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Na Kia shares something she hopes white people will hear. Let's listen, okay?

It's Still Technically Not Illegal For NYPD to Have Sex With Someone in Custody

Corgi and Chicken and Duck, enjoy!

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Every Halloween This One-Legged Guy Makes An Epic Costume, And He Just Revealed His 2017 Costume

A mysterious death in Argentina calls attention to indigenous land struggles

New Peruvian Bird Species Discovered By Its Song

This. Entire. Verbate.... It's what @realDonaldTrump said to children of members of the press

Here's a puzzler - re: the Papini kidnapping in California

Mahwah Township Excluded Orthodox Jews, State Claims In Lawsuit

Mass Demonstration in Cochabamba to Support Evo Morales' Nomination

Impeachment ad triggers Trump meltdown as polls increasingly show Americans want him out

WaPo: Conservative website first paid Fusion GPS for Trump research

Question - where did the terms "snowflake" and "safe space" originate from?

Whitefish Energy contract bars government from auditing deal

Grand Jury approved first charges in Mueller investigation. First arrest could come

Ex-CIA director James Woolsey says being thrown under the bus 'unfortunate yet predictable'

if i really really really believed in vodoo dolls i'd

First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation

Manafort realtor called to testify before grand jury in Russia probe

One Million Moms Denounces Disney Channel For "Andi Mack" LGBT Story Line

Saw this at the DMV yesterday and it really freaked me out

MSNBC & CNN live stream -First Charges Filed in the Mueller Investigation


Ex-CIA Russia chief: Unlike Trump dossier, Russia 'wanted to give' info to Trump Jr.

Study: GOP tax plan would cost $2.4 trillion

Trump wants State Department to release remaining Clinton emails

ESPN - Inside the NFL Player/Owners meeting on standing

7 Fall Foliage Destinations Offering More Than Just Pretty Leaves

whom do think Mueller will take into custody monday ?

Incredible Image of Bubble-Blowing Wasp Has a Scientific Explanation

Breaking on MSNBC, quoting CNN. (1st Mueller indictments)

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! You Say You Want a Revolution, Well

A song for Team Trump:

Venezuela's Maduro cements control as the opposition fractures

What's Donnie Dumbass gonna Tweet now?

Democrats Are United Against Trump, Divided on Everything Else

Breaking! The key person in helping Russia to hack our elections is now known.

Proof of mega-carnivorous dinosaur, 200-million years old, found in Lesotho

Some of you guys have probably noticed I'm not happy

So First, Arrest Monday

Fox News website right now

Detroit! Women's Convention

Painter: Entire thing about dossier, Clinton campaign is about trying to find excuse to fire Mueller

Muscatine mayor's removal violated her due process; city administrator may sue for defamation

First charges filed in Mueller investigation.

Breitbart & Drudge, like Fox News, ignoring the breaking news about Mueller filing first charges

Dana Boente announces resignation as U.S. attorney for Eastern District of Virginia

I Know Christie Is Yesterday's News But.....

'To Kill a Mockingbird' Returns to Mississippi School's Reading List After Outcry

Jack Kingston needs to STFU.

Fox News headline as of 5 minutes ago .... rough quote

So this is why Fox News and Trump ramped up the Hillary did it nonsense this week.

Breaking NYT: Kremlin is tied to Memo in '16 Trump Tower Meeting

I think we can expect a cycle of indictment/pardon, indictment/pardon, indictment/pardon,

If I'm understanding the wacky "conflict of interest" claim,

Hang on to your butts, this might be a wild weekend.

GERGEN is guessing it's FLYNN: Says WOOLSEY skeddadled from the campaign/transition, "saw stuff" N/T


A very smart little boy

Best part of the headline? The word first, and all that it implies.

TPM "Right Wing Site Tied Billionaire First Funded Fusion GPS Trump File"

slate humor "Who Starts Whining Earlier in the Morning: Donald Trump or an Actual Baby?"

