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Why Muhammad Ali's Star on Hollywood Boulevard Floats Like a Butterfly Above Ground

How Bernie Sanders missed his chance to beat Hillary Clinton

5/20/16 the legal steps toward impeachment was started in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Trump unveils new platform - How the hell do we compete with this?

after Tues will Repugnants "for" Bernie stop the "Hillary the classified email anti-Christ" meme?

A message to Cali Berners....

2016 Is NOT Remotely Comparable to 2008

Have you noticed an uptick in newbies with less than 100 posts?

NYC elections board lost track of voting machines

This quote from Harry Reid deserves its own thread, I think

Kotzebue, finally!

Remember Raffi? The children's song writer/ recording artist? He's got a math lesson for us.

So,Trump wants his surrogates to start lying like he is?

I really can't believe the Rs are going to stick with Trump

Hillary Clinton in danger of losing California as Bernie Sanders makes late surge

Bored-?-here is a cute little game..........

AP count: Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination

NBC News: Why Does Sanders Do Better Than Clinton Against Trump?

NBC News: Why Does Sanders Do Better Than Clinton Against Trump?

Watch CNN. Anderson Cooper is handing Geoffrey Lord his *** as he tries to spin.

BREAKING: @AP finds Clinton reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nom


AP Declares Hillary the Presumptive Nominee!!!!

AP is now saying Clinton has enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee.

My street is starting to flood

I guess Bernies charm offensive on Saturday and Sunday kicked Hillary over the top!

If we can count electoral votes in November, we're going to count superdelegates in June.

Joined by Hundreds of Supporters, Governor Hassan Officially Files to Represent NH in the US Senate

Clinton nabs top Latino activist to work on voter outreach


The narrative has now changed again to "it's rigged, because she started with 400 super delegates"

the AP is not helping Clinton by declaring her the nominee based on undisclosed superdelegates

Thom Hartmann today said that Harry Reid is apparently trying to get Hillary to have Elizabeth

MSNBC just announce that AP has called it for HIllary.

BuzzFeed Refuses To Run Trump Ads, Backs Out Of Agreement With RNC

It's official. Hillary is the nominee

I'm pissed at the AP--they're undercutting/jumping Clinton's victory rally and speech

Congratulations Secretary Clinton! Now go get Trump!

Congratulations Secretary Hillary Clinton!

The women who trolled Bernie Sanders in Seattle were NOT BLM

Could be a bogus ploy....

Trump Foreign Policy Speech Latest Example of GOP Bankruptcy in Foreign Policy Ideas & Competence


Harry Reid Is Quietly Laying The Groundwork For Elizabeth Warren To Be Vice President

Why All Mass Shootings Are Terrorist Attacks

Better luck next time Calfornia

AP count: Clinton has delegates to win Democratic nomination

BTRTN: Hillary Will Clinch Tomorrow Night Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey

It's a lie

If Trump is looking for his ass

The Day of the Trump has Finally Arrived: We Been Spending All Our Lives Living in a Nightmarish Par


AP/ Nbc/ Msnbc/ CALL IT.

BBC Declares Hillary the nominee

Implosion in progress.

Wash. Post: By Trump's logic, only a Republican white male could judge him fairly:

American Dreaming. “Come on Join My convoy ‘Cross the USA”


Congratulations Presumptive Nominee, Secretary Clinton ... you have made history!!!!

The Numbers In California Must Really Look Bad For Hillary Tommorrow That The AP.....

In my opinion, she becomes the presumptive nominee when she gets the pledged delegate

Morgan on the Ballot

Let the record show: The AP called it for Hillary first!

MLB expansion: Why Mexico City could be a top prospect -- or a bust

NBC calls it for Hillary with 2384 delegate count

No One Stole the Nomination from Sanders

How W. Bush & Obama Paved Way for Trump: A History of Risky Precedents for Becoming President

I just emailed NPR

AP has opened up the flood gates.

It's more than a little alarming that so many are bowing down to the MSM.

Hillary Clinton has officially reached the number of delegates necessary to secure the Democratic ..


June 16

Trumps Secret Unearned Weapon to Beat Clinton and Become Emperor

That's just fucked up...

Repbs allege Clinton intentionally released classified info while Cheney outed a covert CIA agent

Hillary Clinton: We’re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win. CA, MT, NM, ND, NJ, SD, vote

The M$M can all go fuck themselves...

The Greatest and now the Worstest (American in Living History) Part 4

Statement from Bernie Sanders campaign on Hillary Clinton becoming projected the presumptive nominee

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Bang Bang Bang! & Uncensored & Live & a

Guys, SHE DID IT! I'm so happy to share this with all of you! I've endure staying here thanks you


BBC: Clinton 'wins Democratic nomination'

What is on the Republican menu?

PoliticusUSA: Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign is Completely Imploding

Trump made 'lots of money' catering to Libyan dictator

I don't like this...

US Cities See Unexplained Rise in Violent Crimes This Year

The Difference the Right Politician Makes


Oh my--Bernie is s not happy....

The Difference the Right Politician Makes in 2:00

So let me tell you about the first woman to be nominated for the presidency.

The Difference the Right Politician Makes in 2:00

Won't all the announcements about Hillary clinching the nomination help Sanders in NJ and CA,

based on the decades old rules and procedures of the DNC, Clinton is the nominee

Class of '69 Hillary Wellesley Speech (Audio)

Sanders only needs 814 delegates to clinch

Brock Turner's actual booking photo.

On second thought I am upset with the press.

I was going to do this tomorrow.. after the NJ call..

Obama held weekend call with Sanders

Had to chuckle

The Greatest and now the Worstest American (Final) Part 5

Does No One Realize That Pledged Delegates Are NOT Bound?

Another chuckle - that quickly sank on GDP

Oligarch fear and desperation is fostering civil unrest

Hillary's campaign statement re: AP announcement

Sanders Spokesman issues a statement on Media Jumping the Gun

"We’re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win. CA, MT, NM, ND, NJ, SD, vote tomorrow!"

Did the Democrats just send a message to Sanders?

Just accelerates sanders fall...


Can a member change their screen name without re-registering? n/t

Voters not necessary. The media and party elite call it.

Hillary: We’re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win. CA, MT, NM, ND, NJ, SD, vote tomorrow


Peaks out hesitantly from the cracked door.....Is it safe to come out?

C'mon you guys.

The Hill Yes sign, I love It!!!

Happy Tears............


Pam Bondi personally asked Donald Trump for donation before nixing Trump U. fraud case

I'm waiting for the M$M to announce that the Democratic Party Convention is cancelled

To my fellow Sandernistas in California

No one stole the nomination from Sanders

No matter what is said tonight if you live in these 6 states VOTE!

Andrea Mitchell on Rachel Maddow

Clinton Camp: "Important Milestone" But Reminds Everyone Six States Vote Tomorrow

Andrea Mitchell is crying for Bernie. She just said that this proves the system is rigged!!!

The corporate media has called the Democratic primary for the corporate candidate.

Hillary deliberately timed this announcement to suppress voter turnout in California.

Didn't the media do something similar in 2008?

It is REALLY SHITTY of the AP to do this on the Eve of the Primaries

She did it! WE WON!

I kind of wish the media had waited until Tuesday night

Deja Vu.....

State Department official's lawyer repeatedly objects to questions on Clinton's email during deposit

Free Bird nt

LA Times: Scorching TV ad targets Trump for mocking reporter's disability

Super Delegates Don't Vote Until July 25

Bernie Sanders Endorsed Obama In 2008 Based On Pledged/Superdelegates combined count. nt

From Campaign Manager Robby Mook (HRC GP)

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel

Really hard not to notice how similar in style and temperament sanders and

Godzilla celebrates Hillary's nomination.

