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Smoke from the wild fires up north have moved into Santa Barbara County

Happy 242nd Birthday to the United States Navy!

Happy 242 Birth Day to the United States Navy

Fort Worth trainer Dr. Dave accused of $25 million health care fraud

Corker on Trump: 'Irresponsible' to 'publicly castrate' secretary of State

Citing 'Trump Slump' on gun sales, North Richland Hills store shuts down

Kerry calls for other nations to stick to Iran deal

Ex-Miss Kentucky USA fights prison search before drug arrest

Sen. Sanders explains the Trump budget in the Weekly Dem Address. WATCH

YES. Our thoughts exactly

Mnuchin Says Estate Tax Repeal Will Help 'Rich People' Most

Arizona restaurant closes indefinitely after pro-Trump Facebook post infuriates customers

Pelosi: Trump 'violent' and 'shrinking into this little world of his own'

ICE plans new 1,000-bed facility in South Texas 'detention alley'

GOP: "I'm Tearing Me Apart!"

Can we have a Bravo for the Veterans who are in Puerto Rico

All In with Chris Hayes

Thing 1 and Thing 2 on MSNBC...

Japan vows no more deaths from overwork while building Olympic arena

State says Harvey's death toll has reached 88

Prosecutors drop 1 of 13 felony charges against Rep. Dawnna Dukes

Nikki Haley was Trump's Iran whisperer

Judge refuses to lift freeze on Trump administration policy

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Best of Malloy! Live Uncensored &

Trump goes to war against his own countrys health care system

Bernie speaking on 1st day at Women's conference is a horrible idea & it's easy to show why...

Ex-White House Chief of Staff Is Interviewed by Special Counsel

The only California county that sent a warning to residents' cellphones has no reported fatalities

*** Leaving well enough alone *** decided against second entries in the October contest.

'Star Wars' fantasy? Cubans doubt US sonic attacks claims

'Star Wars' fantasy? Cubans doubt US sonic attacks claims

Trump took over $5 million from a likely money-laundering partner of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

Autonomous cars without backup drivers could come to California roads before June

Today is Friday, October 13.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn"

Young Mr. Lincoln...

House Leaders Shut Down Al Green's Impeachment Resolution

Friday Talking Points (457) -- Buck-Passer In Chief

Poll: Large majority want Trump to make ObamaCare work

Guatemala genocide trial resumes for ex-dictator Rios Montt

Guatemala genocide trial resumes for ex-dictator Rios Montt

When Rachel (& others) say TWITLER "hasn't gotten a single piece of legislation passed,"

Trump drools all over Lou Dobbs calling his admin "the most accomplished presidency"

Tesla fires hundreds from headquarters, factory

All the recent news about Harvey Weinstein made me think of something:

Mexico Launches Vaquita Roundup Using U.S. Dolphins

Mexico Launches Vaquita Roundup Using U.S. Dolphins

wtf Yankees - put your big girl panties on !!

Former Wharton Professor: 'Trump Was the Dumbest G*ddamn Student I Ever Had'

Bernie and Larry David on the PBS show, Finding Your Roots

Study: 'Cheap sex' has led to decline in marriage

German news: 'Trump taking a sledgehammer to Obama's legacy'

Facebook scrubbed potentially damning Russian data...

More on these treasonous bastards from Louise Mensch

Trump will kill more Americans every single month than Al Qaeda killed on 9/11

Haberman: Trump thought presidency would be like "playing he's hosting a big party"

Harvey Offers Stark Warning: Dallas Should Build a Trinity River Preserve, Not Park

Need advice: How to win a literal pissing match with an adorable furball

Psychiatrists and counselors host a dozen town halls citing a duty to warn of Trumps mental fitne

Trump Says I.Q. Even Higher Now That He Knows Virgin Islands Are Part of U.S.

Nobody loves me but my mother

Follow-up: Young Republicans president faces felony indictments, documents show

Corker: Trump is publicly castrating Rex Tillerson...

Note to TWITLER: I will *love* saying "Merry Christmas" if I get my wish list all about you!1

So called "values voters" live in abject moral and spiritual poverty.