Holy fuck fox shitting thier pants

LOL! Hannity shrieking the Mueller charges are "ALL A DISTRACTION"

Dana Boente Resigns - Breaking on Rachel

What the hell, Comcast!?

I just turned onto Fox News. It was really creepy...and totally bizarre.

Friday Talking Points (459) -- Deficits Don't Matter, Again (Neither Moral Nor Financial)

Based on what has happened, why would anyone think this won't get shut down before it even gets

Sean Hannity Right Now, LOLOLOLOLOL

Here we go.

From outside the White House gates, faint shouting could be heard from within:

No worries...right?

Jennifer Granholm on the indictments:

Jesse Watters fox news can't confirm charges brought down

Secret waitlist delayed care for 87 veterans at VA hospital in Omaha, led to departure of 2 employee

Trump just tweeted to attack Hillary Clinton for colluding with Russia


A Canadian take on the subject

Trump needs to look at the bright side

Breaking, the American Experiment may yet live!

Needed some Tom Petty tonight...

Life comes at you fast

What is that smell coming out of the White House????

Trump invites kids into the Oval Office today. First charges be filed by Mueller on Monday...

Trump's impeachment and incarceration are just distractions

BREAKING: First charges filed in Russia probe led by special counsel Mueller; not known who is charg

Now we know why Uranium One has pervaded the news. The real distraction.

I'll bet NY AG has every detail about this first indictment and that...

Fasten seatbelts...expected turbulence.

Fareed Zakaria (sp): Putin is repeating Faux News talking points (just now on CNN)

Maybe Jared Kushner's sister is the one

"Mueller" is the top worldwide trend on Twitter

The asstros will not score another run

JFK Files: J. Edgar Hoover said public must believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone

Reuters just confirmed CNN report that Mueller has filed charges

Wait for it ...

Real Time with Bill Maher 10/27/17 October 27, 2017 (HBO)

Let's go have a look see at

Woody Harrelson was so disgusted by Trump when they met in 04 he had to smoke a jay to deal with it

Maybe this guy will be a juror in Trump's treason trial

Watching game 3 of the 2017 World Series.......and......

I first thought was Manafort...

Whew, Benjamin Wittes finally goes BOOM! He was hesitant/skeptical/waiting, but has

Flynn may have lied, says Gergen about who will be arrested

Poland to white nationalist Richard Spencer: keep out

Come Monday what will happen????

Former President Obama called to jury duty in Cook County and plans to serve

David Corn: "This is what authoritarianism looks like. Pay attention."

Is a perp walk too much to ask for?

Baltimore Ravens cat adopted by team employee

BE PREPARED: Trump might try to fire Mueller this weekend

****Official DU Indictment Betting Pool*****

The Muellerman . The President Show Comedy Central:

The Muellerman . The President Show Comedy Central:

Stone Cold Bob Mueller ?

Wall Street Journal confirms

Where were you today, the day the Trump train .....

Can a President pardon someone who has only been indicted?

Andy Borowitz: The End of Trump

'How the Beatles Destroyed Rock-n-roll' Has anyone read this book?

Trump is three sheets to the wind, and I don't mean drunk

Roger Stone is melting down

Seth Meyers: Lou Dobbs' Interview with Trump, Zombie Frappuccino - Monologue - 10/26/17

It will be easier to find a jury to convict a white Police officer,,,,,,

Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio

Here's a look at the Twitterverse's comments about the Mueller indictments

Tennessee prepares for White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro


Hilarious , Putin, Trump, and Kim Jong Un Dancing

Judgment Day may come sooner than you think

Issues That Could Sink the Tax Plan

How media should respond to Trump attacks

Sounds like Manafort will be getting his mugshot this Monday.

Cliff notes

Lawyer Michael Cohen Grilled on Russia Tower Deal

So I went to freeperville to see the reaction to the big news.

