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New U.S. General Takes Command of Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

The Battle of the Billionaires: Trump vs McMahon

I don't care that Sanders may not win. I want to see how many votes he can get.

What kind of message would it send about Democrats to America if Hillary wins the nomination?

Is anybody else concerned about how the Clintons' wield their political influence?

In 1984 and 1988, I supported an African-American presidential candidate...

Hillary's Got This

Super Tuesday, Bill Clinton's Criminal Disrespect for MA Voters, & Where Bernie Goes From Here

The Primary Isn’t Over: Five theses on the Super Tuesday results.

More about race and Bernie

An Economic Hit Man Comes Clean

February continues streak of record low Arctic sea ice extent

So...what do we do to improve AA vote share from here on out?


Good Golly Miss Molly kitty rescue by Kerry Bay Shore, NY

Pronouncing Oregon - Western States for Dummies

Frightened Repubs. today are scared shitless of the Donald..

Experts Agree Clinton Indictment "chatter is just plain ridiculous"

Trump grants press credentials to 'pro-white' radio show host

When Trump insults Hillary or Bill during the GE Debate

Massachusetts For Martin O'Malley

Okay so what would a Clinton Romney race look like?

November 21, 1922 has arrived.....

2-27-16 A Grave Injustice in 2:00

What I love most about Sanders supporters

The latest Sanders' supporters' meme

2-27-16 A Grave Injustice in 2:00

2-27-16 A Grave Injustice in 2:00

I really hate it when people say "I'm leaving the country if Trump wins"

Heritage on display in Virginia!

Vulture fund billionaire Paul Singer to become Rubio campaign national finance chairman.

U.S. Special Ops Troops Aim To Round Up ISIS Leaders In Iraq

From Reddit: Roanoke County, VA loses 600+ votes for Sanders, no explanation

Jonathan Capehart shilling for Hillary on MSNBC again.

Jury work..Never had so many requests..never..

I finally had to trash the whole of GD-P

Why Young Voters Love Bernie Sanders

Last known American who fought fascists in 1930s Spain dies in California

I don't believe this thread deserved to be hidden:

Guest on Cris Matthews show just said, re opinions OS the US...

 Voters Were Blocked From the Polls on Super Tuesday by New Voting Restrictions

Sanders Wins Big Over Clinton In Minn., Claiming Every Congressional District

Nestlé admits slave labour risk on Brazil coffee plantations

Nestlé admits slave labour risk on Brazil coffee plantations

Mitchell Defends Clinton’s New Bedford Visit: ‘Get Over Yourselves’

2-27-16 A Grave Injustice in 2:00

Attention supporters of Sanders: This week's vocabulary word seems to be "narrative."

'Allah ordered' child beheading, nanny says at Moscow court

Smoking Gun Has Uncovered A Cocaine Scandal In Donald Drumpf’s Past

New York City mayor ends boycott of St Patrick's Day parade as gay ban dropped

Word tonight that Trump is reaching out to Paul Ryan. Oh my!

2-27-16 A Grave Injustice in 2:00

Trump: "Blacks can say Cracker; but we don't get to use our bad word"....

Oregon governor signs landmark tiered minimum wage increase into law

Oregon governor signs landmark tiered minimum wage increase into law

LAT: "Republicans want to cut government spending? Not these Trump supporters"

Bernie Sanders loses like a Republican

Elizabeth Warren fails to endorse Bernie and his fans freak the hell out on her Facebook page

Guatemalan sex slavery victims to receive more than $1m in historic trial

Guatemalan sex slavery victims to receive more than $1m in historic trial

2-28-16 The Price of Demanding Equal Pay in 2:00

2-28-16 The Price of Demanding Equal Pay in 2:00

2-28-16 The Price of Demanding Equal Pay in 2:00

2-28-16 The Price of Demanding Equal Pay in 2:00

Funniest Memes Reacting to Chris Christie's Awkward Super Tuesday Face

BHP Billiton reaches $1.55bn settlement with Brazil over dam collapse

BHP Billiton reaches $1.55bn settlement with Brazil over dam collapse

Ever hear that saying "I've got one nerve left, and you're on it"?

Hello Fresh & Blue Apron - My thoughts

God, we were so innocent back then.

For you new parents to be....a modern pregnancy guide

NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade organizers drop the ban

Paul Ryan Faces Tea Party Forces That He Helped Unleash

Argentina seeks $15 billion bond issue to pay holdouts; deal must be approved by Congress.

The Guardian: New York City mayor ends boycott of St Patrick's Day parade as gay ban dropped

The real reason our health care is SO screwed up isn't what we all think- Its completely different!

2-29-16 A Shameful Past in 2:00

Corporate Media Portrays Republicans Denouncing Racism. Ignores Voter Suppression

2-29-16 A Shameful Past in 2:00

Breaking!: Clarence Thomas Asks A Question In Oral Arguments - First Time In 10 Years

So... wild Berniebros are assulting EW over Bernie's better-than-expected Super Tuesday performance?

It's official!

Write your own "Onion" Super Tuesday healines here:

Cruz and Rubio ticket?

Renowned photojournalist assaulted by US Secret Service at Trump rally

Henry A Wallace on the danger of American fascism

Caught on camera: Thieves storm Houston gun store

After Obama Victory, Shrieking White-Hot Sphere Of Pure Rage Early GOP Front-Runner For 2016

What KKK? (Cartoon)

2-29-16 A Shameful Past in 2:00

2-29-16 A Shameful Past in 2:00

David Duke's Bumper (Cartoon)

Nearly 2000 cases opened for insulting Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan

The Only Way to Save Your Beloved Bananas Might Be Genetic Engineering

White Alabama Officer Charged With Murder Black Man's Death

This GOP outrage over Trump being nominee is all about MONEY petition that was posted here last night (arrest Bill Clinton - Massachusetts)..UPDATE

Study: Eliminating GMOs would hurt environment, economy

I guess I'm in a mood tonight.

Trump connects to his base beyond his policies. Why he has only just released his health care plan

Reason No. 752 to Support Sanders: Bernie wants to make people college-smart, for free.

Study shows that Trump supporters want Bernie's America.

Man who repeatedly shoved black woman at Trump rally organized white supremacy event in Harrisburg

Let's meet the Clinton campaign manager: John Podesta

Did anyone else receive a supposed survey from Nancy Pelosi?

Had this thread hidden this afternoon.

Twills will Tweet

More than 10,000 turn out for Sanders in Lansing, Michigan

Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States

Nifty website answers TEN "I like Bernie, but..." questions.

22-year-old dies after eating seeds from ‘suicide tree,’ mother issues warning

More on Trumps Biggest Supporter:

The Elected Delegate Count March 2, 2016 Clinton 595 Sanders 405 Nomination Remains Wide Open

The People Who Know Me Best | Bernie Sanders

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Church Night!!

Did Hillary eat the VRWC's lunch yesterday?

Must See Video! Robert Reich's 6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics in 3 Minutes

The NEW RepubliCLOWN Theme Song!

How Hillary Clinton’s Super Tuesday ‘Win’ Relied on Dismal Voter Turnout

Bernie will be in Lawrence Kansas tomorrow.

Indicted Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon Dead in Car Crash

More primary voters voted GOP in 6 of 7 states that Clinton won

Different Cuts on Exit Poll Data show Wide Support for Sanders (except Incomes >$100K)

Mitt Romney's Top Strategist Says Hillary Clinton Would Be A Better President Than Trump (HRC Group)

From Reddit: "Why isn't Bernie Sanders doing well with black voters?"