Puerto Rico Issues Travel Ban on Malignant Narcissists

Guatemala Supreme Court will not probe president's salary bonus


Here is an example of a guy who should be invited to speak at a women's conference

I received this email from Feinstein today.

WOW! David Cay Johnston interview: Why is Trump the Anti-Obama? (VIDEO)

Canada's Trudeau calls treatment of women in Mexico 'unacceptable'

Federal regulators approve major East Coast pipelines

Seth Meyers: John Kelly's Press Briefing, Trump and FEMA - Monologue - 10/12/17

Exhausted Trump Supporter Just Decides Massive Cuts To Healthcare Subsidies Reason He Voted For Him

Penguins put $2.5 billion mining project in Chile on ice

Penguins put $2.5 billion mining project in Chile on ice

The Fact Is 1000's Will Die From Lack Of Care Not Relevant. Trump & Family& GOP Will Pay NO Price.

The GOP are after journalist with a vengeance

Ireland celebrates Che Guevara's Irish roots with a stamp, despite opposition

FBI document cache sheds light on Russia's U. S. news network

I (am) a year ahead of Trump on this: Indiana Republican wants journalists to register with police

can we please get apostrophes fixed in the subject line ?

Che Guevara records in CIAs archives are still heavily redacted 50 years later

My new favorite team, the Houston Astros

Why is anyone shocked about NCAA Ruling?

Large Part Of Oceanside, CA Beach Gone 300 Yards South Of OC Pier.

My Fight for Land and Life in Colombia

The new F-word: Why are we still afraid to call Trump a fascist?

Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Sliding towards war with NK by summer 2018.

There will be 44 speakers at the Women's Convention in Detroit.

Man who, with his family, was rescued by Pakistani forces two days

Clown-power in the time of covfefe

Trump Just Started a Nuclear Crisis With Iran

It is a lie that Trump was elected:

I hope there was a songbird today

Trump Lifts Ban On Eating Rat Poison Obama Declared Unhealthy ...

Tweet of the Day

What's the new show MSNBC is starting soon?

Trump's Obamacare move could cost US nearly $200 billion

3 key takeaways from the special counsel's hunt for evidence

New U.S. Stance on Iran Raises Alarm for Big Firms

18 states sue over Trump-halted ObamaCare payments

Paging Dennis Rodman

Trump's Obamacare move could cost US nearly $200 billion

Poll: McConnells approval in Kentucky at 18 percent

MSNBC Adds New Shows to Sunday Lineup

Rand Paul is the author of this latest Healthcare debacle...

About 1,000 protest Bellevue event attended by Betsy DeVos

You Are Not Hallucinating -- A Hurricane Is Headed To Ireland

Why aren't Latino players in MLB taking a knee during the Anthem too?

Corker: Trump Has 'Publicly Castrated' Tillerson

Deeze pandas must bee drrrunk, hic!

Have any of these politicians who want to not only get rid of the ACA, but also eliminate any

Trump IQ Test

Trump Is Unraveling More Than Obamacare. He Is Unraveling The Nation Itself.

Russian man says he's the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

Trump's Actions Will Even Erode Everyone's Health Care. Even Those People Not Needing ACA.


"Born on third base..."

Started rewatching The West Wing (on Netflix)

Folly Theater cancels controversial Yiannopoulos event

The Moldbug Variations: Feudalism is the new conservatism

Nina Turner on BERNIE SANDERS at the Women's Convention

Could another U.S. city host the Olympics before L.A. gets a chance?

Conservative Christians Express Frustration Toward Congressional Republicans

Death toll from Northern California fires jumps to at least 34; 5,700 structures destroyed

I can't sleep.

Exercise Man

Meet the smartest person on Fox

The G.O.P. Is a Mess. Its Not All Trumps Fault.

Serbian, Byzantine, Greek/Coptic, Simonopetra--Orthodox Christian Chants plus

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross asks Congress for more funds for 2020 census

Orthodox Christian "Polyeleos", 'Trisagion", Serbian "Bless the Lord", Serbian Orthodox folk song.

