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Exclusive: U.S. falters in campaign to revive Iraqi army, officials say

*Robert Reich live now @ Sanders labor press conference:

Now, Livestream 'REDACTED TONIGHT' LEE CAMP, Comedy, Politics.

Home Depot Co-founder Endorses Trump

It's not often a video puts the hook in me like this one has.

Trump, gotcha

Guilty verdicts returned against all three defendants in ISIL trial

*Robert Reich live now @ Sanders labor press conference:

How World War II scientists invented a data-driven approach to fighting fascism

Hillary Clinton is the better candidate to take on Trump (LA Times)

LIVE Now: Bernie Sanders Press Conference in Berkeley, California 6/3/2016

Sanders movement will go on as ‘People’s summit’ is planned

LIVE Now: Bernie Sanders Press Conference in Berkeley, California 6/3/201

I can't help but think the GOP is getting SERIOUSLY punked by Trumpo SelfDestructo

Sportscaster Says Trump Supporter Deserved Abuse Because She Was Dressed Provocatively

A 20-year-old disagreement over welfare still haunts Clinton

Maine News - 6/3/2016

Michelle Obama Annihilates Trump As The GOP’s Bad Week Just Got A Whole Lot Worse (HRC GP)

Clinton opens up double-digit lead over Trump nationwide

U.S. judge delays deposition, directs Clinton aide to detail immunity deal in email probe

Clinton turns Trump attacks up to 11

U.S. women's team does not have right to strike: judge

Deposition of Brian Pagliano postponed, Judge Orders

Modern historical precedent to take campaign to the convention.

Tuesday, June 7, 8:01 PM Eastern Time:

Trump: "Look at my African American"....Video...

Sanders’ Camp Reports Fraud in Puerto Rico Presidential Primary

"But now, it's like Bernie who?" Just heard on Chris Hayes.

Who do you think had the better week?

Bodies Of 4 Missing Fort Hood Soldiers Found

Hillary responds to Trump's judge comments

If you had primary season to do again, would you do anything differently?

Key player in Silk Road successor site gets eight years in U.S. prison

Is it bad that I want Trump to keep saying racist things?

The Democratic Primaries/Caucuses are for the "Democratic Party"

Has anyone considered that the violence at Trump rallies

Ana Navarro was just on with Anderson Cooper

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Bang Bang Bang! & Uncensored & Live & a

Four arrested in the Vermont beating death of transgender man

Thom Hartmann today on his show shut down a very loud anti-Bernie supporter who said negative

Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker

Blaming Sanders: Why Democratic Party Unity is Officially Impossible

PHOTOS: (UPDATED) Bernie stopped for lunch at an In-N-Out.

Retired generals, diplomats urge Obama to keep Afghanistan troop level

Rachel Maddow: Hillary might clinch this weekend!!!!

A Message To Humanity

Just watched Chris Hayes evicerate a Trumpublican Congressman over the "Mexican Judge"

PBS is airing a Carol Burnett special

Rachel Maddow just gave a tutorial about how the super delegates are going

LA Times endorses Hillary

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton “more dangerous” than Donald Trump

Ways to regain a positive outlook on life. A far from comprehensive list.

New Hampshire News - 6/3/2016

Trump's Obsession With P.C.

Bernie: Do not claim to be my supporter if you are committing violence

Photographs Show Trump Supporters Pepper Spraying Protesters in The Face

2nite's Philadelphia Dinner Party Talk: a Clinton/Sanders Grand Compromise?

I thought Senator Sanders' statement on the rally violence was

Are you going to the Bernie ralley at the convention?

It's happening in Iowa and you're all invited!

Vermont News - 6/3/2016

State handouts for all? Europe set to pilot universal basic incomes (UK Guardian)

I don't think this post is about the primaries...

On Manchester St

The Super Delegates don't cast their votes till the convention July 25 to 28.

HRC's "Hard Road"

Friday Talking Points (394) -- Trump Nickname Contest Finalists

Nina Illingworth (lefty) LONG analysis of email prosecution and politics

I called for CAP assistance with my electric bill. What I got was a big laugh

You wish that you could be this fabulous, Part 3...

cross post LONG analysis of email prosecution

Father of "Mexican" judge arrived in US years before Trump's mother did.



Rorschach Glacier

Paulie, Paulie, Paulie . . . . one day. Just one day.

Now, HBO Bill Maher, Patriotic Seattle Millionaire NICK HANAUER on Better US Wages, Jobs

FLORIDA: Cllinton - 45% Trump - 42% ; Sanders 42% Trump 42%; Biden 50% Trump 40%

The GOAT is very sick.



Electing Trump would be confirming America's status as a failed state.

"Meat The Press"

After almost six years, my long ordeal is almost over

The Press says The Press is Pressing Trump

Neoliberalism a Failure

Could Calif. Be Another Kentucky Squeaker For Hillary?

