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Sanders Releasing New Ad On Goldman Sachs' Role In Economy

I hope I don't offend too many here but it comes

One militant left in compound. Medical vehicles on scene. Reports tha the area is now secure

People Who self-identify as Black instead of African-American may be "suspect"? Getta outa here BS!

Kanye Kardashian gets spanked when attempting to cut the line at Austin BBQ joint

Who should play the lead roles in the film version of "Snack Hawk Down"?

Ezra Klein drills down deep into the differences in the 'vision' of the candidates:

Hillary Clinton LCV rating 82%, Bernie 95%

Not enough vegetables for all. Probably easier to fight diabetes, cancer, etc. if we start with

Flints Newest Problem......

Woman Gets Fined $200 for Eating a Banana While Stuck in Traffic

Clinton Campaign Saying Sanders May Bus In Young People - and Bernie is Fuming

Any Iowans here get the mailer from the Sanders campaign bearing an AARP logo?

If Bernie Sanders and his supporters are as racist/racially insensitive as many suggest

Mr. Trump: “Have you repented? To harmed children & spouses? Do you think it matters?”

1,000 Mourners say goodbye at memorial service for Omaha police dog killed in the line of duty

The Escalating Media Assault on Bernie Sanders

Veterans Send ‘Loser’ Trump A Brutal Message: Keep Your Donations

Florida Senate Passes Stand Your Ground Expansion, Gun Bills

Yacht belonging to Microsoft's Paul Allen destroys 14,000 sq ft of protected coral reef in Caymans

Weaver claims Bernie's non-union workers were sporting union buttons "in solidarity"

M$Greedia has gone mad

Clinton, Sanders to compete for O'Malley backers.

I seldom post but this just pissed me off.

Read my lips

Teachers' union sues Detroit schools, demands removal of emergency manager

Teachers' union sues Detroit schools, demands removal of emergency manager

Hillary: "I've been asking for more debates since last October."

Clinton targets Valeant price hikes in campaign appearance

Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner dies at 74

The BS is flying, cover yourself up with anything other than a blue tarp ;)

Mali's desert elephants face extinction within three years

Time to take the gloves off

The Anti-Trump Is Martin O'Malley.

Advocacy Groups Call Foul on Sanders Campaign in Iowa, Nevada

1-27-16 Working Class Stamps in 2:00

1-27-16 Working Class Stamps in 2:00

The Anti-Trump Is Martin O'Malley.

Syrian Defense Chief In Moscow For Talks On Military Ties

1-27-16 Working Class Stamps in 2:00

So that Culinary Union story...

Iowa has far more influence than is warranted.

Guatemalan migrant sent to same US detention facility where he nearly died

I usually recoil from the suggestion that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Carly getting really nasty about Hillary

Does anyone here remember Reaganomics and Supply Side? And the GOP agenda?


AP Interview: Colombia's Santos wants rebels off terror list

fox news is liberal (Gop debate)

So, what are some of your guilty pleasure movies?

DeLorean to go Back to the Future by making cars again

AP Interview: Colombia's Santos wants rebels off terror list

Newsweek: Advocacy groups call foul on Sanders campaign in Iowa, Nevada

Fiorina bald-faced assinine lie 5 minutes ago

Rare falcon egg seized from smuggler hatches and is returned to wild in Chile

Bernie Sanders and the UNICORN meme.

ABC debate rules will keep several GOP candidates off the stage

Bill de Blasio - Made case for Bernie, but endorses Clinton

Susan Sarandon Gets Emotional Over Bernie Sanders Movement

Arrested Salvadoran ex-president has brain damage

Camp Weathervane is clutching their pearls because an AARP logo appears in a Bernie mailer

Zika Reignites Debate on Reproductive Rights in Latin America

Dear fellow Clinton supporters

Annie kitty rescue by Michael Fay FREDERICKSBURG, VA

Virginia Gun Law Deal to Be Announced Friday

Remembering Roger Boisjoly- he tried to stop shuttle challenger launch

An Imam in Istanbul has opened up his mosque as a warm home to the city's stray cats

This is Bernie...

Amid denials, state workers in Flint got clean water

from Donna Edwards: Our campaign has been overwhelmingly outspent.

FBI remove barriers and reopens highways around refuge

The Problem

"It's almost obscene how much you're enjoying this." (Trump/Fox News war) said on MSNBC

Is this the moment that Trump created so that he can drop out

FBI Special Agent In Charge of Oregon Greg Bretzing to speak at 5:30 PM media briefing in Harney Co.

Exclusive: Iran's Supreme Leader Personally Set Conditions for Nuclear Deal: Negotiator

Nevada governor seeks change in sage grouse mining rule

Oh great, MSNNBC has a split screen, so we can see when Pres Trump arrives

The Anti-Trump Is Martin O'Malley

Economist Dean Baker Smacks Down the WaPo's Elite Indictment of Bernie

Oh hey, remember that IBD/TIPP poll that has Bernie only down 4 nationally?

Hillary's vote on humanitarian ban of clusterbombs in 2006 -- TAKE THIS TO SOCIAL MEDIA

Economist Dean Baker Smacks Down the WaPo's Elite Indictment of Bernie

The Party has BEGUN!!!!

A Trump Whitehouse would be a Nixon Whitehouse (and then some)

Sanders campaign - unauthorized use of AARP logo

I just got my Iowa caucus assignment for Monday night

Dr. Herbert L. Abrams, Who Worked Against Nuclear War, Dies at 95

The Anti-Sanders ad the 4th estate members argue is pro-Bernie takes dishonesty to new heights

Rep Berkley Bedell: O’Malley can rebuild the American dream

This is about the primaries, but not allowed in GDP.

IBD/TIPP Clinton's lead increases by 8 points in two and a half weeks

All is fair unfortunately in politics

Alabama schools now allowed to use non-certified teachers

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren May Have Just Saved Consumers $14 Billion

Supporting our veterans is a sacred responsibility-HRC ROOM

Clinton Campaign May Disenfranchise Young Iowan Voters.

F-35 software overrun with bugs, DoD testing chief warns

This is not about unicorns, this is about people's lives

The question that no one in the media is asking concerning Trump and is latest stunt.

The New Yorker: James Ridgeway’s Solitary Reporting [about solitary confinement]

CNN Democratic Town Hall Is Most Watched in Cable News History

The Sickness Within The GOP: "13 Hours", "Fox News" and the Republican Paradox

Liberal group stands with Warren against bipartisan regs reform package

NY Magazine: Bernie Sanders and the God Factor

HIV becoming resistant to key drug, study finds

Senate approves Crapo nuclear energy legislation amendment

The smear campaign is right on cue!