Rachel Interviewing Hillary On MSNBC!

Are we STILL doing this idiotic 'supers don't vote till July' NONSENSE???

Suddenly some are concerned about LBN rules

To Bernie Supporters: Bridge Over Troubled Water

State Dept.: 75-year wait for Clinton aide emails

Thats right. Neither candidate will have enough delegates until the supers vote at the convention

Hillary Clinton’s Emails: “Oops I did it again!”

Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra’s bid for UN Secretary General wins support from U.S.

Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra’s bid for UN Secretary General wins support from U.S.

Premature inauguration.

Clinton hits ‘magic number’ of delegates to clinch nomination (NBC Calls Primary)

State Department official's lawyer repeatedly objects to questions on Clinton's email during deposit

Turn out the lights, the party's over

Robby Mook coming up on MSNBC in a minute

My alarm is set. I plan to be one of the first to vote for Ms. Clinton in NJ.

Hillary was great on Rachel's show.

Tips for Voting in the June 7 Primary

I'm not crazy about all of this happening tonight, BUT....

The media are just reporting the facts. I don't like it either. But Hillary did just clinch.

Polling..Voting for Bernie or Hillary

This conspiracy theory is hilarious

Hillary Clinton’s Emails: “Oops I did it again!”

Texas man who spent about 20 years on death row cleared of murder charges

Predictions for California

How the call for Clinton was calculated

is there any precedent for this declaration?

Please vote tomorrow if you haven't already voted

Even over in the Hillary Camp...

How come MSNBC is not using the bumper music when announcing Hillary the winner?

Bernie is not ready to concede. Reminds of the Monty Python Black Knight

The "press" could have waited 24 hours

Sounds to me like the MSM and Clinton

California Hillary supporters can just stay home, there's no need to vote. She already won, right?

Sanders Campaign Press Release, "Media Anouncement UNFORTUNATE" ...IS GROSSLY PREMATURE!

Donald Trump's Hispanic voter 'doomsday'

"a survey of party insiders"

Is it ok to say without alienating bernie supporters or hurting Hillary

HRC: We’re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win. CA, MT, NM, ND, NJ, SD, vote tomorrow!

Go Bernie

Who ever in the DNC allowed the race to be called

Dem Primary PreMature Call: NBC sinks Hillary in CA Primary Election

Why hasn't Sanders been objecting when the media announced his super delegate endorsements?

The Media may as well have announced Hillary as presumptive nominee back before Iowa

"Democratic party left behind its working class to pursue the riches offered by the corporate class"

LOL HA Goodman having a meltdown.

The 10 Most Badass Goddesses Of World Mythology

Apropos of Hillary Clinton Winning the Delegate Count

New HRC "presumptive nominee" graphic to share with you guys!

It's not all bad, Bernie

who do you think is going to win the CA primary (Dem)

Explain this.

How I broke my.thumb: the further adventures of Spotty Bottom

There is one reason for Hillary to be in this race at all, and only one.

Don't fret. Most of California already voted.

the AP may have just helped ban superdelegates


Sanders condemns media "rush to judgement" for counting the votes of superdelegates before they vote

Here's the exchange between Sanders and the female reporter:

And the time is now suitable for Hillary's Shift to the Right

The Clintons and the sordid UBS affair (soft corruption Clinton style)

Hillary Clinton Is The Presumptive Nominee!

Hillary Clinton makes history (Well since the cats out of the bag)

Hi, friends in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The first time I met Hillary in person.

AP attempts to commit VOTER SUPPRESSION in California

WITNESS Reports on The Puerto Rico Primary situation.

My first post here and I want to say this:

ALWAYS the double-standard.

Donald Trump calls his campaign stupid, staffed by 'people who aren't that smart'

How the fuck can you control hundreds and hundreds of supers to keep quiet about their candidate?

Barbara Lee: “To paraphrase Neil Armstrong: It’s one big step for women, and an even bigger step for

Well everybody, we have a presumptuous nominee.

Lindsey Graham: Trump "unAmerican," and "love of country will trump hatred of Hillary."

Bernie coming up on MSNBC

Officials clean out 10,000 tons of soil from SD oil spill area

Should news organizations keep certain stories secret until they feel the public is ready for them?

It's been real

3 million+ votes ahead. 300 pledged delegates ahead. The media didn't decide this. The people did!

Bernie says "It's one person, one vote"

Honest question. I paid little attention to the 2008 primary.

Sportsmanship matters

CNN still hasn't called it

Trump - Old Faithful

Republicans steal in the GE

Spoon-bending workshop, widely ridiculed online, pulled by university

Mike Malloy - What Do You Do If It Comes Down To Trump Or Clinton?

Walter Kohn has died.

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Doesn´t Believe People Of Color Are Real Americans

So wrong.

Hillary we're told took the nomination by flipping Bernies SD's



"For the Clintons, politics is a family business, which is about accumulating wealth and power"

Republican Climate Change Denialism – Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

Lawrence O'D Seething, Near Tears That AP Called It For Hillary

defining Trump's current campaign

The AP really embarrassed themselves tonight. They look so partisan now. Even the article was ridic.


Trump is a racist and would harm a lot of people

Now that we have a (presumptive) nominee and are behind her now.

Astronauts enter world's first inflatable space habitat

In '08, Sanders Endorsed Obama - Before Clinton Formally Exited Race

Mutilated rhino in South Africa on long road to recovery

Why Bernie Sanders Is the Best Candidate for Senior Citizens by Dick Van Dyke

Congratulations to tonight's big winner!!!

Sam Cooke

Cream has risen to the top!

Statement from Clinton campaign

B'Tselem says 2nd soldier executed another terrorist in Hebron case

I blame San Jose's renowned figure skaters.

Legal Question Re: Trump

Those absurd claims that ths is "voter suppression" "A coup", etc, Please, GMAB

Assisted dying about to be legal in Canada

Clinton won't have enough delegates to win nominaton before the Democratic convention. Live With It!


California Democrats WILL vote tomorrow

Donald Trump hires experienced smear merchant as staffer...

If you're a Sanders supporter, you believe Superdelegates will change their mind...

The Bernie Standard For The Democratic Convention

FBI offers second secret filing in Clinton email suit

Hostess Recalls 710,000 cases of Ding Dongs, Zingers, Donuts, And Chocodiles

Accused Michigan Uber shooter to use insanity defense: prosecutor

It was a bold move but will it pay off?

For those saying that people won't go out to vote since the race has already been decided.

In California, we registered thousands and thousands of first-time voters who support Bernie.

It's just plain wrong!

Somebody just got Gary Johnson out of bed to do a CNN interview.

You know that Bernie didn't stand a chance without the super delegates.

To Those Who Say “A Pox on Both Your Houses,” I Say “A Pox on You”

The Difference Between How the U.S. Treats Brazil and Venezuela in One Video

The Difference Between How the U.S. Treats Brazil and Venezuela in One Video

Hillary Clinton "We are on the brink of a historic, unprecedented moment" (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton: "We are on the brink of a historic, unprecedented moment" (VIDEO)

Why does the HRC campaign do self-sabotaging behavior like this?

Good taste gone a little sour.

Even if you support Clinton, you should also be appalled by the media Bigfooting the voters

🐦 A Future to Believe In Los Angeles Election Night Rally

Poll: Now that we have the nominee should Skinner call it?

These complaints about the AP calling the race? They're saying the EXACT SAME THING at Free Republic

Hillary was going to win, possibly tomorrow, but that wasn't good enough?

