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Archives: October 29, 2017

At Womens Convention, Maxine Waters Among Leaders Reclaiming Our Time

Roger Stone Banned From Twitter After Threatening CNN Anchors

International Observe the Moon Night 2017 Is Tonight! How to Celebrate

Maxine Waters: "We cannot afford to be shut down or shut up by any man, particularly not ...

Ryan loses key ally on tax reform after switch on breaks for homeowners

One way to tell that the Trumptards are worried about something

Thong-Clad Driver Was Covered In Vaseline

Thong-Clad Driver Was Covered In Vaseline

Halperin's comments about Trump's sex tape.

I wonder if there's some way for state forfeiture laws to be used against Trump?

Won't be much longer until all of Nixon's former goons have died...

Got a notice from Covered California: premium is going up to $1885 a month, a 19.1% increase ...

IMHO: The dems and gop parties are ignoring their independents: at their own peril

Roger Stone Twitter account suspended

been watching college football all day. They keep hyping "the big reveal"

Roger Stone banned from Twitter

Criticism of Trump isnt always partisan

Toxic and inspiring a Democratic surge in Virginia governor's race

D.C.s budget takes dead aim at NYC

Fusion GPS, House intelligence panel reach agreement on subpoena

A Freudian slip is where through a "mistake" you reveal your true desires. This is a Freudian slip.

Playbill rebuts Trump's lie about Michael Moore's play

As I watch, tonight, the Lifetime movie on Flint and the water

Has anyone watched the 2nd season of Chance on Hulu?

Kansas learned tax lesson the hard way

Made my day...

What ghost stories do you have in your locale?

Not all heroes wear capes.

Hey, Hey, Hey! Christmas music starts on the radio Wednesday!

SAD. The Town That Just Doesnt Mind

Richard Painter on Roger Stone

My Grandson Joshua, ready for his first piano recital!

Amazon accidentally shipped this couple over 60 pounds of weed

Its just messed up: Most think political divisions as bad as Vietnam era, new poll shows


Well said.

Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #6

** Breaking: Hillary Responds To Dotard's Crime Family indictment's **

Conservative Publication Hired Fusion GPS, the Firm at the Center of a Storm Over Dossier on Trump

"Nobody called 911": Witnesses rob, take photos of unconscious woman

GOPs Strategy on Tax Plan Raises Concerns of Health-Overhaul Replay

Terror Plot In Canada: The Inside Man (FBI undercover agent) video

Elderly couple dead after shooting at Cobourg hospital, SIU investigating

Lone Cyclist responds to Presidental Motorcade..

The owner of the Houston Texans said he was upset with the election!

Micheal Moore Unleashes on Loser #45..

Sessions' CoS who fired Boente has called for Mueller to be reined in & Hillary to be investigated

Twitter is draining the swamp I can't wait until Trump's twitter account gets permanently suspended

GOP says lower-tax states are subsidizing California. It's the other way around

"I couldn't sleep at night having to embrace the president," said everyone (well, Jeff Flake)

Tropical Storm Philippe Forms Near Cuba; Damaging Winds on Tap for Northeast U.S

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 31: Classic Horror

Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #7

On Monday these guys have cancelled leave. No lunch breaks. Brought in some temps.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 1: Star of the Month: James Stewart

Chimpanzees among 33 breeds selected for special protection

Guys, Ted Cruz is staring at me while Im watching the World Series and its creeping me out.

Leaked Chat Shows FIU Frat Joking About Rape, Sharing Nude Female Pics

I just make an additional $60.00 campaign contribution to the Doug Jones Campaign plus

A top senate Democrat resigns after affair disclosed

If it's not Trump, Fox will call the indictment(s) a 'nothingburger'.

This is exactly right.

The First FBI Crime Report Issued Under Trump Is Missing A Ton Of Info

Puerto Rico funeral homes are burning bodies that arent being counted

Couple's costume idea

Trump sons head to India with SS protection for Trump Org Deals..