These traditional Indian parents threw their son a big gay Hindu wedding

A great blog post shows why so many people feel inspired by Hillary.

California voter registration surges ahead of primary

OMG Another Trump Supporter Attacked!

Virgin Island News - 6/3/2016

The division

We need more like this from Clinton

Mike Malloy - How Trump University Suckered Its Victims

And Democratic Party officials oppose voter suppression .... except when they engage in it.

a synthetic dog for teaching vet students

Puerto Rico News - 6/3/2016

Julia Child's Berry Flan

5 scenarios for San Jose attacks on DRUMPF zombies:

The Gambler, on Amazon Prime

Bill Maher tonight called Ronald Reagan predicting something "Nostra dumb ass". LOL! Was

Just got back from a Congressional fundraiser for Anna Throne-Holst...

Hillary, well into her carreer-long battle with the Right--even then.

Local 11 o'clock news reporting that Mohammed Ali is in "Grave" condition.

Higher Education in Illinois Is Dying.

JUNE theme is MOTION!

POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING* Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker

Fellow HRC supporters

Paris summit ends with vague call for international conference by year’s end

Let's review why it was clear by mid-March who was going to end up with more pledged delegates.

Obama: I have Wasserman Schultz's back

Well, I got laid off today.

Bernie and his supporters have to accept it's Hillary or Trump.

Former Anchorage mayor files for primary run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 4, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Roy Scheider

Your Vehicle Can Be a Trap...

Cool shirt Bro!

Muhammad Ali

Bernie Sanders’s Final Few Days of California Dreamin’

Cesar Chavez’s Son: Not True That My Father Would Have Supported Sanders

Voters can fix NC Supreme Court's partisan tilt

2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Constitutional right of women to vote

Georgia News - 6/3/2016

CA Sect of State Padilla reports 17.9 million Californians registered to vote—highest ever heading

VIDEO, Bill Maher HBO Guest NICK HANAUER, Patriotic Millionare, $15 Min. Wage, Good Jobs, June 3

You don't get offered immunity for collecting stamps.

Predictwise gives Sanders a 5% chance of winning the Dem nomination.

Local CA Councilman files complaint with city over Bernie's 04-JUN GOTV Greek Theater Event (6k) in

Muhammad Ali dead at 74

Bill Maher HBO, NICK HANAUER, Seattle Patriotic Millionare on $15 Min. Wage, Good Jobs, June 3

BREAKING 'The Greatest of All Time': Muhammad Ali Dead at 74

Today at In-N-Out Burger. The revolution continues.

Anybody catch vice about modernization of our nukes, scary shot

Indictment and a Late Replacement Nominee

Rest in the peace of God Muhammad Ali!

Ali, "No Viet Cong Called Me Nigger"

Muhammad Ali (1942—2016)

Soul of the Butterfly

Ali Chant

As he leans over to order and In and Out..take a look at the staff behind the counter.

Muhammad Ali, 'The Greatest of All Time', Dead at 74

Bernie didnt say don't do violence he just said dont say you're with me

What The Heck Is This "It's Not Over Till The Convention" Business ?

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker drunk and slapping EU leaders,


Donald Trump talks about his military experience

On Ali, Frank Sinatra, and the Measure of True Fame . . .

Muhammad Ali Black Superman, by Johnny Wakeland and the Kinshasha Band

Muhammad Ali on Why He Refused the Draft

Free Kindle books through 6/6/16. All light reads, so light they're almost weightless.

Free Kindle books through 6/6/16. All light reads, so light they're almost weightless.

Weird = Rachel Maddow saying it's the Bernie campaign only...

Coachella valley super delegate just pledged to Hillary

The Violence that emanates from the Trump Bully Pulpit

Are you ready for a cashless society where you will need a smart phone

trump on black supporter: 'Look at my African-American over here'

Alabama News - 6/4/2016

Do We Really Have To Hold Our Nose To Vote In November? Or...

"I'm too pretty to be beat! I'm so pretty, I can't possibly be beat!"

Whoever gets nominated should pick a running mate who was neutral or backed the runner-up.

Lee Camp Redacted Tonight: Superdelegates Vote July 25

Flooding in Hamilton, OH 6-2-16

I attended Bill Clinton's Woodland Hills campaign stop today

Mississippi News - 6/4/2016

The foreign press is already referring to Hillary

There IS hope for this world after all.

Ali-Foreman, Zaire, 1974

Judge declines to dismiss conspiracy, firearms charges in Oregon standoff

Sibel Edmonds- US Foreign Aid & Material Support to State Sponsors of Terrorism

Rep. Garrett says Confederate flag vote is about free speech. It isn't (NJ)

We received our sample ballot in NJ yesterday, Sanders is in Column A ...

Tennessee News - 6/4/2016

How can I get Hillary to put something about the passing of Muhammad Ali on her twitter page?