Bernie:35mm Americans should not have to go without the medication they need because...

MailerGate- AARP: We did NOT authorize the Sanders campaign to mention AARP NOR to use AARP Logo

The New Yorker: Hellhole

Michelle Alexander (author of The New Jim Crow ) about The Clintons

Is The Sanders Campaign Unraveling?

So how did Bernie staffers get Culinary Union buttons, if not from someone in the Union?

Israel derangement syndrome envelops the far left: Six examples

Snyder Admin Trucked In Clean Water for State Building in January 2015

Did you notice what they are NOT saying??

Mandatory thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Clash of the Tyrants! & a new Kitteh gif

SPLC's statement on the Bundy shitstains

Paul Kantner has died.

High School Halts Production Of "American Idiot" In Favor Of "Little Shop Of Horrors"

Entire Washington Establishment in Panic Mode Over Bernie Sanders' Impending Iowa Victory

For the undying 9/11 MORONIC STEEL = AIR ARGUMENT

Major Nevada union, Sanders campaign resolve dispute

Bluetarpman's Shooting. Edited Version of FBI Video

***Unofficial Trump-Free Debate Thread***

Videos of Joint FBI and OSP Operation -- Warning: Finicum Is Killed in Video -- #BundyTeaParty

Edited Version of FBI Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016 (tarpman's shooting)

have you heard about the remote control...

League of Conservation Voters to Sanders Campaign: Stop using our Logo in your Campaign Mailers,

BREAKING: FBI shows video of fatal traffic-stop shooting of armed occupier in Oregon

Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and Oregon State Police Operation

McCain: 2016 'a different planet' compared to 2008

Sanders:* Very ugly bigotry is being pushed hard, including, sadly, at DU.

How about something positive: Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren May Have Saved Consumers $14B

NYTimes article about "Southside with You" -- the fictional movie about the Obamas.

protest at trump rally

Major Nevada union, Sanders campaign resolve dispute

trump is the only candidate & he's on two networks

Concepcion Picciotto, Who Kept Vigil by White House

Charges: Renton ‘13 hours’ shooter blamed groping stranger

'Northern Powerhouse' department to close Sheffield office and move 247 jobs to London

So about that third recent attack on Bernie...the League of Conservation Voters

Most Of The “Most Valuable Progressives” Named By ‘The Nation’ Have Endorsed…Hillary?

"The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies". What an amazing performance.

Pentagon chief announces measures to improve quality of life for military

Fuck Trump and the GOP "debate" - Jefferson Airplane Rules

Steroids, meth, and scatterbrained nonsense

The League of Conservation Voters uses their logo next to a picture of Sanders

'This is not what we need.'

FBI video shows Finicum reaching for waistband - watch the video

Last Nail In The Coffin for Sanders and his Berniebros

Syria peace talks derailed as opposition stays away

I made a big mistake watching the GOP debate tonight

Why I'm switching my vote from Sanders to O'Malley by Karina Alvarez

Bernie Sander's Favorbility/Likability ratings.

1-28-16 Unemployment Insurance for Workers in 2:00

1-28-16 Unemployment Insurance for Workers in 2:00

1-28-16 Unemployment Insurance for Workers in 2:00

Why did the League of Conservation Voters endorse Hillary over Bernie?

FBI releases video footage of LaVoy Finicum shooting

is trumpalooza over?

A Flashback and a warning: 2008 Hillary campaign use of Obama in a turban photo

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders all hold campaign events tonite in Iowa.

Some people

Trump On CNN: Someone At Fox News Apologized to Me Over Debate Flap

K-9 officer retiring city auctioning the DOG

Unauthorized use of buttons and logos will not be tolerated!

Chamber of Commerce President assures people Clinton will support TPP if she wins Presidency

Philadelphia's water-testing procedures ‘worse than Flint’ – expert

The claim that Bernie supporters are somewhat racist and misogynists is definitely a Clinton or

South FL Is Sinking - Where Is Marco Rubio? Damning Newsweek Article

French, Finnish reactor problems cast shadow over UK nuclear plan

Duma And Ellie: The Odd Couple You Need To See To Believe (tissue warning)

Ouch: Sanders's healthcare plan claims pharmaceutical spending will be negative

US issues telling reminder of labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank

Does an image of the AARP mailer exist anywhere on the internet?

The Liberal Media Attacks Bernie Sanders-The Young Turks

Men dominate news coverage of women’s reproductive issues, finds Women’s Media Center study

Men dominate news coverage of women’s reproductive issues, finds Women’s Media Center study

Men dominate news coverage of women’s reproductive issues, finds Women’s Media Center study

Men dominate news coverage of women’s reproductive issues, finds Women’s Media Center study

Worst debate ever? ...Or worst fundraiser ever?

Who does this remind you of?

FBI video shows Ryan Bundy surrendering to police The Oregonian

Say cheese

Monmouth U. in Iowa: Clinton 47, Sanders, 42, O'Malley, 5.

Hillary Clinton, campaign bully. Al Jazeera America 1/28/16

Bad Dad Lavoy Finicum (With Apologies to Jim Croce)

The Truth is in the Numbers

Why did Mrs. Greenspan Automatically Think of Hillary When She Saw This Ad?

Placing bets now: In 40 weeks time, Republicans will trade in their passively racist language

Rupert Murdoch Encourages Bloomberg 2016 Presidential Run

While Flint Was Being Poisoned, State Workers "Quietly" Provided Water Coolers

Major Nevada union, Sanders campaign resolve dispute

AARP must be very touchy. Told Obama 2012 to stop "citing" them. What?

Medical marijuana will be on Florida ballot in November

Just checked Des Moine weather forecast for Monday.

Scariest woman in the world..

Introduction of Quantitative and Qualitative Easing With a Negative Interest Rate

Culinary Union says the matter has been resolved

A Crazy Establishment Demands ‘Sanity’ From Voters-


WaPo: The heroic professor who helped uncover the Flint lead water crisis​ has been asked to fix it

John Fuglesang's tweet about Carly Fiorina (LMAO)

My Take on the Republican Debate, Minus Trump Kristof

How Woman Think Men Pee

Major Nevada union, Sanders campaign resolve dispute

Major Nevada union, Sanders campaign resolve dispute

Frank Luntz ✔ @FrankLuntz

"Berniebots," "Shillary," "Rethuglicans," - how old are you people?

Cats 4 Bernie!

Clinton's speech problem


Sanders knocks Clinton for changing positions on Iraq and other key issues

My Vote and Hillary Clinton

Ronald Reagan created 14 mil jobs in a record 70 month stretch...

¿Quién dijo que Bernie Sanders no podìa hacerle la competencia a HC por el voto Latino?

