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Obama to GOP Congress on Obamacare repeal bill (which would also defund Planned Parenthood)

Why should Americans lower their quality of living to satisfy the addiction that millionaires and...

UPDATE: My mom had the surgery.

Local pediatricians soon will screen for ‘toxic stress’

Help The Revolution Grow!


Too Big To Fail vs. Too Armed To Jail.

Company Caught Selling Fake Lifejackets to Refugees After Drowned Bodies Wash Ashore

Omaha Parents Say LGBT-Inclusive Sex Ed 'Rapes Students Of Their Innocence'

The Answer: Because a significant percentage of Americans are stupid, ill informed and batshit crazy

BUSTED: NRA Hypocrite Wayne LaPierre Supported Closing All Loopholes Back in 1999

DWS = Debbie Downer

The weather will be so bad in Minnesota that Vikings playoff tickets are selling for dirt cheap

Bernie's Hitting Back on Guns

Has the Second Amendment Become a Religion?

Sanders: Bill Clinton's Scandals 'Totally Disgraceful'

If you don't acknowledge the existance of the government, you don't get to use its constitution!

Poll gives Trump, Sanders huge leads in New Hampshire

I would consider buying DU if I won Powerball.

Oregon #1 Inbound moving rate in US. NJ #1 Outbound

BS decided to go negative.....

Ted Cruz, Once a Canadian Always a Canadian.... eh? - Luckovich

Before you slam Planned Parenthood, try reading why they endorsed Hillary.

Bullet hole found at Sanders Nevada campaign HQ on day candidate was present

If alcoholism is a disease as proclaimed by the AMA, why should the diseased

18 Cologne attack suspects ID'd as asylum-seekers; police chief fired

Hillary Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders on Guns

Silicon Valley appears open to helping US spy agencies after terrorism summit

Can we stop with useless ideas about gun-control?


The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare

Iowa Berners, could someone head down to West Liberty to convince an unreached Latino community?

Americans don't know what the real income discrepancy trends are!!!

Ted Cruz produces mother’s birth certificate after both parents found on Canadian voter list

Bullet hole found at Sanders campaign HQ on day candidate was present

Toon posted without comment


Bernie: Here's my pledge...

Colander-wearing atheist enters plea in DUI case

How schools overlook religious harassment and what to do about it (COMMENTARY)

The Desert Speaks

Trump vs. Palin

"It Makes NO SENSE..."

This isn't the Apprentice.

This isn't the Apprentice.

Obama Directs The Pentagon To Study Gun Safety

Guns in Texas psychiatric hospitals could harm patients, advocates say

MoveOn Announces Presidential Endorsement Vote

Injuries soar after Michigan stops requiring motorcycle helmets

FDR: "The Best Customer Of The American Industry..."

All right. I'm doing it.

China hospital demolished 'with people inside'

Lamar Odom leaves L.A. hospital, moves to private rehab facility set up by Khloe Kardashian

First Read: Donald Trump, Captain Chaos

Golden Mao Statue in China, Nearly Finished, Is Brought Down by Criticism

Benghazi Panel Republican 'Hopeful' Clinton Will Be Charged

1989: Ronald Reagan Advocates Background Checks, and Hints He's In Favor of Assault Weapons Bans.

Poll: 20% of Democrats say they'd cross sides and vote Trump if Clinton vs Trump in GE.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Passin’ the Plate! & a new Kitteh gif

5 Years After Tucson Shooting, Gabby Giffords Is in Action

Did Obama intentionally call out Bernie Sanders on gun control?

