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Bonus Quote of the Day

Catalan referendum: preliminary results show 90% in favour of independence

Police attack in Catalonia as Spain's Rajoy attempts to stop today's independence referendum

I hate Football and everything it represents, but I stand by the players and their right to protest

2018 US House Election-Democrats guide to a majority

Jersey City protesters: 'Americans are dying while Trump plays golf'

Coast Guard report: Captain's errors primary cause of El Faro sinking

Trump's Tweet Over Wasting Time Negotiating With North Korea Apparently Sent From Golf Course

Trump dedicates golf trophy to hurricane victims

Can anyone tell me why I am getting logged out of sites like DU every time?

Re: Bravenak, look how upset some folks get when a strong black woman has an opinion

I have been on DU for almost nine years now.

Trump RTs an account engaged in divisive & violent rhetoric AND has been spreading Russian propagan

Not many NFL Players taking the knee today,,,,

In A Revolting Moment, Paul Ryan Actually Defends Trumps Racism

How You Can Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

So - How many men does it take to lay miles of pipeline ? Apparently 1

Trump Tax Cuts For The Rich Looking Doomed As GOP Senator Wont Support It If It Adds To Deficit

Top Senate Democrat Sends Paul Ryan Reeling After Calling Out His Tax Plan Lies

Nate Silver corrects Trumps tweet where he bragged that polls went way up when he endorsed Strange..

Lawmakers look to bypass Trump on North Korea sanctions

Democrats Urge Oversight Hearing On Trumps Response To Puerto Rico Disaster


To paraphrase...

Pups 7.5 weeks

Fact-checking tweets about Puerto Rico

Elton Jong

How come we don't hear anything about the Virgin Islands? They were really hit hard too.

British courts may unlock secrets of how Trump campaign profiled US voters

Whiplash weekend heightens questions

Dear Incoming Freshman: Brace Yourself for Insane Anti-Semitism

Paris is for walkers and cyclists as city bans cars for day

Slate "Why Donald Trump Doesn't Care About Puerto Ricans"

A True Moment of National Disgrace..Talking Points Memo

Dem: Trump struggles with basics of being POTUS

The new "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is hysterical.

Zionist Evangelicals Trail Trump to Holy Land With Cash in Hand

I keep hearing the roads are impassable in PR

Tax reform will hurt middle class savers inheritance plans - how the GOP plans to rip off the 99.8%

Senator Corker is a rare Republican. On 3 big issues he has put country above party.

Food, Shelter, Health Care, Clothing AN EARNED PRIVILEGE. NOT A Right. Senator Johnson.

Puerto Rico and air drops.

Are you finding yourself out of appropriate words?

Trump called Cowboys' Jerry Jones 4 times about anthem protests: report

Star Trek Discovery

Mr. Tangerine Man...two different interpretations:

'Most Logistically Challenging Event' U.S. Has Ever Seen'

Hey Trump!

From gerrymandering to voter purging the critical issues facing the supreme court

Republican senator calls health care, food, and shelter a privilege

Republican senator calls health care, food, and shelter a privilege

Dolores with Dolores Huerta in person

I don't know if this applies to anything, but despite the count next to my name,

11:36 Central. What are you listening to right now?

North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with huge cache of weapons destined for surprising buyer

To Puerto Rico.

Vox - Puerto Rico is all our worst fears about Trump coming real

Hey Wisconsin- FUCK YOU !!!!!

Active shooter Mandalay Bay Casino Las Vegas...

Just finished the Magpie Murders (no spoilers)

Active shooter @ Mandalay Bay.

If all else fails dedicate a trophy to the victims in Puerto Rico.

So Doug Jones is running for Senate and is on Star Trek Discovery...

Pence to headline Koch network's strategy session for the midterm elections

How far does the American people need to be pushed around by Republicans and the President

Looks Like SADLY The First Homeland Terror Attack.....

A reminder about LIVE/ACTIVE tragedies

Las Vegas Police Investigate Active Shooter At Country Music Festival

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Forensic Science

Is DU having issues? I haven't seen a new post for a long time

Las Vegas Review Journal - Twenty People Confirmed Dead

I just wonder how Trump will spin the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

I'm going to say it. I hope the shooter(s) was/were WASP.