Hillary Clinton to visit Swansea for university honour

University of Cincinnati to allow white nationalist to speak

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/13/17

Let the Sun Shine In...

Stephen Colbert: Guest Conan O'Brien

Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site

5% of Santa Rosa's residences destroyed in firestorm; $1.2 billion in losses estimated

California becomes first state to ban sales from puppy mills

UK set for 25C temperatures as a result of Hurricane Ophelia

Sacramento school board authorizes campus closures and removal of pickets if teachers strike

Anyone else notice trump's latest wedge issue start up? It's mid-October and he's cast...

From the latest DoD blurb on Puerto Rico (and VI)

US Navy Completes USS John S McCain Transport Preparations

Commander of MSC Far East fired for fraternization

UC Davis professor charged school almost $1,000 for limo trips, audit says

How Omarosa Became the Most Despised Person in the Trump White House

Samantha Bee recalls Kellyanne Conway saying 'whatever' on The Daily Show

Chico fraternity sentenced for cutting down trees in Lassen National Forest

WELL...if you're Jared Kushner, you are probably waking up screaming to THIS mental image.

Scott Tucker And Timothy Muir Convicted At Trial For $3.5 Billion Unlawful Internet Payday Lending E

New Democracy Seminar: Democratic leaders plead for the party to reconnect with rural voters

New Democracy Seminar: Democratic leaders plead for the party to reconnect with rural voters

Yes, Trump can be removed from the US presidency. Heres how

Schopp to retire from role as Education Secretary

Am I Russian hacked?

Twitler is bragging that he tanked health insurance stocks! What a maroon...

My guess.... General Kelly will run for President against tRump in 2020.

Former state lawmaker, lobbyist tell of sexual harassment, rape in Pierre

I'm In Chicago - Am I Hearing Thunder Or Are We At War?....

Sinister figures

Is there a reason my password did NOT work this morning?

John Kerry says Trump is "creating an international crisis" over Iran deal

Is anyone having problems with their passwords this morning?

Trump silent as questions remain over deadly Niger ambush - By Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN

Film Festival: The Night When Bernie Was President

UPDATED: Freed hostage says Taliban murdered his baby, raped wife

Is DU very busy here overnight? Is there lots of traffic?

Is DU very busy here overnight? Is there lots of traffic?

Jerry Falwell Jr.: I Told Trump 'He Needs to Coin a New Term -- Fake Republicans'

Iran Hacked Parliament Emails, Britain Suspects

Teachers union sides with Christie, Trump ally in clash with top Jersey Democrat

Hustler Magazine founder offers $10 million for info to help impeach Trump

Doctor Quits Puerto Rico Medical Relief Team Over 'Spa Day' Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Trump: I'm 'very proud of my executive order' on health care

Trump health care attacks worry GOP

Weekend Toon Roundup 1 - F'ing Moron

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

Rachel is making a mistake IMO: Manafort, Trump, Stone go way back to 1980.

Despacito/Desparate Cheeto.

The White House is trying to rush the Russia probes. We can't let that happen. - By Adam B. Schiff

Radical Christian Right Expects GOP To Advance Its Entire Agenda. Christianizing America.

Sinister figures lurk around our careless president - By George F. Will

A Man Thought He Lost Everything In The California Wildfires. Then Deputies Found His Cat- Milo.

Robert Reich: Why Is Trump Doing This To Obamacare? It Makes No Sense

Personality Test:

Don't let Harvey Weinstein buy his way out of trouble with pricey rehab - By Ruth Marcus

Q: Have the Facebook Russian ADS targeted to the left been released yet? WTF is taking so long???

Cruz warns GOP could face 'Watergate-level blowout' in midterms if it fails on taxes, health-care

Evangelical conservatives are proving their harshest critics right

Missouri's top GOP Senate recruit huddles with Koch network in New York

Sexual Harassment? Let's Not Forget The Alpha Creep

U.N. Officials Condemn Arrests of Gays in Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia

The G.O.P. Is a Mess. It's Not All Trump's Fault.

This Kyrgios puke is really starting to get on my nerves.....