You Are Your Brother's Keeper

Did anyone see the clown fall out of the clown car today?

The Direct TV guys snagged my today at the store...

Social Change Has Begun!

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server

Reddit poster at Michigan rally.

If you're in the KC area,

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server

Where's Elizabeth Warren?

Is HRC starting to woo Trump voters because she has irreparably damaged Dems?

[Video] TYT Interview -Ashley Williams with Cenk Uygur

American Gods - Ian McShane cast as Mr. Wednesday

Petition: We Demand the DNC Rescind Clinton's Massachusetts Delegates Due to Breaking the Law

Daily Mail Slammed by Swedish Embassy for Running "Propaganda Campaign" Against Refugees

In CA I saw my first Hillary bumper sticker today.

Regarding Trump, Herman Cain recycles Scalia's advice for people who disliked Bush v Gore outcome

Based on what we've seen at Rump's rallies, could the GOP convention look like...

Am I mistaken or is this a missing person?

Hillary really doesnt have the temperment to be President

Wait, Ted Cruz won Alaska?!?!

Super Tuesday: Clinton Locks it Down, Trump Tightens His Grip, the GOP Elites Scream and Scheme...

Mr Fish Toon on HRC

What Level of Wealth Do You Consider Evil?

"Runaway" by Peter May - fabulous story!

Warning Signs: The World on the Brink of Another Great Recession

Trump releases Healthcare plan

Brownback cuts higher education as Kansas tax receipts fall $53 million short

1 million more people have voted in Republican primaries than Democratic ones

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for Mississippi.

New Orleans Musicians to Protest Donald Trump Rally with Second Line

A few Clinton vs. Trump matchups . . .

Ring of Fire Episode 253 - Neocons United

Bernie Sanders 2016- Mad As Hell

How many "true" conservatives voted for Trump?

Calling All Illini Supporters of Bernie Supporters:

Martin O'Maley was still on the ballot

This is why Hillary cannot win the general:

Eliminating GMOs would increase greenhouse gas emissions significantly and increase global warming..

At First, They Thought It Was an Old Tire. When These Scientists Got Closer, They Couldn’t Believe..

A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works

My D.U. Star

Contradiction - Republicans Condemning Trump for Racism, Yet They Promote Voter Suppression

Republicans not voting or will vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee.

Trump Coldcocks Romney A Day Before His Big Presser LOLz

curious stats in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Bernie Sanders may not have won Colorado after all

Trust President Obama to come to the Rescue of Chris Christie (Mike Luckovich 'toon)

"We have no need of false revolutions..."

US judge lifts block on billions in Argentine debt payments

Beneath Hillary Clinton’s Super Tuesday Wins, Signs of Turnout Trouble

Donald Trump is political theater by design

What is Mittens up to? Trump releases an attack ad

Ecuador defense minister steps down after top brass fired

Joy Reid said something on Rachel that was very disturbing about Trump & the KKK & our candidates

Why is 'liberal' a bad word? The West Wing Debate

That's it, classic rock radio. This time you've gone too far!

Mississippi Democratic Presidential Primary: Clinton +54

HRC has essentially been running for president since 1992.

Did any one else watch Rachel Maddow's history lesson on the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago?

Elizabeth Warren fails to endorse Bernie and his fans freak the hell out on her Facebook page

Oregon lawmakers approve pioneering pro-climate coal bill

Last known American who fought fascists in 1930s Spain dies in California

I'd suggest focusing on the Escalated Racism from the GOP rather than each otehr

'Bernie Baby' Oliver Lomas, Infant Sanders Lookalike, Reportedly Dies Of SIDS

Small Spot of Sweet in my Blue Oasis of Tennessee

Smiling Nation Takes Moment To Enjoy Thought Of What RNC Headquarters Like Right Now

As Presidential Campaign Unfolds, So Do Inquiries Into Clinton’s Emails

Bernie Will Get At Least 90% of the Black vote ....

Red wolf panel's struggles portend problems for species

GOP Statisticians Develop New Branch Of Math To Formulate Scenarios In Which Trump Doesn’t Win Nom

Name the date:

Yeah... I did it...


Video shows officer striking young man at Baltimore school

Van Jones Has Had Enough Of Trump’s KKK Games

Venezuelan students clash with police over court ruling

Can We Get Bernie to 5 Million?

BOSTON HERALD: Potential indictment of Hillary could be convention wild card

Hey fellow Sanders supporters. We've a newbie with a comment re:Dearborn, MI voters. Can you help?

New Mississippi poll: Hillary: 65% BS: 11% +54!!

Which Repub Do You Want To Win The Nomination?

As seen out there by those other people - look at this shit about Colorado.

Key justice Kennedy wavers as Supreme Court confronts abortion

Girl in Colorado Caucus KILLS IT (youtube)

Idaho students arrested on suspicion of burning down principal's home

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 3, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Condemned

Alabama officer faces murder charges for killing unarmed black man

Bug reports #364

Arecibo Observatory spots a fast radio burst that keeps on bursting

Ohio man arrested for allegedly threatening Obama, Hillary Clinton

Frightening - an amazing read. "The Rise of American Authoritarianism" to explain Trump's rise

Texas A&M student implicated in racial taunts has left school

Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism After Super Tuesday

If HRC is indicted right before the national convention, what do you think will happen?

A Democrat running against Bill Clinton's and Barack Obama's records is lunacy

U.S. launches probe of alleged civil rights violations at Boston school

White Lives Electorally Matter!!!

The Clinton Dynasty Rewrites History

The Mexican Government Isn't Thrilled With a New Report on Torture and Illegal Killings

The Mexican Government Isn't Thrilled With a New Report on Torture and Illegal Killings

It took me 15 years to reach 4000 posts. How do some of you get to 100,000? Damn.

What if Hillary Clinton is Indicted but Still Wins the Presidential Election in NOvember ?

Do You Agree?

Columbia University Professors Sign Petition in Support of BDS

Amazon 'used neo-Nazi guards to keep immigrant workforce under control' in Germany

Javier Palomarez: How long must we wait for a U.S. ambassador to Mexico?

Javier Palomarez: How long must we wait for a U.S. ambassador to Mexico?

The racial divide is real and a problem for Sanders. But outside of the South, it is also an issue

Meet The Guy Trying To Shame Mexico City’s Rich Into Behaving

Meet The Guy Trying To Shame Mexico City’s Rich Into Behaving

Republicans Obsess Over Mexico, but Cops Just Busted Someone for Smuggling People Into Canada

Vice President Biden to visit Middle East next week to meet with key leaders in the region

The coordinated effort by all media

Watching a one hour special on Scott Kelly's year on the space station.

Sanders Campaign Blasts Nabisco Plan To Move Hundreds Of Chicago Jobs To Mexico

Former Mayor of Mexico Murdered by Hitmen

SodaStream CEO: Idiotic Israeli red tape, not BDS, got Palestinians fired

Some serious rain is on the way!!

With President Trump a real possibility....

DNC considers Bernie and us non-Democrats now, will we become real Dems in November....

Real dog -vs- Robot dog

Missing MH370: Possible Boeing 777 Part Found Off Mozambique, Sources Say

Putin inspects monstrous armored ZiL Punisher military truck

Lawrence O'Donnell Eviscerates Donald Drumpf's Joke Of A Healthcare Plan

Spain’s Socialist Leader Fails in Effort to Become Prime Minister

Can someone help me, please?

