural Voters Can Swing the Iowa Caucuses. Meet Five of Them.

Sanders workers are masquerading as Culinary members to campaign inside hotels-HRC ROOM

Top official negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has RESIGNED over bribery charges

Hillary Raised Big Funds Last Night From Franklin Sq. Capitol Which Has Huge Investment in FRACKING

Terri Schiavo's Husband: 'Disgusting' For Jeb Bush To 'Exploit' My Wife In Ad

The crowd for Bernie Sanders & Susan Sarandon in Mason City, Iowa stretches for blocks!

How Bernie Sanders’ Campaign ‘Disappointed And Offended’ Nevada’s Most Powerful Union

Andy Borowitz on Trump-Megyn Kelly kerfuffle . . .

Ari Shavit in a conversation with Peter Beinart

Virginia for O'Malley 2016 shared Martin O'Malley's video.

Virginia for O'Malley 2016 shared Martin O'Malley's video.

Why Peyton Manning will be the best QB ever if he wins the Super Bowl:

Daughter of Von Maur shooting victim says she continues to be inspired by late mother

"They wanted the campaign gathering to appear full, but..."

I FREAKED OUT when I realized

Clinton Seen as Winner in November; A Trump Presidency Inspires Anxiety (POLL)

Bernie Sanders just hit back at the Washington Post with the most perfect jab

Election 2016: Snowstorm to unfold as thousands gather for Iowa Caucuses

Unelectable = Can't Be Bought By Wall St

I don't know about anyone else...

How do you get there from here?

Chicago Police Have Been Sabotaging Their Own Dashboard Cameras on Purpose

Bernie Sanders Is Democrats’ Top Beneficiary of Outside Spending, Like it or Not

Virginia for O'Malley 2016 shared Martin O'Malley's video.

Now for something really important: How to pair wine with your favorite Girl Scout cookies

FYI, 'HC Raised Big $$ Last Night from Franklin Sq. Capitol Which Has Huge Investment in FRACKING'

Virginia governor McAuliffe (D) agrees to restore concealed carry reciprocity

Messing with the Trump Imbeciles

Pentagon to release almost 200 photos of tortured Afghan, Iraqi prisoners under court order

1-24-16 The Boycott in 2:00

1-24-16 The Boycott in 2:00

"Bernie Bro Just Wondering Who Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama Thinks She Is Anyway"

1-24-16 The Boycott in 2:00

Sonic booms??? What is going on?

Hillary's Dirty Campaign Tactics circa 2008 - Sought to Suppress the Vote of Rivals' Supporters.

Major Nevada union accuses Sanders aides of posing as union members

Culinary Union releases statement blasting Bernie's campaign (staffers were posing as union members)

San Francisco students suspended over racist ‘wigga party’

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Open Door to More Democratic Debates

1-25-16 Shay’s Rebellion in 2:00

1-25-16 Shay’s Rebellion in 2:00

1-25-16 Shay’s Rebellion in 2:00

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-27-16

Just heard on the radio...

A new name for Donald Trump

Snowstorm may complicate Iowa caucus

1-26-16 TR Getting Money out of Politics in 2:00

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Jan. 28, 2016

1-26-16 TR Getting Money out of Politics in 2:00

Hillary's Future.

1-26-16 TR Getting Money out of Politics in 2:00

Bernie Sanders slams Clinton at Iowa rally with Susan Sarandon

New Elvis stamps

It really doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton is ‘dishonest’

How Bernie Sanders undercuts Hillary is he points out the facts.


On Facebook today.

“Black Americans for a Better Future” Super PAC 100% Funded by Rich White Guys

Everything you need to know about the Planned Parenthood videos

Michigan Officials Quietly Gave Bottled Water To State Employees Months Before Flint Residents

Interesting article about conspiracy theories and their inherent problems.

Protest in SF tackles homelessness

Here's The Problem With Hillary Clinton's Electability Argument


Nobody Likes A Cockblock

Sanders tries to bolster position against gun law he previously supported

Oh, And Take The Folks With You!

Ammon Bundy gets his own Voodoo Doughnut - #OregonStandoff

Report from on the ground here in Nevada.

Bernie's Ground Game In Des Moines

Loved Jessica Jones, can't wait for next season!

Great article debunking critiques of single payer healthcare by Yglesias, Klein, Krugman et al

Darth L. Jackson

So this happened to Hillary at the rope line (emails question, sorry if dupe)

How To Canvass (New Hampshire)

Sanders campaign just crossed Nevada’s most powerful

I'm thinking about starting a Draft Morgan Fairchild movement

Stealing data, racial profiling, and now impersonating union members.

Fox chose Muslim Bernie Sanders supporter to trip Trump

Oregon standoff: Holdouts offer peaceful exit but say they're 'not afraid to die'

I know the perfect spot for a Democratic Debate.

Kick & recommend if you believe she will win.

