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Mr. President Trump: It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks (Acts 9:5 - KJV)

Trump Was So Obsessed With The NFL That He Wasnt Briefed On Puerto Rico For 4 Days

caption time

Trump tells Puerto Rico residents: Do not believe the fake news

An experiment for any lurking Drumpf trolls. Go flip the main circuit breaker in your house.

The Most Powerful (and Funniest) Signs From Saturdays Marches Against Racial Injustice

San Juan mayor: Trump is "looking for an excuse for things that are not going well."

Gerardo Rivera

Should we give US Territories American Samoa,Guam,Puerto Rico,Northern Mariana Island and

Democrats in Iowa looking for ways to win back Trump voters

Trump just tweeted this bizarre false statement, then deleted it almost immediately.

Gen Honore on CNN NOW

Lord Help Me Jesus ..

Disease outbreaks begin in Puerto Rico even as Trump attacks its citizens on Twitter

Sen. Jeff Merkley: Trump is playing Marie Antoinette

An Ocean is surrounded by Water, Big Water, Ocean Water

Dear Mr. Dotard Trump, borrowing a line from

never in a million years

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau to Trump: "You fucking dolt."

Teamsters organize truckers to move supplies in Puerto Rico

Would Jason Kander going to Alabama to campaign for Doug Jones be helpful or harmful to Jones?

Monty Hall, host and co-creator of TVs long-running Lets Make a Deal, dies at 96

Remember when

What did Trump know ...

Mr. Fish: How Do You Spell Relief?

Election 2017: Who needs $20?

The one time Trump paid attention to Puerto Rico

Engine breaks up on LAX-bound A380 , forcing emergency landing in Canada

F----- dolt

Beach Town Desperate for Medical Help

Question for legal eagles.

A disgraceful job

A disappointed Trump voter

Oh *noes* - Classic Arts Showcase "stopped distribution" to Dish!1

Second-class citizens in wake of Maria

Two high school football players kicked off team

Septembers Hurricanes Are Over, but the Suffering Isnt Bob Henson

That thing about people clueless on Puerto Rico

PrivateJetGate has me so pissed at these assholes sense of entitlement, I have to respond.

Did Don Jr go to Russia?

White House statements on Puerto Rico clash with ground reports

Mr. Trump. Shut Your Damn Mouth. Just Shut Your Damn Mouth.

Aid to Puerto Rico

What Should Be The Name Of The Trump President Movie ?

Statement by Former CIA Director Brennan:

Pink Crayons

A warning! Your wi-fi connected smart butt plug can be hacked.

Welp, this song has ruined me.

But he talks like I do! He speaks for me!!111!!

Renoir painting stolen before auction near Paris

They're not watching the news, no longer have televisions, power, or homes, you fucking dolt

SNL is back tonight..


Haberman (NYT) excuses Trump's attack on the press


Everyone is listening to Our President's wise words

Should We Eliminate The National Anthem At Sporting Events ?...

Lin-Manuel Miranda sets DOTUS straight:

Rachael mentioned something about the Russian sanctions.

Have you guys seen this?

Sorry, but Neo-Nazis marching on Yom Kippur needed to have the shit beat out of them.

Dozens arrested in Sweden as neo-Nazis, anti-fascists clash with police

Pretty remarkable (and well deserved) - my twitter feed page is one long array of trump bashing

Lobbyists See a Billion-Dollar Boon in Tax Rewrite's Lack of Detail

Oh boy, SNL looks hot tonight -

Tom Paley has died (New Lost City Ramblers)

What would happen if...

Alec Baldwin SNL: "The more chaos I cause, the less people can focus"

Lots of cigarettes on SNL tonight

No Matter How Bad It Gets With Trump GOP Will Stand Down And Stand By Him.

Donald Trump's Dad Was So Racist That Woody Guthrie Wrote A Song About How Racist He Was

Woody Guthrie -- I Ain't Got No Home/Old Man Trump by the Missin' Cousins

What do you think the odds are that a tax cut bill comes out of Congress?