Friday Night Vodka Buzz.

We're not done yet: Women's Convention energizes new wave of feminist activists

Mueller's First Charges

'How abortions changed our lives

Question for DU lawyers/law enforcement folks re. Monday's indictment.

'Decent chance he lied to the FBI': Counselor to 4 presidents says Mike Flynn may be arrested

Here comes the Turn of the Tide

The Left is apparently responsible for racism (FYI, a not left-Bern v cent-Hill)

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein explains how Mueller warrants are probably about 'conspiracy'

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/27/17

You say "good people" and I say "nazis"

Yuli Gurriel does slant-eye gesture after hitting homer off Yu Darvish, calls him slur

POOR LITTLE GIRL. i feel so sorry for her. i wish i could help her.

He bleeds Republican support

Poll: Majority of military officers view Trump unfavorably

Mike Pence advises US Air Force to prepare for a strike on Kim Jong-uns regime

Am I the only one terrified for our country, our world, right now?

A brief look back: Oval Office, May 10, 2017

What Kind Of Distraction Will Trump Come Up With Over This Weekend.....

Robert Blakeley, Whose Fallout Shelter Sign Symbolized the Cold War, Dies at 95

Maybe most Trump supporters are too embarrassed to admit their support in public

VOCES8: Lux Aeterna - Edward Elgar

Pert near 60...

Holy Shit... Anyone have any ideas who's gonna be indicted on Monday?

Subsidy plan for coal and nuclear plants 'will cost US taxpayers $10.6bn a year'

Pence to U.S. troops on North Korea: 'Be ready'

Trumps $700 Billion Gift to Wealthy Foreigners by Paul Krugman at the NYTimes

Will This Indictment Affect The Repugs Tax Reform?.....

Obstruction of justice on Trump is obvious.

I was born when there were only 49 states and Eisenhower was President.

Francoise Hardy...

Maybe Woolsey is the source-who-was-briefed, and the reason he was briefed

Questions for the realists here regarding Monday

Through with Buzz

SCANA doesn't want to maintain its abandoned nuclear reactors, saying they're worth more as a tax...

Solar, Wind Jobs to Boom Over Next Decade

Orthodox Christian/"Gladsome Light", "The Great Prokeimenon" (Who is So Great a God)

Attorney for senator in South Carolina Statehouse corruption case asks judge to reconsider ruling

Skating Away...

Orthodox Christian Chant/"Axion Estin"/a young boy, what a voice

Orthodox Christian/Psalm 135 ("Slavite Hospoda") "Praise the Lord"

Save it for a rainy day, or a sunny one...

Coptic Orthodox Hymn "O Kirios"

Syrian Orthodox Christian Hymn in Arabic/"Psalm 135"

Orthodox Christian/Psalm 33 "I Will Bless the Lord"

Sanders will seek to cancel "Whitefish" contract

Various Orthodox Psalms 135/ Serbian, Greek/"Polyeleos Psalm 135"

South Carolina sheriff accused of sexually assaulting assistant should resign, Gov. McMaster says

Stephen Colbert - Monologue - 10/27/17

Dear Fux News Viewers, If You're Still Confused, Allow Me To Draw You A F---ing MAP!

Reminder: Sanders just said yesterday that she was "confident" Mueller's probe would be closed soon

Just got back from a Downtown party!

S.C. Supreme Court suspends law license of former legislator charged in Statehouse corruption probe

Sobering thoughts - Trump and Descartes...

'Reclaiming our time:' Anti-Trump rebellion tops menu at Orangeburg Democrats' annual cook-off

Stephen Colbert: The First Thing Captain Scott Kelly Did On Earth After 340 Days In Orbit

Power Restoration Remains Top Concern In Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands (DoD blurb)

On Tuesday...