According to Reuters about the shooting in Las Vegas, updated 20 mins ago .....

Dem primary opponents endorse Murphy ... 4 months later

Best Not To Speculate Who The Shooter Is And His or Her Motivation.

Monarch Airlines collapse: UKs biggest peacetime repatriation under way

Presser live now (presser over but local news stream live here):

20+ dead and over 100+ injured...sheriff announced at presser.

100 plus injured/ 20 plus dead per Sheriff

Thoughts and Wishes to the people Of Las vegas

Fox news Reporter shows Intrigirty during live report

Anyone think that Trump will piss off the gun nuts by asking for gun control?

Some of the gun fanatic sites seem shocked

THIS JUST IN: @LVMPD releases photo of person of interest Marilou Danley along with vehicle

Silent Prayer And/Or Wishes For Vegas Victims, Survivors, and First Responders

View of the concert area from Mandalay Bay webcam:

Trump's Puerto Rico potshots make his racism morally impossible to ignore

I object to the detailed video/audio coverage of gun tragedies: It's glorification

This is so tragic.

The police have released the name of the shooter: Stephen Paddock

BREAKING: Las Vegas shooter has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock

Msnbc identified shooter

Nobel Prize in physiology awarded to Americans Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young

I don't think we can expect "Comforter in Chief" here.

Quietly cringing, waiting for Trump to ad lib "He's a bad dude, a very bad dude"

VIDEO of Vegas Shooting by Mandalay Bay Kills (50+)

Texas mom says phone was too low on minutes to call 911 before daughter's death

Any social media info on shooter?

Watch for the duck dynasty family to come out

Right now or within a few hours people will meet @ the NRA HQs on how to handle the "Vegas Problem"

Where'd you get the gun, John?

Vegas Shooter, Stephen Paddock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


50+ dead in Vegas shooting per Sheriff briefing

Did I just hear 50 dead, 200 injured? Update 58 dead so far 500 injured


Stephen Paddock: Las Vegas gunman identified by police as 64-year-old white male

This will be the first time trumps handlers control him

Vegas - 32nd floor? I always thought it was odd that you open the windows.

For the victims in Las Vegas. Memory eternal.

'Trumpcare' Is The Biggest Legislative Failure In A Hundred Years

Drumpf tweet - re: mass shooting in Las Vegas

If Hillary Clinton had won she would have taken away your second amendment

After this latest horrific shooting, one thing you can safely bet.

We all know if suspect was Muslim the tweet would be a lot different. Such hypocrites

Remember Folks:

Per CNN, Trump's trip to Puerto Rico is now under review due to the shooting. n/t

First picture of Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock

Monarch Airlines collapses: UKs biggest peacetime repatriation under way

I'm surprised there is no social media for Stephen Paddock.

California schools warn flutes could be tainted with semen

Why the hell does an angry old white guy shoot up a country music show?

Congress will vote on making silencers & armor piercing bullets easier to buy

Interesting....according to MSNBC, Kelly didn't brief Trump

Independent: terrorism definition under NV law would cover Vegas shooting.

A new battle begins

Went to bed after watching Ken Burns' Vietnam episode 9 - senseless killing

Special Report: HP Enterprise let Russia scrutinize cyberdefense system used by Pentagon

Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting

Online wingnuts were workshopping the Las Vegas white shooter to be liberal/Democratic/anti-Trump...

Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to 3 American circadian rhythm researchers

Mes condoleances les plus sinceres

Ron Johnson tells high school students they have no "right" to food, shelter, healthcare

Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting

So, we have to ask: Was Stephen Paddock a terrorist?

2nd amendment rights are not supreme. You cannot have freedom if society is fearful.

Pair of pro-gun bills on move in House

watching a live las vegas news feed

Is this enough? 50+ dead, 200+ wounded.

Im noticing on my FB feed this morning people posting pray for Las Vegas

When youre sending them all those hurricanes

from Slate "Police have said they are not treating the shooting as an act of terrorism."

Tweet from the LAST legitimate President

Monday Toon Roundup 1 - Soul-less orange monster

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

406 taken to the hospital in Los Vegas w/50 + dead

Stephen Paddock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Las Vegas shooter's brother says family is 'dumbfounded' at massacre and have no idea of motive

number of injured just doubled to more than 400

The worst mass shooting in the United States ever!

