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House Intel Dem accuses committee chairman Devin Nunes of trying to undermine Russia investigation

How a 12-Year-Old Girl Could Help End Weed Prohibition in America

Las Vegas shooting victims file lawsuit against bump stock makers

Another Republican Steps Up To Defend Bob Corker And Encourage More GOPers To Take On Trump

Scott Pruitt Can't Stop the Death of Big Coal

Ted Lieu Proposes Cutting Off Trumps Power To Start A Nuclear War With North Korea

Get up!

Nutella pasta is the fusion dessert you'll probably have an opinion about

Man Attacked in Charlottesville Charged With Assault in Unexpected Turn

Tuesday Night discussion question

Who has the higher IQ? 45 or a groper fish?

For the third time this month, I've had my posting privileges limited on Twitter for 12 hours.

Bannon putting Senate majority at risk in 2018, Republicans warn

Map of Wine Country wildfires (sorry-- this was the one I meant to post)

The US just flew bombers over the Korean Peninsula

Who's the good guy with a gun

The Democratic Party has an age problem

Molly Ivins: I prefer

It is some twisted lame ass sexism to make Hillary responsible or have to be punished

2020 will be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Supreme Court dismisses 1 of 2 challenges to Trump travel ban

Harvey Weinstein's Wife Georgina Chapman Is Leaving Him: 'My Heart Breaks for All the Women Who Have

Why big cities thrive, and smaller ones are being left behind

Thanks Chris Hayes for playing those tapes with the Con

There are no whistles in baseball. What other team sports is that also true?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Next One! Live Uncensored & a new

Fire update info

Trump has no control over Oregon's beauty .. at least, not yet

Local labor union files complaint over Jerry Jones' anthem mandate

Hillary Clinton, Obamas condemn longtime Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein

Japanese woman dies from working too much after clocking up 159 hours overtime in a month

Weinstein is scum, but

Twitler is at it again.

Mathis and Kelly preventing Drumpt from lunging for the nuclear football.

Video Tributes - Remembering Scott Galindez

Guys, Were Mad At Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN!

Utah officer fired after nurses arrest caught on video.

Isn't it settled law that children do not have to stand for the pledge at schools who receive

Eminem hits Trump at Hip Hop Awards: "All these horrible tragedies... Rather cause a Twitterstorm...

On suing gun manufacturers

Has Puerto Rico been forgotten already? What's the status down there?

Halloween Is Coming #36

Halloween Is Coming #37

Halloween Is Coming #38

Halloween Is Coming #39

Obamas: Any man who demeans/degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned & held accountable

Halloween Is Coming #40

NY couple asks black passerby to agree Confederate flags not racist

Seth Meyers: Pence Walks Out of a Football Game, BlackBerry Motion - Monologue - 10/9/17

World Cup spoiler

Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached

Did your city/town have a late night "Creature Feature" host?

Seth Meyers: Guest Senator Cory Booker

DUers with bumper stickers, resist t-shirts, pussy hats, etc

What a mess! I think the president of Puerto Rico should be fired!

Holy Shit - Trinidad and Tobago just knocked the US out of the World Cup

"[DJT] Lying over and over again without consequences" - Paul Krugman

Utah Police Office who handcuffed Nurse fired

Eminem rips into tRump

Nicholas Kristoff just said that in the first day of a Korean war 1 million would

Bringing WebVR to everyone with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Stephen Colbert: Guest Journalist Bob Schieffer


Eminem drops a killer rap tonight on BET. Donnie will be Rage tweeting in the morning.

Our Nation Is Trash

Thank you Hillary.

Union leader files charges saying Jerry Jones violated Federal Law with anthem ban

Interior Sec. Zinke on Confederate monument removal: Native Indians will want Union statues remove

" No Collusion, No Collusion...You're The Collusion "...

"Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable"

Nunes signs off on new subpoenas to firm behind Trump-Russia dossier

Navy fires two officers over USS McCain collision, says deadly accident was 'preventable'

Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached

Thoughts on pledges and anthems, etc.

here's my complicated, controversial solution to get the nfl back to just playing football:

Trump hasn't realized his tweets are all IQ & psych tests that he's always failing.

Woman in Dove ad says company should have defended its vision

Colbert to DT: "What you're dealing with is a crippling case of narcissistic personality disorder"

Nobel Peace Prize, What You Got Idiot Dotard..

Trump Aides Discuss Keeping Nuclear Codes Away

Eric Holder slams Sessions' 'almost obsession with marijuana'

False patriots that never servered.

I know the answer is out there but can't get 'search' to work, so here goes.

Watching PBS Vietnam

Why Republican women still voted for Trump

Vegas Golden Knights home opener #VegasStrong

When 4th Grade Me Accidentally Showed My Parents Homemade Porn To The Entire Class

Cutest puck drop ever

Megyn Kelly's ratings are awful


LeBron James responds to Eminem's freestyle attacking Trump - love this!

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia (The Guardian)

If nothing is done immediately about Trump, maybe we

McCaskill tears into GOP challenger Hawley during Jackson County visit

how does one access their du journal

DT should have paid Roger Ailes back for all the free publicity he got from Fox news

My photography.

30,000 Israelis, Palestinians Take Part in Women Wage Peace Rally in Jerusalem

Remember When Donald Trump Endorsed Eminem (Slim Shady) for President?

Audit: Washington needs to verify Medicaid incomes sooner or risk losing $110 million by 2020

F**k Columbus

Carl Reiner: Trump might have highest IQ in nation if the I stands for Ignorance or Insufferable


Sen. Patty Murray wants to fix what experts call 'enormous inequalities' in child care

California Frankly Turning Into Real AZ Type Desert. Or So It Seems.

Kansas Tried a Tax Plan Similar to Trumps. It Failed.

Judge declines to block Washington cyberstalking law

Teen detained after crossing border fights to have abortion

Planned Parenthood, ACLU sue over Missouri abortion law

Thousands expected to turn out to hear or protest Betsy DeVos in Bellevue this week

Judge rules UK government wrongly imprisoned torture victims

Trumps Non-Sonic Attack on Cuba

Alabama GOP Senate candidate says son's arrest is a 'cheap political trick'

Open Letter to CNN (Lemon and Burnett)

Napa and Sonoma wildfires destroy wineries, bars and hotels; many others threatened

Spokane police make hate crime arrest after skinhead suspected of punching black man and shooting

We Have The Morons To Thank For The Moron In Chief We Have.

White House hammers GOP senator, escalating feud

Has Any Federal Disaster Relief Been Declared Yet?

Harvey Weinstein also gave to John Chachas, who was running against Harry Reid.

Eminem unloads on Trump in new rap

Atlantic - The Problem With 'Containing' Donald Trump

Federal judge sides with bus drivers' union over ad dispute on Spokane buses

Former Hanford worker awarded $8 million in retaliation case

Gwyneth Paltrow and Dave on Harvey Weinstein

Zinkes travels: Ski resort and Alaskan steakhouse

Sister, you are working for a sexual predator. Shareblue Media exec nails Kellyanne Conway

Steve Bannon plans to run the GOP and the country by 2018

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/10/17

Firm that built Tacoma area schools underpaid workers, should be barred from bidding, state says

A week and a day.

The latest DoD blurb on Puerto Rico (Oct 10)

Statement of Acting US Attorney David C. Weiss on the Wilmington Trust Corporation Settlement

Brothers Sentenced to Prison for Defrauding U.S. Department of Defense

MacArthur Foundation "Genius Awards" announced

Harvey Weinstein: Wife Georgina Chapman leaves accused producer

Wisconsin to soon be the dumbest state in the country..freedom..

The United States failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986

No one should be denied a college education because of their family's income. Build the movement.

