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America can choose a President with experience, vision and results.

sweet, poignant, lovely film - "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl". We didn't expect to love it so


TYT: Rush Limbaugh Fill-In: Bill Clinton Kinda Like Bill Cosby

How to distinguish Japanese from Korean and Chinese

Just started smoking again in October.

"Police: UNT student shot in car after party has died"

TYT: Peter King Defends Surveillance State By Attacking Muslims

Berkshirites turn out in droves for Bernie Sanders rally at UMass

"Sounds like 'Bucket' List" "

I expect impeachment talk in the wake of President Obama's gun control measures

TYT: Festivus Creator Is Sick Of Rand Paul

TYT: GOP Rep: Giving Trump An Army Is A Bad Idea

Nebraska lawmakers to again weigh expansion of Medicaid; backer 'very encouraged'

TYT: Republican Bob Gannon Wants Citizens To Kill "Scumbags"

Nimr al-Nimr Execution: Former Iraq PM al-Maliki Says Death Will 'Topple Saudi Regime'

I'm so old I remember

What would you like as your last meal?

EU Warns Of 'Dangerous Consequences' Of Saudi Cleric Execution

Keep running Windows 7 and you are DOOMED! Doomed, I tell you.

TYT: Trump Support UNDER-Represented Due To Trump Shame

TYT: Mayor: Muslim Michelle Obama Destroying Democracy

China Restructures Military As Xi Eyes 'Strong Army'

Soros says he regretted backing Obama over Clinton because

Scariest Political Clip of 2015? (Donald Trump voters)

See Bernie rap in "Bern It Up"

Trevone Boykin bar fight video

Secular Talk- WATCH: Christian Preachers Try To Rationalize Private Jets

Tattoos, prescription drugs, obesity hinder Army Reserves recruitment effort

Iowa, NH, SC, FL & NV volunteers hard at work this weekend for Hillary...

Never, ever, ever forget

Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters (Updated)

Sugar found in ketchup and Coke linked to breast cancer

Secular Talk- Anti-Gay Kim Davis: "I'm Just The First Of What's Gonna Be Many"

TCM Remembers those who passed in 2015

Secular Talk- Pharma CEO Claims 'Responsible Pricing', Sells Cancer Drug For $150k

For Donald Trump, Lessons From a Brother’s Suffering

My daughter's friend just had an abortion.

EPA orders barrier installed to protect nuclear waste from underground fire near St. Louis

Dump Trump.

Today my wife got a letter from Hillary.

Mexican Mayor Is Killed a Day After Taking Office

Secular Talk: U.S. Marijuana Legalization Is Hurting Mexican Cartels & Farmers

Bernie Sanders Rally UMass (1/2/16) answers Trump Protestor

I'll take either of them

Saw Star Wars and found it disappointing (spoilers)

Bernie Sanders has a million donors.

Happy New Year - The most stunning drone footage of Lima in Peru bringing in the new year

Taking a moment to praise a federal government department.

Historic New Harpers Article Exposes Who Controls America

US intended to destroy civilian populations in enemy cities during Cold War according to declassifie

US Police Have Already Killed More People Since Christmas Than UK Cops Have Killed In The Last 5 Yrs

The Myth of Silicon Valley Libertarianism

Young Black Democrats of Western New York will endorse Bernie.

Dog speaks multiple languages!

(SATIRE!) Andy Borowitz - Trump Calls His Al Qaeda Recruitment Video Highest-Rated Terror Video Ever

Untangling an Accounting Tool and an Ancient Incan Mystery

Untangling an Accounting Tool and an Ancient Incan Mystery

The #BernieBus is rolling through a state near you,

21 Colombian Lawmakers Prevented from Taking Office

21 Colombian Lawmakers Prevented from Taking Office

Treason: Leaked Wiretaps Reveals Netanyahu Bribed Republicans To Sabotage Obama’s Iran Peace Deal

Animal rights group targets Nebraska sheriff in online videos

Hotline’s 2016 Senate Rankings

Reminder: Nevada is the third primary state, not South Carolina.

