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Gratitude Thread To Rachel For Never Giving Up The Digging While We Waited

Thank Limbaugh for the Fake News

11/17/73....Richard Nixon.."I am not a crook" (37 seconds)

Upstairs at home, with the TV on, Trump fumes over Russia indictments

If trump pardons everyone, is there any recourse?

NYC Subway Strap-hangers advise Bernie :)

As an aside I have three female employees who not only voted for Trump

Even Republicans Would Back Trumps Impeachment If He Fires Mueller, Democrats Say

Venezuela: Repression taken into people's living rooms as home raids surge

Candidates 2017: Noella Corzo for San Mateo-Foster City (CA) School Board.

Candidates 2017: Kyra deGruy for Lakewood (CO) City Council

Was Manafort's purpose to use Trump or did he get used?

Is Trump's Collusion Finally Catching Up With Him? (w/Guest Justin Fairfax)

Revealed: Ukip whistleblowers raised fears about Breitbart influence on Brexit

Candidates 2017: Christie Holstage for Palm Springs (CA) City Council

On the indictments (before any champagne is poured)

Humpty Trump sat on a wall. Humpty Trump had a great fall Bob Schneider

Kudos to the journalists ...

Federal Way Megachurch Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Candidates 2017: Suzy Brundage for Thorton (CO) City Council

Anyone consider that Trump might try Putin tactics to handle the situation?

Garrappolo To Niners!?!?

Everett Standing Firm on Bikini Barista Rules

Trump 'seething' as Mueller probe reaches former aides

Candidates 2017: Tay Anderson for Denver School Board

Is Papadopolus related to Snifflesagus?

Fancy suits at center of ex-Trump campaign chief charges

"Bang their heads a bit when you arrest them"

Kids in King County Jail Are Punished Harshly for Pranks and Sent to Isolation, Lawsuit Contends

Candidates 2017: Kirkland Carden for Duluth (GA) City Council

tRump's refrain of nothing to see here rings hollow after first 3 Mueller charges land - CNBC

GOP tax plan will explode deficit: Wharton study

Scariest thing on this Halloween is the demise of fact-based reality

Candidates 2017: Liliana Bakhtiari for Atlanta City Council

Evergreen president seeks help for trauma in aftermath of college's 'meltdown'

Pretty amazing. No one from the campaign or the administration knows Papadopoulis.

Monday, Monday...

Comey's wish

I kept asking myself why Carter Page keeps talking.

Kevin Spacey slammed for timing of coming out as gay

"Liddle" Donnie Snowflake

I do *NOT* want Trump to be impeached!

I worry about the safety

What to Cook This Week

Carter Page is an idiot

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Mueller Time

Analysis: Covering the Pa. Capitol while female

Benton County Republicans endorsed him. Now they've taken it back

Trump Unsure Who This Manafort Person Is

Lawsuit argues health insurers illegally discriminate by not covering hearing aids, treatment

Don't be nice - Bang their heads

If Tom Clancy were to outline this in a novel it would be rejected

Beto is coming to DFW area Nov. 4 & Nov. 10!!!

Rachel is going a million miles a minute tonight.

Proof that the human body is 60% water

Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode 9.5 "Thank You For Your Service"

GOP senators dismiss calls for bill to protect Mueller from Trump

Mon Dieu! - A Crisis in France

Gov. Brown wants to cancel water swap plans for Nestle

Key GOP Senator Susan Collins Lays Out Her Demands for Tax Bill.

This just hit me when I was at the gym tonight

Owners of big Montana coal mine due in court as layoffs loom

Ya know who Sir Tim Berners-Lee is?

Trump motorcade gets a cyclist hand signal

What I don't get: Do these people not get

Reminder: It's the 17 best prosecutors in America

An acquaintance who voted for Trump said they wish he will have something bad happen to him.

Kuwait's ruling emir orders Cabinet dissolved amid turmoil

Do you realize Mueller is the Anti-Trump

"It doesn't matter how early or who it was said to or if there's way to spin. He's coming for you."

Asarco, Union Pacific Railroad back in court over CdA Basin cleanup costs

How's this for irony. Mike Pence, whom Manafort chose, could be next president because of Manafort.

Heads up! Laura Ingraham's new show debuts tonight

Laurence Tribe recommended this Seth Abramson thread on what Papadopoulos probably gave Mueller

Carter Page is trying to get sent to prison just to make friends

Feds may be investigating timecard issues at Hanford vit plant

Birthday Boy

Hillary Clinton tells a crowd in Chicago

Seen on facebook tonight:

How a WWII-era forger saved lives, one fake document at a time

Trump staff are fretting that Gates is going to snitch on them. This is not how the innocent act.

The front page of tomorrow's Washington Post print edition

Russia-linked posts 'reached' 126m Facebook users in US

State investigates possibly contaminated liquid dumped at Hanford

Carter Page: I may have discussed Russia in emails with Papadopoulos

Smashing Trumpkins - An early look at the NY Daily News' Tuesday's front page

Pierce County Democrats to pay $20k for breaking campaign finance law

US abortion doctor says 'I'm not going to live in fear'

Chait: The Republican Party Is Gearing Up for War on the Rule of Law

"Shoe" cartoon movie review

Guerrilla ad placement for the win!

Democrats will delay Brownback vote over gay rights record

Virginia ad features minority kids chased by truck with Gillespie sticker, Confederate flag

TPM - Josh Marshall - "Right to be Worried"

Halloween Is Coming #96

"The walls are closing in" " Everyone is freaking out."