Benchmark politics on CA

First words from Muhammad Ali in the afterlife:

Hah! Teachers take note

Michelle Obama: I Wake Up Each Day In A House Built By Slaves

Hillary's Foreign Policy Speech In Its Entirety. (VIDEO)

Sanders to run on Green Party Ticket with Stein(?)

Ali v Frazier - 'It was like death. Closest thing to dyin' that I know of'

Metrorail repair blitzkrieg starting up now

Republicans blast McAuliffe over errors in clemency action

there appears to be yet another IT guy

Kentucky News - 6/4/2016

Daily Holidays - June 4

Amazing how if you believe in a government for the people they try to paint you as a radical.

The Libertarian VP is friends with the Clintons

Precision medicine the theme at world's biggest cancer conference

Dancer testifies at trial about affair with top DEA official

Drunken priest suspended after kicking PC and trying to bite paramedic

US Pentagon chief proposes Asia-Pacific 'security network'

EPIC: Hillary Clinton Wins Twitter Battle With Trump In One Perfect Tweet

omg hmmm no.

Thousands of Peruvian pilgrims attend Snow Star Festival


Anti-Semitic Trump fans built this creepy internet app to mark and stalk Jews online

In Uruguay: The March of Silence For South America’s Martyrs and Revolutions

Daily Kos: Hillary Clinton guts Donald Trump, cuts remains into cubes, tosses what's left in trash

Kerry: video cut 'clumsy and stupid and inappropriate'

The Dictator Donald Trump (A Fascist At Heart)

Ohio News - 6/4/2016

Alex Jones: "Obama will unleash his army of Beyoncés to take over the US."

Dog left for dead in Texas floods now safe, dry and ready for new home

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

5 things you need to know about Peru’s presidential election

5 things you need to know about Peru’s presidential election

Michigan News - 6/4/2016

Former Burma minister denies embezzlement of $100 million gem fund

OMG hmmmm yes!

McGill U Professor Calls Student Judicial Ban on BDS ‘Huge;’ Says It Recognizes ‘Jewish Concerns

The New Zealand town with a volcano growing underneath it

A Very Brazilian Coup

A Very Brazilian Coup

Countering Pro-GMO Deceptions in the British Press

A Contradictory Vision of Small Business in Cuba

A Contradictory Vision of Small Business in Cuba

Epic Bernie Sanders San Francisco Rally Could Draw Over 100,000 Supporters Before California Vote

The Ayotzinapa Agenda

How close will Puerto Ricans get Hillary Clinton to nomination?

The Ayotzinapa Agenda

Bernie Sanders Desperate For Win In Saturday’s Contest As Hillary Clinton Nears Clinching Nomination

Magically Make All Hillary Bashers Disappear From View

Weekly Address: Building on America’s Economic Recovery

Is life a video game? | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016

Firing Line with William Buckley: "Muhammad Ali and The Negro Movement" (FULL)

Muhammad Ali talked man down from suicide jump

‘Under the Gun’ Director Refuses to Apologize to ‘Radical’ Group

Mitch McConnell wants he will pick one Supreme Court Justice......

U.S. Virgin Islands vote for delegates today in their convention. I bet Hillary will do very well.

Only 29% of Dems have confidence in party, 64% thinks Sanders run is positive for the party

Damn. Nobody else could make a punch to the face poetry.

Trump Seeks To Whiten The Republican Party Even More

Everyone loves Bernie at the In N Out Burger

Will Lin-Manuel Miranda Transform the Supreme Court?

Everyone loves Bernie at the In N Out Burger

Cyndi Lauper rewrites "Just Be" from Kinky Boots to "Just Pee" making fun of HB 2 in NC

Bernie single-handedly forced the issue of Social Security expansion onto the national agenda

Guys, I'm going on hiatus.

Sanders to Clinton: Yes, Trump's Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours

Please spare us the stupidity that the media is biased against Bernie.

Who killed Davey Moore?

"Did Barbra Streisand Whup Sonny Liston?"

"Did Barbara Streisand whup Sonny Liston?"


Haunting cover version

It #1 all-time favorite Skinner post, reflecting on GD-P during the Primaries.


"My conscience won't let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people."

Hair - Let the Sunshine In

"Me. We." Muhammad Ali 1975 at Harvard commencement, shortest poem of all time. RIP.

Question about the end of GD-P

Elizabeth Warren declared heretic by the Faith Militant

I'm thinking about posting a Breitbart-sourced email conspiracy theory. Any thoughts?

Sally Field on questions about Clinton's likeability: "What is this a high school popularity contest

Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla threw his support behind Clinton, offering the former secr


More Good Trump Supporters: Mom And Sons Attack, Try To DROWN Black Teenager Yelling Racial Slurs

"All joking aside?" Really?

NJ will put Hillary over the top and....