Donald Trump to visit no-man's-land of Korean border reports

'Everything is going to plan' - Liberians vote in first election run without UN

'They went together': couple, aged 100 and 98, die in California wildfires

Portland Woman Adds Allegations of Retaliation and Discrimination to Her Lawsuit Against State Sen.

Trump's Puerto Rico video tells positive story but leaves a lot on cutting-room floor

Federal Judge Rules Nightclub Owners Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Portland Regulators Can

Why Chicago's soda tax fizzled after two months - and what it means for the anti-soda movement

Twitter Video: Sen. Sanders took a whole lot of selfies after the #collegeforall town hall tonight

600-plus Lane County workers near strike, union says

$1.05 billion Willamette River Superfund cleanup faces delay after EPA revises plan, state says

🐦 Oct 12 8PM ET - RSVP - Sen. Sanders Democracy for America Live conference call

CNN is still blaming the Dems FOR Weinstein.

Prosecutor Threw Away Slam-Dunk Cases Against Weinstein and Trump Kids

Feds Use Right-Wing Militias Video to Prosecute Trump Protesters

IMPORTANT! The 100 Dos and Don'ts of being an effective Evil Overlord.

Kim Davis fights gay marriage in Romania

Donnie: "It's a miracle"

India Supreme Court rules sex with child bride is rape

A New Hope

(I've joined the 10,000 post club!)

Over 20,000 girls married off illegally each day: report

Who will stop dotard from using a nuclear weapon?

OK, I just found out...

Whatever happened to Trumps visit to U.S. Virgin Island?

Saw a weird claim from a Trump supporter on FB

Eminem Lashes Out at Trump With Freestyle Rap Video


If you're not going to stop using Facebook

A driving tip from that miserable old man who lives two houses down from me.

Is there a way to make anything from "The Lounge" not show up on latest threads?

Children's Health Insurance Program is set to go bust

Senior Republican Says Trump May Have To Be Physically Restrained From Launching Nuclear Strike

By the time the Republicans try to invoke Articles 25 it will be too late.

Progressives Are Leading and Winning Nationwide

Bannon putting Senate majority at risk in 2018, Republicans warn

Moron-in-Chief wants a tenfold increase in nukes - NBC exclusive

I can no longer in good conscience participate in the jury system.

President Madchild!

I made a list of all the ways Trump differs from Harvey Weinstein in their treatment of women-Click

Tillerson moron remark followed 45's request for tenfold increase in nuclear arsenal

Morning Joe 10/11/17 Trump wants more and larger nukes

Obama on Weinstein, Trump on Ailes

Feds Use Right-Wing Militias Video to Prosecute Trump Protesters

U.S. flies bombers over Korea as Trump discusses options

They are not "patriots".

Morning Joe calls on GOP to stop Trump before he starts WWIII: Theres something called the 25th Am

EPA makes 'climate change' vanish from four-year plan

Alabama GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore calls sons ninth arrest a 'cheap political trick'

Alabama GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore calls sons ninth arrest a 'cheap political trick'

The real problem with Trump's foreign policy plans? He may not have any.

I just noticed some very telling body language from trump*

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims October 9, 2017, as Columbus Day

After revelation that casino guard was shot before Las Vegas massacre began, unanswered questions...

Hey, I think I got quoted on!

"Start Acting Like a F**king Republican" - The Hawaiian GOP's Civil War

Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka On Anthem Protests: Theres Been 'No Oppression In The Last 100 Years'

Gay rights groups feel they are under siege

Dem megadonor Steyer demands lawmakers and candidates back impeaching Trump

No World Cup for Trumplandia. Seems fitting. Slinking-off the world-stage at every level.

Smokes, let's go.

Trump Is Upset That He Has Fewer Nuclear Bombs Than Obama

Trump's UK visit has been Downgraded to a 'Working Visit.' No tea with the Queen!

