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Archives: October 16, 2017

Trump Given A Subpoena For All Documents Relating To Assault Allegations

This is not the remnants of a hurricane, this IS a hurricane' - Red weather warning extended

Billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer demands pledge to impeach Trump

The joys of living in Arkansas: Awoke this morning to a page and a half profile of

Phaeleh - So Real feat. Fifi Rong

Are These The Most Shocking Halloween Decorations Ever?

I just heard that we lost my brother this afternoon.

Anybody watch 60 Minutes tonight? Somebody please tell me how a Bill to protect opioid drug

This week's review of new developments in Russia probe

Somalia: At least 230 dead in Mogadishu blast

Note to Republicans and "Values" Voters --

My mother said when I attempted suicide "she just wants attention"

New seed key from Assange?

Heartwarming stories of animals saved from California wildfires

Trumps pick to run White House environmental office says more CO2 is good for humanity

Proud Resister fucking nails it

Anybody see Marshall?

Collins urges Trump to back effort to restore health subsidy

Jeff Flakes Lesson for Republicans: Cross Trump at Your Own Risk

Trumps Bullying Backfires - NFL To Take Up Protestors Cause

How bizarre is it when you hope the generals have taken control of the nuke football away from POTUS

Deal could settle bankruptcy of project involving Trump Jr.

Worst soda flavor you ever tasted...

Student charters planes to bring supplies to Puerto Rico

Proposal would tie city tax incentives to living wage in Cincinnati

The Russia And China Problem

Anyone watching Fear the Walking Dead?

Israel to probe foreign funding of human rights groups

These 9 months have shown just how good Pelosi and Reid were at their jobs.

An apology and two small clarifications.

Oh, Woody Allen, fuck you so very much.

Hot Australian firefighters posing with cute animals for charity fundraiser calendar

Is Rep. Jim Jordan a hypocrite? Watch him spar with CNN's Chris Cuomo

Love this woman!

Sorry for re-posting this video, but it just had such a powerful impact on me.

20 of America's top political scientists gathered to discuss our democracy. They're scared.

Once again "60 Minutes" botched it...

Mayor Jackson's bid to block low-scoring charter schools from Cleveland is denied by state

'N-word,' angry texts preceded fatal shooting in Colerain Township

Today in Old Virginny - an ancient truck and perfect pumpkins

Californians wonder why Trump isnt tweeting about the fatal wildfires

TPM - Marshall - last line "Trump doesnt know how to be President." read the rest....

Weeds - and a praying mantiss

Conservative army bolsters Trump on tax cuts

Just got our new puppy neutered...

When it comes to White House and health insurance, Kasich asks: "What are they doing?"

No workers' comp for immigrants here illegally, GOP bill in Ohio says

Dan Rather Tweet....

Ohio moves to legalize fireworks

Off the beaten path - more Sunday afternoon discoveries

Potus still hasn't acknowledged the 4 Green Berets killed last week in Niger

Trump is reportedly talking about Supreme Court justices' health issues, privately predicting he'll


Quake rescue dog named Frida becomes national hero in Mexico

If Donald Trump is only willing to be President of the Republican states, we should be have one too.

Trolling gets Delhi Township woman ousted from Republican Jim Renacci's campaign

If Cali. And Puerto Rico Asks For Help, The Lazy Liberals Have Their Hands Out..

Halloween Is Coming #56

Puerto Rican exodus could boost Small Town, USA

Leftist leader, relatives slain in southern Mexico

Halloween Is Coming #57

Halloween Is Coming #58

Halloween Is Coming #59

Secrets of Finland's Education

FCC Commissioner Slams Trumps Tweet Threatening NBC: We Have to Honor the First Amendment

Californians wonder why Trump isnt tweeting about the fatal wildfires

Halloween Is Coming #60

Do you need some relief from this clusterfuck?

Tens of millions loaned from Russian to Trump campaign manager

Artist's simulated banana grove is a stinking indictment of American corporate greed

Breaking the Blockade against Cuba: Interview with Claudia Camba

Bill seeks changes in Ohio testing, teacher evals, school mandates

Ironic: The Hate Against Obama Was Racially Motivated...

Dodgers win ! Dodgers win !! n/t

and who says baseball isn't fawking thrilling.....

Justin Turner hits a home run in the bottom

Will OPERS be next to trim pension hikes?