Halloween Is Coming #97

Halloween Is Coming #98

Oklahoma health chief resigns over fiscal mismanagement

Halloween Is Coming #99

Carter Page: I may have discussed Russia in emails with Papadopoulos

Halloween Is Coming #100

LOL, Hannity Just Called Hillary "President Clinton"

You must watch this: Putin's Revenge. PBS/Frontline

You must watch this: Putin's Revenge. PBS/Frontline

Note to those who have been, or will be indicted

Special Counsel's Office started up new website today

The man in the tin foil hat

John Kelly is LYING again tonight on Fox: "All" indictments for what happened before they met Trump

Let's Play Indictment Bingo!

Women adrift at sea for five months had beacon but didn't turn it on

Dear Donnie Two Scoops, your little girl and her beau are going to go to jail

Democrats eyeing 2018 say it's time to start talking Russia

Oof! True this (via Twitter)

Papadopoulos Pled Guilty....

Hannity suddenly worried about Equal Justice Under Law

The one question that no one has been asking but hope is not too far away

If Rs Were Smart, They Would Be Fleeing tRump, but they cant, because they are complicit

Paul Ryan is . . . . .

The Judge who will be in charge of the Manafort case is a black woman, Deborah Robinson.

The Seuss is loose

So...Papadopoulos has been wearing a wire for months (apparently)...

Former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire still a force in politics this time, behind the scenes

Who is running the counry right now

Grassley Weasel.........Everybody does it.

Three women suing Microsoft for bias want to add 8,630 peers to suit

Is Bill Browder speaking to Mueller? on today's indictments and also magnitsky act CBC News

Lane County Workers Strike Ends

"On Sunday, Trump had attempted to seek refuge from the political squall with another round of golf"

A serious concern about current events

This anti Gillespie ad is harsh but true:

Rachel Maddow Show 10/30/17 (full show)

Honey Bucket Fined More Than $90,000 for Improper Dumping, But Company Blames "Homeless Folks"

So Papadapolous was wearing a wire??!! How interesting.

I had a wacky thought. Not a conspiracy theory, just an exercise in pure fiction:

Seth Meyers - Mueller Indicts Three Former Trump Officials In Russia Investigation: A Closer Look

Two Decades After Author Jim Goad Fell From Grace In Portland, Hes Re-emerged As an Icon of the Alt

Reed College Professor Urges Students to Stop Protesting Lectures

When does President Two Scoops leave for his Asia trip?

Trump handles indictment news in his usual calm, cool, collected manner.

Anyone here like me, you DON'T like watching horror movies/TV shows?

Who is watching CNN right now

Come on, Donny!!!

Monday Night Ginger Beer Buzz. I have tomorrow off. Don't judge me!

2 Navy SEALs Under Suspicion in Strangling of Green Beret in Mali

The Daily Show - It's Mueller Time: The First Indictments in the Trump-Russia Probe

Declassified CIA document claims Hitler was in Colombia after World War II

Julius Rosenwald : Repairing the World, - Book Review

These Psychiatrists Say Trump Poses an Imminent Threat to Humanity

Gov. Kate Brown Names First Cannabis Industry Representative to Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Declassified CIA document claims Hitler was in Colombia after World War II

Watching BBC WORLD NEWS now (E.T.).

Tribes in Columbia River Gorge hit by White House decision

Kelly: "The lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War."

Time to announce the winner of the 11th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Oregon falls short in achieving equity for children of color and immigrant children

Put the eldest of my 3 little dogs to sleep (Monday, 10-30-17).

Why Trump Was "A Candidate Putin Could Like" "Putin's Revenge" FRONTLINE

But Other Than That, How Was Breakfast, Mr. Manafort?

Mueller indictments prove one thing: Hillary Clinton is to blame!

Photos: Diving Beneath Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf

'Octlantis': Bustling Octopus Community Discovered Off Australia

We Have Indictments! Has Christmas Come Early? The Resistance with Keith Olbermann GQ

Colombias mysterious $4.4B tax break for oil and mining firms

tRump tonight has Mueller out-thunk.

Family colds postpone heart surgery for Jimmy Kimmel's baby

Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover

John Kelly: 'The lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War'


The Mystery of Trumps Man in Moscow. Reports of deep Russian ties swirl around Trump adviser Carter

7-year-old's mom sues Portland schools for $7.5 million, despite employee's acquittal

Lawmaker accused of inappropriate touching apologizes: 'I'm certainly sorry I offended two women'

State rep who backed distracted driver law gets a ticket for using phone in car

Trump Reacts to Mueller's Indictments -- Hitler video

Oven Roasted Sausage Peppers and Potatoes

Hang em all.