US Mens National Team fails to qualify for World Cup 2018

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1 - Dumb and Dumber

Watching Howard Dean on MSNBC

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- War on the Planet

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3 - Pence and Putin

trump administration....'the end of the war on coal'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

Donald Trump has state visit to UK downgraded 'and will not be guest of the Queen'

What happened to those 4 Americans that were killed in Niger?

Pence Triggered by NFL Kneeling Protest, Wastes Taxpayer Money

Last Month: First Job Losses in 7 Years

New slogan

Has Trump mentioned the fires in California or the killed Army soldiers yet?

Trump Rails Against 'Fake News' Coverage Of John Kelly, GOP Tax Plan

How about those Las Vegas Golden Knights!

John Farrell is out

Weird Story

But the wealthy need tax cuts?

Morning Joe bumper music today...

Joe Scarborough: We're Closer Now to Nuclear War Than Any Time 'Since The Cuban Missile Crisis'

The NFL Commissioner is going to order the players to stand for the national anthem.

Trump, Sessions exaggerate gang threat to justify crackdown

Lindsay Lohan just defended Harvey Weinstein.

'He's better than this,' says Thomas Barrack, Trump's loyal whisperer

DCCC to donate all Harvey Weinstein donations to women's group

Don't worry about nuclear bombs because this guy is in charge of them

Sociology group fires back at Roberts for 'gobbledygook' comment

Hannity insanity

NFL issues statement saying Trump's "commentary" on Goodell statement is "not accurate"

The Madman wants to challenge NBC's "license", whatever the hell that means.

Trump just suggested that NBC and other networks should lose their broadcast licenses

Belgium is way ahead of us... WAY ahead!!

Trump: 'Fake NBC News' nuke story 'pure fiction'

Trump's UK state visit downgraded, "he will not be guest of the Queen".

CNN you fucking hacks - name one ReTHUG who condemned

Pakistan barred from international football

Hayden: Words matter, and Trump's may mean war

Puerto Ricans leave for US mainland as storm woes linger

Our president thinks he's some kind of political strongman

Number of people without electricity in Puerto Rico still rising

Puerto Rico city Trump visited is still without power


"Just one little missile, please!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

The Con's Miracle in Las Vegas

Novelist Stephen King predicted it.

Twitter Flips Decision, Lets Blackburn Promote 'Baby Body Parts' Video

Millions Of Moms Set Out On Pilgrimage To Premium Outlet Center

Voter regrets as Trumps xenophobic reality reach conservative suburbs?

New Keith Olbermann book to be released next week

Venezuela takes over from Haiti as the poorest country in the hemisphere

Nazis March in NY - 1939

Sir Rudeness nails it

Right-Wing Crusader Launches Dangerous Project That Could Slash The Number Of Elected Minorities In

VA conceals shoddy care and health workers' mistakes

The full lyrics to Eminem's Trump-bashing freestyle 'The Storm'

World Cup 2018: Panama declares public holiday after qualifying

Guys, "Fake News" has nothing to do with the accuracy of reporting.

NFL: No, We Didn't Decide on Banning Kneeling During National Anthem

His admiration of Putin is on full display

All Charlottesville City Schools Placed on Modified Lockdown

My latest unwise and probably regrettable daytime drinking obsession: Coke bombs.

Preet Bharara fires back at Trump's NBC license threat

Gingrich to Hannity: Bannon war on GOP incumbents 'stunningly stupid'

Why isn't the media covering this?

Painter on Trump's tax plan: Give super rich massive tax cut, the 99% get golden showers

Breaking: Carter Page to Plead 5th...(Axios)

Treasury Inspector General Conducting Second Review Of Mnuchin Travel

Anyone else ever want to move to, or at least visit, Kalamazoo, MI, simply because it has a weird

Lieu to DT: What makes America great is 1st Amend. protecting press. Even morons should know that.