Roger Stone is apparently still using 2 Twitter accounts: @StoneColdTruth and @STONEFLIK

Battle for the mother land: indigenous people of Colombia fighting for their lands

Hillary Clinton slams Trump administration's record on LGBT issues

Florida's struggling citrus industry gets no love in disaster relief bill


Parents of med school student killed in wreck awarded $45 million

Duggar Fans want Pervert Sexual Assaulter Josh Duggar on the Show Again

Boynton man gets prison sentence for scamming IRS out of nearly $500,000

With thousands still in shelters, FEMA's caution about temporary housing hinders hurricane recovery

With thousands still in shelters, FEMA's caution about temporary housing hinders hurricane recovery

Patriotism's never looked so trashy,

The Governor Blocked Medicaid Expansion. Now Maine Voters Could Overrule Him.

*Watching Lifetime's FLINT.

SNL, you made me cry tonight.

trump lies about JFK files....tweet

Profiles in courage

Central Florida's future of water focuses on remote reservoir with contentious past

THREAD: a field guide to Russian traitor disinfo talking points, with comebacks

...a rolling investigation...the way the DOJ might attack a drug cartel or a mafia family.

Red Summer by Cameron McWhiter

Germany generating so much windpower today that price for electricity will fall... below zero

October 29th is National Cat Day. Here are 14 little-known facts about our feline friends

Florida's most endangered butterfly may not have survived Hurricane Irma

(A bit early maybe) "Crabby Christmas Blues"

Missed deadlines nothing new for Rick Scott's disaster agency

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran sues Tampa over "illegal tax" on hotel rooms

You are fake news ! Well, you are...

'toon: Halloween group therapy

Hey Twitter! Nicely done!

Hughey the cat has done it again. He knocks all my vitamin bottles

In Virginia Governors Race, Immigrants Turnout May Be Key.

Who is up The Creek?

Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle!

Trump lost $600 million in the last 12 months, and Moore made $4 million in the last 12 week.

Puerto Rico's Government Just Admitted 911 People Died After The Hurricane Of "Natural Causes"

Rachel on the Dana Boente Resignation

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stuns America; Makes Major Weekend Career Announcement.

Panic spreads on Trumps legal team as everyone tries to guess who Mueller will indict

I used to be one of the craziest people you'd ever run across.

Dallas woman sentenced to 10 years in $375M health care scam

President Obama on SNL Halloween episode tonight

Tangerine Dream

Can the President Be Indicted? A Long-Hidden Legal Memo Says Yes

Bernie Sanders awed by Canadian health care

Desperate Cheeto by Randy Rainbow!! His best! Watch and LYOA!!

CityNews Toronto Video: Bernie Sanders visits Toronto

Shout out to Angelo Badalamenti...

1400 containers of food sitting in US waiting to be shipped to Puerto Rico. Reason: the Jones Act

23 year old Steve Martin on Smothers Brothers

Lost in Space

Woody Harrelson said dinner with Trump was so bad that he had to smoke a joint..

You belong to me...

After Brexit: the UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties with other countries

Halloween Is Coming #91

Halloween Is Coming #92

Halloween Is Coming #93

Halloween Is Coming #94

Halloween Is Coming #95

Kaufman County DA closes bribery investigation into Texas AG Ken Paxton

TxDOT concedes just-completed I-35 bridge near downtown San Antonio looks 'well, terrible'

How renting furniture in Texas can land you in jail

American service members rate white nationalism as a larger security threat than Syria or Iraq

Alice Sweet Alice...

The Walking Dead 8.2 "The Damned" (spoiler alert)

Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent

t's Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending

You'll Find The Remains Of A Former Texas Capital In Louisiana

WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller's resignation and accuses Clinton and DNC of collusion

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Force Of Hobbit Edition

Ari Melber Connects More Dots On Latest Trump Tower/Russia Revelations

Donald Trump will fire Robert Mueller within the next 48 hours

PAINTER: How we find out tomorrow. So it's gonna be quite dramatic, then.

NY Post headline: Robert Mueller should resign

Ivana Trump: Donald 'did not know how to speak the children's language'

Firefighters battle large blaze at Arkansas plant

Sunday's Doonesbury - Considering the Wall

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon - Scary Costume

Mueller, Don't Be Late

PLEASE be careful with fire pits!