We are closer than ever to 1930s-style totalitarianism: Atwood

🐦 Nov 13 at 3:30 - Sen. Sanders Keynote Address - Economists for Peace and Security Symposium

Nov 13 - Sen. Sanders Keynote Address - Economists for Peace and Security Symposium

Trump Chief of Staff Priebus Questioned #TrumpRussia Probe

School district pulls 'To Kill A Mockingbird' from reading list; 'makes people uncomfortable'

Trump congratulates himself for deliberately destroying 1/6th of the US economy

Is Trump a stepping stone, a culmination, an aberration, an . . . . . ?

"It will hurt his voters"...not if they are filthy rich..that is WHO voted Trump in.

Why is the only country to have ever nuked another country

2018 US Senate Ranking from most likely to flip to least likely to flip.

Trump boasted during the campaign that he would bring in the best minds to advise him

Professor: Trump Was the Dumbest Goddamn Student I Ever Had

Jerry Brown signs bill to make community college free statewide for first year

Moron the fake president says we need to start saying Merry Christmas "again"

So how low in the polls does Trump have to get before the Congress gets the ball

Trump is coming unraveled and Republicans know it: Robert Reich

What are Doug's chances, folks?

Iranian leader calls Trump a dictator, blasts Iran strategy

Trump encouraged Bannon after interview declaring war on GOP: report

Julian Assange is squabbling with Ecuador's new president. That could put his London refuge at risk.

Trump Uses Presidential Weekly Address to Go After NFL Players Again for Not 'Respecting Our Flag'

Wait a minute, wait a godamned minute (Vegas)

Julian Assange is squabbling with Ecuador's new president. That could put his London refuge at risk.

Trump Federal employee freeze and National Park Service closures question

Do you have Republican House members or Senators?

NFL: No plans to force players to stand during anthem

Twitter rolling out new rules on hate speech, sexual harassment

He's cheering on a stock price drop

...Vienna sausages, a Nutrigrain bar & f'n Skittles.

The Comprehensive Timeline Of Donald Trump's History With Russia The Last Word MSNBC

Trump to Endorse Corker Successor as Tennessee Senator

House: Roger Stone 'complied' with House investigators on identity of Wikileaks contact

As Xi Jinping gets another 5-year term, Chinese wonder if he'll be another Putin

Watch Amy Goodman grill evasive Julian Assange over his connections to Trump pal Roger Stone

South Dakota high school cancels homecoming after 'Go back to the Rez' attack on Native American

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump parts 1,2 & 3: The Russians, King of Diamonds, Billion$ Fraud

We Are Headed For Civil War Of Sorts Over Religion And Race. Trump/GOP Inciting Violence.

Gay men and trans women were suddenly rounded up in Azerbaijan. Here's why.

Gay men and trans women were suddenly rounded up in Azerbaijan. Here's why.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Considered A Loan Not A Grant By Trump.

Trump is coming unraveled and Republicans know it: Robert Reich

Russia reaches outline debt restructuring agreement with Venezuela: RIA

South Dakota high school cancels homecoming after Go back to the Rez attack on Native American

New Data About Airstrikes During Trump's First 10 Months Should SOUND ALARM BELLS!

FB, YouTube, Twitter, Cambridge Analytica, Russia, the GOP & Trump. (w FULL VIDEO)

Enough with the scolding please.

Danger of war, Germany warns after Trump's move on Iran nuclear deal

Kerry on Trump Nuclear Deal: Reckless Abandonment of Facts

He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation

"Totes not right" my new slang of the day

Trumpcare - Day 2.....

Google news started loading a crappy Fox 'news' story high on my feed. How to remove it?

Lisa Bloom Knows She Made "A Colossal Mistake" In Harvey Weinstein

Playing Russian Roulette with a loaded revolver. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Religionnuts OK With Trump Going Nuclear. Will Bring On The Rapture.

Why did YouTube send me to videos that are not relevant to anything I have ever viewed?

Somalia: At least 20 dead in Mogadishu blast

The Myerowitz Stories, New and Selected

Biden's briefings...

