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Sanders: 'If Wall Street does not end its greed, we will end it for them'

Sanders Counters Clinton With Bank Haymaker: Tale of the Tape

Hillary Clinton is discussing gun control with Tweety

Comedy gold for facebookers.

Pic: Every President’s Executive Orders In One Chart

"Trump says Cruz’s Canadian birth could be ‘very precarious’ for GOP"

NRA tweets image with bullets next to pictures of Brooklyn lawmakers who announced state ammo limit

Bernie on Wall St: And the award for unintentionally saying more than one should goes to...

Did anyone else just see Hillary on Tweety complimenting lil Bush bringing country together?

So when do you think Donald Trump will start insulting Chelsea Clinton?

US government kills coyotes from the air for Oregon ranch

Hmm. It's about the light you're seen in...

1-4-16 “Rehabilitation, Not Humiliation” in 2:00

1-4-16 “Rehabilitation, Not Humiliation” in 2:00

Ammon Bundy Suspended From Twitter

1-4-16 “Rehabilitation, Not Humiliation” in 2:00

Hillary is going a great interview with Chris Matthews right now

Jeb Bush caught in Big Lie!

Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency says Iraq War a big mistake.

Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency says Iraq War a big mistake.

Sen. Bernie Sanders announces U.S. financial regulation plans (January 5, 2016)

Broken link fixed for "Commercial Culture Wars: People in the US go crazy over inclusive..."

The NRA is backing terrorism: Wingnuts and “patriots” are the real safety threat we should fear

Oregon "militia" asks for snacks. Reddit users plan to send glitter.


UPDATE: Shaved head and surgery was successful.

Please post your thoughts and prayers for the militia boys holed up in Oregon...

Who Owns Oregon? Some Historical Context on the so-called Militia Occupation of Public Lands

1-5-16 Embarking on a Great Creation in 2:00

1-5-16 Embarking on a Great Creation in 2:00

1-5-16 Embarking on a Great Creation in 2:00

what if.....?

Tom Cotton Endorses Bernie Sanders For The Democratic Nomination

Uhhh....splutter.....I have no words for this........

Heads up Bernie is on Chris Hayes tonite to talk about his speech.

Mexico Military Spending Soars as Human Rights Situation Worsens

NH officials prepare for first primary with ID law

Senior House Democrat Steve Israel of New York Calls It Quits

I hope I am welcome to the Hillary Clinton group

What's the biggest problem facing the country? Democrats and Republicans disagree.

My apologies if I come off as a pest, but I see that you've answered many backlogged posts here,

CA lawmakers seek to end the "tampon tax."

The Tragic Failure of the Arab World, and Why It's Bad for Israel

Legitimate Olive Oil

What do people think of the online magazine "Salon"? I keep seeing people running it down on the DU.


Bernie Sanders Surrogate Wrongly Counts Newark Mayor as an Endorser

Clinton won't respond to Trump's "alternate reality"... I like your choice of words HRC

KBOO Portland has a reporter at Mahlheur = report coming up now

The absolutely delicious Bolivian spirit all drinkers need to know

Ex-Newark Watershed Manager Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case

How a 'sexist' quote from 16th-century pope became Maryland's state motto

After the rain...

Peruvian women talk about their forced sterilizations in new oral history project

Floods Leave Scottish Castle Precariously on River's Edge

One picture. So many emotions..

Peruvian women talk about their forced sterilizations in new oral history project

US Military Leadership Resisted Obama's Bid for Regime Change in Syria, Libya--Gareth Porter

Cardinals aren't supposed to be able to do this, Marta got the photo and crows about it

Ammon Bundy, who forgot snacks & soap to his revolution, says Black Lives Matter wasn't well planned

I vote for Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears, if we're sending snacks.

Mixed Media: Music

May the anarchy die of its own cluelessness

CNN is now live reporting that the FBI has issued arrest warrants

James Tracy Is Officially Fired By Florida Atlantic University

The folly of giving federal land 'back' to Harney County

Oregon Governor Wants 'Swift Resolution' In Harney County

photo of one disillusioned militia member

Downton appy: Julian Fellowes tries new format for novel

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Welcome 2016! & a new Kitteh gif

Treat Oregon militia like the thugs they are

Quote from Hillary

'Steve Israel, D-NY, not seeking re-election.'