Listening to a song by John Prine "Some Humans Aint Human"

Methodist minister faces hearing over his same-sex marriage

RW Jesus - a New Messiah for the Trumpian Age

Betty Campbell: Calls for statue of 'iconic' teacher

After Trump threatens the press, senator asks FCC to affirm free speech

Trump's Actions Are About Crashing The Entire Health Care System Not Just ACA.

A Racist Ignorant Prick Walks Into A Bar, Bartender Sez...

Cameron County DA's office looks into missing $1.2M of fajita purchases

Trump Administration Looking At Applying 14th "Equal Protection" To Fertilized Eggs.

I am suffering from Trump depression.

Why Norway is teaching travelers to travel.

Try walking a mile in their shoes...

60 Minutes opioid crisis...must see

Clinton attacks Assange over Russian intelligence

IMO, if DT45 wants to put us in the way of a war, he should face the draft and

Deal could settle bankruptcy of project involving Trump Jr.

"78/52" - A documentary, Hitchcock, Shower scene

Michigan marijuana proposals head to the ballot

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

Trump is itching for war: 'If you think Iraq was a bad war wait until you see Iran'

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

Police: Man kills girlfriend's toddler son, then robs her

The 60 Minutes piece on opioids was an eye opener for me

Louisiana Oil Rig Blast Leaves Several People Injured

A doctor's case for medical marijuana

A doctor's case for medical marijuana

Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Publishes Irresponsible Essay on Sexism in Hollywood

Drone hits commercial airliner in Canada; no injuries

I am no handwriting analyst, but when I look at Trump's signature....

Grave of medieval 'infant prince' found in Arctic, one of 9 newly-discovered burials of 'children'

Unearthed footage shows Donald Trump squeezing and kissing a woman while talking about offering a...

Guide says Shetland site should win Unesco status

4,000-year-old weapons, lunch box discovered in Switzerland

Archaeologists find possible 'lid' to 'ancient computer'

Family of dead Muslim recruit sues Marines for $100 million

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Equifax (HBO)

When does lack of moral responsibility rise to the level of a crime? Bill provides answer

President Trump is Unstable, Dangerous and Could Start Nuclear War, Doctors Warn

There's a push to eliminate the Michigan education board: Here's why

Holy sh*t, a hurricane set to hit Ireland and UK, the weather has gone insane

Michigan lawmakers optimistic about Soo Locks upgrade, but long process lies ahead

State bans stir critics to ask: Does Lansing know best?

Exclusive: Details on Georgias test to use paper ballots in elections

Larry Flynt, Tom Arnold, Michael Moore, Claude Taylor, Louise Mensch, arrests tomorrow, etc etc etc

IndyStar analysis of liquor stores shows surprising underage sales

The Stones-Heartbreaker

The difference between a fake presidency and a real one

Indiana pays hefty price for enacting unconstitutional laws

Trump thinks he can bring peace to the Middle East ?

Hammond employee: Munster pipe bomb suspect targeted him because of his political views

Trump's base

That moment you realize...

Trump voter fraud commission researcher arrested on child pornography charges

Iraq says captures positions south of Kirkuk including airbase

Asbestos remediation of Madison County Government Center costs jump to $3.5 million

Army vice chief: Soldiers are like professional athletes, so lets train like them

FIFA: update on criminal proceeding against FIFA ex-SecGen and media group CEO re bribery

Since there is sudden renewed interest in Louise Mensch, here are my reasons for appreciating her

Oct 14 DoD Blurb on Puerto Rico

British Actress Lysette Anthony Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Years-Long Harassment After Raping Her

Something bad happened yesterday.

The soda tax was repealed, but Cook County still has to find a way to fund the government


Rahm's police academy plan met with youth-led backlash from #NoCopAcademy campaign

The 2017 exodus

When you wake up.,..