BET did a story about Sarandon harassing @bravenak & Twitter responded in the most racist way.

This does it! Completes the trifecta!

*picking up a bullhorn*

What the NFL needs to do when the deplorables come crawling back.

Alec Baldwin nails Trump in SNL return (Raw Story article w/ VIDEO)

Maria's Puerto Rican dead are being under-reported. It's not 16 and may be in the hundreds.

Hafta wonder how often SNL's writers rewrote the cold open this week.

An Internet-Famous Cookie Worthy of Baking in Real Life

"Want to see street-by-street damage in Puerto Rico? See this interactive map"

Trump's handy Disaster response guide.

Manhunt underway after Edmonton police member stabbed near Commonwealth Stadiu

I bought an iPad Pro!

iran, Iraq To Hold Drills After Kurds Choose Independence

Working with one of the most refractory and hardest materials known Tantalum Hafnium Pentacarbide.

Switched statues

The border wall : a look on the bright side...

Austin Capital Metro board member draws fire for racial comments on hiring

Ships Comfort and Wasp on the way to Puerto Rico

The Hollies - Bus stop

Arizona Senate: Sinemas Candidacy Puts Race in Toss Up

O.J. Simpson walks out of prison after 9 years

British courts may unlock secrets of how Trump campaign profiled US voters

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2017 Edition

Sunday's Doonesbury - Resigned

The Latest: 73 Percent of Catalonia Vote Centers Open

Marilyn Manson Crushed by Stage Prop, Cuts New York Show Short

Jane Sanders Interview - The Irish Times

Trump says 'very important' NFL players stand for national anthem Sunday

Happy Birthday President Carter

Edmonton: Five injured in Canada 'terror' incidents

Trump sent 18 tweets on Puerto Rico on Saturday. And made things a whole lot worse

Today's NY Daily News cover:

Josh Marshall: The Primary Text of Trumpism

Planning to aggravate trumptards today watching the NFL

Does anyone have an idea of what this is?

Michael Che, SNL: "Go tell Melania to put on her flood heels! Get some bottled water, some food..."

Just a reminder about true Americans:

I think we rocketed right past "Trump's Katrina" about a week ago...this is a whole new animal.

Political hack : old fashion / new fashion

October means the start of tarantula mating season in the Bay Area.

Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow: A tale of two Christians on their knees

The Twit tweets: Ingrates edition

Criminal immunity under 'Stand Your Ground' doesn't guarantee civil immunity

Merriam Webster's Word of the Day......

Remember the anger we all felt in 2005 watching New Orleans during Katrina?

Politically motivated ingrates:Trump continues attack on Puerto Rican leaders...

Brock long fema on fox news Sunday

MSNBC cuts from Trump's speech on tax reform to remind viewers he's a hypocrite

Trump Jr. went on Canadian hunting trip without Secret Service protection: report

A Notorious, Seth Rich-Conspiracy Pushing, Lobbyist Troll is Paying Folks To Protest the DNC

Provision buried in new Senate budget resolution is a major blow to transparency

Defiant Catalans vote on split from Spain despite crackdown

Trump Goes After 'Politically Motivated Ingrates' on Twitter for Criticizing Puerto Rico Response

Man killed at a Marseille train station after attacking passers-by with a knife

2017/2018 US Senate Election -Democrats guide to a majority.

Bernie Sanders Gets Emotional Learning About Relatives Killed Fighting the Nazis

Heckuva Job, Donnie

Pelosi: 'We didn't win the elections, but we've won every fight'

White nationalists terrorize Houston Book Fair in largest show of force since Charlottesville

Michael Che became president tonight.

Federal judge blocks Florida abortion law

A picture of real leadership. Hurricane Sandy hit the N.E. in 2012 and this happened.