Trump tweets "warmest condolences" to victims of Las Vegas mass shooting

No Halloween updates today.

trump to speak this morning....

I'm here in Vegas and don't know what to say. Used to work at Mandalay Bay

Truly clueless people

NRA Likely Reply. "Someone With A Gun Would Have Ended Vegas Shooting.

The country is battling about the NFL and taking away our 1st Amendment rights

I've reached the soul crushing conclusion that we are not safe, anywhere

Call all GOP reps. today to oppose eliminating checks on silencers and

A silent thread for the victims of Las Vegas.

Since shooter was white I waded into freeperville

Ryan: I Think Trump Is Learning When It Comes To Race Issues

My Nephew and His Wife Were At That Concert.

I guess I'll leave my hummingbird feeder up a few days longer.

Wonder if Trump, after Las Vegas, will tweet about NFL, Rocket Man, & "lazy" Puerto Rico today.

Disappointed the shooter was white, right wing sites are saying Paddock was a recent Muslim convert.

White House-credentialed media outlet falsely accuses left-wing loon of Las Vegas shooting

Not one word from the NRA yet, on their own site or Facebook or Twitter

'Person of interest' was out of the country

Bill Clinton: "This should be unimaginable in America."

This says it perfectly.

House slated to vote this wk to ease curbs on silencers which critics say makes it harder to detect

I saw a report that said the range from Mandalay Bay to

God help us...President will speak about Las Vegas at 10:30 Eastern

So the media keep saying "mentally ill", if he were Black or Muslim he would be a terrorist.

It takes "a good guy with field artillary" to stop a shooter w/ automatic weapons on the 30th floor

3D print a serial-free handgun at home with the latest Ghost Gunner update

12 days after hurricane hit, 5% of Puerto Rico has electricity

Washington Post: Americas deadliest shooting incidents are getting much more deadly

Worst hurricanes, worst floods

You know what's got the gunners freaked out?

Didn't trump call for President Obama to resign after pulse nightclub

IMPORTANT - "Paddock described himself as a gambler" & "he lived by gambling"

Gun stocks up after Las Vegas shooting

It's the First Monday in October

Hillary Clinton tweets about the shooting. "Our grief isn't enough"

Waiting for Alex Jones: It's a false flag like Sandy Hook.

Kamala Harris' powerful riposte to Trump: 'Racism is real in this country'

Trump offers 'warmest condolences' to Vegas victims

The people's POTUS speaks on Las Vegas

I know this is old and has nothing to do with President Obama

Remember how Trump was going to be the law and order president?

White men have much to discuss about mass shootings

Watch for major hotels to begin scanning guest's bags

Let's Remind Ourselves As Often As Necessary

Until the police and other first responders go on strike

The fact is......We are letting this happen.


I have zero interest in what Trump has to say. Zero.

TPM - Josh Marshall - "My Mass Shooting Ritual"

All of our problems in a nutshell: The Republican party

Hey republicans time to stop the "thoughts and prayers" bullshit!

This is a only a question and nothing else!

Bringing the party to the Supreme Court in a case about searches and arrests

Never Again became Oh Well

Remember: Trump Signed Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

House GOP set to approve bill that could make mass shootings deadlier

50+ killed in Las Vegas Strip massacre; suspect had 10 rifles, police say

Dotard was supposed to speak at 10.30am


Heckler jeers *****'s golf tribute to Puerto Rico storm victims

SCROTUS flapping his gums now.

He just isn't good at this. n/t

fuck, don trump quoting scripture is beyond the pale.

Isn't it predictable?

Where is his ANGER? I am angry more than anything else. I am angry we have allowed this to become

He's pretending to be religious, to know the Bible.

Trump to dedicate a bowling trophy to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

Pastor Trump?

We aren't through Trump's first year, and already...

gun humpers are traitors to freedom. They no longer can claim to be patriots.

"Melania and I pray for the American's killed...." How about the others?

Islamic state claims Las Vegas shooting, says attacker recently convert to Islam

Mayor Cruz orders San Juan flags lowered to show "love and respect" for people of Vegas

How long will it take before the NRA and Wayne LaPierre....?