There is something off about Rubio that makes him a bad fit for president.

Pups Day 9

The reason why some cats look like Adolf Hitler

Bernie on the brink: The latest New Hampshire numbers reveal a national trend

GOP debate filled with lies as fact checkers forced to work overtime

Congressional Democrats Align With Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders

Weather prediction for Iowa snow on Monday to be released tomorrow

Tax time reminder please check the $3 for the presidential election fund

Some of us did the dirty work. Love us

E.T. ☎ Home!

The US and state governments spend nearly as much per capita on healthcare as Canada does right now

In Iowa push, Sanders expands criticism of Clinton's record

Do Hillary fans ever ask themselves why investment firms love her?

My choice for Bernie's VP

Gerald Friedman, Ph.D, on economics of health care reform, 8th Annual Public Meeting of PNHPWW

Sanders Plans Volley of Ads in Iowa in Final Push Toward Caucuses

The Star of "Game of Dicks" Has Died

At Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign offices, Bernie Sanders’s ‘excitement’ dig is a rallying cry

Iowa Will Go Down to the Wire for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Poll Suggests

Bernie on the brink: The latest New Hampshire numbers reveal a national trend

Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Are Actually Fighting About Barack Obama

Just how far back does the oligarchical establishment go? Nixon? Reagan? Or further back?

I support Bernie Sanders as a human being. If you agree please K&R.

Both Sanders and Clinton produced terrific ads, but only one of them makes me feel included.

How Populists Like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

Concerned Student 1950 responds to Melissa Click's suspension

Politico 2007. Hillary aide accuses Obama of "trying to "manipulate the Iowa caucuses"

5 Ways America is Already Socialist

Newest declared candidate who is running against Bernie.

Sanders, Clinton, O'Malley on board for NH debate, await word from DNC.

Politics Done Right on KPFT: Its all about the vote and we are complicit (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly Gaffe - called Trump 'Voldemort' at GOP Debate

The world's first robot-run farm will harvest 30,000 heads of lettuce daily

Why Bernie Sanders Is Winning the Hearts and Minds of America

About the end of the League of Women Voters Presidential Debates

Bernie Sanders’ “Revolution” Isn’t Good Enough He needs an actual plan for change.

Bernie's FB page is ready to hit 2.5 MILLION likes.

Okay, I am ready for my badge now.

Sanders v Clinton on issues

Students in England 'are the most illiterate in the developed world'

Onmel: Who thought THIS was a good idea?

DeVry University Accused Of Deceptive Advertising & Misleading Students On Job Prospects

Looking for a link from Thursday morning.

Trump can't be bought?

~ SOMEBODY to LOVE~ Lead Vocal Grace Slick, Classic SF Band Jefferson Airplane. Peace Paul & All.

I am looking for a speech that Bernie gave

Ga. lawmaker: KKK made ‘people straighten up’

Donald Trump scares the hell out of Fox News

USA Today Poll needs DU'ing - The standoff in Oregon: Our view

It Really Doesn't Matter if Hillary Clinton Is Dishonest: Article from Washington Post

Daily Holidays - January 29

Do you buy into the single payer fantasy of Sanders?

What The Washington Post (and Nearly Everyone) Gets Wrong About Bernie Sanders

Bernie on the brink: The latest New Hampshire numbers reveal a national trend

Housing blew up the global economy in 2008 and we learned nothing

Haiti: Enough Is Enough, Bring on the Revolution!

“Black Americans for a Better Future” Super PAC 100% Funded by Rich White Guys

The five lamest excuses for Hillary Clinton’s vote to invade Iraq

Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: 'I Bailed You Out Twice'



California Senate moves to keep gas company from using wells near Porter Ranch

Before 'affluenza' case, teen's family tangled with the law

Mormons banned accused molester from contacting children

Billionaire Paul Allen's yacht destroyed protected coral in Caribbean: media

This 'self-filling' water bottle turns air into drinking water

Top Guatemala Aide Linked to Genocide Keeps Immunity from Trial

Hillary Clinton: The Audacity of Political Realism (HRC group)

How many times does Bernie Sanders have to get caught cheating before we admit there’s a problem?

South Korea court jails American for 20 years for Burger King murder

U.S. Navy commander pleads guilty in corruption scandal

BBC Trending: Bernie Sanders supporters get a bad reputation online

Colbert on Ben and Jerry's new Ice cream flavors

Watch Cenk Uygur absolutely destroy militants and FBI over ‘right-wing privilege’

Hackers post private files of America’s biggest police union — and you won’t believe what’s revealed

This is a hell of a way to get something done

It is true

Anyone receiving this message ????

Did Fox's Apology To Trump Have All To Do With Ratings For Last Nights Debate?....

DHS Placed Immigrant Children With Human Traffickers

Holdouts in Oregon siege offer to leave if none are charged

As Clinton Attends Investor Gala, Sanders Tells Iowans, "I'd Rather Be Here With You" http://www.c

What happened to black Germans under the Nazis

Why Bernie Sanders Is Winning the Hearts and Minds of America

On Climate Questions, Only One Candidate Has All the Right Answers

New computer: Lenovo Windows 10 They want me to use Microsoft Edge as my browser. I like Chrome

Zika Virus

Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Tom Donohue: Clinton Will Support TPP After Election

Elizabeth Warren: One Way to Rebuild Our Institutions

How Did The Repugs 'Presumptive' Nominee Jeb! Do Last Night....

On Marijuana, Hillary Clinton Sides with Big Pharma Over Young Voters

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Clinton, Sanders to Prosecute Corporate Crime Better Than Obama

Biggest fucking military in the world, yet "More is needed"

For this Iowa couple, caucusing is a family affair—and has been for decades

The Sanders campaign gets in on the bashing.

Singer Carole King films video for Clinton

Carole King addresses the people of Salem | Hillary Clinton

How was this member able to post jury results to a hidden OP?

Chicago Teachers Union considering 'serious offer' from school board

Chicago Teachers Union considering 'serious offer' from school board

Chicago Teachers Union considering 'serious offer' from school board

Trump dubbed in Cockney

Bernie wins the Super-Pac spending contest! According to the Federal Election Commission,

In a political and media world filled with propaganda and manipulation one thing is certain -

Vámonos! An Unprecedented Latino Voter Drive Could Tip the Scales in Iowa

NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his attack squads

Inside Washington's Shadowy Power Elite

Nobel Prize-Winning Texas Professor: Guns Not Welcome In My Class

Video of LaVoy Finicum Shooting

Canada Cuts Off Some Intelligence Sharing With U.S. Out of Fear for Canadians’ Privacy

Field and Stream writer laments SHOT Show militarization

Damn, I miss this guy

Bernie Sanders is in ‘very good health,’ doctor says

BREAKING: Ted Cruz NARROWLY escapes an attack of the vapors in wake of "mean" questions!