Guys, I really think Trump wants us all to be talking about the JFK files

WAPO: Powerful endorsement of Ralph Northam in VA, with appropriately harsh criticism of Gillespie-

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow, your (only) a day away

Just got my ACA/Blue Cross notification about 2018

Counterprotesters play "La Bamba" while "White Lives Matter" rally leader Michael Hill speaks

We are in trouble. Some Republicans don't see the connection between

The funniest thing I'll probably see, today, is also my dream scenario for tomorrow

And there are no ties to Russia anywhere hmmmm???

Well, john kelly never apologized for lying about the Congresswoman

OMG it just dawned on me. I might be getting the BEST birthday gift Monday.

Tom Petty on today's music:

Trump is clearly against "many months of COSTLY looking" that fail to produce results.

Why should I give a rat's ass that Rupert Murdoch's WSJ and NYP want Robert Mueller to resign ?

Catalonia independence: Huge pro-Spain rally in Barcelona

Enough with the lower post shaming on DU

Five Things to Watch as Robert Mueller Makes His First Big Move

Watch: America's Mobster President -- New Evidence -- Trump's International Money Laundering

More bad news for Paul Manafort on the money laundering front.

New Evidence -- Trump's International Money Laundering

first tweet of the morning....he's bragging about his greatest failure

"I learned deception at my father's knee." Please come CAPTION Jim Acosta and Sarah H. Sanders!!!

I like this

Veteran diplomats are alarmed by a leaked doc: showing how Tillerson is grabbing power....

Brawl between white nationalists and interracial couple leaves woman bloodied after Tennessee march

Republicans are giving Trump permission to fire Mueller.

Brawl between white nationalists and interracial couple leaves woman bloodied after Tennessee march

Trump: "We will Repeal & Replace and have great Healthcare soon after Tax Cuts!"

Even in the era of Trump....theres always Rocky Horror

Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage bound together in an unholy alliance

Michael Moore Fires Back At Donald Trump For Calling His Play A Total Bomb Updated

Oh, was that today?

Trump confident ex-aides don't have evidence against him, lawyer says

Never too early to lie or ever too late. . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

A Monday Morning wish.

FAUX's version of the dossier

Bad enough CRISTIE is all over the yak shows, but wtf *KILMEADE*!1 on This Weak?!1

25 years and this is all they have

Sunday Meme n Toon roundup

Jerry Jones and 16 other NFL owners try to block Roger Goodell contract extension

Trump's Legacy: Damaged Brains

Hallowe'en Eve Will Henceforth Be Called Indictment Day.

The Mercers bring their politics, and millions, to Mass.

Gowdy: I wish Dems would help more on Russia probe

Poll: Trump approval rating drops to lowest of presidency

Fired US attorney: Watch how Trump reacts to Mueller charges

Oh GOODIE! Rep. Adam Schiff will be on AM Joy!

Trumps Approval Rating Drops to Lowest Level Yet in New NBC News/WSJ Poll

He's going off right now

Trump attacking Hillary Clinton & Mueller investigation again this morning, pleading "DO SOMETHING!"

NEW DETAILS: Sgt. La David Johnson died going BACK into the kill zone to save comrades

Trumps Emergency Response In Puerto Rico Is A Massive Moral Failure

So, what are Trump and his associates praying about this Sunday?

TRUMP's America-Bi-racial couple allegedly attacked in restaurant by neo-Nazis after Tennessee rally

Trump Falsely Claims Two-Day Late JFK Files Release Was 'Long Ahead of Schedule'

Trump calling for violence from his Deplorables?

Schiff: 'Important' Question Isn't Who Funded Dossier, But How Much Is True

Trump MAY NOT be wearing this ACTUAL hat this weekend, but he might as well be.

Do Not Lose Hope- Trumps Approval Rating Drops to Lowest Level Yet in New NBC Poll

Preet Bharara: Mueller will watch for Trump's overreaction to Monday arrests before making next move

Christie: 'We've Heard Nothing' To Indicate Trump Is Under Investigation

U.S. journalist faces sexual harassment furor over memoir

We Himself twits out "Do Something" in regards to HRC, that seems like a threat to her safety

I read recently ab radio host surprised by rw callers who said they never heard ab d Hollywood tape

You know who isn't getting arrested on Monday?