Russia Continues Info-War Tactics In US Rachel Maddow MSNBC

John Kerry says Trump is "creating an international crisis" over Iran deal

The lessons we learned from Nixon about when presidents unravel

Alt-righters found guilty of failing to disperse

Harvard study: Breitbart dominated 2016 immigration coverage & tilted towards Donald Trump

The Obtuse Saboteur-Trump's plan to kill Obamacare isn't just reckless its illegal

Did you see where the batshit crazy lady

MS-13 'gang leader' Blanco captured in Guatemala

JOY has Roberta Kaplan on, Edie Windsor's attny who is suing Charlottsville racists

Trump and Pence's War on Black Athletes Has Nothing to Do With Sports

More and more websites are mining crypto-coins in your browser to pay their bills, line pockets

Gorka: "The left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens."

Trump Unaware He's The President Of U.S. Virgin Islands

Flight 666 just landed in HEL on Friday the 13th

Ex-GOP lawmaker: Republicans hope Democrats take House in 2018 to save America from Trump

You can only quote 4 paragraphs of an article, per DU TOS

David Axelrod: Trump Sounds Like He's 'Jealous' of the Esteem Obama Left Office With

Remember At Their Core GOPPERS/GOP Is A "Master Race" White Supremacist Super Religious Cult.

Donald so stressed lately he stopped making supermodel pouty face!

Field of Vision - A Night at the Garden

WHAT CAN WE DO to help in Puerto Rico

Damn I miss that guy thread. President Obama walks the National Mall.

a Real Presidents-Cabinet Exit Memos: Our Record of Progress and the Work Ahead-JAN 2017

Ex-GOP lawmaker: Republicans hope Democrats take House in 2018 to save America from Trump

Somebody should tell Trump

Finished Ken Burns' Vietnam series

Biden: 'The only hope for leadership we have here is at the state level'

Trump heads to his Virginia golf course

FCC Commissioner blasts new TV standard as a 'household tax'

Question about giving a "tip" to a taxi driver..

Covered California regarding tRump's CSR move

North Korea 'preparing to launch another ballistic missile' in retaliation over US naval drill

The Idea Is To Drive Out Radical GOPPERS Out W/Even More Radical/Violent Prone GOPPERS.

Tulane offers tuition-free semester to displaced students from Puerto Rico

Jimmy Fallon Defends His Lack of Trump Jokes on 'The Tonight Show': 'Its Just Not What I Do'

Wary of Hackers, States Move to Upgrade Voting Systems

Wary of Hackers, States Move to Upgrade Voting Systems

Trump attacks the media more than anything else on Twitter: report

North Korea Renews Guam Threat Ahead of Joint Naval Exercise

New Jersey Man Finds $24 Million Winning Lottery Ticket in an Old Shirt

Death toll rises to 35, more evacuations ordered in historic California fires

James Mackler for Senate- Is Tennessee ready for a guy like this?

Democrats Have a Good Shot at Winning the House

26-Year Study Indicates that Warming Soil Poses Carbon Risk to Planet

Bob Weinstein calls brother Harvey 'predator': 'It's a sickness that's inexcusable'

Atticus Finch and his ilk makes Mississippians uncomfortable

Rohrabacher's race moved to 'toss-up' amid Russia investigation entanglements

Trump Says I.Q. Even Higher Now That He Knows Virgin Islands Are Part of U.S.(Borowitz)

Cute Doggie Stew - a few carrots, some onions, a rubber duckie

Republican Rep: Many in GOP want a Democratic House to save America from Trump (VIDEO)

Hertha Berlin's players and officials "took a knee" to show their support for "an open-minded world"

Berlin players support NFL protests before Bundesliga game

Nearly 70% of people hurt by Trump cuts to health care subsidies live in states he won.

TWITLER's "art" is benefitting NPR!1 Yaas he's A-Artist just like you-know-(rhymes with "juror")

an odly literary qustion about republicans

REQUESTED REPOST: We need some financial help with medical expenses

Power Outages - Inconvenient for Some; Life-Threatening for Others

Having a High IQ May Lead to Increased Risk of Mental Illness

How often do you read an entire article that's posted on DU ?