Rahm Emanuel is a national disgrace: Why he represents every worst instinct of the Democratic Party

Rachel discussing matters I complained to her about.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz hasn't been "hated" on any more than Rahm Emmanuel

Corporate Media Admits Bernie Sanders Is A Strong(er) General Election Candidate

U.S. 'disturbed' by case of missing Hong Kong booksellers

Texas Governor Wants To Amend The Constitution So States Can Ignore The Federal Government

Poll: Republicans Would Rather Actually Be Shot by Gun Than Agree with Obama

Old Driver's License? You Can Still Fly for 2 More Years

How did Canada get so lucky

Question about the Weimar Republic and molly-coddling of Oregon protesters

Militia groups meet with leaders of Oregon occupation, pledge support

Lying Plutocrat Shill Stuard Varney Calls Record 292,000 Jobs Created In December "Modest"

Black inmate's suffocation death in Denver a homicide: autopsy

A different take on Netflix's "Making a Murderer" (no spoilers)

Shock, Laughter Greet Plan for Saudi Arabia's Record Oil IPO

3 + 3 = 6 is Proof of God’s Existence?

Idaho Militia Members join Occupation of Malheur

In honor of Sunday LOL cats

Let's tax bullets???

Flint water protesters: Snyder should resign, face charges

There's Something Happening Here

We need a law against stockpiling ammo

Donna Edwards: Media treats white militants better than black activists.

The Seal Of Whitesboro, NY, Depicts A White Man Strangling A Native American

Friday Talking Points (373) -- Underpants Gnomes Will Defeat Trump!

Muslim Woman Gets Kicked Out Of Donald Trump Rally For Being Muslim

The Carter Center announces only 22 cases of flesh-eating Guinea worm disease left—from 3.5 million

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Uruguay, Argentina to seek joint 2030 World Cup bid.

Uruguay, Argentina to seek joint 2030 World Cup bid.

Bernie Sanders and Timothy Geithner

On women's rights, do you agree with this statement?

@AbbyWambach campaigned for @HillaryforNH this evening. Jan 8 tweets and pics...

FOX News National Poll: Hillary 54, Bernie 39, Martin 3

Who's planning to be in Iowa tomorrow?

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 10 - English Governesses

cougar cubs

Layered perovskite-on-silicon could boost photovoltaic efficiencies to 30 percent

TCM Schedule for Monday January 11 - Guest Programmer: Dick Guttman

Where did the "Bernie doesn't care about 'getting things done' " meme even START?

Taya Kyle: "You Can't Outlaw Murder"


How Vermont's Governor Wants to Legalize Marijuana

*BANKS CAN TAKE YOUR MONEY $$ IN A CRISIS. Believe it, explains expert Ellen Brown, PhD.

Media: "TrumpTrumpTrump . . ." Ok, enough about Trump. Let's talk about Clinton and Sanders . . .

@BernieSanders: "Maybe Hillary Clinton should apologize for this?"

Send snacks!!! Judge Roy takes state of Alabama as last US refuge for bigotry

Just put a load in the dryer an hour and 1/2 ago. Went to go get it and the

And people deny that white privilege exists. Here's a tale of 2 occupations:

(Updated 1/8/16) Latest Democratic nomination poll results - courtesy of

Nobody is "slamming Planned Parenthood"

The cardboard box lounger

"Hillary Clinton Hires Daughter of Planned Parenthood's Chief"

‘Affluenza’ mom Tonya Couch will have to wear ankle monitor — if she makes bail

Silently protesting Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally

Sorry for the upcoming rambling. What can I do to give my money from a family trust to a charity instead of my

A former El Salvador defense minister has been deported from the US for human rights abuses

Bernie Sanders volunteers launch local efforts, North Carolina

A former El Salvador defense minister has been deported from the US for human rights abuses

Sources matter: Trump's analytics company released the poll showing 20% of Dems would vote for him

Were Panamanian islanders dolphin hunters?

Were Panamanian islanders dolphin hunters?

Very amusing

Paramilitaries in Mexico Silencing Indigenous Community

Venezuela: Socialists defy ban on Chavez images

Opening of Bernie's First Ohio Campaign Office - Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 3:00PM

Endorsement results in "defunding" of Planned Parenthood

Argentina: Riot police attack political sacking protesters

My jury blacklist is now filled

Well, I just learned a valuable lessson:

Flying coach

Police shooting probe to re-open after new video surfaces

Richard Nixon born 9 January 1913

Some people believe really odd things.