The money at the end of the rainbow.

Roger Stone vows legal action over Twitter suspension

Green energy vs. coal: A secret campaign to convince Ohioans that wind and solar would kill jobs

Lots of possible names on our mind for the indictment, but who would be your number one choice?

your opinion?

This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach

Senate Intel member: 'Premature' to say Russia investigation reached conclusion

'DO SOMETHING!': Panicky Trump Tweets about 'phony Trump/Russia collusion' as Monday arrests loom

I must ask, do you REALLY believe this GOP Congress will impeach Donald?

This belief/curse of the republican party has damaged our lives.

There is something seriously wrong with suspending a player for five games in the next season

Catholics are paying the price for their alliance with Evangelicals

Facebook struggles to contain Russia narrative

If it's not Flynn or Manafort...will you be disappointed?

Another Historical plaque removed


Pfeiffer: Constitutional crisis won't be when Trump fires Mueller, but when Ryan/McConnell let him

Facebook LIVE Now Link: Bernie Sanders - University of Toronto

Damien (Trumps son in law) knows everything. What will he do when he is indicted?

Remember the "Swift Boaters"?

Trump to repubs on Twitter - "DO SOMETHING!"

On Altruism, from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Facebook LIVE Now Link: Bernie Sanders - University of Toronto Oct 29 11AM

Storing digital images safely

That was a wicked beat down of that stupid ReTHUG hack Jenn whatever on AM Joy

Cartoonists around the world are having a field day covering Trump #8

Buzzfeeds Morning Manafort Money Laundering Report

Puerto Rico governor wants Whitefish contract cancelled immediately

"Unpacking Uranium One: Hype and Law"

It kills more than deaths from war-And America is in the top 10

TPM "NBC/WSJ Poll: Trumps Approval Rating At Its Lowest Since He Took Office"

There coming to get you Donald. Boo!

TPM "Schiff: Important Question Isn't Who Funded Dossier, But How Much Is True"

How about a bit of low post-count shaming?

UPDATED: Puerto Rico governor calls for cancellation of $300 million contract...

I'm a little surprised they are hosting 'Halloween at the White House', this year

Is Susan Collins mentally fit?

I wish Steyer could get together with other progressives and buy up TV stations

FOX News/some Republicans are encouraging obstruction of justice

Hillary Clintons Full Speech Accepting the Wonder Woman Award--on her Birthday...

Trump: Coincidence that Russia is bubbling up ahead of tax push? 'NOT!'

Question: If it's Manafort and the charges are for money laundering

The difference between Hillary's so-called "collusion" and Trump's alleged "collusion"...

Both Parties are the same??

J.K. Rowling: Nothing expresses calm confidence better than a caps-locked scream of 'DO SOMETHING!'

Letters "A," "S," and "S" mysteriously fall off of sign as photo is taken

Do you know who isn't getting arrested on Monday

"We'll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit..."

Unions are evil! Because of unions, we the country has been crippled by:

Michigan State students pressure school to divest from Robert Mercers hedge fund

Puerto Rico Governor Moves to Cancel Controversial Whitefish Contract

I like Candy Corn.

FBI Probe Of Paul Manafort Focuses On 13 "Suspicious" Wire Transfers

Slate: Robert Mueller Has the Authority to Name Donald Trump an Unindicted Co-Conspirator

I think the pressure is getting to him

50+ Brilliant Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever

So, GOP has the WH, the House, the Senate, and SCOTUS

The smell of Trump Twitter Meltdown in the morning.

trump needs to be careful with pardons. Anyone he pardons cannot take the fifth,

The Hunt-Liddy-McCord "Plumbers" indictment came 18 months before the Watergate 7 charges.

"I hate manure!"

Nigel Farage associate Andy Wigmore just told Louise Mensch that Mueller is "about to get fired lol"

Terrific Family Halloween Costume Photo

I know its been asked before. Are these two related?