Can someone explain to me the intersectionality between...

When Marty Realized Trump Is President

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur happily poses for a picture with known white racist at Trump Rally

Clinton's General Strategy is Disaster Waiting to Happen

In Reality The "Trumpskies" & the GOPWant To Deport Or Eliminate The Following.

When Will Trump Bring Up The Fact That All The Repug Candidates Pledged That They....

Lab tech allegedly faked result in drug case; 7,827 criminal cases now in question

Denmark says they would have to reconsider their relationship with the U.S. if Trump is POTUS

Researcher explores close prehistoric relationship between humans and dogs

Alaska Air joins airlines hoping to fly to Cuba

Alaska Air joins airlines hoping to fly to Cuba

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 4, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Merle Oberon

Mexico seals records in lopsided shootout that killed 42

Mexico seals records in lopsided shootout that killed 42

You want to see what an enthusiasm gap looks like?

Public-private partnership could pave way for new $136 million VA facility in Omaha

Wingers wondering late how to stop the Trump Train

The meaninglessness of pointing out that the Deep South is solidly 'red'

Trump as a Media Creation

"Hillary is only winning the red states! They don't do us any good!"

I'd enthusiastically support virtually any Democrat who runs against Trump

North Korea Fires Projectiles After New UN Sanctions

Elizabeth Warren Feelin' Duh Bern

Explaining the Supreme Court nomination process to Zombified Republicans

Women and the Disrespect that Starts Within Ones Own Home

FiveThirtyEight now has a projection for Louisiana.

Is there Any Way To Make This Guy Real

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 3, 2016

Jury loop around midnight 3/3

Bring refugees from Greece yourself, Austria tells Merkel

Larry Fink and His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Department

I have never seen any Hillary supporter make a case against Bernie on any thread.

Just saw Chris Matthews' new promo for HARDBALL.

E.P.A. Says Insecticide Harms Tiny Aquatic Animals

Japan's nuclear refugees face bleak return five years after Fukushima

Fukishima refugees - five years after

It's almost 3 am and I am cutting cat food into smaller pieces, AMA

"Bernie Sanders may not have won Colorado after all" - From Hillary Group x-posted to GD:P

Capitalism, racism and the 1 Percent

Delayed La Nina seen buoying U.S., Asia crops: MDA weather

This.. "Why Democrats didn’t feel the Bern"

Future of U.S. solar threatened in nationwide fight over incentives

Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism

Bernie Sanders may not have won Colorado after all

Katy Perry, Elton John Perform at Hillary Clinton Fundraiser In New York

Daily Holidays - March 3

Last night I saw Bernie help the Democratic party

Stiglitz: Anger Over 'Failed Economy' is Shaping US Election

'Snyder Not Welcome': Has Flint's Smoking Gun Finally Emerged?

For Profit Incarceration, Every American Should Be Appalled

Video on MLK and income inequality

Maya Angelou wrote incredible poetry. But here are 9 things you might not know she did.

How Pro-choice Republicans Are Helping Donald Trump

Why It Matters That Hillary Clinton Championed Welfare Reform

Any news on Hillary releasing those transcipts?

A blast from the past: Project for the New American Century

"First Look" had a brief clip this morning on the petition re Bill's shenanigans at the polling

Ron Dellums: A black Democratic socialist in Congress

Robert Reich: An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment

2015 Was Record-Breaking Year for Worldwide Investment in Renewable Energy

US Warns Citizens to Be Ready to Leave Iraq if Mosul Dam Collapses

Who made this mess?

Study finds happiness, as well as sadness, can trigger ‘broken heart syndrome’

New Study Confirms: Private 'Trade' Courts Serve the Ultra-Wealthy

As Presidential Campaign Unfolds, So Do Inquiries Into Clinton’s Emails

COINTELPRO--a blast from the past

Charles Pierce: Here's a Nice Little Dick Cheney Story to Ruin Your Day

Bernie Sanders's Highly Sensible Plan to Turn Post Offices Into Banks

When my cousin posted that Bernie will give us Cuba:

Health Care ‘Retailization’ Is Coming

Prepare to vomit. A High Schooler braves the stupid to go see Donald Trump

Matt Taibbi: Revenge of the Simple: How George W. Bush Gave Rise to Trump

Voting and Counting Procedures for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts states:

I literally went to bed stressed out and crying last night

Food Stamp Trial May Be Turning Point for Polygamist Sect

So they think they found part of MH370 off Mozambique

It’s Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: let the real contest begin

"A bone to the dog is not charity..."

Hillary Clinton Caught Lying to Voters on Trade Deal

Islands magazine on Facebook is taking entries for their Annual Photo Contest

Do you feel all "grown up"?

Marriott Ownership Rep Accused Of Playing Erin Andrews Peephole Video For Friends

France tells British voters migrants will flow to Britain after EU exit

Will there ever be an option to change the background color of DU?

Study: Atmospheric River Storms Can Reduce Sierra Snow

Hillary raised $4.4m in Jan alone to help down-ballot Dems across the US - Still waiting for Bernie

Roseanne Barr to attend anti-BDS conference in Israel -- The Jerusalem Post

Bernie vs. Hillary: What's a Feminist to Do? Kshama Sawant

'BLACK PPL' printed on IHOP receipt offends Texas customers

Chicago students turn tables on BDS with new tactic -- The Jerusalem Post

Sanders' Illinois delegate filings may cause ballot problems

If You read nothing else today...READ THIS!

Trump is on Good Morning America

Pebble the Cockatoo is none too pleased (NSFW language!

How important is David Axelrod's advice for small-level discourse?

Hayes: "The Fact Of The Matter Is Trump Is Their Guy, And They Are Sticking With Him"

Michigan Democratic Primary: Clinton 61% - Sanders 33% + 28 Clinton

Dukakis Not Feeling The Bern

In true MSNBC style, the network picked up the Buba at the polls storY

I keep wondering if Bloomberg is going to enter the horse race now Trump is doing even better. That

NYT Works Hard to Present Primary Race as More Boring Than It Is

Meet the Post-Super Tuesday Marco Rubio, now with 100% fewer Trump penis jokes.

Can we just be honest about why Hillary even got to be SOS...

Apparently the Democratic party's presumptive nominee will be meeting with an NRA lobbyist

Very disappointing poll out of Michigan.

Update: Video added. Clinton Rally raises concerns about primary day election law violations

Poor, poor Chris Christie...

Enthusiasm Levels for Hillary and Bernie. Alas, a duplicate post.

Someone has leaked the anti-Trump speech Mitt Romney will give today...

"Biden shushes wife after secretary of state slip"

How many days after Clinton becomes president will Congress begin impeachment proceedings?

A reminder of why minimizing Clinton's Southern victories is so hurtful.

"Biden shushes wife after secretary of state slip"

What is Bernie's position on these trade deals of Clinton1 and Obama?

Interesting Clip on How the GOP May Plan to Caesar Donald Trump

Trump Uni BBB rating: Trump says it's A, but he's a liar.

Why Clinton is a Lock...

DNC Chair DWS Helpfully Illustrates Everything Bernie Sanders Hates About Democratic Establishment

Trump is giving a new meaning to the word a true ASS!

Mass Sec of State is looking into Bill Clintons activivities on primary day

Watch This Congressman Plagiarize A Lobbyist On Payday Loans

United Farm Workers endorse Hillary Clinton

So who plans to watch Rmoney as he attacks both

Why the Texas Abortion Clinics May Remain in Limbo

So Trump is the GOP front runner. But . . . . .

Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Is Officially Fired

We want trump! Rubio or Cruz can win, trump can't! Nt

Take this test to see if you know more about abortion than most Americans

Are you aware of what "Billary" is?

United Farm Workers endorse Hillary Clinton

How do Bernie supporters feel about Hillary?

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan: 'Realizing the Path to Equality -- Why We Need Hillary Clinton'

Would Trump offer Ben Carson Surgeon General

United Farm Workers endorse Hillary Clinton

I proudly stand with the United Farm Workers in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Jackie Biskupski, Salt Lake City's first openly gay Mayor, endorses HRC

A tale of two rallies -- who has the passion on their side?

Great article on Trump and different types of conservatives

RCP Average: Clinton: 45% Trump: 42%

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- They hate Trump Too

Sanders packs Breslin Center with turn out to vote message

The Indy Endorses Hillary ???!!!

I stand with former Progressive Caucus chairman John Conyers, in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Great piece by @markos: "A real liberal revolution starts with communities of color"

Romney calling Trump 'phony,' urging Republicans to shun him

Curious about something regarding media coverage of the Democratic Massachusetts Primary

MIRT question...

Portland (Maine) Press-Herald Endorses Hillary Clinton

NH GOPer on Child Law Committee charged with trying to lure 14-year-old girl for sex while armed

So did GEM$NBComcast also fire

the Google Fiber guy just pulled up. Be gone for acouple of hours until setup done

Abbas: Terror wave is a 'legitimate peaceful protest'

Ben Carson memorable moments

David Duke: "I've added 10 points to Trump's campaign"

New Business Model - Do More With Less/Produce More/Make Less Mone Have No Job Security.

Forbes: Immunity For Bryan Pagliano Will Help End The Hillary Clinton Email Inquiry

DOJ granted (Clinton IT)Pagliano immunity almost certainly because it knows he did something illegal

Re-thinking Renewable Energy Predictions

The Secret Confessions of a Bartender

Behind bars, Jared Fogle gains 30 lbs in 90 days, plus threats, physical attacks & constant taunting

The enthusiasm gap is a lurking turnout disaster. It's Sanders or a ballot-wide Republican landslide

How do Clinton supporters feel about her war criminal supporters and

At Sanders' Michigan even...Cohen is laying intoObama, accusing him of not caring about jobs

Luckovich: Free Chris Christie

The New Yorker - from 9/12/15 - Trump and Obama: A Night to Remember


Dukakis 1988 and Rubio 2020


Thousands Cheer on HRC at Javits Center

Trump's Immigration Solution: Bring Back Controversial 'Operation Wetback'

The Repug Establishment Is Attacking Trump On Eminent Domain & Bankruptcy....

Trump Places Call To Romney

25 Eye Catching Facts About The Eye And Its Incredible Complexity

Latest Ntl Poll: SANDERS Widely Tops ALL Republican Contenders. It's the Electability, People!

Bernie Sanders Says Hyde Park (UChicago) Made Him a Socialist, Social Justice Advocate

'Plan B' and the Bankruptcy of US Syria Policy

You gotta love Notorious RBG.

Obama ENDORSES Murphy in U.S. Senate race against Grayson

Ted Koppel Scorches O’Reilly: You Spent 20 Years Making The News Dumber

Ohio lost 112,500 jobs due to trade with TPP countries (In 2015 alone)

Nearly 50 Mississippi Mayors Endorse Hillary Clinton

Farrakhan on GOP candidates

MSNBC just hit a new low in journalism -- They've jumped the shark big time

Florida man killed wife due to 'entities' in her body

With TPP 'At Heart' of Obama Agenda, Critics Debunk Trade Talking Points

Time: What a Year of Racial Strife Has Taught Bernie and Hillary |Hillary Clinton Group

Romney BLASTs Trump: "He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat"

A Radio Celebrity Radio Get Out The Vote For FDR From 1944

Why the United Farm Workers Are Not Feeling the Bern

"I would much rather have Bernie be the Dem frontrunner than someone who takes $ from dictatorships"

What Will it Take for the Candidates to Talk About Public Education?

What Republicans think about Seniors

GOP abortion exception

Democrats Compare GOP Probe Of Medical Organizations To McCarthyism

Nearly 50 Mississippi Mayors Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Bernie Sanders is Transforming American Politics!

I'm an Educated, Black Female. I'm voting for Hillary.

I'm an Educated, Black Female. I'm voting for Hillary.

Another black woman supporting Hillary Clinton

Another black woman supporting Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz; Bad Lip Reading.

What Needs to Change: A Conversation on Policing and Race with Michelle Alexander

Donald Trump and the Rise of the New Dixiecrats

Clinton campaign lying about crowd sizes - claim 5000, barely 1000 showed up.

Both current Progressive Caucus co-chairs endorse Bernie Sanders: Grijalva and Ellison

Chris Christie has no mouth, and he must scream.

The GOP got in bed with Sarah Palin in 2008 and woke up with Donald Trump in 2016


Hillary News & Views 3.3: Clinton and Her Surrogates Speak Out, More Super Tuesday Analysis

22 Republicans who won’t back Trump as nominee

Chris Hedges: The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism

New Michigan Poll (Fox 2 Detroit): Clinton 61 - Sanders 33 - Undecided 6

‘Warren is a Wuss’: Bernie Sanders Fans Turn on Elizabeth Warren For Not Endorsing

New Louisiana Poll (Magellan Strategies): Clinton 61 - Sanders 14 - Undecided - 25

Let's all take a moment to acknowledge Hillary's LEADERSHIP!

Hillary Clinton to Deliver Speech on Jobs & the Economy

When it's Grievance Politics vs Success Politics, won't "success" always win?

In the spirit of civility

I realize we have zero say in this, but if we're going to see a split in the Republican party....

I'm With Her. Hillary's NY Victory Lap 3/2/2016

Clinton campaign defends fundraiser with NRA, Wall Street

No, The KKK Is Not And Has Never Been Liberal: A Historysplainer

They are not going anywhere and why should they

Repukes blaming Obama for Trump's ascendancy

interesting primary vote analysis for Massachusetts

We made it into!

Bill Clinton in Newton today 2016 MARCH 1

New Poll of Louisiana--HRC: 61% Bernie: 14%

about hispanic vote

Chief justice rejects plea to block air pollution rule

Someone is desperately trying to poison the waters with Warren and Sanders

Melted nuclear fuel from Fukushima disaster is missing, company says

Can you find your sample ballot? If not, call your county Democratic Party and tell them they

A soup kitchen disguised as a restaurant is making a big difference in Kansas City.

In defense of my friend , ISBM, who is now on a forced hiatus

Racketeering Romney Thump of Trump

Holy Cow, have you see the latest 538 projected results?

Trump's pathetic so called healthcare plan

NEWSFLASH: Most of the US is not the Deep South, and Sanders is winning outside of Dixie

A Secret About Oil You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Let's talk Vice President (Hillary Group)

Racism Charges in Bus Incident, and Their Unraveling, Upset University at Albany

'Not even my wife knows': secret Donald Trump voters speak out

The reason Republicans are having such a high primary turnout

DNC Superdelegate Gilberto Hinojosa Endorses Clinton for President

A voting rights victory in Maryland (column by Marc Morial)

Donald Trump proves evangelical Christianity is just white supremacy in disguise

Interesting interview w/ NYU Sociologist on the language of class & economic injustice in the primar

Don’t Believe the Media Hype; Super Tuesday Was Essentially Meaningless

A phony & a fraud!