Tremor detected near North Korea nuclear site (probable nuke test)

Senator Sanders what is our Greatest Security Threat?

"Obama took my brains!"

Between Barack & Bernie

O'Malley announces five-day Iowa trip.

Hillary Clinton: She is our biggest concern

Paul LePage promises to veto anti-drug bill, calls it corruption

Here Are 10 Powerful New Insights From The Science Of Happiness

Whose Wall Street plan do you think is tougher?

This says it all...

Health care events 2016

If you're not a member, you need to sign up and become one! They're endorsing a candidate

25-Year-Old Former College Football Player Diagnosed With CTE

The Latest: Rancher Says Warrants Issued in Oregon Standoff

GOP candidates weigh in on Oregon standoff

California Supreme Court Says Voters Can Advise on Citizens United

Frontline/NPR give David Aaron Miller a forum to bash Obama

Like Bernie, I can't name a CEO that could be subject to arrest… No investigations were

Perfect gift for Florida Men and Nevada Squatters

Can the Stock Market Watch be moved back into LBN?

Mike Malloy - Hate Crimes Against Muslims Have Tripled In U.S.


Breaking news flash from Brian Williams:

Who Are Oregon’s Wildlife Sanctuary Occupiers And What Do They Want?

Lumosity to Pay $2 Million to Settle FTC Deceptive Advertising Charges for Its “Brain Training” ...

Bernie Sanders Attacks Hillary Clinton Over Regulating Wall Street

I am reminded of August 2005.

Sen. Sanders to Visit Iowa for a four-day swing throughout the state

The Stupidparty Needs Stupidpeople

Sen. Rubio: Can't 'fix America' from GOP-held House, Senate

O'Malley in SL: counting on Iowa to spring caucus upset.

Hillary is crushing sanders in Florida and I do mean crushing.

Is Obama Crying for the Children or This Country?

O'Malley in SL: counting on Iowa to spring caucus upset.

BREAKING: Captain Moroni has been RELIEVED in Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff!!!!

How would you feel if a Nazi swastika was on your child's assigned reading?

Power of the pen

#YallQaeda / #VanillaISIS / #YokelHaram in Oregon have a new flag:

Armed Kooks - Luckovich

Jeb Bush says brother George may join campaign to help save candidacy: ‘He is very popular’

Militia Occupation of Federal Facility - Luckovich

Limbaugh stammered & tried desperately to dodge the truth-The caller, meanwhile, kept hammering away

FOX: Obama used 'raw onion' to cry for gun victims

Reporters and gawkers outnumber occupiers at Oregon site

Things just got WEIRD at the bird sanctuary-Lawrence O'Donnell

Harney County Sheriff: Armed Occupiers Will Face Charges (Audio)

On Lawrence right now the HeeHaw Jihadists have stolen a federal bulldozer & are armed and on watch

Harney County Sheriff: Armed Occupiers Will Face Charges (warrants issued)

Ship from 1700s unearthed during Virginia hotel development

Hillary Criticizes Bernie's Plan to Break Up Her Friends' Banks

Check out this absolutely amazing singer

Big day for Bernie. Not a word on MSM

GOP Lawmaker Asks How He Can Support Criminal Occupation In Oregon

Every time I hear 'Captain Moroni,' I think of this.......

In addition to the idiots in Oregon

Jeb Bush Has COMPLETELY Lost It.

N. Korea Claims It Has Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb

Oregon vs Wounded Knee

It's interesting to hear the pundits claim that the Clinton's refusal to allow Trump to bait them

Thank You President Obama!

It Might Be More Effective To Have Demonstrations Outside Of NRA Offices.

C8 - this chemical is everywhere and it shouldn't be

Bernie just broke 35% with less smoothing on the Huffington Post average

Philly420: Pittsburgh mayor quietly signs bill to decriminalize marijuana

Bernie Sanders coming up on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore tonight.

"Guns don't kill people; people kill people."

Bigoted "Mom" group hates on 2 dads and their beautiful adopted family.

Reminder: Killer Mike On Cobert Tonight ....nt

Mayor De Blasio backs Clinton’s Wall Street package

Did I See A Malheur Protester Supposedly Armed And Under A Blue Tarp?....

I could not stop laughing Out Loud....LOL....

I feel like the tide is turning. Slowly, like the tide does. First it will ebb, then go slack...