How World War II scientists invented a data-driven approach to fighting fascism

why are the corporations feeding us that Hillary has won before the superdelegates vote on July 25th

President Obama Is About To Endorse Hillary Clinton And Devastate Donald Trump

Flashback: AP Calls The Nomination For Obama "Tues" June 3rd 2008

Brazilian ministers investigated for corruption will have to step down, says govt

I'm tired of being called fo rjury duty

Madam President

Clinton Loyalist Authoritarianism: Brad DeLong Threatens a Journalist and Economists. Who is Next?

Donald Trump in San Jose: Police plan to arrest people involved in attacks at rally

Mayor of Argentina's most populous county obtains court injunction against Macri's 300% rate hikes.

I Don't Care Anymore

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant doesn't have to manufacture problems.

Brazil interim president designates plan to transport organ

April 1992 Interview with Hillary Clinton on Today Show (VIDEO)

DNC 1996 - First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton Speech (VIDEO)

Why does California allow other states to decide the candidates?

Occam's Razor...

Bill Maher: Clinton Is A Woman, Trump is a Whiney Little Bitch

Hillary, NY Senator Elect, 2000 (VIDEO)

Is there any precedent...

Folks, the primary was UNWINNABLE for Bernie since March 15th

Hilary Clinton Concedes: Suspends Campaign, Endorses Obama (VIDEO)

Clinton Stops Roll Call, Calls To Nominate Obama (VIDEO)

Latest Sanders argument. 400 super delegates supported Hillary before

Here we go.

Two of the delegates included in the announcement are...

I'm sick of California and the West Coast going damn near LAST in having a say in the process

When will Bernie be making his first call to a Superdelegate?

Senator Sanders, Please DO NOT give my info to Hillary or the DNC

In from canvassing, Bernie supporters said media says HRC is nominee, why vote

Dog Rescues Hummingbird And Now Won’t Leave His Side

Countering Pro-GMO Deceptions in the British Press

We Were Denied Rights for Being "Too Asian"

"We don't listen to the campaigns, we just do the math"~John Lapinski-NBC Elections Chief

Democrats Harris, Sanchez likely to emerge from California’s Senate primary Tuesday

Have the superdelegates who supposedly put Hillary over the top been identified?

Confirmed President Obama and Sanders spoke over the weekend. UPDATE~

CA: Harris or Sanchez for Senate?

Hillary Clinton 2008 Democratic National Convention speech (VIDEO)

The fact that AP called the race before a ton of people got to vote is not Hill's fault.

Everything's Awesome and Camille Paglia is Unhappy!

When it comes to Superdelegates, Sanders should do a little bit of soul searching ....

Just imagined how much expensive shit is being hurled at the walls in

"We don't listen to the campaigns, we just do the math"~John Lapinski-NBC Elections Chief

Television News Network Lobbyists Are Fundraising for Hillary Clinton

I thought the Sanders' teams goal was to deny Clinton a majority of the pledged delegates by winning

It is time for Bernie to leave the democratic party. Over and over, the Democrats said it

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 9, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: Stage to Screen

Bernie reminds me of a mad magzine cartoon decades back

How's everybody doing tonight?

State Dept says it will take 75 years to release emails from HRC aides -- not the onion

US seizes Miss. properties in pharmaceutical scheme

Clinton Versus Trump

Please read the comments ...

another character with missing emails at State Dept.

The Trump Campaign Is In Full Nuclear Meltdown Mode

If it is Clinton V. Trump, she can only win if she doesn't tack to the right.

Bigfoot hunters gather in Hattiesburg

The Biggest PR Myth of All: There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Bernie supporters will use this to delegitimize all Hillary's victories tomorrow

Re: Trump's argument for why Judge Curiel should recuse himself from the Trump U case:

After AP calls nomination for Clinton, will voters still turn out Tuesday?

After AP calls nomination for Clinton, will voters still turn out Tuesday?

So, when and who does the AP announce who is HRC's veep?

A delegate for O'Malley switched to Clinton.

TYT: Where to watch the Primaries tomorrow

Hilarity on the Right: Anderson Cooper had Jeffrey Lord and Anna Navarro on to talk about Trump ...

5,000 year old tree in Scotland is changing gender, a rare and unusual phenomenon

Calling The Superdelegates

Remember when it was just like 2008 and Bernie was serging and Hillary will drop out.

As we get ready to move on to different sites, dig in for the convention, give in,or whatever it is

BuzzFeed Terminates Ad Deal With Republican Party Over Trump

Impeachment Act: The Brazilian Plot to Keep Corruption and Impunity Going

Impeachment Act: The Brazilian Plot to Keep Corruption and Impunity Going

Bretagne, last 9/11 search dog, laid to rest

Hillary: John Edwards' decision to pay $400 for a haircut smacks of liberal elitism

Helen Chavez dies at 88

I don't have this 100% with the unpledged delegates but

Ronald Reagan’s Son Michael: I’m Not Voting For Trump And Neither Would My Dad

Former Assemblyman Tom Calderon pleads guilty in federal money laundering case

Oregon Leaders Call For Moratorium On Oil Trains In Gorge

I'm a California Democrat. I'm voting for HRC tomorrow.

Open Carry Activist Alexander Kozak Sentenced to Life in Prison (X-posted from Iowa group)

"...Can you tell me please who won ..."

Sanders may have lost but he was right a lot also.

If Hillary's supporters are like me. I can't see them passing up an opportunity to vote for her

Why does Sanders Continue To Lie About Voter Turnout?

If the tables were reversed, and AP called Bernie the presumptive nominee because

It’s Been 227 Years — And Here We Are!

Outrage growing over judge’s sentencing in Stanford sex assault

Kshama Sawant: What's Next For Our Movement

Daily Holidays - June 7

Is there a way to find out the dates of the posts listed as having been removed from DU for purposes

RIP Helen Fabela Chavez~Wife of Cesar Chavez~

I do have a dog in this fight

Republican leader proposes weakening Dodd-Frank, spotlights U.S. political divide

Asia stocks rise, dollar eases as Yellen green-lights risk

Money-for-nothing idea will survive Swiss rebuff

Bill O'Reilly: Trump U judge did nothing wrong but should recuse himself anyways

I just emailed the Sanders campaign.

Turkey: '11 dead' in Istanbul car bomb - city governor

America Reveals 'Great Power' Plans Against Russia and China

Coming Soon: Presidential Debate - Trump vs Camacho

Superdelegates: Who to Support and who to Ignore

Gore Vidal - American Presidency

Trump is right: The Wall makes America great again

When President Obama spoke the truth the Rethug yelled "you lie", when nominee tRump spews

NPR: The AP news broke just as Bernie took the podium in San Francisco

Pharmaceutical Companies to Pay $67 Million To Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Re Tarceva

From the Senate and House floors to state capitals and sidewalk protests, Dems attack Trump

Is HA Goodman an actual real person?

Need good vibes from you guys.

Kimbo Slice has died

To those that say "we should give bernie nothing!"

New Defendants Plead Guilty in Scheme- $600 Million in Fraudulent Claims by SoCal Hospitals

Hillary Clinton Has Clinched Democratic Nomination, Survey Reports

Hillary Clinton Has Clinched Democratic Nomination, Survey Reports

Bernie was interviewed by @nbcbayarea tonight just after @NBCNews called the race for Clinton:

Now that Clinton has pretty much won

Hillary's 'glass ceiling' moment

Trump's allies are backing him against the judge

Bern or Bust is a movement that just got boosted

I Heard Another Theory About The AP Call This A. M.....