David Pryor: 9 Miles to Mustin Lake

am i right about this?


Brazil's Rousseff OKs 2016 Budget, Vetoes Social Program Cuts is crushing last years figures and a million young people enrolling

Anti-vaxxers. For dogs. Nope, not The Onion.

1-1-16 “The Liberator” in 2:00

1-1-16 “The Liberator” in 2:00

1-1-16 “The Liberator” in 2:00

1-1-16 “The Liberator” in 2:00

Scalia dismisses concept of religious neutrality in speech

NSA Rats Out Republicans, Proves Netanyahu Bribed Them Against Iran Nuclear Deal

1-2-16 Another Deadly Tragedy in 2:00

1-2-16 Another Deadly Tragedy in 2:00

1-2-16 Another Deadly Tragedy in 2:00

Pathankot strike plotted by Pakistan army headquarters?

Italy confirms higher cancer, death rates from mob dumping

Joint List leaders condemn attack

Two weeks of rain, Storms to drench San Francisco Bay Area

The Big Short - Cenk Uygur Classic Movie Review

Weird Snowball Waves Seen in Lake

Result of Iowa coffee shop poll where customers vote with a coffee bean...

NASA: El Nińo’s Worst Is Yet to Come

Gossip blind item: Which Fundie chain business owner (millionaire/billionaire?) is a Luddite?!1

The Theologian's Nightmare by Bertrand Russell

Original Comic Characters CONFIRMED In ‘Preacher’; AMC TV Show Release Date Set On 2016

Bizarro Is Coming To ‘Supergirl’

Protest in Tehran after Saudis execute Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, 46 others

Daredevil Season 2 Possibly Debuting In March 2016 on Netflix

I am back~

7 WNY Democrats have been tapped for the Clinton Delegation to the Convention

The Kochs Worst Nightmares Come True As Bernie Sanders Smashes Fundraising Records

This just makes me happy, so I'm posting here as well as GDP

Okay, I did the math

Just met a woman who was onstage at the Reno Bernie Rally

Milking Cows - Candidate by Candidate

Koterba toon: Mother Nature

It's 'hell': How ISIS prevents people from fleeing its 'caliphate'

Blast from the past

Question on Socio-Political Issues

'The Big Short' Roundtable: “You’re Rooting For These Guys. They’re Like Us. They’re Outsiders"

150 Armed Militia Members Take Over Federal Building

Well Fuck a Duck!

Gorgeous Images Reveal Parasitic Plant in 3-Way Symbiotic Relationship

Gorgeous Images Reveal Parasitic Plant in 3-Way Symbiotic Relationship

In D.C. schools, the racial gap is a chasm, not a crack

Think About This - If The Media Didn't Black Out Bernie.....

Duma indictments expected today

2015 was an amazing year for me!

The Islamization of Europe

'Adopting' from another OP, Think About This - If The Media Didn't Black Out O'Malley

Ecuador and Peru to Create 1.8 Million Acre Biosphere Reserve

TEA Suspends Progreso ISD School Board

Fukui court lifts injunction on Takahama reactor restarts

Watching some cooking show and got a question.

Playing with fire


Armed Militiamen Take Over Federal Building in Oregon

Bug report 105

Lost Roman roads revealed by flood maps

This is what happens when NYers are stuck on a subway car for two hours during morning commute

Low water levels lead to discovery of long lost Oregon settlement

UK Iraq veterans 'may face prosecution'

What happens when a racially/ethnically/gender diverse group of NYers get stuck on a subway car...

Mississippi councilman draws fire for urging people to toss bottles, bricks at police

Commuters group sing on their way to work

Armed "Militia" takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

I need those figures for tax rates under recent presidents.

Nazi Subway cars in NYC?

I find the phrase "Feel the Bern" off-putting. It feels like a taunt, not an invitation . . .

No press and no more manifestos...

"Congrats to Oregon...the 2016 Alamo Bowl Champs!"