It looks like its about to become much easier to confirm Trumps most ideological judges

Here is the REAL reason Trump threatened NBC's license...

He doesn't give a sh*t about us here in California

There is only one important question

Amazing! Drumpf has taken a non-issue, bullied the NFL and now they are

There are members of Congress receiving drugs for Alzheimer's

There are members of Congress receiving drugs for Alzheimer's

Trump to Gays: Not My Rainbow Flag

Happy Coming Out Day!🌈

Ron Wyden Demands Answers to Justice Department Investigations of Journalists

Democrats will pursue carbon emissions plan

Lindsey Lohan defends Harvey Weinstein: 'I feel very bad for him. Everybody needs to stop'

Gateway for Cancer Research, among the last Mar-a-Lago holdouts, will move gala to The Breakers.

Trump pitches his tax cuts for the wealthy as a boon to truckers

Something missing from soccer coverage headlines

Cat on a post with a Rainbow in the distance

Homeowner secretly recording AIRBNB guests

Brit HUME & HANNITY act out hypocrisy for wingnuts re WEINSTEIN vis a vis TWITLER/AILES/OREILLY

Homeowner secretly recording AIRBNB guests

Trumps Health Department declares that life begins at conception

Could Harvey Weinstein Go to Jail? What's Next in Hollywood Sex-Assault Scandal

Homeowner secretly recording AIRBNB guests

The new Pulse rainbow walkway was installed in the wee hours of the morning today.....

KO:What Mike Pence's Cynical Anthem Stunt Cost-Your tax dollars are funding these divisive, costly

KO:What Mike Pence's Cynical Anthem Stunt Cost-Your tax dollars are funding these divisive, costly

Trumps Puerto Rico video tells positive story but leaves a lot on cutting-room floor

Prison Overcrowding? Wonder why????

Conway Slams Clinton Over Weinstein Response: 'A Hypocrite About Women's Empowerment'

Cats- Nature's embodiment of grace and style

Schumer Bashes McConnells Push To Roll Dems On Judicial Nominees

PacifiCorp facing regulatory blowback on wind power plans

DEF CON releases a report detailing vulnerabilities of voting machines

Stephen Colbert Has A Brutal Response To Trump's Latest Corker Insult

What time is the Orange knuckleheads rally in front of the truck drivers?

Amtrak workers and engineer killed in crash had all used drugs, including opioids and cocaine

Is ANYONE Concerned About Trump Threatening The FIRST AMENDMENT????

Facebook is or was down ?

Bill and Chelsea Clinton to convene student leaders to discuss global challenges at annual CGI mtg.

GOP Pittsburgh Lawyer Laura Ellsworth announces run for governor

Why are some cowed by tRump?

United States misses World Cup for first time since 1986

Chump Wants To Pull NBC's FCC License

Look what the Russian bot/troll "Brutalist Press" is already circulating about Trump & Eminem

How do we get Congress to do their damn job - Impeachment?

Pittsburgh Penguins seem to downplay Trump White House visit online

Pittsburgh Penguins seem to downplay Trump White House visit online

Portland, ME, police union strike deal to outfit police with body cameras

Portland, ME, police union strike deal to outfit police with body cameras

Is facebook under a DNS attack?

The Manhattan DA should be out of a job, yesterday!

Weinstein scandal: It was like a hunter with a wild animal. The fear turned him on

I finally figured out why the 'right' hates abortion

Grave-digging daughter gets prison again

"An Even More Insidious Kind of Gerrymandering"

How the Vietnam War prepared Puerto Ricans to confront crisis

How the Vietnam War prepared Puerto Ricans to confront crisis

Thomas Barrack on how to stay friends w/ DT: Never need anything from him, & always be subservient

Kudzu in North Dakota? I am shocked, shocked.

Well..... Heres Another Mess You Got Me In Ollie..

"... covering of officers' name tags will not happen again."