Weed, California

STUDY: New CDC Report Finds More Men Identifying as Bisexual

I'm going to put this in GD and it may be locked

about PP and HRC

Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned Compilation

HRC = Holy Republican Congress

Who Are Sovereign Citizens And Are They Above The Law?

Wrestling booker Jim Cornette on Palin, Bush and Cheney (old but still great)

Is Marco Rubio a Sleeper Agent for Netanyahu?

Lily Adams, the daughter of Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Ann Richards works for Hillary

Jimmy Carter's Lasting Legacy: Killing a horrible disease

PP will be just fine.

Can you imagine how well you have to plan your parenthood to ensure a kid pro quo?

Nearly 300 British Veterans Face Investigation Over Alleged Iraq War Crimes

Pfizer Hikes Prices for Over 100 Drugs on January 1

HR 575 introduced to Congress. Calls on those involved to end their occupation and surrender.

Daily Holidays - January 9

Flint Water Crisis: How You Can Help Provide Clean Water Access

Missouri Senate moves media off floor after tweets

Who is Hillary trying to impress with this?

Attorney General Harris -- another gun control hypocrite

President Obama saved a lot of lives. Mental health being added to background checks is astounding.

How Could Stock Markets Croak Like This First Thing in 2016?

Leader Of International, $200 Million Credit Card Fraud Scam Sentenced To 80 Months In Prison

"Frankly, he isn't ready for the job. I think that Hillary Clinton would do a number on him."

Blaine Cooper, one of the HomeGrown Warlords is Getting Shredded on Facebook

FA Cup Anyone?

Poking fun at the Malheur occupiers doesn't do shit

I am in the hospital bored out of my mind.

Canada rejects asylum plea from black American saying he wanted to escape police abuse

Please remind me again about that media "blackout"

Abby Wambach: Love this morning!! #imwithher @lenadunham and I campaigning for our next president…

Question submitted by BlueMTexpat

Elizabeth Warren as Vice President for Bernie Sanders?

"I’m an Oregon rancher. Here’s what you don’t understand about the Bundy standoff."

Secret Service Protection petition for Bernie Sanders - please read & sign!

Can't add an explanation on jury duty

Corruption in Ukraine is so bad, a Nigerian prince would be embarrassed

Weekly Address: America Can Do Anything

So, if violence with guns has fallen so much and we should all be so proud about it...

Day of Judgment

Texas allows guns into state mental health hospitals

Cologne attacks: Merkel proposes tougher migrant laws

Why are there so many alerts allowed to stand

Box Of Rain

Sane Progressive on the Planned Parenthood endorsement of HRH.

Question for ReTHUGs , neo-con armed forces hierarchy and hacks in the media

In The Morning

Chicago Police Department To Monitor All Interactions With Public Using New Bullet Cams (the onion)

Feel the bern.. ah no thanks...

Remember the 2009 DHS report on radicalized Vets? NYT article on the author now Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blames Voters for Failures of Democratic Party

There are so many strong, intelligent, independent Women who are Voting for Hillary..


Satan and penis, oh no!

Today's Google Doodle: The Mountain of Butterflies

Sanders: Time for Iowa to make history

George Elsey, One of the Last Survivors of World War II White House, Dies at 97

Is Bernie Passive-Aggressively Going After Bill Clinton?

State, Company Knew In 1992 That Gas Well Now Causing Massive Methane Release In LA Was Leaking

NYT - Crackpots In Cowboy Hats, And Their Bestest Friends In Congress

Ted Cruz Was Against Ethanol, Biofuels Before He Was For Them

Ted Cruz: Voters should spank Hillary Clinton like I spank my five-year old daughter

Anti-Government Movement

Do you find it particularly remarkable Ann Richards' granddaughter is working for Hillary Clinton?