Bernie Sanders Delegates and Voters Had A YUUUUUGE Turnout In Dayton, Ohio for The Democratic Caucus

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Is An 'Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery'

Argentine Federal Police transfer to City of Buenos Aires to officially begin.

The Saddest Headline I Have Ever Read.

Interesting metal band shirt for Bernie

Romney warned Jeb in January 2015 that he had no chance in 2016, but Jeb wouldn't listen

Wow!!!!! - Just Seen And Listened To Killer Mike On Cobert Now....

Cruz camp mocks Rubio's 'high-heeled booties'

If a GOP House wouldn't pass stuff from Bernie, it wouldn't pass stuff from HRC, either.

Stat whiz Nate Silver: Donald Trump more likely nominee than Bernie Sanders

The Labor Advisory Committee opposes the TPP

Parents of daughters support Hillary Clinton more than parents of sons

Clearly the man behind the blue tarp has advanced skills.

The ‘unhinged’ Oregon protester that the FBI has been tracking for months

Trump’s War on “Losers”: The Early Years

Are Feds Leery Of Taking On Militia For Fear Of Larger Resistance?

If You Are Waiting To Get Excited To Vote YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT.

When you learn just how horrible these ranchers are...

Every MSM outlet covered Bernie's Wall Street plan today, no matter what

Can someone try to send these on FB so they can be printed?

RUNA-The Banks are Made of Marble

Does anyone think the yeehawdists

Woman confronts Starbucks employee who stole her credit card

U.N. Security Council Plans Emergency Meeting On Reported North Korea Nuclear Test

Have any celebrities done events for Bernie Sanders in Iowa or New Hampshire? NT

New Navy Leader: Nukes 'Foundational To Our Survival'

The force awakens

Latin America most dangerous place for human rights activists

Switzerland to vote on banning banks from creating money

A Crisis Worse Than Islamic State? Bank ‘Bail-Ins’ Begin

Rachel Keller Cast as Female Lead in FX’s X-Men Spin-Off Legion

Labour reshuffle: Thornberry replaces Eagle for defence, McFadden sacked and Benn stays

Should You Be Able to Buy Soda With Food Stamps?

The Silence of Ageism in Progressive Movements

Prominent Scientists Urge Supreme Court: Reject Pseudoscientific Testimony for Texas Abortion Case

Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds

Heard an expression I haven't heard in Years

Why Skills Are Not Enough to Land a Job

Man behind armed Oregon band says he's on mission from God

A group of militia/survivalist with guns at a wildlife refuge and in 3 days have no food??

Killer Mike: "This opportunity in history is not gonna come in another 20 years"

Daily Holidays - January 6

The Onion: Hillary the candidate most people would like to share a glass of tap water with

More Good cops: Police Shoot 6-Year-Old Boy in the Head Multiple Times Killing Him

The DU Lounge is appearing on my Latest Threads. I haven't changed anything.

What's Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less Than Armed Sedition

Know your history: A Corporate President GETS PLENTY ACCOMPLISHED for the Corporations AND 1%.

 What Do the Bundy Brothers Have Against Wildlife?

Internet Hilariously Skewers Militia Leader's 'Daddy Swore An Oath' Video

Vegas newspaper owners in damage control mode

The Sagebrush Rebellion

Dudes...the word is pronounced pres-i-dent..

excellent oped on history of the Malheur refuge

What do you use for a laxative for your cat(s)?

How The Hillary Clinton Campaign Built A Staff As Diverse As America

I would like to apologize for losing my temper

Maddow’s side-by-side Trump vs. George Wallace comparison is so spot-on it’s scary

Last Night's HARDBALL - Hillary Clinton On Guns, Donald Trump

The Trouble with For-Profit Healthcare: Even the Insured Face Mountains of Debt

Corporate America starts heavy pro-TPP push

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: The Pen vs. The Guns

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Yeehawdists

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Canine epilepsy and quality of life questions, update

The Hear-Nothing Gun Crowd


ok for those who missed this GMA 3 min interview

Rep. Butler pre-files legislation to raise Missouri’s minimum wage

IBEW 309 retirees leading new charity project

New poll! Hillary infuriates, but Trump nauseates - By Mark Morford

Hillary Clinton's Closing Argument of the Primary

AFGE Local 3354 urging support for bringing student loan servicing jobs to St. Louis

Chicago suburb becomes first ‘RTW Zone’ in Illinois

Petition to name new heavy metal in periodic table after Lemmy

'Depressing' atmosphere envelops DuPont as layoffs begin

Trump: "I'm winning with the smart people, I'm winning with the not-so-smart people, too."