Does Trump have a Hillary sextape?

=*=LIVE 6:30 Bernie Sanders Town Hall | Latin American & Immigration Policy Los Angeles CA 6/4 =*=

=*=LIVE 6:30 Bernie Sanders Town Hall | Latin American & Immigration Policy Los Angeles CA 6/4 =*=


=*=LIVE 6:30 Bernie Sanders Town Hall | Latin American & Immigration Policy Los Angeles CA 6/4 =*=

NYTimes Editorial: The Benghazi Committee’s Dead End

Would you add a ban on incitement to violence to the ToS?

=*=LIVE @ 10PM Bernie Sanders A Future to Believe In Los Angeles GOTV Concert Rally 6/4 =*=

​New charges for ex-pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli

Obama urges support for embattled DNC chair

=*=LIVE @ 10PM Bernie Sanders A Future to Believe In Los Angeles GOTV Concert Rally 6/4 =*=

=*=LIVE @ 10PM Bernie Sanders A Future to Believe In Los Angeles GOTV Concert Rally 6/4 =*=

Don't Trust Hillary Clinton or Trump with America's Nuclear Launch Codes. Only Bernie Sanders.

Brother Muhammad

The Sanders/Frank Feud

Donald Trump couldn’t name any Muslim athletes. Here are 38.

Can Trump really be this stupid?? YES HE IS! Look at this stupid tweet!

I'm going to see Hillary today in Oxnard, CA today at noon. Here's a link to the event

Even in remotest Africa, Windows 10 nagware ruins your day: Update burns satellite link cash

Very funny story about Ali by Chuck Wepner:

Virgin Islands votes today--10 AM to 6 PM

Without Muhammad Ali, there would be no President Obama: We must celebrate the life of The Greatest

EU referendum: Brexit 'could boost NHS by £100m a week'

Cute Anecdote

The "Heavyweights" of Luftwaffe

StopFakeNews #83 [ENG] with Irena Chalupa

We have lost some of the most amazing people this year

Nice review of the Peng Robinson alpha functions just published.

Shock &awe!-The Obamas & Bidens R about to be unleashed on the campaign trail for HillaryCli

Television Tracker -- See Who Gets Mentioned How Often on TV

Who Gives Money to Bernie Sanders?

As Koch brothers cling to Madoff cash, a new legal battle arises

Al Giordano ~ How to Stop Trump series (HRC GP)

Donald Trump couldn’t name any Muslim athletes. Here are 38.

Bernie Sanders Erased Hillary Clinton’s 15-point Lead in California and Could be Headed to a Coup

WTF is THIS? Is this true? Anyone have any background?

"I have dozens of African Americans. What's so wrong with saying that?" Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

CA Primary: Protecting Our Elections

Grievance, Demands, and Tantrums; the Unhappy End of the Sanders Campaign

Muhammad Ali gives Bush the crazy sign

Requiem For the American Dream (FULL)

Muhammad Ali: "I'd like for them to say...."

Don't Tell Me the 2016 Election is Over!

Hillary is coming tonight!

President Obama: Muhammad Ali Was The Greatest. Period. If You Just Asked him, He'd Tell You"

Why Bernie Won't Quit

The Nation: A Voters' Guide to Hillary Clinton's Policies in Latin America

Hillary + Girls (Best Thing Ever)

Bernie And Jane Sanders House A Tour

Obama: What Muhammad Ali meant to me

Muhammad Ali Knocked Trump’s Muslim Ban Before He Died

Step aside you frail pretenders! Please come CAPTION the Original Counter-Puncher: Donald Trump!!!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Bill Maher : The Education System Is to Blame For Donald Trump

Statement from President and Secretary Clinton on passing of Muhammad Ali

Reid Finds Loophole to Allow Warren VP Pick

Police: Teacher had sex with student on near daily basis; parents now being investigated

LA times endorses Clinton in Dem primary

WaPo: "U.S. judge delays deposition, directs Clinton aide to detail immunity deal in email probe"

X-Post from Fiction "A review of "The Yellow Jersey" by Ralph Hurne

A Big, really big bus every city needs to look at.

The verdict on Clinton's emails needs to be expedited before the Convention

I think I've settled on Trumps new name..

"Just Take Me To Jail

HRC opens up double digit lead over Trump in new poll

*VIDEO, LEE CAMP 'REDACTED TONIGHT': HC Email Server Issue, SuperDelegates Vote July 25

New England Cable News: Warren to speak at MA Dem convention today

Serena just lost the first set at the French Open Final - for the first time

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Six Principles and Steps to Nonviolent Social Change

Richard Pryor on Muhammed Ali

1 electoral possibility has Omaha in star role for presidential election

You want a platform plank? I have a good one for you to consider

Why is Jesus white? - Muhammad Ali

Trump's Ali privileges have been revoked - Dave Zirin

The Connection to Supers, Banks, Defense Contractors, Foriegn Gov's, and Many More....