Neither states nor nations, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands face rocky storm recovery

Former South Carolina police officer settles lawsuit over Confederate flag underwear

Fifteen Individuals Charged in Multi-Million Dollar International Money Laundering and Fraud Scheme

Connecticut Resident Pleads Guilty to Failing to Report Foreign Financial Accounts

'A cloud over the entire State House:' South Carolina ethics reform back in the spotlight

Before November 7-- get your asses off Facebook and discussion boards...

Photo: Bernie Sanders with his media producer Armand Aviram at DC airport

The Coal Truth: How a major energy source lost its power in Britain

Michael Gove apologises for Harvey Weinstein comments

Collapsing academy trust asset-stripped its schools of millions

M83 Trilogy

Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton found with cocaine at LAX

ACA Info

Primitive Technology: Natural Draft Furnace

Breakthrough in efforts to supercharge rice and reduce world hunger

I react the same way when someone nibbles my ear

Trump woke up to the sound of...

At last, a worthy adversary!

Stay tuned for another episode of "Tales of Trump Tower"!

The repubs are pissed that the top story is not one of their distractions but instead is

Chain reaction hermit crab shell exchange

Feinstein now asking for info without Grassley in Russia probewith requests to the W.H., Cohen, Cam

Astros Gurriel Makes Racial Gesture Toward Darvish

In case you missed it, MSNBC panel when Mueller indictment story broke

This is the best homemade video "From Russia with Love"

Not sure if he's golfing this weekend, but...

Indictments will help Republicans pass their tax cuts.

dear cnn, get the fool jack kingston off your network, he's a partisan, lying idiot.

America has lost it's heart and soul

Can we admit finally that sexism was a huge problem in both 2008 and 2016 elections

This is why Carter should have kept his mouth shut.

GOP: Go To Your Safe Place & Think Tax Cuts!

He's Starting To Tweet....

Proposal to change the 22nd Amendment from lifetime term limits to consecutive term limits.

Actress Annabella Sciorra Claims Harvey Weinstein Raped Her as Daryl Hannah Recalls Scary Incidents

The Clinton Foundation gets things done -

Video: Five months of Trump interviews with fawning sycophants


Joy Reid: Twitter freakout last night ---whoever was indicted by Mueller must hit close to home

Hey kids! What time is it?

Trump has been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter this morning

'It's just messed up': Most think political divisions as bad as Vietnam era, new poll shows

O'Reilly should be aware that "NOT everyone is bound by non-disclosure...I am not"

Citizen Obama, welcome to jury duty

Twitter responses to Trump's tweet thanking Jimmy Carter

Is this who we are? - The Washington Post Editorial Board

New Accuser: Serial Harasser And Trump Pal And Confidante Mark Halperin Targeted College Girls, Too

Jeff Koterba's Oct. 28 cartoon: Two storms, equally dangerous

BREAKING: Mueller indictee could be taken into custody as early as Monday (per CNN)

Mama's got a fruit basket riding on this... Trump Twitter Meltdown BINGO

A Freudian slip that reveals the deception being perpetrated.

The Jeans Sale Going On This Weekend Only (MADE IN USA up to 40% off)

Mueller's Dominos

Another despicable man shaping media narrative on women politicians---matt taibbi

Trump ducks commenting on Mueller indictments by Twitter-bragging Jimmy Carter said 'nice' things...

Access Hollywood tape location

Is it wrong to pray, or wish for, or think real hard, or compel, or hope...

Anyone else watching Venus Williams v Caroline Garcia at the WTA Finals tournament - spoiler

My mother

Shit's gettin' real.

How Twitter Killed the First Amendment

Will Trump cancel his trip to Asia?

Pierce: The Mueller Charges Remind Us That His Investigation Is About Criminality

White House Frat Party Finally About to End?

Another tropical depression is headed for South Florida.

Keith Olbermann makes a delightful observation about history repeating itself.

You know it is coming one day, the Trump movie. Cast it.