Tragic story. A 24 yr. sister tried to rescue her 9 yr brother from foster care, but ended up

High Stakes in Union-Fee Case Before Supreme Court

My care package to the Oregon YeeHawd would contain:

Corbyn Hit By Third Post-Reshuffle Resignation (UK Labour reshuffle kerfuffle)

Do you expect to see Halley's Comet when it returns in mid-2061?

Lemmy Kilmister's Memorial Service to Stream Online Saturday January 9th

Driving while gay'? Proposal would have Missouri cops try to gather that info, too

#4ThPrecinctShutdown- A Statement On Magic and Resistance

This Is Why You Never Tell A Horse Penis Joke In Kyrgyzstan

New NBC national poll: Hillary, 53; Bernie, 36; Martin, 2; undecided 8.

Bernie Sanders Criticized By Hillary Clinton Adviser He Tried To Block From Job

2 Yemeni governors escape suicide attack, guard killed

December 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content 401.85; December 2014 398.85; December 2013 396.81

Sanders Says He Would Beat Trump By '15 or 20 Points'

Bernie Sanders live on Morning Joe. I think I'm in love.

In Oregon, Myth Mixes With Anger

Dilbert addresses Paul Ryan's budget

Congress wants to bailout VW

What the Case Against Union Dues Is Really About: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

Bloom County "Innocence smashed"

Trump is going nativist on Cruz

Attacks on Women in Germany Heighten Tension Over Migrants - speechless

Supreme Court has already ruled that the Feds own the Malheur refuge.

Bernie Sanders Criticized By Hillary Clinton Adviser He Tried To Block From Job

Trump alleges widespread voter fraud: ‘This voting system is out of control.’

Gunmen in Syria kill commander of Islamic rebel group

The LGBT Activist's Question That Left Ben Carson Speechless Talk about awkward.

Well, I'll be damned! Morning Joe had a full segment interviewing Bernie!

Rape reports soar at college football games

Trump's TV ad: exactly how you pictured it

"Political Correctness"


The Daily News Cover: "The Party Of PRO- DEATH"

Hillary refuses Chris Matthews bait to attack Bernie as a socialist

More Good Cops: Cop savagely beats Hawaiian man after he performs native ‘healing prayer’ near seal

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 1-5-16

MN Senator Al Franken will Kick Off Hillary for New Hampshire Grassroots Events on January 7, 2016

The cost of antagonizing Russia is adding up

Ammon Bundy compares himself to Rosa Parks

You can soon buy 'meat' from America's first vegan butcher

Girl started feeding crows at age 4. Now they bring her presents. (pinboy3niner: "cawsome")

The extremely privileged Ammon Bundy compares himself to Rosa Parks

Okay folks, here's your chance...

Upholding Power of the People, California Court Says Voters Can Weigh In on Citizens United

To the people critical about Obama's executive order on Gun Control laws....

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 257,000 Jobs in December

Shut your trap asshole.

“We’re not going to fix America with senators and congressmen.”

British Parliament will debate banning Donald Trump from United Kingdom

fuck cnn: The problem with Bill Clinton

the longer something like the Malheur standoff drags on, the greater the siege mentality

"Tarp Man": "Don't Come In, I'm 2nd Amendment-ing"

Martin O'Malley does 'The Iowa Waltz' at the Better Day Cafe in Storm Lake

m$nbc...echo chamber for donald trump...trump says it, they run with it....

Why Your Detox Is Bullsh*t

I'm coming to DU less and less often, it makes me sad.

Lunatics Have Taken Over A Government Building.....

How to easily end the Oregon Standoff - (solution suggested in a cartoon)

Donald Trump Goes Birther On Ted Cruz' Canadian Citizenship

German broadcaster sorry for slow reporting on mob assaults

Bernie Sanders Says He Can Do Better Against Donald Trump Than Hillary Clinton

The family arson behind the rise of Oregon’s armed occupation

California Senate proposes $2 Billion to address homelessness

Ed Schultz Commentary Trump Thinks Bill Clinton's Sexual History is Fair Game (quote on Bernie)

James Tracy (professor who claimed Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax) Is Officially Fired By University

Insulin-producing pancreatic cells created from human skin cells

'Driving while gay'? Proposal would have Missouri cops try to gather that info, too

A host on FOX (the king of fake) accuses Obama of faking tears

They had not cut the power yet as of last night.