500 years since 95 Theses, Martin Luther's legacy divides some of his descendants

Video showing the effect of a drone flying into the approach path at Gatwick Airport, UK

Bernie Sanders on Seth Meyers now

Mike Flynn Says Bowe Bergdahl should Not get Prison Time

An innocent person wouldn't be "seething"

Leaders, Baseball Fans Still Simmering Over Astros Player's Racist Gesture

Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Highest in 800,000 Years

Beavers chew down power pole, knock out power in Canadian town

Homegrown Terror: JFK Docs Show US Considered Attacks at Home to Blame on Cuba

Homegrown Terror: JFK Docs Show US Considered Attacks at Home to Blame on Cuba

Massive Black Holes Maybe Merging On Edges Of Milky Way-Type Spiral Galaxies

Maine Medicaid expansion vote seen as Obamacare referendum

Comey just Twitter-trolled Trump after the Manafort indictment in a strange and cryptic way

Mexicans embrace Day of the Dead spectacle in place of Halloween

Canada indigenous women were coerced into sterilisations, lawsuit says

Tribes in Columbia River Gorge hit by White House decision

John Dean warns Trump White House they'll be "playing with fire" if they follow Bannon advice

6 states seek to intervene in Hawaii's travel ban challenge

China may mandate prison for disrespecting national anthem

Canada seeks to compensate indigenous taken from families

Best quote of the day I heard:

This Sean Hannity Tweet About Paul Manafort and Trump Hasnt Aged Well


Here's why Pence is sufferin' in his jocks right now

Here's What First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress Actually Said About Catholics In Context

Stephen Colbert - Monologue - "Rescue Dog Rescue" - and Opening - 10/30/17

Med School On The Cheap: Why Becoming A Doctor In Texas Is A Bargain

Austin Police: 1 Dead After Being Shot By Man Dressed As Santa

Does Smoking Pot Lead To More Sex?

Just saw this on Quora!

On Late Night with Seth Meyers interview Sen. Bernie Sanders Oct 30

Washington has cancelled Thanksgiving this year.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers interview Sen. Bernie Sanders Oct 30

Alzheimer's nutrient drink falters in clinical trial

Judge Wolff Investigates MLS Over Potential Austin Deal

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller Shares Joke About Suicide On Facebook

Local Group Sues San Antonio for Removing Confederate Statue

Kochs target public schools in NV, NM, AZ, CO, VA, FL, NC, OH, PA, TX and WI.

White House chief of staff calls for special counsel to probe Democrats

In 'The Second Coming of the KKK,' a Timely Lesson in the History of American Hate

Former Chairman/CEO And Computer Programmer For Unlawful Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced

Chemed Corp. and Vitas Hospice Services Agree to Pay $75M to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

These Americans Were Tricked Into Working For Russia. They Say They Had No Idea.

Congratulations to Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil! ♥

Forensic audit leaves many troubling questions over Puerto Rico debt

Mapp Ends Virgin Islands Curfew, Issues $3 Million In Tax Refunds; DSNAP To Rollout Mid-November

Halloween is HERE! Boo!

Halloween is HERE! Science!

Halloween is HERE! Man!

Halloween is HERE! Business!

Halloween is HERE! Jack!

Here's what we know for sure (and Republicans aren't smart enough to figure it out)

Tokyo, Japan: Man arrested after 9 heads found in Kanagawa apartment

Halloween is HERE! Mike!

Halloween is HERE! Twirl!

Halloween is HERE! French Kiss!

Has Sessions resigned yet?

Halloween is HERE! Cocktail!


Blatant lies!

This might be a true story.

Dept. Of Education Has Received Hundreds Of Requests For Student Transcripts As Families Move ...

Lewendoski: FBI fault we hired manafort

In Response To Post On Facebook, Governor Mapp Says Go $&#K Yourself

A clearly agitated John Kelly tells W.H. Press "I am a Viking, and you shall die by a Viking's hand"

WATCH: Chuck Grassley scrambles through American flags to evade reporters asking about Mueller probe

Great Grassley Weasel escapes behind flags avoiding questions

Would a Jones Act Exemption Help Puerto Rico?

Power Outages from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, USVI Already Longest in US History

I am not usually prone to get choked up but yesterday

Good Point!

Carter Page! WTF?

"The Professor....."

Dear General Kelly.

Reproductive coercion and rights violation by agency head charged w/caring for immgrant youth

Trump has gone radio silent since the Papadopoulos news broke

MUST-READ: Long Ta-Nehisi Coates thread refuting John Kelly's comments on the Civil War

Do you believe Trump and Kelly would have been slave owners if they lived in antebellum times ?

21 hours since 45#last tweet

Roy Moore: Impeach Judge for Blocking Trans Military Ban

Tweet Of The Day

Ron Johnson stands by call for special counsel Robert Mueller to resign

Wes Clark is a better general than Kelly.

UAB to Build $33.9 Million Freestanding Emergency Department in Gardendale

I found this very nice picture of a young Obama

Mass shootings, etc.

John Kelly on Whether He Owes Rep. Wilson An Apology: 'No Absolutely Not'

Did they give Trump a sleeping pill?

21 hours without a Trump tweet. Speculation is that he's contracted Papadopoulos Fever.

Best costume I've seen this year

Russian Trolls Tried to Start a Black 'War on Christmas'

Speaker Paul Ryan says Manafort, Gates indictment won't derail GOP agenda

Robert Mueller Flipped Trump Camp Adviser Who Relayed Offers From Russia - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Trump Approval Rate Falls to New Low

Federal judge strikes down two abortion restrictions in Alabama

Tech Companies Set to Tell Congress About Russian Election Meddling

He's up....

Donald Trump 'Fuming' Over Robert Mueller Probe Indictments, Report Says - The Last Word - MSNBC

Steve Bannon Tells Trump To Bring In New Lawyers as He Looks For Ways to Kneecap Mueller

Fox has already begun attacking the judge in the Manafort case

Here he goes on Twitter again this morning *updated*

Kremlin notes U.S. case against ex-Trump aides does not accuse Russia

The deplorable cult members are pissesd

Kelly: We shouldn't pass judgment on Chinese govt, which "apparently works for their people"

Could Wilbur Ross Be The Next Trump Official Targeted In The Mueller Probe?