My Case Against Term Limits

No Improvement In N. China Air Quality; PM 2.5 Up 10% YOY For Jan-Sep 2017

Jack Kingston: "A little bit of bullying is going on here and I think the timing is very suspect"

2018 US Senate Election-Most Vulnerable and Least Vulnerable DEM and GOP held seat.

North Korea Faces 'Overwhelming' Military Response From Trump, Mattis Warns In Seoul

Paonia Reservoir, CO - A Preview Of The Inevitable Silt-Filled End Of Western Dams

Will the indictments be unsealed after the arrests?

Donald Trump Is Toxic and Inspiring a Democratic Surge in Virginia Governor's Race

Neighbor builds cool costume for kid in wheelchair.

School counselor sentenced to jail for raping teenage boy

How Trump Manipulates America With Twitter The Resistance with Keith Olbermann

US service member killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash

Facebook to show who buys political ads

Another Noreaster/Tropical Depression Combo On The Way? Sandy-Like Track Emerging

President Duh Donald has gotten one thing right (wing)

Sarah Sanders Rips Dems Over Real Collusion With Russia: Hypocrisy at the Highest Level

Are you stocked up for this week?

CNN legal analyst: Charges filed in Mueller probe means it will last 'well into 2018'

Donald Trump is a crook. He has always been a crook.

Five Feet Of Hail In 15 Minutes In Cordoba Province, Argentina

Trump's whining this morning about "very little reporting" on GDP. It's front page on NYT, WP, WSJ.

2020 hopefuls dodge Iowa and New Hampshire

Hundreds Face Conspiracy Charges For Actions Of A Few Inauguration Day Protests..70 years in prison

BP & Shell Privately Planning For 5C Warming While Publicly "Committing" To 2C Paris Target

Stevie Wonder Kneels While Singing National Anthem at Formula 1 Race

Opioid addiction, chronic pain, and Alzheimer's

It might very well be Flynn next week, and Trump knows it. Heres why:

As an atheist, I am totally wierded out right now -- obviously, so many prayers have been answered.

BREAKING: 9 year old Dylan (everybody calls him Pickle) writes to Trump about Mueller indictments.

Freedom for the few: Fighting the right's constricted notion of liberty

So Steele was INVESTIGATING the Russians, Trump's team was COLLUDING with the Russians.

Things I trust more than Faux News

***BREAKING*** White House: No comments on charges filed in Mueller investigation

Your County in the Great Depression

Great news! The NYTimes has done the 8,749th "What do midwestern white people think about Trump?"

Conservative hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer paid for Trump oppo research before DNC

I subscribe to WAPO-I can't find any stories on the Mueller news, Why?

In other news, the real estate market in Rostov on Don, Russia....

Fox Commentator Melts Down Over Russia Charges And Demands Investigation of "Clinton Administration"

Many RW surrogates are having mental and emotional breakdowns right now

"Long live the wet-dream!" . . . Please CAPTION Trump's favorite British stooge, Sebastian Gorka!!!

David Corn corrects Charlie Sykes, fake good guy...on Joy just now

Weekend toon Roundup 1 - Disaster Response

Weekend Toon Roundup 2 - The Rest

CNU Poll: Northam breaks 50%, takes 7-point lead over Gillespie

Remove registration stickers to avoid out-of-state police stops, AAA recommends

WH press pool reporting Trump left for Virginia, apparently going golfing again

What member of the Trump Crime Family will be indicted on Monday

Jeff Koterba's Oct. 28 cartoon: Two storms, equally dangerous

New Poll: @GovWalker Trails Generic Democrat For Reelection 59% want expanded Medicaid

I don't know why I'm posting this - just because, I guess

Next time a Deplorable slimes Robert Mueller share this with them

Weighing the Costs of Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

DC Attorneys Are Earning Weekend Rates

New PPPoll: WI WISCONSIN Trump Job Approval: Approve 40% Disapprove 52%

YouTube link "From Russia with Love"

Employers are privy to your medical information

Is It ME? Are They Going to Arrest ME on Monday?