FBI has already interviewed Pagliano under immunity grant; investigation to conclude early May

Hillary campaign is trying to split Bernie supporters.

How long before Maddow, Hayes and O'Donnell are let go by ComcastNBC?

How to terrify a clowder of cats

"Once I'm President, I'll be 'Presidential'" - Trump

CPAC this year is running true to form...

US agency says it has beaten Elon Musk and Gates to holy grail of battery storage

Bill Clinton "Bull Horn" Appearance Outside New Bedford Polling Place Raises Questions

Man Taking Selfies With Gun Fatally Shoots Himself

Federal land? Some Westerners say there's no such thing

The perfect solution is to let Hillary be the president...

Bernie speaks about the importance of America trade deals

Venezuela students protest against Supreme Court ruling

Anti-Trumpolini protesters giving Small Hands a warm welcome in Maine - live blog

Hillary Told Workers She Opposed Free-Trade w/ S. Korea, Then Actively Supported It: Lost 75,000 Job

Explain to me again why the US is spending a cent in the ME for democracy.

I will not vote for a candidate under federal investigation

Girl Whose Heart Stopped After Kalamazoo Shooting Finally Opens Her Eyes, Family Says

Venezuela Opposition Picks Strategy to Oust President

The messy reality of guns on campus (TX)

I'm starting to worry the GOP leaders will take Trump down

Do credit cards need a chip and pin in Europe?

Any fans of the David Tennant Doctor Who here? New adventures are coming!

Is Sanders writing off Florida?

Charles Grassley Faces Formidable Challenger in Iowa Senate Race

Obama & Biden endorses Murphy in U.S. Senate race against Grayson (who endorsed Sanders ) Hill G

OK, I read a lot, and up until 1 minute ago I would have voted for Bernie if he won the nomination

The Leftovers. Utterly amazing.

The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton's Push for War & the Making of a Failed State

"It's natural, so it's better for you!"

A well written Hillary piece with an abhorrent sexist conclusion

Bernie's Revolution

High Frequency Trading Whistle-blower awarded $750,000 by SEC

All the powers that be pronounced Bernie out

Just Think About How Different The Complexion Of The 2016 Election Would Have Been If....

Not a good day for Hillary: Honduran enviro activist Berta Caceres assassinated

HRF's Thor Halvorssen on Fox discusses democratic socialism

10,000 Fukushima children still live outside prefecture after disaster, survey shows

We know Hillary won MA, but I didnt realize she did so while being outspent 2:1 by Team Bernie.

Take the DU Challenge: Create a twitter or FB campaign to shine a light on David Brock

Nate Silver: So far, more Democrats would be satisfied with Clinton as nominee

I'll just put this right here...

I didn't notice, were there a bunch of DU Bernie supporters bagging EW for Massachusetts?

HRF's Thor Halvorssen on Fox discusses democratic socialism

Petition for a new DU Group - Primary Peace or Primary Calm, or some such

Romney Speaks!

Here goes Mittens....

The irony in the FBI's request to unlock the iPhone

Patient Beware: Off-label drug promotion by pharmaceutical companies

Is Jerrah building a new Betty Ford Center at his training complex?

Hill Yes! ‏@SayHillYes 23h23 hours ago So funny: Stephen Colbert zaps Bernie Sanders for winning t

So Scalia and Thomas in 2009 were hanging out with the Koch Brothers

Romney is laying down the smack on Trump. The Republican party is coming apart right in front of us

Scary: Larry Fink would Be Hillary's Treasury Secy: Advocates Privatizing Soc Security

More Bad News for Marco Rubio: He Just Lost the Support of Fox News

Isn't Mittens the same as trump

Petition drive to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder starts tomorrow

Ray McGovern got ''The Treatment'' protesting Hillary speech in 2011

Mittens talking about people not releasing their Tax Returns

I saw this tweet--said an article from Politico that I would love and

Romney: You guys hold Trump down and I'll cut his hair!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahhahahha - as phony as a degree from

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 3.3.2016

Why is Clinton so popular among African Americans?

I have now heard it all re: the Media from a Clinton Supporter

Romney: "Trump's promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University".

Anthropologists Discover Ancient Greek Super PAC That Helped Shape First Democracy

The 47% are not important guy disses the

Smiling Nation Takes Moment To Enjoy Thought Of What RNC Headquarters Like Right Now

It is like book with a very difficult ending?

Sanders is far from out...

mitt and mccain just gave democrats all the perfect ammunition to use

There a lot of speculation about online harassment

LOL! "Clinton Campaign Lying About Crowd Size: Claimed 5,000 but BARELY 1,000 Showed Up!"

Now this is rich coming from Mittens

How fetal tissue research could help science understand Zika

How would a new financial crisis effect this election season?

Geneva sues France over 'dangerous' nuclear plant

GOP ex-national security officials: Say no to Trump

This should be ALL anybody is talking about today

If Bernie can answer these two questions, I'll probably support him.

Do Reince Priebus & RNC powers-that-be realize how badly rolling out Mittens is going to backfire?

Clinton's faux tan from feeling the Bern

Jan Brewer sees Mitt's Trump speech as "eating our own."

Progressives (eg Move-on). begin shifting focus from supporting Bernie to beating Trump

South African court rejects Pistorius right to appeal murder conviction

You say "insider" like it's a bad thing.

South African court rejects Pistorius right to appeal murder conviction

Trump Campaign Official Arrested On Federal Charges Linked To Bundy Ranch

Breaking News: Mitt Romney anti Trump speech to his party:

Jackpine Radicals fund raiser to keep the site online

The "Bernie is unelectable" meme is hogwash

Chicago schools fast running out of cash as standoff with Illinois governor worsens

Some meatball on FB posted trash about "electing a Jew to the presidency". In French.

This may just be conspiracy theory, and I'm willing to accept that, but...

Hamed Shafia, Convicted Of 1st Degree Murder In Family's Deaths, Appeals For New Trial

Justice Department to review Minneapolis response to police protests

Berta Cáceres Assassinated

Let me rundown how to monitor Republicans today. It is historic, and has only just begun: LOOK

California could be critical to stopping Donald Trump

California could be critical to stopping Donald Trump (xpost from GD)

At what point does a candidate usually pick a VP running mate?

May Day, May Day!

FIVE YEARS AFTER: ‘Don’t abandon us,’ victims of Fukushima nuclear accident say

The DNC & Estabishment Were Key to Getting the Urban Vote:

Score Update – 3/3/2016 – 12:30 PM

Pic Of The Moment: Are You Buying This?

I think the GOP has three options.

Charles Grassley Faces Formidable Challenger in Iowa Senate Race.

Pagliano sought immunity from republicans' "onslaught of reckless accusations of criminal conduct"

Syria conflict: Massive power blackout across country

Trump will allow insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions

United Farm Workers endorse Hillary Clinton

Honduran Indigenous Leader Berta Cáceres Assassinated, Won Goldman Environmental Prize


Report: U.S., Michigan face dire consequences if Soo Locks fail

Mark Fiore - 20/20 Foresight for Republicans

Hillary Clinton's Inner Circle of Lobbyists

WOW! Speaker Ryan will "speak out" if The Donald "disfigures" conservatism! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Obama's Justice Department Just Gave Bryan Pagliano Immunity and Bernie Sanders the Presidency

Our Founders Risked Everything So We Can Vote!