Coal CEO Bob Murray says he gave Trump a three-and-a-half-page action plan for his administration.

Go get um Steve!

Senator Bernie Sanders Delivers the Weekly Democratic Address

Pop ups on DU mobile devices.

The Ultimate Tragedy of Trump: the End of Our Constitutional Republic

Watch an aerial view of St Thomas, US VI

My nomination for Pulitzer Prize goes to

Jimmy Kimmel says he wants to have Trump on his show: 'I feel like I could turn him around on a.....

Steve Bannon now predicts Trump to finish his term and win 400 electoral votes in 2020

Golfer-In-Chief: Trump Has Now Spent 27% Of His Presidency On A Golf Course

Will Trump break par today with his new pal?

Todd Starnes: Liberals Want To Criminalize Masculinity

Puerto Rico lashed by Maria - storm chaser vid near the eye wall

Two rotten peas in a pod

Bernie speaking on 1st day at Women's conference is a great idea & it's easy to show why...

Suspect In Would-Be Airport Bombing Nabbed With Help From REI

A question: What should other nations do if they believe Trump is a threat to world peace?

Tweet of the Day

White Man leaves Bomb in N.C. Airport...

I think I'd like to visit Nambia. Anyone else been there? What are some points of interest?

Trump's lawyers: Courts have no say over his Twitter feed

Steve Schmidt: Trump is incapacitated at some level

Steve Bannon predicts Trump will win 400 electoral votes in 2020 at Values Voters Summit

5 arrested in 1983 'racially motivated' murder of 23-year-old black man in Georgia

Your favorite living stand-up comedian?

Taking notes

What would you do with the money if you won the lottery??

There's a ReTHUG lunatic on TV suggesting that we read

The Method To The Moron's Madness

Trump Unaware He's The President Of U.S. Virgin Islands


Becoming a Steelworker Liberated Her. Then Her Job Moved to Mexico.

Most Trump supporters love him for the way he attacks liberals and the press...

White House wades into Virginia governor's race

Regulatory agency launches investigation into California wildfires; probes PG&E activities in fire z

Black Lawmakers Hold a Particular Grievance With Facebook: Racial Exploitation

Candidates 2017: Jannie Chung for NJ Assembly

Trump hands Republicans a new ObamaCare problem

Washington DC to Richmond Southeast High Speed Rail Project Public Hearing Locations

WA State GOP chair sent an email to state Republicans requesting their presence to support DeVos

Pro-Trump states most affected by his health care decision

vlogging tips from Ami Yamato

NJ-GOV: Republican gubernatorial nominee Kim Guadagno put out a Willie Horton-esque ad

Art imitates life: "Canadian Bacon", the movie.

Letting Americans die in Puerto Rico

President of the Virgin Islands

Watching Harvey Weinstein Fall, Trump's Accusers Feel Frustrated

German soccer players kneel in solidarity with American athletes.

going camping for the first time in a long time.

Cat missing in Dubai returns home to the UK

Edge browser: how can MS improve it ?

Trump Supporters Are Promoting Insane Conspiracy Theories About Vegas Shooter.

Paris Mayor Plans To Eliminate All Non-Electric Cars By 2030

Enough with the scolding please.

Woman repeatedly molests men in public and videos it

Donald Trump Jr. to appear at Cleveland fundraiser with Brook Park Mayor Tom Coyne later this month

You Are Not Hallucinating -- A Hurricane Is Headed To Ireland

Someone shot our outdoor kitty with a BB gun

When I was young I dropped the ball & it hurt LGBTQ in CO w/some stupid Amendment

Hat's off to California - pet store ban on animal mills

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala reimprisoned, flouting IACHR ruling

Argentine political prisoner Milagro Sala reimprisoned, flouting IACHR ruling

New kitty

Sarah Polley: The Men You Meet Making Movies

I'm In The Mood To Move

Chittenden County Sen. Debbie Ingram arrested for DUI

John Mulaney comedy routine

Is it possible to find out if trump Inc. is investing in credit default swaps against the US?