Remember this ad from the 2008 primaries?

I am so impressed at some of the posts in here!

Cliven Bundy's kids just led an armed militia to take over a federal building

Trump draws 15,000 to rally in Mississippi

Who's Spoiling Now? Polling Indicates That Democrats Underrate Sanders' Electability at Their Peril

Dallas Struggles to Overcome Segregated Legacy

Bernie Sanders Points to Crowd Sizes as Sign of Strength for 2016

Can you imagine? ..If a band of armed Muslims seized a Federal Bldg. to protect "one of their own"?

A personal relationship with Jesus

‘Family values’ conservative: If women can breastfeed in public, I can grab their breasts

I guess BLM is officially a good organization again?

Charles Pierce: Connecting the Dots (Seriously) Between Iran-Contra and Peyton Manning

What Really Happened to the US Train-and-Equip Program in Syria?

Oklahoma Man Opens Fire On Teens For Ringing His Doorbell And Running

School lunch in Japan. - It's part of their education.

Daily Holidays - January 3

Four Israelis to be charged with anti-Arab terror attack

Grandmas try Fireball Whiskey for the first time...

Ryan Coogler Confirmed to Direct Marvel's 'Black Panther'

Ascension Island to become marine reserve

Iran: Saudis face 'divine revenge' for executing al-Nimr

Cities look at subsidized housing to stem teacher shortages

Obamas leave Hawaii for Washington

The Media Are Bored, but Below the Radar, Clinton Is Connecting

Here's the history of the Bundy mess

I just got that call that ...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Birds And Bees Edition

another group I didn't know existed on DU

Quentin Tarantino: 'It's about damn time' US discussed racist past

Is Bernie Sanders committed to the success of the Democratic Party?

The greatest challenge for Putin

Waterloo's first black mayor a 'bridge' (DMR)

Hillary proposes to double spending on Alzheimer's research to $2B yearly.

I Ain't Lion...

Jesus. Just had a "chizza" from KFC

Sanders draws 3,000 to Worcester rally

Indictments filed against two Duma arson suspects, gag order lifted

‘Stood up by accomplice, Ben-Uliel torched Duma home alone’

Karamah, a world wide movement taking a new look at the Koran with feminist eyes.

Karamah, a world wide movement taking a new look at the Koran with feminist eyes. (X post)

Karamah, a world wide movement taking a new look at the Koran with feminist eyes. (X post)

Powerball jackpot climbs to $400 million after no winner drawn in Saturday’s drawing

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 1-2-16

Sunday's Doonesbury- From the Trump Tweet Desk

Toon: We Have a Problem

NY Times: Many See I.R.S. Fines as More Affordable Than Insurance

Not about race?

Meet the Fire-Eaters

Poll: Whites and Republicans Rank as Angriest Americans

Breaking News! Poll: Whites and Republicans Rank as Angriest Americans

If you ever wondered why Sanders seems to attack Democrats & the Democratic Party more that the GOP?

Remember Donald Trump's 2000 presidential campaign?

White Christian Terrorists.

Here's another one.....favorite cartoon bad guys/gals...I'll start.

Martin Luther King weighs in on the 2016 Democratic Party primary

OK, just for fun. You just won the $400 million jackpot. What do you do?

In Chicago, distrust toward mayor has turned ‘personal’

Bernie Sanders: 'terrorists or potential terrorists should not have guns.'

The Risks of the War on Cash

America’s Largest Utility Jacks ups Rates Most since 2006 Despite Collapse of Natural Gas Prices

When the NRA Supported Gun Control.....

Celebrating the New Year with a Brand New


Will Bernie Be Our Next FDR? Is That Worth Getting Behind?

Capitalism for the 1%

Sanders predicts Mass. victory, says The Donald is dividing nation

TOON: Punch & Judy Show

The Oligarchy

I can not stand tRump's mouth when he speaks.....Face The Nation interview.....ugh. eom

Kissinger to Kurds: F*ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke! | Mickey Z.