What an indictment of the sad remnants of the RNC which has collapsed under its own weight

Mexico says won't pay for Trump's 'terrible' border wall

Mexico says won't pay for Trump's 'terrible' border wall

This weird little fungus may be the oldest fossilized land creature ever found

Mitt Romney Bursts into Flames After Calling Trump "Phony"

'Evil was done', cardinal says after meeting abuse survivors

I agree with 3 outta 4 ... (poll)

Robert Reich: Why the Critics of Bernienomics Are Just Blowing Smoke

Theme of the Day for Thursday March 3: The Contrast on Job Killing Trade Agreements

Some of the most despised words I know.

"The Case Against Hillary: This Is The Disaster Democrats Must Avoid"

The people of Detroit know the real cost of Hillary Clinton's free trade policies

This Republican crack up is a thing to behold.

2008 Republican nominee John McCain joins Romney in blasting Trump

Less Growth Prompts First U.S. Services Job Cuts Since 2014

Monsanto Is Suing California for Trying to Inform People That Roundup Causes Cancer

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Falls to Lowest Level of the Year

Comment on protected groups

Bernie Sanders

Jane Sanders about to do an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer

Costco Raising Minimum Wage as Competition for Workers Grows

Yosemite Sam Endorses Donald Trump

WATCH: Hilariously Stupid Trump Fans Fooled By Hitler Quotes Disguised As Trump’s (VIDEO)

Koterba toon: Election 2016

Romney delivers a speech about stopping a presidential candidate from the Hinckley Institute?

Clinton Looks to Finish Sanders While Keeping His Voters in Fold

NJ Transit warns of major disruptions in event of strike

About that Ipsos Reuters poll that showed Bernie in a lead-new one - Clinton 54% Sanders 40%

Trump Has a Point About American Decline

Oklahoma Officials Order $235M Cut to State Agencies

Chris Christie trying to back peddle his endorsement of tRump.

I want to take the lead from the President (Hillary Group)

Super Tuesday is behind us. Now Michigan and Ohio.

How the DLC Does It

Why was Bill Clinton in MA instead of any of the Southern States on Super Tuesday????

Looks like 10000 in Michigan are ready to create a political revolution from the ground up...

Raw Story: The momentum story: How the Bernie Sanders crowd can still win

Does anyone doubt that Trump and his supporters will carry Romeny's admonition

Training: "Phone Bank from Home for Donna"

I got my Star Membership back! Woo-hoo! No more ads!

Trump Tremendously Relieved That K.K.K. Ties Did Not Hurt Him in Alabama

Clinton Opens Up 14-Point Lead Over Sanders In New National Poll

Just when you thought the GOP ran out of ideas...

‘Not Even My Wife Knows’: Secret Donald Trump Voters Come Out Of The Closet


The Clinton-Backed Honduran Regime Is Picking Off Indigenous Leaders

Rep Tulsi Gabbard: Bernie Understands What's at Stake: MSNBC

Jordan gets U.S. Black Hawk helicopters to bolster defenses

Reuters Nat'l -Clinton 47- Cruz 32/ Clinton 46 - Trump 35/ Sanders 48 - Cruz 30 /Sanders 46-Trump 36

Why chasing every delegate matters. Bernie may win 3 of 4 contests this weekend...and lose ground

Once Shunned, Anti-Muslim Gadfly(Frank Gaffney) Is Now Helping To Set ‘Racist’ Agenda For CPAC

Let's have a 4 candidate general election

Bernie may win 3 of 4 contests this weekend...and lose ground (HRC Group)

Cleveland seeking to buy riot gear for Republican National Convention

Let's try this: Suppose Bernie's opponent was ME.

Popular Science interview with B. Obama on How To Win The Future

Just a question.

‘Warren is a Wuss’: Bernie Sanders Fans Turn on Elizabeth Warren For Not Endorsing

Christie Says He Won't Resign, Will Keep Supporting Trump

Fox’s Shep Smith shreds strategist: Republican Party lies gave rise to Donald Trump

US Factory Orders Up 1.6 Percent, Best In 7 Months

'Cheating watches' warning for exams

Hillary Clinton Takes Out Donald Trump And Ted Cruz With A Single Answer On CNN

Police investigating 2 alleged assaults at Trump rally in Louisville

Bill on Sexually Explicit Books Gets Final OK in Virginia

Criminal Minds Question - SPOILER ALERT

Democrats Have A Lot Riding On Hillary Clinton. The Word 'Immunity' Should Make Them Very Nervous.

Greenland's ice melt accelerating as surface darkens, raising sea levels

This was just the front portion of the line in Lincoln

Oklahoma Sheriff's Office Plans Reform After Scathing Audit

Why Donald Trump Might Be the Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate in History

What is the website for Bernie's speech, it starts at 1:00 on Thursday

Donald Trump Is About To Get Banned From Another Country – And It’s Not The U.K

Mud Shortage Eroding California’s Climate Defenses

Regarding Mitt & the Donald, here's the cartoon I'd love to see

Here's the thing. I just don't think Hillary gets the issues facing most Americans.

Florida Overhauls Death Penalty in Bid to Resume Executions

Chief justice rejects plea to block air pollution rule

Ex-Tenn. football player's presence in Manning incident in dispute

David Gregory is now on CNN??? He was on faux recently....

It's WAY past 'about time'!

Neocon Foreign Policy Will Come Back in 2016

Jimmy Kimmel Live: "Trumped" Starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane

Trump Wins Coveted Key Endorsement From … A Holocaust Denier

What if Trump completely ignores Rmoney and

How to get out of the $500 TRAP at those payday loan centers

DOJ grants immunity to ex-Clinton staffer who set up email server

Trevor Noah: Hillary is Feeling the Bern

Man Gives Shelter Dogs Free Makeovers to Boost Chances for Adoption

What Really Happened on Super Tuesday

Trump wants to make America more like Denmark

Democrats are taking the Trump threat very, very seriously. They’re right.

Christie defends Trump endorsement, says he's 'back to work' in N.J.

Vote Wisely

I'm watching this Trump Speech

From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

Michigan governor issues appeal over denial of funds for Flint

Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett: “My goal is to destroy the Republican Party”

So wait: Trump's always bragging about how he's going to bring the "most successful" people on board

No one seems to have noticed how the Donald

What the hell is Trump talking about?

New Jersey pastor indicted for bribery in case tied to JPMorgan hacking

Is there a link to an official report on the voting in Massachusetts by precinct

New Jersey pastor indicted for bribery in case tied to JPMorgan hacking

Trump: Mitt, drop to your knees

1/15/2015 Eugene Robinson: MLK’s prophetic call for economic justice

New goodies today

Is Trump really getting audited or his adjusting his taxes?

These Drumpf rallies are worse than


Uproar ends triathlon at infamous 'Angola' prison in Louisiana

Guernsey: cemetery cat receives fond tributes

the current Republican dilemma is the fulfillment of a process that began 70 years ago

I think I know the one way to sink Donald Trump once and for all.

Live: Bernie Sanders - Lied Performing Arts Center in Lincoln, NE (Mar 3)

Very Sad. Baby Dressed as Bernie Sanders Dies of SIDS

Hubble breaks cosmic distance record

Brazil senator's plea bargain implicates Rousseff, Lula: media

Pelosi pans superdelegate system

NYT charts .@HillaryClinton's trajectory to the White House‼️

E. O. Wilson: Set aside half the Earth

If he kept saying talking, he is going to miss the debate?