The One (Official Video) Fifi Rong

Charles Blow/NYT: "Trump can't hold a candle to Obama-so he's taking a tiki torch to Obamas legacy"

Presenting Our friend, Fifi Rong -The One (official video)

Report: Trumps Pick for Drug Czar Helped Hinder Opioid Crackdown

Illinois' 200th birthday party gets late start, low budget

Trump Pushes Obamacare To Detonation, Forges Path Away From GOP, Democrats

The Air Force Just Bought 100 Stealth Fighters That Cant Fight

Morning Joe Rips Trump for Puerto Rico Response: 'This is a National Disgrace'

Julian Assange Hits Back at 'Constant Lying' and 'Cold Creepiness' of Hillary Clinton

Trump allies worry that losing the House means impeachment

Clinton on NFL players who kneel: 'That's not against our anthem or our flag'

Rauner vetoes Medicaid purchase plan as duplicative

If Trump dies in office

Calif. governor blocks plan to force Trump to release tax returns

Mt. Fuji Splitting Clouds..

Hurricane Ophelia: 120,000 without power as monster storm hits

Despite Campaign Promises, Arms Shipments to Saudis Skyrocket Under Trump

Trump on campaign trail

Puerto Rico governor wants 95 percent of power on island restored by Dec. 15

The "Dems going after Paul Ryan in 2018" many voters are that aware, or give a f*ck?

Dubai police is getting hover-bikes.

Security Experts Predict Changes in the Wake of Las Vegas

Israeli experts defend the Iran nuclear deal

Inside the 'adult day-care center': How aides try to control and coerce Trump

Hillary Clinton Slams Julian Assange as a 'Nihilistic Opportunist' Who 'Does The Bidding of...

Trump is up and tweeting and retweeting

Gore stumps for Murphy as Guadagno speaks to gun group

Trump: Dems 'only want to increase taxes and obstruct'

Kushner Plan for Fifth Avenue Tower Is Being Blocked by Partner

Clinton brands WikiLeaks boss 'tool of Russian intelligence'

Morning at the beach

Venezuela's ruling party wins surprise victory in regional elections

Trump joked Pence 'wants to hang' all gay people, New Yorker reports

Venezuela's ruling party wins surprise victory in regional elections

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the FACE of the right-wing Christian "Values Voter Summit."

The Danger of President Pence - By Jane Mayer

Conservative columnist: Bannon 'used to leak against' Trump

(Republican) politician says aliens took her on a spaceship. Now shes running for Congress.

Let right-wing writer Jeff Faria know what you think about him saying Chelsea should be exterminated

"The First Amendment was the worst amendment." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Gun control measures proposed in Illinois

Happy 92nd Birthday to the great Dame Angela Lansbury!

Trump joked Pence 'wants to hang' all gay people, New Yorker reports

Bannon: Kochs 'would own' Pence if he became president

Macron: I told Trump not to tear up Iran deal

Severe flaw in WPA2 protocol

Who wants to have fun with the Heritage Foundation?

The Mystery Of Wilbur Ross' Missing Billions

know your strains...(humor)

Interior looks at behind-the-scenes land swap to allow road through wildlife refuge

🐦 Oct 22 - Strafford County Democratic Committee NH Fall Celebration with Bernie Sanders

Did Trump's tweet make it safer for NFL players to kneel for the anthem?

Lying don tweeting about 'crooked' Hillary

Oil rig explosion rocks Kenner, (LA) injures 7 people Sunday

How Trump is about to make the 'worst deal ever' even worse

The Trump Administration is Letting Americans Die in Puerto Rico, Nurses Say

Massachusetts Business Owner Destroys His Brand After Photo with Trump Published

GOP candidate arrested for sending pipe bomb package that exploded and injured pregnant postal worke

Argentine lawyer Delia Ferreira Rubio elected chair of Transparency International

'Their values are cash and not Christ': Rev. Barber rains holy hell on right-wing Values Voters Summ

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Why can't Bernie headline a women's march?

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Pissing on Everything

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump finally speaks out on California wildfires.

Anyone watching Wisdom of the Crowd on CBS??

Bernie Sanders OpEd: The Republican budget is a gift to billionaires: it's Robin Hood in reverse

Tom Tomorrow: The man from the past

In a First, Pictures Show Gravitational Waves Being Born

Trump, Le Pen, Neoliberalism: Mea Culpa from a Far-Left Vermont Senator Supporter

A personal story about sexual harrassment and buried memories.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion

So what do us good guys do or say during this huge Weinstein scandal?

Trumps Commerce Secretary Left More Than $2 Billion Off Of His Financial Disclosure Report

Inside the 'adult day-care center': How aides try to control and coerce Trump

I heard oxygen and magnesium were going out.