HRC honored with Eleanor Roosevelt Social Justice Award

Russian troll farm launched racist campaign to convince conservatives black people hate Christmas

Asshole is tweeting again

1M people sign Dem donor's petition to impeach Trump: report

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by cartoonist Kris Straub

John Kelly's analysis of Robert E. Lee is a threat to democracy.

Hillary Clinton: Roy Moore's 'bigotry and hatred speaks volumes' about country

Preet Bharara Reads Bob Muellers Tea Leaves

John Kelly is a liar, a racist, an authoritarian and a threat to our democracy.

SpaceX sends KoreaSat-5A into orbit

What Canada taught Bernie Sanders about health care

Christmas came early for Keith.

The other bad news for Trump on Monday: New approval-rating lows

Just let him do his job.

Democrats want to ditch Alabama's new crossover voting law

HE'S BACK, tweeting about "the young, low level volunteer named George, already proven to be a liar"

Pat, I'd like to buy an "o"

Google gets grilled over its burger emoji

Trump lashes out on indictments, tries to shift focus to tax reform

Mueller is going after crimes committed outside the campaign

Guy dressed up as his dog's favorite toy for Halloween...priceless. (video tweet)

Today's talking point: Collusion

The 'DIRT' on Hillary Clinton was nothing more than the GOP fevered imagination of what deleted

T-Mobile-Sprint merger crumbling

Walter Shaub: Kelly is "going as a racist for Halloween" & "Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.."

DU posters were speaking out on the Russian meddling from the beginning :

Happy Halloween - Lets get ready to throw out the nasty, rotten trumpkin.

The Scary, Weird, Somewhat True Story of the Fairfax "Bunny Man"

(Florida) man told police girlfriends mutilated body was a blow-up doll

Ex-White House ethics chief: Kelly going as a racist for Halloween

Nothing could have less to do with Donald Trump than the campaign that made him president (satire)

Moyers -- A Feral Trump Leads the Feral Right. And Vice Versa.

FCC move could close local TV newsrooms

If Papadopoulous was a low level, unpaid person of no consequence

Why are black Americans less affected by the opioid epidemic? Racism, probably.

The Mount Vernon Monster

The Hill: Kelly appears to confirm Trump is under investigation in Russia probe

Fake Dominos...


Jeff Sessions now appears to be more involved than some may have thought?

I'm so hoping for a John Oliver newsreel of various newscasters saying "Papadopoulos."

Jeff Sessions suggests DOJ will crack down on marijuana growers, even in states that legalized weed

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1 - It's Mueller Time!

Trump ad attacks Dems for blocking ObamaCare repeal

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2 - Monster

Just because you served in the armed services and attained a high rank

Last issue of Baltimore City Paper goes to press

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

ALWAYS BLAME A CLINTON (hey, it works)

Why this investigation is moving faster than investigations in the past?

Preet Bharara to Trump: Keep up the tweeting. Seriously, keep it up.

If Mueller Has E-Mails From Papadopoulos To Russians Talking About Meetings With Trump........

Democrats will delay Brownback vote over gay rights record..

Robert Mueller says "Merry Christmas!"

Yesterday, on NBC.....

New Northrop Grumman drones to begin taking over 50-year-old Navy ocean surveillance plane mission

What's your favorite Halloween song? Mine is Nick Cave's, "Red Right Hand".


How priceless, if we were able to see the....

What Would Happen if a Democratic Senator Voted Against Conviction

TPM "Ta-Nehisi Coates Schools John Kelly On History Of Civil War And Compromise

If Trump is ever indicted, I bet Trump spox will say Trump was "only a volunteer"-then attack HRC

New RNC/Trump ad hits Franken/Frederica Wilson/Schumer/Sanders/Pelosi, says Trump "will fix it."

Collapse at North Korea nuclear test site 'leaves 200 dead'

Preet Bharara has a very "terse" writing style...

David Corn shoots down beloved former Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on PapadopoulosGate

🎃 👹 👻 👿 🎃

Garrison Keillor: Donald Trump is done

Trump's Grand Plan to be like Putin.

Is DU up for some more hacking now that Mueller is endangering Donald as "Prez"?

Delusional Fox News "Judge": Shut Down Mueller, Lock Up Hillary

WIN: Puerto Rico Cancels Crony Deal with Trump Linked Company

Former Trump adviser: Papadopoulos was a "coffee boy"

Someone tell him that is HIS brain on the plate...

Mueller has the entire Repuiblican Party in Check right now - fearing Checkmate

The Rude Pundit: The Mueller March: Conservatives Head to the Barricades

Coming soon to Shark Tank: the human placeholder...

Was it really my fault?

Tweets from the White House Playpen!

What's with all the self-deletes?????

"And over there lies the remains over your presidency...."

If everyone had just agreed that blacks would only be slaves on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays....

Hackers are forcing self-deletes!

Did I hear correctly lt that Papadopoulos was taken off an aircraft at Dulles airport

Congress: Trump Wont Implement Russia Sanctions and He Wont Tell Us Why

"Filthy Clintonses"

Yes, He did it today...Drump called someone "A Liar"

Is Trump scared of dinosaurs? Masks?

The lounge has been self-deleted by the lounge.

This author was self-deleted by its message.

This must be the most epic gaslighting attempt in American history

The president is a liar and a criminal. eom

"Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare"

Happy Halloween!