WAPO: Va. will again recognize concealed-carry permits from other states

1/15 - As MI Denied Lead Problems, It Installed Purified Water Coolers In Flint State Offices

The Gospel of Reality.

Strange new Bernie meme: he's not "promising" anything.

Weed Expert Outlines Post-Roundup World For ND Farmers; "It Got Ugly In A Hurry"

Nine-year-old boy plants seed that yields 3 trillion trees

Panel begins debate on reducing operators’ liability for nuclear accidents

Why isn't Bernie talking more about executive pay caps?

Now, Morning Joe Show *JANE SANDERS, BERNIE'S WIFE is Coming Up, Says Mika (on MSNBC)

On February 28th, Alert Nunavut Canada gets 2 hours, 13 minutes and 39 seconds of daylight finally

Your Mind Has Left Your Body.

Great article in Salon about Bernie "I have had it with cynical faux realists attacking Bernie"

Pistons owner Gores to raise $10M for Flint crisis

Will the 2016 Primaries Be Electronically Rigged?

In California, retail workers who ‘sacrifice’ their Thanksgiving may receive double pay

Oregon militant loses his mind

Trump dodges a tomato

Fun with Jesus and Google

Bernie Sanders NH Comms Director Calls out Anti-Hillary Trolls for ‘Misogyny and Vitriol’

Malheur shows American gun loons can be bored into submission

Lawsuit asking for injunction to stop removal of confederate monuments denied (LA)

Bank of Japan shocks markets by adopting negative interest rates

The Big Winner of the GOP "Debate" last night...

The U.S. Has Been Spying On Israel For Over A Decade: Report

Bernie Sanders supporters getting Ugly online

Signs of Modern Astronomy Seen in Ancient Babylon

Equal pay litigant Lilly Ledbetter endorses Clinton-HRC Room

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The Media and the GOP

US economy slowed to scant 0.7 pct. growth rate last quarter

Many of our leaders today seem to be saying that you can have economic justice or social

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Bad Water

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Paul Allen's Firm Working With Caymans Amid Reports Yacht Damaged Reef

If Trump is elected president I am leaving

Kamasi Washington - 'The Rhythm Changes'

Seth McFarlane introduces Bernie Sanders

My Dream - the new anthem in Jamaica

Where did HA Goodman go? He was always good for a laugh.

Black lives like my father’s should matter. That’s why I’m endorsing Bernie Sanders.

Cereal offenders: Tony the Tiger begs furries to stop tweeting him porn

Commentary: To Democrats, Bernie Sanders is a realist

Chicago Judge Rules Police Obtained False Testimony

Stephen Moderates An All-Trump Debate

Nick Johnson "Why I'm supporting Bernie Sanders for president"

I have the best Olive Garden OP Header ever. And it's real.

The Trumph of the Will

I'm too Cool-To Feel the Bern

Bernie Sanders Coaxes Young Iowans With 5-Second Videos

"We've got the hospital all lined up".. (for Trump's daughter)

US paychecks show little sign of accelerating in 4th quarter

College application questions about police contact under scrutiny

Why is Ann Selzer such a good pollster?

Malheur Standoff Puts Science in the Crosshairs

Washington Post Published Probably the Most Inaccurate Editorial on Bernie's Campaign So Far

The Trumph of the Will

Erica Garner Endorses Bernie Sanders

New York Times Gets it Wrong: Bernie Sanders Not “Top Beneficiary of Outside Money”

Congress to probe Juniper 'back door' exposure, possible U.S. involvement

Hillary's friend, Mary, writes a moving tribute: Voting with Your Head and Your Heart

You know why I will forever use the name Mrs. Greenspan instead of Andrea Mitchell?

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren May Have Just Saved Consumers $14 Billion

Hillary goes negative...on the American People. Worst. Ad. Ever.

Saudi mosque bombing kills four, wounds 18

Militia types now describing a probable cause felony stop as an "ambush"

Equal pay litigant Lilly Ledbetter endorses Clinton

when you're so popular and well liked even Jeb Bush pretends to not know you....

No change in fourth quarter--one percenters killing the middle class with wage stagnation...

'Affluenza' teen faces Texas hearing on move to adult jail

In 2008 Hillary repeatedly praised the Republican nominee as part of her attack on Obama

Nominating Bernie Sanders is high risk/high reward

I am proud to stand with equal pay advocate, Lily Ledbetter, in her endorsement of Hillary Clinton

I've heard very little chatter online regarding either the GOP debate or Trumpalooza.

3 Days To Caucus..Really getting exciting around here

Maryland Lawmakers Stand Up For Martin O'Malley

Central African Republic children 'abused by EU troops' - UN

Peoples Organization for Progress to endorse Sanders

How will they try to crush Bernie?

China Shandong: Miners 'rescued after 36 days'

On Marijuana, Hillary Clinton Sides with Big Pharma Over Young Voters

EXCLUSIVE-EgyptAir mechanic suspected in Russian plane crash-sources

Gay Veteran Kicked out of Army Receives Honorable Discharge

You know why people are anti-establishment? Because republicans try to make govt fail.

US to Collect Equal Pay Data From All Big Employers

I have had it with cynical faux-realists attacking Bernie Sanders idealists

Michelle Alexander - author of New Jim Crow & Remembering Clinton & the Damage They Have Done

Bernie Sanders’s ideas are not too bold. They are too facile.

Iran Says It Flew Drone Over US Aircraft Carrier

Swiping safely: Tinder adds STD clinic locator feature

How Single-payer Healthcare works in France

TSA Canines Frolic in Snowzilla

Economist Dean Baker "Washington Post Wild Swing at Sanders"

I thought Sanders was bad for black people. These women changed my mind.

If you are a massive WW2 history buff, consider this series: Second War Diary - The War Day by Day

Last night, I went into a friend's new 15,000 square feet house...

"I approve this message" - What message...

What exactly is Carly Fiorina's endgame?

New York Times Gets it Wrong: Bernie Sanders Not “Top Beneficiary of Outside Money” (Hillary is)

You know what I would love...

Nissan to recall Altimas for third time to fix hood latches

If ya go to a dance, ya gotta dance with the one who brung ya. A Hillary win

Stanford engineer publicly refutes claim by Cambridge that a human Spider-Man could not exist

Jury question

New York Times Gets it Wrong: Bernie Sanders Not "Top Beneficiary of Outside Money"

FAIR: Washington Post's Wild Swings at Sanders

Sanders Calls Out WaPo 'Geniuses' for Epic Failures on Iraq, Economic Meltdown

New bill would create a registry of all the bands and DJs that play Philly: ‘It’s become necessary’

If you go to a dance you gotta dance with the one who brung ya. A Hilliary win.