That's about right

Imagine the reaction if _______ said this:

When it comes to Saudi Arabia "the rights of women always come last."

Fox Hosts Conveniently Forget To Mention Clinton Was Right About Trump Recruiting Terrorists

What is the big deal about the Oregon "takeover?"

What exactly are the Oregon Arsonists guilty of?

Excellent Analysis IMO: Armed Militia Invades Federal Building In Oregon - Threaten to Kill Gov ...

why does a credit score do DOWN after one pays off a house and credit cards?

Time for ReTHUGs politicians and media hacks to declare if they are for the

Peace my black ass

So Cliven Bundy gets nothing?

Derry is ready for #HillaryInNH Folks lining up for Town Hall Sun, Jan 3 Pics

Bernie Sanders Slams Donald Trump for Attacks on Clintons

A Most Amazing Dog... rescue by Phoenix BlackHawk San Francsico, CA

The Definition of White Privilege

Wow, ABC News. Just, wow.

So excited to have @GovHowardDean joining @HillaryforNH in Peterborough this Monday! Jan 4

Just found out being cheap makes me "hoity-toity"

Must WE use the word "militia"?

Sanders on Trump: 'We Have More Things to Worry About Than Bill Clinton's Sexual Life'

How did those Democratic primary campaigns get your email address?

Sanders on Trump: 'We Have More Things to Worry About Than Bill Clinton's Sexual Life'

Brian STELTZER: Journalists can't cover Oregon because, well, *remote.* Remote remote remote

#ICYMI: @billclinton is coming to Nashua NH on Monday! Jan 4 via @NashuaTelegraph

I Know The Guy Thats Prosecuting Cosby

Don’t Let Them Terrorize You

There are not 200 armed men holding that building. There are no more than 15


The Orwellian redefining of the meaning of the words "centrist" and "moderate"

The Gov of Texas explains the position of the #OregonUnderAttack militia with this one simple tweet!

Will 'bitter' voters keep clinging to Trump?

In Ferguson, 150 unarmed black people occupied a blocked off street.

TYT: The War On Festivus: Support At Historic Lows

Anyone who's heard God voice should seek help.

Techniques of Propaganda

TYT: Chinese Now Paying For Cans Of Fresh Air

Ok...I'm a NYG fan rooting for the JETS!!!

Does the entire Internet slow down for you sometimes? Here's help:

Peter doesn't know where the hole is!

There Are Other Far-Right Groups Taking Over Federal Lands. It's Not Just Bundy:

This idea thst Bernie gets elected and all of the venal and craven aspects go away

TYT: Landlords Kicking Out Tenants To Cash In On Airbnb

TYT: Hookers For The Price Of A Sandwich

Martin O'Malley has more time than Kerry did in 04. Can surprise pundits.

Disney has a money problem that even ‘Star Wars’ can’t fix

Minimum wages and/or universal benefits? The broader policy question is important.

Islamic State militants kill five men it says 'spied for UK'

The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Indian consulate under attack in Afghan city: official (Mazar-i-Sharif)

Soldiers who shot 16-year-old in the back charged with “reckless and negligent act”; COs who ordered

Ammon Bundy says he went to Oregon because "The Lord was not pleased" and wanted "accountability"

Happy 70th Birthday John Paul Jones

Trump: Clinton, Obama 'created ISIS'

Since Hillary is our inevitable candidate...

ABC killed journalism Saturday night using this one weird tweet

Isis hostage clip shows English-speaking boy and jihadi warning of attacks

High-profile attorney in Mexico representing Ethan Couch

I saw the country turn away from sanity and vote for raygun

Double standards cited amid armed protest in Oregon

CNN to host President Obama town hall on guns in America

Patriotic American Kids Happy to Go Hungry for Tax Cuts for the Rich

Wife and I Saw "Joy" (no spoilers)

MP Michael Dugher rejects Jeremy Corbyn reshuffle claim

Germany should limit migrants to 200,000 annually: Bavaria

You Decide If MILLIONS "Earned" By Bill Clinton in Speaking Fees During Hillary's Tenure

US thought Nimr's allegiances lay with Iran: Wikileaks

Illinois considers allowing recall attempts of Chicago mayor

I wonder what President Obama's reaction would be

2 shooting attacks carried out in Hebron, suspects flee scene

Manny Goldstein: Let us Resolve, this year.