LIVE: NBC News Special Report On Las Vegas Shooting

He can't even speak from the heart!

More Guns for More Idiots

A 64 Year Old, White, Male Rachel Maddow Watching, Member of ISIS?

Remember this when the follow-up tweets and statements and visits ensue

The Terms of Our Surrender to Our Domestic Terrorists, the NRA

Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting

Roy Moore is a Threat to Religious Liberty

What is the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic rifle ?

Remember this! Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

Where is Bannon, Rush, Hannity, Palin, Coulter, Nugget, the NRA?

Interesting tidbit about the two cities that now have the infamous title of deadliest US shootings.

Nothing will change

...what Miss. & Wisc. have in common is implementation of strict voter ID law before 2016 election.

i hope that as part of the autopsy on the shooter,

"Thoughts And Prayers" Is The New "F You"

''My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims and all those wounded ...''

This is not the time to be talking about gun control - Psalms 84:3

President Trump's remarks to the nation about Las Vegas mass shooting (VIDEO)

Find out if your Congressperson has accepted NRA donations:

From what I gathered from trump the "attacker" killed those people with evil.

November 22, 1963

Nevada law calls this terrorism. Why won't the police


If you have friends, family, loved ones etc. in Vegas, there is a facebook page

Some Memes for today

HEADS UP! - Pair of pro-gun bills on move in House

Damn! Too bad tRump gave that golf trophy to PR yesterday. Vegas could have really used it today.

Caracas shutting down as public transportation collapses... and NO GAS.

Preventing Future Mass Shootings Like Las Vegas

Death tolls is now 58.

Alex Jones goes the predictable route for him...

Congressman Seth Moulton,...says he won't partake in a moment of silence on the House Floor.

Not that it matters but I am curious

U.S. sees 300 violent attacks inspired by far right every year

Breaking News Consumer's Handbook

Sombody checks into a major Hotel on the strip with

"Las Vegas Is Safe"

JOHN OLIVER - Oct 1, 2017 slams trump over Puerto Rico

Now we have news conference with all the politicans

Police say 58 killed, 513 Injured..BBC

Thoughts and Prayers: The Game

Any one else notice how quickly they found a pic of the lady from the

Trump Speech After Las Vegas Shooting

How 4chan and a pro-Trump outlet pushed a hoax about the Las Vegas shooting

"Christian" activist says shooting is "God's wrath" on a "wicked nation."

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy on last night's shootings:

Trump's whiplash weekend heightens questions over leadership


HuffPo - Police Identify Lone Las Vegas Shooter As Stephen Paddock - What We Know...

Beyond Sick Of Not LABELING A White Male Terrorist -- A White Male Terrorist (Las Vegas Massacre)

Thoughts & Prayers App Commercial

Kushner wanted Trump to back Strange in AL to raise standing w/GOP 'if things go south in the Russia

Las Vegas shooting death toll rises to 58, no apparent connection to terror

Law enforcement always does a great job AFTER a mass shooting

Newsweek: "Police said Paddock had a gambling problem"

tRump sez: Plenty of beautiful, safe rooms available at tRump Casino in Vegas

Check In If You Are Stunned

If people wanted sane weapon laws, why do they keep electing representatives who push for open carry

Nevada is one the strongest gun rights states in the union...

"Don't politicize the Vegas shootings by raising gun issues!"

Random fun fact: Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. In Spanish their names are:

You know, Like 911, MSNBC keeps playing the same

you know, the 2nd U.S. civil war began many years ago, right?

House GOP set to approve bill that could make mass shootings deadlier

Las Vegas residents line up to donate blood after mass shooting

Sandy Hook Senator: Its Time For Congress To Get Off Its Ass And Do Something On Mass Shootings

I predict the Gunsplaining from the Madman will begin tonight on Twitter.

Vegas Shooters Father Was Armed Robber on FBIs Most Wanted List.

We all know how terrific the 1st responders are..

MSNBC is saying ISIS is trolling and taking claim for this shooting.

You've Got To Be Carefully Taught - South Pacific -

I see all the 'thoughts and prayers' offered in the wake of the last mass shooting really helped.