Hillary Rodham Clinton to Participate in UVA Forum on Womens Global Leadership

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

#MeToo is trending on Twitter (sexual assault/harassment)

Im so glad the calls for unity have prevailed

Trump appointees approve two major pipelines to transport fracked gas

Religious Right Using Hurricane Tragedies To Grab Public Funds For Churches

30 years later, it's finally ocurring to me that I was raped.

crazy thinking here

Misconceptions About CBD Debunked

Another Far Right Party Has Won Voters' Hearts in Europe with Anti-Islam Message

Ask the Women's March to Reconsider Sen. Sanders' Role...sign the petition.

First 'Black Panther' Trailer Arrives

Arrested radio host's charity raised 'lot of red flags.'


Trumps ACA sabotage is timed to depress enrollment. We can fight back by spreading key information.

Is it possible for ....

Saw Willie Nelson last night!

Better weather helps battle against California wildfires

FCC commissioner on Trump's media threats: 'History won't be kind to silence'

Not saying I would, but would love to see it.

ACLU post on district attorneys.

To all women: It's not your fault. It's never your fault.

NRA NASCAR Photo Gallery

Do you think there is any chance Pence will go down with Trump?

Why are RWers embracing bunk "natural cures"?


How Tomato PILLS advanced the acceptance of tomatoes in America

New Jersey Man Found Guilty in Chelsea Bombing

Latest Las Vegas shooter conspiracy theory...

Pic Of The Moment: Tax Cheats And Terrorists And Aliens, Oh My!

SNL on trump

the storm..

"Trump regularly keeps Pence in his place by mocking his Christian faith"

John Oliver on equifax

Which one is crazier?

John Oliver on weinstein

Here's the joke, trump thinks insurance premiums for trump-don't-care will never go up.

Supreme Court to consider major digital privacy case on Microsoft email storage

So hard to build. So easy to destroy.

Interior looks at behind-the-scenes land swap to allow road through wildlife refuge

666 may no longer be the number of the Kushner Fifth Avenue beast

Can you ace this US history quiz?

Shower thought: Trump is a lot like Cave Johnson.

Trump on Congress: "We're not getting the job done. And I'm not going to blame myself. (vid tweet).

"Impeachable" -- Noel Paul Stookey

And the beat goes on.....


Be nice to watch M$M news without

The Big Dark: Weather Service shares satellite image of future rain clouds stretching from China t

Miami congressional candidate claims she was visited by aliens

If you love your children,

Take a look at today's CLASSIC DOONESBURY.....from thirty years ago

Ivanka took over Chris Christie's transition team meetings, asked Michael Flynn what job he wanted

Judge refuses to dismiss corruption charges against Menendez

Trump: There is no such thing as ObamaCare anymore

Zeke Emanuel eviscerates Rick Santorum on Trump's Obamacare sabotage (VIDEO)

Sister Suffragette - Mary Poppins (Glynis Johns)

Chump 36/59 Gallup.

Trump "joked" that Pence wants to hang gay people

you voted for trump? shut up about weinstein.

can't do it any more...I've no words left.

PSA: The Alert Button

Daily Kos Article

george will---Sinister figures lurk around our careless president

Shelve any plans for the extra Social Security payments

Olbermann tweet: TOMORROW is publication day for TRUMP IS F*CKING CRAZY

Is Pence the working president with 45 being the figurehead?

trump: relationship with mcconnell 'is outstanding'

U.S. Secretary of Labor Acosta Announces Membership of Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion

Dripping piece of shit is standing here lying lying lying.

Trump and Mitch are not on the same page. Trump: We'll get this done before the end of the year

Marijuana Crop Is Burning in the California Wildfires

Firm behind explosive Trump-Russia dossier blasts Devin Nunes and refuses to comply with his sub

No Democrat support

That Roy Moore is one popular fellow...

U.S. Military to Begin Drills to Evacuate Americans From South Korea

The most pathetic thing I have seen today is Mitch McConnell standing alongside Drumpf

Marijuana Crop Is Burning in the California Wildfires

Happy 249th birthday, Noah Webster. Also, happy dictionary day.

trump says Obama and 'other presidents' didn't call families of soldiers killed

The Senate's Lions Draw Frustration From Their Cubs

Trump Impeachment Articles Could Soon Gain Republican Support, House Democrat Claims

Cuz poor people are all, as a group, unhealthy? WTF!