ND & SD Tribal Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton

ND & SD Tribal Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton

Saturday, June 4th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

$35,000 To The AG Greg Abbott Gubernatorial Campaign From Trump To Drop Texan's Claims

How many people can fit under a Delta 767?

San Diego Union-Tribune Endorses Hillary Clinton

"Any pretense that he cares about the Democratic Party is fading away. … Grow up already"

Have any of the media hacks asked Trump about this today??

Tour of Bernie and Jane's Home

Gomer And Me (Muhammad Ali story)

Syria conflict: Troops 'cross into IS-held Raqqa province'

It's been one time when I was glad that we have a small house.

Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker

Bill Murray's statement re: arguments

Would you consider this site a Democratic site? The one I am linking to.

What it means to work with others, and have them become your allies...

Bloomberg's Halperin Says Trump's Racist Attack On Judge Isn't "Racial" Because Mexican Isn't A Race

Sanders Rally Moved to L.A. Coliseum (Hillary camp had NOthing to do with the move, instead

Muhammad Ali

This candidate explains how the votes disappear from him and Sanders

Why Berniacs Won't Quit

Almost 75% Of D.C. Metro Riders Expecting Transitpocalypse, Survey Says

Yes, Warcraft Is a Dreary Eyesore but Here Are Three Things in It That Don't Suck

Wow, Watch This GOP Strategist’s Righteous Anti-Donald Rant w/Chris Hayes~PERFECT! (HRC GP)

Keith Olbermann-- Maximum overrated stupid appearing in your picture

Ali - Esquire cover April 1968

A review of "The Rider" by Tim Tim Krabbé Bloomsbury 2003 originally published 1973 in Dutch

X-Post from Fiction, "The Rider" by Tim Tim Krabbé

Poignant words from President Obama's Statement...

Here is a little Sagan gem

The Koch Bros cashed out of Bernie Madoff's scheme in 2005 before the meltdown, moved $ offshore

LA Times backs Clinton over Sanders

Election fraud reported in Puerto Rico.

Clinton's odds at presidency rise 7% (62% to 69%) in one day

Does anyone think we could get an anti-GMO DUer or two to take this course with a couple of us?

Puerto Rico primary tomorrow. GO HILLARY!!!!!!

Sanders pressures Clinton to back drug price initiative

Poll: Are you backing Hillary Clinton or Bernie ... NJ. com

Just checking - any links to Hillary's Wall St. transcripts yet?

Zogby: My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee

NakedCapitalism:standard 4 crimina liability 4 mshandlg “defense” info No need Intent or "Classified

40 years ago today, I hit my first legitimate home run in little league.

Meet the Bernie Sanders Supporter Who Debated Bill Clinton for 30 min. at a New Mexico Restaurant

DNC Comms Director Luis Miranda says superdelegates VOTE AT THE CONVENTION (Video)

Bernie Sanders hopes to defy odds with voters: 'California loves a comeback'

Here's what I believe: Bernie Sanders will lead the way.

Garbine Muguruza defeats Serena for French Open Title

Is Trump going to use Bernie's no tax release as an excuse for his own not releasing them?

On Sanders, Frank and dog metaphors in place of thought.

How it happened

Bernie will endorse and campaign for Hillary Clinton and will still be despised by her supporters.

Stop calling Trump "Controversial." He is Racist


So how do we "enlighten" Trump voters?

Well, she's right...

Has Bernie passed the point of no return?

Clinton Campaign Prescreened Comments Hillary Clinton's campaign reviewed or suggested introductory

Article - Too Sick To Lead: The Lethal Personality Disorder Of Donald Trump

A review of "Reading the Race:Bike Handling from Inside the Peloton" by Jamie Smith with Chris Horne

Muhammad Ali: ‘What’s My Name?’

Keep fighting for a more equal America OP-ED by Hillary Clinton

A review of "The Yellow Jersey" by Ralph Hurne

Dixie Chicks Wage Another Political War and This Time, It's With Donald Trump

Mika "You just sold out". Republicans decide to support a Racist Buffoon

Nike's Ultra-Sustainable Distribution Center, runs on 100% renewable energy.

Wisconsin man arrested for sexual assault cries in his mugshot

Why millennials love Bernie Sanders: This is what Trump, Hillary — and Chris Matthews —

Sanders now has 46 superdelegates?

TCM Schedule for Sunday June 5 - Queen of the Nile

Bernie will endorse and campaign for Hillary Clinton and will be LIKED again by her supporters.

Blue Cross Blue Shield seeks 60% rate hikes in 2017 in Texas

TCM Schedule for Monday June 6 - Star of the Month: Marie Dressler

You know, I can understand, sort of, how I got blocked from the HRC group.