Just another reason why it is important to vote for the Democratic nominee in the GE

Waroona Fire Consumes 143,000 Acres S. Of Perth In Less Than 48 Hours; Town Of Yarloop Burns

So much for the media "ignoring" Sanders:

All these endorsements tell me is that there's a Big Club, who's in it, and who's not.

SLPD Editorial - A City Bounded By Rivers Needs To Smarten Up In A Destabilized Climate

'I won't address that. Do you have another question?'

I am a Democrat and a Woman...

The Donner-Reed Party. Lost in the Sierra Nevadas during a harsh winter

Xlnt question:

The Hateful 8

Do we ever have a real dandy here...

Hark! The NRA Hath Spoketh!

In The PRIMARY with EVERY FIBER of my being, I will vote for Bernie.

Regarding a locked thread - here's

If you send Bill Clinton out as your surrogate

"When I asked 'Is my hair on fire?' He asked, 'How can I tell?'" Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Washington State - #LetsGoToIOWA - January 28 - February 2, 2016

People need to realize how brave this sister is.

Guns are tightly restricted on US military bases -- would Trump change that?

Thom Hartmann: The Crash of 2016

Bernie Sander's Plan to Tame Wall Street Riles Team Clinton

Have we lost the deeply democratic vision that animated the early internet?

The hidden drugs in your favorite supplements

Ranchers have a history of environmental devastation

Search posts?


Chipotle's food safety crisis, explained in 4 minutes

Photo: The moment 11 year old volleyball players meet an Olympian (USA 1 win away from Rio!)

Ex-St Louis Cardinals scout pleads guilty to hacking Astros' database

Nature Photographer - Best Job in the World

PPP has a measurable bias towards Clinton. Fox News has a measurable anti-Clinton bias

Consultants (BCG) will study UNC prior to Spellings start, thanks to anonymous $1.1 M donation

A Great Fall: The Origins and Crisis of Neoliberalism

Can I hide posts from a topic group?

Homeland Security predicted something like the Oregon clusterfuck

NYT - Crowd enthusiasm photo in article about Sanders' "Big Lead in New Hampshire"

A US Media Lost in Propaganda

As only a casual Star Wars fan, I had no idea Jabba the Hutt had a son....

How Debt Conquered America

What Is the Cootie Factor in the Democratic Primaries?

Cat Survives Flood by Floating in Litterbox

The "American Dream" is over - and voters know it

Why does this make me think "McGovern Eagleton?"

Live Coverage - Bernie in Des Moines, IA - Coverage begins 7PM Eastern/Bernie at 8PM Eastern

Asking Silicon Valley to 'disrupt' terrorists is tech talk for 'surveillance'

Catalog of KKK clothing

Man Who Allegedly Went To DC To Kidnap Obamas' Dog Arrested

The million colors of Pasto’s Blacks and Whites carnival

Iowa caucuses go high-tech

TYT: Maine Governor: D-Money Impregnating Our White Daughters!

Today! Opening of Bernie's first Massachusetts Campaign Office.

#1, Fuck everybody else

AP just tweeted, Powerball jackpot just hit $900 million.

$79 computer

TYT: Obama To Anderson Cooper: Seriously Dude?

Mexican Drug Kingpin 'El Chapo' Was Trying to Make Biopic: Official

Clinton: Bernie Sanders at odds with Obama on guns/Sanders: I support Obama's actions on guns

The Ultimate Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy? Donald Trump.

Few Russian strikes in Syria are against Islamic State, U.S. official says

Planned Parenthood Stands with You

TYT: NRA To Obama: What Would We Talk About? Basketball?

Our Most Popular Recipes Right Now NYT

Why do Clinton and Trump do better in robo-call polls and worse in live cell/landline phone polling?

From the Yoctometer to the Gigparsec

Mexico aims to fulfill U.S. extradition request for 'Chapo' Guzman: sources

Bernie Sanders Is Ready And Waiting To Raise Money For Democrats (thomhartmann)

Has anyone looked at the demographics of the "Y" Gen?