"Use your noodle". . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Really crazy theory about AP story

Another case where the Second Amendment abolitionist were incorrect.

Just in: Nancy Pelosi endorses Hillary Clinton...

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality

What is the impact of the order of primary voting?

Clinton's victory comes 100 years after the first woman was elected to Congress, 96 years after wome

This is what hysteria and wild accusations lead to...

Hillary Clinton's victory comes 100 years after the first woman was elected to Congress, 96 years af

China restricts fasting in Ramazan for Xinjiang govt staff, minors

Found this on FB......I know I shouldn't even post it......guess it's what we're up against. Ugh...

ZERO (0) Days to Go!

Statement by the President on the Occasion of Ramadan

Episcopal accountability and the motu proprio

Last one out, hit the lights.

So many GBCW threads over in the BSGroup ...

How much of CA voting is done early and is beyond the influence of the AP story?

Nancy Pelosi 'Proud to Endorse' Hillary Clinton for President

HRC has 1812 Pledged Dels! Needs only 214 to reach 2026 a Majority! VOTE!!! (HRC GP)

Elizabeth Warren personally asked Hillary to run for President

The choice is clear

Just cast my vote for Bernie!!!

Trump: "If I become your president, this stuff is all going to stop."

the FCC, stations and campaign ads


Chicago Tribune to Republicans: Put country over party

So for which candidate do you think the AP announcement will have the most negative effect?

Trump’s Racial Theory Revealed

Tonight's Clinton Victory Party in Brooklyn is sold out...

What kind of a country do you want?

Don't let the fascist MSM trick you into staying home today.

Perfect End to Democratic Primary:

Nancy Pelosi 'Proud to Endorse' Hillary for President

In 2008 we gave you the first non-white POTUS in history ....

Feels good to have voted for the winner in CA

Next Colbert crushes Trump: Only a white man in a white robe — with matching hood — can judge him

How Do We #Trump-Proof America's #Climate Plans?

Albuquerque Journal Editorial: Clinton the better choice in Democratic primary

NYTimes editorial attacks Trump plan for "ethnic cleansing" in the judicial system.

Former Trump University student tells all

Multiple oil spills go completely unreported

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell basically saying Trump has to change shows how clueless they are

Last Rant on Bernie Sanders

WashPost: Sanders to retreat back to Vermont tonight

"Based on our analysis MSNBC has declared Donald Trump the winner of Tomorrow's Election"

Don't be tricked by the media today. Vote!

Super Delegates don't vote until the Convention, the media is wrong to call it so early.

Paving Way for Glyphosate Recall, EU Punts on Relicensing Weed Killer

Voters Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Crowning Clinton

EXCLUSIVE: N.Y. pol says Brooklyn bishop tried to bribe her to drop child-abuse reform

For heaven's sakes, Hillary didn't make this AP announcement happen!

Vote today!!! A Berner's Progressive Voter Guide to California. Election is still undecided,

Bernie Sanders GOTV Canvass Kick-Off at City College of San Francisco California (6-6-16)

Black holes offer a way to another universe, Stephen Hawking says in newly-published paper

This is the same standard by which Obama clinched the nomination.

Bernie Sanders GOTV Canvass Kick-Off at City College of San Francisco California (6-6-16)

CA Voters guide for Progressives! Please share widely!!!!

Andrea Mitchel: The A.P. is the "gold standard" when it comes to tallying the delegates.

Bernie Sanders Slams Media’s ‘Rush’ to Declare Victory for Clinton

Sen Lindsey Graham Urges Republicans To Rescind Endorsements Of Trump

Origin of mystery deep-sea 'mushroom' revealed

Trump operative delivered ominous message to David French’s wife’s family:

Newt Gingrich On Unpredictable Trump: Maybe He Will Ride Into The GOP Convention On An Elephant

Hillary's Premature Victory

It's supposed to RAIN today and I had work to do in the garden ... THANKS HILLARY!

Are you now more or less likely to support Hillary Clinton?

My message to the Democratic Party.

The AP has covered a lot of elections. They have written procedures.

It's going to be so fucking sweet.

The timing of the AP's call lays bare the ridiculousness of Super Delegates

Bob Corker sees Trump’s ‘maturity’ where none exists

Tulsi Gabbard Stumps for Bernie Sanders San Francisco (6-6-16)

Tulsi Gabbard Stumps for Bernie Sanders San Francisco (6-6-16)

I was impressed with Steve Kornacki when he first came to prominence during bridgegate, but

Nancy Pelosi just endorsed Hillary Clinton for president (HRC GP)

How did Gingrich "back-pedal" on his Trump criticism yesterday?

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- More Ali Tributes

I will be heading out in less than an hour to vote

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Despicable Me

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

What if so many HRC voters stay home today that Bernie overtakes in pledged delegates?

What an awesome time to be a Democrat. I am just beside myself with joy.

Out of the storm.........

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by only 7 points in Connecticut


Venezuelan woman shot dead during latest looting

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America

Venezuelan woman shot dead during latest looting

Sanders' sole backer in the Senate says party unity to begin today

Why it won't be Trump....

Where are you following the primary results today?

"Moments of depth"

Monsters From the Id

Can't wait to see Bernie campaigning for HRC.

#FeelTheJoy :-D

Kilo of lentils 6500 Bs/lb Ven minimum wage 7500

Folks I think we are at the precipice of a Democratic Landslide

Last Known Sept. 11 Search Dog, Bretagne, Dies At 16

Uber will make you pay if you keep your driver waiting more than two minutes

VP buzz for Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

The Number of The Day Is 0 (Zero) - Steve Kornacki

Yesterday I spoke with two downticket Democrats here in Wisconsin. They're devastated ...

AP: Pam Bondi sought Donald Trump donation before dropping Trump U fraud case

Yesterday I spoke with two downticket Democrats here in Georgia. They're ecstatic ...

Well, this horse race sure has been fun. How about we talk policy now? Trade!

Doesn't really matter if Bernie does well today

It's a Good Day!

Muhammad Ali Only Played Golf Once, But The Story Is Incredible (pictures)


Trump campaign in talks of hiring political commentator Dick Morris

Sanders Super Delegate Merkley Says Party Unity to Begin Today

I'm surprised CRISPR isn't freaking people out more.

Radical cleric vs. Trump

First Read: How Hillary Clinton Clinched

Game Of Thrones' Mountain has a message for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hillary camp prepared for AP announcement like she knew it was coming

Posters who declare they'll vote Democratic downticket but not Clinton in the GE

John Oliver for President!

Why doesn't Hillary go ahead and pick Jeb for VP?

How's this for a conspiracy theory.

Productivity declines 0.6% in 1st quarter 2016 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 4.5%

Clean water: Chicago takes a leap

Reminder: How the Democrats should approach this election

Protest the media coverage of the primaries today in New York Rockefeller Plaza

BS supporters in GD-P are beyond reason (HRC group)

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Super-Delegates Declare Winner Through Media

Clinton has not secured nomination yet (The Hill)

Last known 9/11 search and rescue dog laid to rest

Vote Today in California

After Months of Requests, Mugshots of Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Finally Emerge

People are upset because the AP reported on what was known since March

Being A Post-Primary Post Containing some Schadenfreude.

Bernie sounded like Bush II talking about FL in 2000

Today's NY Times front page...

How about Jennifer Granholm for VP?

Hey hey California--we have an election to win!