"This argument against Hillary Clinton news conferences is flat-out wrong"

Muhammad Ali was so much more than a really good boxer

So I am waiting in line to see Hillary in Oxnard, CA

Campbell Brown savaging her previous profession: Why I Blame TV for Trump

Maddow does the math: A Clinton clinch may be close

Maddow does the math: A Clinton clinch may be close

Maddow does the math: A Clinton clinch may be close

Wonderful optic of headlines on Hillary's eviscerating speech on Trump from

Prophets of Rage supergroup headed to Cleveland to 'cause a ruckus' during RNC

Military: Precision flying teams are worth the risk, cost

Fair: How the Media Sanitizes Clinton's Reckless Foreign Policy Record

Flotus like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee....

Martin O'Malley lands a new gig, this time in unlikely pairing with Jeb Bush.

Decent argument against Sanders tuition free college plan here

Tiananmen Square Massacre 3-4 June 1989

The San Diego Union Tribune endorses Clinton

Has Bernie released his May fundraising totals yet?...

Should I donate to Tulsi and Bernie today, or "keep my powder dry"?

Trump Tweets FAKE Photo Of Black Supporters After Racist Meltdown

Florida man buried his boss in dirt using a front-end loader, police say

Who gives money to Bernie Sanders? *interactive map at link*

The Greatest...

The Future Endorses Bernie Sanders

Waiter Working at Planalto Palace Since Lula Administration Is Fired by Temer's Team

NATIONAL POLL JUNE 3: Clinton Leads Trump By 1 Point Clinton 38% Trump 37% Johnson 8%

California Nurses Association Backs The Single Payer Plan.

Donald Trump, the stinky dump lives by the motto:

Clinton bluntly mocks Trump’s foreign policy ideas simply by restating them: Headline Colleague

Donald Trump’s Virginia State Chair: “We will kick their asses out of the country”

FLORIDA POLL JUNE 3: Clinton Leads Trump By 3 Points Clinton 45% Trump 42% Johnson 6%

Months after the primary, I'm still seeing dozens of Bernie yard signs, and *no* Hillary signs.

It is not about hating Hillary. It is not about loving Bernie.

DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda says superdelegates VOTE AT THE CONVENTION (Video)

Bernie: Hillary: Here's a Free College for All Concept:

Taibbi: Hillary Clinton's New Anti-Trump Ad Misses the Mark

Muhammad Ali - Funny Speeches, Interviews, Trash Talk

San Diego Union Tribune: Hillary Clinton deserves California Democrats’ votes

If anyone would like to use as a template the letter I just penned to my Super-Delegates...

The trans bathroom flap reminds me of not allowing gay people in the military or public showers crap

War Has Been Declared Online Against ‘Fujitrolls’ in the Middle of Peru's Presidential Elections

GoFundMe to feed family and pets and save house.

Big Win Over ISIS Could Mean a New War

Ali and Cosell

Stopping Trump

For your examination

Here is a question about something Bernie said about my county,

Bill Maher: Democrats Would Be Out If They Lied Like Trump

The Guardian: Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by one point in new California poll!

Paul Ryan: Just another Republcian whore

Hillary Clinton to Offer Plan on Paying College Tuition Without Needing Loans

Howard Cosell's tearful tribute to Muhammad Ali

FWIW - It looks like there are 5 uncommitted supers in VI and PR. I wonder if they will (HRC GROUP)

Trump Supporter Uses PEPPER SPRAY on Protester | San Diego, CA | May 27, 2016

Air Force Secretary agrees women should have to register for the draft as men do

The Democratic Party establishment does not want a "democratic socialist" as President.

Going Offshore in the 2016 Election Campaign: Disappearing Money and Opportunistic Candidates

2016 strikes again: R.I.P. Dave Swarbrick, Fairport Convention violinist

The Benghazi Committee’s Dead End

Gregory Cheadle: I'm Trump's 'African-American'

Report: New Documents Show Snowden Tried to Alert NSA of Surveillance Concerns Before Going Public

Bernie Sanders Press Conference on Labor Reforms

Don't you love how positive and classy the celebrities supporting Hillay are?

Ex-Texas official: 2010 Trump U probe dropped due to politics

Bernie Sanders Press Conference on Labor Reforms

Bernie Sanders Press Conference on Labor Reforms

California sees record high voter registrations going into primary

Bernie and Jane Sanders house: A guided tour

Muhammad Ali saved a man from killing himself in 1981

Hillary Clinton in Oxnard, CA

Ultra-orthodox Israeli rabbi bans girls over five from riding bikes because it is 'provocative'

UPDATED: Right on cue! Sanders campaign accuses Puerto Rico of fraud

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton “more dangerous” than Donald Trump

More Christian Charity, American Style

Jake Tapper Shakes Up the Media With a Righteous Donald Debunking

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Primaries and Caucuses

What's wrong with "healthcare" in America. . . .