Astronaut Scott Kelly on the devastating effects of a year in space

Facebook Down: Site and App Fail To Load Amid Major Crash

San Diego Union-Tribune circulation drops

He violates the Constitution

a friend tells me that orange actually has a third daughter--older than his three with ivana.

Frontline: War on the EPA

The deadline to register to vote in the November election is October 16.

How to change your DNS servers: facebook related....

MT senate candidate raises $400K for bid against Tester

Two Baltimore police officers accept disciplinary action even though they supposedly followed policy

A new kitty.

FRONTLINE Wins Five Emmy Awards

*****BREAKING**** Boy Scouts Of America to allow girls to join

Lessons from the front lines of anti-colonial pipeline resistance

Nicely done, Boy Scout of America!

Lessons from the front lines of anti-colonial pipeline resistance

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP: Ageism is related to mental health....

So why won't Trump mention the fallen troops from last week?:

Trump wanted to increase nuclear arsenal from 8,000 to 80,000 warheads

Top Republican predicts Christmas Eve vote on tax revamp

Undisclosed deal guaranteed Roy Moore $180,000 a year for part-time work at charity


just for fun: see this thread

25th Amendment reality check

"I am Willing" Holly Near

Trump's Benghazi? Ambush of U.S. soldiers in Niger goes unnoticed


He couldn't care less

Boy Scouts to admit girls into programs

Bet we will see

Trump businesses reportedly benefit from deregulatory actions

🐦 Oct 18 9PM ET - Sen. Sanders to Debate Sen. Cruz on Trump Tax Plan

The Memo: Republicans fear aftershocks from Trump-Corker feud

Oct 18 9PM ET - Sen. Sanders to Debate Sen. Cruz on Trump Tax Plan

Where are the Trump kids? Kushner? Scarce as hen's teeth.

Announcers should never say "Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for our national anthem."

AP-NORC Poll: Most say Trump making NKorea situation worse

Hotel worker warned of shooter before Las Vegas massacre

Dotard, Moron, Dimwit, Low IQ, Don the Groper Con, Malignant Narcissist...

If Trump Wants A War With Women, These Lawyers Are Ready For Battle

If Trump Wants A War With Women, These Lawyers Are Ready For Battle

I made Blue Apron's version of Farro Jambalaya...

Trump to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary: official

Ryan urges ATF to fix 'bump stock' gun loophole

Trump's iq?

U.S. House panel approves $36.5 billion for disaster relief

Donald Trump threatens to shut down NBC and other TV news networks that criticise him

Three weeks since Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico still dark, dry, frustrated

"(Kentucky Governor) Bevin cited Colorado...saying there are people overdosing on (marijuana)"

U.S. justices question Arab Bank liability in militant attacks

I just saw Justin Trudeau kissing Melania on the cheek

OK, I've gotta say, regarding Weinstein....

Wonkette: Oh Chris Cillizza, You FUCKING Shitheel


CSX CEO apologizes for problems, customers demand improvement

Undisclosed deal guaranteed Roy Moore $180,000 a year for part-time work at charity

An American Kestrel just landed on the awning outside my office window. What a beautiful bird.

Anybody here moved to a blue area just for that reason?

Rescued squirrel:

Puerto Rico: US officials privately acknowledge serious food shortage

Eminem's Trump Diss

Drumpf, a modern day Commodus

Three quarters of Americans favor higher taxes for wealthy: Reuters/Ipsos poll

He is lying his ass off!

Trump names Eric Hargan as acting Health Secretary

Moscow may demand U.S. cut diplomatic staff in Russia to 300 or below: RIA

Why You Really Should Be Scared Shitless About Trump and Nuclear Weapons (MoJo)

Trump expected to tap Kirstjen Nielsen to lead Department of Homeland Security

What's for Dinner, Wed., Oct. 11, 2017

Zinke's claim that the U.S. has struggled to produce 'low-cost, abundant and reliable energy'

Donald Trump just issued a direct threat to the free and independent media

Judge allows Dakota Access pipeline to keep running

Have any of the teachers or professors who taught Trump ever praised him?