She is SO CUTE...

Anti-Trump Republicans have three options but only one can save their party

Anyone using VISTA microwave tech for internet?

This is the FEMA mutual aid plan for utilitiesin PR & VI....

Why drumpf voters are having regrets

It's so difficult to find evidence against Trump. For example;

Photo: Sen. Sanders arrives to visit the Toronto General Hospital


You don't think we're getting our hopes up about the indictments do you?

Editorial: Rebuild Santa Rosa the right way

Christie: Mueller's targets should be concerned

The $300,000,000 question

Did Trump's Campaign Or The RNC Pay For Any Opposition Research On Hillary?....

Federal Grand Jury Indictment rate. 99.99%

You have been warned!

Ex-Reagan adviser stomps on 'those 3 idiots on Fox' for lying for Trump

Joy Reid debunked the #UraniumOneDeal fake news story AMJoy this morning

O. J. Trump and Fox News are in full meltdown mode, I expect to see Hannity pull up ...

Clinton: Fox News seems to think I live in the White House

A Trump follower and Manson follower are sitting in a bar;

I can't remember when I looked forward to a Monday so much.

A child's life cut short amid Venezuela crisis

WH schedule shows Trump will be having lunch with Sessions tomorrow

Great Halloween costume for pooch, dressed as a mop

More Terrifying Still . . .

Americas Test Kitchen has a new home

TV show: "Americas Test Kitchen has a new home"

Nazi can't be heard as La Bamba drowns him out

Dog rescued from Italy ravine

Beethoven's #9 playing now.

Horrible Listening Skills

One Of My Very Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes

What are you reading this week of October 29, 2017?

Wolfenstein far, so good...

Translation: The Special Counsel may have just indicted someone close to me. HELP! Republicans in Co

Deserves its own post..

My old man loved Jimmy Hoffa.

Gallup: February, identified as GOP: 31%. October, identify GOP: 24%. So when you hear

Two Horry County, SC, councilmen spent nearly $6,000 in tax dollars ...

Clinton: Fox News seems to think I live in the White House

Comey's latest tweet - MLK quote

Two Horry County, SC, councilmen spent nearly $6,000 in tax dollars ...

West Bank mural shows Trump, Netanyahu kissing

Because the Dishwasher Is You: 24 Delicious One-Pot Dinners

Do you consider FOX NEWS a mainstream news organization?

What happened to my journal posts before 2012?

Senate Democrat: My job is not to fight the president

Gowdy to fellow Republicans: Give Mueller a chance to do his job

Ex-Obama speechwriter dresses as Kushner for Halloween

HRC: Master Troll Level.

Ted Cruz on the national debt 2014/2017

"Stranger Things" question about plot line.

Travis Benjamin bobbled a PR at the 10 and returned it to the end zone

Vox: Ahead of possible Mueller indictments, Donald Trump is attacking Hillary Clinton

ACA Open enrollment NOV 1st - DEC 15. ph# 1-800-318-2596.

U.S. pressure delays Israel's 'Greater Jerusalem' bill: legislator

Top House Dem: Trump's power to pardon limited

Heathrow's secret security data found on memory stick on street in London

Because of course he did.

Fox & Friends Teams Up With Discredited David Clarke To 'Destroy' Mueller Investigation

Painter on Trump: "He's losing it. Some suspects may plead the 5th but he is pleading the 25th."

Democrats used to campaign on class and win. It's time to do it again.

Song for Hillary

HELLLLPPPPPP i have spider mites!

Righteous tweet re LOSER 45 & pukin:

White nationalists met by counterprotesters cancel second rally in Tennessee

GOP Doesnt Seem To Hate Debt So Much Now That It Wants A Tax Cut

Video Full Event: Senator Bernie Sanders, Toronto Ontario Canada, Sunday October 29 2017

Why are not many more dems capitalizing on this and on TV?

Full Event: Senator Bernie Sanders, Toronto Ontario Canada, Sunday October 29 2017

some details of the Whitefish contract

Trump's lawyer is babysitting today:

I just had a random depressing thought.