Sanders’ Campaign Alleges Fraud in Puerto Rico Presidential Primary

Report on the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary Crisis

A first time voter -

It will be so good when this is over and the General starts.

I bought my rose

Bernie Sanders Statement on Muhammad Ali

538: Sanders' new threshold...

How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS

Declaring Martial Law could make Trump absolute dictator


Bill Clinton is doing the eulogy for the GOAT

Bill Clinton is doing the eulogy for the GOAT

Disney/Marvel - Captain America In the Era of Donald Trump - A Hydra (Nazi) Agent All Along

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 4, 2016

TYT: Obama: Increase Social Security Benefits

Bill and Hillary Clinton React to Muhammad Ali's Death: He Was 'Even Greater Than His Legend

Bill Clinton is doing the eulogy for the GOAT

How U.S. and U.K. Media Are Trying Their Best To Push Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela Over the Edge

How U.S. and U.K. Media Are Trying Their Best To Push Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela Over the Edge

Stoddard: Clinton supporters tripping over email spin

Will Hillary continue her campaign even under Indictment ??

Fed up with high D.C. housing costs? $1 million will buy you an entire West Virginia ‘town.’

Warren Slams Trump, Calls Him 'Fraudster-in-Chief'

Hillary Supporters: Why Does Any Good News for Bernie Trigger Such Outrage?

Iconic Images Of Muhammad Ali

I dreamed of my father last night (regarding Muhammad Ali)

Michelle Obama at the Indian School Commencement: A More Perfect Graduation

Four paragraph excerpt rule: seeing lots of violations of that lately

Done with GD Posts

Barney or Bust

Pope clarifies bishops' role in sex abuse cases

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 'I don't believe in super-delegates'

Music Producer Whose Long Sentence Drew Outcry Is Free Early

Sanders condemns violence at Trump’s San Jose rally

If Bernie wins California.

Taping a keg

The pressure of the campaign trail. Hillary handles it like a total pro.

Docking a ship

Michigan congressional candidate says sex with teenagers could be OK, if they're mature enough

What Ali meant to me.

Batman and Robin weigh in on the Democratic primaries

The Independent School Magazine Blog Early Childhood Education: What Is Its Goal?


One thing I can guarantee when Bernie wins. I will not call Hillary supporters losers.

Will you cry when Hillary is not indicted?

LIVE Stream NOW: Muhammad Ali Family Press Conference (6-4-16)

This isn't an election so much as...

Hollywood residents split over street named for KKK founder (FL)

Reason Rally 2016

What he said

Yes we can again

Bernie supporter in need of help

If you're talking about process, you're losing

President Bill Clinton Will Give a Eulogy for Muhammad Ali at Interfaith Service Friday

President Bill Clinton Will Give a Eulogy for Muhammad Ali at Interfaith Service Friday

Your opinion of Donald Trump?

Republican Debate Donald Trump's Buying politicians

Shouldn't we have heard about the US Virgin Islands by now? nt

QUIZ: Which Terrifying Political Voice Said It? Trump, Stalin, Hitler or Mussolin?

Can someone advise us as to what the excuse will be when Clinton wins VI tonight?

Elizabeth Warren pours cold water on Bernie's plan to have the superdelegates sway the election

First characterization of Amb. Stephen Mull deposition to court in FOIA matter.

Not sure you've seen this: Hillary attacks Bush's "secret email accounts" in 2007.

Just came across this update from Oregon

The Sanders camp "tell" that they know they'll get their clocks cleaned in Puerto Rico on Sunday

JUNE 8, 2008 - HRC Ends Campaign with Clear Call to Elect Obama. NYT

Remembering - as another ally walks into the forest

Tuition-free public universities? That might cost 10% of our Beautiful Pentagon! Outrageous!

Posted in need to argue about it in GDP

We can’t have more of the same: The very real dangers of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy

Poll: Most Americans want to replace Obamacare with single-payer — including many Republicans

Immigrants appeal Texas judge’s order to turn over personal information

Paraguay gets debt payment demand from Venezuela's PDVSA - Petropar president

Confirmed: Bernie Sanders Illegally Used Campaign Funds For Overnight Trip To Italy

We've Been Warned

Argentine inflation rises to 44.6% - the highest in 24 years.

Venezuela's Maduro entreats Latin America not to isolate him

Argentine inflation rises to 44.6% - the highest in 24 years.


Climate Change: What’s the Punishment for Media Malpractice?

MN State Convention-Just Passed! Elimation of SuperD's!

4 Democrats: Calif is an open primary. Expect lot's of Repugs (aka: "independents") to vote 4 BS

Why Dick Van Dyke is supporting Bernie Sanders

Why Dick Van Dyke is supporting Bernie Sanders

Why Dick Van Dyke is supporting Bernie Sanders

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Includes Sanders & Clinton)

Bernie Supporters: Childish, Ungrateful, Violent Millennials; Bernie: Egomaniac

LENNOX’S STATEMENT ON THE DEATH OF MUHAMMAD ALI June 4, 2016 Words cannot begin to describe the loss

Clinton poised for a big win in Puerto Rico Sunday.