Bernie responds to Clinton Campaign's Bogus Accusation He's Busing in Students in Iowa.

Bernie's "You Cannot..."

Mark Hallperin: White House is Buzzing about Clinton FBI Investigation

NY Times: The Huge Enthusiasm Deficit: Why Boomer Women Don't Like Hillary Clinton

Bernie responds to Clinton Campaign's Bogus Accusation He's Busing in Students in Iowa.

What is the best word to describe Trump supporters?

Bernie responds to Clinton Campaign's Bogus Accusation He's Busing in Students in Iowa.

Michelle Alexander weighs in on POC, Hillary & Bernie.

Any Iowans here need more info/support in prep for caucusing?

CAPTION Chris Christie in this photo from last night's debate.

To fellow Bernie supporters

Butt Trump-ets

Primary Campaigns & Intellectual Property Rights Clash

Check out this *amazing* tribute to Bernie - This Land is Your Land sung by Signal Kitchen


The video of the militant "ambush" on Al Jazeera.

An idea for a rally song

WP Editors dispute Sanders' response to their editorial

#MarchforBernie - NYC - Saturday, January 30, 2016

"If Bernie gets elected it'll be like Cuba."

2 questions for smart DUers about the Constitution?

'Urban' vs 'Rural' Gun Control - Debunking Hillary Clinton's Attack on Bernie Sanders

Economist Gerald Friedman calculates savings resulting from ‘Medicare for All"

Does Sen. Sanders believe there should be private property?

Eliza Warren: Obama Admin Shockingly Weak on Corporate Crime (and the SEC)

Father charged after girl, 12, is killed by police constable

Elizabeth Warren Op Ed Piece implicitly criticizing Obama

O'Malley is a more experienced, accomplished choice than Sanders

Are there any OMMP Participants

Somewhere George Orwell is Shaking His Head

US stocks rise on Japan stimulus, earnings and energy prices

Hillary in NH this past week -pics and tweets

Hamas says it continues to build tunnels to attack Israel

The Nation: How Populists like Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Racism

Somewhere George Orwell is Shaking His Head

Rosa Lives

Cook Political Analysis: Bernie must win 70% of IA delegates & 63% of NH just to stay competitive

Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Explains Why America Needs Bernie Sanders

Venezuela opposition leader urges fast action to oust president

IA-PPP: Clinton 48, Sanders 40, O'Malley 7

The benefits of Socialism using the Packers as an example.

I am ashamed of the lies being told on a Progressive forum.

I Support Bernie Sanders, And I'm Not Stupid or Unrealistic

Cook Political Analysis: Bernie must win 70% of IA delegates & 63% of NH just to stay competitive

I don't know that this fits here; but, will park it here because it is a Primary consideration ...

Tom Wheeler's really good idea worries cable companies

Brand Spanking New Iowa Poll-It is Clinton 48% Sanders 40% O'Malley 7%

Bernie doesn't need to flip-flop He stands for what's right even if its not popular...

"No We Can’t” Clinton SCOLDS Americans in her Latest Ad

Here's the truth; despite what the Republicans would like you to believe....

Three of the five "Now Trending" OPs are of ...

US Acts As Saudi Arabia's Mercenary to Implement NeoCon Regime Change in the Middle East

Fox News Google GOP Presidential Debate: TYT Coverage

What Donald Trump's Debate-Rivaling Rally Says About His Candidacy

Upcoming Bernie Events...

Elizabeth Warren: One Way to Rebuild Our Institutions

40 percent of Germans demand Merkel's resignation over refugee policy, poll says

Toon: The modern campaign platform....

Vet With PTSD Petitions For Early Release Of His Military Dog To Help Him Cope

Vet With PTSD Petitions For Early Release Of His Military Dog To Help Him Cope

Maine’s largest solar farm is expected to go online in 2016

An Iowa win might make the Trump train unstoppable


A moment of silence for all the fed up Millenials who won't be old enough to vote this election year

Hillary Clinton, campaign bully

TYT: O’Reilly BEGS Donald Trump To Debate

Biggest asshole of last night's debate... (no, not Trump.)

(spread the word) - Lifted from Facebook

Jurassic Parkour

We have about 60 hours to make our DU for Bernie Act Blue January goal

Who knew? Tightening requirements for waivers for school vaccines increases vaccine uptake

If you see one Tarantino movie have you "seen them all" ?

Pelosi Praises Bernie Sanders for Energizing Young Voters

TYT: Oklahoma Now Lets Parents Torture The Gay Away

Stephen Colbert (1/28) - Trump debates Trump...hahaha!

Million dollar photo - of a potato

Democracy Spring

TYT: Flint Not Replacing Lead Pipes Anytime Soon

Chicago Cop Suing Family Of 19-Year-Old Black College Student He Killed

Another Clinton Scandal....Stormgate

Dog--just accept the fact that you will be scratched.

TYT: CNN Tries To Convince Susan Sarandon To Change Her Vote

Donald Trump has made a complete mockery of FAUX News and the GOPU

Las Vegas Sands wants stadium for UNLV, possibly Raiders

I have had it with cynical faux-realists attacking Bernie Sanders idealists

Young voters embrace Sanders, but not democracy

TYT: Trump Fans Viciously Swarm Megyn Kelly

Gus Kenworthy: 'Coming out as gay shouldn't be newsworthy'

Super Bowl protests in S.F.: Tent city, Mario Woods march planned

Clinton email prober had deeper role in inquiry into 2000 Clinton campaign

Michael Moore endorses Bernie; says Hillary is ok too.

TYT: Donald Trump = No Friend Of Veterans

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-28-16

I Support Bernie Sanders, And I'm Not Stupid or Unrealistic

They Painted The Wrong End Zone At The Super Bowl

Full 8th GOP Debate From Iowa With Running Majority Report Commentary - 1/28/16

Anyone here try McD's mozzarella sticks yet?

Homophobic Harlem Pastor's Church up for Auction over Unpaid Debts

A Brief History of the Candidacy of Donald J. Trump

Sanders Vs. Clinton -

xPost from LGBT: Homophobic Harlem Pastor's Church up for Auction over Unpaid Debts

I heard Thom Hartmann is going to be on Bill Maher tonight!

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund endorses Bernie

BREAKING-Pres Obama on msnbc now-Has New Plan for EQUAL PAY

80 year old grandma schedules unconventional heart health test for birthday

NC super delegate: Breaking Toward Bernie

Sanders recent lashing out is a sign that the PPP poll is accurate.