We Tried 99 Percent THC-A Crystalline Dabs, and It Was Chill

Nikita Khrushchev's granddaughter: Trump uses 'fake news' like Stalin used 'enemies of the people'

How will Democrats deal with harassment claims against top fundraiser Weinstein?

Trump: 'Disgusting' press able to write whatever it wants

What does Trump plan to accomplish if he goes to the DMZ? A staring contest? Play "king of

Heavy focus on politics pays off for Colbert, Kimmel

Donald Trump's IQ Test

Why is the GOP loyal to trump? Pence would be more beneficial in getting to their tax cuts etc.

I Hate Everyone in the White House!: Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is Unraveling


Reps. Conaway and Schiff say their committee will release the Russia ads

This just in: Trump claims NBC just surrendered its license, has proof.

Then and now dog pics

This is what losing looks like

Newly diagnosed type 2 here...

Got my prostate out - Ask me anything!

Trump will become first president to speak at hate group gathering

"Tell them-tax cuts they are holding out for will not be honored in the event of nuclear Armageddon"

*****BREAKING**** Bannon Has Said Trump Has Only A Thirty Percent Chance of Serving a Full Term

Democrat stops just short of forcing House vote on Trumps impeachment

I deeply regret referring to Trump supporters as human sewage

A true conservative would be in support of NFL players kneeling

Before and after satellite photos of Puerto Rico at night

Charles P. Pierce: A Plea for a President

House Intel Committee plans to release Russian Facebook ads

Trump Threatens The NBC News Broadcasting License

This Vanity Fair article is something, Kelly and Mattis have made plans if Dotard orders Nuke strike

Do you think General Mattis would try to tackle Trump if he ordered a nuclear first strike?

Facebook down?

Russia Probe Now Investigating Cambridge Analytica, Trumps Psychographic Data Gurus

House Dem pulls back from forcing impeachment vote

What Happens To The Senate & House Investigating Committee's If Mueller Reports First?.....

Happy 42nd anniversary Pres. & Sec. Clinton

Look out Harrisburg, PA.! Stupid moron is headed there to make a speech!

Trump just threatened to shut down news outlets critical of him. That's what's happened in Turkey.

Trump often calls Hannity after his show: report

New convention center with sustainable design opened in Buenos Aires

Happy 27th anniversary, Dave Grohl's first show with Nirvana.

Are those who wanted Hillary to take responsibility for her loss happy now?

New Randy Rainbow video: Desperate Cheeto

"Criminalize disrespectful behavior during the National Anthem.."

GOP websites hacked in Nassau, Suffolk

Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency?

Did anyone see Ed Asner just now on MSNBC?

Cardin, McCain question Trump administration's delay in implementing Russia sanctions

So all the people who supported Trump & now are in his cabinet....

He's Can anyone explain to me why he's so orange?

George Takei nails the Groping Dotard and his NFL obsession

Is Bomb Bomb Bannon trying to throw Trump...

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) to enter Articles of Impeachment on Trump today

Nick Hanauer: The Republican tax plan is a scam that wont create jobs, contrary to what Trump says.

DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Happy Colored Marbles

Israel Approves Plans For Thousands Of New Settlement Units In The West Bank

Carter Page says he wont cooperate with Senate Intel Russia probe, intends to plead the 5th

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #3-17: Wheel Of Corruption: At Worlds End Edition

Trump knocks 1st Amendment of U.S. Constitution in a fit of anger, "It is frankly disgusting"

Harvey Weinstein is not a real Democrat.

Mall owner opts to go dark on Thanksgiving, sticking with a new tradition

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 12 October 2017

'You Better Learn Our Lesson'

Barack Obama to Make First Campaign Appearance Since Leaving Office

"Happy Triggers to you"!