Top 1% would see $78,000 tax hike under Hillary

Watching Trump - where the hell is "Guitar"?

Do you think any other candidate will get an hour

African elephants 'killed faster than they are being born'

The Scorpion and The Frog

"Liberal media" strikes again.

Poll: Clinton Opens 14-Point Nationwide Lead Among Likely Democrats

Driving Miss Norma: Terminally ill 90-year-old drinks, dines, dances around US on dream road trip

Clinton opens up 14 point national lead in Reuters poll.

Brazilian GDP shrank 3.8% in 2015, the largest annual contraction in 25 years.

Now that the KKK is out of mothballs.

Brazilian GDP shrank 3.8% in 2015, the largest annual contraction in 25 years.

Sanders: Trade agreements sending U.S. jobs overseas

Cross post - It's gone beyond Democrats vs Republicans

Sanders calls Clinton’s record on trade a ‘disaster’

Donald Trump Calls Mitt Romney ‘Irrelevant’ ‘Choke Artist’

"the Man On The Bridge" Three Percenter Eric EJ Parker taken into custody

AG Lynch, in Portland, on refuge takeover: 'No one is above the law'

Managing protected groups

The Infrastructure of Capitalism Is Killing People

The truth about the pope, Jehovah's Witnesses and a side of mac and cheese

Love Yourself

Legal implications of Flint for Governor Snyder.

Michigan governor issues appeal over Flint funds denial

At Least 16 Killed in Prison Fire in Guyana Amid Riot

ISIS, Peoples Temple, SLA and the Manson Secret: Mind Control, the CIA and Cult Manipulation

LRA abducts more than 200 in C. Africa: rights groups

The best analysis yet of Hillary Clinton’s tax proposals

Wall Street Insider: "Hillary would be better for Wall Street ... unlikely to rein in Wall Street"

House Speaker Ryan warns of 'rhetoric,' not of Trump

Many here (not me) believe that presidential elections should be determined by the popular vote.

Bernie Sanders in Lincoln, Nebraska pics

9 Key Points About Trump’s Income Taxes (And Many More Questions) - David Cay Johnston

Well,they got another one. LexVegas.

The Latest: Anti-government activist gets 6 years in prison

West Virginia's no-permit hidden gun bill vetoed again

We live in the UNITED States, I believe,

Bill Clinton's Africa entourage (Annie Karni 4-28-2015 Politico)

Tim Black: Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation Just Went Thermonuclear

Wall Street readies big Trump assault

A portent of things to come?

"Sanders slipped a molly into her campaign”:Trevor Noah knocks Hillary in his sharpest bit in weeks

There are two candidates in this race that support single-payer.

Rachel Maddow - History offers lesson to GOP on defying will of party voters

New Hampshire man arrested for role in Cliven Bundy standoff

I will vote for the democratic nominee even if it's...

Police: Man slain at city depot after fight with co-worker

Ted Cruz finally admits it

Pulling for a contested Republican Convention

Larry Fink and His BlackRock Team Poised to Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Department

Florida overhauls death penalty in bid to resume executions

NY Assembly Bill A09340


New Reality Show: "Battle of the Trust Fund Babies"

Drumpf Ally: Fox Judge And 9/11 Truther Andrew Napolitano Is "Probably Drumpf's Pick For SCOTUS"

The Latest: Teen who survived Kalamazoo shooting is walking

War, Peace, and Bernie Sanders

What are the chances no other Republican gets 8 states?

Beyond Superdelegates - How The Democratic Primaries Are Undemocratic

Truthdig: Both parties to blame for Trump's proximity to the White House.

What would you do? I'm selling a chair on Craiglist and someone said they'll buy it tonight

Hillary Clinton Statement Calling for Strong Toxic Substances Law

I am not reading anymore Hillary or Sanders posts

Gunmen kill Honduran indigenous, environmentalist leader

Brazil Court to Rule on Trial of Speaker of Lower House

Sanders? Clinton? Trump? Cruz? We have the wrong candidates running for president.

Gunmen kill Honduran indigenous, environmentalist leader

Obama says first family staying in Washington after he leaves the White House

Thousands line up in Lincoln for Bernie Sanders, who says his campaign is gathering steam

US Senate Candidate Donna Edwards on the Bill Maher Show

Corporate Media Throws Their Support Behind Donald Trump

Some photos from last night's Bernie rally, in East Lansing (Courtesy of my brother)

Clinton Opens Up +14 Lead In New Ipsos/Reuters National Poll. Pledged Delegate Lead Now +197.

Clinton Opens Up +14 Lead In New Ipsos/Reuters National Poll. Pledged Delegate Lead Now +197.

The Hill: "Why Sanders outperforms Clinton against Republicans"

The Hill: Rick Scott will not endorse Rubio before FL Primary

Franken Blasts GOP Refusal To Consider Any Supreme Court Nominee

Romney and Rubio Attack Trump University, But Both Are Tied to Predatory Colleges

Respect please, for DU and DUers

China trade deal cost 3.2 million American jobs. Here's what Hillary said about it at the time

NASA Video: Earth from Space Real Footage

'Huge drop' in civilian deaths after Syria truce: monitor

To the chagrin of some.. The Democratic party is a minority majority party

Cholera quietly still kills dozens a month in Haiti

Twelve new arrests over Cliven Bundy standoff include Trump campaigner

.@POTUS introduced in Milwaukee by Brent Brown, a republican who now credits ObamaCare for saving hi

Young Republican Writes Obama To Thank Him For The ACA

Koch Brothers Will Not Use Their $400 Million Political Arsenal To Block Trump

Bernie Sanders LIVE in Lincoln, Nebraska

Two Hillary flyers in the mail

True or False? Most Clinton supporters assume she is lying about TPP and don't care

An open letter to Hillary and any DNC members tipping the scale for HRC from a common non-elite man

About that supposed 14 point lead "Opened Up" by Clinton per Ipsos/, no

Nanny Accused Of Decapitating Child Says Killing Act Of Revenge For Airstrikes In Syria

The Latest: Bundy son arrested for role in Nevada standoff

Quantum computer factors numbers, could be scaled up

Chief justice rejects plea to block air pollution rule

I have a question about the investigations into Hillary

CNN just had a short clip of a high dollar fundraiser for Hillary in NYC

"The Democratic Socialist" Song written and performed by a Bernie supporter.

HP Pollster (Aggregate) Shows Clinton Has Opened 15 Point Lead

Desalination Plants a 'Hidden Asset' for Power, Water

What does a former staffer's immunity deal mean for Hillary Clinton?

Fuel Or Food? Study Sees Increasing Competition for Land, Water Resources

The story of Santiago Uribe and the 12 Apostles

Food Limitation Linked to Record California Sea Lion Pup Strandings

Court Blasts Government's Handling of Sex-Trafficking Case

Mitt Romney's Trump Speech An Ugly Mirror Of GOP Hypocrisy

"Five Dollars and a Pork Chop Sandwich: Vote Buying and the Corruption of Democracy"

Mitt's Stop Trump plan is: support Kasich in OH, Rubio in FL, whomever is next strongest elsewhere

Could someone explain Hillary's "managed competition" to health care?

#BundyStandoff - Eric Parker prisoner#1066989 booked in the Ada County Jail

Minnesota, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire and Oklahoma resoundingly voted for

Minnesota, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire and Oklahoma resoundingly

A simple request to DU regarding Donald Trump:

I'll admit it: I've lost one of my arguments against Bernie.