Now THIS is a presidential condolence tweet

2nd Admen. Strikes Again

If I remember, there were those who said that these shooting happen only on Obama's watch?

For the first time in my life, I've finally got to ask for some help

John Denver & Cass Elliot - Leaving On A Jet Plane (and talking voter registration)

going to Puerto Rico & Las Vegas

Death in Las Vegas: The diminished president responds - By Jennifer Rubin

"Making the perfect the enemy of the good."

Why does anyone's right to owns guns for "recreational use"

What's up with Trump's face today?

Obamas eyeing Upper East Side apartment

Has the NRA told us yet that the shooting could have been avoided or the death toll reduced had

Curious word coincidence. The Spanish word for beret is boina

"The only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun..."

Where Were The Good Guys With Automatic Weapons?

Could we get around the second amendment by requiring intensive background checks to buy amo?

Republican voters wanted "government out of healthcare"

Metal Head. Journalist. Politician. Danica Roem is blazing her own awesome trail

respect to the hospital workers & the hospitals in LV

Metal Head. Journalist. Politician. Danica Roem is blazing her own awesome trail

Today's Excuses for Stephen Paddock Include....

Black or African-American?

Who pays for this? What do libertarian gun-rights advocates say?

Braking news - Commenting on Vegas shooting Trump did not act like imbecile

For the people of Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, ...

I have a question about guns

Remember, Trump revoked Obama's gun check for people with mental illnesses.

Was Paddock a Vietnam war vet?

How about the dudes who wouldn't put their beers down?

Most Americans Say Trump Is Wrong on NFL Protests

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Had Recent Large Gambling Transactions

This is no time to talk politics

After Las Vegas Massacre, Gun Stocks Are Up, Casino Stocks Are Down

Nate Silver: Trump Only Hurts Himself When He Tweets

There's a Make-Silencers-Easier-To-Come-By bill moving nicely through Congress right now.

Jared and Ivanka Shrink Roles to Shield Themselves

I have to go to work again.

Just a reminder: The NRA is terrible even if you're a gun owner

CNN is saying shooter had full auto weapons!!!!

Robert Mueller has no comment

ACLU launches 'Let People Vote' campaign

Nevada's NRA chief dismisses Vegas massacre: Gun laws dont matter...

Nevada's NRA chief dismisses Vegas massacre: Gun laws dont matter

Quotes that I heard that made me go hmmm.

Lukewarm response to Puerto Rico predictable

Appropriate to the day

Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) from BARE -- Netflix Special

Puerto Rico Feud May Damage GOP

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock enjoyed gambling, country music, lived quiet life before massacre

Puerto Rican Troops Waited a Week Without Orders While Residents Cried for Help

Pat Robertson has to blow off his big bazoo...

Brule - A Concert for Reconciliation of the Cultures (Live at Mt. Rushmore)

A fire alarm from gun smoke led police to the Las Vegas shooters room, retired officer says

If your not depressed or seething with rage, your not paying attention per my doctor

"Just enforce the gun laws already on the books"

The 2nd Amendment was written when guns held one bullet.

In Nevada, open carry is the law. As a result, no need whatever to hide guns going to your room.

Wash, rinse and repeat

"GOP strategist" slams TWITLER, calls him "a teenaged girl" in a Valley Girl accent

How are unarmed people who protect water from big oil

Spare me the thoughts and prayers....

Second Amendment Scoreboard

Paddock's father was a serial bank robber who was 'diagnosed as psychopathic' and spent eight years


There's no sure way to protect against a lone shooter like this guy.

Vegas killer checked into hotel with GIRLFRIEND's ID -- Marilou Danley.

He could have bought conversion kits or was smart enough to use the rubber band trick for full auto.

This truck is headed to LV now.

Alt Right Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In On Vegas Shooting

My heartfelt condolences to the victims' families

The strange thing about thoughts and prayers is...

Nice marmot!

Watch out for copycat shootings for the next

Internet posts do jack shit to help bring about gun control. Only sustained retail politicking works


Why didn't his neighbors say something? Why didn't his church?

Just learned we have a family member who was shot at the Los Vegas shooting.

Right-wingers are trying so desperately...

Gun Policy - write your Congressman !