Brian Friedman on his efforts trying to uncover MEREDITH MCIVER mystery

Choice nuggets from those people we need to understand

From Amazon - Great savings based on your recent viewing

Everyone is wondering WHO; I am also wondering WHAT.

Only CNN is reporting the indictment(s)?

A 2 hour concert for your Saturday: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live from Gatorville

Its just messed up: Most think political divisions as bad as Vietnam era, new poll shows

Rep pearce's letter - dissected

Five States in the United States Still Have Blasphemy Laws on Books

still no tweet?

And here we go...

Oh man......Timmy Teebow is an analyst on the SEC network......

These three words alone could force Trump to resign.

Breaking: A Truck from The Mattress Factory Is at White House Loading Dock

Monday Monday

Reuters, citing a source briefed on the matter, matches CNN report: First charges filed in Mueller's

Rumor? Charter Jet at Dulles with Moscow Flight Plan

Trump WH is right now trying to fend off Mueller GJ indictment news with mind-numbing lies

I'm an Albatraoz

Trump Admin Tries the "No Puppet! No Puppet! You're the Puppet!" gambit

Joy Reid accuses Trump of colluding with Fox News on bogus Clinton stories because he knew...


Will Mueller go to Jared?

This Might Be It!

Know who closely watch off year local elections? Members of Congress.

Mueller time VIDEO!

"The Fall" on Netflix

Are there any other news outlets reporting on this story?

With this arrest comes panic among all the people who know they are guilty.

I just have a feeling that it will be

DeVos offers buyouts to shrink Education Department workforce

About North Korea ???? War? China's Interest

Hmm ... Just days before an indictment, sTrumpets start a push to putsch Mueller out...

Team Hillary... can I get an 'AMEN'?

NBC Confirms!

Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #5

Mercer run Renaissance Technologies Enters Divestment Campaign Crosshairs

Computer server in lawsuit against Georgia Republicans was erased but no one seems to know how

Why I'm speaking up about Mark Halperin, and why I stayed silent so long

So does Las Vegas have a betting line on who will be charged?

Five Possible Mueller Indictments

Would you trust Trump to pardon you after you were convicted?

Why are Trump's tweets so innocuous this morning ?

GOP Tax Bill Shrouded In Secrecy

Photo: Sen Sanders with Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario.

BREAKING: NBC News confirms Mueller indictment to be served on Monday

Fox News Revenues Nosedive Despite Trump's Constant Viewing (MSNBC is up 2 percent)

Texas AG challenges Indian Child Welfare Act

Indictment Monday....Music to get indicted by....

Breaking Right Now on FOX News:

New Zealand's Adorable 'First Cat' Is Taking Over Twitter with Its Opposable Thumbs

Industrial drawbacks to the use of neptunium in existing nuclear reactors.

U.S. court allows evidence from FBI child porn site probe

T-Rex family waits for school bus

Jurassic Carpark

So if next weeks indictment(s) reference any unnamed, unindicted co-conspirators...

Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story

IMHO: 45's parting gift to his best buddy Paul

WD My Passport issue

Who is the indictment for?

Trump legal team scrambles to prepare for new stage of Russia probe

So Russia colluded with Clinton to plant dirt on Trump that incriminates Russia?

Different front pages of prominent news websites

Vote Fraud Commission About Removing Any & All Democrats From Roles. Even Legal Ones.

Is it now impossible for 45 to fire Mueller? Please vote:

Maxine Waters is speaking now at the Women's Convention:

'Hellish gunfire' in hotel as blasts hit Mogadishu

Hair-throng goo tongue

Unsealed Documents Show That Kris Kobach Is Dead Set on Suppressing the Right to Vote

Guess what season it is?

Mueller should wait until Tuesday to take the person into custody.

It's Mueller Time!