Trump Scolded Price for Two Hours

Brevard Countys Exclusionary Prayer Practice Found Unconstitutional

BTRTN September 2017 Month in Review: Trump's Best Month Yet. Really???

The mysterious group thats picking Breitbart apart

BTRTN September 2017 Month in Review: Trump's Best Month Yet. Really???

I'm looking forward to seeing DOTARD wading waist deep in sewage on Tuesday.

MIKE FARB of Unhack the Vote is about to blow up in the MSM get ready

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 3: Classic Horror

He just tweeted calling Mayor Cruz an "Ingrate"

What you need to know about Puerto Rico to understand Hurricane Maria:

Seth Moulton -- who? -- plants his flag in Iowa

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 4: Movie Duels

Puerto Rico is all our worst fears about Trump coming real

Trump Is Making Canada Great Again

All buildings now inspected?

Ex-Obama aide rips Trump fake news tweet to Puerto Rico-Theres NO news at all with NO electricity

Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday on whether contorted voting maps drawn by both parties to

Republicans ignore Trump's bipartisan Dreamers deal

Trump's patriotism hypocrisy

WH budget chief: 'Detailed analysis' of tax plan not yet possible

How can people in Puerto Rico use the internet to register with FEMA for help when much of

Could America's Socialists Become the Tea Party of the Left?

"Outside of Fake News or politically motivated ingrates, we have done a great job in Puerto Rico"

Tiny Hands - Offers Tiny Help

What the hell is wrong at the American Legion? Some thoughts from a member

Ex-Medicare head says Trump purposely raising insurance premiums

Florida still has trash all over from Irma

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania Should Be Embarrassed!

Trump's favorite Governor contradicts him: "I'm not aware of such inspections"

Wait, an island??? #SNLPremiere

Trump's upbeat Puerto Rico rhetoric clashes with reality on the ground

According to the Green Party, Obama was the most effective White Supremacist

UPDATED: Sanders slams GOP tax plan as 'really bad policy'

Who ARE All Those Trump Voters?

Ex-CIA Director Brennan Defends NFL Protests, Says Trump Should Focus on Puerto Rico

Concealed carry ad on

I always knew that Mother Nature would

Raw Story: 'Fox Sunday' attacks Trump tax cuts

Kasich: I can't support the GOP if it doesn't reform

"Fish don't rot from the head"

Trump re-tweets conservative "Christian" who called for internment camps for anti-Trump protesters

S.I. Newhouse Jr., Publishing Icon Who Ran Conde' Nast, Dies at 89

Homeland security adviser pushes upbeat PR campaign for Puerto Rico

Ohio 17-year-old caught having sex with familys pet wiener dog - again

From the Weather Underground Cat 6 Comments page - please share

Mulvaney calls tax cuts for the wealthy "beauty in the eye of beholder at this point"

Bernie Sanders shred Trump over his unspeakable racist response to Puerto Rican hurricane survivor

FEMA Administrator Swipes At San Juan Mayor, Those Who 'Spout Off' About Aid

Bernie Sanders' Full Interview with CNN SOTU

Trump tweeted about North Korea (5 minutes ago).

Now he's back to threatening N. Korea

Eight months in, America is divided.

Trump Brands

Trump signed presidential directive ordering actions to pressure North Korea

Epic truth in an epic thrashing

War? With Puerto Rico Disaster Breathing Down Trump's Neck,

Investigation Launched Into Serious Airbus A380 Engine Failure

Maybe Trump actually thinks Puerto Ricans are guilty not only of speaking

The Government of Puerto Rico has created a map of working cell sites in Puerto Rico.

Former Bank Teller Pleads Guilty To Stealing Almost $200,000 From Homeless Customer

Support thread for Mayor Cruz of San Juan

Trump Undermines Tillerson via Twitter: 'Wasting His Time' Trying to Negotiate with 'Little Rocket..