I am proud to stand with Planned Parenthood

Deportations revive rift between Obama and fellow Democrats/LA Times

The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople (Blog)

Majority Report: Jeb Bush Pulls a Ben Carson: 'Charlton Heston Gave Me a Gun'

45 Million Americans Live in Poverty, but You Wouldn’t Know It From Watching 2016 Coverage

Depending on who the Democratic Nominee is, this could be a very, very

A tale of two endorsements

Lucid Energy pipe power

Are other bernie supporters noticing

This can't be bad news for Bernie Sanders:

I think we can ALL agree...

A black man told me today in all seriousness that God wants Donald Trump to be President

Sales grow as Powerball jackpot soars to $900 million (& 1 winner Mega-Millions $165 million jackpot

Sam Seder: Obama: No, Anderson Cooper, This Isn't a Massive Conspiracy

The left must admit the truth about the assaults on women in Cologne

Tonya Couch allegedly withdrew $30K before Mexico trip

has everyone seen the google doodle today? 41st anny of discovery of "mountain of butterflies"

Majority Report: Bernie Sanders Takes Aggressive Finance Reform Stance

The Battle to Save New Mexico’s Last Wild River

Pallone Backs Clinton for President

"our land, our life" doc on dann sisters, shoshone trying to protect their land (not bundy treatment

Short documentary on political remix video, philosophy, and film theory

"our land, our life" doc on dann sisters, shoshone trying to protect their land (not bundy treatment

"our land, our life" doc on dann sisters, shoshone trying to protect their land (not bundy treatment

Argentina Protests Monsanto Toxicity and GMO Plant

Argentina Protests Monsanto Toxicity and GMO Plant

UPDATED -- Most recent Twitter audit shows over 2 million of Hillary Clinton's followers are fake

Depending on who the Democratic Nominee is, this could be a very, very strange election year.

TYT Covers The Democratic Debate In South Carolina!!!

Snapchatvideo goes live in Venezuela

Firehouse Loses a Spotted Symbol of Healing

'Monsanto get out!' Protests against agro-giant held in Argentina

TYT: Polls Don't Lie, Trump Would Get BERNED!!!

A talit inspired scarf?

TYT: Ohio Attorney General Backs Down To Planned Parenthood

NFL Playoffs - Wild Card Weekend

What's Behind Brazil's Alarming Surge in Babies Born with Small Heads

What is America's Biggest Terror Threat?

What's Behind Brazil's Alarming Surge in Babies Born with Small Heads

How Obama’s Gun Law Executive Action Hurts People With Mental Illness

A father wrote a letter to his daughters about electing the first woman president. It's beautiful.

Clashes at Brazil protests over fare hikes

TYT: Teen Girl Accused Of Bullying For Criticizing Israel

Syrian refugees pepper sprayed outside Vancouver welcome event

I'd vote for a dead man over this guy. How about you?

Cologne police chief fired

Yes - There Are So Many Strong, Intelligent and INDEPENDENT People Voting for " H-> " Check'em out!

Rapper handcuffed in Atlanta bank parking lot

Comparing these Sanders' and Clinton's favorability/unfavorability charts shows why Clinton loses

New Research Claims Hitler Escaped and Fled to Argentina, Possibly Through Greece

Don't let the Clinton machine spin the facts about Bernie Sanders and guns.

The heated human rights debate facing Argentina’s new president

TYT: NEW DETAILS From Cologne Attacks Emerge

Post a song about something that happened on a street that intersects Franklin!!!

Kasich team sees blow to Bush in Portman endorsement

Rank & file Ironworkers get to work for Hillary in Iowa


Does it matter that Greenpeace journalists lied in order to expose academics-for-hire?

Occupy ________

Neoliberalism Raises Its Ugly Head in South America: Washington Targets Venezuela, Brazil and Argent

Silly Goose Allen West Casually Death Threats President Obama For Grabbing His Guns

The Atheist Game of Telephone

Hi Skinner

Planned Parenthood didn't endorse Clinton, its Political Action Committee did.