A polling concern for Bernie in Iowa

An OP that insinuates that Bernie Sanders is

Before 'affluenza' case, teen and family tangled with the law (multiple times)

Sanders surge panics Washington establishment

Before 'affluenza' case, teen and family tangled with the law (multiple times)

Sam Seder: Bill O'Reilly Tries to Sweet Talk Trump

Kansas City norovirus outbreak linked to dinner theater leaves 390 sick

In These Times: How Bernie Sanders Put Socialism to Work in Burlington: A Profile from 1983

Wintry-looking Iowa caucus intensifies turnout fears for Trump and Sanders

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Is Concerned About the 'Berniebro,' As They Maybe Should Be

Zika virus: Colombia warns of spike in patients with related paralysis disorder

Eric Garner’s daughter endorses Sanders

Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

6 cities in Michigan have higher levels of lead than Flint (!!!)

Hillary's most influential supporters hate Bernie Sanders

Iowa Speaks: Governor O'Malley Q2

Think Progress: Details of how Sanders campaign tried to infiltrate the NV Culinary Union.

56 Members of MS-13 Gang Are Charged in Massachusetts

56 Members of MS-13 Gang Are Charged in Massachusetts

Father Of Virginia Tech Victim Makes Case For Hillary Clinton In New Super PAC Ad

Alternative Medicine and the Ethics Of Commerce

Iowa Speaks: Governor O'Malley Q2

Canada considers changing national anthem to include country's women

Is Bernie Sanders a 'Libertarian Socialist?'

Silicon Valley's poorest workers tell government 'we can't live like this'

Judge Says 'Affluenza' Teen Won't Be Moved to Adult Jail

Susan Sarandon: Donald Trump 'reminds me of a drunk uncle at a wedding'

Clinton: It's the M$M's fault that Bernie is pulling ahead of her in Iowa & NH

What does the return of mercenary armies mean for the world?

Bernie Sanders understands the frustrations

Should only Black people post articles about Bernie Sanders written by Black people and

Zika in Texas? The Virus Is Spreading Explosively Across The Americas.

Time To Move On

Iran claims it flew a drone over a US aircraft carrier and snapped ‘precise’ photos

Electric vehicles take to the fields to ease the labor of crop picking

UK: Cult Leader Sentenced to 23 Years for Abuse, Rape

Is Martin O’Malley The Candidate Religious Progressives Have Been Waiting For?

US Navy test flights rattle New Jersey homes

Dismissed and ridiculed, Virginia Tech researchers fought to prove Flint's water was unsafe

Dismissed and ridiculed, Virginia Tech researchers fought to prove Flint's water was unsafe

Fired Wal-Mart Worker Who Claimed Discrimination Wins $31M

The Art of the Squeal ... "Megyn was mean to me!"

Putin's ex-wife marries 'toy boy' 21 years younger

Is Martin O’Malley The Candidate Religious Progressives Have Been Waiting For?

Oregon Occupation Turns Into Bundy Family Feud

Kremlin Demands Explanation for ‘Outrageous’ U.S. Remarks About Putin

cliven bundy-- ted bundy

Glenn Close Joins #MindfulAllies Campaign to Help End Stigma Around Mental Illness

Martin O'Malley 'arguably the best manager working in government today'

She faces possible jail time for saving two baby squirrels (update 2 CHARGES DROPPED!)

Oregon occupiers stay holed up after FBI shows shooting video

Will the 2016 Primaries Be Electronically Rigged?

I wonder if Affluenza is in the DSM IV.

Which candidate will the O'Malley supporters end up backing on caucus night

Can't wait to see how Hillary tacts left to get the endorsement

After 40-year ban, U.S. starts exporting crude oil

U.S. economy slows to 0.7% in fourth quarter as inventories, trade weigh.

Texas Top Court Sides With Cheerleaders in Bible Banner Suit

McDonald's Forgot To Put The Mozzarella In Their Mozzarella Sticks

Can anything be done about the abuse of the alert and jury processes?

Sanders, Clinton, and the Big Lie of the “Possible” Pushing big ideas can lead to tangible results)

Malheur Standoff Puts Science in the Crosshairs

Bernie's digital media director urges Bernie supporters to be respectful

29 Wall Street Fundraisers for Clinton since April 28, 2015

Suspended Missouri Professor Reaches Deal in Assault Case

Dahr Jamail: Mass Extinction: It's the End of the World as We Know It

Southern Miss men's basketball facing allegations of major violations, including academic fraud

Leading Latino Magazine in Iowa Endorses Bernie Sanders

Clinton Leads Sanders By 8 Points In Latest Iowa Poll

The U.S. Has Been Spying On Israel For Over A Decade: Report

Pragmatism: The Justification to Ignore What's Happening to Those Less Fortunate

Pragmatism: The Justification to Ignore What's Happening to Those Less Fortunate

Hillary Clinton debunks her own ad in 52 seconds?

Need some help

Turning an Elegant Pasta Dish Child-Friendly

Bernie Sanders Trumpets Iowa Paper’s Praise. Unsaid? It Endorsed Hillary Clinton

This op-ed by Bernie Sanders shows a different aspect of his Wall Street plan.

Sanders Surge Panics Washington Establishment--The Hill

So about Hillary & mass incarceration...oh oh....

Susan Sarandon: Hillary failed me

Do you believe in omens? Here's one:

When Bernie says...

TRUMP: Wow, Ted Cruz got beat up at the debate — 'glad I wasn't there'

The Big Bernie Sanders Lie (That They Keep Telling)

Even Without Trump, GOP Debate Manages To Sink Even Lower

Shout out to everyone, regardless of candidate support. Who is ready to get this party started?

2 amazing women fighting for Hillary Sen. @JeanneShaheen & @GloriaSteinem Jan 26 New Hamphire

The U.S. May Build 500 Jets Before Finding Out If the F-35 Works

Policy Experts Destroy Kenneth Thorpe's Analysis of Senator Sanders' Single-Payer Reform Plan

Sanders Questions Clinton's Motives, Leadership in Iowa Race's Last Days


President Sanders and a Republican Congress

German WWI U-boat found after 100 years missing at sea

Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz an ‘Anchor Baby’

High-Profile DREAMer Activist To Endorse Martin O’Malley: “His campaign’s heart beats with ours,”

My new boss said "I fired 'em because the monkeys were in charge of the cabana."

To use a baseball analogy

Eric Garner's daughter endorses Sanders.

There is a post in a group that I can't respond to ... so I will do so here ...

I have adoped an avatar for the first time in several years

What Constitutes Going Negative In A Political Campaign And.....