Mnuchin on Trump Going After San Juan Mayor: 'When the President Gets Attacked, He Attacks Back'

OMG, Paul Ryan just responded to John Dickerson on Face the Nation.

Great Barrier Reef starts to recover after severe coral bleaching

Paul Ryan: Trump's 'Heart's in the Right Place' on Race

Scarefest 2017 Lexington, Ky

Nice pic...

Some days I think I will join Twitter

Programs Republicans in Congress Let Expire Last Night:

DONDE ESTAN? Puerto Rico reservists mobilized then waited 7 days for orders

If Trump were a car he would be a ford pinto.

The shit stain complained just yesterday about poor public optics, and yet...

Bernie Sanders' Full Interview with CNN SOTU

Fox Ignores NFL Players Kneeling During National Anthem During Live Broadcast

New Way to Write POTUS while tRUMP is in Office

The national anthem debate. This is Trump trying to distract from his failures. This is my response.

Scoop: Homeland security adviser pushes upbeat PR campaign for Puerto Rico

Elections have consequences - But, hey, when the bombs start falling, yeah, remember her emails...

Geraldo Rivera doesn't see people dying

"They want everything to be done for them."

It's Good to Be King - Everything is done for them

Ryan won't guarantee every middle class person will get a tax cut under Trump proposal

Chris Wallace grills Mick Mulvaney on tax cuts

Racism against Puerto Ricans is one of his few consistent policy positions

Sunday Meme n Toon roundup

question of the day

Schumer: Trump needs to 'roll up his sleeves' on Puerto Rico instead of calling names

Yeah, Puerto Rico's way too far away to send any supplies to

What Evil Depends On: 'Good People To Be Quiet'

Trump's Abysmal Response to the Puerto Rican Crisis is What Racism Looks Like in 2017

president hillary would have sent emails to unite us and direct massive aid to puerto rico

Can we have a mass demonstration nationwide in early November?

The Chaos President Cold Open - SNL

Ana Navarro shakes in rage as she slams Trump's attack on Puerto Rico

While the Flag Is Important To Serving and Veteran Military People,

Watch Bernie shred Trump over his 'unspeakable' racist response to Puerto Rican hurricane survivors

Some Reactor Physics for the Production of Anti-Proliferation Plutonium.

While tax cuts for the rich are in play, and racist "guy" sitting in the white house, fumes

Bernie Sanders explains the unusual degree of cruelty of the Republican budget.

Trump's ex-Puerto Rico partner hits a bumpy road, even before Maria

This is not a "feud."

Another Close Encounter - SNL

Bernie Sanders explains the unusual degree of cruelty of the Republican budget.

Mnuchin Won't Say How Trump Will Prove He Doesn't Benefit From Tax Plan

I doubt you're a real billionaire': Richard Branson publishes scathing letter from Donald Trump...

The MSM has been great since the election, but...

Old flood waters are like the depths of hell.

All those darn "ingrates"

Nestl pays $200 a year to bottle water near Flint where water is undrinkable

Trump desperately touts D.C. lobbyist who praised his appalling Puerto Rico response

I have been searching for a light at the end of the Trump tunnel from hell.

Here is a list of states with more debt than #PuertoRico

Mulvaney criticizes San Juan's mayor

Who's going to cheer Trump in Puerto Rico on Tuesday?


Happy 93rd Birthday, Pres. Jimmy Carter

Uh oh! Looks like Tillerson's on the way out

Is Trump now retweeting a link to Russian bot farms with the NFL stand for the anthem stuff?

From tigers to snowflakes

Dear General Kelly

21 States in the US Have Smaller Populations Than Puerto Rico

This is who TELLS US what Patriotism means?

Time flies...Do you remember the song "We are the world" in 1985 ?

'We have a high school girl as president': GOP strategist ridicules 'valley girl' Trump for...