Why The Hell Are Our News Media Whitewashing Domestic Terrorism In Oregon?

My Wife Is Using That Tablet I Got Her

Syria Rebel Leader Zahran Alloush's Assassination is a Major Blow to US Agenda

What's next for Wall Street exploitation?

How a freak blizzard wrecked Texas's dairy industry

Netanyahu's five-pronged strategy to delay a two-state solution

Isis may be weakened by co-ordinated attacks but it is far from being overcome

If the following meme is true (and I believe that it is), then whom do we trust?

Martin O’Malley Makes Stop at West Des Moines Library.

Re Bundy & Co's armed insurrection in Oregon: VOX/The Oregon militia standoff, explained

A great response to that stupid deserted island question we vegans sometimes get:

Isn't the Malheur NWR headquarters closed in the winter?

Oregon ranchers reject Cliven Bundy family occupation

The Taboo Of Atheism In Egypt – OpEd

Chiefs can clinch division today with Win over Raiders and Denver loss to Chargers

Palin Hints at Possible Senate Bid

Bernie speaking at Londonderry NH Townall right now (Sunday, Jan. 3 at 2:15 p.m.)

Iowa caucuses could take the wind out of Donald Trump’s sails

Party Unity, Regardless of Who Wins the Nomination

CNN's John King: Bernie Sanders Ads In New Hampshire "Stand out on the crowded airwaves"

4 qualifications for the "Militia" label by the MSM

Out of the mouths of babes, real religious truth

Martin O'Malley speaking to a packed room in Sioux City

Bernie Sanders to give a speech on Wall Street reform Tuesday in Manhattan.

"You know you're a badass Tea Party Patriot..."

The history of "come and take it"

Today would be the perfect day to seize Bundys cows

Stress on Simulated Mars Was Not What I Expected

Video of Trump on Letterman 1998...the company he kept...arms dealer Khashoggi

Oregon Militiamen Receive Fitting Nickname: 'YallQaeda'

Whichever candidate you choose, know this

Catholic Worker House seeks funding for additional house

Capitol Steps on the Air, 2016 edition: Politics Takes A Holiday

anti-government militia takes over federal building with weapons threatening to stay for years

What are you reading this week of January 3, 2016?

"Today I learned:"

True or false..."You are the Master of your own destiny" nt

Oregon update: "militants in high spirits, ready for long wait at refuge, supporter says"

Are these yahoo's Mormon?

It's time to put ranches under surveillance. We can't be politically correct any longer

Dairy Cow Death Toll to Surpass 30,000 in Texas, New Mexico Due to Winter Storm Goliath

Thugs, that's what we should call them

Saudi Arabia breaks off ties with Iran after al-Nimr execution

CNN To Host Town Hall About Gun Control With President Obama

Bernie Sanders, Needing Early Lift, Builds Iowa Ground Operation

Trump: I'd be a "much different person" as president

The sound of a laughing gull

Judge Dismisses DUI Charge After Woman Claims Her Body Brews Alcohol

Sanders Scores Some Key Endorsements

Saudis Are The "Fly In The Ointment" On Terrorism. Wahabists/Salafists Funding Terrorism.

Bernie's Army. WOW!

NH GOP lawmaker heckles Hillary Clinton over Bill Clinton's sex scandals


If these ranchers plan to stay for "years" then how about a siege? It seems like a good solution.

ANY Actions By Authorities Will Stir Greater Resistance.