An observation on "breaking up the banks"

Iowa Daily Democrat: Assumed Guilty: “Driving while Black”

Iowa Daily Democrat: Assumed Guilty: “Driving while Black”

After Executing Regime Critic, Saudi Arabia Fires Up American PR Machine

Princeton University Press to launch Election 2016 blog

When the law didn't come down forcefully on the Hammonds the first time

Lumosity to Pay $2 Million to Settle FTC Deceptive Advertising Charges for "Brain Training” Program

Obama Continues to Stubbornly Link Gun Violence with Guns

POS Fired From Teaching Position

Wheaton College seeks to fire Christian professor over view of Islam

Half the World Lives on 1% of Its Land, Mapped

Cardinal does the impossible

This will infuriate you: Congress Wants to Do Something Absolutely Crazy- and corrupt

Montel Williams: Responsible Gun Owners Must Be the Loudest Voices for Gun Safety Legislation

What Bernie Sanders Thinks Is Wrong With the Fed

Present Perfect

It is with a heavy heart and profound regret

Albert Hunt: 2016: Banner year for ‘dark money’

Reminder! Sign up at today...

Making a Murderer depicts miscarriages of justice that are not at all rare

Sanders edges closer in California

U.S. House to take up combined bill targeting class actions and asbestos litigation abuse this week

Obama tearful, and I sure would be tearful as well! I think he saw the pictures of the victims.

Where's Waldo - Not the LOL Cats, but some Beautiful Animal Pixs

Chipotle served with grand jury subpoena

The Clintons' Paid-Speech Bonanza

Happy(belated) 75th birthday to Hayao Miyazaki.

Where is the enforcement?

Donald Trump Stars In ISIS Recruitment Video

So what does the Media call those idiots in Oregon

Bernie, Hillary & Martin are going to be speaking at a dinner tonight in Nevada....

Outside Patriot Groups Are Warming Up To The Bundy Siege In Oregon

Twitter is considering a 10,000 character limit. Discuss.

Oregon Bundy Freak Show Presents: "TarpMan"

For those who missed "Blue Tarp Man" here are links to msnbc videos

¡Feliz Día de Reyes!

Sanders' Economic Plan Best for the 99 Percent

Hamas and ISIS Collaborating to Fight Egypt, Report Says

3 King's Day Parade

"Freedom akbar" said the RW christian terrorist hiding under a small blue circus tent.

Corporatism is getting worse. I can prove it. That is why I support Bernie

Join Vote in their election.

What's their beef? Oregon terrorist ranchers enjoying high beef prices.

Former State-Attorney that handled the Trayvon Martin case has died.

Pic Of The Moment: Meanwhile, In Oregon: Breaking News!

Former State Attorney Norm Wolfinger dead at age 70

Law Enforcement Confirms Militiamen Are Free To Come and Go From Refuge

So This Happened When Ohio District 1 Bernie Sanders Delegate Nick Froehlich Was Elected Last Night

By now, ISIS has to see how they can easily destroy America.

The kooks are out in droves!

Surgery Obsessive Spends $76,000 In Quest For Perfection

10 Reasons Wall Street Hates Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump pissed that Ammon Bundy is hogging all the limelight.

The perfect response to Second Amendment absolutists

Canadian born Ted Cruz responds to Donald Trump's birther attack with a detailed response (VIDEO)

How the Hillary Clinton campaign built a staff as diverse as America-It didn't happen by accident

The #BundyBunch was spotted this morning, foraging for snacks.

Historic Mississippi River Flood Brings Highest Crest on Record Below St. Louis

Went to Mordor

Bernie Wants to Break Up Big Banks in One Year - We Need Banks To Be Boring Again

Bundy Militiamen Gave Thousands To Conservative Causes

TYT: Trump Ad Cranks The Stupid To Eleven

The quick and easy solution to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge situation

A message to Hillary supporters: Wall Street and corporations believe that Hillary has their backs

Time For Jesus-Loving, Lady-Hating Pharmacists To Take Center Stage Again

Time For Jesus-Loving, Lady-Hating Pharmacists To Take Center Stage Again

Hunter S. Thompson 9/11 Interview 8/29/2002

Time For Jesus-Loving, Lady-Hating Pharmacists To Take Center Stage Again

The Nightly Show: Tonight's panel...