GOPer: Health Care and Food Are Privileges

Sanders: Trump attacking San Juan mayor is 'unspeakable'

Kurt Eichenwald asks: Tired of winning?

"They want everything done for them"

Let's All Raise a Cheer for Bob Meuller:

"Golf In The Time Of Cholera"

Programs GOP Congress let expire last night

Bravenak restricted by twitter

"The ghosts of MacArthur & his 75,000 troops at Inchon mock you from beneath their white crosses."

Johnson Says Health Care and Food Are 'Privileges'

"They want everything done for them"

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Susan Sarandon's political activism?

Trump Tax Cut Already In Trouble

The Biggest School Massacre America Forgot

Tens of thousands take part in Stop Brexit and anti-austerity protests in city centre - as it happen

Should members who are "flagged for review" get the full protection that other DUers do?

Man shouting "Allahu Akbar" kills two at French train station before being shot dead

Idiot Baltimore Raven Fans Manage To Disrespect Players AND The Anthem

Fighting climate change: The 4th annual conference on protecting the oceans later this week

Thinking the unthinkable in China: Abandoning North Korea

Trump has killed Americans and there is nothing being done to remove him from office.

Fighting climate change: The 4th annual conference on protecting the oceans later this week

White House aide: Trump administration spent 'entire weekend' working on Puerto Rico

O. J. Is free

Robert Reich: Trump's Do Nothing Presidency Is Irrelevant (Newsweek today)

"You better learn diplomacy instead of using the 280 characters."

What are you reading this week of October 1, 2017?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 October 2017

Video - WH Don't Want You To See From - Former MLB Pitcher: "FEMA execution horrifying"

Dog does more than Trump to help Puerto Rico

Immigration uncertainty causes anxiety in western Kansas

Beware SEC: Alabama is an angry, bloodthirsty team

Respecting the flag...

Schumer points to Kansas to criticize Trumps tax plan

Joy Reid panel says it out loud - Trump's racist neglect of Puerto Rico is 'intentional'

Poor people, black people, brown people, and disabled people are ingrates.

Trump to attend final day of Presidents Cup

Halloween Is Coming #1

Halloween Is Coming #2

Halloween Is Coming #3

HEFNER don't need name anymore: TWITLER now "just another dirty old rich man"

Trump to attend Presidents Cup golf tournament Sunday

Halloween Is Coming #4

Halloween Is Coming #5

Conserve elephants. They hold a scientific mirror up to humans

Top general tours Puerto Rico for 1st time after Maria: "This is the worst Ive ever seen."

Ted Lieu demands feds revoke Jared Kushner security clearance Being stupid is a danger to America

Sanders: Trump attacking San Juan mayor is 'unspeakable'

Tweets Are National Disgrace

For Geraldo Rivera:

Corker Stands by Comments About Trump

RYAN: I don't know every single person's little, small problem or issue

Have There Been Any Announcements Of The Official Death Toll On Puerto Rico?.....

Bernie Sanders ABC This Week 10/1/2017

Ted Lieu demands feds revoke Jared Kushner's security clearance: 'Being stupid' is a 'danger to...

Bernie Sanders ABC This Week 10/1/2017

Fall. The leaves turn colors, the brisk wind ushers in cool days, and pumpkins...

DLCC Announces Partnership with Run For Something

Keep an eye on Mississippi special election this Tuesday

He's *STILL* tweeting about the fucking anthem!!

Brock Long telling Chris Wallace that Mayor Cruz is "spouting off" and not "cooperating" w/FEMA

General overseeing Puerto Rico relief: 'This is the worst I've ever seen'

Trump's public order to Secretary of State Tillerson to stop seeking dialogue with North Korea jus

Former Pentagon Spox on Trump's North Korea Tweets: 'What a Way to Run Foreign Policy...'

2017/2018 US Senate Election Rating.

By the numbers: Hurricane Maria damage, recovery in Puerto Rico

"American Forum" on PBS -- I've never heard of it before, but ...