Watching the orange maggot's presser. I see he got . . . .

49 years ago today. . .

Trump promises to look into report on drug czar nominee Marino in wake of Post/'60 Minutes' probe

What are these FBI documents on Clinton

There are some trolls still here.

Jimmy Kimmel: Ghost Of Frank Sinatra Says "Fuck You" To Trump!

UPS has a Facebook page with pictures of dogs UPS drivers meet.

Okay, so that was weird.

Jungle primaries?

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

In a really ghastly lie, Trump says that Obama, unlike him, didn't call families of dead soldiers.

Cotton Eyed for Possible CIA Vacancy

Pa. insurance department says Obamacare rates to rise 30.6 percent

Democrat Bredesen confirms interest in Tennessee Senate race

Russian trolls were schooled on 'House of Cards'

Trump Triangulates

Two swing-state Democrats offer middle ground on health care

Ties To Russia?

Trump said Puerto Rico had no electrical grid before the hurricane

Keeping apple slices from oxidizing

The Latest: Trump takes another swipe at Hillary Clinton

Things that make you go "h-mmm".

Top Obama aides blast Trump for claiming Obama didn't call families of fallen soldiers

Carrie Fisher Is Still a Hero

The more I learn about Ivanka.....

Michael Jackson spent a lot of time at Trump Tower.

I'm a grown man with no authority!!!

FCC published data on status of cell service in Puerto Rico as of 11 am this morning: 74.1% out

Gov. Scott declares emergency in Alachua before Spencer's speech

"Rectify" on Netflix. Watch it.

"You shouldn't even mention it"

MSNBC's Katy Tur smacks down Trump lie that Obama never called soldiers' families

Impeach The President

You know who's a really, really popular guy? Nigel Farage.

Only a year ago, MSNBC spoke of Breihart

McConnell: 20-week abortion ban will get Senate vote

Macaulay Culkin has impressed with his new clean-cut look

Cheeto aides secretly panic as impeachment talk increases among Republicans

Proof you CAN'T kiss the president's ass and tweet at the same time:

Supreme Court asked to review North Carolina county prayer ruling

Study: Anti-Christian Bias Hasnt Grown. Its Just Gotten Richer.

Jim Bakker Says Those Who Mock Him Will Answer To God

About the "me too."

Bomb Squad

The new Laurel & Hardy

Trump insults Mitch McConnell at press conference for taking lobbyists' money (VIDEO)

Trump makes up a lie, and is caught almost immediately. A lie about Obama..

Off work all this week. Watching "Walking Dead" reruns every now and then.

'Values' voters are misnamed - By Jennifer Rubin

watching Shep on Faux right now...hes the only one i will watch...

Obama visited wounded troops at Walter Reed so often-Hawks worried it was making him too anti-war!

I hope if trump* ever does call the grieving families, somebody tapes the call

Game of Thrones - Roy Dotrice has passed away

Someone, please explain: That hand-lock between Trump and McConnell

U.K. Fears Collapse of Brexit Talk Within Weeks

Trump says 'there is no such thing as Obamacare anymore'

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 16, 2017

Man rescued from the Taliban couldn't believe Trump was president

Pete Souza:

Today or tomorrow? And exactly how many weeks ago were they KIA?

Candidate falls for hoax, proposes drug-sniffing police bunnies

Sexual assault happens to males also

Is Donald Trump Installing a Mole in the Mueller Probe?

Trumpspeak: The man vs. the algorithm

Company says sorry over Anne Frank costume for Halloween

So Trump suddenly puts on a press conference about turtle

Ghost Riders In The Sky

School District Scrubs To Kill A Mockingbird Because It Makes People Uncomfortable

massive increase in marijuana overdoses, also know as naps

Trump forced to walk back ridiculous falsehood about Obama (about contacting service members KIA)

Kushners' Control of Family's NYC Crown Jewel Is Now in Jeopardy

Trump says Obama was M.I.A. with fallen soldier families...I beg to differ

First Detection of Gravitational Waves from Neutron-Star Crash Marks New Era of Astronomy

Dems must stop this Republican "agenda"

Trump Accepts Larry Flynts Ten-Million-Dollar Offer for Information Leading to His Impeachment

Talk to your friends on the right. There's nothing conservative about going to war w NK.