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now NYT

MN State Convention-Just Passed! Elimation of SuperD's!

Jeff Weaver is accusing Hillary Clinton of stealing a venue she booked months ago

We have lost "The Greatest" but his legacy will endure forever

Sanders threatens to toss reporter from press conference

What channel do I tune in to watch the CA Democratic Presidential

Is the Bernie hate intensifying?

I think I agree with Bernie about the Rome trip thing.

Sen. Marco Rubio blocks confirmation of judge he recommended

Emails Show How Wall Street Execs and Alums Crafted the TPP

PHOTOS: Bernie makes a pit stop to greet people in LA's Echo Park.

Lest there be any doubt about the intent of "Under the Gun's" silent treatment...

PRESUMPTIVE (adj): giving grounds for reasonable opinion or belief

The Advance On Fallujah Has Slowed, And Iraq’s Shiite Militias Want To Step In

This is a genuine question about after the nomination-

X-rays reveal 1,300-year-old writings inside later bookbindings

U.S. Walks a Fine Line on China Message Before Big Defense Forum

Bernie Sanders praises Muhammad Ali’s "incredibly courageous" opposition to the Vietnam War

We Spoke To The Family In This Trump Tweet And They’re Not Happy

The Dem candidate had better win this November in a landslide...

Get Out and Caucus in North Dakota | Bernie Sanders

On my way home from a Hillary rally. It was billed as a GOTV rally.

Get Out and Vote in New Jersey | Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote in California | Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote in Montana | Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote in New Mexico | Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote in South Dakota | Bernie Sanders

here is just one reason...

Insurer Sues Feds Over Shortfall In ObamaCare Payments

Today's New York Post's front cover

Is Perez Hilton a Hillary supporter?

Boston Globe: Sen. Reid is now "very open" to Elizabeth Warren being Hillary's V.P.

What is Bernie's stand on driveless cars/trucks?

Martin O'Malley will appear on NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd tomorrow at 8AM ET.

Trump: Mexican-Americans Not Really Americans

Donald Trump in San Jose: Police chief says there weren't enough officers at the rally

D'espairsRay / M-06 Sixty∞Nine 【Live HD】

How Should America Resist a Fascist?

D'espairsRay / M-06 Sixty∞Nine 【Live HD】

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-3-16

as with ever mis-adventure, the sanders campaign comes out with excuses

The Violence At Donald Trump's Rally Is Unwelcome News For Democrats

Florida DUers - what's that I'm hearing about Tropical Storm Colin

Confirmed: Bernie Sanders Used Campaign Funds For Overnight Trip To Italy (HRC GP)

I was a Deniac.

Voting in the Virgin Islands Caucus...

Do your dogs go bezerk after a bath?

Christians say the darnedest things!

Fueling Sanders' Turnout Hope, California Reports Record Surge of New Voters

Blanket reprieve for FFRs?

Trump has threatened the judge on his case that he might sue him after he's President.

Should Social Security benefits be portable between Countries? This issue could be a stealth attack

If FEC charges sanders with campaign fraud, should he immediately drop out of the race?

Juror #3 got it, Juror #2 didn't

When do the results for PR and VI come in?

Bernie Sanders Says Voters Shouldn't Have to Choose Against Somebody

California Sees Record Voter Registration Ahead of Primary

A lighthearted Ali

The convention will not be contested

Bernie's SF Rally Could Draw 100,000 or more on June 6th .....

Elizabeth Warren: Trump is only qualified to be "Fraudster-in-Chief."

Fosters at two months

Sanders: Clinton can't declare victory if she wins the voting

Handout Or No? Swiss Mull $2,500 Monthly Income For All

"In a world full of princesses, dare to be a hot dog"

Moves and (climate) changes

Weekend Bernie Group Toon Roundup

LA Times Editorial Board (June 3rd) - Hillary Clinton is the better candidate to take on Trump

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: He Was The Greatest

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Muhammad Ali Dean Martin Roast

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton “more dangerous” than Donald Trump

The latest Simon's Cat film ! "Muddy Paws"

Fat "acceptance" - from the PoV of a fat person

The latest Simon's Cat film ! "Muddy Paws"

He's Ba-aaaack: Alberto Gonzales Defends Trump On Judge Smear: He Has 'Right To A Fair Trial’

What Katie Couric did isn't bias or selective editing. It is a crime against journalism.

Nick Hanauer Flattens Right Wing Lies On Minimum Wage

Today is Killdozer day

Bear Found Near Southern California Freeway With Gallbladder, Paws Removed