Hi Skinner

The 16th looks like a million years from now

A Familiar Face Stops by Full Frontal For a Visit With Samantha Bee

A Familiar Face Stops by Full Frontal For a Visit With Samantha Bee

So when Hill wins CA today by at least 7 points, the BSers will blame

git your lazy ass out of the chair and vote

No better way to get out the vote in CA, then to tell voters the race is over, don't bother

57,000 BLM Supporters Vow Packing Court Jasmine Richards Sentencing

Were the superdelegates suppose to be quiet? Hell No!

I have a renovation project I want to finish off so: Call it Skinner!

Nancy Pelosi endorses Hillary Clinton


Hillary's VP will be an interesting move.

We just came back from the polls and it was a big Hillary party!

Media's Use of Propaganda to Persuade People's Attitude, Beliefs and Behaviors

I am so excited about this election prospect

Meryl Streep donned orange face and a fat suit for the role of a lifetime

Bush II was a complete and utter disaster as a president. The worst in my lifetime.

~18 Million Cracks~

Dick Morris is in talks with Trump and may join his campaign.

Is anyone going to the People's Summit in Chicago June 15 - 17?

Associated Press Calls Democratic Primary For Hillary Clinton, Who Is Tyrant King Of You Now

Associated Press Calls Democratic Primary For Hillary Clinton, Who Is Tyrant King Of You Now

18 Million Cracks- 8 Years Ago Today

NPR: Campaign mystery -- Why Don't Bernie's Big Rallies Translate to Big Wins?

They honestly didn't know Bernie was going to lose.

I gazed at the empty ballot... and I made my choice.

I gazed at the empty ballot... and I made my choice.

FBI asks to make new secret filing in Clinton email case

I know who should be Hillary's first guest at the convention

Congratulations to Hillary supporters!

Bernie should do great in NJ.

Here's how Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential race

Last Known Sept. 11 Search Dog, Bretagne, Dies At 16

The images in this Clinton email are labeled "secret win."

Turnout is low so far in Alameda county.

Not just yet.

About our Corporate “News” Media Premature Announcement that Clinton Clinched the Nomination

Koterba toon: The GREATEST!

I love election days in the City

Alright, which of you old guys from DU are part of the Groovin' team?

You can legally smash the window of a hot car to save dogs in these states!

AP Declaration is a Win/Win/Win for Camp Clinton!

To my fellow Clinton supporters

I Haven't Heard About Nor Seen Pics Of Crowd Turnouts For Bernie In California....

Pursuing energy independence will hardly mitigate climate change

How is turnout going in the states that are voting today?

Why are so many Bernie supporters congratulating Hillary and conceding before Bernie himself has?

9 more days of nonsense

Glad to see Dayton stands up to the Republicans

California: Jacobs Engineering plans to move jobs from Pasadena to Texas

Weaver is calling it a super delegate election?

Two of the SD's who declared yesterday: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

"Why the Supreme Court Won't Impact Gun Rights"

How Hillary Clinton Locked Up The Democratic Nomination In 10 Steps

Has working in the Bernie Sanders campaign been a high point in your life, like it has for me?

Was the AP announcement pre-planned and coordinated with the Clinton campaign?

Florida AG asked Trump for donation before nixing fraud case

Just posting this because it seems an apt summary of American Politics c:2016

'Pristine' landscapes haven’t existed for thousands of years

NYT: Paul Ryan Calls Donald Trump’s Attack on Judge ‘Racist,’ but Backs Him Still

You just gotta love Big Pharma: "A Scanner Darkly" was spot on

Coral reefs fall victim to overfishing, pollution aggravated by ocean warming

Unity is starting now...hillary, bernie and all their supporters agree that what AP did sucked

"Deviance is in the eyes of the beholder." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Kerry announced that Boston will host a 2017 climate change summit

Bernie Sanders Breezes Through The Haight, Leaves Supporters Breathless

Graham calls on Republicans to un-endorse Trump

Hey, quick idea. 2 hours the new system tonight? Test run?

Stop a Douchebag - Baseball Russian-Style

Krazy Krooked King Donald's problems are now YOUR problem.

Hillary Clinton's Secret Win Email to Her Supporters

Will we ever have the ability to DUrec a thread in the ATA Forum?...

Hillary Clinton Hires Julian Castro’s Speechwriter

Clinton’s Historic Moment Tempered by Sanders, Who Won’t Go Away

ABQ Council President a Trump supporter?

AP walks back Clinton "cinch"

The F-22 Raptor: Back From the Grave?

Texts with my mom

HRC GROUP ..CNN Repoerting Sanders has said " he'll be done tomorrow.That he has Zero chance"

Origami ninja star inspires battery design

Bionic leaf turns sunlight into liquid fuel

Is the Green Revolution finally here?

Abandoned Japanese boy: Seven-year-old Yamato Tanooka 'forgives father'

Australian man hospitalized after being tossed into the air by bison in Yellowstone NP

Crops Rot While Trump-Led Immigration Backlash Idles Farm Lobby

I feel like I'm at the Dentist office...

Sanders strategy is the same today as it was yesterday. His supporters don't seem to get that.

Why Hillary didn't want the AP to make the call last night.

EU stance on glyphosate leaves farmers ‘frustrated’

Despite Voicing Criticism, Susan Rice Promises Israel 'Largest Military Aid Package in U.S. History'

MO'M's debt

It's Primary/Election Day!

Can we please get some new

Hillary Clinton Will Be Nominated Because More Democrats Are Voting For Her

What's a Hillary supporter to do? If we offer an olive branch, we're "insincere". And if we ...

Prediction: Bernie concedes tonight

Philadelphia Looks To Avoid Mass Arrests Of DNC Protesters

Bernie's (Mis)Understanding of Tonight's History

Catholic parishioners urged to help defeat SOL reform; one parishioner walks out of Mass

Women-only pool hours at a NY community pool is drawing complaints and controversy

You know who's the greatest glass ceiling shatterer of all time? OF ALL TIME??????

FAA Warns of GPS Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests on the West Coast

2008 Bernie: pledged delegates + commitments from super delegates = Obama is nominee

In HCG - Hillary Clinton is one of the most ethical (and lied about) politiicians in America

Has Bernie Congratulated the Firsts Woman Candidate Nomination? No, Why?

Bernie has already created a third Party.

Gloria Steinem’s new show links global instability to violence against women

UN Rights Chief Decries Abuse Against Men Fleeing Fallujah

Cher at Hillary Clinton's 'She's With Us' Concert: 'She Fights For Equality..."

This Is Why Everyone’s So Obsessed With Turmeric Right Now

AP did not report news, AP chose to make news.

Made a bad choice at breakfast this morning

I'm not ready

CA Primary: Check In Here If You Voted For Hillary Today

Just look at the comments section ...

CNN this morning - Republican strategist Ana Navarro smacks down Trump and his supporter

Home Leveled in Police Siege on a Shoplifter

Andrea Mitchell interview of Jeff Weaver:

Sanders Backer Merkley Says Party Unity to Begin Today

Nancy Pelosi 'Proud to Endorse' Hillary Clinton for President

Just voted for HILLARY. I was the 51st voter since polls were opened

Weaver: "The intensity of our outreach to super-delegates will increase."

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Superdelegates Declare Winner Through Media

4-year-old internally decapitated, survives without surgery

Watch What May Be The Strangest First Pitch in Japanese Baseball History

What kind of loser will Bernie Sanders be? He’s got three choices

Hillary Clinton is the PRESUMPTIVE nominee...

Give me that old time religion.

Trump: I ‘broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women’

ICYMI Benchmark Politics- Pollster roundup of the 4 most interesting races today.

The right-wing kooks are off the deep end again..

Trump: Mexicans Swarming Across Border, Enrolling in Law School, and Becoming Biased Judges.