Trump Administration: AIG Is Now Free to Screw the Economy Again

Mnuchin says no regrets over government plane use

How a heartbroken doomsday prepper who lost everything is now saving hurricane victims

NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr.s tweet defying Trump is his most popular ever

"How on earth did you determine that God was the good one and Satan was the evil one?"

Sharpton on Trump Ingrates Comment: Can You Imagine Him Saying That to Whites in Florida?

John Carlos to Dotard Groper Don the Con- show me your discharge papers from the military

Corker Says He Stands By Harsh Criticism Of Trump After Charlottesville

A brief photo study of different leadership styles.

Ravens players kneel, pray for 'unity and justice' before national anthem

Zuckerberg asks for forgiveness amid reports of Facebook's role in elections

GOP Congress let CHIP, which gives health care to 9 million kids & pregnant women, expire last night

YOU are OJ. What are you looking forward to doing?

Dawn Staley says South Carolina hasnt been invited to President Trumps White House

Wonderful Rex

Keeping Lists of Links on the Internet

Twin Peaks S03 E08 "This is the water, this is the well" bit on an 8 HOUR LOOP. Got a light?

Never thought I would ever agree with Pam Bondi

Trump doesn't give a damn about the flag & anthem except as symbols of himself. It's all about HIM.

T-Rex is going to kill us all

9 million kids get health insurance under CHIP. Congress JUST LET IT EXPIRE.

Why doesn't Trump get a timeout from twitter for violating its terms of service ?

He's tweeting about Rocket Man again. Minutes ago:

Nero Redux

Does anyone else remember when:

A scene from a movie we all know and love that captures the vibe of Trump's "Rocket Man" taunts

It concerns me that in this case, Trump apparently defines "failed" as "didn't start a nuclear war"


Cranky old man arrives in NJ for golf tournament

Britain will leave EU single market, customs union as one nation-minister

Anthem at today's Presidents Cup presentation

Just came back from the live filming of the start of THE AMAZING RACE season 30...

I don't know what to make out of FoxNews recap of the lessons learned from Catalonia.

The Latest: Turtle swims away with oceanographers ashes

Raiders' Marshawn Lynch wore an 'Everybody vs. Trump' shirt walking into the stadium

I watched this live this morning. CNN New Day Sunday.

Islanders cut off from world: 'We've lost everything'

Jagmeet Singh New Leader of NDP Party(Canada)

Not to suggest that he's not terribly bright, but ---

Why is this person at the State Department?

Didn't Puerto Rico .....

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 1, 2017

Time for Jimmy Carter to Go Back to North Korea

Don't you get it DUers

Marilyn Manson crushed by stage scenery in New York

Should Rex Tillerson Resign?

Clinton's tweet about Puerto Rico has been retweeted & faved more than any of Trump's tweets on Sat

Vote Roy Moore get more tax cuts for the rich!

2017 AL US Senate Election-Doug Jones-D internal has him down 4 points- 44-40.


Lawmakers: 'Get to Work' on Puerto Rico

8-Year-Old: 'Stop Tweeting And Come Help The People'

trump thinks kim jong un took office at the age of six

Reporters in Puerto Rico to tell important story

The Time Donald Trump Turned Away in Disgust While a Man Was Bleeding to Death in Front of Him

Priority management

Trump arrives at Liberty National

The Higgs Boson's Twin Could Reveal Our Universes Dark Sector

Philly Inquirer: Trump's Puerto Rico potshots make his racism morally impossible to ignore

Instead of a 10 day repeal for one territory, how about a full repeal of the Jones Act?

I have a new grandson! Help me with grownup lullabies.

So Tom Price resigned... how is he getting home? Oh, and Tom, take Charmaine with you!