The "emolument clause" is in the Constitution for a reason.

People Are Officially Done With John Kelly After His Absurd Civil War Comments

Arthur was deleted at a message parlor. n/t

Rose McGowan Faces Arrest Warrant For Drugs: Are They Trying To Silence Me?

They raped my Grandmother, lynched my Uncle, broke up my family-you find honor, you racist prick?

Pity the Poor Crows,,,,,,,,,


But Kelly says he was honorable -- and Kelly is an ambitious man!

In 2016, Trump Called Papadopoulos An Excellent Guy. Today Hes A Liar

Forget Mueller, Don asks we focus on Massive Tax Cuts for Businesses instead

I wonder if "Fake News weak!" was supposed to be "Fake News week!"

The real story about the Puerto Rican energy contract no one is paying attention to...

How Will I Tell The Children That We're Canceling Tony Podesta Celebration Day

First Charges In Mueller's Russia Probe Stem From Trump Admin's Earliest Days

Would Be Peachy If MCConnell, Ryan, & RNC were Exposed As Co Conspirator Collusionists.

Dear General Kelly. (REDUX)

Paul Ryan is a weak, incompetent, and complicit leader.

CNN Who is George Papadopoulos? or What a low level coffee boy did in 2016

"And what's more . . ." Please come CAPTION Fox's Judge Jeanine Pirro!!!

Dem senators in states won by Trump see high approval numbers

Trump is an idiot who only has himself to blame

Kevin Spacey: Special Emmy award withdrawn after assault allegations

Very early in his campaign, Donald Trump was asked about his foreign policy team.

GOP Tax Plan Goal Is To Send US Into Insolvency & End The US As We Know It.Rich Pay Nothing.

Florida congressional candidate: I was Harvey Weinsteined'

This Shitstain Administration Now Will Be In Our History. How Sick And Sad.

Papadopoulos's Pleas Deal Is Very, Very Bad News For Jeff Sessions

"The people need to know that their President is not a 'colluder'. Well, I am not a colluder."

Is There Another Pence/Russia Link Via Cummins - The Indiana-Based Co. that "Makes Russia Run"?

"Dems in a dither!" Trump enters next phase beyond "batshit crazy" and "off the rails."

What songs seem to pop into your head as you follow the corruption?

Support For Impeachment At Record High

'Professor' in Russia disclosures says he has 'clear conscience'

Trump called Papadopoulos a proven liar. He knows what the lie was about, doesn't he?

Pic Of The Moment: The Incredible Transformation Of An Excellent Guy

Peru Beauty pageant contestants list violence against women statistics instead of bra and waist size

There is no "tax reform" on the table.

(Tap tap...Creeeeeak...)

Florida politicians become surveillance targets as political payback rumors swirl

In response to DTs Tweets

RWW: Something Reeks About Mike Cernovich's Appearance At Columbia University

White House releases official portraits of Trump, Pence

EPA to ban some scientists from independent advisory boards

NPR's 1A worth listening to today - Schiff was just on. Discussing the Mueller bombshells. But...

Official portraits- the original and the new shiny happy people one

I would love for the low-level coffee boy to bring trump down.....

The Fat Lady is warming up....

Do you think this will be how it ends?

When THIS GUY turns out to be the best person you've had around you

New poll brings bad news for Guadagno, Christie, Trump (and a boost for Booker)

A Call to Action for Election Day: Time to Turn Your Outrage into Votes - When We Vote, We Win

A Call to Action for Election Day: Time to Turn Your Outrage into Votes - When We Vote, We Win

New poll brings bad news for Guadagno, Christie, Trump (and a boost for Booker)

A Call to Action for Election Day: Time to Turn Your Outrage into Votes - When We Vote, We Win

Rubio will vote against GOP tax plan if child tax credit isnt expanded

Fox-"Search for the Truth"

Republicans Want To Take Another Whack At Obamacare In Tax Reform Bill


On the day after Election Day, I listened to the catalog of Leonard Cohen's songs to soothe me.

Perhaps Flynn has flipped months ago?

George wore a wire. You are so f&cked right now.

Outburst by Trump in the West Wing Last Night

Donnie for the first time ever in his life:


Cox will sell Austin American Statesman

Mueller Footnote re: "Coffee Boy": "Someone low level has to visit Russia as to not send a signal."

New Parody: Monster Mash 2017

FGCU offers 'White Racism' class

Someone needs to edit Mueller's face onto one of these guys ...

Lion lying down with the lamb - or something like that

How Fox News is treating the revelations

Fox to Offer Twenty-Four-Hour Coverage of Bill Clintons Impeachment

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders At Risk Of Going To Jail?......

Michael Bolton and James Taylor Feeling George Papadopoulos' Pain

The scene inside the Trump campaign's Foriegn Policy commitee board meeting:

Haven't seen Rinse Penis or Spicey Spice's name anywhere in the past 24 hours

Book pushed by religious right: God and Trump

The Independent reminds us Felix Sater is assisting the Feds about laundering through Trump SoHo

Was Papadopoulos seen going in or out or at Whitehouse

WhatWho is regional media?

Roy Moore: Impeach Judge Who Blocked Trump's 'Transgenderism' Order

trump goes around the table as his sycophants kiss his ass on tax cuts

The devil, you say!

Enthusiasm for business "Highest level it's ever been. Highest levels since the charts started."