Answer to Hillary's CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T ad....

Why Isn't Bernie Sanders's Superior Foreign-Policy Judgment a Decisive Edge?

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers

NYT Gets It Wrong: Sanders Not The Top Beneficiary Of Outside Money

Join the Demoplican Party. Today! Choose your favorite celebrity President. Poll.

Oakland pledges to fund college for poor

British woman Tareena Shakil guilty of joining IS

Why Don't More Californians Vote?

Saudi Prince Epically Burns Donald Trump: Remember Those Two Times I Bailed You Out Financially?

Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

Bernie Sanders Trumpets Iowa Paper’s Praise. Unsaid? It Endorsed Hillary Clinton

Airstrike targeting British hacker working for Isis killed three civilians instead, US admits

State Department now looking into whether Clinton emails were classified when they were sent

American Democracy Down for the Count

"How many times does Bernie Sanders have to get caught cheating before we admit there’s a problem?"

Here's how Houston boosted mass transit ridership by improving service without spending a dime

Guess what Paul Krugman said about Obama supporters in 2008.

Who else is Not Too Cool To Feel The Bern? Tell us here.

Tommy Chong loves Bernie Sanders!

Article in the NY Times says Bernie's campaign is running misleading television ads in Iowa.

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town ...

Here is Tommy Chong's PSA for Bernie Sanders

I brought this up before and was shot down, but one way to get big money out of politics

Koch brothers convene donor retreat as dark money spending set to soar

Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers

Michael Moore’s Open Letter: Don’t Send Water To Flint

Jeb Bush pins hopes on 'someone in a garage' to tackle climate change

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren May Have Just Saved Consumers $14 Billion

Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

Xerox to Split in Two; Carl Icahn to Get Three Board Seats

What To Expect When You’re Electing: Iowa Caucus Preview

Gov. McAuliffe, GOP announce landmark gun control compromise

Nate Silver: What Happens if Bernie Wins Iowa

Satanists set to deliver prayer at Phoenix City Council meeting

In Honor of Hillary Clinton's New Ad, Please Post Your Favorite Demotivational Poster Here!

State Department to Withhold 22 Hillary Clinton Emails Entirely B/C They are Top Secret

New York area ports shut down after dock workers walk out

One of three inmates who escaped California jail captured

netflix and amazon prime - why are they so devoid of concert videos?

We've reached the point of high farce

If anyone here happens to run a really big bank

Migrant crisis: Grenade thrown at asylum hostel in Germany

Americans for Democratic Action Endorses Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz A Canadian 'Anchor Baby'

Somali-born man handed nine years in U.S. prison for al Shabaab support

Iran 'flies surveillance drone over US warship'

Dildo Dave at the refuge just put up a new video...

Bernie won over an evangelical Christian Republican.

How Hillary Clinton put the Flint water crisis on the front page

Hilarious clip "Jones"

New federal pollution standards weigh on Montana utility rate increases

Lilly Ledbetter endorses Hillary Clinton For President

538: "What if Sanders loses Iowa? It’s probably over."

Going negative in the primaries usually backfires, because it's assumed everyone should be friends.

Tennessee Lawmakers Are So Creepy That Speaker Warns Interns To Stay Away

The only Bernie supporter I speak with IRL

BREAKING: State classifying 7 email chains as "Top Secret" ... Hmmmm... Emails strike again...

Cellmate suggestion for Rick Snyder

Neil deGrasse Tyson's favorite science joke will make you smarter

With Time Running Out in Iowa, Clinton Throws a Hail Mary

Study proves Southern white people have more black DNA than those in the rest of the U.S

Refuge Update 11:54am Jan 29 2016

Cat Choked with Wire and Bludgeoned Deserves Justice (PETITION)

Is anyone watching "Occupied" on Netflix?

The Latest Anti-Gay Oklahoma Bills Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe

Georgia state representative believes KKK wasn't racist, 'made a lot of people straighten up'

Ironically, the Clinton Campaign is traditionally paternalistic

When Hillary says "enough is enough" regarding financial reform, my instinct is to think that

US declares 22 Clinton emails ‘top secret’

Clinton Will Support TPP After Election says top lobbyist

How San Francisco's Homeless and the City Are Paying Dearly for Superbowl 50

Sceptics drop atheist Richard Dawkins for retweeting video mocking feminists and Islamists

Evidently we'll be running against a proto-fascist (Trump) or a proto-theocrat (Cruz)

UM, er.....Turn on your TV or radio.....mmmmmppphhh, er Clinton e-mails

US declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret'

Generational War: Baby Boomers Underestimate The Passion Of Young Voters

Justice is a joke of an ideal. We shouldn't teach children to believe in it.

Re top secret email on Hillary's server

Muslim Leaders Vow To Protect Rights Of Religious Minorities

Hillary Clinton’s Final Caucus TV Ad: A Thank You To Iowans

Secret recording of one speech Hilliary gave to Wall Street.

Let's take a look at Clinton kneecapping. or why Hillary supporters

Sanders Running "Most Negative" Democratic Primary Campaign in History

That's it, Hillary is toast.

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan. 29, 2016

At GOP Debate, Fox News Failed To Ask The Gun Policy Questions Americans Wanted To Hear

Interesting article with Keith Ellison re endorsements

Bernie is now the largest recipient of Super PAC money after pledging to never accept Super PAC cash

Experience or Judgement - what do you think?

First on CNN: Chong wants Sanders for next 'commander in kush'(video at link)

If Bernie sends Clinton Campaign to the Fainting Couch how will they handle the stress of the WH?

Latest: US House Democrats ask Snyder for Flint documents

Hillary Clinton: Single payer will "NEVER, EVER come to pass!!"

Is KamaAina engaging in vandalism?

“I didn’t decide to take on the Catholic Church. I decided to pursue a story"

Hillary Clinton urges Iowa voters to stick with Democrats

Now this is funny.

Texas top court sides with cheerleaders in Bible banner suit

Here's 15 things everyone would know if there really were a "liberal media"

OTG: Syrian Patriarch: A special Catholic leader?

Enough about the illegal classified e-mails kept on her home computer!

Somthing amazing just happened!

So today on DU I learned...

Ted Cruz flat out lied about Obamacare last night

Here's what you need to know about the 7 Clinton emails ...

Goat and tiger accused of ‘promoting homosexuality’ in Russia

Oregon standoff holdouts now want pardons for all involved

Dave Barry: Blowing in the wind in Iowa

Who had greater authority than Hillary to classify or declassify State Dept info?