The next Congress will face the following problems,IMO.

Presumptions are Rebuttable

Stories from the Road: For the Skeptics

Hindu priest hacked to death in Bangladesh

Scarborough issues dire warning to Republicans: RETRACT TRUMP ENDORSEMENTS *NOW* OR PERISH

Why, as a Young Mother, I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton

Israel says con men stole millions from global companies

Beaches Closed Again After Multiple Sharks Spotted in Huntington Beach

Barbara Boxer was on the Diane Rehm show this morning.

“There’ll come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hillary”:

WTF? Ryan says to Brian Kilmeade that he wasn't saying Trump is a racist, just that his comment was.

Colbert nails it.

Jewish congressional candidate, 25, targeted with anti-Semitic abuse

In racing, "As good as won" does not exist.

Andrea Farrington is dead, at the hands of an Open Carry Activist, and some on DU are lying about it

Obesity rates rising among women: CDC

NY Authorities Say UPS Knowingly Shipped Untaxed Cigarettes

Voters Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Crowning Clinton

NYT reporter getting threats after this article went up

Kind of SPAM - you can decide whether to read it :D

Peyton Manning's dodge on Trump: "I’m just a meathead. I can’t talk politics.”

Enormous, 'Seriously Destabilizing' NATO War Games Begin in Poland

Any Word On The Turnout in CA Today?

Larkin Poe, Hey Sinner/Black Betty

AP claims secret superdelegates who wish to remain anonymous said privately they support Clinton!!!!

From Hullabaloo...Trump has the impulse control of a toddler

Nate Cohen: 3.1 million absentee votes in CA, 68% over 55

Today in Bernie Sanders Hypocrisy

Today in Bernie Sanders Hypocrisy

Why Is Black Lives Matter Activist Facing Four Years in Jail While Stanford Rapist Gets Six Months?

When A Senator Attacked Trump’s Sister (A Judge) He Defended Her, Here’s Why

Just wondering

I just restored all Trashed forums and threads.

Am I the only person wishing for a Clinton/Sanders ticket?

Silly me...

Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton’s Tutor in War and Peace

Bernie grabs breakfast with Nina Turner and Jane Kim at SF's "The Butler and the Chef"

As if we needed further proof . . .

And on keyboards...

Superheroes - Then and now

Sanders to Clinton: Yes, Trump's Foreign Policy Ideas Are Scary. But So Are Yours

My Daughter has been playing this song about Hillary clinching

Shaun King: Hillary Clinton has not won the Democratic Primary

Bernie Sanders is taking a big risk: If he doesn’t drop out soon, he could become a villain

Charles P. Pierce: Why We Need to Be Grateful for Bernie Sanders

Why the Associated Press called the race for Hillary Clinton when nobody was looking

What Happens Next? People's Summit to Fortify Sanders' Political Revolution

Hillary's got this. I fought it at first but ......

KING: Hillary Clinton did not win the Democratic Primary, she won a secret survey of party elites

As a Hillary supporter, I think it's a good thing that she had to go through a hard-fought primary

Smart guns aren't necessary to make guns much safer than they currently are.

“Dear Mr. President:

Gotta love the Thom Hartmann program

Smart guns aren't necessary to make guns much safer than they currently are.

Report Details How US-Backed Coup Unleashed Wave of Abuses in Honduras

John Judis, Sanders voter, says Bernie Sanders should drop out and endorse Hillary Clinton. Period.

My old stomping ground

Mitch the turtle still will not call a racist comment

Since we have a week left: let's practice convincing a Superdelegate to support Sanders

Scarborough issues dire warning to Republicans: RETRACT TRUMP ENDORSEMENTS *NOW* OR PERISH

President Obama is preparing to endorse Hillary Clinton for president

The media are finished with Don the Con

Trump completely exposed: time to abandon the anti-establishment game

Harry Reid tearing ReTHUGs a new one on racism

I'm not sure I understand...

Montana News - 6/7/2016


North Carolina superdelegate endorses Sanders

FLASHBACK: I hope you'll join me on this journey!

Forthcoming reminder for why one should not tutch the but.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel was assigned to the Trump lawsuit in 2013, long before Trump's public racism

Bernie enjoying breakfast with his family, Jane Kim, and Nina Turner at The Butcher and the Chef

Glass Ceiling Photo (HRC GROUP)

Democracy Now! (June 7) on the California presidential primary

What a great day for this United State of Women promo!

Courtroom jousting follows standoff for local defendant (IN)

Some CA Exit Poll Results by Congressional District

LA Times reporter since the Busted post got nixed here

FBI asks to make new secret filing in Clinton email case

Eight years ago this week, Sanders endorsed then-Sen. Barack Obama’s candidacy

FiveThirtyEight - It’s Almost Over: A Guide To The Final Primaries

Here's something I don't get ...

White House: No Obama-Clinton meeting Wednesday

Not so fast Hillary!

The Republican Party's Self-Serving Effort to Keep Bernie Sanders' Hope Alive

The Grandson of a slave meets the President.

‘Enormous Optimism’ for America’s Future, Sanders Tells 10,000 Supporters

A recent thread sort of asked why we can't have cogent discussions about guns.

The Russian Threat: NATO Struggles to Recover after Years of Budget Cuts

And here we have it. Alan Fram at @AP solicited SDs yesterday.

Good bye for now... (for good?)

Permian Springs To Life With $50 Oil

O'Malley just retired his campaign debt.

I just made a small donation to JPR. I will never give any money to DU again. nt

Hillary Clinton did not win the Democratic Primary, she won a secret survey of party elites

Blowing the Whistle: Former US Official Reveals Risks Faced by Internal Critics

Really good write up in the Washington Post about Hillary.

In mean time we can have fun with Trump ....Cartoons Lol

Long live the Oligarchy!

On June the 16th Democratic Underground becomes a pro Democratic Party website again.

It wouldn't take a far fetched conspiracy to link the Clinton camp to the AP call.

We must stop both Trump AND Gary Johnson

Trump is a blessing. Together we should trample his candidacy and rebuild the Democratic Party

Try as I might, I can only find a single difference between 2016 and every presumptive nominee since

Connecticut Poll June 7: Sanders Crushes Trump Clinton 45% Trump 38% Sanders 54% Trump 35%

Devastating new Ad out against trump.

Today is the eighth birthday of Swashbuckler the Cat

America Reveals 'Great Power' Plans Against Russia and China

Lots of talk of whether the Hillary bashing will continue through the 16th.

Just voted at my precinct for a Judge runoff. Was asked to do an exit survey. (not a poll)

Based upon how many pledged delegates Hillary will have after today's voting is done....

question for gop:

So.. Panera has "clean" salads..

Burlington College Students Face Hurdles Transferring To Other Schools (HRC GP)

I just got home from voting for Hillary....

Ok, here is how our little party is shaping up

Sincere thanks to the hosts and the participants of the HCG.

Big celebration here in this group tomorrow.

California Voters Please Check-In.

AP declares New England Patriots winner of 2017 Super Bowl

Pulling up a chair and watching it unfold

Hillary Clinton Will Be Nominated Because More Democrats Are Voting For Her

Tased in the Chest for 23 Seconds, Dead for 8 Minutes, Now Facing a Lifetime of Recovery

My son

So now when your conservative friends complain about the "liberal media"...

It’s time for GOP leaders to choose sides on Donald Trump

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Don the Con hasn't met with the ReTHUG Senate Caucus?

The media has a history of counting superdelegates before the convention

Meryl Streep dressed up as Donald Trump

Hopefully Hillary will be ready for a Trump switch-out such as Gov Nikki Haley

Wyoming News - 6/7/2016

Keith Olbermann on on "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission"


European Pride Season Kicks Off With Tel Aviv Pride Parade

It's funny, in a way ...