GMOAT: better late than never

'Both Sides' of Slavery Argument Latest Proof John Kelly Is No Moderating Force

if it does happen (Pence is charged then pardoned, will and or could he continue being VP?)

Scofflaw Political Groups Are Ignoring FEC Fines

The best costume award goes to...

TV anchors, meteorologists get in the Halloween spirit

Female Marvel Comics editor harassed online for milkshake selfie

Report: Lewandowski Was Trump Official Papadopoulos Emailed About Russia Trip

Tim Kaine..."It really made me scratch my head" RE: Kelly on slavery

Ta-Nehisi Coates Schools John Kelly On History Of Civil War And Compromise

check out the adorable animated google doodle for halloween.

Liberal Redneck And Justice For All

Climate-denying nominee for top USDA science post gets caught in Russia controversy

Why is 'Social Justice Warrior' considered a pejorative, by the 'right'?

Sam Clovis's really bad excuse for greenlighting a Trump campaign meeting with Russians

WATCH LIVE Facebook, Google & Twitter testifying NOW. (2nd day)

To General Kelly:

Trump is waging war against group that didn't exist when the authorization of military force passed

Hillary haters:"Why is it wrong to get political dirt from Russia? "

KO: We Have Indictments! Has Christmas Come Early? Papadopoulos may be even bigger than Manafort in

KO: We Have Indictments! Has Christmas Come Early? Papadopoulos may be even bigger than Manafort i

Trump: Russia "If you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,

Mr. Kelly says he will 'absolutely not' apologize to the Congresswoman ....on video.

Betsy DeVos dressed as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween and everyone's thrilled! No just kidding...

The Trump Junta is reeling today so OF COURSE Tulsi is pissing on the DNC

Trump Administration Too 'Afraid' To Meet With San Juan Mayor On Puerto Rico Response

Tis The Season For Treason: A Very Mueller Christmas

Heeeere's Robbie!

I have the perfect strategy!!! Pelosi should ...

Everything Sucks Right Now

Great new movie! The Indictment

TPM - Josh Marshall, good read... "Compromise and the Civil War"

Trump Actually Looks Happy In His New Official Portrait

TPM - Huh, Donnie? "Trump Admits The Media Is Not All Fake After Railing Against Fake News"

"Love Trumps Hate" button banned from Amtrak...

Good Morning America

I'll concede that Papadopoulos was a "young, low level volunteer"

Fact Checker The repeated, incorrect claim that Russia obtained '20 percent of our uranium'

Seth Meyers: Mueller Indicts Three Former Trump Officials In Russia Investigation: A Closer Look

Halloween Treats for Grown-Ups

Our candidates have to be perfect without any flaw whatsoever.

Trevor Noah: It's Mueller Time: The First Indictments in the Trump-Russia Probe: The Daily Show

Any chance that the Kochs have been implicated in any of Mueller's findings?

Time for us to ramp the pressure cooker up. Contact your representative and speak out.

Lawrence O'Donnell on Mueller Time--GUILTY

Is the Bible a True Story?

Democrats need to hit hard against this "2 sides" theme.

WW2? Also sparked by a "lack of compromise ".

Suppressive Person is to Scientology as...

Trump's Campaign Manager is under House Arrest with a TEN MILLION DOLLAR BOND

Why Staying Silent May Backfire on GOP Lawmakers

America is teetering on the knife edge today

Seems the Question is not how many crooks there are in the Admin,,

Any chance Mueller could

While Mueller probe plays out, Republicans shouldn't forget Trump is unfit

A Halloween treat...Baby Maxine, reclaiming her candy

U.S. House tax chief says state income tax deduction will not remain in the bill, screw middle class

Trump Won't Visit DMZ On Asia Trip Because It's Becoming 'Cliche'

What would it cost to get a CT scan in ER in the states?

Special Report: In warehouse of horrors, body broker stacked human heads

DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Mueller on cover of @nydailynews

Very Rich, Considering That Lewandowski Has Now Been Identified As The Guy Who Told Papadopoulos To

SWEET INDICTMENT 💋 A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Prediction: Mueller will get fired

Americans Should Take a Lesson from Canadians and Just Grow Up

Halloween politics DU Style -- Meta ;-)

House of Cards Suspends Production on Season 6

This message should flow from the tongue of every Liberal effortlessly (VIDEO)

Twitter Removes 2,752 Accounts Linked to Russian Operatives

'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment'

The Offer Is Off The Table.....

Man Made Language (Dr. Dale Spender)

Man Made Language (Dr. Dale Spender)

Man Made Language (Dr. Dale Spender)

Strangers on Delta flight performed sex act in their seats officials say.

In debate over national anthem, black wealth becomes a target

Irony: Trump will go to prison because of Hillary's emails.

GOP Rep. Jeb Hensarling to retire after end of current term

Why do I suspect that this fine, upstanding citizen is a Lounge poster?

If someone wanted to visit every national park in America, how many parks would one have to visit?

Notre Dame ending no-cost contraceptive coverage

Twitter could up character limit soon

Sister Grumpy Cat's Travelling Salvation Show is going to begin soon.

Mueller team won battle to force testimony from lawyer for Manafort and Gates

Blessed Samhain, Happy New Year

Blessed Samhain, Happy New Year

Thousands attended protest organized by Russians on Facebook

Live stream: Social Media Sites Give Testimony on Russian Election Hacking

Hospice providers fined $75 Million for falsely billing Medicare

Actual Photo of Trump and Sessions in Meeting with "Coffee Boy" Popadopoulos

New York 1939 22,000 American Nazis rally Madison Square Garden...MUST WATCH

Samhain Images--Blessed Be

Professional Liar Sarah Sanders on now

Paul Manafort and the privilege of being a white collar defendant

Papadopoulos' Bumbling Effort To Conceal Russia Contacts Did Him In

Sarah Sanders is a shameless hack.