Man who claimed self-defense is convicted of killing 3 bears

Glenn Beck Readies To Read His Children 'Left Behind' And Move Operations To Israel

Pathetic: Sanders campaign workers pose as union members

The Latest: Paralyzed victim to attend Couch's hearing

If Bernie gets the nomination, what is going to happen with all the corporate $ on the dem side?

I may have missed it, but did Sen Sanders announce Hillary's agenda for the day? TIA

About the Email Stuff: IMO it's to help Clinton confuse the issue and play the victim card

The Latest: Remaining Oregon occupiers say they want pardons

Do we really want Donald Trump to be president.... of the United States??????

Bernie Group: Scooby doo where are you? Shaggy unmasks the real villain...

Here's what you need to know about the 7 Clinton emails ...

Unions Lean Democratic, but Donald Trump Gets Members’ Attention

Gunshot fired in Philadelphia high school; 3 students held

Internet speed question

Oh, Look, A Hit Piece

Malloy Campaigns For Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire

Shortages of vital drugs, rationing are the new normal in American medicine

Iowan hopes to cast 20th presidential vote — for Clinton

Dad faces homicide charge in death of girl shot by constable

Obama Finally Fights Back Against Republican Obstruction; Will It Be Enough?

On MSNBC: Vilsack - The timing of email info release is suspect? Didn't her buddies release this?

The bros who love Bernie Sanders have become a sexist mob

Windows 10 and DU, etc.

Waste dumping probed in New York town with tainted water

Why polls in Iowa can be so screwy

Sarah Palin's Trump Speech As A Yosemite Sam Cartoon

Any WW2 or WW1 historians, might be interested in Soviet drama documentary about each war

European far-right, nationalist parties meet in Milan

Heh, so there I was looking up my Liberal Elite hat at Cafe Press and I found this:

I am willing to have an open mind

Hillary want's to make sure her 1% buddies pay their fair share of taxes.

Argentina Agrees to Borrow $5 Billion From Wall Street Banks

Jennifer Granholm: Americans would rather elect an atheist than a socialist

Think of the Supreme Court, I am: David Brock, Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, Citizens United, Hillary

Argentina to Raise Electricity Bills by as Much as 500 Percent

Argentina to Raise Electricity Bills by as Much as 500 Percent

I just had it on MSNBC

Two big reasons to keep Cruz out of the White House...

Some people ( 2-3?) protesting death of Blue Tarp man, at Burns Courthouse ----pic

City forgoes Melissa Click prosecution, favors community service deal

Only Corporatists & Billionaire-Lovers Criticize Bernie Sanders' Tax Plan, Which HELPS Middle Class

What's X-Files saying here?

I put an OP up at GD-P but I realize some folks usually avoid going there

Wild Turkey

FYI: Colin power on treatment of classified info while he was SOS

Just Released Iowa Poll-It is Clinton 53% Sanders 42% O'Malley 5%%

what is pragmatic?

Dream Theater's Insane New Metal Opera "The Astonishing"

Animator Expo Season 3-What's Worth Watching

If this election were The Lord of the Rings

Clinton Leads Sanders By 8 Points In Latest Iowa Poll

Corporations Will Pay A Fair Share | Bernie Sanders

Politifact: Bernie's claim that he polls better against GOP candidates than Hillary Clinton is false

Anti-Hillary Republicans up in arms today..

The Atlantic Ocean looks very angry

And there are STILL more shoes to drop in Hillary's email "mistake."

Transdisciplinarity: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Flowers Of The Night

Exactly!! The Rock in Bernie's Sling

FARC will be 'ally' in Colombia war on drugs: president

Do all IA polls get thrown out now after the Clinton email story?

Sanders won’t give previously advertised foreign policy speech before Iowa caucuses, aide says

The question to ask yourself regarding the email brouhaha

APNewsBreak: US declares 22 Clinton emails 'top secret'

The increasing signs that Donald Trump’s ‘birther’ attack could be hurting Ted Cruz

The GOP Debate. None of these Freaks should ever come near the Oval Office. They must be Defeated.

Bernie Sanders: "Check the Record and See Where Hillary Stands" (on the wrong side of the issues)

new barbie sizes

Bernie's new ad, "Rock", is his best yet. Just brilliant

The results in Iowa will tell us about whether robo-call polls or other traditional polling methods

Remember, this Saturday's SAG Awards - Carol Burnett Honored with Lifetime Award!

Chris Christie: 'I Feel Like I'm Gonna Start Pounding The Meat'

Clinton To Supporters: WaPO Editorial Speaks for Me

Robert Reich endorses Bernie, will the media hear?

Guardian: Japan begins work on 'world's largest' floating solar farm

On Real Time with Bill Maher tonight - Dr. Sam Chachoua, Fmr. Rep. Trey Radel,

Bernie's not here, man. (Tommy Chong endorses Sanders)

Elizabeth Warren: Prosecute Corporate Crime Better Than Obama (to Clinton & Sanders)

Fuck Them

Conservatives say: Fox News Is 'Most Powerful Republican Institution In Contemporary America

Bernie's new ad, "Rock," is his best yet. Just brilliant.

Hillary Helps Swiss Bank Avoid IRS—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons

Virginia lawmakers reach bipartisan deal on gun issues

The WP, owned by America's Favorite Billionaire Warehouse Sweatshop King speaks for Hillary -

Oregon occupation organizer Ammon Bundy, brother denied bail

Krugman recycling attacks from 2008....his words about Obama and Bernie supporters.

Trump Debate Flap Throws Republican Party Into Deeper Chaos

UnitedHealth Medicare plan must cover U.S. sex reassignment surgery

Exclusive: Facebook says to prohibit private firearm transactions on its service

Volunteering for Bernie

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Includes Sanders & Clinton)

SAG Lifetime Honoree Carol Burnett Is Clearly Not a Republican!

Mike Malloy - Widow Of Fox Lake Police Joe Gliniewicz Indicted

On Saturday Students for Bernie Sanders Will Host Rally(VA)

Chairman Says SD Chargers to Stay for 2016 Season


Jake Quinn, DNC member and Super Delegate from NC Endorses Sanders

Son of Martin O'Malley speaks to MSNBC.

Venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse

Son of Martin O'Malley speaks to MSNBC.

"Some emails on Hillary's unsecured home server were Top Secret"

Gov. O'Malley is the best choice for Iowans for President.

Real wages in Argentina down 10% in the two months since Macri's election.

Hillary Clinton may be the gutsiest person alive

Bernie Sanders Terrifies Wall Street By Exposing The Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers

Constitutional question:

Seen on facebook after the latest email server revelations today

The difference between Bernie and Hillary fans.

Feelin' the Bern!

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers

Argentine bonds succumb to global bond market turmoil as Macri euphoria cast aside.