Make Congress an offer they can't refuse!!

More than 13,000 rape kits remain untested in Florida, officials say

We want our land back.

Have you had enough of this shit?

TYT: Obama Issues Gun Control Executive Order

POWERBALL - 500 million-

Don't let Wall Street buy the White House!!!

UK MPs Debating Whether Or Not To Ban Donald Trump From Entering UK

The rabbit hole of belief

Democratic Candidates to Appear at Nevada Party Dinner Co-Hosted by Harry Reid.

Fox News Hardly Mentions Bundys’ Latest Armed Standoff, Go Figure

Roosevelt's State of the Union, January 6, 1941

for those interested in knowing what the grifter's pad in AZ looks like (for a cool 2.5 mil)

Another one bites the dust!

Who are you rooting for in the Trump-Cruz mano-a mano?

TYT: Is There ANYTHING Ben Carson Can't Lie About Doing?

Oregon militants keeping women and children around at standoff despite threats to kill or be killed

Kathy Sullivan, former head of the NH Democratic Party, on why she endorsed Clinton

Ann Coulter Now Suggests Ted Cruz Isn't A ‘Natural Born Citizen’

The House GOP’s under-the-radar oil coup: The dangerous domestic bailout that they’re almost certain

Chipotle Sales Plunge as Troubled Chain Gets Federal Subpoena

TYT: Donald Trump's HORRIBLE Family Values

The Interests Shared by the Oregon Militia Movement, Koch Brothers and LDS Church

Global Corporate Debt is Coming Unglued

It's 'Feel' the Bern NOT Steal the Bern!!

TYT: Easy To Get More Painkillers After Overdose

Who can you trust?


how the WH created Al-Quada and ISIS in Libya and Syria

Got a call yesterday, asking if I'd


Obama’s executive order on guns is mostly political theater

A Wake Up Call

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 6, 2016

Oregon tribe has disputes with Government agencies regarding Malheur land use but

No wonder Tweety had an hour-long lovefest with Hillary on his show yesterday...

Box Office: 'Star Wars: Force Awakens' Tops 'Avatar' to Become No. 1 Film of All Time in North Ameri

TYT: UFC Weigh-In Woman Caught Staring

Here's A Little Game I've Been Playing With My Remote - Cable News Trumping.......

Hate Groups Surge As Right Wing Terrorists Invade Oregon


Why oh why when I call any automated phone...

TYT: Bernie Sanders’s Plan To Break Up Megabanks

French conductor, composer Pierre Boulez dies at 90.

So it appears that N. Korea is pulling a Trump: Kim Jong Kook meets Puffery Don

Roy Moore says probate judges have duty to enforce same-sex marriage ban

Apparently The Militia Will NOT Allow Authorities To Arrest Or Remove Them From Sanctuary.

Women of DU -- No matter how much you lurve your fiance...

I won't give up. We fought this battle before

Meeting Tulsi Gabbard - The Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii

Where is Mr. Trof?

Another idea: The Oregon militants are lodging in that house as if its some kind of hotel...

The Terrible Persecution of Jon Ritzheimer

Guatemala arrests 14 former officials for war-era crimes

"What would happen if you went out with that guy?"

Thousands watch livestream of puddle in Newcastle(?)

Guatemala arrests 14 former officials for war-era crimes

Car robbed at anti-robbery press conference

Clinton aides' cybersecurity emails go from 38,000 to one

2 Navy Sub Commanders Relieved of Duties This Week

Conservative Christians Are on a Mission in Public Schools

Why This Socialist Feminist Is Not Voting for Hillary

The Latest: Tribe says armed activists 'desecrating' land

Live Press Conference from Oregon - Hosted by right winger Pete Santilli

Charles Pelkey, Wyoming State Rep., Endorses Bernie Sanders: "Feelin' the Bern. Bernie Sanders is my

North Korea's 'hydrogen bomb' was most likely a 'boosted' fission device.


I love you

Look out, Jim! It's the Hortarp!