You know it's Christmas when CNN is actually watching a WH presser live.

Pot grows across the street from police station in Detroit: WDIV Detroit

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 10/30/17

Americas Most and Least Popular Senators - Sanders again on top while McConnell has worst numbers

Halloween is Here! Monster Mash!

"If Sarah Sanders thinks the media is obsessed, she should check the President's Twitter feed."

Twitter Video: The Spooky Truth About Your Candy ...

Chemed Corp. and Vitas Hospice Services Agree to Pay $75 Million to Resolve False Claims....

Where Trump picked up his Clinton email/uranium/etc. obsession twits...

Halloween Levitating Star Wars Speeder Costume

Halloween is Here! Funky Nassau!

Sarah Huck thinks unthinks...

Instructions should to you follow.

No One is Coming: Investigation Reveals Hospices Abandon Patients at Death's Door

Halloween is Here! Thriller!

Halloween is Here! Funky!

Calvin & Hobbes - Halloween '95

Halloween is Here! Sympathy!

all the great news aside do you think

Cool .................. hAPPY hALLOWEEN. "Thriller"

'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment'

Halloween is Here! Riders!


Halloween is Here! Remix!

Seeing reports of multiple people shot in Lower Manhattan

Halloween is Here! Boo Bass!

This is not a new clip, but Mr Kelly, White (Supremacist) House Chief of Staff

Roland Martin schools General Kelly on history & normalization of America's sin (VIDEO)

You can't reason with people like this

Feinstein Gives Fullest Picture Yet Of The Extent Of Russia's Social Media Push

Haunted House Soundtrack from my childhood!

WH: Media Should Stop Pushing Narrative That We Are 'Racially Charged'

Nigel Farage: 'Jewish Lobby' Has Outsize Influenced In US Politics

Hellhound On My Trail

Man held after shooting incident in New York

New York attack: At least six killed by man driving truck

Obama Care enrollment for 2018 starts Tomorrow!

Breaking: Donald Trump to Plead Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Defect

KGOP rep, Jeb Hensarling(texas) to retire after end of current term

Eating cake in a sandbox...

OPINION BERNIE SANDERS - The health care crisis no one is talking about

UPDATED GOP Senators Pour Cold Water On Bannon Push To Defund Mueller Probe

Twitter Video: About 70% of Puerto Rico still has no power ...

Federal trade panel calls for restrictions on imported solar cells - which Trump could soon implemen

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 31, 2017

Mueller Beating Trump in Polls

The Latest: White House Distances itself from Papadopolous

Far-right UK bigot Nigel Farage to campaign for Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race


Six dead so far in that New York shooting

Boom! From NBC News:

Top Trump Campaign Aide Clovis Spoke to Mueller Team, Grand Jury

India uncles convicted of raping and impregnating child, aged 10

Please, if you're not referring to the Senator from Vermont,

I know Im not the sharpest tool in the shed but,,,,,,

The Donald's Family

One America Network?


Hope you are all following our own dear Ferret

Fox to Offer Twenty-Four-Hour Coverage of Bill Clintons Impeachment

Huckleberry and Whortleberry are Synonyms.

Reporter violently arrested while trying to film Virginia Gov. hopeful Ed Gillespie at public event

'All our leaders have flaws': Sarah Sanders defends Robert E. Lee's 'contributions' to America

*Breaking * New York attack: At least six killed by man driving truck

Ex-congresswoman on Nixon impeachment panel explains how Papadopoulos 'could bring Trump down'

Statue of Albert Pike stands in limbo

Doctors prepare for microscopic study of Las Vegas shooter's brain

Well, my condolences. I finally did it. I watched a "Sarah Huckster? Oui!" snooze conference.

Thinking of the residents of NYC.

Well M$Greedia is no longer discussing indictments n/t

It's Halloween and I'm in a neighborhood in a van with dark tinted windows.

Jeff Sessions may be in big trouble after George Papadopoulos' guilty plea

Trump contemplating his future

Think about what it says that the Papadopoulos info was kept SECRET for this long!

Birth of a White Supremacist - great article from New Yorker

'Kill them all' -- Russian-linked Facebook accounts called for violence

Dotard will be with his "boss" during the Asia trip

Help, please help!

Hockey player TJ Oshie's kids outfits:

Hillary Clinton on the conservative media: 'It appears they don't know I'm not president'

Faux News website plays "Where's Waldo" with Mueller indictments. Can you spot their single

Hey keeping us safe?

I panicked. My son lives in NYC in lower Manhattan. But he and his wife and my

Republicans to propose keeping top tax rate for very wealthy, nodding to concerns

Why should the president be restricted from emollients?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 November 2017

So Trump is keepng us safe from terrorists and the Russians.

A silent thread for the victims of this horrendous attack..........

What's He Building In There?