If the President

Artist who placed urinating dog next to Fearless Girl statue killed by N.Y. train

The Academy of Motion Pictures has a greater Moral Compass than the Republican Party.

Twitter has been fun today. Eric Garland has declared himself POUSVI & Claude Taylor is

Daily Reminder...

Holy Shite Hurricane Ophelia Hits Category 3; Destructive Winds On Tap for Ireland

Harvey Weinstein expelled from motion picture academy

Does Donald Trump have nephews named Huey,Dewey and Louie?

Last Tango - in the pond

About that curriculum vitae . . .

School District Pulls To Kill A Mockingbird

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 14, 2017

Election 2017: What races are you watching?

Oil spills into Gulf of Mexico after underwater pipe bursts

45 out playing golf today while California burns and Puerto Rico struggles

Air Force Members Painted Satanic Symbols on Historic Church, Police Say

Even the weather is nucking futs. Ophelia is making a beeline for Ireland & Great Britain.

Will Donald Trump do the unthinkable and nominate Rick Santorum US Secretary of H.H.S?

Would we be better off if Twitter IS what Opus thought it was

Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies by Paul Krugman at the NYTimes

Cory Long arrested for Assault and Battery during the August 12 Charlottesville rally.

How Russia used social media to divide Americans

I wrote this nine years ago ....... just putting it out there

Bannon flip-flops. Trump will now take 2020 with 400 YUGE electoral votes.

If Trump is watching/following the Cal Wildlife press conferences with Jerry Brown,

Forward to the past - Sack cartoon

First Question: Muller to Trump

Good times! (Dan Quayle 🥔 comparison)

How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds - Part I

Government lawyers ask judge to reject CNN's efforts to make Comey memos public

How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds - Part II

Harvey 2020

Breitbart and Bannon's goons are worse than the TeaParty movement thought to ever be!

Trump's pick for DHS chief was at center of Katrina disaster

Wow-Players from Hertha Berlin/German Premier League-took a knee in solidarity w- American atheletes

'We're going to finish': Runner helps fallen competitor cross finish line during high school meet

Anyone wish to give some feedback??

U.S.-backed SDF to let Syrian Islamic State fighters leave Raqqa

An intern at the Trump campaign data firm, Cambridge Analytica, appears to have left sensitive voter

Soccer star Weah and VP Boakai near Liberia presidential run-off

The obvious answer to all the questions is

Not this guy again! Gillespie is running for Gov. of Virginia

2 TV Preachers freaking out because they passed a church and the BEATLES "Hey Jude" was wafting out

Did anyone catch Frontline re: the EPA dismantling?

Has Spent 27% of Presidency on Golf Course

Cambridge Analytica intern left sensitive voter targeting tools online for nearly a year

A Linebacker who is also a Homecoming Queen (of MY high school!!)

Thank God Obama didn't invent penicillin.....

Australia Debates: Does Warming Planet Really Need More Coal?

CNN is now attributing quotes to "the government."

Why Trump is glorifying his takedown of simple reason..

Twitter Photo: Jane Sanders in conversation with Joseph O'Connor, Ireland Oct 12

Clemson, Washington State, Auburn: "ROLL TIDE!"

Hearing Donald Trump's rhetoric, I thought of a song by Randy Newman way back when.

The individual health insurance marketplace

Wolf Puppies Are Adorable. Then Comes the Call of the Wild.

Kumail Nanjiani; P!nk on Saturday Night Live tonight.

How are you all holding up, DU friends?

Know your history. Don't think for a minute it couldn't happen here...again

Pro-Trump states most affected by his health care decision

Napa fire evacuee: Its time to say this. Trump has not

Does a person who believes in democracy and the rule of law utter this?

"How About Putting The "Christ" Back In Christians?"

California Just Became The First State To Require Pet Stores To Sell Only Rescue Animals

Nice Read - Why Milan is covering its skyscrapers in plants

Some national Democrats swoon over South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Obamas official portraits - artists chosen

Austrians are about to elect another Trump.

Prairie Home Companion show 10/14/17...

Doors and Gates I didn't use.

"Pickles" cartoon: My kind of luck