Latest craziness from Ammon Bundy..."Gawd sez so!"

Alex Boye - African Hipster

Marco Rubio Once Again Excuses His Horrible Voting Record

Stephen Colbert defends the Vatican's review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Wisconsin Loses 10,000 More Jobs After Passing Right To Work

Wisconsin Loses 10,000 More Jobs After Passing Right To Work

Treat surrogate parents as sex offenders, says Italian (interior) minister

Treat surrogate parents as sex offenders, says Italian (interior) minister

Wisconsin Loses 10,000 More Jobs After Passing Right To Work

'Affluenza' teen's mother soon to be sent to Texas: sheriff

The Blue Tarp Guy in Oregon Reminds Me of My Cat.

Has that Col. Biff Hapablap or whatever his name is

The new energy trajectory in the Southeast

Donald Trump threatens to cancel £700m investment in Scotland

Help us celebrate Governor O'Malleys birthday.

10 Powerful Reasons Why Bernie Scares Wall Street

Martin O'Malley passed fingerprint & license regulations for all gun purchases.

Despite Climate Change, US Lifts Crude Oil Export Ban - Steve Horn Part One

Stolen valor: The militiaman bodyguard of ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy

From twitter:NY Local official endorses Bernie

Florida university ousts professor who called U.S. massacres hoaxes

Meanwhile on the other side... this is surreal

Nebraska routinely holds children in solitary confinement, report finds

Nebraska routinely holds children in solitary confinement, report finds

NTSB Opens Docket on Collision Between Metro-North Train and SUV in New York

The Bundy bunch: These are the right-wing militants in the Oregon standoff

Man pleads not guilty to supplying weapons used in San Bernardino attack

Man pleads not guilty to supplying weapons used in San Bernardino attack

First New Hampshire Poll Of The New Year -PPP (D) HRC 47% (+3) SBS 44% (+2) MOM 3% (-5)

Nigeria court in Kano sentences cleric to death for blasphemy

DWS getting hammered on Twitter

Sometimes ‘poor little rich kids’ really are poor little rich kids

Syria conflict: 'Dire situation' in besieged villages

Malheur Protesters - How Are They Financially Supporting Their Effort And Their Families Back Home?.

Posted this to FB today, in response to accusations that the President's tears were "an act"

Sarpy Outlook TV - 2nd Release John Krezschmar and Randy Prier Topic - Messaging

There'll always be an England...

MoveOn ARE calling an Endorsement Vote! THIS WEEKEND!

Gary Johnson Will Seek White House as Libertarian (again)

House set to pass bills slashing health, safety and environmental regulations

My weekend with Bernie

We have every reason to be proud.

Top Leaders of Bandidos Biker Gang Indicted

They Colorized The Movie - THE BLOB

Top Leaders of Bandidos Biker Gang Indicted

4-year-old girl found dead; 22-year-old guardian booked on suspicion of criminal homicide link added

FFS! Alabama Chief Justice Effectively Bans Same-Sex Marriage In The State

#BlueTarpGuy Lavoy Finicum - also a deadbeat

Red Right Hand - Nick Cave

Nigerian Islamic court sentences cleric to death

Publicity Seeking Anti-government Zealots

Alarming Discovery Shows Bay Area’s 2 Most Dangerous Earthquake Faults May Be Connected

Today the repukes will finally pass a bill gutting the ACA and defunding Planned Parenthood

Not Even A Tornado Can Keep This Dog Down (great rescue video)

NRA declines to participate in Obama gun town hall

Jeb Tries To Reinvigorate Campaign By Bringing In His Unpopular Brother

Obamas executive orders orders

Finally, Fucking finally..

More Than 100 Lawyers Tell The Supreme Court Why Their Abortions Mattered

Ben "Insane In The Membrane" Carson's Ex-Campaign Manager Throws The Doctor Under The Effin BUS

I almost wish I didn't live in a BLUE state

Inside the conservative plan to take over city politics (ACCE)

Carl Icahn's Utterly Dishonest Case for Big Corporations Not to Pay Taxes They Owe

Bernie Sanders’ can Break Up the Big Banks with existing law!