Paul Simon Announces death of Muhammad Ali during "The Boxer"

Pic of obvious 'misogynistic sexist' at the polls in NM !!!

No, Conservative Media, That’s Not What “La Raza” Means In Spanish

Now they want to throw out a bunch of SDs...

PoliticusUSA: Iowa State Senator Becomes First Elected Republican To Leave GOP Over Trump Racism

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 7, 2016

Government Refuses To Act, So Citizens Activists Take on Wall Street

Note: This is the 'House agenda' Paul Ryan is willing to endure Trump's rampant racism for.

Mira's been holding out on us...

Now why is Lindsay Graham going to Bilderberg Conference this week???

I've been working head-down all day.

NBC Poll: Trump Beats Clinton When Third Party Candidates Are Included

it has begun

Media Eroneously Annoints Hillary for the Democratic Nomination

Something I have up now at GD-P

Trump surrogate calls Ryan racist

Establishment Media Commit Massive Act of Malpractice And Claim Clinton ‘Clinched’

Sen. Mark Kirk withdraws support for Trump

NY Times Reporter Recieves Death Threats From Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters

NY Times Reporter Recieves Death Threats From Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters

If BS supporters cannot handle the AP, how in the world can they handle the Republicans?

Samatha Bee explains - 2016 Primaries What The F**K Happened

When is our POTUS going to congradulate Hillary and publicly announce

CENTER FIELD: The McGill model for fighting BDS

Don the Con just dug a deeper hole

Hillary: How Will You, As Commander-In-Chief, Deal With Military Rape

There's more than one line crossed with Judge Curiel

Prediction: Paul Ryan will be bald by September.

New York Times Reporter Recieves Death Threats From Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters

You can legally smash the window of a car to save hot dogs in these states!

The GOP confirms Donald Trump is a dangerous Authoritarian

Politico: Why Some of the Smartest Progressives I Know Will Vote for Trump over Hillary

Trump's Female: Barbara Res- He broke her glass ceeling!!- For Hillary 2016 (HRC GP)

Who is Serving who?

Politico: North Carolina superdelegate endorses Sanders

I guess there are no problems in this country, at least for Rep Sessions's POV.

The General Election begins...

If you have to ask, yes it's sarcasm.

White House threatens to veto the Senates policy defense bill

Lots of talk of whether the Bernie bashing will continue through the 16th.

Fighting debt collectors for the rest of us

Trump: Comments about judge 'misconstrued'

EVERY down ticket Democrat should run against Trump.

Government Refuses To Act, So Citizen Activists Take on Wall Street

Now that Trump has nuked his campaign, which Dems have a good shot at Congress?

Clinton Caught Colluding with AP: Gateway Pundit

I Guess The Berners Don't Like Democracy In Any Form

Monsanto Still Trying to Cover Up Deadly Health Risks of Roundup

Why is the Main $tream Media calling it for Hillary today? ...

Dog Allergies

Ok Hillary you've won the nom. Don't celebrate too much tonight

AP announces presumptive nominee before all the primaries are completed...back in May

The Snowden Fact-Check

Reminder: Exit Poll Conspiracy Theories Are Totally Baseless

The AP Announcing Clinton's "Victory" Was an Embarrassment to Journalism and U.S. Politics

Is there a way to look at posts from 2012

Shenanigans via Facebook. Voter Registration changed without permission. Democratic to Independent.

D.C. lawmakers approve $15 minimum wage, joining N.Y., Calif.

HAs anyone in California been interviewed by the "Citizens Exit Poll" group?

Let Chile Nazi sect doctor serve child abuse term in Germany, say prosecutors

Let Chile Nazi sect doctor serve child abuse term in Germany, say prosecutors

 Reminder: Exit Poll Conspiracy Theories Are Totally Baseless

"When They Come For Our Vote"

Deadwood: The Movie (really?!?)

Defiant Sanders camp: It ain’t over - Blasts out mobilization e-mail urging backers to vote

^^Fundraiser email created 6/4 for a "surprise" event on 6/6???^^

Modi-Obama talks a clear signal to China: No country should dominate Asia-Pacific

Meet the Swedish heroes, the grad students who tackled the Stanford rapist

Awesome post by a Bernie supporter in GDP

Donald Trump isn't just someone Democrats oppose because of policy

Vote Down-Ballot today! It's never been so important to get Democrats into office.

Devastating exposé on Hillary's lies and legal problems

GOP Senators Finally Starting To Realize Their Party Nominated A Total Racist

NBC: No one wanted Hillary Clinton to win this way

just voted for Bernie in NJ!

Why Did The #Media Call The Race For #Hillary Before Everyone Voted?

The #AP Called The Race Before California Primary Just To Get More Clicks!

It’s Worth It For Bernie To Stay in the Race Until The Very End

Today, for the first time in my life, I voted

Nice post from a Bernie supporter. Would that he/she is in the majority!

Jeff Weaver needs to stop his double talk nonsense

Melania Trump: Jewish Journalist "Provoked" NeoNazi Trump Fans Into Writing Death Threats

Just hit me...

Look at it this way

She may have won, but why would anyone other than billionaires be happy about it?

Untrashed GD-P Today. That Was A Mistake. It's Back In The Trash

This time 8 years ago Barack Obama


I Love this pic

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 7th of June

Ex-Clinton staffer files sealed documents on immunity issue

North Korea’s Military Buildup Isn’t Limited To Its Nukes

=*=LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Election Night Rally in Santa Monica, California (6-7-16)=*=

Ex-Clinton staffer files sealed documents on immunity issue

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 6-6-16

=*=LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Election Night Rally in Santa Monica, California (6-7-16)=*=

Conman - Trump's Theme Song

Exclusive: North Korea Restarts Plutonium Production For Nuclear Bombs - U.S. Official

=*=LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Election Night Rally in Santa Monica, California (6-7-16)=*=

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nancy Pelosi Endorses Hillary Clinton

I know everyone here is in need of a liitle motivation. So here ya go.

Some FACTS brought to you by David Shuster:

Hillary arrives in Lynwood Ca.

Cree language gets 21st-century reboot from First Nation Canadians

Just a question.. NOT saying it would ever happen. I have 100% confidence Hillary will win.. but

No Hipsters!

He's just a soul whose intentions are good . . .

Naomi Klein's 8th point of fascism

Are these people trying to market a fighter jet or the latest iPhone??

Hillary estimated to be leading 55% to 45% in early voting.

I voted today.

Brazil prosecutor seeks arrest of senior members of embattled president's party

Brazil prosecutor seeks arrest of senior members of embattled president's party

Is Hyosung still a viable product in the U.S.

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 7th of June ( Go Ed!!! )

A "Field of Dreams" ... in wine country

How Jane Fonda Escaped Handcuffs When She Was Arrested in 1970

About that hypocrisy claim by Hill-fans and Bernie calling Obama the presumptive nominee...

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 7th of June

US Public Funding Anti-Government Media, Journalists in Ecuador

Theresa Saldana, Star of ‘The Commish’ and ‘Raging Bull,’ Dies at 61

Bwahhhaaahaaa. 5 Republican Senators now refusing to support/vote for Trump.

Mexico elections: ruling party headed for stinging defeat in state elections

The Young Turks | Was There Something Wrong with the Puerto Rican Primaries?

Senate Republicans finally admit defeat, give up on defunding Obamacare

Assisted dying to become legal in Canada but without clear guidelines

Puerto Rico: "Local officials expected more than 700,000, only 60,671 made it to the ballot box."