"I Disagree."

Muslim Millennials' Views on Religion

TPP screws Natives on the other side of the globe, too

So a very cool thing happened this morning.

Catholic group launches a virtual campaign to answer key questions about life

"He Needs Our Hope And Your Enthusiasm."

Hillary Clinton steals another of Bernie's talking points. This time on Wall Street.

Indonesian Muslim group organizing interfaith event against extremism

2016: Oil Limits and the End of the Debt Supercycle


So the BS'ers are throwing PP under the bus?

How did they change the odds on the powerball? Add numbers to the total to pick from?

"a celebration of american creativity: in performance at the white house" nea anniversary

People who are posting comments stating Bernie won't be able to

Highest resolution picture in the world 365 Gigapixels

Bernie VS. Hillary On The Economy: Only One Candidate Has A Workable Plan

Is this normal? (Question re TPP comment period.)

Advice on developing a product catalog/menu for a small retail site.

E-Mail Woes and Gun Rants: Clinton’s Fear Reveals Opportunity for Sanders

Feel this Bern...

Letter from an Oregon Militiaman

Remember this? HRH and guns...

Dolphins hire another Coach from Chicago! Just shoot me now.

Bundy: "We will take that offer," Bundy said on Friday. "But not yet."

John Kasich on Treatment of Muslim Woman at Trump Rally: ‘That is Not the Republican Party’

President Marco Rubio’s Constitutional Convention Is Gonna Be So Cool You Guys

Man's World - A Y-Films Original Series

Post a song about something that can be seen from the Irvin Garrish Highway!!!

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 9, 2015

Seahawks rule out Marshawn Lynch for playoff game at Vikings

What do voters think of Bernie's ideals?

Cat Refuses To Leave Supermarket No Matter How Many Times He's Kicked Out

Hospital encounters forced demolition when doctors, patients are inside

Someone saw this at Keystone

Watched "Sicario" last night, damn was that a good movie

Politics and Religion in America

Why you should vote to reinstate Glass-Steagall

Hillary Clinton wants to reduce backlog for family reunification Green Cards

Russia, as Explained to Russians by Americans

Bernie, if you or your people read this you can win my vote

Imperial March Soothes Crying Baby

Well then, the Hillary folks are taking it up another notch.

Toon: Common Sense

What does "HRH" mean?

Question! (about an amendment to Dodd-Frank; referrals welcome!)

Are you feeling the Bern?

Letter from an Oregon Militiaman

China's Market Turmoil: Worry, but Don't Panic

Trump is every student ever who didn't read the book & is trying to wing it when the teacher asks...

Can You Feel The Bern? (SONG WITH VIDEO) new

Weekend Toon Roundup

Does Anyone Know What Policies Are Conservative Enough For Nutcase Conservatives?

Killed by The NRA.

That is just how I see it.

Steven Avery from 'Making a Murderer' Gets New Representation

Trump Amazes WaPo Columnist by Drawing 60% Fewer People Than Sanders

O'Malley uses Iowa gun show to call for reforms.

O'Malley uses Iowa gun show to call for reforms.

In case you missed it.

Fire at home of South Carolina officer charged with murder - media

Hillary's deep foreign policy experience

Sovereign Citizens believe that "the only legitimate law enforcement officer...

She has to stealthebern....

Maryland officer jailed for putting gun to man's head: report

An American of Christian Arab background writes an Open Letter to Donald Trump

Lovely photo of Jon Stewart with retired FDNY firefighter Ray Pfeifer on receiving key to NYC

FEEL THE BERN 7 ! ... LOVE this video ....

Tesla Model S’ new ‘Summon’ feature lets drivers park and retrieve their cars with no one inside

"As if Hamlet died in the first act..." = TCHAIKOVSKY's Piano Concerto #1 - help me pick:

Sanders - Planned Parenthood - Single Payer

We just renamed our home wifi

In Haiti, only 1 presidential candidate campaigning

The History Channel right now is airing an actual program about ... wait for it ... history!