2016: The Year of the Billionaire

Megaswap II: Sturzenegger's Revenge

Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse (R's NEB) have strikingly different views of the Senate heading into 2016

Bwahahahaha, the Oregon Militia is really getting beaten up on FB. Andy Borowitz is slaying me

Megaswap II: Sturzenegger's Revenge

I don't think the militia thought this takeover through at all

Here is a perfect way to screw your candidate in a primary EDITED

Historic New Harpers Article Exposes Who Controls America

2 things about Bundy 2.0 in Oregon

Why didn't Saudi Arabia just exile the Shiite cleric ?

Cilizza thinks Ted Cruz is the most likely to be the Republican nominee

Where's the National Guard?

What’s at Stake This Election Year? Ending the Vicious Cycle of Wealth and Power

How do I repost a message from a public facebook page?


Sanders promises to release full tax plan before Iowa caucuses

FDR was an economic moderate / centrist

Trump: I won’t rule out spying on Israel if elected president

'How are voters receiving @MartinOMalley 30 days to #IACaucus?

Ibra: The Blanket Dweller kitty rescue by R. Alcobendas Seattle, WA

Another look at the Militia...

1-3-16 Framed for Standing Up in 2:00

O’Malley fights to stay above water in Iowa a month before caucus day.

1-3-16 Framed for Standing Up in 2:00

1-3-16 Framed for Standing Up in 2:00

Is the Democratic Party committed to the success of Bernie Sanders?

Today I doubled up for Bernie Sanders

"The conservative believes in abundance. The liberal believes in scarcity."

CNN Analyst Says Black Protesters Are More Dangerous Than Armed Militiamen

Preliminary report - Bernie roundtable

Bernie Sanders rips Trump supporter who heckled him at rally: He’s ‘worried about Mr. Trump’s money’

Fox Hosts Convinced Twitter’s New Abuse Policy Is Designed to Limit Conservative Speech

COMING TUESDAY: Taking on Wall Street

A Tough Fight

This Says It All.

Nothing makes me more supportive of Clinton than repukes attacking

Close Encounters Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond Dies at 85

'Martin O'Malley is the candidate most like middle-class Americans.

Dad Lion takes no shit from junior

Vintage Japan

Can anyone tell me

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 4 January 2016

GOP candidates stay quiet on Oregon standoff

The Power and Limits of Symbolism

MSM sucks! Social media is where the truth and facts can often be found! MSM, not so much! n/t

18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy

What is the difference between a country running a large trade surplus with another country and

Is HRC committed to the success of the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders Sayings

"The Secret Emotional Life of Zhou Enlai". New book speculates: Was he gay?

No, Bernie's election won't make all "the venal and craven aspects" go away...

Francis...The People's Pope

Revealed: how Tory cuts are wrecking UK flood defences

Bernie Sanders Sayings

For a look at the colossal crimes and injustices carried out by the current legal system

H2O Man DU:GD Poll

Wingnut new Kentucky Governor will bring state down like Kansas

#Y'allQaeda #Yokel Haram #YeeHawd & Vanilla ISIS

Two week old Quinnipiac poll shows HRC with 31 pt lead over Sanders

May the Goddess Bless Pete Souza~

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 3, 2016

What Could You Possibly Know About Journalism

Some signs in Oregon

Bernie Sanders Sayings

‘I didn’t come here to shoot, I came here to die’: Oregon militia occupiers fess up to local

The goober militia

FDR was a Democratic Socialist

File Under: Racism, White Privilege. If 150 armed Muslims

Merry Christmas...You're dead

Bernie Sanders Sayings

General Bundy has released a new map of the seized territories of New Redneckistan.

O’Malley: Thirty Days Out

Didn't Trump the Chump say that Dumbya Bush crated ISIS

Health care repeal vote to open a political year in Congress

Failing to give the people in your party something to vote for

Democratic Socialism for a Great America. An America for Americans. All Americans.


Ten Commandments of Logic

CNN: White militiamen aren’t a threat like black protesters because ‘they’re not looting anything'

ABC News: "Van Jones Thinks Bernie Sanders is 'Going to Win Iowa'"

♫ Epic comeback starts right here. ♫

Can't Get Enough Star Wars? All about the Sequels, Spinoffs and What's Next