Things An American Neo-Fascist Despot Would Do

Trump Dismisses NBC Report On U.S. Nuclear Arsenal: Says He Wants Arsenal In 'Tiptop' Shape TIME

Wine Country Left Unrecognizable By Wildfire

Victim of brutal white supremacist attack is charged with a felony New York Post

Heartbreaking Lyft ride this evening.

What's Next for DACA? Let's Talk NPR

When going over to internet television

From MAD Magazine

Supreme Court decision: A victory for Trump travel ban

Roy Moore's Ten Commandments

Devin Nunes Lunges Back Into Russia Investigation With Subpoenas Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Does Trump even know that NBC does not have a FCC Broadcasting License?

As Much As 2.6% Of Your DNA Is From Neanderthals. This Is What It's Doing Los Angeles Times

Bad news for bees

Hurricane Ophelia is headed toward.....ready? SPAIN!

9th Circuit Rules There's No Constitutional Right to Sell Firearms. Will the Supreme Court Care?

Avoid heart attack and strokes with thees two household fruits, study says

Conservative group leaders call for McConnell to step down, adding fuel to GOP infighting

CNN and msnbc ignoring trumps bullshit tax propaganda talk in Pa.

Who saw Ed Asner on MSNBC this afternoon? Ouch.

I love Florida..always carts, brawls, city employees, and scientologists! Oh my!

FBI opens investigation into Harvey Weinstein on orders from Trump's Justice Department

Inaction in Congress threatens medical marijuana

City of Calistoga in upper Napa Valley ordered to evacuate

Here's The Mugshot Of Rep. Greg Gianforte That He Really, Really Didn't Want You To See

This is the other major wildfire burning in California

Full Disclosure based on media reports: Tillerson did not call Trump a "moron."

If the federal government in the 1860s had allowed the Southern states

The Lonely War of Bob Corker

So lets say Economist poll is right and we win the house popular by 7 points in 18

Sanders Statement on Trump's Harrisburg Speech

A friend of mine just told me he slept with his 3rd cousin last night.

Stonewall National Monument's rainbow flag plan was going fine, then things got weird

We just got trumps response to Eminem

NewDay USA...have you seen the commercial?

Steve Bannon had ties to Harvey Weinstein

Australian economy "going into a hole"

TPM - "What Trump Can And Can't Do To Bully Broadcasters Over Negative Coverage"

3500 Lost Homes and 21 Dead in California

What The Japanese Think Of Japanese Porn/ ASIAN BOSS

Russia Probe Now Investigating Cambridge Analytica, Trumps Psychographic Data Gurus

About Weinstein

So it looks like the hotel did not call the police when the guard was shot

Scientologist question: How much does the average person pay

Listening to NYT "The Daily" podcast in Weinstein - simply horrific (and a mandatory listen). And...

Third Arrest Made in Beating of DeAndre Harris at Charlottesville Rally

9th Circuit rules there is no constitutional right to sell guns.

An uplifting twitter post

SANTA ROSA entire neighborhoods gone, Nbc News

"And I listen to everybody but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters, isn't it?"


Luckovich: Babysitters Club

IMHO white privilege is just a fact. But apparently it's also a colour...

The La Quinta Tour-- A Guest Post By Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Wakely

'He threw a fit': Trump's anger over Iran deal forced aides to scramble for a compromise

Color in clouds at sunset

A question for the GOP

Anybody here familiar with goats?

"Trump opens DOJ investigation into Weinsteins culture of abuse one day after Tucker Carlson

McCain scolds Trump for missing Russian sanctions deadline

Trump's awarding $1 million dollars to Las Vegas

Button, button...

Backlash swift after Trump tweet on NBC

Conservatives Groups Are Going To War Against McConnell

Will Mueller brief the Senate when he gives them the report of his investigation?

Bloomberg slams Trumps plan to force taxpayers to subsidize an industry that may kill them

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