State senator goes from GOP to No Party. From Steve King District no less!!

Mexican human rights groups report crimes against humanity

Mexican human rights groups report crimes against humanity

The difference between a "movement" and a "revolution"

Russia Deploys Troops Westward As Standoff With NATO Deepens

Report Details How US-Backed Coup Unleashed Wave of Abuses in Honduras

Guess what, if the AP calls enough states for one candidate to have 270 electors BEFORE...

Report Details How US-Backed Coup Unleashed Wave of Abuses in Honduras

In California Today.....

Today's Non Sequitur:

Well just a positive note here from So. Cal.

"History Made" - Clinton camp releases new video ahead of tonight's party in Brooklyn

Kornacki doing delegate math for the thousandth time

Official AA Happy for Hillary Dance Party *booze hugs and good vibes

U.S.: Chinese Jet Makes 'Unsafe' Intercept Of Air Force Plane

The problem with Bernie world.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that Hillary will win the GE. Wanna know how?

LOL: Bernie Sanders has flipped a grand total of zero superdelegates so far

Clinton Tech Aide Asks Court To Keep Immunity Deal Secret

Trump University Scandal Just Scratches the Surface of Trump’s Horrible Business Practices

Poll: Hillary beats Trump in Mexico 88%-1%

Sanders’ Campaign Manager Torches Chris Matthews Over Unreleased Tax Returns [VIDEO]

Bad olive oil

Today's PredictWise - 2016 President – Winner(Individual) - Hillary 75% - Disgusting Donald 23%

This guy/gal was on a city pond in western MD today:

Wow a Trump supporter from Peru interviewed in NJ on MSNBC.

Possible solution for superdelegates problem; reduce vote to 1/2 delegate; limit

Clinton Tops Trump In Connecticut Race Of The Unloved, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds;

Huge turnout in Missoula, MT

Bernie says NBC, CBS, ABC, AP, CNN & Fox are all wrong. He has really won.

Argentine Journalists' Forum denounces gag order tucked inside Macri's tax amnesty bill.

Stop Giving This Idiot Airtime

Argentine Journalists' Forum denounces gag order tucked inside Macri's tax amnesty bill.

Turnout big in Pasadena, CA

Dwayne Johnson says he might want to run 4 president - Great, the steroid monster in the White House

Atheists have lost a friend they never knew

NPR mentioned Reagan didn't campaign for Poppy because of ''early'' signs of Alzheimers.

Hillary has millions more votes than Bernie and Trump

Do Sanders supporters actually think

Nobody is talking about Super D's commitment before Bernie

Iran Says US Congressmen Can't Visit Amid Nuclear Deal Row

If Hillary Sweeps today

You know how when a team wins the Super Bowl, the second the game ends

Moderate to high turnout in NJ

BREAKING MSNBC.. Sen. Merkley (OR): If Clinton wins majority of pledged delegates tonight its over.

The Velvet Coup

Another Florida alligator discovered gnawing dead body

I am so proud of Hillary Rodham Clinton -- a true inspiration and our future president!

After tonight, can we all agree to skip both the gloating and the sour grapes?

Hillary Clinton Will Be Nominated Because More Democrats Are Voting For Her - Nate Silver

Horrible turnout in South Dakota

NFL's Twitter account hacked, said commish Roger Goodell died

How will you celebrate and/or commiserate when the polls close?

I'm looking for classic pro-Hillary articles.

Refugees seeking asylum on religious grounds quizzed on 'Bible trivia'

Bernie' s California numbers will be higher because of the AP announcement.

Bernie Sanders has flipped a grand total of zero superdelegates so far

With Connecticut Foundations Crumbling, ‘Your Home Is Now Worthless’

I know some of the polls show Trump ahead, but Trump will be her best surrogate.

Bernie Sanders has flipped a grand total of zero superdelegates so far

VIDEO LINK: Bernie Sanders interviewed by Lester Holt NBC Nightly News

Bernie Sanders exclusive w Lester Holt at 7pm/ MSNBC !!!!

Kidnapped Honduran LGBTQ Rights Activist Found Dead

If a person makes a racist statement and believes that statement they are saying they "are" racist.

Kidnapped Honduran LGBTQ Rights Activist Found Dead

Federal judge advises Oregon standoff figure to avoid protests

Ruling against ex-AIG boss Greenberg raises stakes in Trump University case

So ZERO superdelegeates have switched to Sanders

Men See Themselves In Brock Turner—That’s Why They Don’t Condemn Him

Segregated cemetery divides a Texas town

Retired astronaut charged with murder in crash that killed 2 girls

Guatemalan drug lords are burning forests to land planes

Guatemalan drug lords are burning forests to land planes

Our next President....

Bible study, unity walks to honor church victims in SC

AP: Hillary declared the presumptuous nominee

Caddo Commissioners discuss World War II monument (LA)

Wolf puppies.

It is time to start recruiting candidates to primary

Breakdown of delegates not committed

Anyone watching MSNBC? Did Todd say they they could have called it in April?

Maybe that "anointing Paul Ryan at a contested convention" thing isn't quite dead yet

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality

Poor turnout in Shasta County, CA

I don't care how many supers Bernie hasn't flipped today.

Does a bathroom exhaust fan have to be

Trump has been a racist for a long time, but he's finally picked a target that even the Republicans

Question about alerted posts

Donald Trump's statement concerning Judge Curiel

Poor turnout in California?

Poor turnout in California?

Interesting historical fact: Associated Press entered a formal cooperation with the Hitler

Good turnout in Los Angeles

Albino people are being hunted for their body parts

Heated exchange follows activists' presentation to liquor commission over Whiteclay

Will there even be a call for California tonight, given that it's mostly mail-in there

Clinton leads Trump by 10 points in White House matchup: poll

ABC News: HRC leads Trump by 24 among college educated white women--Obama lost by 6 in 2012

In 2008 and 2012, I might not have voted for the "lesser of two evils"

If Hillary nets 30% of the available delegates tonight she will call it for herself! Sounds fair...

Ran into a Trump supporter today....

Obama Is Eager to Hit the Stump for Hillary Clinton and Shred Donald Trump

New Jersey primary election closes at 8 PM Eastern time.

Why is the AP concealing the identity of the alleged SDs who came out for HRC?

The media "calling it" yesterday was good for nobody at all.

Screw it. I'm staying up until 1am in UK to watch the NJ results come in.

Me, today

Guatemala: 8 ex-military figures to face trial over killings

Guatemala: 8 ex-military figures to face trial over killings

I'm at the Hillary victory rally in Brooklyn.

GOP’s Plan to Dismantle Dodd-Frank. Sen. Warren: “Congressman Hensarling’s wet kiss 4 the W/S banks"

It is not out of the realm of possibility Trump will not be the GOP nominee!!!

Photo & VIDEO Link: Bernie walked a few blocks of Hollywood Blvd massive crowd gathered for him

Live primary results from the Guardian.

If Hillary wins a enough pledged delegates tonight to have a majority of pledged delegates

When do we start getting info re the absentee vote counts?

Yesterday, on my way home ... I got so frustrated with an NPR interview ...

Gotta credit Bernie for one thing for sure. The man barnstormed the #*!% out of California.

Oklahoma Police Uses New Device To Seize Money from cards

4 Reasons Bernie Sanders Could Fight On

To paraphrase S.E. Cupp "It's like Bernie is driving the family car across country to Wally World...

DSB's First call of the evening-New Jersey goes for Clinton

Polls will be closing in New Jersey soon. Any link to returns?