Do not think and pray: Donate and join the movement

Puppy love

Just think how many more people

Russian Facebook ads showed a black woman firing a rifle, amid efforts to stoke racial strife

This is the enemy! This is the terror group! The 'clenched fist of truth' is coming for YOU!


with so many eyes on everything there, and since the shooter was there for several days...

Sandy Hook mom goes off: 'We value guns, flags & fake acts of patriotism over people, pain'

Slate on the shooting "Nightmare scenario. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun in a high rise

Heard Trump will go to Las Vegas Thursday to 'bring us together'

The fact that Donald wants to be seen as crazy is crazy and show he is crazy. 25th Amendment.

Report: U.S. averages nearly one mass shooting per day so far in 2017

The NRA STill Pushes You Can Own Anything & Open Carry It. What About A Rocket Propelled Grenade?.

Will We All Need Luggage Checks For Hotels?.

Very thoughtful words by John Kerry on the shootings

TPM - "White House: Premature To Talk Gun Control In Wake Of Las Vegas Shooting"

We sure do have a lot of problems that can't be fixed.

thoughtful comments on the shooting by John Kerry

Trump is probably elated that Puerto Rico is off the front page

Slate on the media today "There Is No "Unity" to Celebrate, and We Aren't "Resolved" to Do Anything

Gorsuch is a real prick, big time, and real bad news, BIG TIME!

This incident pretty much kills the "Good guys with guns"/"Gun free zones are bad" myth.

A proponent of 2nd amendment in Las Vegas, sees the light: "Enough is enough."

Over at The Onion, they just publish this story over and over

A few things that could be done

I can see Canada from here and it's looking awfully good

Dakota Meyer is slamming Dan Bilzerian for fleeing from the shooting scene

I'm not holding my breathe, but...

Be on the lookout for Russian trolls all over the internet...

Part of the problem...

Right v. Privilege

This latest thing with Equifax

Fuck Turtle

Who is Jim Bates?

The Eagles to play Grand Ole Opry

The Eagles to play Grand Ole Opry

Well he got the most bigly mass shooting in Amrican history

Explosive bursts of methane helped ancient Mars keep liquid water flowing, study finds

Quiz: Which Movie Monster Is Your Soulmate?

I know I just posted this a week or so ago,

There are no more "six degrees of separation"...

Maybe all the motivation needed is I Own All These Guns And I Would Like To Use Them

San Francisco police officer's wife missing after Las Vegas country concer

Donald Trump Tells Ivanka, 'Baby, You're Getting Killed,' As Her White House Role Shrinks

Pelosi: .@SpeakerRyan, its time for action. Congress must create a Select Committee on Gun Violence

Shooter worked for Lockheed Martin for 3 years in the '80's.

Did Manafort Use Trump to Curry Favor With a Putin Ally?

Tom Petty Is in Critical Condition After Going Into Cardiac Arrest, According to Reports : UPDATE

Tom Petty in critical condition

SHS: It would be premature for us to discuss policy when we don't know all the facts

Tom Petty in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest

REMINDER: 41 Republicans blocked sensible gun legislation, right after the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Could this day get any worse? Tom Petty

Gun shop who sold gun to Las Vegas shooter...


Bears rummaging through a vehicle...

Gunshots reported at USC campus.

I cannot express how wrong I was: Country guitarist changes mind on gun control after Vegas

Boom: Trumps company had more contact with Russia during campaign, according to documents

In order to do that in a civilized society, "we maybe have to give up a little bit of our privacy"

Tower (2016) on Netflix.

FWIW called Grassley & Ernst about guns

Another day and

Trumps company had more contact with Russia during campaign

Gene Kelly reincarnated as a dog

CBS fires executive for 'deeply unacceptable' post after Vegas shooting

I hate this day. I hate this day so much.

Go Fund Me account has been created for shooting victims.

U.S. will only talk to North Korea about freeing U.S. citizens: White House

Into the Great Wide Open.

This tragedy is hitting way too close to home for me.

Im Free Fallin

Hey, a memo to the GOP/NRA folks!

Top House Intelligence Democrat intends to make sample of Russia-bought Facebook ads public

Interior watchdog opens investigation into Zinke's travel

Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts

Trial of alleged ringleader of Benghazi attack begins in Washington

"All You Need to Stop a Bad Guy with an Automatic Rifle, Shooting from the 32nd Floor into a Crowd..