My Turn: Catching Bernie – It’s no mystery why the ‘grayhairs’ are so fond of the man from Vermont

 LIVE: The Presidential Candidate Economic Forum Tune in Now for a live conversation!

Feminists, right-wingers, and left-wing protesters all take to the streets of Cologne

Praying mantises watch movies while wearing tiny 3-D glasses

Just back from seeing The Revenant.

So, Hillary is skipping ANOTHER people's forum?

Good bye Otis

Nevada's largest newspaper was sold, paper's own staff not allowed to know who owns it.

Oingo Boingo Farewell Concert - Full Show without interruption!

With Regard to Bill Clinton's Philandering:

Heavily armed 'security detail' shows up at Bundy encampment, guns drawn

My recipe for Ukrainian Borscht

Oregon standoff: Militants used federal computers, saw employee data, report says

Politico: "Planned Parenthood gears up for 2016 offensive" me: "by shooting itself in the foot"

Should the Democratic Party accept that the 1% should always get to set the limits of the possible?

FBI investigating fatal Chicago police shooting of motorist in 2013

FBI investigating fatal Chicago police shooting of motorist in 2013

"You Just Want Free Stuff."

Go see "The Big Short" if you want the truth about Wall Street.

Scientists Think They Know What's Causing a Big Cloud of Methane Over the Southwest

UPDATE: Augusta Co. VA. much support for teacher in "Islamic calligraphy" issue

White Nationalist PAC Blankets Iowa With Robocalls For Trump

I am a Woman

Cruz Tells Mexican Immigrant That As President, He Would Deport Her

Birds need to eat when it is cold to keep warm wind chill advisory here

TransCanada Is Now Suing America Because Of NAFTA...

question about Latest Threads

By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Ryan, Cruz, Trump and Tarp Man: The New Conservative Truth

Rhythm and Blues Singer Otis Clay Dies at Age 73

Do you personally know a famous person who supports Bernie Sanders?

DuPont opens world’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant, in Iowa

Polls Show Sanders Gives Democrats Best Chance to Win White House

How Debt Conquered America

Bernie is killing it at familys first forum

Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990

Two surveys in one day...

Anyone else watch PBS' "Nova" on Wednesday?

The Issues Behind Israel's NGO Law

Daily Bern! - Bernie Sanders on the Campaign Trail

Thirty of the worst heavy metal album covers ever

OMG... It's finally happened. I have to admit, I never saw THIS coming...

El Chapo was caught because of meetings with lawyers and actors

Mind-Reading Computer Knows What You're About to Say

Alternet: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Wants to Keep Arresting Pot Smokers

What are your TOP THREE favorite videos re- Bernie?

The Bundys' newfound militia buds, spewing some made-up crap last November

Whenever we talk about crashes we always talk about

I am amazed by the "how terrible PP was to endorse Hillary"

As they used to say, it's the economy stupid.

Crony Clintonism

"cut it out"

ABC: Bernie Sanders' Popularity Making Hillary Clinton Campaign 'Nervous'

Oregon standoff: FBI stages at Burns airport

‘I went to join Isis in Syria, taking my four-year-old. It was a journey into hell’

Cairo, Red Sea Attacks Deal New Blows To Egypt

I am thinking of taking another break to support Hillary...

'Donald Trump'

So nice to see that outsiders are taking the time to police our group for us

Martin O'Malley throws off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves

Flint Wants Safe Water, And Someone To Answer For Its Crisis

Clinton vs. Trump: It’s A Tie

NASA captures photos of Libya’s burning oil tanks

Texas State Idiot (governor) backs crosses on police cars

Tell DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "Resign Immediately"

"I'm the only candidate in the race w/ a plan to invest in our cities"”

look what I found

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Sham Stakes

2016 Brings More Pain To U.S. Shale Companies As Crude Sinks

This Chiefs/Texans game is horrible

The Bundys in Oregon "sleepover" has escalated

Headline: 'Trump Could Win It All'