PPP NH Poll: Clinton supporters "more firmly committed" to her than Sanders supporters commit to him

Ann Coulter Now Suggests Ted Cruz Isn't A ‘Natural Born Citizen’

From DailyKos: Corporate Media Admits Bernie Sanders Is A Strong(er) General Election Candidate

PPP NH Poll: Clinton winning Democrats. Sanders winning Independents and Republicans

Juanita Broaddrick just started posting on Twitter

America's Food System Could Be More Vulnerable to Climate Change Than We Thought

Congressional response to the President's executive actions...

Another example media ignores Bernie Sanders

PPP NH Poll: Clinton Supporters second choice: Sanders. Sanders Supporters Second choice: Clinton

ACLU to school: No 'God bless America' after pledge

Alert: Paper Box Chemicals No Longer Considered Safe by FDA for Contact With Food

World Bank Cuts Global Growth Forecast

Trans Canada to file $15 Billion NAFTA claim against US for Keystone XL rejection.

Cher Calls For Gov. Snyder To Be Executed Over Flint Water On Twitter

Cher Calls For Gov. Snyder To Be Executed Over Flint Water On Twitter

Trump quietly builds a data juggernaut

Gov. Brown Declares Emergency in SoCal Gas Leak Near Porter Ranch

Religious groups offer sanctuary to immigrants targeted in ICE raids

Bernie Sanders Sayings

fox confuses hollywood movie with news!

Agency tasked with enforcing Obama's gun control measures has been gutted

Meet Marco Rubio's 'Religious Liberty Advisory Board'

Grand jury indicts DPS trooper who arrested Sandra Bland

The Oregon Fail = Late Show with Stephen Colbert

BREAKING NEWS Perjury charges have been filed against the Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland,

WTF? Michigan Gov. Snyder Signs Bill Limiting Public Talk Of Ballot Issues

Don't Underestimate Bernie Sanders

Quick and easy way to get rid of the Bundy Bunch

For U.S. Catholic bishops, now is the time to speak up on gun violence

Baltimore judge orders officer to testify in second Gray death trial

Germans Outraged By Mayor’s Advice For Women After Raft Of Harassment

TransCanada launches legal action over Keystone XL rejection

Texas tycoon Wyly engaged in massive tax fraud, IRS tells court

People on a mission and snacks

Mike Huckabee Campaign Announces Customized Shooting Targets for Sale

Two detainees sent to Ghana from Guantanamo: Pentagon

Washington state to review personal data under new cybersecurity office

Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell: The Cowboy Mentality (supporting Obama's actions on guns)

White House Perfectly Trolls Birthers Over Canadian-Born Ted Cruz

American al Qaeda suspect faces new U.S. terrorism charges

Stocks Close Sharply Lower As Oil Prices Plunge And China Worries

House Democrats urge rejection of CP bid for Norfolk Southern

We want our land back...

New York's Cuomo backs Penn Station refurb, promises $22 billion for upstate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 January 2016

Come to the U.S. premiere of Tav Falco's 'Urania Descending' on Jan. 21

Venezuelan Assembly Installs Three Members Barred by High Court

If anyone is watching Chuck Todd

If at first you don't succeed . . .

Obama on gun control and mental health...more harm than good?

Most Americans Are One Paycheck Away From The Street

Sam Seder: DIVINELY INSPIRED: Oregon Militia Standoff

Ammon Bundy holds press conference at wildlife refuge headquarters

U.S. cars sales sets all-time record 17.5 million units up 5.8%; hybrid sales down 15%,PHEV down 22%

Hillary Clinton's autism platform is transformational and empowering

Soooooooo, MSNBC has taken Moaning Joe's minions and

Bundy Bunch Theme Song (apologies to Sherwood Schwartz)

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Invasion of the Cattle Caliphate

Has a single M$Greedia hack asked ReTHUGs whether Snyder should resign

Sam Seder: Another Insane Militia Guy From the Oregon Siege

USNS John Lewis

*&^@%! Hunt's tomato sauce...what a rip off

Bill Cosby won't be charged in two sexual assault cases in Los Angeles

William 'The Refrigerator' Perry hospitalized in Chicago, report says

Why Bernie Sanders Deserves More Attention Than Hillary Clinton

Warren praises Sanders' Wall St. speech


State Sen. Garrett's (R-NEBR) bill would ban abortions that result in dismemberment of fetuses

Read and discuss....

What is with that annoying flea that people have scurrying around their DU posts?

Hillary just got BERNED!!