Oil and gas industry has pumped millions into Republican campaigns

Hve you seen the new GOP logo?

Hubble breaks cosmic distance record, images the most distant galaxy ever seen

Latest Polls: Michigan Hillary 61 Bernie 33

If They Only Had A Brain - Must See and Hear

E.U. Leader Sends Economic Migrants a Blunt Warning: Don’t Come

Marco Rubio Won't Stop Blocking The Nomination Of A U.S. Ambassador To Mexico

My cosmetologist says Bernie can win, and here is why...

Marco Rubio Won't Stop Blocking The Nomination Of A U.S. Ambassador To Mexico

Thank you Democrats for voting for .@HillaryClinton! Looking forward to her nomination! 🌹 #ImWithHe

The Ghostbusters 3 trailer has been released

The investigation into the server is just one investigation. There is also the investigation about

Thousands line up in Lincoln for Bernie Sanders, who says his campaign is gathering steam

With regards to the e-mail investigation HRC faces a double standard (HRC Group)

Catlyn Jenner supports Cruz - can this fugging reality clown show

OK, this is getting pretty good.

Obama Says Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Reaches 20 Million

Obama Says Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Reaches 20 Million

I knew they reminded me of someone!

Rolling Stone begins vetting potential VP picks for Hillary

Nisman case prosecutor implicates the owner of the murder/suicide weapon, Diego Lagomarsino.

Bernie is the Only Candidate to Speak Up for the Earth

Tribute to GDP alert stalkers (c'mon you know who you are)

Christie on Trump Press Conference Flap: 'No, I Was Not Being Held Hostage'

HRF's Thor Halvorssen discusses democratic socialism on Fox

US Military Set to Unveil Concepts Based on Skylon Space Plane Tech

Pivoting to the GE, Rolling Stone presents its shortlist of candidates for Hillary's VP (HRC Group)

Trump campaign co-chair arrested for conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States

Research Indicates Another Common Mosquito May Be Able To Carry Zika

Kentucky governor sues to close abortion clinic

Nine Thousand Indigenous People in Prison in Mexico

Great Cartoon! What Donald Finds Out When He Researches The KKK

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign: Myth Vs. Fact (The Onion)

I about had it with this place - on JR's site, are you able to post & discuss like

U.S. proposes lifting protections for Yellowstone-area grizzlies


Tulsi Gabbard's Endorsement

U.S. court weighs restoring Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension

Have We Reached a Party Re-Alignment Tipping-Point?

Trump is the perfect (R) candidate.

Caitlyn Jenner: 'I Like Ted Cruz' Despite His Stance on Trans Issues

‘Thank you for serving me when I didn’t vote for you’: A Republican writes the president...

"That god damn firewall gotta crack in it."

"Bernie Baby" dies of SIDS

What is Sanders path to victory, specifically?

It's amazing how Bernie's surprised that trashing PBO & Clinton doesn't sway Black voters.

Too many Democrats too obligated to big money to speak for the people now.

Well, the stupid remarks are starting at the CPAC shindig... (Wayne LaPierre edition)

How difficult would it be for Republicans to repeal Obamacare for good?

N. Korean leader orders nuclear weapons to be made ready for use

Security Logs of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Are Said to Show No Evidence of Hacking

Study: Sanders supporters are least likely to watch cable news

Security Logs of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Are Said to Show No Evidence of Hacking

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant

Just saw "Primal Fear". Nice ending.

Remember When Hillary Said She 'Would Consider Obama For VP?

Chris Christie has seen things. Things you wouldn’t believe. Oh the Horror, The Horror!

Despite Walmart Ties, Support For Free Trade, Hillary Clinton Touts Commitment To Manufacturing Jobs

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 March 2016

The Women Take Over

When you are overly obligated to big money it's hard to stand up for the needs of the people.

Which candidate will improve our standing in the Democracy Index and how?

Anyone else notice those two well known RMoney hacks all over Drumpf Central today??

Trump said if he asked Romney to get on his knees for his endorsement in 2012

Amazon Quietly Removes Encryption Support from its Gadgets

Here's the salary you have to earn to buy a home in 19 major US cities

Rep Keith Ellison Scolds The Media & Call Out The DNC

Democrats Turn to Hillary Clinton After Flirting With Bernie Sanders |Hillary Clinton Group

TYT Retrospective: Did Media Declaring Hillary Won Debate Influence Polls? (Oct 16, 2015)

You wake up, get ready for the day,...(Clinton Group)

Clinton Aide Who Pushed Through Job Offshoring Trade Deals Attacks Sanders For Not Protecting Jobs..

Clinton encouraged Trump to run for President

Ed is joined by Tad Devine (now)

A disabled Bernie Sanders Supporter raised a good point

My wife is going to Mexico in March and wants to know what I want for a sovienor.

"Thank you for serving me when I didn’t vote for you."

Experiment Shows Differences Between Children With Guns in the Home and Those Without

We can't keep ignoring this: "Wisconsin roadways ranked fourth-worst in the U.S."

Donald Trump Gets AIDS In A New Movie, And That Has Studio Execs In A Panic

Spain seizes 20,000 military uniforms bound for jihadi fighters


Team Romney explores blocking Trump at RNC

"Thank You For Being My President.....I Did Not Vote For You. Either Time."

Let me see if I understand Trumpeteers...

Do I remember correctly? Did Romney's wife and sons at different times indicate he

Masters of Dirt

Examples of HRC's "experience" in foreign policy:

No matter who you vote for...

The Pain Of Americans | Bernie 2016

Hillary Group--new 538 polls

21 to smoke? California Assembly approves raising smoking age

Martinez backs Rubio, will campaign with him in Kansas Florida

Prominent neoconservatives prefer Hillary

Northern Hemisphere’s Temperature Just Reached a Terrifying Milestone

Live Stream @ 7pm ET March 3 - Meet David Sparks a Berniecrat Ohio 43 Dist candidate

To Bernie supporters: Since we're doing indictment what-ifs, I have one I'm curious about

In Jackson @billclinton tells press about @HillaryClinton infrastructure investment plan to improve

Live Stream@ 8PM March 3 - Bernie Sanders LIVE from Lawrence, Kansas - Rally

Arrested today! 2014: Jerry DeLemus speaks in Bunkerville, Nevada, puts gov't on notice.

Paul Klee's notebooks are now online. 3900 pages!

How the 1% would do under Hillary...and under Trump

Only 2-1.2 hours until Trump's palpable, seething misogyny toward Megyn airs on live TV.

Reports: Former Dem Iowa Lt. Gov. Patty Judge To Challenge Grassley

What the Ever-Loving EFF? Obama and Biden endorsing Murphy in Florida Senate Primary?

Robert Reich says on DN that Hillary as consequential to Bill's run as Eleanor was to FDR's.

Trump's Campaign photoshopped a White Model To Have Brown Skin

Indictment Accuses Bundy, Followers of Conspiracy in Nevada

Trump rips Romney as ‘choke artist’ at Maine rally

Forget Rubio: Kasich Last (Extremely Slim) Hope of Republican “Establishment” to Stop Trump

We need a president who doesn't see invasions and drone strikes as the natural first options

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention calls on Argentina's Macri to release Milagro Sala.

"Too Big to Fail" (2011) - Financial Crisis Explained

Joe Biden: The Senate’s Duty on a Supreme Court Nominee

This tiny dragonfly makes record-breaking flights around the globe

Bernie chained to protesters

Ever hear of a nuclear dress?