UCDSU President Ascough impeached

For darn sake, why all the relentlessly negative posts, defeatism, and gloom on DU?

Man spends hours installing cat door and....


The Owner of the Houston Texans NFL Team Called Players 'Inmates.'

My new favorite image:


Trump is REALLY melting down, making Captain Queeg look like Sean Connery as James Bond.

Hey Christie, your credibility, is worthless, your "guy" and his team are under investigation

Free Beacon Oct 24th Article on the Steele dossier's DEM funding , B4 admitting they funded too. Hmm

Jobs you'd rather have than being fRump's lawyer:

2 Navy SEALs Under Suspicion in Strangling of Green Beret in Mali

Every republican tax cut should be called a budget increase by Dem politicians! Agree or disagree?

Hail to the chief: cyclist gives Trump the middle finger

This Is How Much Trumps Obamacare Sabotage Increased Health Insurance Costs

Photo: Bernie greeting students lined up at University of Toronto

Approval rating lowest of presidency

Who's getting indicted on Monday (vote your hearts out!)

PBS Newshour, Domestic Abuse in Russia



Richard Painter: "It's Mueller Time...."


Wisconsin ran voter ID ads in 52 movie theaters but none in Milwaukee

Eight years in office, zero criminal investigations, zero indictments, zero prison terms

Once upon a time, politicians had to campaign without the use of computer graphics.

What's the deal with

Puerto Ricos utility cancels controversial $300 million contract with Montana firm hired to repair

Who will get a win first? San Francisco or Cleveland?

Mueller seems to be conducting his probe "in stages," the way DOJ "might attack a drug cartel or a

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 29, 2017

Whitefish Energy contract will be canceled after ongoing work ends in Puerto Rico!!

Trump alert: DonaldJTrumpJr has just followed @ggreenwald. Of course he did.

Advice to Paul Manafort: Keep the Porch Light On and the Door Unlocked, it's Still Dark at 5:00 AM

Spider Cat - Simon's Cat

Mucc - Saishuu Ressha

Carl Bernstein: Trump has brought Americas "cold civil war almost to the point of ignition"

OFF TO THE VET (FULL FILM) - A Simons Cat Special!

What will he tweet next? (Warning: tweets could be fake)

Professor Quits After U. of North Dakota Blocks Him from Teaching About Standing Rock

"The Cask of Amaralago" A Trumpian horror tale

Just woke up, any word on Mueller??

NFL team owner Bob McNairs statement confirms player are but high priced slaves (VIDEO)

Progressives must extricate sexism from within and fight like they mean it

Ron Reagan on Trump: Deeply troubled unfit president dragging country down (VIDEO)

Excited Crowd Outside Mueller's Office Awaits First Arrest

Who's gonna make up the Trump Chain Gang?


David Corn SLAMS Trump Where It Will Hurt...

Neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart: People Are Dying in Opioid Crisis Because of Politicians Ignorance

Entire Trump Administration Staff to Line up Outside FBI Offices at 11:59 PM.

Most of NFLs Houston Texans Kneel During Anthem After Owners Remark

Book: World Without Mind

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 October 2017

Make Your Dog into a Mop for Halloween

Book: World Without Mind

Something Foul in Flappieville

Two people strangely silent in recent weeks and months...

Beautiful Pic Of Kneeling Texans at Texans/Seahawks game

How to Deprogram Truth-Denying Trump Voters

Take THAT, Bob McNair!!!!

I got to say this: It really feels great to know they are going down.

Historic Virginia church to relocate Washington, Lee plaques


Olbermann, on "Christmas Eve," shares "the Citizen Kane of Mueller/Trump Arrest Raid videos"

Two-thirds of Virginia GOP ticket to speak here shortly: Look at the sign...........

31 Flavors of Fuckery, I'll Just Have a Mueller Genuine Draft

Clinton Uranium Facts:

Joy Reid Takes Apart Right Wing Talking Points On Drummed Up Clinton Uranium One Fake 'Scandal'

Im sorry I cant wait until tomorrow

Donald Trump and his imaginary accordian

Whos indictment would be more damagaing to Trumpy's adminstration??