Steve Bell on Papadopoulos:

1M people sign Dem donor's petition to impeach tRump

Trump abruptly ends press conference after being asked if he'll pardon Manafort

Pierce: George Papadopoulos Is the First Crack in the Wall

Suspect identified as 29 year old Sayfullo Saipov from Florida

Mueller set to interview Hope Hicks after Trump returns from Asia

New York City vehicle attack an 'act of terror' with at least eight dead, mayor says

Dems eyeing 2018 say its time to start talking Russia

Oh, FFS Don Jr, even Jethro Bodine was good at "cipherin'..." (fails to grasp basic math skills)

tRump's Advisor George Papadopolous spoke to Russian news agency Interfax on US-Russia relations

Ok, today terrorist attack in NYC is now firmly on Trump's watch.

Arkansas senator ends company's contract with rehab program

Fox political editor Chris Stirewalt: "real danger lurking out there" (Dems taking Congress in 2018)

So how long before Mueller finds the Putin Trump sex tape?

Report: Coordinated plot to murder Honduran activist Caceres

Sad that another terrorist attack barely leads to any outrage.

Report: Coordinated plot to murder Honduran activist Caceres

Break for a cutie - Joe Kennedy's daughter

U.S. states allege broad generic drug price-fixing collusion

Trump Administration to Defend Cuba Embargo at UN, Reversing Obama

Another cryptic Trump tweet: "NOT IN THE U.S.A.!" (What?)

This delete was messaged by its author.

Trump Administration to Defend Cuba Embargo at UN, Reversing Obama

GOP tries to silence San Juan mayor by hastily canceling hearing on Puerto Rico death count

Obama already being blamed for the NYC attack

This message was self-dilated by its author

Memory eternal to those lost in the NY attack

Papadopoulos Might Have Been a "Low-Level" Trump Adviser, but There Were No High-Level Ones

Trump Plans for Nuclear Arsenal Require $1.2 Trillion, Congressional Review States

The Mueller Three Versus the Watergate Seven

Patients tearfully call on Orange (County) to allow medical marijuana dispensaries

Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex) Will Not Seek Re-Election

CA DU'ers, are your cities and counties having trouble implementing the recreational MJ law ?

Marcy Wheeler Says Indictments in Russia Probe Further Incriminate Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Oh my, the person responsible for the terrorist attack in NY is a middle eastern immigrant.

Paul Manaforts Daughter Texted Friends About How Tight Her Dad Was With Trump

Dont Binge on All the Black Licorice at Once, FDA Warns

Support For Impeachment At Record High

Justin Trudeau arrives for work, looking like how he be looking..

BLOOMBERG: Papadopoulos Claimed Trump Campaign Approved Russia Meeting

Senator Opposes Bridenstine Nomination to Lead NASA

Papadopoulos Claimed Trump Campaign Approved Russia Meeting

Ford Expedition 24 hour Rental (It's a Sherman Tank) Ideas, please.

Night On Bald Mountain - Fantasia (1941)

Americas Most and Least Popular Senators (Guess who is #1)

Willie Nelson and His Sons Discuss Growing up on Tour and Performing as a Family

Today's attack happened in my neighborhood.

WH Press Secretary just mentioned JFK & Kennedy as if they were two separate people. God help us.

Russian Company Tied to tRump Tower Chat May Stiff U.S. - Bloomberg

Danse Macabre 2010 ( Saint-Sans )

Mike Luckovich: Putin on dressing!

Remember when Fox "News" said this?

Trump Nominee Sam Clovis Has Turned - Testified days before Papadopoulos's guilty plea was unsealed

UK mining firm in court over claims it mistreated environmental activists

Red balloons are appearing near sewers in St. Pete, and across the country

UK mining firm in court over claims it mistreated environmental activists

Notice that WHENEVER Drumpf gets in BIG trouble, there is ALWAYS a distraction?!

2016 Under Scrutiny: A Timeline Of Russia Connections - NPR

Say what you will about the Catholic Church...

Help me out; let's talk about how Sessions/Trump can fire Mueller

Papadopoulos Claimed Trump Campaign Approved Russia Meeting

Some Disney Silly Symphonies for Halloween

John Kelly Confirms.

Suspect identified as Sayfullo Saipov, from Uzbekistan, arrived in US in 2010. Fox is ALREADY SAYING

KenBurns: Many factors contributed to the Civil War. One caused it: slavery.

Republican senators' approval ratings are plummeting

All I can say is: What the hell?

What types of goodies are you giving out tonight? Mounds, Kit Kats, Snickers and Reese's PB cups

Media ADHD Again....

The most delicious irony - trump, who craves adoration, will surely be our worst president - ever.

Question - why are so many DUers obsessed with what Fox says? n/t

Breaking: House Delays on Tax Bill..

Putin on Dressing - Where's the Outrage (Luckovich)

I wish those who don't know what they are talking about would refrain from speaking.

It's important to know if a mass killing is terror or JUST "gun violence"

Guys, do you realize Mueller has been on the job only since May of this year?

The Civil War wasn't about slavery? Have you heard of "Confederados"?

After Navy Rescue Of Sailors Adrift At Sea, The Story Gets Stranger - NPR

CO-GOV: Republican hardliner Tom Tancredo jumps into crowded Colorado race

Did you know we are paying for malaria to be in NY this week?

Inside Donald Trump's Shady Scheme to Keep Jon Bon Jovi from Buying the Buffalo Bills

After Mueller charges unsealed, senator has 'serious concerns' about Sam Clovis nomination

Anyone know of a good lawyer to fight against DCF (elder affair) in SW Florida

I can't imagine republicans just tossing their hands in the air and say welp we just

Mighty Funny How There's A Terrorist Attack The DAY AFTER Indictments Are Announced....