Just a reminder.....Mayor of San Juan Nasty...Nazis Fine People

Trump v. Trump admin on foreign policy

I don't think I am going to be able to read Hillary's book. I just barely got started

Kamala Harris: NFL players 'should not be threatened or bullied' for protests

2020 is going to be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Pentagon: More than half of Puerto Ricans without access to drinking water

The effect of Republican administrations always seems to be measured with body counts. n/t

The only Flaw in Ken Burns' and Lynn Novicks Vietnam War film

Ads on twitter?

Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States: Robert Reich

In Puerto Rico, acute shortages plunge the masses into survival struggle

New Parts Unknown tonight CNN "Singapore".

How would you compare the costs to terraform the Sahara vs. increasingly potent Atlantic hurricanes?

Looks like Trump's own Department of Defense is now a candidate for a "Fake News" rage tweet

The Latest: Man fatally knifes 2 at French train station

Marshawn Lynch wears an Everybody vs. Trump t-shirt

Catalan referendum: Catalonia has 'won right to statehood'

Jeremy Corbyn's call to Nationalize the Utlilities: Beginning of end for Neoliberalism?

An accurate way to tell

Asshole just told State Department to forget diplomacy. We're heading for war.

Attacks on media and critics can't hide administration's failures

Shooting In Downtown Lawrence Kills One Woman And Two Men

A presidential wrecking ball

What's the deal with Jay-Z?

We cant get used to this

It's not appropriate

Melania Trump's book donation gets rejected

What Doesn't Geraldo Rivera Understand About the Word, "Dying?"

IMO; Kasich will not leave his party but work for his own betterment.

Mark Zuckerberg: Why is Facebook still using Kaspersky Lab?

View from Castiglione del Lago, Lake Trasimeno, Umbria

Trump is speaking at a golf course right now and all of the...

Marshawn Lynch sports 'Everybody vs. Trump' T-shirt

SCOTUS term starts tomorrow.

What Trump really did is expose his true nature to all..It's truly ugly

Trump dedicated golf trophy to TX, PR. Fan yelled, "You don't give a shit about Puerto Rico!"

Leaked White House Memo Details Puerto Rico Spin: The Storm Caused These Problems, Not Our Response

Statement from SF 49ers: "We will use our speak up for those whose voice is not heard"

What policy issues do you think would bring in independent voters?

2017/2018 US Senate Election- Republican held US Senate seats Democrats could win.

50 Cent Was Offered $500,000 to Support Donald Trumps Campaign

Soros vs Koch's

Raiders' Lynch wears 'Everybody vs. Trump' shirt, hidden by staff during anthem

For Larry David, Richard Lewis fans:

Scoop: Trump urges staff to portray him as "crazy guy"..

Renewing the American Dream. .... What do you think?

Sad, unfair, possibly fake but still totally rockin' t-shirt on Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch

NBC Nightly Sunday...example of irresponsible journalism.

Bill Murray on the concert stage

Ray Suarez say "A Puerto Rican cares about the President's Cup only is if it's filled with water."

POS dedicates golf cup to Puerto Rico, just what they want or need


Cameroon independence protests result in deaths

Who wins The World Series?

Was a Republican then I grew up

Levi's Wokes - SNL

Trump dedicates Presidents Cup golf tournament trophy to those affected by hurricanes

Melania can you please have a talk with your douchebag husband

Wisconsinites holding our breath for tomorrow.. Supreme Court gerrymandering

Who was the worst FEMA Director? Michael Brown during Hurricane Katrina under Bush 43 or

55% don't have water and 95% don't have power. But here's this lovely trophy.

Meanwhile, 3 million people just thought to themselves simultaneously...

Someone yelled to Trump during the trophy ceremony: "You don't give a shit about Puerto Rico!'"

Puerto Rico will soon not be the news, folks, it will be World War 3

The Master of Diversion Strikes Again...

OMG!!! Dotard STILL Doesn't Know Which Li'l Kim Is In Power!

Republicans to STEAL $10Billion from healthcare, poor, social security for border wall NEXT WEEK