Tom Petty is dead.

Guitarist Caleb Keeter Says Seeing Vegas Shooting Changed His Mind On Gun Control

Ecuador prosecutor seeks detention of vice president in Odebrecht probe

Bad timing for this tweet:


Due To This Week's Events, There Will Not Be A Top 10 Conservative Idiots This Week.

Puerto Rico gets more fuel while 95 percent lack power

Pitch perfect: CNN scrambles to glorify Trumps Las Vegas speech

We need to pray for the victims

Puerto Rico gets more fuel while 95 percent lack power

Going to the end of the line.

Accused 'Chelsea bomber' removed from New York courtroom as trial begins

Tom Petty, Rock Iconoclast Who Led the Heartbreakers, Dead at 66- Rolling Stone

Unable to settle on a crackpot theory for Las Vegas, Alex Jones doubles up...

I guess Trump Can Drop the "Make America Safe Again"

Supreme Court divided over curbing workers' class-action suits

Supreme Court divided over curbing workers' class-action suits

Advice please...too salty lagasna...

Supreme Court mulls parameters for deporting immigrant felons

Song for the moment: Get together by The Youngbloods

Google admits citing 4chan to spread fake Vegas shooter news

Private information of two people compromised in SEC hack - chairman

Trumps company had more unreported contact with Russia during campaign, according to documents

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 2, 2017

Listening to MSNBC experts talking about the Las Vegas shooting.

NRA delays TV ads in Virginia after Las Vegas shooting

In tribute to Mr. Tom Petty, my favorite song penned by him:

Wanted to see if you Vegas DU'ers are ok.

Square One- Tom Petty

Gun violence roils Virginia governors race NRA puts ad on ice, gun control advocates cancel event

Runnin' Down A Dream - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Man loses legs after being hit by rail train in Los Angeles

Brother says Las Vegas shooter was multi-millionaire real estate investor

Alex Jones Says 'Deep State' Carried Out Las Vegas Massacre. Even His Staff Won't Go Along With It.

Pat Robertson offers his opinion on the consequences of "profound disrespect for our president"

Just had a little exchange with some rednecks, here in Waco TX

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Here comes the spin...

45 Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

My favorite Tom Petty songs...

He's still alive.

J Sanders Accuses Obama FDIC of "Politically Motivated" Investigation Which Will "Take a Long Time."

Disloyalty slur latest in series showing Trump administrations mistrust of feds

Jesus, etc.

This Las Vegas shooter sure does fit the stereotype... /s

If You Believe In Forever,...

Death of gas and diesel begins as GM announces plans for all-electric future

Gillibrand: Congress 'too weak and too cowardly' to stand up to gun industry

Mormon records helped uncover family histories for Bernie Sanders and Larry David

Bill Oreilly "Mass shootings are the price for Freedom"

My memory of Tom Petty that will never die....

CBS fires executive for 'deeply unacceptable' post after Vegas shooting

tom petty -- buried treasure

The First Thing The GOP Congress Did Was NOT To Repeal Obamacare. It Was To Repeal...

Since 1970, more Americans died from guns than all of its wars.

WHY in the bloody hell is dt going to Vegas?

Sooner or later if the NRA has its way every person in America will have either a familiar member,

Mormon records helped uncover family histories for Bernie Sanders and Larry David

Zippy Amtrak Train Gets Tangled in 'the Swamp'

Apparently, there are conflicting reports on Tom Petty.

Tom Petty not actually dead as of 5:20 ET

Drumpf's "pure evil" statement makes me wonder if he thinks he is

A Lot Of People Are Going To Need Their Health Care. Thank Goodness They Have It.

Another heart breaking news filled day.

Becoming quite weary of all this "winning" under 45. nt

When I hear of these shootings, I just turn my TV and radio off. No shock. No surprise. More of the

The media is really inept. Their half-assed lazy reporting on Tom Petty isn't the first time they

Sarah Huckaby: "A Motive Has Yet To Be Determined." 'Motive' Isn't The Real Question.

Tom Petty, Humanitarian and Amnesty International supporter

Does media coverage of mass shootings inspire copycat crimes?