Human Rights Campaign on HRC

So the indictments have already been handed down

Flags I've temporarily added to my sig line.

Thank You Barack Obama, You were Simply the BEST

Eric Garcetti drops out of CA-GOV race

I hear this is a popular song tonight! "Get Ready to Go"

Does anyone know what time Monday the indictments will be announced?

Mueller, don't be late!

DONATE to Schuyler VanvValkenburg or he will release the dragons!!

Nina Turner/Our Revolution Repeats Right Wing Uranium Spin:

D - AWESOME visuel kei band

Low global rating for the Divider In Chief leads to lower ratings for U.S.

Let's play Find the Russian Collusion!

Today is National Cat Day

*****A couple of footnotes to the Uranium 1 story ***** Deplorables are filthy liars

Misplaced monarchs: Clusters of butterflies stuck up north (AP)

McClatchy reporter warns: Experts say North Korea is planning a missile test for Trumps Asia trip

Universal basic income will begin in Stockton, CA.

Dotard is feelin the heat ; )

5 Years After Superstorm Sandy, the Lessons Haven't Sunk In (AP/U.S.News)

If Obama did 1/4th of what Trump is doing

Cleveland or 49ers

*The French Chef with Julia Child back NOW on MPT!

How The Hell Did Anthony Podesta Get Shoehorned Into This Mess?

Octopuses 'walking out of the sea' (BBC)

Vicente Fox responds to Trump's "Sloppy Michael Moore" tweet.

I am sorry for all the times I stabbed men, just a little, in my previous workplace...."

Mueller Has Dozens of Sealed Indictments, Including On Donald Trump

VA-GOV: Some good news from Dems in battleground FairFax County

My guess for tomorrow

Whasssup, Eric Prince??! Where y'at, son??!

Where do I go to get datasets for banned book information?

Ivanka Trump's birthday is..........TOMORROW!!

Democrats Attack Tax Bill as a Middle-Class Con Job

Refs walk off in protest after players kneel during anthem at New Jersey football game

well, the orange shitbag is certainly having a historic presidency - 282 days and...

A Message From Robert Mueller:

Now at the white house

I went to a zoo where the solitary

Poor, Poor Malania and Barron!

Your Halloween candy-giving practices?

Who's wondering if they'll be able to sleep tonight (I mean, us, on DU!)

Interesting campaign communication

A young acquaintance from the Democratic Republic of Congo messaged me . The world is watching.

Imagine pulling up next to a car on the Strip and it's Reid & Boehner!

Lake Hodges...again

Trump might send 60,000 Hondurans back home - and it could backfire, officials say

The Steele dossier says the Russians funded "recent" visits of Stein and Page to Moscow.

Regarding the indictments...what if Dave Chapell jumps out on CnnMsbc and yells "PSYCH"?

So glad no #MuellerMonday leaks

LA National Guard in Puerto Rico - Taking a knee...

IF There Are Sealed Indictments Against Drumpf...

#OTD:The Wall Street Crash of 1929, aka Black Tuesday happened #OTD. Historians discuss Roaring 20's

Trump is not above the law protests if he fires Mueller or has him fired

VA-GOV: Absentee voting will easily surpass 2013

Ps-s-s-t!-----Hey, Donnie-boy----Listen:------------

Wouldn't you love to see one of them hauled off a plane in cuffs tomorrow? n/m


How Whitefish landed Puerto Rico's $300 million power contract

Brace yourself for endless lawyer babble..It's gonna come fast and thick. no matter who is indicted

Anyone watching Netflix's Mindhunter?

I finally met an Obama/Bernie/Trump voter. So at least one of them exists.


"The Government," everybody.

Sgt. La David Johnson died going BACK into the kill zone to save comrades

Maryland AG investigating Kushner real estate business: report

No meltdown here

Let's think for a moment of all the FBI Agents and other public servants who spent their weekend

Echo Chamber

Police: I-66 driver killed when pedestrian jumped from overpass

Msnbc needs to go ahead and ,,,,,

I'm playing Christmas music in anticipation for tomorrow