2 months at his golf resorts

Halloween costume idea for those who live in DC/ NYC

Ads noted

Here we GO Sen Feinstein fired off 5 letters today. (FRIDAY)

Paul Newman's watch sells for record $18m at auction, BBC

Really? We still have people threatening to withhold their support if their "perfect" candidate

Breaking: Strange, Depressed Orange Man Spotted on Roof of WH

Cape Town Rations Water Before Reservoirs Hit Zero

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Christians Must Run For Office So The Church Can Take Over The Government

Overheard at the Trump Golf Course on the 15th Hole:

The owl hoots at midnight Sunday night. All systems go.

Fundraiser for Sgt. La David Johnson's kids' scholarship has so far raised..

I bet its drumph

Frederick Douglass Got (Halloween) Game

Update on Virginia early voting

Mueller's latest move has Trump's staunchest allies melting down on Twitter

Top story on Fox News website ...

Motorcycle gunman opens fire on house in Hattersley - live updates

Anybody wondering if there will come a day

Excited Crowd Outside Muellers Office Awaits First Arrest

Americans Deeply Divided Over Who They Want to See Go to Prison First

Per Watergate, Trump cannot legally fire Mueller

Week 23: Mueller Bombs Trump's Big Week

Exclusive: Roger Stone in Panic. Barricades Self in Home.

I have somehow ended up on a Donald Trump e-mail list

CNN legal analyst: Charges filed in Mueller probe means it will last 'well into 2018'

Sarah the Mutant Slug says on MSNBC

Perhaps President Donald Trump Is Actually A Dumb Liar With A Terrible Memory

MoveOn Already Organizing To Protest Possible Mueller Firing

Bruce Hornsby, The Range

Mueller's latest move has Trump's staunchest allies melting down on Twitter

Best parody video EVER! 'From Russia with Love'! BRILLIANT!

GOP faith ambassador quits, complains of priorities of RNC

Give Trump your opinion on the media

Documenting the Atrocities - Hate Images

Question for Coloradans

Love Buzz: Marijuana Use Linked to Sexual Activity


Third Democratic Opponent Enters GA-6 Race Against Rep. Handel

New York Daily News NAILS IT!!!

Carl Bernstein warns Trump against "trying to sabotage" Mueller investigation

Hillary Clinton's Sceme Complete!

White nationalists stage anti-refugee protests in Tennessee

Is Trump Looking For An Excuse To Fire Mueller Before Hes Impeached?

Trump team's response to Russia news: Focus on Clinton, leaks or anything else

LOL @ Roger Stone

As Russia Probe Heats Up, Conservatives Call For Special Counsel Mueller To Quit

Paul Manafort: Trump former campaign manager not aware of possible criminal charges against him

Counter-protestor hilariously trolls Shelbyville white supremacists w- offer of free genetic testing

Are we headed toward a constitutional crisis?

Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce!

Poll: who is the oddest Trump sycophant/proxy

Why is Ndamukong Suh still playing in the league?

Mueller's Russia: The Film.

Anybody surprised he hasnt tweeted yet?

Damaged Brains

Dinner Was So Bad He Had to Smoke a Joint

Trump's next target...Sudan

Breaks Twitters rules -- so ban him

71% say politics has reached a dangerous low

Trump "proud" he rebranded media "fake news" ...roflmao

News I want to see: Trump has taken refuge in the Nambian Embassy and is asking for asylum.

The Vague Tax Plan

I was attacked by a heavy jar of peanut butter and have a bruised lip and face.

Travels to his Virginia golf club

Billionaire GOP donor: Trump 'a threat to democracy'

Biggest myth: hes a tough guy

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 28, 2017

To Russia With Love! Must watch it is great!! LMAO!!

Race and Gender Are Issues Now in Athens House Race

Donald Trump Jr. bags pheasants with Rep. Steve King on opening day in northwest Iowa

The Human Dumpster Fire hasn't tweeted in several hours, but...