Pierce: If Only 'Being a Colossal Dick' Was an Impeachable Offense

Trump doesn't know it, but his attempt to blow up Obamacare could help California and other states


Talking About the Drug Industry

Trump Dives Into South Carolina Primary

Jets Fan Who Stands For National Anthem Sits On American Flag

Slate - great read. "We Have to Ration Health Care. Medicare for all would be a much better plan if

Raw sewage contaminating waters in Puerto Rico after Maria

TPM is all over Trump's lie about presidents calling soldier families - Series of articles - links

Barack Obama Chose an Artist Who Painted Notorious B.I.G. and LL Cool J for Smithsonian portrait.

The Apocalypse Didn't Start Sunday, Here's Why You Shouldn't Be Surprised

Nuff Said.

A man tortured in Chechnya for being gay dares to go public with his story

Trump's hypocritical quote on taking blame just about says it all

Trump hints he might try to get Bannon to back off, as he seeks to project unity with McConnell

If you see Trump supporters criticizing The Clinton Foundation, just pass this along.

Two swing-state Democrats offer middle ground on health care

Lawmakers Dig Into GOP Operative Who Sought Clinton Emails From Russia

I Wish She Would

What Does the Democratic Party Stand For?

Boom - Magazine Posts Memo Brought By Russian Lawyer To Trump Tower Meeting

California Bans Guns in Schools Amid National Gun Debate

If Only 'Being a Colossal Dick' Was an Impeachable Offense

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 17 October 2017

U.S. strike on Islamic State camps in Yemen kills dozens: Pentagon

What Have Conservatives Ever Done For Us? (w/Guest Julio Rivera)

Trucker in deadly Texas immigrant case pleads guilty, faces life sentence

Tom Vilsack, Democratic leaders plead for the party to reconnect with rural voters

Woodland teacher suspended after kneeling during national anthem at school rally

Callista Gingrich confirmed as US Ambassador to the Vatican. (As seen on C-Span)

Al Franken shows Ann Coulter to be as big a liar as Trump

Foreign Policy publishes the full memo that the Russian lawyer took to meet with Junior

U.S. nursing home chain faces landlord showdown over default

Women's convention misstep reminds me of something.

Bomb Kills Panama Papers Reporter, Malta's Prime Minister Says

Jazz great, former Oscar Peterson drummer Alvin Queen, denied entry into USA. He was born here!


Phillip Mudd on CNN ...

CLEAN WATER to wash with...still ..UNAVAILABLE many parts of Puerto Rico..Why?

But Democrats are the obstructionists?

Florida Governor Declares State of Emergency for White Nationalist Richard Spencers Visit

Trump Says Hell Talk to Bannon

Aides in White House daycare use TV appearances to flatter and control Trump: report

What Will Bannons War Actually Look Like?

Henry James, the Snob

Matt Tiabbi in Rolling Stone Oct 5th edition on "The Madness of Donald Trump".

It's just about apostrophes. I've nothing to say. I'm just wondering where they've gone.

Wow. Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich "This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward..."

Tom Cotton, noted warhawk, could be leading the CIA

Here's what's making America less religious

Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory (Eldering) 2017

Thomas Barrack played some key roles: he invested in Jared's failing property: 666 Fifth Avenue AND

Been Away From News All Day - Heard Trump Talked To The Press...

Today is the 49th Anniversary of the John Carlos and Tommie Smith

Mississippi Senators Health Woes Narrow Republican Majority

NYT: Movie business is corrupt & depraved & still morally superior to Republican Party under Trump

This is a tweet that actually took my breath away

Carrie Fisher Delivered a Cow Tongue to a Producer Who Sexually Assaulted Her Friend.

Here's every patch for KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability available right now

OK! I'm DONE! Effing around with these effing racoons in my garbage!!

If this is true twitler is even a bigger monster than I thought

Gallop-Ds 7% approve 91% disapprove; Inds 26% approve, 61% disapprove; Rs 73% approve 23% disapprove

That's All Folks!

Lindsey Graham: If tax reform doesn't get done, "it'll be the end of Mitch McConnell as we know it."

2018 TN US Senate Race-former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen-D (2003-2011) is considering

Comey drafted Clinton email investigation statement months before interviewing her

The time has come for Theresa May to tell the nation: Brexit cant be done