Charles P. Pierce: This Is How We Once Changed Gun Laws

Look up representatives, senators and issues

While the LV horror was unfolding, 3 young people were also shot dead outside a bar in Lawrence, KS.

A good guy with a gun...

The Rude Pundit: Gun Crazy: Las Vegas Edition

Exactly what does "worst in modern history" mean?

White House Says Now Is Not Time for Gun Debate

Obamas Eye New York City Apartment

Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line

I Had To View 30 Bodies In Vietnam To ID Our Own. Country Needs To See The Reality Of What Happened

Tom Petty on life support after cardiac arrest, according to reports

When I'm wrong, I admit it.

Tidbit on our local news website "The Latest: Officials: Gunman had at least 17 guns in room"

Confirmed: Tom Petty

Scary overhaul of my Mac Mini.

Your Hate Speech is not Free Speech

MSNBC now saying death toll in Vegas is 59

White Privilege is committing the largest shooting in American history and being fondly memorialized

One of the scarier unreported aspects of today's shooting...

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America. $229 Billion.

Republicans Angry at Economists for Finding Their Tax Cuts Go to the Rich

Republican Rules:

Gift ideas for the wife that are sure to fail...

A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works

White House: Now is not the time to talk about gun control. But 'if you look to Chicago ...'

Facebook to Hire 1,000 People to Review Ads After Russian Buys

Today was a Heartbreaker... In many more ways than one.

PSA for tomorrow, today is about Vegas.

It Is Time To Repeal The Second Amendment

No Sarah, Actually CHICAGO Proves That STATE Gunlaws Are Meaningless. FEDERAL LAWS Are Needed.

An evening with Howard Dean right here in Dsseldorf, of all places

Viva Las Vegas...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Sixteen guns in hotel, eighteen in house plus explosives.

That time Tom Petty hung out with an Orthodox rock band in Israel

Mother Jones: What's It Like To Survive A Shooting?

IMO, I doubt that there will be any change to the gun laws so we have to remove the bait.

Earlier they were reporting there was nothing out of the ordinary at the shooter's home.

American Carnage.

Every member of Congress who took $ from the NRA and tweeted "thoughts & prayers" to Las Vegas

Anyone else rockin' out to Tom Petty and feeling great/shitty?

Puerto Rico could become a public health catastrophe

Does anyone know what happened to the girlfriend ?

Google and Facebook Have Failed Us

It's become a normal thing in America for gun toters to have a few dozen high capacity human killing

In case of mass shooting, break glass

Appropriate times to discuss gun control?

White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners

Puerto Rico hasnt updated the Hurricane Maria death toll in 5 days

if it were up to me....

How gun control works in America, compared with 4 other rich countries

Facebook: About 10 Million People Saw Ads Purchased By Russian Firm

Bill O'Reilly Calls Las Vegas Mass Shooting the "Price of Freedom"

So ISIS is taking credit for something it had no control over?

***BREAKING*** Shooter's Father Was On Ten Most Wanted List

The people of the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada can be very proud today of their

Billboard on the drive home: "Pray for Las Vegas"

586 dead or wounded.

We cannot let this horror and sadness

Dear Dana Loesch (of the NRA), Shut Up.

Firearms - Been saying it for years...

I dont see people dying: Foxs Geraldo Rivera scoffs in the face of San Juan mayor to back up Tru

Last time I was in Las Vegas airport.

Trump administration announces support for 20-week abortion ban House is set to consider this week

Why are 90%+ violent acts throughout history committed by men?

Las Vegas mass shooting: Who is Marilou Danley?

You can't make this crap up: as we reel from 59 dead and over 500 injured

ABCs Robin Roberts breaks down in tears on live TV while covering Las Vegas massacre

Last night's Mandalay Bay shooting WAS NOT the largest

We really love the 2nd Amendment.

RIP Tom Petty

None of us is safe while Republicans are in the majority.

Conflicting reports on Tom Petty

Jeopardy regulars - spoiler

I live in a small town outside of Vegas.

Personal heartache, then outside heartache... then more heartache...

The Route 91 Harvest Festival info page

Farewell and Peace to Scott Galindez of BernieTV