CNN, MSNBC Plan Coverage of Donald Trump Opposite Fox News Debate

Veterans group slams 'loser' Donald Trump, stop using us as a 'political stunt'

Law cited against Oregon occupation was created to corral Civil War secessionists

Can the GOP get Michele Bachmann to fill in for Chump at the last minute?

Clinton expected to beat all comers in November, Sanders expected to lose to Trump -among all voters

Hillary Clinton, campaign bully

Books The Bundy's Read as Children

I'm wearing shorts

All our Dem Candidates are Feminists!

Clinton is not electable in the GE

Can you imagine having Cliven Bundy for a father?

I've been dog walking for the last couple of days at my favorite ranch

WA Senate panel passes reversal of transgender bathroom rule

Why Hillary’s EmailGate Matters

Defying his own son, Cliven Bundy rallies Oregon militants to ‘fight’ to the end

Lincoln High School student gets perfect score on AP Calculus exam -- 1 of 12 in the world to do so

Confirmed Conspiracy Benghazi by GOP Defamation of Character Hillary 2016

Bernie Sanders Is Democrats’ Top Beneficiary of Outside Spending, Like it or Not

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 29 January 2016

2016 Previous Next U.S. NEWS ‘Affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch back in Texas after being deported from

Can you imagine having Al Bundy for a father?

BREAKING: Banner Calling Obama ‘Killer’ Raised on U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Only in Maine

Snyder Administration Began Shipping Its Flint Employees Clean Water a Year Ago

CNN, Trump spox can't name 1veterans group that will be receiving money raised from tonight's event

Obama Not Interested in Serving on Supreme Court Despite Clinton Enthusiasm

Do not forget: If there is any international incident now...

Son Kills Parents, Siblings, Grandmother & Himself With.......

U.S. Senate race: Russ Feingold leads Ron Johnson 50-37 percent.

Trumps campaign theme song

A guilty pleasure of mine

Dr. Rand Paul on Twitter

Pregnant women and babies drank poisoned water while MI State Employees living in Flint

Charles Pierce absolutely destroys the WaPo anti-Bernie editorial

Oregon standoff: Jon Ritzheimer 'likely' to be extradited to Oregon

When Did “Hope and Change” Turn Into “Settle and Aim Low”?

The GOP Circus is on the Air Tonight – Fox News – We Lie – You Decide!

Bernie To WAPO: 'Check out where all the geniuses on the editorial page were with invasion of Iraq'

Wow, the Hillary crowd seems to have decided on a last-minute, all-out smear of Bernie! PATHETIC.

Meet The New Leader Of The Oregon Standoff

Ladies only: Beware of this 3d mamogram billing scam

More people to vote for Bernie than think he can win. The effect of the warped MSM conspiracy.

AARP: We did not authorize the Sanders campaign to use our logo in their campaign mailing

White House backs Treasury view that Russia's Putin is corrupt

Bernie Sanders Unloads On The Washington Post

Evacuation Squad: Pro-Putin online group claims responsibility for school bomb threats in England

Michigan Offered Bottled Water to State Employees in Flint Even as Residents Told Tap Water Was Safe

Marquette Univ Poll has Sanders (43%) Clinton (45%) in virtual tie in WI

Chechnya's Strongman Praises Putin, Threatens 'Traitors'

Reporting Now its over at the refuge

Remains of previously undiscovered dinosaur species found in Alabama creek (

In face of Zika virus, women ponder abortion, childlessness

Maine Republican Party’s tax/welfare ballot drive may fall short

Toon: "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before"

Bernie campaign mailer misleads by implying he was endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters

Clinton Maintains Lead in Iowa

Group W bench (apology to Alice)

I wonder if all those TVs

Kick & recommend if you believe he will win

new in the dictionary

Dana Milbank: I LOVE Bernie. And Democrats would be INSANE to nominate him.

Reports starting to come in that the standoff is over

All you have to do is stand up and their little game is over...

Maine Gov. LePage is suggesting Maine gun-toters 'load up and get rid of the drug dealers'

ABC/WP Poll: liberals, moderates and even cons more comfortable with Bernie than Hillary

At Start Of Campaign, The Last Gasp Of Political Parties?

A toast

Hillary Clinton and the audacity of political realism

Just saw a clip on TV where Bernie totally owned Al Hunt in a press roundtable.

You think you know hypocrisy? Lemme tell ya. You don't know hypocrisy.

The Chicken Hawk defined:

Anybody got a great recipe for a fresh head of fennel?

Can an unabashedly progressive presidential campaign actually win this November?

Bernie in Mason City...

The video response to the Sanders campaign debate schedule proposal

How Dare Bernie let voters know his lifetime voting record for the League of Conservation Voters.

Rinsed Preebussed is such a little weasel.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Drops the Mic on Flat Earth Truther B.o.B.

They're laughing at Fox but this story is more about the fact that they all allow