Tulane graduate 'grossed out' by Mark Halperin's advances at James Carville dinner: report

Last scene of MARSHALL Trayvon's real Mom and Dad and Ben Crump (their attorney) play parts

DrumpfCare sucks out loud!

This mystery object may be our first visitor from another solar system

I think Mueller is going to indict all of those present at the Trump Tower meeting of June 9th

The Greater Manchester X-Files - the spooky, strange and inexplicable calls that are from another pl

Roger Stone's twitter meltdown landed him in twitter jail

Newly resurfaced 1936 video features a Minneapolis 'fire cat' sliding down station poles

Need your driveway or road repaired?

Strict Consultation??

Betsy DeVos may give only partial relief to students defrauded by for-profit colleges

GA Appeals court rules against immigrants over in-state tuition

Genius White House altered artwork.

Georgia lawmaker wants to allow cities to manage Confederate monuments

Monday, Monday

Why is Trump still allowed to use Twitter?

Florida Power & Light will seek $1.3 billion in Hurricane Irma costs from customers

Who is going to get the Robert Vesco Memorial Prize?

Puerto Ricans fleeing Hurricane Maria's wreckage find scarce affordable housing in Central Florida

Tennessee: Murfreesboro rally canceled as counterprotesters outnumber White Lives Matter activists

"The Art of Hatred," by Donald J. Trump! n/t

D.C. Man Gets Jail Time for Riding ATV in Arlington

Asia's largest gay pride parade held in Taiwan

When Mueller's indictments go down

Boente was fired according to NBC.

He tweeted...

Donald Trump Rally

Trump votes in state other than his residence, Oct 2017

uhm did Blue Bloods just say Nancy Regan's war on drugs was successful?

This will be Trumps America if they get their way

Russia is furious. That means the sanctions are working.


I think Meuller should hold off issuing indictments until Tuesday night

I doubt Jared or Junior will be indicted on Monday.

#126 of things that bother me - "Facebook ads"

So will there be more than one person indicted on Monday?

On Monday, Mueller will charge one person with crimes, Donald J. Trump.

Monday, Monday:

DT tweeted today that he's releasing all the JFK files except names/addresses of living people.

Most succinct, concise tweet of the day. It shines a spotlight on how

Canadian man fined for loudly singing "Everybody Dance Now"

If he were honest, Trump would begin every "I" statement with "While not at all presidential"

President Obama called for jury duty in Illinois

Suppose some allied foreign intelligence service had one of the June 2016 meeting people

Michael Flynn JR has been permanently suspended from twitter.

Why aren't the public figures trying to head the Trump investigation in another direction

Candidates 2017: Katrina Callsen for Albemarle County (VA) School Board

Trumps set to launch two real estate projects in India, despite conflict-of-interest concerns

Home Builders Will Oppose Republican Tax Bill

Trump just tweeted this

Strong coastal storm set to slam the East Coast from Sunday into Monday

Paul Ryan begins a make-or-break push for tax legislation -- and his future

Greatest Game I have ever seen

Five Things To Watch As Robert Mueller Makes His First Big Move

Heh! Well that definitely adds a new wrinkle into the possible NCAA playoff scenarios...

Check in here if your school just beat their rival 42-7

"Grab 'em by the p---y"? "You're making that up."

Puerto Rico's Government Just Admitted 911 People Died After The Hurricane Of "Natural Causes"

I just saw on facebook a picture of the Trumpets family!

Mark Halperin's career is all but over, for now.

SMH- Chump just picked a twitter fight with Michael Moore

Will the parade be rained out Monday ?

FAKE NEWS: Uranium deal story? That stemmed from oppo research backed by Bannon/Breitbart.

A tremendously successful week: Team Trump rushes to deflect and distract after Mueller bombshell

Roger Stone Twitter Account Suspended After Obscene, Threatening Rant At CNN Anchors Update